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Yoko's Experience 4: The Space Trip

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2018 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; spaceship; flight; latex; suit; boots; gloves; chair; machine/ff; restraints; helmet; harness; inflate; stuck; vibrate; arousal; tease; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Yoko's Experience #4: The Space Trip

"Here's your flight suit.", said Hikaru, handing Yoko a bag. "You should get changed into it before entering the bridge, otherwise you won't be able to fit into your seat. It has been lubed already. I'll be back in fifteen minutes, so take your time.".

The suit in question consisted of some kind of a one piece body suit with very short sleeves and legs ending at thighs, a pair of long gloves and thigh high boots. Both gloves and boots ended with zippers, suggesting that they can be permanently attached to the main part of the suit. And the boots had a very strange kind of heels. Actually they looked more like a connection between heels and wedges: they started at the insteps, like any kind of standard wedges, but were only 1 cm thin and 10 cm high. They also had two holes at the back: first one just below the heel and the second at the bottom.

Yoko instantly recognized the material from which the suit has been made: it was latex. She had already worn latex clothes in the past and quite liked its firm grip over her bare skin. So she quickly stripped and started putting on the main part of the suit. Hikaru was right - thanks to the lube inside she didn't have any problems with putting on the pants and placing her arms in the sleeves. Zipping it up to the top of her neck proved a little challenging, but she managed eventually.

Next Yoko sat down to pull up the boots. She gasped in surprise after finding out that they have a separator between the big one and the rest of her toes. After zipping them up to the main part of the suit she stood up and made a few steps. The fit was perfect but also very tight, making sure she couldn't even twitch any of her toes in any direction. Fortunately the padding under her soles was very soft, but it also added another centimeter at the back, heightening the heels to a whopping 11 centimeters. Nevertheless they were very comfortable and stable. "We're not going to stand through the whole journey, so I think I'll manage somehow.", the girl muttered to herself. She quickly pulled up the gloves, zipped them up to the sleeves and was ready to enter the bridge, almost completely clad in latex.

"Please no, not again!", moaned Yoko, when she saw two hi-tech looking armchairs at the bridge. They very closely resembled the ones from the escape pods. Armrests were fitted with wide metal loops lined with rubber. Five point metal harness on a hinges was going to come down and strap her to the seat over her chest, waist and crotch. The headrest had mysterious notches, and the footrests... They looked like some kind of an opened ski boots. The heel portions were solid with 1 cm cuts in the middle, perfectly fitted to accommodate the heels of her boots, with two bolts ready to fill the holes in them.

The whole thing looked very ominously. Yoko slowly sat down, carefully avoiding the footrests and placing her legs outside of them. It wasn't too comfortable, so she quickly changed her position, sighing with resignation. As soon as she properly placed her lower body, the seat lowered a little and her feet fully filled the boots. Yoko held her breath for a moment, prepared for the worst, but... nothing happened. Calmed down a little, she slowly placed her arms on the armrest and gingerly slid her hands into the loops. The armrests also moved - now the loops were directly over her wrists.

"It's good that you're making yourself comfortable and already configuring the safety restraints.", Yoko heard Hikaru's voice behind her back. "We're going to stay in these for the whole duration of the flight.".

"Are you kidding me? We're going to fly while being strapped to the chairs?!", asked highly agitated Yoko.

"Generally speaking, yes. It's not so bad when you get used to it. The ship has a very good autopilot, so we can simply relax and enjoy our trip. Is anything wrong with that?", replied Hikaru with a smile.

"Everything's wrong with that!", cried Yoko. "And what if I need to go to the toilet, for example?".

"Don't worry, there's a special release button under your thumb. And you should also know...", Hikaru tried to elaborate, but Yoko quickly interrupted, saying "No, I don't want to hear anything anymore! Let's just go before I change my mind!".

"As you wish.", said Hikaru, handing her a helmet, which Yoko quickly put on her head. There was something strange with it too - she could feel the tight grip of the rubber over her latexed neck and lower face, but her mouth and nose were still free. The girl put out her tongue and felt something spherical with its tip... With tons of second thoughts on her mind she quickly placed her wrists on the armrests.

The footrests closed first: she felt the bolts engaging and filling the holes in her heels, then the front of the steel boots snapped shut. Next came the harness, lowering and locking her body to the seat. She could feel her breasts firmly filling two spherical grooves inside the chest portion of the harness and something was also slightly touching her private parts at the crotch. Finally her wrists were trapped inside now tightly inflated loops. The backrest reclined a little and Yoko's helmeted head had naturally fallen onto the headrest. There was a click and... she couldn't move it anymore! The rubber encasing her neck slightly bulged, creating a perfect seal from the outside environment.

"Any last words? We won't be able to communicate during the start with mouthguards and breathing masks fully deployed.", Yoko heard Hikaru's voice through speakers built up into the helmet. But as soon as she opened her mouth to ask her friend why, there was a ping. The mouth and nose portion snapped shut with the spherical thing filling her oral cavity and also inflated. And so here she was, helplessly strapped to chair once again, and this so called mouthguard... It was basically a gag. Fortunately she didn't have any problems with breathing.

Fifteen minutes later they were already in space. The backrest tilted forward, the... mouthguard and breathing mask deflated and receded into the helmet, the neck portion also loosened and finally the whole helmet unsnapped from the headrest. "Finally, I need to go to the toilet.", said Yoko, pressing the release button with her thumb.

"Sure you have.", merrily thought Hikaru, but said nothing.

Yoko indeed didn't have to pee - she just wanted to free herself from that damn chair. While in the bathroom, she took off her helmet and splashed her face with cold water, trying to collect her thoughts. It was not her first experience with bondage, but she still felt kind of weird - scared and rather excited at once. And she couldn't actually figure why...

"You surely took your sweet time there, my dear.", said Hikaru, still strapped to her chair. "Just sit down already.".

"What? Of course I'm not going to do it!", Yoko replied angrily.

"But you have to.", she heard in response.

"Nothing in this world is going to make me!", Yoko shouted back.

"Please Yoko, don't be silly. Can't you see that we're not moving at all? This flight have been programmed with two crew members in mind and the autopilot is not going to guide us any further without both of us safely restrained in our chairs."

What can be done in a situation like this? Sighing heavily, Yoko slowly returned to her seat, put her helmet back on her head and lowered herself in place. The restraints snapped shut and the flight resumed.

The girls were chatting about lots of things during the first hour of the trip, but Yoko was still rather preoccupied with her current predicament. She had to admit that it really wasn't that bad, despite all that restraints keeping her quite steady in one place. She slightly pulled with her arms and legs from time to time, totally unaware of the fact that her friend was watching her every move. Finally, Hikaru yawned and said that she's going to take a nap. Her chair reclined, helmet snapped to the headrest and its visor went totally black.

Being left all alone with her uncertainty, Yoko once again started testing the firmness of her restraints. Despite her wiggling and sometimes even serious trashing, they still held her fast. And she liked it a lot, although she would never admit it to Hikaru. And that strange nub, which she could still feel over her crotch... She tried to lower herself a little, but to no avail - the harness was totally unforgiving.

Finally she heard a familiar ping and she instantly knew what to do. She wasn't very surprised that with her mouth plugged and her head once again firmly affixed to the headrest the pleasure levels instantly skyrocketed, making her mew to herself. Moments later the landing sequence begun.

"So, how was the flight? Were you comfy?", asked Hikaru, taking off her helmet.

"Well, yes, I guess.", replied Yoko blushing heavily.

"I told ya that it's not so bad after all. Maybe you want to stay like this when I'm out with my delivery? You see, there's a manual override to operate the restraints even while on the ground.", Hikaru was grinning from ear to ear.

"N... No, thanks.", Yoko coughed up in reply. And as soon as she was alone on the ship, she quickly went to the toilet. Fingering herself to quite a powerful orgasm didn't took her more than five minutes.

Half an hour later Hikaru was already back. "Are you ready for the flight back home?", she asked.

"More or less. I have to admit that it was a little boring while you were sleeping on our way here.", replied Yoko.

"Oh, really? To me it looked like you were enjoying yourself very much. Want me to tell you how to make the trip back much more enjoyable?", Hikaru was once again grinning from ear to ear.

"Is there really a way?", Yoko was genuinely interested, totally forgetting to resent Hikaru's comment about enjoying herself.

"You surely felt that small nub over your crotch, right? You see, it's actually quite a powerful vibrator. There are two more in the grooves over your breasts. But there's a small catch to make them work: you have to spend at least an hour in an initial set of restraints, which comprises of everything you have already tried plus the blindfold, into which your visor can change anytime. But that's not all. Even after you've spent an hour secured like that, the vibrator won't give you, let's call it, the final relief, if you're not fully restrained.".

And then Hikaru pressed a secret button on Yoko's chair. The front portions of the armrests opened and two steel gauntlets emerged from inside.

"But you have to know that there's no stopping the machine once it starts working its magic on you - you won't be able to press a toilet button with your fingers inside the gauntlets.", Hikaru continued her explanation. "And believe me, it's going to tease you mercilessly, but it won't let you cum even once before the landing sequence.".

"Wait a minute, you little rascal! So that's what you were doing during the second hour of our flight here? Preparing for your fun on a way back home?", Yoko was really angered at her friend.

"Basically speaking, yes.", Hikaru laughed in reply.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?", said Yoko with a grievance in her voice.

"Well, I told you the last time we have met that there are new gadgets being installed on the ship. I was also trying to tell you about it today, but you were so focused on the restraints, that you didn't even want to hear me and I couldn't elaborate. So, do you want to try the full service on our way home? Although your first hour is going to be rather scary, so full of tension and anticipation... I have to admit that I probably wouldn't dare to try it not fully knowing when it's going to start.".

"No problem at all. Just bring it on!", replied Yoko, putting her helmet on, sitting on the chair and sliding her hands into the waiting loops and gauntlets.

And she licked her lips with impatience.

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