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by ElectroPainLover

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Synthia: Part 1

Jay decided he would hit the club as it was Saturday night and he hadn’t anything better to do. He liked the music, dancing, and atmosphere of the Gee-Spot and tried to go as often as possible, though, he usually left depressed, lonely, and drunk. Jay hoped tonight would be different but he wasn’t willing to lay a wager on it.

Jay was an OK looking gent that would never be known as a ‘Lady Killer’ without actually becoming a serial killer that preyed on women. He didn’t have the ‘Tall’ part down at the height of 5’ 7”; the ‘Dark’ eluded him due to the strawberry-blonde follicles which grew from every part of his body hair normally grew; and, the ‘Handsome’; well, only the girls that thought Ron Howard was hot would find him equally attractive, as, he could almost be his doppelgänger; only Jay was much younger and looked like the Ron Howard who played Richie and Happy Days.

Jay, however, had no clue if his look-alike practiced any fetishes of which Jay found stimulating or not, though he highly doubted it. Jay enjoyed practicing self-bondage and chastity. He didn’t plan to go to the club in bondage but he regularly went out while chaste. He knew his chance of missing out on sex with some hot chick was about as likely a prospect as him winning Mr. Olympia and GQ’s Hottest Man of the Year at the same time.

Jay showered and toweled dry. He went to the drawer where he kept his collection; and impressive one at that; of male chastity devices. He decided he would give himself a very hard time tonight and selected the most torturous one in his lot. Unlike most of his collection which simply prevented him from a full erection, with the unit he would put on his unit allowed for an erection, but, at a high price—pain.

The device was made of stainless steel and was about 5 1/2” long. It curved slightly downward and consisted of a base-ring, a shaft-ring, a glans-ring, a hollow urethral tube, and, of course, a padlock.

He also decided he would make himself a little less comfortable by the use of an anal plug and a ball stretcher.

First, Jay put on the anal plug. It consisted of a 1 1/2” ball at the end of a curved rod with a cock-ring on the other end. He squeezed his balls and penis through the ring then painfully inserted the ball into his anus…unlubricated. Jay did not like having things in his ass and used them for the discomfort they caused him, not for pleasure as things violating his ass was uncomfortable and disconcerting.

Next, he threaded his balls and cock through the base-ring of his tormenting chastity device. Now came the part that would be quite tormenting should he find himself aroused while watching the hotties move about the dance-floor, seductively and sexually moving their bodies to the beat of the music.

He lubricated the urethra tube; it having ripples running most of its length; and pushed the head of his flaccid member into the cock-ring. The cock-ring had to be slipped down to the base of his shaft and would his bane should he become aroused and his manhood grew. The ring was 1 1/2” in diameter, but, had six quarter-inch studs lining the inside perimeter and would dig painfully into his skin and muscle should he grow, making his cock suffer until he could coax it back to into a flaccid state. The ripples sliding in and out of his urethra on the tube was not the most comfortable sensation either.

As he slid the tube inside and the ring outside down his soft shaft, he inserted the head of his cock into the glans-ring, which, slid up and down the main bar which ran along the top of his cock and ended where it connected to the urethral tube. As he slid the cock-ring to the base of his member, an extension from the cock-ring fit on an extension from the base-ring. Once mated, a small hole provided a place for a small padlock. Once locked, the device was impossible to get off as the top of his scrotum was sandwiched between the two rings and the gap between them is way too small to allow his nuts to fit through.

Once Jay had the torturous device locked it place, it was also impossible to remove the base-ring which held the steel ball in his asshole.

Next he added the ball stretcher, a ring of steel 2 1/2” long, which, once it was placed around his scrotum and above his balls, elongated his balls and made them extremely vulnerable when held tightly together and out from the protection of his upper thighs and penis; meager as the protection they provide is. The stretcher also had studs, though much more pointed than the ones around the base of his cock which were quite blunt and rounded, and bit into his scrotum once it was closed by the hex-head screws counter-sunk into the thick stainless steel the ball stretcher was made of. Once the screws were tight, removal was only possible by the use of an Allen wrench, which, he kept with his keys to his other restraint devices. Neither the tool nor the keys would be found in Jay’s pocket once he left the house.

Jay put on a tight male G-string and covered them with a pair of tight lamb-skin black leather pants. The G-string only allow a hint of his chastity device to be noticeable in his crotch and would take someone with knowledge of male chastity’s and great scrutiny to ascertain he was wearing it. The tight crotch also held his anal plug deep inside as it held the rod between the ball in his ass and ring around his cock tight against his body.

Jay added a silk button-down dress shirt, black argyle socks, and black leather loafers, to finish off his attire.

After moussing his hair and spiking it and applying a couple mists of his favorite cologne, Jay was ready to hit the club. The parts below his belt-line were feeling the discomfort of the devices he had put them in, and, put in them didn’t want to go, but his mind did.

It was a short drive to the club, though his ass thought it was much too long as sitting pushed the ball to seat further inside and the bumps in the road jolted it uncomfortably.

Jay entered the club after showing his ID to the door-man and glanced around the large, dimly lit room. The music was loud, the bar was full, and the dance floor was crowded with people moving their bodies to the beat of the deep bass of the current mix the DJ was spinning.

He went to the bar and ordered two Mai-Tai’s as the club had a two drink minimum. The hot dark-haired mixologist whom made his drinks stamped his left hand to show he had met the club’s minimum drink requirements.

Jay moved to a tall table where he could stand so he wouldn’t have to torture his asshole’s sphincter any more than it already was.

The club boasted a sixty-forty female to male ratio, though that never seemed to help Jay leave with a warm, wet place to house his dick. He planned tonight would be no different, hence the addition of his own form of tormenting pleasure. By the time he got home, he knew he would be hornier than a dog in heat and would bind himself in a spread-eagle on his bed and use his tens-unit to force his prostrate and vas-deferens to release his load he could only wish was placed deep inside a tight and accepting vagina.

Watching several hot girls move their body’s in extremely sensual gyrations, some with leather mini-skirts so short the bottom of their buttocks could be seen, Jay’s member started feeling the bite of cruel device in which it was locked; the studs making their presence known at the base of his semi-erect shaft.

This was what Jay wanted. He considered himself a pain-slut and he could have the hot girls moving their bodies in all kinds of sexual and stimulating ways, torture him vicariously as he watched them move with the beat. The dancing women never knowing they were being used for his own sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

Jay could already feel the first pangs of an orgasm which will not be fully realized until he got home…it would grow as he watched and begin to make him need a release, but even a trip into a crapper stall would not allow his release with the device preventing him to use his hand as a make-shift pussy. Usually, however, he would generally have a dribble of pre-cum staining is underwear where the tube in his cock rested against them.

Jay had finished his drinks and went back to the bar for another round. He planned to get and remain high from spirits while he was at the club, planning not to leave until last-call. About midnight he would change from liquor laced drinks to soft-drinks to allow his blood-alcohol level to slip below the .08 limit and allow him to drive home without being hammered.

Jay would not drive home however; much to his surprise, his happiness; and, later, to his chagrin.

After Jay ordered another two drinks; not because of the requirement, he met that, but so he would not have to leave his spot overlooking the sublevel dance floor and the excitingly stimulating movements of the beautiful and sexy women gyrating their bodies within its confines.

Jay was raptly watching the dancers; at least the ones of the opposite sex as himself; when he felt a soft hand gently rest upon his left shoulder. Jay was looking to his right at the dance floor below and didn’t see the owner of the hand. He thought his was someone bracing themselves as they were making their way through the crowded club and payed no attention until the hand seemed to be planted on his shoulder and not just a passing touch. Jay turned his head once the hand stayed for more than a couple seconds and began to not just rest, but to rub.

Jay turned his head and met the deepest pair of emerald green eyes he had ever seen. Copper hair was pulled tightly along the sides of her head, obviously into some sort of plait behind it. Her skin looked like satin without a flaw, though, from what Jay could tell in the dim lighting, she wore very little makeup. Her face, skin a milky-white, had strictly feminine features and was of a beauty he had only seen on the cover of glamour magazines.

She wore a bright red, skin tight dress which appeared to be made of latex. Her lips were painted a perfect color-match of her dress. A quick glance revealed what appeared to be a perfect set of tits, his many years of voyeurism allowed Jay and educated guess of them being in the range of a C-cup.

Jay was stunned and left speechless at the lady before him and the fact that she still had her hand on his shoulder, rubbing it softly and sensually; her eyes looking as deeply into his as his did of hers.

“My name is Synthia, are you alone?” The beautiful lady he could not take his eyes off of said in the most seductively sweet voice Jay had ever heard.

“Ye…Ye…Yes.” Jay stuttered out in total disbelief that she was speaking to him.

“Don’t be nervous, I don’t bite…hard.” Synthia said, obviously noticing his shock and surprise at being addressed by her.

“You just caught me…ah…unprepared.” Jay said, able to gain some composure and speak without as much of a stammer. “Are you here alone?” Jay asked the model of beauty before him.

“Yes, I am. And, I’m lonely and would love for us to have a drink together.” Her answer and the words which followed shocking Jay nearly into a coma. The pain of his prick from its engorgement, brought on by her sensual tone; only matched by her beauty and sexiness; was forcing below.

“What’s your pleasure?” Jay asked, his composure regained and his until her reply struck him.

“You. But, for now I’ll have a Manhattan.” Synthia replied, moving her hand from his shoulder down to his chest, circling her index finger, nail topped with a red that matched her dress and lips perfectly, around it.

Almost speechless, Jay said, “one Manhattan coming up.” Dreadfully pulling away from her and out of reach of her finger, her bright red fingernail catching his right nipple as he turned, sending a white hot flash of ecstasy through his body, his cock paying highly for it.

Jay’s mental cogs were spinning faster than they ever had before while he made his way through the crowded club and towards the bar.

The bar was two-deep and he hoped like hell Synthia (though, if asked to spell it, Jay would assume it was Cynthia) would not leave before he could return with their drinks. His mind was a whirl of wonder of why she had picked him when there were quite a few much better looking guys flying solo here tonight. For Jay, it was a rhetorical question as to him there was no answer, only being answerable by the hot-assed woman which had seduced him as soon as he gazed into her bright green eyes.

“One Manhattan and one Mai-tai.” Jay said to the bartender he had thought looked so hot before, but, now looks mediocre at best compared to the woman waiting for him to return with her drink.

Jay paid for his drinks, grabbed the two cocktails and headed back to where he had left Synthia waiting.

When he returned to her, Synthia said, “I have a private little booth over in the corner, let’s go there.”

Jay followed Synthia. Once his eyes glanced upon her perfectly shaped ass under the red rubber hugging it tightly, he could not pull his eyes off of it. Her walk, obviously purposefully for his gaze, made her hips and ass swing like a pendulum. Jay could not break his eyes away from her rear until she stooped and slid it into the booth.

Jay placed her drink on the table, in front of her, then slid himself into the booth, the ball in his ass being shoved in deeper, making him wince and he hoped Synthia did not notice under the dim lighting. Jay was now cursing himself for festooning his cock and ass in their stainless steel jewelry, which, he could not remove with out the keys hidden in a drawer in his bedroom. Jay had no way of knowing that had he of not worn it, Synthia would have paid him no mind.

“Are you from around here?” Jay asked to begin their conversation.

“Not really. How about you?” She replied. Jay wasn’t sure what kind of an answer ‘not really’ was for an answer to the question he posed.

“Born and raised.” Jay answered to her volley of the question back at him.

“What do you mean by ‘not really’?” He asked.

Synthia seemed to think a little before answering. “We moved away when I was young and I returned a couple of years ago.”

“Oh…Ok…I see. Where’d you grow up?” Jay returning the focus back to her.

“In a laboratory.” She answered. Jay’s face showing his astonishment at her answer.

“A laboratory??? What do you mean by that?” Jay asked, completely unsure of what kind of explanation she could come up with for that.

“My father is a scientist of some sort. He works for the government. I’m not sure what he does there. He is not allowed to talk about it. The laboratory is top-secret and everybody that works there lives on the compound. Families included. In order for me to leave, I had to be hooded and flown out in a helicopter then an airplane. The hood had to stay on until the plane reached cruising altitude. I don’t even know what state it’s in.” Synthia replied almost as if she had rehearsed the answer, or, had to explain it several times before.

“So you can’t see your family?” He asked, having to change his body around to relieve some of the pressure the butt-plug was providing.

“I have a number to call for returning. The government paid my way out but my parents would have to pay the travel expenses to get me back in. My father is paid well and has nothing to spend money on…he’s quite a wealthy man and would bring me back anytime I wish, but, I am only allowed to return twice. I don’t want to use them up too soon.” Synthia explained. Jay began to feel a little sorry for her and moved closer, at the cost of some additional pain in his ass.

Synthia sensed it.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sad about the situation, I grew up with it. I knew when I left what the consequences were and what it would require to return.” The woman who should be plastered on every cover of every beauty magazine as far as Jay was concerned, replied.

“What about you?” Synthia said. “Any family?”

“No. Plane crash.” Jay said quickly, not wanting to follow this subject any further. Synthia sensed it and moved on.

“Would you like another drink or move on to somewhere else?” Synthia asked, finishing the last sip of her cocktail.

“Where?” Jay asked quizzically.

“My place silly.” Synthia answered, raising her eyebrows so seductively that Jay instantly got an erection and paid dearly for it.

“I’m not quite in a position to take you up on that at the moment.” Jay answered uncomfortably, both from the pain on his cock and the pain of being unable to do anything with this extremely attractive woman. Jay was really pissed that he had locked his cock up tonight.

“Don’t be shy.” Synthia teased; grabbing his left hand, moving it under the table and under her short latex dress, pressing it against her bare, unclad pussy. “Do you feel what you do to me?” Jay’s fingers feeling the moisture and heat as she guided his hand around her sex. Synthia placing his middle finger against her vagina, bucking her hips slightly forward sliding his digit into her up to the first knuckle.

“Please wiggle it a little…I really need it.” She asked, almost a beg. Seduction encasing each syllable of her words. Jay did as she asked. Synthia threw her head back and chest forward as he did.

Jay’s cock was raging with lust and pain. He wanted to throw this vixen over the table and plant himself inside her right here, right now, in front of anybody’s eyes who want to watch. The base of his prick was on fire from the studs digging into the flesh and muscle of his cock; the tube in his cock causing its own pain against cells which were designed to only have liquid against them.

“I need you Jay! I need you to please me! I need you to fuck me! Please come with me to my place and treat me the way I need.” Her voice, both seductive and pleading. Her tongue tracing her lips when she finished talking. Her nipples so hard they formed bumps in the tight latex which covered them.

Jay felt that since he had his finger, now up to the second knuckle, wiggling in her pussy, he shouldn’t be shy about placing her hand on his groin and his agonizingly pained, yet, rock-hard cock.

As he guided her small and tender hand down to his throbbing member and rubbed it against the steel causing him turmoil, grief, and much discomfort, he asked; “Do you feel that? It’s locked on and I don’t have the key to remove it with me. I am chaste and sex is impossible with it on. It is causing me a shit-load of pain right now as it tortures me if I get a hard-on. I’m sure you can tell you have given me one hell of one.”

“How sexy is that?!? It makes me want you more. You weren’t here just looking to get laid. That’s fucking hot…we can figure something out.” Synthia said while grabbing and rubbing Jay’s erection, causing him even more pain to have to endure.

“Please Synthia. It really hurts. It feels like someone is trying to bite it off.” Jay pleaded for her to stop rubbing him through the soft leather covering him below his waist.

Synthia stopped playing with him, but jerked her hips, burying his finger deeper inside her warm, slick love hole.

“We’ll work something out. Please come with me and cuuum with me.” Synthia erotically elongating the word cum as she let it ooze past her sensuous red lips.

“I can’t cum, I can’t have sex…Nothing will come off without the key and I don’t have it. It’s at my place.” Jay pleaded with the gorgeous red-head still playing with his stiffness painfully filling the front of his pants.

“I can release you from your pain…just walk with me to my car and see where tonight takes you. I’ll show you the time of your life.” Synthia explained to him as she let go of his throbbing cock; alit with excruciating torture from the device he had placed himself in a few hours before; and grabbed his hand to allow him to help her out of the booth.

Jay slid out from behind the table and held Synthia’s delicately feminine hand as she slid her wonderful perfect derrière across the soft suede of the padded seat, her rubber dress creating a low shuddering sound as she slid over it.

“Ok…you are too kind and sweet, not to mention; hot; to not accept your invitation, but I really need to relieve my damn cock of this torture.” Jay said, finally deciding she must have a plan and he just might end up having the night of his life.

The couple walked out through the doors of the swank club and Synthia led Jay to a Bentley Flying Spur. Jay didn’t know the car by sight, but, noticed the branding and model as he was led closer and eventually seated in the passenger seat; again, making the ball in his ass shift uncomfortably by the motion of sitting.

“This is yours?!?” The redheaded man asked the like-haired lady as she was closing his door.

“Yes…my father wanted me have my dreams.” Synthia said after walking to the driver’s side and sliding behind the wheel. The young redhead with the dazzling green eyes sat behind waiting for a few moments, then turned to Jay while opening the luxuriously upholstered arm rest and pulled something out. Jay only noticed a slight glint of light from the item as she did so.

“Will you put these on for me? Please?” Synthia asked revealing the handcuffs she had pulled from the compartment.

“Whaaaat?!?” Jay replied in questioning wonderment at what she had asked him to do. “Why?” He finally asked.”

“You’re into bondage aren’t you. At least that would be my guess from what I felt in your pants. And I think bound men are sooo hot.” The seduction in her voice, coming from such an awesomely hot woman, such to bring any man to his knees.

Jay accepted the handcuffs, locked once around his left wrist and began to put the other cuff on his right wrist.

“No…behind your back.” Cynthia said, Jay now fully entranced by the stunning eyes looking into his. Almost as in a trance, Jay leaned forward and put his hands behind his back and several clicks later and his hands were lock behind him.

Synthia produce a key and said, “Turn to me, I don’t want those closing tighter on your wrists…it’s a bit of a drive. Don’t worry, I’ll remove them, for a little while, when we get there.”

He turned his back to her and she pressed the sides of the Peerless cuffs, double-locking them. When she finished, Jay returned to a forward facing position and adjusted his cuffed wrists so they weren’t cutting into his wrists or digging into his back.

Without warning, Synthia grabbed the front of his shirt and quickly tore it open, sending three buttons, which previously held the front closed over his chest, plinking around the car and coming to a rest somewhere in the cabin of the car.

“Heeyyy! What the hell!?!” Jay cried out in astonishment of what she had just done. “This is one of my best shirts. Why’d you do that?”

“Shhh.” Came the only response he would get from her luxuriously opulent lips as she spread the front of his shirt to expose his almost hairless chest. Now, letting Jay see the other object she pulled out when she gathered the handcuffs.

“Ouch! Shit! Stop that!” Jay complained as she attached the first nipple clip. He let out another cry and ramble as she attached the second to his other nipple.

“Fuck Synthia! Those hurt! Take them off…Please!!!” Jay cried from the agony of having his nipples clamped tightly, a short; almost taunt; chain between them with a silver ball centered between the clamps.

“Shhh!” Synthia once again responded to his pleas and placed her hand on his shoulder, next to his neck and started drawing circles on his skin with her fore-finger. Jay didn’t feel the extremely small gauged needle which exited the tip of her finger and into his jugular as her finger stopped over it, as if she were feeling for a pulse incorrectly. In about ten-seconds, Jay no longer felt pain in his groin or in his nipples, nor did he feel his chin come to rest on his bare chest.

Synthia started the expensive luxury car and calmly and slowly left the parking lot of the Gee-Spot…a club which herself nor Jay would ever enter again.

*   *   *   *   *

Jay started to stir several hours later, the climb into the world of consciousness a slow and seemingly unwinnable battle as he came out of and went back into a state of insentience. Each time he thought he had gotten a grip on the precipice of darkness and tried to pull himself back into the light, his fingers slipped once again and his head lolled back to one side, drool dripping and covering his bare chest.

Synthia sat watching Jay’s attempts to return to the conscious world, knowing the drug would take a while to allow him to reach a state of understanding or comprehension. Once he did however, she was sure he wished he hadn’t.

When Jay’s eyes squinted open for the first time, he closed them again tightly as the room was much too brightly lit. He opened them very slowly, trying to let them adjust to intense illumination flooding the room. As they gradually and painfully adjusted, he could see why the room seemed so brightly lit. All the walls are bright white and all the furniture is shiny stainless steel. The overhead lights reflected their shine in all directions, making the room much brighter than the combined luminosity of the bulbs themselves.

Slowly, Jay’s other senses started to return…the first being the terrible burning in his shoulders. The muscles in them feeling as if they had been injected with acid. He tried to rotated them to relieve the pain, but, then noticed the pulling sensation in his wrists. He looked up, his eyes still not fully adjusted to the brightness of the room, and noticed his wrist were locked to the ceiling and covered by leather suspension harnesses locked around them. His hands, in his best estimate, were spread about four-feet apart.

Jay then noticed that his ankles were cuffed and spread wide too; about five-feet apart for them. He realized he was hanging from the ceiling in a wide spread-eagle. He struggled against the cuffs and anchor points; fruitlessly, and, it was no surprise to him that neither gave. As he struggled however, it made him realize that his waist was belted as well and chained to two shiny steel posts on either side of himself. Movement was severely deprived of him.

Looking around the room, Jay thought it looked like some type of laboratory of some sort. Then, he noticed the stunning lady he met last night, sitting in a chair. She sat very un-lady-like giving Jay a much better and clearer view than Sharon Stone in “Single White Female”.

Jay could still feel the weight of his chastity device on his cock though, he didn’t have an erection for it to be painful. His nipples, however, were still burning from the tight grip of the clamps which has been biting them for several hour’s now, though he had no sensation of time nor how much had passed. The windowless room would not allow him a guess by the angle of the sun, or lack thereof.

“Good. You’re waking. Dr. Stantzworth will be quite pleased.” Synthia said smiling as she lifted herself from the chair which she had sat.

“What the fuck is going on here!?!” Jay demanded, staring at the woman who so easily seduced him in the club and had obviously brought him here.

“Shhh.” She hissed, putting her index finger to her lips signaling the international sign for silence.

“No! Fuck you! I want to know what the fuck you think you’re doing to me.” Rebuking her request for him to be silent, near the top of his lungs.

“Why and what you are her for is for Dr. Stantzworth to explain. I am here simply for your pleasure, and, if you are overly uncooperative, your discipline. Synthia closed her right hand, which Jay knew to be empty, and a jolt of electrical current ran through his nipples, cock, and ass; making him jerk uncontrollably in his restraints. Synthia opened her hand after a couple seconds and the electricity stopped.

Jay had missed them in his initial assessment of his current situation, but, now he noticed the thin wires leading from his nipple clamps. He also noticed wires strung along the length of chain which attached to the belt around his waist to his right.

“That was a fairly low setting. Please don’t make me hurt you anymore than I need to. You’re such a fine specimen.” Synthia said in her usual seductive voice.

“Specimen…did she just refer to me as a specimen?” Jay thought to himself, afraid to ask woman with the body of a Goddess now standing directly in front of him. The thought of her administering another jolt of electricity keeping him from opening his mouth.

“I told you I would take care of things for you, and I will, just give it some time. You will get to ravish my body…” Synthia said while slowly pulling her latex dress up and revealing her perfect body “…you just have to wait until it is our terms and the time it is needed.”

“What the hell did she mean by ‘our terms’? Who is the second part of ‘our’?” Jay wondered.

Jay’s shoulders felt as if they were being pulled out of their sockets. The burn in his muscles from hanging by his arms for – however long – really was causing agony and a white-hot burn in them. He was also starting to feel the strain on his hips from his legs being spread so wide for so long, but, they would probably never reach the level of pain in his shoulders. Jay wondered how long he would remain suspended like this, but kept his wonderings to himself. The answer came quicker than he had expected.

“I need to move you to a different position for us to begin our testing. I would highly recommend that you remain cooperative and do not resist or…” Synthia held up her empty right hand and slowly started balling it into a fist. The shock came swift and painful but was less than a second long, however, long enough for Jay to fully understand what she meant “…pain is just a curl of my fingers away.” Synthia said, even her admonishments dealt out in that voice of sweet promised pleasure, seductive and captivating.

Jay simply nodded to show he understood.

Synthia released his cuffs from the chain on his ankles first, allowing his legs to finally come together again, though, she attached a short hobble spreader between them. Then, she released the chains from his waist belt. Jay noticed she had also unplugged the wires leading to his genitals, ass, and nipples. He thought this might be his chance to escape this madness.

Almost as if reading his mind, Synthia touched the metal of the chastity device still locked on to his penis and he was met with the same jolt of electricity he had felt when the wires were attached, only in his cock and balls however. His cock danced like water on a hot skillet and his body was taken to spasms of muscular contractions and retractions.

Synthia simply lifted one perfect eyebrow in a gesture of; “See what I can do?”

Grabbing Jay by the front of his belt; Jay flinching as she brought her hand close to him, but, when her skin touched his, nothing happened; and lifter him up with her right hand. She balled up her left hand and the chains held to the ceiling instantly fell free. Synthia slowly lowered Jay until his feet made contact with the cool tile floor. Synthia removed the suspension cuffs and replaced them with medical style wrist restraints, securing his wrists behind his back again.

Synthia led him to a padded table/bed which looked; too much to Jay’s liking; like the kind of table they strapped the condemned to be injected during the rite of being put to death. A straight narrow padded table with arm-boards extending out from either side and a leg board for each leg. The table was too high for Jay to mount with his hands being held behind his back. Synthia lifted him up by his belt with amazing ease and set his bare ass on the cold vinyl of the table. His anal plug jolted as she sat him down and he grimaced visually.

“That will be out in a few minutes. I need to release your cuffs from behind your back…Do Not Move!” Synthia warned, however, in a voice and tone of a woman trying to entice her lover into bed.

Jay stayed statue still as she removed the chain between his wrist, moving only when he felt her hand guide him back and laid him down. Quickly, she locked each wrist cuff to the ends of the arm-boards, stretching his arms to their limits.

She centered his legs on the leg-boards, removed the hobble and attached the ankle restraints to the end of each leg-board, now pulling him towards the foot of the bed. Jay though with how taut he was stretched; you could bounce a quarter off of him.

Synthia locked his waist-belt to the table then, tightening and buckling straps, which were fastened to the table, above and below each elbow and knee.

First, she removed the clamps from his white-tipped nipples. He watched his nipples return to their normal color but the pain which came with return of color made him scream in agony. Synthia rubbed his nipples trying to help cool them off. It helped, but, watching a naked woman whom looked as hot as molten lava rub his nipples started getting Peter to stand at attention.

Synthia moved down to his feet, pushed release buttons on each leg-board and spread his legs wide. He felt the boards click into place when they did.

Synthia looked at the little padlock holding his torturous cock cage on, placed it between her thumb and forefinger, then, moved them like she was snapping her fingers. Her fingers did not snap, but the lock did, sending the brass body skittering across the smooth tile floor.

“What the fuck!?!” Jay thought in his head. “She can lift me one handed, snap a small padlock as easily as snapping her fingers, and, shock me with a touch, though, only when she wants to!?! This is just too fucking much!” It was almost as Jay’s brain short-circuited as he ran these through his mind; he fainted away.

When he woke, and his mind not quite so overwhelmed by what he had witnessed; been witnessing; his chastity device and butt plug/cock ring had been removed. Jay noticed Synthia, still nude, talking to a tall man wearing a white lab coat. His back was towards Jay and he was unable to see his features.

Synthia nodded towards Jay, obviously noticing he was back among the living, and the man turned around. What he saw took Jay by surprise. He was an albino, or at least that was what he looked like. Almost white eyes, almost translucent skin, hair nearly as white as his lab coat.

The pair came across the room towards him.

“I see your back with us Mr. Bryant. My name is Dr. Stantzworth.” He touched my left hand, which he was closest, as I could not offer him my right. His voice was cultured and his language proper and professional; seeming to have a touch of a British accent, but nearly unascertainable.

“I will be the person to whom you may address your questions. I am afraid my assistant, Synthia, is not authorized to explain our need for you.” The Dr. said, maintaining a very near pace and tone of Sherlock Holmes side-kick, Dr. Watson. “She is merely one of my tools to use within my scope of panels to be run upon you and, of course, a quite apt security person I might add as well. Please, do not make her prove to you just how apt she is and we will all be much, much better off for it.”

“She’s given me a taste of her disciplinary ability.” I said, captivated by the whiteness of his eyes as I hadn’t ever seen an albino in the flesh.

“So she has. She informed me of such, a form of a…warning, shall we call it.” Dr. Stantzworth said in his cultured and slow paced manner of speaking. His accent seeming to be more rich the more he spoke, opposite of what one might think.

“Yes…a warning.” I agreed.

“I am not sure if you have, as of yet, figured out that Synthia is not quite a…. uh …Human. Or have you?” The Dr. confirming my suspicions, but, unable to grasp the thought of an android nor able to believe she may be alien. I had begun to assume she had implants in the palms of her hands for her shocks and releasing the locks. But her strength, I could not figure out her strength; especially with the lock.

“She is, in fact, an artificial humanoid. Undetectable and undiscernible from any real human…uh…uh…that is if she stays clear of medical imaging devices. She would throw quite a wrench in the works should she get too close to an MRI. She would be destroyed, but so would the huge electromagnet, causing a complete meltdown of the whole machine. Though…enough for that…I just wanted you to know that she cannot be destroyed or defeated by any single human and I would highly advise you not to try.” The doctor finished his monologue about his beautiful but, now, obviously deadly, assistant.

“Now, I’m quite sorry to say, we must prepare you for a minor surgery. We shall chat again shortly my dear boy.” The doctor said, almost a little to cheerfully.

“What surgery!?!” I demanded.

“In due time, In due time, you shall find out.” He answered, then, looking at the naked picturesque lady, he nodded and said, “Synthia.”

Synthia touched my neck, stroking her finger in a sexy finger-tip caress. This time I did feel the needle, not being half blitzed from alcohol now, and, quickly I felt a darkness rush to cover me. I was out by the ten-count.


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