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Yoko's Experience

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2018 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; prison; Machine/f; latex; boots; chair; restraints; straps; clamps; gag; inflate; stuck; punish; arousal; force; vibrate; tease; torment; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Yoko's Experience #5: A Prisonic Fairytale

"...and according to the latest changes in our law, all the citizens are obliged to visit their nearest prison, to experience first hand what does it mean to be a prisoner. The knowledge obtained there is supposed to lower the crime factor, especially amongst the youngsters."

Yoko turned off the TV and just a moment later the telephone rang. It was Hikaru. "Have you seen the news?", she asked. "Yes, I have.", replied Yoko. "When are we doing this? I simply can't wait - just try to imagine all the fun we're going to have there!", Hikaru's voice sounded simply ecstatic. "Well, why am I not surprised even one bit, you little bondage slut... But well, a must is a must. Let's do it next Friday, right after work.", said Yoko. "I love your attitude. Here I was, thinking that I'll have to drag you to your destination, but it seems that our little miss scaredy cat likes the idea of being a prisoner too.", laughed Hikaru. "Of... Of course I don't! How can you even suggest something so ridiculous?", opposed Yoko. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. So this Friday, 4 PM, at my place.", said Hikaru and hanged up.

"My gosh, why is she always like this?", thought Yoko. "Why should I like the idea to be imprisoned and maybe even... tied up... completely... helplessly... not being able to move at all... Damn, why am I feeling a butterflies in my stomach? Enough of that crap! It's time to fix some supper and go to sleep."


So finally here they were, standing in front of the entrance to the women's section of Neo-Kobe's Penitentiary Facility. "Are you ready?", asked Hikaru. "As soon as we enter, we're going to get separated and won't be able to see each other before the end of our 'sentences'". "Don't worry, I think I'll manage... Somehow. It's probably only for a few hours at worst.", Yoko tried to keep her calm... AND to get rid of those butterflies from her stomach. "This is prison, a place for bad people, so it's going to be a bad experience after all, nothing to look up to.", she was constantly repeating in her mind. "Come on, let's enter!", Hikaru grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the automatic, steel reinforced doors. They opened by themselves and closed with an ominous clang as soon as both girls went inside.

It was a very long and hollow, dimly lit corridor. "Welcome to the women's section of Neo Kobe's Penitentiary Facility, a fully automated prison. Please identify yourself by pressing your thumb on the scanner at the right wall." - the AI's female voice was unexpectedly very warm and comforting. "I'm going first!", Hikaru was already doing it. "Kanzaki Hikaru, age 21. Please state your business.", said the voice. "I'm here for my simulated sentence, according to the new law.", the girl was almost drooling. It was obvious that she simply can't wait for the simulation to start. "Thank you for your cooperation. Please take the green path and don't be scared - the whole process is fully automated, but supervised by our staff at the control center.". And sure - a trace consisting of green lights was slowly unfolding on the floor and turning to the right at the nearest corner. "See you later!", Hikaru winked and moments later Yoko was all alone. The only thing left to do was to press her thumb to the scanner. "Kasugano Yoko, age 21. Please state your business.", she heard. "I'm... I'm here for my simulated sentence too.", said Yoko in a shaky voice. She had been instructed to take the red path and did so. It took her to the second corner on the left, where automatic doors opened, inviting her to enter the room, and of course closed as soon as she was inside.

It was a small room, with a VERY ominously looking chair on the right and a circular glass cabin with a close resemblance to the shower on the right. "Please take off all of your clothes and leave them on the floor. After the simulation you'll be returned here to collect them. When you're ready, please enter the uniform production station.", instructed the AI's voice. So Yoko quickly unlaced and took off her ankle high red Big Star sneakers with 7cm high hidden wedges (she loved the comfort which these were constantly providing for her bare feet), unzipped and lowered her black jeans shorts, and finally took off her white T-shirt. Her bra and panties were last and moments later she was completely naked and ready to enter the glass tube...

...which had two circular holes at the bottom and at the sides, all heavily padded with rubber. It didn't take her very long to deduce that she's supposed to step into the holes at the bottom and put her hands into the side ones. She did so and all of them firmly inflated. At the same time both halves of the cabin's front panel closed and she was trapped inside, with only her palms hanging outside. "So here I am, once again helplessly bound and unable to get free. I must look like a front half of the Vitruvian Man.", she managed to think before all of the lights inside the room turned off, leaving her in complete darkness. Next she felt something hard and sticky being attached to her nipples and clitoris. Then she heard a soft buzzing coming from the top of the cabin. It was slowly getting closer and closer. "It must be going down.", thought Yoko and sure - the buzzing thing had finally passed her head...

...and started spraying her torso from all sides with something warm and gooey and it tickled a little! "Yuck!" - Yoko shivered and instinctively tried to cover her upper body with her hands, but of course it wasn't an option right now. Fortunately it stopped when the thing had passed her breasts, but started once again just below her belly button and continued until her whole crotch had been covered by that strange substance. As soon as the mysterious thing had finished its journey to the bottom of the tube, the lights came back, but much stronger as before. Surprised, Yoko closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again, the lights were back to normal. Yoko looked down at herself and gasped with surprise: she was wearing a very skimpy black latex top with shorts and both articles were shining beautifully! But the girl couldn't admire them for long, as she felt the pressure on her ankles giving up and something being slid onto her feet. The rubber at her wrists deflated, the front panel of the cabin opened and she was free to move. She made her first step...

...and almost stumbled. Yoko looked at her feet and gasped once again: she was wearing a pair of black and shiny metal boots very closely resembling her own sneakers. These were also ankle high, but had at least 12cm high wedges with thick platforms under her toes, rounded a little at the front. Fortunately the inside of each one was very heavily padded with some kind of soft and sticky material. The fit was absolutely perfect and because of this, combined with the stickiness, her feet were being kept in a completely rigid arch - she couldn't even twich any of her toes, it simply felt like she had new feet. The only way to make a step was to swing forward by using the rounded tips. The wedges were a little unusual though: they had a unique shape, tapering down to a tiny 2cm wide tip. According to this rule, if they were any higher, she would have probably ended up with a wedge tip as narrow as a stiletto, making them dangerously wobbly and a lot less easy to wear. But fortunately they weren't and Yoko was happy because of this, knowing that she can manage somehow in them - even despite the fact that those boots had an exterior metal shell, they were surprisingly light and rather comfortable with their soft padding. Simply perfect for prolonged wear in every possible aspect.

"Rule number one: you MUST wear the shoes all the time, wherever you go. They're locked on right now, preventing you to take them off. It'll be possible as soon as you're inside your cell, but you can't leave without putting them back on. As you can see, the platform is 3 centimeters thick and the wedge is 13 centimeters high. Because of their telescopic design they're going to get gradually higher by rising 1 millimeter per week up to the target height of 15 centimeters, giving you a chance to slowly get accustomed to them. But today, for your learning purposes, we're going to let you experience the standard setting right away.", informed the AI's voice. And sure - Yoko felt her heels being slowly elevated even higher above the floor. She looked at her feet and confirmed her worst fears: now she indeed was wearing a towering platform wedge stilettos. The girl tried to take a few steps and... "Ouch!". Thanks to the platforms it was still possible to walk in these, but her feet felt like they were on fire, not being accustomed to such high heels - 9cm was her current tolerable maximum and not for long at that.

"The shoes are designed like this to prevent any possible escape attempt. They're also used to tell us your current position at the complex, monitor your vital signs or administer a necessary punishment in case of disobedience. Prepare to experience it in 3... 2... 1... now.". Yoko tried to protest, but only managed to open her mouth, when she felt one thousand ants crawling all over her feet, as the paddings inside the shoes started vibrating slightly. It wasn't very bad, but being overly ticklish she instinctively tried to run away from the unpleasant sensation by making a few steps forward and instantly lost her balance, but managed to support herself with both hands againts the nearest wall, which saved her from a very nasty fall. For her own safety Yoko decided to sit down by lowering herself with her back touching the wall. "P... Please, turn it off! I can't stand it!", she pled in a shaky voice. But there was no mercy. "This is punishment level one. Now prepare yourself to experience level two for ten seconds in 3... 2... 1... now.", and the vibrations became twice as strong, now turning into a real torture. The poor girl was just quietly sitting down, biting her lower lips and tightly clenching her palms into fists, praying for time to pass faster.

Finally it was over - the vibrations stopped completely. Yoko slowly relaxed, trying to catch her breath back, but didn't get too much time to do it. "Now we're going to show you the whole complex. Meeting other inmates is imminent, so you need to be properly restrained for your own safety - this way they'll think that you're simply one of them. Please turn your attention to the chair.", instructed the AI's voice. Now, with the knowledge what those hellish shoes can do to her and not wanting to experience it again, Yoko quickly raised to her feet and slowly strolled to the piece of furniture in question.

With closer inspection it looked even more ominous, resembling a typical dentist chair combined with wheelchair. It was made from steel, but fortunately all the parts her body was supposed to get in contact with were heavily padded with comfortably looking black leather. There was a circular headrest and footrest at the bottom. And obviously, there were wide leather straps placed strategically all along its surface, leaving absolutely no doubts that soon she won't be able to leave it at her own convenience. And this had proven to be true. "This is our standard self-powered and self-operated prisoner chair. After sitting down you're supposed to place your feet on the footrest, with your ankles inside the lower straps. Then strap your thighs and waist by clicking the loose straps into the corresponding receptacles on the right side of the seat. Next, insert your arms under the shoulder straps, just like you were putting on a backpack. Finally, place your wrists under the straps on the armrests and when you're ready, pull them up with some force.", explained the AI's voice.

Still afraid of getting punished for disobedience, Yoko quickly completed the task. Holding her breath, she pulled both wrist straps at the same time. There was an audible click and all of the straps tightened significantly, pinning her to the chair. Fortunately it was as comfortable as it looked. She could freely rotate her wrists, lift her feet an inch from the footrests and also rotate her ankles, but that was it - the rest of the straps made sure that otherwise she's going to stay fixed in place. Moments later the doors opened and the chair started rolling outside.


The excursion over the whole prison complex didn't last very long - half an hour later Yoko was already on her way back to the starting room. The tour comprised of showing her the cell blocks, the dining hall, the shower rooms and the courtyard. At first she was a little scared when other female inmates, of course dressed exactly like her, were passing by. But none of them tried to get closer or talk to her even once, which must meant that the discipline here is very well maintained. She was hoping to meet Hikaru for the whole time, but unfortunately it didn't happen. And most importantly, the chair she was trapped in was really very comfortable - maybe even too much... The girl tried to struggle against the restraints for a few times and each one of those attempts sent shivers down her spine, when she reassured herself that she's really helpless. So on her way back Yoko openly started thinking that it would be nice to also have something buzzing between her legs...

After getting back to the room with her clothes, which were still lying down on the floor exactly as she had left them, Yoko was expecting to get released from the chair soon. But she was about to learn that it's not yet the time for her to be freed. "As our final gift now we're going to demonstrate you one of not so many methods of recreation for the prisoners.", informed the AI's voice. Yoko heard a mechanical noise coming from the back of the chair and one moment later she had a digital display mounted on an articulated arm hanging before her eyes. "Level 1: Relax mode, time remaining: 60 minutes 00 seconds", she read. The timer started its countdown and...

"Oh my go...", the girl tried to speak, but couldn't finish the sentence, as another articulated arm quickly swinged from the back of the headrest, swiftly forcing a bit gag into her mouth and fixing her head firmly in place. It inflated slightly, forcing her jaws a little more apart and at the same time both of the shoulder straps and the waist strap loosened significantly, giving her lots of room to squirm. And Yoko quickly started squirming alright, because of the light buzzing which she was feeling over her nipples and clitoris - this was the sensation that took her by surprise and made her open her mouth. "So that's the purpose for those things placed there during the uniform production process!", she thought, arching her back. The vibrations weren't very strong - more like a delicate massage than anything else, but strong enough to not let her ignore them even for one second.

30 minutes later into the program Yoko was aroused as hell. At first she wiggled and squirmed a lot, trying to run away from the neverending assault of the vibrators, of course to no avail - whatever she did, the buzzing was always there, quite nice and pleasurable, but at the same time relentless and unforgiving. So finally she calmed down and settled in one place, watching the timer and hoping for the vibrators to go faster. But their speed and strength stayed the same until the end of the session, when they had finally stopped completely.

"The end, at last! Just free me and let me finish myself what you have started!" - this was the only thing she could think of at the moment. But nothing happened and, to her total dismay, the display started acting strangely, showing only some garbage and resetting itself continuously. Eventually it cleared out completely and...

"Level 3: Punishment mode". "Say WHAT?!" - Yoko felt all of the leather straps tightening to the max. The shoes were next, also activating themselves at level three, so far unknown to her. The girl howled, struggled againts the restraints with all her might and unwillingly clenched her palms into fists. Two circular, metal mitts hidden inside the armrest were only waiting for this and instantly encased her hands. Then more metal clamps swinged shut around her already leather bound wrists, shoulders, waist, thighs and ankles, and additional ones closed just below her elbows, over her biceps and below her knees. Another articulated arm swinged from the back of the headrest placing a blindfolding goggles over her eyes, and finally the gag inflated to the maximum, forcing her jaws wide open. Now all she could do was to only twitch her muscles.

All three vibrators kicked into action at the same time. But now the buzzing was so powerful that poor Yoko, still being highly aroused after the first program, didn't have any chance. Only three seconds later she was already thrashing in the throes of the first orgams. It didn't even subsided fully when she came again, much harder and more intense this time, which made her pull againts all of the restraints with full force. Her mind became blank, but she could feel that she's already on her way to the third explosion. And sure - no more than ten seconds later she was spasming once again. Yet the machine didn't stop. "What a frightening force and speed! I'm so tired... Please stop it, or one more time and I'll pass out!", somehow she managed to think, when...


Hikaru was on her way to collect Yoko from her room. She was whistling happily, her eyes clearly showing that she definitely enjoyed her time spent here. "What a ride! I must talk my papa into buying me such chair, of course synchronized with the outfit and the shoes. But how to convince him?", she was wondering. But as soon as she had entered Yoko's room, she forgot about it. There was clearly something wrong happening here: Yoko was still strapped to the chair and not only with leather, but with tons of metal! She was breathing heavily and her muscles were twitching. "Hey, what's going on here? Are you alright?". Hikaru checked out the display. "What? Punishment mode? This must be stopped immediately!".


...everything stopped. Yoko's mind was completely hazy, but she was at least able to understand that she's being freed from the chair. And the first thing she saw was Hikaru's worried face. "Are you alright? What happened here?", she asked. "I... I don't know. At... At some point the machine... It went berserk. Thank... you for your... help, I was... barely able to... keep my consciousness.", Yoko managed to reply, still breathing heavily. "Don't you worry! This is NOT going to end like this! Somebody is going to pay for it! I'm calling my papa!" - Hikaru seemed furious, she was already operating her phone. "And you sit here for a moment and rest. Here, have some water.".


One hour later both girls were already resting at Hikaru's place. "According to the informations my papa was able to collect, what you have experienced was a special punishment mode, normally locked. It's usually used to pacify the most dangerous criminals by overloading them with pleasure up to the point of passing out.", Hikaru explained. "And I'm telling you that it works perfectly...", Yoko was still rather weak and scared a little, but managed to smile. "They're investigating the cause of the malfunction now. And in the meantime, we got two free passes to the new arcade center as an apology, and for the opening day at that! Which is in two weeks from now.", Hikaru smiled triumphantly. "So you have some time to get back to full strength - I have a premonition that you'll need it... But now tell me more about your experience. Was the ride very intense?", she asked. "You've got to be kidding! I don't want to even think about it anymore!", shouted Yoko. "OK, OK, I'm sorry - just don't get angry!", backed out Hikaru. "Now I DEFINITELY need such a chair with this devilish mode unlocked...", she thought.

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