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Washing Machine

by Unknown

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Most of the regulars here already know how badly I've always wanted to be laundered in a washing machine and clothes dryer. My girlfriend has been using me as her ironing board every week for the past year.  That's been incredible, but the experience has just made me crave to be put into a washing machine even more...

I've been very candid with my girlfriend about this fantasy (fetish?), and she's remarkably agreeable. She seems to honestly enjoy ironing on me, and she's always been very open to the idea of washing me with her laundry.

For the last few months, we've been checking every laundromat we've seen, looking for one that had an oversized industrial-type washer big enough to hold me. We finally found one a couple of weeks ago. I climbed into the machine that night (just a dry run), to make sure it was large enough. There was plenty of room inside. All of the dryers there were big enough.

We went back three times last week, late at night, to check things out. Mostly, I wanted to see how the washing machine worked before we went through with it. Being laundered was the ultimate turn-on to me, but I had no desire to drown, and I wanted to be sure I could breathe inside the washer while it was running.

The machine was a front-loader, with a *big* drum. There were three angled paddles around the inside of the drum to agitate the clothes as the drum rotated. Except for the paddles, the rest of the drum was perforated with small holes to drain the dirty water out, just like a home Maytag. The door was circular, with a glass window. It opened to the side, and latched shut with a mechanical handle like the kind on a walk-in freezer.

We ran the machine through several cycles, at all the different settings. We also made *damn* sure my girlfriend could stop it and get me out if I got into trouble. Most important, we figured-out how full it would get at each setting. For a "small load" it only filled about 1/3 of the way up the glass. A "medium load" was about halfway. A "full load" was exactly that, full almost to the top. It was obvious that the "full" setting was impossible. The "small" setting looked pretty easy, and "medium" looked manageable.

All week long, my girlfriend has been asking me if I was sure, if I really wanted to go through with it. I doubt anyone here wonders what my answer was.

Last night, we went back to the laundromat for the real thing. We had everything we needed; a laundry basket full of her dirty clothes, a box of Tide, a bottle of Downy, and plenty of quarters for the machine. And me. It was after 2am, and there was no one else there when we arrived.

We decided to be extra-careful, and try it out in stages. First time in, she'd set the machine for a "small" load and warm water, and let me out as soon as the first cycle ended and drained-out. I'd only be inside for about seven minutes, and she'd be there to get me out right away if I pounded on the door.

I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into the machine, curled-up backwards with my feet up near my head. It took a minute or so to get myself positioned inside the drum, so that the paddles weren't hurting my back. I finally told my girlfriend I was ready. She asked again if I was sure, but by that point, nothing could have stopped me.

I swear, my heart literally skipped a beat when she slammed the door shut. I could see her through the glass, and hear her feeding quarters into the coin slot. I heard a couple of clicks as she pushed the buttons on the machine, then one last click, and the water started flowing in.

Up until then, I'd just been excited and turned-on. But I won't lie about it: as the water started to rise, I started to get a little scared. In my mind, I knew it would only fill about a third of the way up the drum, but locked inside the machine, even that seemed like a *lot* of water. At the same time, the water was warm and it felt really good, just like a nice, warm bath.

I knew I'd have to time my breathing with the drum's rotation, inhaling only when my head was above the water line. From watching the machine before, I'd figured on inhaling once every three or four revolutions, maybe once every two or three after I got the timing down. I was ready for that, but I definitely *wasn't* ready for the instant when the fill cycle ended. The water pump clicked off, and the drum started rotating *instantly*. There was no warning at all, no chance to take a last deep breath and get ready, nothing. The drum just *started*. With me in it!

I was upside down with my head underwater a half-second later, and then again and again, as the drum got up to speed. I probably went around a dozen times before I remembered that I need to start breathing when my head was above the water. It wasn't anywhere *near* as easy as I'd thought it'd be, and for the first couple of minutes, I swallowed more than a little water.

It took a few tries, but I discovered it was easier to grab a breath of air if I held one hand over my face; that kept most of the splashing water away from my mouth and nose when I inhaled. And all the while, I kept tumbling over and over inside of the drum. After I'd been revolving for maybe five minutes, I wasn't scared anymore. I was getting the timing down, and I could breathe OK. It finally occurred to me that I was actually being run through a washing machine!

The warm wash water flowing past me felt *good*. I tried to look out the glass to see my girlfriend, but the water was splashing and sloshing too much, and I couldn't see anything at all. I knew she was right there, and I knew she'd let me out if I pounded on the door, but I was starting to wish she wasn't; I liked what was being done to me, and I didn't want to be able to get out. Naturally, right when I was starting to really enjoy myself, the drum stopped rotating. My head was almost under water when it stopped, and I had to hold my breath for a few seconds while the water started to drain out.

As soon as the drum was empty, the door clicked open, and my girlfriend was staring in at me. I guess I must have had a smile on my face, because her first words were, "You look like you're having fun! Is this what you've been waiting for me to do with you?"

I told it was even better than I'd dreamed it would be, and that I wanted to be trapped and helpless inside the washer. She said I already was, and asked what I meant. I told her I wanted her to lock the door closed, turn the washing machine back on, and then go get herself a cup of coffee; I wanted her to just leave me there, alone and trapped inside of the running washing machine, with no way to get out.

Her answer surprised me: "What makes you think that you just weren't? If you get-off being washed with my clothes, I don't have any problem with it. But if you want to be part of my laundry, then I'm going to treat you like laundry. That means you go into the washing machine whenever I say you do, and you don't come out until I'm finished doing the wash *and* decide that you're clean. It means you'll be washed the same as the rest of the load, hot or cold, whites or permanent press, normal or delicates. It also means that you'll be washed with detergent, and rinsed with fabric softener. I almost never use bleach, but when I need to, you're going to be bleached. If I have four loads of laundry to wash, you'll go through the washer four times, once with each load. From the washer, you'll go straight into the dryer for a full cycle. And you'll continue to function as my ironing board. If you want to become part of my laundry, those are the rules. You decide. Is that want you want?"

I couldn't possibly deny it: I admitted that was *exactly* what I wanted to be, and how I wanted to be treated. Then I started pleading with her to slam the door, turn the washing machine back on, and leave me inside of it while she left the laundromat. This time, when the door slammed shut, my heart didn't jump. I wasn't scared this time, either; just incredibly excited. I wasn't sure which was better, having my greatest fantasy become reality, or having a girlfriend who was so tuned-in and willing to indulge such an unusual desire.

Before the drum started filling, I heard my girlfriend pushing a couple of buttons, and I knew she'd changed the washer's settings.  That didn't bother me. I knew in the future I'd be getting whatever the rest of the load needed, so I figured I may as well start getting used to it right away. I wasn't so sure a few seconds later when the water started to flow. She'd obviously set the machine for "hot", and that water *was* hot! The warm water before had been very pleasant, but the hot setting definitely was not. The water was *very* uncomfortable, and I could just barely tolerate it. At the same time, I was incredibly thrilled, because I knew I was trapped in the machine and couldn't get out.

My second surprise came just a minute or so later, when the water didn't stop flowing. It kept filling-up the drum, and didn't shut-off until the halfway point. Like before, when it finally stopped, the drum started immediately. I was a little scared again at first, but breathing really wasn't that much harder, even though there was a lot more water in the drum.

It was still just a matter of keeping a hand in front of my face, and sucking-in a breath when my head was above water, at the "top" of the rotation. But I was glad we started with the "small load" setting; I'm not sure what a "medium" load would have been like without a little practice first. The "medium" setting in hot water was a lot more demanding, but I didn't have much doubt that it'd get me clean.

The second wash cycle ended and drained, but the washer door wasn't opened this time. Instead, the drum refilled with fresh water, and I realized that the first rinse cycle was about to start. As the drum began to rotate, I tried imagine what it would be like to have the rinse cycle cleansing detergent and dirty wash water out of my hair, and out of the clothes in the washer with me. As strange as it sounds, I was starting to *think* like laundry.

When the first rinse cycle drained, it was time for surprise number three: my first spin cycle. WOW! I almost can't begin to describe it. The drum starts rotating slowly at first, but it builds speed very quickly, and the force you experience is simply unbelievable.  I've seen documentaries that showed astronauts in a centrifuge; the spin cycle in an industrial washing machine has to be pretty close to that. It was hard to tell how long the spin lasted, but as soon as the motor clicked-off and the drum began spinning-down, more fresh water was flowing-in.

Begin of the second rinse cycle. When the drum finally stopped, my head was down near the bottom of the drum. I had to take several deep breaths, and then finally hold my breath until the drum filled-up and started to rotate. It probably wasn't all that long, but it seemed like an absolute eternity. Now I really had a good idea what it was like to be trapped inside of a washing machine, just like any other article of laundry. And it was AWESOME!

The second rinse cycle was no biggie, but the final spin cycle was a real ass-kicker. It seemed to last *forever*. When the washing machine finally shut-off and the drum spun down, I just laid there with my head still spinning. I was dizzy as hell. Not hurt or in any kind of discomfort, just dizzy and a little light-headed.

That went away after a few minutes. I probably laid there for another 15 or 20 minutes before my girlfriend finally opened the washing machine door. She had a styrofoam coffee cup in her hand, from Denny's. She looked in at me, said she'd gone for a little breakfast while the machine was running, and asked me if I'd had a good time in the washer. I told the truth: it was the best thing that had ever been done to me.

She asked me if I still wanted to become a regular part of her real laundry, now that I'd experienced a solo test run. My answer was just one word: "ABSOLUTELY!"

She walked away for a few seconds, and came back carrying her basket of dirty clothes. She started tossing the rest of the laundry into the machine with me, and asked if I'd enjoyed the hot water while she was gone. I told her I was barely able to stand it, but it didn't matter: I'd happily be bleached in hot water with a load of whites every single day.

She laughed, and told me not to worry about that for now, this load was mostly permanent press stuff, warm cycle. While she finished emptying-out the laundry basket, she asked what the "medium" water level was like. I told her it was harder to breathe, but OK. She asked if the "full" setting still seemed out of the question, and I told her I didn't think it'd be possible to breathe with that much water in the drum.

By this time, I was half-buried in blouses, slacks, a couple of skirts, and even a few pairs of panties. I saw her reaching-in to the machine, with a plastic scoop full of Tide in her hand. She smiled at me and said, "This is it! If we go any further it's for-real, and there's no backing-out. Are you *really* sure this is what you want me to do with you?"

I just nodded. She smiled again, and poured the detergent all over me and the dirty clothes. She never said another word; the door slammed shut again, and I heard her feeding quarters into the machine. A few more button clicks. And then the water started flowing. The first time through the washing machine was incredible, but this time was simply *overwhelming*. Just like she said, it was REAL this time...

I was being washed right along with her dirty clothes. Warm water, medium load. And even better, there were no breaks between the cycles. I went through the first two wash cycles, then both rinses, to the final spin cycle, without interruption. The only time she opened the door was between the two rinse cycles, and that was only to dump-in a cup of Downy, most of which splattered all over my face.  She never said a word to me; just poured-in the fabric softener and closed the door.

Aside from actually being washed with dirty laundry, the biggest difference was the detergent. If any of you share this fantasy and decide to go for it, take care to keep your eyes and mouth closed as much as possible... Tide tastes awful, and it'll sting your eyes. I haven't experienced it yet, but I imagine Clorox will be equally unpleasant, to say nothing of turning me into an instant blonde.  Downy fabric softener wasn't quite so harsh. On the other hand, the fact that detergent and other laundry products are unpleasant in the washer makes it a very "real" experience. It's an incredibly small price to pay in exchange for actually becoming laundry.

After the machine was finished with the load, it was pretty-much the same as the first time. I was laying there dizzy and semi-dazed, thanks to the spin cycle. This time, though, I was surrounded by my girlfriend's clothes, and we were all clean and sweet-smelling. I don't believe I've *ever* felt closer to her than I did at that moment (and I told her so later).

It wasn't over yet, though. My girlfriend helped me out of the washer, and I'll be honest, I was a little wobbly. I'd been curled-up inside of the drum for a couple of hours, so my joints were kind of stiff. And the spin cycle takes a few minutes to fully wear-off.  None of that mattered at all though; it was time for me to be put into the dryer. After the washing machine, the dryer seemed almost gentle. The drum was about the same size, and it also had paddles (but four instead of three, which made it much harder to find a "comfortable" position).  My girlfriend put me in first, then tossed her wet clothes in on top of me. She selected the "medium" heat setting (not for my sake, but for her clothes-- it's a *remarkable* experience to be given less thought or consideration than someone's clothing).

Even "medium" was *plenty* warm enough. The full cycle in the washer was only about a half-hour from beginning to end; the dryer was a full 45 minutes. It wasn't terrible inside of the dryer, but it wasn't pleasant either. The fact that it wasn't comfortable just made that aspect of the experience an even bigger turn-on (just like the detergent did in the washer)... It's not *supposed* to be fun, it's supposed to get the laundry clean and dry. And I can attest to one thing: afterward, I was cleaner than I have EVER been in my entire life, and pretty damn dry, too!

Overall, the experience wasn't *exactly* the way I'd fantasized it would be, but I wasn't too far off. My expectations were both met and exceeded (in large part, due to the *incredible* actions of my girlfriend, and the rules she established-- I never even *dreamed* that she would take such an active role in all of this). To sum-up the entire experience, I will say -- unequivocally -- that being inside a washing machine or a clothes dryer is NOT fun. The operating temperatures are extreme, the chemicals are harsh, and even simple breathing is a challenge.

But, at least for me, those things are *exactly* why I wanted to become laundry so badly, and also why I enjoyed it so much. A normal person would probably regard being trapped inside of a running washing machine to be an absolutely *terrifying* situation, but I've never experienced a bigger turn-on.  It was everything I'd hoped-for, and much, much more. At the same time, it was a very, very dangerous activity. I do NOT recommend that anyone follow in my footsteps. If you're crazy enough to do so, take *every* possible precaution, and I assume no responsibility for your actions.

As for the future, my girlfriend and I have talked about little else for the last 24 hours. She now *fully* understands just how intensely I've wanted to be washed with her laundry, on an ongoing basis. I am entirely agreeable to her terms and rules, hot water, bleach and all. So that's it. Whenever she does a load of laundry from now on, I'll be in the machine. We've also agreed that she'll start washing my clothes, also with me in the washer. It'll be a little bit inconvenient, since we've only found the one laundromat with the big washer, but neither of us really mind; I've already explained my thoughts about being washed, and she seems to get a real kick putting me in the washer. It's all good!

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