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  • The Ransom Payment 1: KidnappedElectroPainLover

    Sbf; M+/f; instructions; toys; inflatable; insert; latex; panties; bra; vibe; hood; leather; cuffs; hogtie; gag; blindfold; nipple; clamps; armbinder; kidnap; encase; boxed; transport; captive; flog; nosex; reluct/nc; X

  • Kyle’s Bad Idea 2: The CabinElectroPainLover

    F/m; handcuffs; mast; climax; hood; fetters; chain; rope; gag; blindfold; transport; spreadeagle; cbt; outdoors; enema; discipline; nipple; clamps; tricked; strapon; anal; sex; vag; F/fm; cons/nc; X

  • 1

    Sbm; handcuffs; caught; F/m; bond; gag; hogtie; blindfold; chain; crotchrope; torment; punish; pain; revenge; voy; femdom; denial; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • What?!ElectroPainLover

    Sbf; handcuffs; cuffs; hogtie; electro; gag; insert; torment; caught; F/f; tease; torture; stuck; cons; X

  • Jessica’s Torment 6: Revulsion and KarmaElectroPainLover

    Sbff; M/f+; torture; toys; electro; cuffs; fetters; hogtie; chain; susp; gag; blindfold; nipple; clamps; vag; anal; force; sendep; sex; spank; pain; bdsm; transport; captive; blackmail; cons/nc; XX

  • 5: Trial and Error

    Sbff; cuffs; fetters; bond; machine; spank; nipple; electro; toys; caught; blackmail; M/f+; sex; vag; anal; oral; pain; torture; facial; susp; cons/reluct; XX

  • 4: Jessi’s Toys

    Sbf; FF; workshop; chastity; cuffs; bond; spreader; collar; electro; spreadeagle; toys; insert; device; spank; torment; nipple; timer; hogtie; climax; cons; X

  • 3: Fear and Electrical Stimuli

    Sbf; workshop; naked; cuffs; bond; spreader; collar; belt; nearly-caught; bed; chain; spreadeagle; toys; insert; electro; torment; nipple; timer; climax; cons; X

  • 2: Recovery and Electricity

    Sbf; workshop; naked; cuffs; bond; spreader; collar; belt; toys; insert; torment; nipple; electro; caught; climax; cons; X

  • 1: The Beginning

    Sbf; naked; cuffs; bond; spreader; collar; belt; first; toys; insert; stuck; torment; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Tonya’s EntanglementElectroPainLover

    Sbf; Machine/f; machine; ai; basement; cuffs; chain; straps; spreadeagle; chastity; anal; vag; susp; electro; sex; force; torment; torture; denial; orgasm; cons/nc; XX

  • The Opening LineElectroPainLover

    MF; F/m; M/f; public; bond; cuffs; playroom; rope; sawhorse; bdsm; spanking; nipple; gag; blindfold; denial; oral; sex; vag; tease; rom; cbt; cons; X

  • Selma's RecollectionElectroPainLover

    M/f; court; hum; F/m; revenge; kidnap; bagged; captive; bond; cuffs; gag; blindfold; machine; insert; anal; electro; shock; torment; nipple; sound; torture; set-up; Sbf; bedtie; discovery; police; rescue; cons/nc; XXX

  • Monica’s NightElectroPainLover

    Sbf; F/f; cuffs; straps; susp; gag; hood; stuck; caught; denial; blindfold; plug; anal; nipple; clamps; revenge; cons/reluct; X

  • Synthia 2ElectroPainLover

    F/m; bdsm; cbt; surgery; magnets; cuffs; discipline; gynoid; kidnap; nipple; scifi; tease; dungeon; torment; spank; slave; permanent; climax; reluct/nc; XX

  • 1

    Solo-M; chastity; cbt; buttplug; leather; club; F/m; handcuffs; clamps; cuffs; discipline; electro; gynoid; kidnap; nipple; scifi; torment; tricked; reluct; cons/nc; X

  • Trashed InterloperElectroPainLover

    F+/f; college; capture; bond; gag; rope; ties; crotchrope; dumpster; diapers; messy; truck; collected; landfill; rescue; cons/nc; XX

  • Precious Marissa 2: Marissa's StoryElectroPainLover

    M/f; denial; sex; fpov; naked; bond; entomb; first; gag; intubate; pain; spank; rope; toys; transport; reluct/nc; X

  • 1

    M/f; denial; sex; naked; bond; entomb; first; gag; intubate; pain; spank; rope; toys; transport; reluct/nc; X

  • SurprisesElectroPainLover

    Sbff; M/f+; F+/m; caught; bdsm; cuffs; electro; anal; gag; blindfold; hood; naked; nipple; cbt; cons/reluct; X

  • Forgotten LessonsElectroPainLover

    Sbm; F/m; D/s; caught; cuffs; straps; machine; cbt; denial; cuckold; naked; spank; piercing; nipple; torture; mast; sex; drug; gag; cons/nc; XX

  • The Novice’s MistakeElectroPainLover

    Sbm; cuffs; chain; waistbelt; gag; spreadeagle; tens; electro; sound; insert; nipple; torment; pain; climax; stuck; true; cons; X

  • First Halloween HorrorElectroPainLover

    F+/f+; MM/f+; halloween; handcuffs; shackles; strip; nude; kidnap; transport; first; bond; gag; hood; costume; stocks; bdsm; spank; cons/nc; X

  • The Blackberry PatchElectroPainLover

    Sbf; outdoors; naked; clamps; plug; insert; chain; electro; tens; pain; collar; blindfold; gag; thorns; discovery; M/f; tease; torment; blackmail; sex; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Amy's Surprise AwakeningElectroPainLover

    Solo-F; F/f; bond; metal; cuffs; nipple; blindfold; gag; hemp-rope; ropewalk; stuck; torment; pain; toys; mast; climax; release; revenge; reluct/cons; X