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Take it Like a Sheep! 2: Julia on a Stick

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2016 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; machine/f; process; automatic; program; capture; clamps; locked; phallus; insert; gag; enema; inseminate; torment; cycle; cum; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 2: Julia on a Stick

Julie had known animals for years. She had worked around them all her life, and loved her job working with them. She knew all of the aspects of the work, knew the biology, held all the vetenarian certifications, but before the “incident” she had never known she held a desire for autoerotic fantasies. It had been three weeks since that day when she had been “raped” by the automatic equipment programmed at her very own hand, and not a day went by when she didn’t think of the experience, or how to recreate it… but there were so many things that went right that one time, lucky, purely lucky, that nobody had been around, and even luckier, that her body happened to be compatible with the machine, and not too much different than a sheep’s dimensions. Maybe it was best she not think too far into it.

But Julie could not let it go. Julie kept thinking of it. Everyday, watching the sheep, seeing the females locked into place, run into this process, being engorged by the phallus, penetrated, rammed, vibrators humming, pumped full of semen, and finally let go… day after day, sheep after sheep… Julie rarely made it to lunch without soaking her pants and taking a trip out to the bathroom on the main floor of the plant. Julie wanted to experience it again.

Julie thought to herself, “I know more than enough about these machines to be able to do this. This IS possible.” She began to map out her plans. The machine she was working with to shear the sheep and hold them in place was fairly versatile, it had to be in order to accommodate the variety of sizes of sheep, so all she would need to do is to make a separate program to adjust it to her own dimensions, and set the limiters to allow for her specific shape. This was the hardest part, finding the actual location in the program to set all of this up.

Julie spent another week of her spare time at work sifting through the tutorials and help files of the program before she found what she was looking for: input specifications and tolerances. The program was very technical, and had only numerical values, no visual interface, so unless she knew the exact numbers and scale which was being used, there was no way for her to tell what values would be close to her own. Another week went by before she figured out how to measure an objects dimension for the program. But Julie was determined to figure it out.

By her third week of pouring over the program, she had discovered many things to make her work better, faster, and gentler on the sheep, and her boss had taken notice. 

“Julie,” the operations manager said poking his head into her vet track, “is it just me, or has your operation gotten faster?” He asked with a smile.

“It has,” Julie said, “I went over the program and figured out a few things… now we don’t have so many little pauses, I thought they were just pauses for mechanical reasons, but it turned out they were simply sloppy integers in the runtime of the original program.”

“Good work, Julie!” he said and left.

Julie felt very confident in her new programming abilities, and began to work on the program for herself. She needed to find a time that she could get the vet track all to herself, after hours. Julie began to feel out the place after work; staying a few hours late several nights a week to see what goes on after the plant shuts down. Julie was surprised to know that there was almost nothing happening, and only one guard on duty at the main gatehouse, who primarily just watched the closed circuit camera feeds for the entire night.

Julie planned to stay an entire night to run her “special program” and then take a half-day the next day. This way, she could take all the time she needed to play with her program. She would pack an overnight bag, and stay the night. Since there were no cameras in the vet track, as long as she stayed all night, and didn’t leave the vet track, nobody would be the wiser.

Julie finally finished work on her program, and planned to make use of it the very next day. She was so excited, she could hardly take the anticipation. The next day, 5:00pm could not come fast enough, finally the last trailer left, and her vet track was empty for the night. But this was just the beginning of her night, and she had a lot of computer prep work to do. This was good, because she wanted to wait a little bit of time for everything around the plant to quiet down, the parking lot to clear, and the late management staff to trickle out as well.

Seven o’clock rolled around, and she had checked all the settings twice. The program was set, all that was left to do was to step into the stall, and let the machine take her. Julie looked to the door, and even though the plant was totally empty, she felt fearful someone would discover her, and worse yet, discover her after she had just stepped into the device. She took a deep breath, and began to shed her clothes. Taking off her shirt, sliding it off her full breasts, firmly perked and erect, she undid her bra and felt cold air over the nipples. She unbuttoned her pants, and snaked out of the jeans covering her thighs, casting them aside on the chair next to the computer station. She took off her panties, and felt her juices running as she pulled them down, showing her weakness for this perverted endeavor.

Standing in front of the station, she knew that as soon as she stood in sensor range of the station, it would activate, and begin processing her, doing all the things she had programmed it to do to her, not caring, not stopping, not pausing. This machine had no conscience, no regret, no thoughts whatsoever for her or anything, it was a machine. Julie was dripping wet, and so turned on now that she wondered if she would cum the moment she stepped into the device? She had to, and wanted it to do her… she closed her eyes, and stepped up to the sensor eye in front of her…

The eye reads motion and form according to contrast, just like a barcode reader at the grocery store does. Julie’s naked body became a targeting entity to enter, and it sprang into action, running Julie’s program. Two clamps seized Julie’s arms, and she was forced to move forward to the locking station on the track. Another two clamps locked onto her legs just above her knees, and all four began to lift her onto the locking station. This was the same station she had been the first time this machine had raped her, the same place she had the most amazing orgasm of her life, leaving her violated and humiliated on the floor dripping sheep’s semen from her engorged sex… reeling and euphoric. Julie was aware of the machine’s intentions this time, she had programmed it herself, but this would not be any help to her as the machine ran its program on her, it is one thing to write the program, and quite another to experience it.

With Julie clamped by the wrists and above the knees, the machine moved her over the locking station, and held her still, then began to position her legs and arms down onto the station, letting the locks clamp behind her knees, and over the bent part of her arms, pinning her down as before. This time, it was no accident, the machine made sure she had no choice. Julie heard the locks engage, and knew nothing she could do would prevent her from taking whatever the program gave her. The neck hoop dropped down over her head and slide forward to secure her further, just as a metal bar slid up and met with the back of her thighs, so no motion back or forth was possible beyond a few inches. Julia tested her range and found she had only about an inch in any one direction, before she met resistance.

Testing her bonds, Julia was getting more turned on, and the locking station began to move forward into the stall for the next phase of her program. An arm dropped downward under her chin and lifted her head up, held it securely by its padded forked claw, and another arm swung down with a large phallic tube, and began to inch its way slowly forward to her mouth, pushing into her lips, until it eventually forced her mouth open, and began to fill her mouth as it slowly gently move in. Julia gagged a bit as the phallus made its way into her mouth, until it stopped just short of her gag reflex, just in time. The gag was made of flexible silicone rubber, and gave as she bit into it, but was large enough to hold her mouth wide open. No longer able to make a sound, Julia whimpered as she could no longer move her head in any direction, with both the clamp and the phallus holding her head in place.

Julia heard the next arm begin to work, and felt a small nudge at her rear, followed by a firm push, leading to something cold and wet penetrating her bum, making it way into her ass. Julia began to quiver as it probed her, and it reached inside of her, making its way to a predetermined depth, where it stopped. Julia stopped breathing, and every muscle in her body froze as the machine probed her, she was mere seconds away from orgasm, any tiny motion from the probe at all would send her over the edge, but it stopped cold, and seemed to have died inside of her, as if the machine just turned off.

Julia held her breath, and did not move for at least a minute, on the edge of orgasm, dripped juices, totally helpless, and praying to cum. She knew the program reached a pause, but she did not know how long any of the pauses would last. Julia programmed the machine to enter a random integer for each of the pauses so that she could not predict the length of time the machine would wait. The pause could be as little as a minute, or at most it could last up to an hour. Julia wanted this to be unpredictable.

The machine held Julia for about twenty minutes on this pause before it continued, jolting back to the program with no warning. Julia knew the program was running when she felt the probe begin to ooze into her, the pump had begun running, and Julia began to receive an enema. Julia felt the liquid filling her ass, and pushing its way into her. Julia wanted to touch herself but her restraints gave her no relief. She could not even scratch her nose. The nozzle pumped her full, and then evacuated her ass twice, then pulled away. Julia was getting tired, and the enema was exhausting. Julia did not count on it affecting her in this way. She felt weak, her knees quivered, and though she felt fine at the beginning, now she felt like just ran a marathon.

The machine introduced Julia’s ass to its second visitor, this time a giant phallus, which she had switched out from the second station to this one, just for this program. At the same time, another met with her lips, caressing the outer edge of her pussy, just close enough to be felt. The one at her ass motioned forward about an inch, and held itself up to her hole, teasing her with its large head against her bum, making its presence unmistakable, just as the lower phallus began to slowly do the same thing in unison. Julia, unable to move, could not hang on any longer, and tried to impale herself onto them with a backward thrust, only to be stopped by the restraining arm behind her thighs.

The motion of the intruders deliberately teased her for at least ten more minutes. Finally they began to move into her, first one, then the other, back and forth, going a little deeper with each thrust, in and out, in and out… until Julia exploded as they both reached their halfway point into her. Julia could not help herself from cumming, and though she went limp into the restraints, they held her in place even as the machine kept working the phaluss into her ass and pussy, long slow thrusts in and out, working her limp body like a rag doll. Julia bit down on the gag, panting over its girth in her mouth, while the rythum of the machine behind her kept thrusting into her.

Julia had nothing left to fight with, and even if she had, it would prove to be usless to help her plight. The machine’s restraints were totally secure around her, and each lock could hold up to 500 lbs of force in place before it buckled, far more than her light frame of 145lbs could muster. Julia could feel the devices moving into her, pulsing in and out as she gave up, tenderizing her ass and pussy into their new form, easily receiving them as the ram rods pushed them into her. Julia’s orgasm kept going for at least a minute before it began to ebb, partly for the dildos penetrating her deeper and deeper as she came, and partly for their not stopping.

Julia could feel them going slightly faster now, like a washer reaching the start of a new spin cycle, starting ever so slowly, but gaining speed slowly building up to a full spin. So it was with this program, it would tear into her poor ass and pussy until the machine reached its max speed. Julia was having trouble thinking about anything, her head was foggy from the first orgasm, and now her arms and legs were weak. To add to all of this, the dildo in her mouth began to puslse as she was being rammed. It would inflate, then deflate, and began to slowly move in sync with the other probes, about an inch, just enough to gag her slightly, and pull away.

She felt her second orgasm growing, this one being totally unnecessary as the first one blew the back of her head off, this one was totally forced and involuntary. Julia was going to cum at the mercy of the machine whether she wanted to or not. Now banging her faster than ever, Julia felt her breasts begin to flop and move out of control as her body was punished by the intruders at her back doors, she was ashamed of her helplessness to stop it, her inability to control them, and her total lack of strength to try. Julia was nothing in the hands of this machine; she was now a product, no better than the livestock that she helped process everyday of the week.

Julia began to float away as she got closer to her second orgasm, and saw her helpless body being pounded by the machine from above, looking on as she was jiggled by the ram-rods, being held securely by the restraints, metal bars pinning her in place, hydraulic actuators powering the assault upon her sex, the wave of orgasm reached her mind and Julia lost the ability to control any of her muscles. Limp in the restraints, and far more intense than ever before, Julia choked hard on the phallus in her mouth, as it spewed sheep’s cum into the back of her mouth, just as the two dildos inside her pumped their loads into her, starting to fill her insides with a double load.

Julia felt like she had just been turned into a jelly doughnut, the cum bursting into her, all of her nerves firing off pleasure to her now shell shocked mind, she had little way to process all of the stimulation, and Julia knew her mind was trying to shut itself down. The cycle stopped, and everything stood still. Julia still had dildos sititng inside her, and her mouth filled, everything locked down, Julia could begin to feel her clit pulsing, and her ass involuntarily spasming as the machine went dormant. Nothing was moving, but this too, was a turn-on.

Julia began to wonder if she had programmed more than her body could physically take, though it was nothing lethal, would it break her body by stimulating it past what she could handle? For the first time, Julia began to fear her own program.

The arms retracted the dildos, and the first arm returned to her ass, and gave her a clean out. Julia was so weak now. She felt like she was going to sleep right on the locking station. She closed her eyes, and tried to relax into the restraints. Each time she shut her eyes, it seemed as though more time passed by.

Julia awoke to find another cycle beginning and again the dildos penetrated her ass and pussy, again they assaulted her mercilessly. Julia came again and again, as the machine defiled her sex. This time the machine altered its speed, going much slower, but adding the vibrator to the mix. Julia gave up on being human, and became the object of the machine. Her existence while she was inside the machine’s grasp was that of a piece of meat. She had holes for the machine to fuck, and as far as she knew, that was all the machine wanted. It used her over and over.

Tears came out of Julia’s eyes, but the machine still fucked her. Julia had given the machine a week’s worth of semen for it to use on her, fucking her to orgasm, then filling her up, pumping a wash into her, and sucking it all out, then doing her all over again… Julia had no say, and she knew the machine held no compassion, no compunctions about fucking her limp body over and over, pumping her full, and sucking her clean…

Julia woke up on the cold floor of the vet track, around 4:30am, having been released from her restraints, she apparently collapsed to the floor. Not really sure how long it had been since she had been released, she began to clean herself, washing off the dried semen from her inner thighs, wiping the lube off her backside, slowly putting her identity back together as a human being. Julia sat in her office chair in a towel for almost 30 minutes trying to rationalize her desire for such a thing, but in the end she could not justify it even to herself, and began to cry.

She knew that she would do something else, something beyond this… and she was no closer to feeling better about it, her desires overriding her logical side… using it as a tool to fulfill her desires. This was just the beginning.

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