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Yoko's Experience 1: The Massage Center

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2017 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; parlour; machine/f; rubber; boots; restraints; strip; swimsuit; goggles; gag; inflate; stuck; massage; vibrate; arousal; tease; torment; tickle; climax; cons/reluct; X

Yoko's Experience #1: The Massage Center

Yoko heard about this new massage center by the station, which opened one month ago, from her friend Hikaru. Already being a regular there, Hikaru just couldn't stop talking about how great she felt after each session. But when asked directly what makes them so pleasurable, she just gave a mysterious smile and said that Yoko should try it for herself and she won't get disappointed. Being curious by nature, Yoko decided to check it out at the next weekend.

After entering the building Yoko was greeted by a young female receptionist. She learned from her that there are two programs available to select: a one and half an hour standard or three hours long extended course. Yoko decided to go with a standard one for starters. After paying the bill she was instructed to go to the left corridor and enter the chamber number 5. When Yoko did so, the door automatically closed behind her back.

This room was very small and empty, not counting two strange ankle high boots protruding from the floor at its center. They were open at the front and had separators, which obviously should go between the toes of the person standing in them. They were also heavily padded inside with some rubbery material. "That's kinda strange.", Yoko said to herself.

"Welcome to the measurement station. Please place your bare feet in the restraints.", said warm and soothing female voice. Getting more and more curious, Yoko hastily unlaced her sneakers, tossed them aside and stepped into the shoes... Or at least tried to do it, but her thigh high socks quickly went in the way - she couldn't fully fit her toes where they should be and it was pretty uncomfortable. "Please place your bare feet in the restraints.", she heard once again.

What can be done... Yoko stepped out from the boots and started to take off her socks. She felt a little uneasy rolling them down - she was wearing them even in the hottest weather because of her ticklishness, thinking of them like some kind of a protective armour. Yoko felt very vulnerable without them, but managed to get a grip and finally stepped into the shoes totally barefoot. She heard a ping. "Activating restraints in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...".

The soft rubber padding inside the shoes instantly inflated, trapping her feet inside. Yoko couldn't move them at all including her toes (all of the separators also slightly inflated), but while testing their grip she found that only the front section is actually immovably attached to the floor - she was free to lift her heels up and stand only on her toes.

"Please stand firmly on the floor, straighten yourself and extend your arms to the sides.", said the same female voice. Yoko did so and after a short while she was instructed to put her hands above her head. She complied and then...

...the rubber lining inside the shoes started to vibrate slightly. It was a very delicate and pleasurable buzzing, but it felt quite intense on her ticklish skin. Yoko cried out in surprise and tried to escape from this unexpected assault, of course to no avail - she still could only lift her heels up. So she arched her feet as best as she could and just when she came to the highest point of their flexibility the tickling abruptly stopped. Yoko lowered her heels on the floor and seconds later the boots deflated, allowing her to quickly jump out of them. "Measurement complete, maximum heel height confirmed.", she heard from the speakers. "Heel height...? What the hell?", Yoko said to herself.

She didn't have enough time to think about it, as the small portion of the wall opened up to the side, allowing her to enter into the next room. This one was a little bigger, with a large circular metal frame attached to some kind of an ominously looking machine built into one of the walls. The frame had four solidly looking opened metal tubes - two at the sides and two at the bottom. It wasn't too hard to deduce their purpose: they will be used to restrain her arms and legs. Looking at their thickness Yoko started to feel a little scared, as she never was into bondage. What kind of massage needs such a precautions...?

"Please take off your clothes and put on the provided suit.", came another instruction. Indeed, at the opposite wall there was a small table with a school swimsuit and two strange looking gadgets with straps attached. One of them looked like a goggles of some sort.

Yoko quickly took off her shorts, shirt, bra and panties. She gasped in surprise while trying to put on the swimsuit - it was made from genuine latex and felt simply great on her bare skin! She had a little problem with it due to its perfect fit, but eventually managed to slip into it.

"Please put your limbs in the corresponding safety restraints.", said the voice. So it's finally beginning... Yoko went back to the frame and started to closely inspect the tubes. Just like the shoes in the measurement room, they were fully lined with the same rubbery material. The arm restraints went up to her elbows and leg restraints ended just in the middle way to her knees, slightly above the ankles. The leg tubes also had some strange bumps at the heels. After stepping into them she found out that they were actually 4 inch high heels! Yoko never wore high heeled shoes in her whole life, so they felt a little punishing for her feet, but she was surprised at how firmly they fit. The heel was perfectly profiled, giving her full and very comfortable stability. While standing in them Yoko felt quite sexy and relaxed a little.

Preparing mentally for the start of the session she quickly put her arms into the arm tubes on the sides of the frame. Nothing happened. "The machine won't activate unless all of the safety restraints have been properly administered.", came another message. "Say what?", Yoko asked herself. "What are they talking about?". And then she remembered the two strange looking gadgets from the table. Yoko carefully stepped out from the frame and went to take a closer look on them.

The first one indeed looked like a see-through goggles - this one should go over her eyes. But she was instantly taken aback after seeing the second, which obviously was a sturdy looking panel gag. Heavily rubberized front plate will cover most of her cheeks, while a balloon-like protrusion should go into her mouth. The rubber bands intended to keep them in place didn't have any buckles, but were quite stretchable.

"No way, enough is enough! I'm not going to put this thing into my mouth! I'm getting out of here!", cried Yoko. She quickly went straight to the only visible door (the wall passage closed long time ago) and pressed the button. "This door won't open unless the machine has been activated and fully run the selected program.", she heard in reply.

Sighing heavily, Yoko went back to the table. After putting on the goggles she tried once again to stand in the frame. Of course nothing happened besides another reminder about completeness of the restraints. "I just can't believe it!", Yoko mumbled under her nose. She quickly exchanged the goggles for a panel gag, which tuned out to be pretty comfortable, once again stepped into the heels (noting that she started to like them) and put her arms where they should go. Just as expected, this only triggered another statement which Yoko already knew.

"Oh well, it shouldn't be so bad.", she thought. The balloon in her mouth was rather small and soft, so she could bite it without any problems, and she will see through the goggles whatever's coming next to get prepared for it. Yoko quickly completed her "outfit" and reinstalled herself in the frame. This time she heard an expected ping. "Activating restraints in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...".

Everything happened instantly, in a blink of an eye. Firstly all four metal tubes snapped shut with a clang. The rubber bands keeping the goggles and gag on her head shortened a little, pressing them very firmly to her face. Two soft rubber pads snapped down over her eyelids, forcing them to close in the process. Lastly, all of the rubber parts (including head bands) inflated up to the point of being very snug, but comfortable: Yoko felt unyielding pressure on her limbs, at the eyes, and inside her mouth.

She screamed in sheer horror... Or rather tried to scream, as the fully expanded balloon in her mouth turned it into barely audible whimper. Yoko involuntarily strained with her hands trying to get them to the gag, but of course they didn't budge even an inch. Nervously testing her current predicament she quickly understood how heavily restrained she is. She couldn't even twitch a finger or toe, she couldn't open her eyes, her tongue was firmly pressed down and her jaws were stretched up to the point that she couldn't move them at all. The only part of her body which she still could fully control was her head. Yoko strained once again and mewed into the gag, while the feeling of helplessness washed over her whole body.

"Thank you for using our services. Now starting relaxation program, duration: standard. Phase one: meditation.", said an already known female voice. Yoko could do nothing besides standing there, being firmly and gently, but totally inescapable attached to the frame. She didn't know how much time has passed, but eventually she started to feel the strain on her feet, as she wasn't accustomed to standing in heels that high.

The next thing happened just when the pain in her toes started to become unbearable. The whole contraption tilted a little backwards and Yoko felt a slight pull on her limbs - the frame was changing her position! Her arms slide up and her legs were slightly separated. This new spread-eagled pose fortunately took the strain from her feet thanks to more evenly distributed gravity center of her body, but she instantly felt twice as helpless and vulnerable as before. Yoko didn't want to admit it to herself, but she also felt a little aroused...

Time was running very slow for heavily restrained, gagged and blindfolded girl. But finally she heard another message from the system: "Phase two: massaging.". Almost instantly she felt her arms being repositioned over her head and her legs went to the sides of the frame. Then something started to gently rub her back. It was moving down from her neck to her rear and back up, leaving a very pleasurable feeling. Yoko arched her whole body (at least as much as the restraints allowed), threw her head back and moaned with delight.

Finally the machine sped the process up a little and Yoko also felt a familiar buzzing in her restraints, almost everywhere except her soles. Of course - they started to vibrate just like the shoes in the measurement room. Once again she mewed at her gag and involuntarily pulled at her bonds, of course only just to confirm that she's going nowhere and can do nothing to stop or escape this new assault. This knowledge strangely lifted up her arousal to some higher levels - she felt her nipples hardening under the latex swimsuit. Yoko also felt a little lightheaded from all that stimulation.

Just when she finally started to get accustomed to her current predicament, the machine once again kicked up the speed of the "massage" and added a few new elements. Yoko felt two brushes at the back of her elbows, another two at the back of her knees and one more set inside her thighs, near her erogenous zone. This was definitely too much and she couldn't stand it at all! Yoko thrashed hard in her bonds and howled into the gag. Complete lack of most of her senses forced her to fully focus on the tickling and it was driving her crazy! She also started to feel total wetness between her legs.

After some time which felt like eternity, the machine turned on its last gear, once again speeding up all of the already running devices, adding another two madly rotating brushes under Yoko's armpits and, obviously, the rubber under her soles finally started to vibrate too, also at full speed. It was sheer torture and hell, but at the same time pure pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. Being torn by this opposite and contradictory feelings, poor Yoko was thrashing and screaming in her bonds, pulling and tugging with all her might and throwing her head from side to side. It quickly sapped all of her remaining strength. When she finally understood that there's absolutely no way to escape this maddening sensory overload, Yoko pathetically mewed into her gag, her body went totally rigid and then she came. It was the longest and most intense orgasm in her life, washing through her whole body, from the tips of her toes up to her head, leaving her mind completely blank, or rather filled only with this strong and unstoppable pleasure.

Hanging limply in her restraints, the exhausted girl didn't even notice when all of the brushes slowly stopped and retracted from her body. The frame slowly tilted forward and all four tubes deflated and opened, gently dropping her onto the softly cushioned floor. Yoko's vision came back and the gag plug also shrank to its former size. It took her quite a while to fully get back to her senses.

"Thank you once again for using our services. Please keep your suit for any future visits.", said the female voice. Yoko finally managed to take off the goggles and the panel gag from her face, put her clothes on over the latex swimsuit (she didn't bother to pull up her thigh high socks though, choosing instead to wear her sneakers over her bare feet) and went to the now opened exit. On her way home Yoko already planned her next visit - she definitely has to try the extended course, as it was simply unbelievable what this fantastic machine has done to her body without even touching her hot spots. And she knew all too well that it absolutely won't end even after that...

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