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Yoko's Experience 3: The Escape Pod

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2018 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/ff; escape-pods; rubber; padding; chair; encase; restraints; facemask; plug; refusal; punish; inflate; stretch; drill; stuck; frustration; denial; cons/reluct; X

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Yoko's Experience #3: The Escape Pod

"I'm really very happy that you decided to take this little trip with me, Yoko.", said Hikaru from the other side of the phone. "It's always a little bit boring, drifting through space to your destination all alone, even if only for two hours. But this time it's gonna be different, thanks to your company and a few little gadgets which are being installed on the ship at the moment.".

"No problem at all - you know how much I like trying new things in my life. And I've never been in space before.", replied Yoko.

"If you say so... But there's one thing which have to be taken care of first. Meet me at the space port tomorrow at 2 p.m..", said Hikaru.

"OK, then see you there.", replied Yoko and hanged up the phone.

"So, can you finally tell me why are we here?", asked Yoko, watching the landscape behind the window getting smaller and smaller, as the lift was taking both girls higher and higher, to the platform with their space ship. "We still have two weeks to our flight.".

"Sure.", replied Hikaru, "But we have to proof test our escape pods. I highly doubt that we're ever going to need them, but we must be ready for every situation, just in case. Besides this is the standard procedure for any new course before the flight: the ship won't even start the engine, if the data about the pods having been fully tested by all crew members is not in the system.".

"And how long is it going to take?", asked Yoko.

"No longer than four hours, I think. After entering the pod first you have fifteen minutes to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. After that the real drill starts and all you have to do is to follow the instructions. It's never any longer than the average time of the trip, which is two hours in our case, plus an additional hour.".

"So all we have to do is to stay inside the pods for a few hours at worst?", Yoko tried to confirm with a frown.

"Exactly. But don't worry, it's not going to be as boring as you're probably thinking.", said Hikaru, smiling under her nose.

"Alright: mine is on the right and yours is on the left.", gestured Hikaru when they were finally standing in a long, narrow corridor leading to two sets of thick doors at its opposite directions. "Just remember: you can't leave the pod until the completion of the drill - the door simply won't open after locking you inside. Oh, and it's good that you're not wearing any loose sleeves or pants today, you'll be much more comfortable this way. Everything has already been configured to fit you perfectly, so just follow the instructions.", she added, once again smiling under her nose. "So off we go!" - and Hikaru was already on her way to the right pod. Moments later the doors soundlessly closed, sealing her inside.

As soon as Yoko entered the black space and the doors trapped her inside, the lights turned on. And she instantly didn't like what she saw. The room was very small - just big enough to accommodate her and that... thing, which she was almost touching with her knees. It kinda resembled an armchair and was made from white steel. Its front was heavily padded with rubber and had a human shaped cavity, into which she obviously had to fit. There were separate channels for all four of her limbs, partially covered by steel. But on the backrest, at the height of her face, was a contraption which scared her the most. It looked like a lower portion of a steel face mask. Seconds later the whole machinery hissed and it slowly opened to the side, revealing an also heavily padded interior with a small rubber plug protruding at its center.

The whole thing looked so ominous that Yoko quickly turned away, just to almost hit the steel doors with her nose. And then she remembered Hikaru's words about not being able to leave before spending some time in that monstrosity... The girl quickly composed herself - after all it didn't look too intense and she has been through much worse experiences in the past. With these thoughts in mind, she sat down.

The rubber padding was warm, soft and quite comfortable. But keeping her arms and legs on a rounded steel armrests and leg rests proved kinda challenging - they were constantly rolling to the sides. Yoko tilted forward to take a closer look at the right leg rest and she spotted out the same kind of rubber lining it inside. It also seemed wide enough to accommodate her lower leg. And then it had finally struck her.

"Silly me.", she smiled to herself, gingerly lifting herself up from the seat and slowly putting both of her legs inside the leg rests, starting with the left one. "So that's the proper way to sit in this chair!", she said aloud, likewise placing her arms inside the armrests.

This was definitely the most comfortable armchair she has ever sat in during her whole life, even despite the inability to lift her limbs. Her legs were completely covered from the ankles to the knees, and her arms were likewise covered from the wrists to the elbows. There was an inch of slack in every tube, so she could freely move her sneakered feet and hands protruding from them. But she definitely wasn't going to fall of the chair.

After a few minutes of enjoying the coziness of the seat, Yoko finally decided to try on the mask. She freed her right arm and hinged the band of steel over her lower face, opening her mouth and accepting the plug. It closed with a click which scared her a little, so she quickly tried to pull the mask off. Sure enough, it opened without any problems with the same click as before. Sighing with relief, Yoko closed it once again and put her arm back into the armrest. Now it felt a little more restrictive than before - she couldn't turn her head anymore due to the plug in her mouth keeping it in place, but an inch of slack on both sides of the mask at least allowed her to move it a little.

And so she sat like this for another few minutes, trying to imagine herself being helplessly trapped in this chair. How would it feel, not being able to free her arms and open the mask anytime she wanted...? And then she remembered her experiences from the massage center. "What the hell am I thinking of?", she thought, quickly pulling her arms from the rests and opening the mask. "I DON'T like bondage at all!".

The drill alert caught her just moments later, sitting with her arms crossed over breasts. The lights turned to red and a familiar voice (just why all of those AIs have to talk with a warm female voice...?) instructed her to close the mask and properly place herself in the chair. "Right on time, let's get through this and go home.", Yoko commented before complying. But her confidence evaporated as soon as she heard a hiss and felt pressure being applied to her lower legs... She quickly yanked her arms free and opened the mask, trying also to lift herself from the seat, but it was a little too late - her legs were firmly squeezed inside the tubes and they didn't even budge in any direction. She was already trapped.

"Please apply the mouth guard and place your arms inside the armrests. It's for your own safety.", the girl heard from the hidden speakers. "You have thirty seconds to comply before the life supporting systems will be shut off.".

"Yeah, right!", said Yoko, once again crossing her arms over her breasts. "You're not going to convince me with such a lie, you stupid piece of junk!".

But exactly after thirty seconds the lights started to slowly fade. "Error. Due to unresponsiveness of the occupant, turning off oxygen filtering and general life supporting system.".

"What, wait!", cried Yoko, now seriously scared. "Oh, alright, you meanie!".

This time the mask clicked twice after its closure, but Yoko didn't have time to think about it. As soon as she placed her arms back in place the arm tubes also hissed and slowly inflated, fully trapping her on the seat. Moments later the padding inside the mask also slightly bulged, of course including the plug. The seat tilted backward taking her body with it and stretching her arms, while the leg rests pulled a little down. And then the lights turned off and there was silence.

Left alone in the darkness, Yoko only heard her own breath, which was definitely fast. So it happened and her darkest fantasies became reality - she actually WAS helplessly trapped in this chair for the full duration of the drill. The girl slowly tugged at the bonds keeping her in place with all of her limbs, one by one - nothing budged even a fraction of an inch. Being stretched like this she couldn't find a proper leverage to lift her body up from the seat and the backrest, even if only a little. Her head was also held totally immobile and the plug inside her mouth, while not being too big, definitely made sure that she's not going to open her bottom jaw any further, to not even mention closing it. The only parts of her body which she could still freely move were her fingers.

After a few minutes of this enforced immobility Yoko had to admit that the chair still felt very comfortable. It held her rather snugly, but not too snug - just enough to not allow any kind of movement. And the feeling of firm rubber over her bare skin was even erotic on its own way. Now she understood Hikaru's words about not wearing any kind of loose clothes, which would probably chaff her limbs with that kind of pressure added over them.

What can one do in a situation like this? Probably only think. And Yoko was thinking, mostly reliving her previous bondage predicaments. Fortunately this time nothing was trying to do any indecent things to her helpless body. Or maybe unfortunately...? It wouldn't be so bad to have some kind of a vibrating toy between her legs, and maybe even over her breasts... The tension in her mind was quickly building, eventually reaching the point when she absentmindedly tried to move her hand to her crotch. Reaffirmation of a total inability to do so only made her more horny. She sighed heavily, fully knowing where she's going to be and what she's going to do there right after this stupid drill...

She had been woken up by the red lights and the movement of the backrest, slowly returning back to its original position. "Finally, it's going to free me.", Yoko thought with relief and impatience. But it didn't happen. Instead she heard another statement of the system, which made her heart skip a beat. "Due to disobedience of one of the occupants during the installation phase it seems necessary to prolong the drill for another hour, to give the whole crew an additional opportunity to fully acclimate with their current predicament, which will eliminate such behaviour in the future."

"No, no, NO, you malfunctioning pile of trash, just let me go already!", Yoko was screaming in her head while thrashing heavily in her restraints, but the backrest was already tilting backward. And just a few seconds later the room was dark and silent once again...

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