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Yoko's Experience 2: The Extended Program

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2017 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; parlour; machine/f; rubber; boots; swimsuit; treadmill; casket; restraints; gag; inflate; encased; stuck; massage; vibrate; arousal; stretch; denial; tease; torment; tickle; climax; cons; X

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Yoko's Experience #2: The Extended Program

Two months have passed since Yoko's first visit to the massage center near the station, a visit which left quite an impact in her everyday life. Yoko couldn't fully understand that herself, but this unforgettable time, which she spent being totally helpless in the clutches of that crazy tickling machine, changed her routines a lot. Most important changes concerned her personal dress code: she stopped wearing her favourite thigh high socks. Well, in fact she stopped wearing any kind of socks or other legwear, preferring to walk barefoot in every type of shoes - be it sneakers, school loafers, mary janes, ballerinas or even rain boots. She also started wearing high heels. Alright, actually they were wedges with 0,5 inches platform at the front and 3 inches at the heel, but still... They were red and looked like standard flips-flops, but had an additional straps over the toes, which greatly added to their stability. Yoko fell in love with them as soon as she tried them on at the shop and bought them instantly. "They may not be very high, but there's no rush, I'll just take things slowly.", she thought practicing in them as often as she could.

One sunny afternoon Yoko was home alone, reading a book. The story was rather thin, about a female spy on a mission to steal some secret documents from an evil organization. Finally the heroine was captured, restrained and... It took Yoko quite a few moments to notice that her breath became heavier and faster, and she hardly understand any words she's reading. Closing the book and putting it aside, she started to recall the feeling of being inescapably trapped and unable to stop whatever was going to happen to her. It quickly changed to a very, very strong urge... She needs to experience it... NOW! "It's been two months already, I think I'm fully prepared for a rematch.", the girl thought quickly putting on her favourite one piece dress, packing the latex swimsuit from last time into the backpack, and walking down the stairs. She slipped on her wedges, put on her backpack and five minutes later was already in the bus, on her way to the station.

Just before entering the building of the massage center, Yoko hesitated for a moment. This time she wanted to try the full three hours long extended program, but is it really wise? Her imagination was bringing some scary images into her mind, yet at the same time she was full of anticipation and was experiencing butterflies in her stomach, just like before some crazy ride at an amusement park. "Oh, come on you silly girl: be brave, you're already here! Everything will be alright - you're not going to get hurt, just the opposite. Now let's go and have some fun!", Yoko quickly scolded herself and stepped inside.

Once again she was greeted by the same young female receptionist. After all the necessary formalities, Yoko was instructed to take the left corridor and enter chamber number 2. She didn't know why, but metallic clang of the mechanical door closing behind her back sounded very ominous and gave her chills.

The girl wasn't very surprised at the prospect of going through measurement process once again. This time she tried not to lift her heels so high when the rubber shoes were doing their worst to her feet, but failed considerably - the vibrations were simply too strong for her to not struggle against them with everything she got. "I wonder how high the heels will be this time...", Yoko thought while entering another room.

It looked more like a narrow corridor than a normal room. There was door at the opposite end with some kind of a screen just above them. Something was also lying on the floor near the entrance... Yoko was quite surprised when she saw what it was: a bottle of lubricant, a pair of long latex gloves and latex crotch high boots, but without any heels - instead they only had small holes at the bottom of the heels! They looked like 5 inches at the back, but fortunately had an inch high platforms at the front.

"Please put on your suit and the rest of the provided articles using the lubricant.", she heard a familiar voice talking to her from hidden speakers. "Well, at least no gag this time.", Yoko thought quickly working her legs into the boots. She was a little afraid to stand up in them, but once on her feet, she was quite surprised how comfortable and well balanced they are. The girl sat down and started putting on the gloves next. They reached almost to her armpits and encased her arms like a second skin (the same can be said about the boots too). When she was done, she gingerly touched her latexed legs, marveling at the smoothness of the material and... couldn't help but felt a little aroused. "Am I turning into a latex fetishist or what?", Yoko laughed.

A square part of the floor in front of the door slightly raised above the rest. Instantly the screen has come to life and started showing some digits, which looked like a timer set to 30:00. "Phase zero: warm up. Please step into the designated area and start walking.", she heard. Yoko complied and gasped with surprise - as soon as she made two first steps, the floor below her feet started to move! The timer also started its countdown - 29:59, 29:58...

It was quite a nice walk - the pace was just right, and the shoes were really very comfortable and stable, despite their appearance. Fourteen minutes and fifty seconds of her little "stroll" have already passed and Yoko was thinking that she's going to finish it without any problems, when suddenly the floor sped up significantly. Taken by total surprise, Yoko misstepped, stumbled and fell on her knees, and one moment later the movement of the track has completely pushed her off. It stopped moving and... the timer went back to thirty minutes.

"You've got to be kidding me! Why do I have to start from the beginning?", Yoko shouted angrily. "Please step into the designated area and start walking. You won't be able to proceed until the warm up has been fully completed.", came the answer from the speakers.

The girl knew all too well from her previous visit that it's true: she can't back off now and the only way to get out of here is to clear all the ordeals which surely awaits her. "It's good that I'm a little more used to high heels than before, I'll endure it somehow.", she thought during her short rest period before going back to the track. And indeed, this time everything went smooth from the beginning to the end. Finally the timer showed 00:00 and the door opened, allowing her to enter into the next room. Just about time, as her toes started to ache a little from all that walking.

This was definitely her destination place - there was a rather huge steel machine closely facing one of the walls. Walking to its front, Yoko saw something like a shallow coffin tilted at 45 degrees to the floor. It was heavily lined with rubber and had a human shaped cavity, into which she obviously had to fit herself. Both footrests were shaped to perfectly match her heelless boots and had two short bolts - the holes under the heels of her boots finally started to make sense. Two sets of broad, thick and heavy hinged clamps, also lined with rubber, waited for the occupant to put their wrists and ankles into them. Another one was positioned where her forehead will be.

Comparing to the monstrosity from her previous visit, the restraining system on that device looked rather mild and to her own surprise, Yoko felt some kind of a disappointment... But she didn't have time to think about it for long.

"Phase one: preparation. Please lie down and place your limbs in the corresponding safety restraints.", there came an instruction. Feeling fully relaxed and calm, Yoko carefully stepped on the footrest, first with her left foot, than with her right, sliding both holes under her heels onto the bolts, and lied down in the cavity. The rubber was warm and comfortable, giving her latex clad skin a very pleasurable feeling. Placing her arms where they should go, she noted that there were separate channels for each of her fingers.

Once fully positioned in place, Yoko heard a familiar ping, followed by an also familiar warning: "Activating restraints in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...". All of the clamps hungrily snapped shut over her wrists, ankles and forehead, locking with a metallic click. She also felt a slight tug at her heels, announcing that her feet also have been locked down.

"No turning back now, I'm once again trapped in a diabolical machine.", the girl laughed rather nervously, wiggling a little while trying to test the limits of her bonds. It was not so bad - all of them were quite comfortable and had a little slack, but of course she was going nowhere until they have released their grip over her body. "Please make yourself comfortable and adjust to your current predicament. The program will continue in fifteen minutes.", said the voice.

15 minutes can be quite a long time, when you can barely move and have to wait in anticipation for the things to come. But finally she heard the familiar voice once again: "Attention, please. You have chosen the extended program, which is a very intense experience. This is your last chance to stop it. You have been warned. Please confirm with "yes" that you really want to continue, or just say "no" if you want to back off from it."

Yoko smiled under her nose. "How can it be more intense than a standard one, when I'm so lightly restrained...", she thought full of confidence. And this was her mistake. "Just bring it on, whatever you have planned for me. Yes!", she said loudly.

"Thank you for using our services. Please enjoy your stay.", the girl heard in response. Then she felt quite a strong tug at her feet, which stretched her legs to their extremities and the rubber lining inside both ankle clamps inflated to a very snug, but unyielding grip. Her fingers were next - all the channels also inflated and her arms were firmly stretched, followed by inflation of the wrist clamps. Finally the forehead band pinned her head in place, making sure that she's not going to move or turn it away.

"Hey, what's going on here?!", Yoko cried in frightened surprise, struggling in her restraints, or at least trying to - being fully stretched now she couldn't move anything even by a millimeter. But the worst had yet to come. The machine tilted forward, bringing her to a fully standing position. At the same time a portion of the wall, which the helplessly trapped girl was now facing, slowly started moving towards her. It looked like a lid to the coffin, into which she was so tightly strapped: it was also shaped to fit her body and had holes for all of her restraints. But what scared Yoko the most, was a rather big protrusion going straight for her mouth. And sure, another instruction from the speakers fully crushed the remnants of her hope: "Please open your mouth and close your eyes.".

"Of course, I could've expected that. What have I gotten myself into this time?", she sighed heavily, closing her eyes and opening her mouth to accept a rather complicated looking plug. First she felt a rubbery grip over her jaws, and next they were stretched quite widely to make space for the spherical rest of the gag. Then something covered her ears and two earplugs filled them inside, fully cutting any sound, so she couldn't even hear a loud metallic clang of the closing lid. She also found that she can't open her eyes anymore. A few moments later the rubber lining inside the coffin fully inflated (mouth portion being the last to do so, completely pinning her tongue to the bottom of her mouth), perfectly conforming to the shapes of her latex clad body - even the earplugs bulged slightly.

"Phase two: meditation.", said the voice straight into her ears. Knowing from experience, she knew that the machine isn't going to do anything to her for some time, so she finally started to collect her thoughts and emotions. So here she was, totally enclosed in a full body rubberized metal cast. She couldn't see, hear, speak or move any part of her body even a fraction of an inch. All she could do was to twitch her muscles a little. It was a very strange feeling, like she has lost her whole body, and quite a pleasurable one, she had to admit. Fortunately she didn't have any problems with breathing. Adding to the overall experience, her confinement was rather comfortable, maybe even cosy...

"What the hell am I thinking?", Yoko quickly scolded herself. "Now I'm totally helpless and unable to stop whatever this diabolical contraption is going to do to me.", she worried. But... Isn't it just the way she wanted? To lose all control, to feel dominated and... helpless? Helplessness. She was repeating that word over and over in her head, slowly starting to feel aroused by its meaning, combined with her current predicament. And finally... "I want to touch myself!", she shouted in her mind, feeling totally horny. Unfortunately, that was not an option for more than next two hours. She was completely at the mercy of this hellish machine, and could do nothing but wait for its another move. Due to complete lack of any kind of stimulation and heavy sensory deprivation, Yoko quickly entered some kind of a dreamy coma.

"Phase three: stimulation.", announced the voice after 30 minutes, taking her by surprise. She felt being moved into a fully lying position, and moments later something started to gently poke and stroke different parts of her body, leaving only her breasts and crotch completely untouched. At the same time some kind of a vibrating device was slowly dancing over her spine, going up and down, sending waves of pleasure through her whole body. It didn't took very long for Yoko to feel fully relaxed. She was mewing with delight into her gag, wishing for the professional massage to continue until the end of the program.

And it continued for another 30 minutes, when finally everything stopped. "Phase four: teasing with denial", the girl heard through her earplugs. "Say what?! What do you mean by that?", she asked in her head, highly agitated and a little scared once again. But like it or not, of course she was going to find it herself very soon.

It started by completely repositioning her body. The machine had placed her into a sitting position, with her hands parallel to her stomach, just like in an armchair, and... spread her legs quite a bit. Yoko instantly felt very vulnerable and didn't liked it at all, but it was much too late for any second thoughts. She wouldn't have time to think about it anyway, because something was just happening at... her inner thighs and crotch! Yes, it was that all too familiar buzzing, growing stronger and stronger with every second! In addition, her breasts were being knead by a very experienced fingers, and her nipples were being licked, sucked and pinched - at least that's what she felt. And all that stimulations were strengthened by her latex suit. It was simply wonderful and Yoko found herself involuntarily straining at her bonds and whining into her gag. It didn't even took more than three minutes to bring her close to the edge. But just milliseconds before an undoubtedly shattering climax everything abruptly stopped.

"Hey, what's going on? Did it break or what? Just let me cum and set me free, you stupid piece of junk!", she screamed in her head. And then she remembered the name of that phase...

And this was exactly what that meant. After five minutes of inactivity everything started once more, quickly bringing her very, very close, and stopped once again at the worst possible moment for poor tortured Yoko. She howled into her gag and struggled with her hands to bring them down and finish herself off, cursing the cruelty of not being able to do so. At the next few cycles she tried with all her might to throw herself over the edge, but the machine had to somehow measure her level of arousal, always knowing when to stop its advances. It was playing her like a skilled musician plays his favourite instrument. The girl was begging and praying for any kind of release - she wanted it to stop, she wanted it to continue, but most of all SHE WANTED TO CUM. And she knew all too well that she's going to suffer like this as long as the machine wants her to. She really was totally at its mercy, and this devious machine had no mercy at all.

The program toyed with her by building her arousal and denying release with 5 minute pauses for a full hour, but to Yoko it felt like a whole eternity. Finally, in the middle of another one of too many cycles, the liberation came. "Phase five: rest.", announced the voice. The girl was once again put in a standing position, her legs still spread, and her hands were brought over her head to complete the classic spread-eagled position. Yoko was rather tired after all that relentless assaults from just a moment ago, but she was also still very horny and couldn't help but notice, that the vulnerability of this position greatly adds to her arousal. But of course there was nothing to be done, besides waiting motionlessly in total darkness and silence.

"Gosh, I'm thirsty.", she thought. Fortunately for her, whoever had programmed the device which held her prisoner for so long, must have been aware of the state of its occupant at that point of the "ride". She felt a sudden moisture at her gag, which tasted like... lemon? Yoko sucked hungrily and sure enough, she was able to quench her thirst very quickly. "I just can't believe it! First they're torturing me beyond belief without any second thoughts, and now they're giving me lemonade to drink!", she thought. But just that simple act of being allowed to drink lightened up her mood a little - it reminded her that she's really not going to get hurt here. And so she waited for the program to continue, sucking more of this sweet and tasty drink from time to time.

Little she knew that it was her final 30 minute resting period before the most intense, but also the best part of the course. At some point she once again fell into a dreamy coma, which was suddenly interrupted by another announcement from the voice. "Final phase: climax.". And all hell has broken loose.

Firstly, the breast massage came back, being quickly followed by crotch buzzing. Next, she felt the poking and stroking from the third phase. In addition, the whole rubber lining of her prison also started vibrating slightly, leaving only her armpits and soles unattended. The heck, even her gag and earplugs buzzed delicately, driving her completely mad.

Yoko was screaming at the top of her lungs and thrashing very violently with the rest of her might to escape from so many stimulations being forced into her brain at once, not even being able to understand the futility of her struggles. And in the meantime, the machine quickly found a proper pace to once again keep her totally on the edge, but without release, for which the girl craved so much with every cell of her body.

She was kept like this for the longest 15 minutes of her life. "Any... more of this and... I'll surely... go... crazy...", somehow she managed to think. But once again, the designers were of course aware of the limitations of human mind and endurance.

Suddenly, the girl felt crazy vibrations under her armpits and over her soles. In addition, all of the other assaults sped up significantly and now everything vibrated in perfect unison. Finally, the earplugs started to gently blow short bursts of warm air into her ears. Yoko instantly knew that at last she's on her way to a long deserved, personal cloud nine. And of course it happened: the final scream, the final flexing of her muscles, followed by a total rigidity and stillness... And she came. And came, came, came, with colours and shapes dancing in her mind. And then... There was darkness.

Yoko slowly opened her eyes, trying to collect her thoughts and to remember what has happened. She was lying flat on her back, on some kind of warm and soft material. She tried to rise her upper body to a sitting position and quickly found that she can't do it - something was holding her head at the mouth level. Trying to lift her hand to check what it is also proved impossible - it was trapped by something that held her wrist and she couldn't move it in any direction. And then it all came back to her. So she was still gagged and clamped to this machine...

The backrest slowly raised to 45 degrees, bringing her upper body with it, and she could see that indeed, both sets of clamps were still fully inflated without any slack, but at least she was not stretched anymore. The gag also became a little smaller and was dripping invitingly with the same yummy lemonade as before.

"Thank you for using our services. Please rest for a while and rehydrate yourself, while preparing to answer a few questions, which will help us improve your future sessions.", she heard from the speakers. "Why not.", Yoko thought slowly sipping some lemonade. To her surprise, the awareness of being tightly restrained for a little longer didn't faze her in the slightest.

5 minutes later the gag fully deflated and the hinged arm keeping it in her mouth opened, freeing her head. Then the survey began. And 15 minutes later Yoko was already on her way home.

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