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Washing Machine 2

by Unknown

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Storycodes: F+/m; machine; laundromat; wash; spin; dryer; laundry; object; detergent; water; soap; gag; wrap; stuck; cons/reluct; X

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My girlfriend, Ann, said, “If I’m going to treat you like laundry, that means you will go into the washing machine whenever I say you do and you won’t come out until I am finished with the wash and decide you’re clean. It means you will be washed with the rest of the load, hot or cold, whites or permanent press, normal or delicates. You will be washed with detergent and rinsed with fabric softener. If I have four loads to wash you will be in the washer four times, once for each load. If this is what you agree to, there is no going back…ok?” The choice was obvious and with that she brought her basket of dirty clothes over to the washer and casually threw them into the machine with me. I was starting to get some second thoughts and was just about to get out when she reached into the machine with a large two cup container of Tide. 

I said, “That’s way too much detergent,” as I started to get out.

She gently pushed me back into the washer and said, “My laundry doesn’t get out of the machine, nor does it talk back. I will deal with that a little later.”

She poured the entire two cups of detergent all over me and closed the door. I heard the buttons being pushed and suddenly the warm water stared flowing into the drum. Suds quickly filled the drum as the water mixed with the Tide. The drum started to spin sloshing all the soapy water all over me and the clothes. I was certainly going to get clean. Finally, the last spin completed and I thought I would be released to the confines of the dryer. The door opened and I was pulled out of the washer and placed on the folding table. I started to gain my senses after the spin cycle but before I knew it, my arms and legs had been restrained to the table and I was gazing up at my girlfriend. 

She had this determined look on her face. She also held new bar of Ivory soap in her hand. She said, “Now about our agreement…”

Before I could say anything, she pushed the soap into my mouth. I was shocked but couldn’t do much about it as she quickly wrapped some saran wrap around my head securing the fresh bar in place.

I moaned in protest and she said, “As laundry, you will not talk back and obviously your mouth is in need of a good cleaning, so I’ll just add some soap before you go back into the washer. You’re not as clean as I would prefer, so some pre-treating and pre-washing are in order.”

She got a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid and poured it all over me, especially my crotch saying, “Dawn works wonders for pre-treating those nasty stains that are hard to come out. I use it often, but sometimes still have to re-wash the item several times.” She kept pouring Dawn on me, and started to scrub like she was rubbing fabric together. I struggled against the restraints and moaned but by now just bubbles came out of my mouth. 

“Now for your second washing, come on, into the machine you go.” She released my bonds and grabbing my penis, easily leading me back into the washer. Another two cups of Tide and she said, “You’re getting washed all night long, my dear…I have lots of Dawn and Tide and enough quarters to make sure you’re going to be clean to my standards. You’re going to learn what it’s like to be laundry under my control.”

She closed the door and started the washer. The water was hot and filled to half way but with the extra Dawn and Ivory, the suds were thicker and higher than before. The bar of soap in my mouth was constantly being wet with the wash water and I was doing my best to not swallow any but my mouth was certainly getting washed thoroughly. When it came to the first rinse cycle, she stopped the machine and opened the door dumping another two cups of Tide and closed the door again. “I think you need an extra wash cycle for now, and then we’ll see how clean you are.” 

In the meantime, while I was coping with the bar of soap in my mouth, another couple of women came into the Laundromat. They noticed me in the machine and I could barely make out my girlfriend talking to them. They both took a close look up to the window, seeing me getting scrubbed with the soap in my mouth. They smiled at this and were genuinely amused that I was getting this type of treatment.

Finally, the last spin was over. I was even dizzier than before but grateful I was done… surely I would be clean this time with all that soap and detergent. The door opened up and my girlfriend pulled me out placing me back on the table again. All three of the women quickly restrained me and my girlfriend said, “What do you think ladies? Not clean enough yet huh?” They both confirmed and one was at my head and the other was next to my girlfriend by my crotch. I moaned and started to almost scream. 

One of them said, “Well his mouth is not compliant yet is it.”

She undid the saran wrap and removed the bar of Ivory, long enough to wet it. I tightened my lips hoping to stop her from reinserting it, but she just pinched my nose until I had to breathe, then back in the soap went. She started scrubbing my mouth out, working the soap in and out and around. The other two began to pour more Dawn on my penis and start scrubbing again. I climaxed quickly and one said, “Look… poor thing, he’s all dirty again.”

Ann said, “It’s time for another washing, back into the machine.” My scream was muffled by the bar of Ivory lodged in my mouth and saran wrapped even tighter than before. I was carried and placed into the machine and all three women added Tide to this load. 

The other two women added their dirty clothes to the machine. The door closed and buttons pushed and the water rushed in again. Now the suds were filling the entire drum as I was sloshed back and forth in the soapy water. The soapy dildo was still lodged in my ass and it was everything I could do to keep the soapy water from filling my mouth each time I was dunked. I just billowed bubbles every time I exhaled. I went through three more washes and was completely spent when they carried me to the dryer.

After the dryer, I was put back on the table and restrained again. My girlfriend looked down at me as did the other two women. She said, “I said no backing out remember? Just nod or that soap will stay in your mouth all night long.” I nodded. She said, “I am in charge of my laundry and determine how it is to be washed, how much detergent and soap to use, and how often it is washed until I say it’s clean, clear?” I nodded. “I have given permission for these women to have the same control over my laundry, so whenever they need to do some laundry, you will be a part of that as well… understand?”

I looked at the two women, they were smiling but very serious… I could tell. I nodded. Finally, Ann removed the soap from my mouth. I didn’t dare say anything. I was just grateful not to go back into the washer again. I hope the next time is easier, but I know not to cross my girlfriend when it comes to laundry. 

A few days later, we were walking together and happened to pass by the Laundromat. I mentioned to Ann how embarrassed I was that those other women saw me and helped wash me. She said, “Oh you mean Jean and Robin?”

I shuddered at the thought of getting washed again, but I knew Ann didn’t have any laundry to wash quite yet… I felt safe. I was wrong. The door opened and one of the women that was there on the first night, Jean, saw us and came out to say to my girlfriend, “Hey Ann, I have a couple of loads to wash, do you want me to add him to the machine?”

She looked at me, smiled and said, “Absolutely, go ahead.”

Before I could even protest, Jean grabbed my hand and pulled me into the Laundromat, sitting me on the folding table. The problem was there were a lot of other women in the place. They were all starting to stare at what was happening. Jean removed my clothes and threw them in the laundry basket next to the large washer. Another woman came up and asked what she was doing. Jean said, “Oh, well Bill here is part of my laundry and so I’m going to see he gets a good washing.”

“You’re going to give him a bath here” she asked?

“No, he’s going in the washing machine right over there.”

“You’re kidding, really in the washer?”

“Oh absolutely, you’re welcome to watch if you want.”

She said, “This I gotta see.” 

By this time, all the other women came over to watch the event. Now a crowd of women encircled me and Jean. She began explaining that I had agreed to be laundry and as a result I would be washed in the machine whenever it was necessary that I get clean. Some women snickered, some women agreed, some women asked if they could help. I was starting to get nervous and thought about making a run for it, but I was now naked.

Jean said, “Will you hand me the Dawn liquid for some pre-treating.”

“Oh let me pour it on him.”

“Sure, girls help me spread him out on the table a moment.”

Within seconds dozens of arms were holding me and I was easily spread eagle on the folding table. I couldn’t struggle very much as they kept me held in place. The Dawn was poured all over my body and gently rubbed in by all the hands surrounding me. I think she used the entire bottle.

“Now into the washer he goes.” 

They easily moved me to the door which was being held open by another woman. Once I was in, the door was shut and I was trapped. I waited while Jean explained that I was going to be washed as a regular load with hot water and Tide with a Downy rinse. The door opened and said, “You’ve got a fan base now Bill, soon every woman in here will want to treat you like laundry and there will be nothing you can do about it.”

She poured the Tide all over me… it stuck to me because of the Dawn then the door closed and I heard the quarters go in and heard the buttons being pushed. The women took shifts gazing in the window to watch the entire washing process. They would occasionally say something to each other but were fixated on me getting washed. The water began to enter and as soon as the drum started turning, there was a cheer from the women, they started chanting, “Get washed, get washed, get washed dirty laundry.”

I coped as best I could with the suds that completely filled the drum. Even the rinse cycles had lots of suds in them but those disappeared when the Downy was poured into the machine. After the spin cycle, I was pulled from the machine and placed in the dryer and when that was done I was put back on the table to the applause of the women. They seem to be inspecting me making sure I was completely clean. 

Then one said, “Can I try washing him? I have some dirty laundry here.”

Sure was Jeans reply, then several women said, “Me next….me too…and me.”

I was in for an entire afternoon of washing. I tried to make a break for it, but I was instantly caught.

“Laundry doesn’t escape its washing you know Bill.” Jean said, “When he is non-compliant, a bar of soap to wash out his mouth usually helps.”

“Ooo, Let me do that” one woman chimed.

I was held by two women and saw the sudsy bar of Dove coming towards me. My nose was pinched and in the soap went. She spent a good ten minutes scrubbing and soaping all over, then Jean got some saran wrap and sealed the soap inside my mouth. The other women commented that was a good idea. More pre-washing then back in the machine over and over again with different loads of laundry. I was completely spent after a few hours and very compliant. 

By this time Ann, walked back into the Laundromat and she was greeted as if she was a hero. The women applauded her and commented on her ingenuity and determination to put me in my proper place… in the laundry basket or in the washer. She felt a sense of power with all this and knew that she would have to share me with any of these women who wanted to treat me like laundry.

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