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Take it Like a Sheep! 3: Do Machines Dream of Sheep?

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2016 - Riptieron - Used by permission

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Chapter 3: Do Machines Dream of Sheep?

Julie came away from the night of her first automatic scene with the awareness that she could make her machines do anything; anything within the limits of her machine’s abilities, that is. Julie was past this already. She knew that for her to cater her newly developed taste for autoerotic, she needed much more developed machinery, with the robotics and software to match. Julie knew her position at this job would not giver her access to that kind of hardware. Even before Julie programmed her second scene for her vet track, she was looking online to find out what type of company offered this type of access for her to tinker with. There were a few possibilities open to her, but the one with the most promise was a robotics company, specializing in dairy livestock. They used the same software developer within their interface, and she could pitch a good success story about how she improved upon the same programming for her current position in the vet track.

Within two weeks Julie had polished off her resume and put together a presentation about how she had improved production and efficiency by 20%, as well as made the line safer for the livestock. Getting an interview with the CEO of Centuarbiotical Incorporated was not hard, it seemed he was always looking for new talent to make their products better. The company prided itself on its approach to modern robotics, hi-tech interface, and streamline design for its hardware. Sleek and lined with chromed parts, it certainly looked the part. Julie knew exactly how to entertain this pitch for her employment.

Julie suggested that the product design would only be as good as the functionality and flexibility of the product, and creating a functional model is what sells units… who better to suggest reforms to new designs than someone who has practical experience in the field they are selling to? Julie impressed the CEO so much by her ideas and understanding of auto-biological manufacturing line he wanted her to start working for him right away. Julie countered with a bid of her own, and in three weeks Centuarbiotical would move her into town and give her a full benefits package, with a signing bonus to boot. They tripled the salary she was getting at her old job, so Julie could not be happier!

Julie was working in a new lab, which simulated a dairy production plant. Fifteen cows held stalls on the main floor, each had a stall for them self, and the pumping machines (the milkers) plugged into each cow. Several other devices maintained each cow’s vitals, its urine and fecal evacuation, and each cow stood upon a treadmill. The testing facility by itself was model for efficiency, being cost recuperative in every possible way. The excrement generated by the cows was used to make fuel for burning in the wintertime, and each cow charged their own batteries for the equipment while they walked on their treadmills. When each cow became barren for milking, it was automatically moved to another section to be used as breeding stock, and finally slaughtered. The entire system was part of a newly developed plan to improve the ability for a farmer to multitask the many aspects of dairy production, and cattle production at the same time.

Julie had the run of the floor, kept all the records for each animal, and worked with the engineers to formulate better interface and robotics to streamline the production. The new programs she would write would become the new “defaults” for the program, and her input would allow the engineers to build better autonomics.

Julie worked for about two months familiarizing herself with all that was new in the latest models of Centuarbiotical, each day she learned something amazing she could use for later in her personal exploits of the system… but she still had to figure out how she would be able to gain access to the facility. This was not a small time operation, and security was considerable compared to her old job. She would need to have a better plan.

Julie found out that the tracks moving the cows from place to place were not monitored, only the general floor. This meant it was possible to get into the back hall behind the stalls, and then program a rack to take her into a holding stall away from prying eyes. The racks were designed for any animal up to the size of a full grown bull, able to immobilize and hold animals of that size. Julie knew this was more than good enough for her small frame.

Julie designed several new programs for insemination of the cows, as well as ejaculation for the bulls. The room for these operations was full of wonderfully advanced robotic arms and devices. Most of them were not new, but still in use by a great many farms, so testing their compatibility with the new systems was a key consideration. Julie had the design team unify the tracks moving within the room to make station-to-station movement simpler and fully automatic. All of the equipment was plugged into the same system software too. Julie could take a cow from the general milking floor, run them up to insemination, run tests, return them or move them out to general livestock, or down to slaughter at the touch of a button. Every part of the facility was accessible to the system software.

Julie began planning for a scene for herself later that month, after the big robotics convention. Everyone was going, and she would be there to oversee some of the primary displays. The next week, most everyone would be off for a few days to recover, this one was in Las Vegas after all.

The day of her plan rolled around, and after all the fun at the convention, Julie was ready for some private fun of her own. Julie logged into the building and said she was returning some of the equipment and re-installing it for the next week, which was true, but only as a pretense to gain access to her own lab for about 8 hours…

Julie began prepping the machines and cleaning them to her own standards, then began loading the program into the database. She was rushed to get everything done so she would not run over time, she did not want to raise suspicions of anyone. With everything installed, she began the program, and set it to “Idle” which would set it up to wait for the first entity to pass into the selected zone Julie had set for acquisition.

Julie walked out of her office, and undressed in the back corridor of the cow’s milking stalls, where the tracks ran to all the other station. Leading out of the room was a wall of clear polyvinyl strips, to separate the space of the next room. Beyond that curtain, the program would “acquire” her as an entity, and begin to process her according to the program she set up.

Naked, and cold, her perky breasts firmed up, and she could feel a bead of juice rolling down her leg. She knew what came next. Taking a deep breath, she passed through the barrier, into the next room. A cart waiting on the floor, stood waiting as four robotic arms swung into view, each grabbing her by a separate body part, the soft neoprene grippers ratcheting down on her arms and legs, then lifting her effortlessly off the ground, her abduction had begun. The arms bent her into a open squatting position, positioned above the center of the cart. The cart had a single rod running up the center, and it bifurcated with two adjusting hoops in front, and two in back. Both hoops opened as the arms brought her closer, the motions were timed flawlessly, and before she could process the event, she was locked into the hoops and they began to move with her inside them, placing her facedown onto the cart, on her knees and elbows. Another hoop dropped around her neck and locked into place, securing her head. Now the cart began to roll forward taking Julie to another room.

Julie had thought about all the little new things for her to experience in this facility, and her own lust for them may prove to be dangerous, but at this point, there would be no turning back. Her ankles locked into place, her wrists held tightly to the floor of the cart, her bondage was only the start of her ordeal. Julie knew what was next; she was to be prepped for a pseudo-insemination ordeal. Julie used the program she designed for the cow’s insemination track as a guide for her personal scene. The cart stopped inside the first leg of this long hallway of track, where three different stations would each do something to her trapped figure. The first began by spraying her down with an antiseptic spray, which would help to cleanse her body, just as it would spray a cow.

The cart moved slowly to the next station in line and stopped again. This one lowered two arms, one began to insert a long phallic probe into her ass, the probe’s tipped with a self-lubricating tip, and a tube for the enema Julie was about to receive. The probe reached into her ass and stopped, Julie squirmed as it penetrated her, large and cold, she gasped as it completely widened her ass by its girth, she did not consider the larger size of the “cow-like” instruments when she programmed the scene, only the tolerances of her physical dimensions… Julie swallowed hard and braced herself as she began a cold sweat waiting for the enema to begin.

Julie could see the long black tube leading up to the ceiling, swinging from a cable at the halfway point up the wall, leading around to the robotic arm that guides the tip; she heard the pump beginning to hum, and then see the tube drop with the weight of the liquid filling it as it snaked towards her ass. Burps of gas vented into her then a violent eruption pushed the liquid up her bowels, so much more forceful than she anticipated, and her belly began to expand with the pressure exerted by its shear volume. It ran for nearly 30 seconds, and it felt like five gallons had been pumped into her, though she knew it was only one gallon in total, sharp pain in her abdomen followed as the liquid was evacuated, the nozzle retracted, a blast of water hit her ass to clean it after she scat the remainders out, and the entire process repeated itself, filling her up, pumping her out, spraying her down. Julie was panting at the end of the enema stage, her stomach in knots, her gut painfully extended, Julie regretted not researching the limitations of the human bowels vs. a cow’s…

The cart remained locked in place as the next arm began to move into place, pushing a nozzle not much unlike the one for her ass, only this one was aimed at her mouth. Julie feared what this one would do to her, not thinking about the fact that she only has one stomach, and a cow has several extended chambers for stomach, Julie could not get away from the articulated arm, and it forced the nozzle into her mouth, praying it open to its limit, squeezing the silicone tight against the inside of her teeth and gums, this nozzle was too big for her mouth, but just right for a cow. She could barely breath through her nose, and then the instrument began to spray its cold liquid into the back of her mouth, and she felt a hard ball hit the back of her mouth, being forced down to the gag reflex on the back of her throat, the spray forced it into her throat, past the point of no return. Julie swallowed hard onto the “horse pill” as it moved down.

Julie was surprised by this, and had overlooked the fact that the pill was still in the system, she thought she had taken it out, what type of pill was it? It could have been any one of four different pills. One was an antibiotic, one a hormonal; another was a tranquilizer, and last an enzymatic. She wasn’t sure which one would be less harmful to someone of her body weight… but she hoped for the antibiotic.

The arm retracted and she moved forward on the cart to the next station. This station would rig her body with electrode monitors to be used as feedback to the program. Six electrode pads to monitor her heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature covered Julie’s body. The program automatically responds if any of the presets fall below tolerances.

Julie moved into the next room now, the insemination room. The cart locked itself into the first stall and sat waiting. Julie could not see what was happening behind her, but she know the system was going to fuck the shit out of her. She knew the nozzles were smaller than the dildos, and the nozzles felt large on her ass, so what would this dildo feel like? Her anticipation was mounting, but nothing happened… Julie waited, but still nothing happened. Her head was facing a wall in front of her, so there was nothing to see. She couldn’t tell if anything was going on, but she was progressively feeling “woozy” and her head was getting dizzy. On the bright side, her gut was feeling much better after the enema. Her arms felt loose, and she could tell her legs were getting wobbly.

The pill! It must have been a tranquilizer they give them, it’s a muscle relaxer! Julie was feeling the effects of a muscle relaxer at work on her whole body, and it was severe. The cart sat still for another ten minutes more… by this time, Julie was drooling and could hardly move a muscle. Everything seemed to sag loosely in the restraints; she had no control over her body at all. Julie could feel a pressure at her rear, and a cold slimy wet object pushed her forward into the restraints. It pushed again, this time harder, and centered on her ass. Julie gapped and let out a low moan as its tip penetrated the delicate hole that was to be the new home of this giant dick. With the tranquilizer at full effect, Julie’s ass was totally relaxed, and it was a good thing too, this monster was far bigger than what she could take normally. Another tip touched Julie’s pussy, and began to make its way too. Julie’s legs began to naturally position themselves into an accepting angle, as the pressure built at her back door. Two big cocks tipped their heads into her little body, just barely into the first inch and she felt pressure like she had never felt before.

Now another arm dropped in front of her head, and staring at her was another nozzle for her mouth, and it pushed her head back and stuffed itself into her mouth as she drooled around its girth, and it locked her head into a stationary position. Tears came to her eyes as each cock began to slowly inch its way inside, prying her open wider with every inch, slowly opening her, renovating the interior of her ass and pussy. The expansion was impressive and Julie never felt so full in her life, nothing on her body worked, and she was tight as a drum even with the muscle relaxer. So this is what it feels like to be fucked by a bull? Julie felt the intruders reach her limit, and she knew she could take no more. Luckily, they stopped. Everything stopped. Julie was a meat popcycle, impaled on the giant cocks, she could feel her heartbeat against the giant cock inside of her ass. She felt every little motion of her body on the cocks, it seemed they ran halfway up her body before stopping deep inside her, but she knew they could have only gone about eight inches at most.

Now Julie was impaled upon the giant dildos, had a huge gag inserted into her mouth, could not move a muscle for the muscle relaxer, and she felt really helpless to say the least. With all of this in place the cart began to move again. It rolled her out of the station she was in and up to the next. Two arms appeared and clamps firmly pressed into her chest in a “U” shaped fashion around her ample breasts, cupping them, and holding them in place, another two arms holding milking cups attached them to her nipples, and they began to slightly suck themselves to her breasts. The cow-sized nipple is four times larger than her tiny nipple, and her entire breast was beginning to slip into the milking device, sliding down the wall of its elongated neck. She had not programmed the milker to run, but did program it to be hooked up. Now she was a sight to see, being almost like an exhibition of total helplessness, being violated by all manner of devices.

With these additions to her body the cart then rolled her off to another station, Julie felt each bump of the cart as it changed directions, smooth as it was, every slight movement sent vibrations into her tight tiny figure, being stretched over such huge phallus’s. The cart docked again and sat for a moment, then all of the devices inserted into her body were hooked up to arms at the station, ready to become active. Julie knew she was at their mercy. The first thing that happened was the nozzle in her mouth began to squirt more liquid into her mouth, then another horse-sized pill shot into her throat, and was forced down just like before! Julie knew this was not part of her program, and she was terrified she might have missed some of the programming in the system she should have removed… what else was there that she missed? How would this affect the scene? Julie could do nothing about it anyway, she was just a passenger along for the ride at this point.

About ten minutes later, another pill shot into her throat! Now Julie was panicked, but could do nothing. Even without the tranquilizer, she would be unable to move or break free, but with the tranquilizer, she was totally incapacitated. The cart sat still for what seemed like hours. She surmised the system that controlled the pills had timed responses that delay subsequent actions until the pills took effect. Julie felt woozy again just as bad as before, seems she was given yet another tranquilizer, probably for the best… but what of the other pill? Julie could only speculate.

The two giant cocks in her ass and pussy began to move now, not forward or backward, but they seemed to pulse, and then she felt cold slimy lubricant flowing inside her, they were lubing her insides. One began to move, and then the other, slowly drilling, in and out, a very slow timed motion. The giants touched every part of her, it was all drawn tight, her tiny frame was no match for these beasts and she could only endure the sensation they gave her. Julie could feel her body building an orgasm, though she wasn’t sure where it would go, being so tightly stretched by the giants. Thankfully, the tranquilizers would prevent her body from spasming, it might hurt her if she contorted over such huge visitors. The gap between her ass and her inner wall of her virginal wall was so tight she could feel the two cocks rubbing together. The lube was constantly oozing into her, keeping her insides wet, the motion kept on going, even as her nipples seemed to be getting more engorged as the milker’s suction had pulled them into the cups. Julie was jostled back and forth with each change of direction from the dildos, her cervix and pelvis rocked by the assault.

Now Julie was about to cum for the first time, and the experience was surreal to say the least. She could feel her body cumming, but nothing inside her did anything it seemed, no contractions, no twitching, but the nerves sent all the stimulation straight into her head, and Julie let out a low, long audible moan over the gag. The machine never stopped. It was as if nothing had happened. Julie knew she was in for a ride, and she could feel her pussy cumming, even as the machine pumped back and forth into her tiny ass and pussy. Julie’s orgasm did not slow, and with such huge things fucking her, there was no relief to the stimulation, and the orgasm kept cresting, never breaking.

Julie had moaned in a long slow exhale and now was out of breath, but her orgasm still remained fresh, there was no “crash” of its wave. She could not breath, and there was only the feeling of orgasm coming into her mind now. The machine was only getting started when she began orgasm, and the pumping action began to intensify. Julie forced a breath and let out another long low moan over her gag, this time more audible, the orgasm did not relinquish her from its grasp. Julie could only moan as the crest of her orgasm was sustained by the bull sized cocks inside of her, filling the cavity of her body and stretching it out, making all the nerves super sensitive, all the little hidden “spots” exposed as never before.

The cocks ramped up the assault, ramming Julie in quick succession. Her mouth was sore, and the milker cups were bobbling around as her ass and pussy received an extinction level event. Julie was quite sure she would be ruined by this experience, and wanted to run away. There would be no running away, she was a captive of the machine. Suddenly and without warning, the machine thrust deeply into Julie, and she screamed as the full extension of the arms hit her g-spot, and the orgasm that she thought could not go further, did. At that very moment, a gush of liquid came forth into her ass and pussy, pumped violently into her, steadily, continuously filling Julie, expanding her with cow’s semen, the sensation was like nothing else, and the white light in Julie’s mind began to expand, filling her entire field of view, till she could see nothing but the light. The light grew with the orgasm originating inside her. There was no release, but she began to grope for air over her gag, her body needed more air, she thought.

Soon the pumping stopped, and her vision returned, as everything was still now. The dildos had not moved, and Julie could not move. They sat inside her for about twenty minutes, then they retracted, leaving her holes gapping and wide, Julie still had no muscular control, and she felt them “fall” in on themselves, almost as if gravity closed them from the weight of the tissue itself. Cum poured out of her rear, and leaked out of her pussy, the amazing amounts of it which was deposited into her made her queasy. The cart backed up, and began to move down the track again, Julie was too incapacitated to notice by now. The cart rolled up to a station between two cows in the milking stations, and docked. Julie’s milking cups were then hooked up to the station’s monitoring system, and so were all her vitals. The station noted the cart’s appearance, and because it was night cycle, turned everything to “sleep” mode. Julie was out as well.

Julie became aware of her surrounding an unknown amount of time later, by what light was available from the skylight in the room; she surmised it to be twilight before dawn. Something had gone wrong. Her program was still running, and she had never programmed the cart to stop at a milking station on the main floor… what had she done wrong? There must have been a line of code she missed, or an event that started a system event to bypass what was left inside her own program. It must have happened when the milker cups were put onto her, because that is when the pills began being administered; and when the pills code ran, there is a auto-wait sequence loaded, assuming normal codes are followed. That all could have placed her into a default inseminator line, meaning the program delayed her own programming in lue of the current defaults.

Well, that is one way of uncovering a bug in the program, she thought!

But now that she had gone off the program, what part of it was running? If she had jumped into the standard milking inseminator track, then last night was a first step in an old cow’s retirement. They receive hormones to stimulate their short-term production of milk, while boosting their fertility, making impregnation more likely. A cow that has shown low production will be used as long as it produces milk, then be moved away if it cannot produce, which is not a good thing for Julie, in this case, she cannot produce any milk, and therefore the program will determine her totally unviable, and move her out by the end of the next day if nothing else interrupts the program. Julie wondered if the original program would re-initiate, or would this program keep running to its defaults until she was processed as “undesirable”? Julie was reeling from her ordeal so far. She had to wait; besides, she was nothing but a piece of meat anyway.

Julie could hear early morning birds chirping outside, and knew that it would be light soon. That meant the milking cups would certainly be activated, and the first rounds of milking would begin. Feeding had to be initiated, and that meant… just then, Julie felt the insertion of two probes at her rear, and she was cathorized as well, the tubes had bulbs that immediately inflated once they were forcefully inserted. Julie gasped as they seeming to explode inside of her body, having the size for a cow’s body; they were several sizes larger than Julie would need.

Still suffering from the tranquilizer, she had no control over her muscles and thankfully so, this bit of the process would be far more painful. Julie then felt the gag nozzle gurgling into her mouth, and then, a bursting of an oatmeal like substance forced its way into her throat, Julie had no choice but to swallow, trying to stay ahead of the enormous volume being pumped into her, gagging the entire time, the solution of vitamin supplemented food pushed into her stomach, and stretched her out, and just when she though she would literally pop from the quantity, it stopped pumping. Tears flowed from her eyes, as she blew gritty chunks from her nostrils, the vast amount having back flowed into her nose, she gasped and choked for several minutes trying to clear herself of the feed slurry. She was miserable. Tight, feeling more than bloated, she was distended, and the milking cups sprang to life, sucking in a rhythmic pattern of on/off pulsing, they tugged at her breasts inside of the oversized cups. She really felt like an animal now, being milked, fed, and cathorized just as the rest of the cows, at the mercy of the system, being processed.

Julie looked at the cow across from her, and thought: “This is what I am right now…” But her situation was a little more dire than that of a cow, she was a cow that could not be of use to the system…

Julie wondered when she would be discovered, as there would be someone in the plant today, but she had no idea of anyone would be coming to her department. Even if they did, they would need to come down the stairs to this area for them to find her. Upstairs in the offices, only one window looked out to the livestock area, and if one glanced over the space, they would not necessarily see her small figure locked in a milking station between two larger cows. Half of her wanted to be found, so she could be free, and half of her wanted to go on and be processed. The whole idea of this treatment turned her on, and yet, she knew the danger she had subjected herself to.

The room began to get warmer as the daylight hit the building, Julie’s poor breasts had begun to sting as the milkers tugged them repeatedly, they had turned purple long ago. Finally they turned off. She sat in the stall dozing off, trying to sleep and forget about the pain in her stomach, but she did feel much better now that her body had a meal, curious, she was felling much better? The meal had passed down by now, but she knew another would be coming at noon, and she would get another full dose of the oats slurry. This was how she gauged the time, by the events tied to the systems. At noon she received another feeding, followed by another hour of milking. Julie did not have as much trouble this time, but preyed she would be discovered now, her ass was hurting from the bulb implanted too deeply, and nearly every move she made hurt her breasts.

After the milking session, the system panel gave an audible “buzz” of disapproval to the insufficient amount of milk Julia provided, and unhooked the cart from the milking station. The cart swung around, and rolled into the back hall, with Julie locked helplessly onboard. Julie wondered which program would win out over the cart, as she rolled into the back area.

The cart rolled past the insemination room, which meant the defaults would take her to “disposal”. Julia knew this was going to process her into a packaging system that was not ready yet, the engineers were still designing most of the systems it required, and half of the system was not even programmed yet. Julie did not know what would happen, as this part of the system had never had a cart delivered to it yet. Ultimately, this part of the plant would be used to slaughter, and butcher the animals selected, then package them, but so far, only the packaging had been set up, and not much of it was functional at that.

Julie saw the zone where the butchering was to happen, and sighed relief at the site of an empty space, but the track rolled forward to the next area, and stopped at the first station. The cart unlocked just as four arms grabbed her by the arms and legs, lifting her out of the cart, placing her on her back on a steel slab table. Pulling her arms and legs outright, another arms swung down and inserted a nozzle into her ass and began to flush her insides clear, and repeated the same procedure on her vaginal cavity. Sprayers above her misted a bleach solution onto her body as this went on, sterilizing her skin and burning her eyes. Another probe dropped down and inserted itself down her throat, and began to flush and pump her stomach clean, and retracted back. Now that Julie was cleansed, the arms returned her to the cart, locked her down once more and the cart moved to another room.

Julia knew little about this area of the operation; she focused on “live” stock, not what happens to them in butchery. This station lowered a large nozzle to her ass, and rammed it inside, it quickly inflated, and then a motor pump loudly began to pump something into Julie, and it did not do this kindly, Julie could feel the power and force of the enema, blasting into her intestines, pushing into her, filling all parts of her colon, lower intestine, and making its way clear up into her small intestine, filling them completely. By the first ten seconds she felt the machine pumping all of her insides full, and it did not stop. She was being inflated by this solution, whatever it was, and now her intestines were being stretched to their limits by the force and volume of the enema. Julie could feel her stomach turn, and there was fluid leaking into her stomach now too. The machine keep right on pumping, and Julie’s gut was so full she could hardly breath. Another nozzle inserted into her pussy, and began the same procedure, filling her vaginal cavity to its breaking point. This process was designed for a cow’s body not hers, and the reality of this fact was brutal.

The plugs were left in place and now the cart rolled away to the next station, and arms unhooked her from the cart, and placed her onto a conveyer. She was not tied down, but Julie could not move, her body was so heavy and bloated her own weight prevented her from rolling over to her arms and legs to get off the conveyer, she flailed like an overstuffed tick after feeding too much. Then an arm from the ceiling stuffed a nozzle into her mouth and pumped a thick solution into her stomach, designed to prevent backflow of the other fluids inside her body, and it left the nozzle inside her mouth. She rolled side-to-side trying to get away from the conveyer, somehow get off its track, and flee the machine to no avail...

The next station turned her over and stuffed her head first into a circular machine, and just behind her neck a thick piece of hot thermal plastic was administered, shrink-wrapping tightly against her body, and in a flash she had no movement at all. There on the conveyer again, she rolled into a bin, and a new machine began to box Julie. This area was refrigerated, and Julie felt the cold air hitting her, and without anyway of moving, she would be frozen in less than an hour. Julie could not even shiver for the still active tranquilizers in her system, and now she was getting sleepy, feeling her tightened skin, pushed out by the solution filling her body, every part of her body was numb now, and Julie drifted off to sleep.


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