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Angela's Last Deal

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2011 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; M/f; D/s; latex; slaves; catsuit; corset; armbinder; harness; ponygirl; toys; cons; X

Angela threw her keys on the table and took of her work suit jacket off. As she started cooking herself some food she threw her sensible court shoes into a corner by the telly. Once her micro meal was in the microwave and cooking Angela took off her skirt as she made her way to the bedroom to prepare for a shower.

“Friday tomorrow!”

Angela was very much a noughties woman, feminist, tried most things sexual, and all this by the age of twenty five! Angela’s boyfriend had invited her to a Pony Club meeting which was all weekend. Peter, her boyfriend had been quite close to her at one stage but because neither really wanted to commit, both of them had positioned themselves so their lives were free of responsibilities. The result was for all intents and purposes they were fuckbuddys and no more! As Angela soaked in her bath she started thinking of someone she had met earlier in the day at the estate agents where Angela worked. Her name was Sabrina, Sabrina Tregear. Angela had been typing up her latest success and her computer screen had darkened, as she looked around to see what was causing the shadow.

“Hi, can I help you?” Asked Angela as she took in the beauty of the person standing behind her.

“Yes , I require a valuation on my property.”

“Oh I think I can accommodate you…….. Mrs?”

“Ms Tregear, Ms Sabrina Tregear.”

Maybe It was her persona, maybe it was her leather suit, maybe it was the leather boots, maybe it was the simple string of pearls around her neck, But this woman had power. She opened her clutch bag and offered Angela a card, which Angela took. The card simply said:


As Angela’s eyes looked up to her eyes, She said,

“Nine o’clock tomorrow morning!”

Turned and walked out.

Angela realized she was in her bath, and she had been frigging herself at the memory. And the water was cold so she got out and dried herself. As she looked in the mirror she wondered how she might make an impression with Sabrina Tregear, she felt that for some reason she was a woman who didn’t need to ask.

At 8.50am Angela pulled in front of the gates of the Grange, and buzzed the intercom.


“Err yes Angela Banning to see Ms Tregear, I have an appointment at nine”.

As if in answer the gates started to open, allowing Angela in to the Grange. As she drove up the drive a large Victorian house set in generous grounds. Angela got out of her car and walked the last fifty meters by foot, there was no reason for it as far as she could make out, her best suit was still a little tight and her boots were just out of their box. She was starting to regret having five inch heels as they’re not the best thing for walking over gravel but she got to the front door and rang the bell. After a few seconds she could hear footsteps and stepped back as the door opened. A woman about Angela’s age answered the door she had riding gear on and in her left hand had a riding crop.

“Hello, I’m Angela Banning, I have an appointment with Ms Tregear.”

“Yes she is expecting you, come this way.”

Angela’s eyes were glued on the girl’s rear looking at the fawn jodhpurs and riding boots. As the girl led Angela through to the back of the house and out into the garden where there were new buildings being built. Angela saw Ms Tregear talking to another girl similarly dressed. Ms Tregear was immaculately dressed in a blue cashmere jumper, leather jodhpurs and boots.

“Hello Ms Tregear I’ve come to do your valuation”.

“Yes I think you’ll do nicely.” said Ms Tregear as she walked back to the house with Angela

“Your having a lot of building work done, that will affect the valuation once it’s finished.”

“In what way?”

“Well it depends on what the buildings are for and the quality of the work done.”

“The buildings are for livestock and I am having a registered builder do the work.”

“Well if that’s the case then I would expect the valuation to rise dramatically. If I can oversee the finished work I could give you a realistic figure.”

“That sounds efficient, have you had breakfast yet Angela?”

“No not yet.”

“Then please breakfast with me?”

“That’s very kind, thank you!”

As the pair walked through a conservatory and into a dinning room Ms Tregear pointed Angela to a chair to one side of the table, whilst Ms Tregear sat at the end of the table.

“The thing is my dear I lead what might be called an unconventional life here, and there are things you might see which lets say are unusual.”

As Ms Tregear rang a small bell the doors at the other end of the room opened and trays of food were brought in by, what looked like rubber helmeted slaves. In fact they were dressed head to foot in rubber. Their boots made Angela’s five inch heels look like trainers because the heel must have been eight or nine inches tall. Angela looked at the tight rubber maids outfits and felt the twinge of wetness between her legs. As Angela tried to move to minimise her urges Ms Tregear put her hand on Angela’s.

“Yes my dear, it usually has that effect on people!”

Just then the girl that opened the door walked to Ms Tregear’s side and kneeled, “What is your wish Mistress?”

“Charlotte! You dishonour me! Our guest!”

“Forgive me Mistress.”

Charlotte got off her knees and walked round to Angela.

“Address our guest as you would myself!”

Obviously something of a penalty Charlotte got on her knees in the same way as before.

“What is your wish Mistress?”

After Angela had decided, Charlotte got up and kneeled down by Ms Tregear and after Ms Tregear had decided Charlotte disappeared out the door followed by the slaves. As they finished their breakfast, the slaves minus Charlotte removed the plates and cutlery.

“Come my dear I will show you my home.”

“Yes, err Mistress.”

Ms Tregear stopped Angela and stood almost face to face.

“You do not have to call me mistress, I do not own you.”

Angela felt so wet as Ms Tregear squeezed her hand.

“Ah Rosa!”

The other Jodhpur wearing girl whispered something in Ms Tregear’s ear and when Ms Tregear nodded and walked off.

“So Ms Tregear, how many, err slaves do you have?”

“Well lets see, you have met Charlotte and Rosa and you have seen the two maids. Why how many were you expecting?”

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude, it’s just that I was interested.”

“How So?

“Well It’s Err something I err... have err... been interested in for err.. a long time.”

“So are you interested in becoming a Domme?”

“Err, not really.”

“So if I understand you correctly, you have an interest in becoming a slave?”

“Yes I suppose.”

“And prey, what type of slave were you thinking of becoming?”

“Well I don’t really know, I mean there’s degrees of utter submission don’t you think?”

“Is that what you want, utter submission?”

“Well yes! ”

Ms Tregear continued showing Angela her home, from the kitchens, the dungeons working their way up to the attic. Finally working their way down to the gardens.

“I have something in mind, Angela, but as you said it is utter submission. The thing is once the process starts, there’s no going back, so you have to be sure it’s what you want.”

“I know I have probably taken more of your time than I should, But I didn’t know you were a Mistress and was taken a bit by surprise. The more I think about it the more I want to do it.”

Here take my card, If you want to take the step I think you want to take. Ring this number.”

“Thank you Mistress!”

Angela left Ms Tregear at the front of her home and drove back to her office in town.

Compared to Ms Tregear’s home the office seemed like she was in prison. The more she thought about it the more she wanted it - utter submission. She didn’t know what it was Ms Tregear had in mind but whatever it was she now wanted to give herself totally to the woman she had only met twice.

The following morning Angela’s boyfriend came round to pick her up for the pony club meeting, she chose to wear a pair of beige jodhpurs, t-shirt and flat soled boots She didn’t want to be reminded of the boredom of work. They drove out of town into the countryside towards the pony club meet. As they found the place they drove down the little track and parked up in the sizeable car park.

“You are going to have to walk from here unfortunately.” Said Pete, who like Angela had been quiet the whole journey. As they walked towards the crowd of onlookers Angela had the distinct impression that something wasn’t right, and then she wondered where the ponies were. Angela looked at Pete who was grinning at her.

“What are you grinning at?” Said Angela



“Oh the penny will drop!”

Angela could still see no ponies, but froze when she saw what she thought were human ponies, but they were all women.

“Welcome to the two shoes pony club!” Said Pete triumphantly!

Angela looked at the human ponies, their arms tied behind their backs, the leather binding them the rubber that covered them their boots their………………………. UTTER SUBMISSION! Angela felt in her bag for her mobile and the card Ms Tregear had given her. As she rang the number. She slipped away from Pete, not because she was angry with him but because she, for the first time in her life wanted this to be a clean break.

“Hello Angela!”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Oh I have my sources!”

“How are you enjoying the pony girls, Angela!”

“But how do you know!”

“Because I’m right behind you!”

Standing behind Angela Ms Tregear looked formidable in her riding gear she had a riding crop in her hand.

“Come with me, your boyfriend’s still looking for you,”

Angela followed Ms Tregear to a wooden building.

“Are you sure Angela, it’s a big step!”

“Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! I’m sure!”

With a nod from Ms Tregear, Rosa and Charlotte took off Angela’s clothes, they dressed Angela in a latex catsuit like some of the other pony girls. A corset was tightly tied round her waist shrinking her into a hourglass figure. A latex helmet was pulled over her head to hide her identity and a gag followed silencing her. Angela’s arms were held behind her and slid into a mono glove which was strapped around her shoulders. With that Angela was bent over and unzipped, a butt plug tail was lubricated and very gently pushed into her bum. As an anal virgin she squealed and twisted to avoid the unavoidable. But she had said this is what she wanted so they would give her Her wish. The boots came next as close to a horses hoof as a girl could get. The gag was removed and replaced with a harness and bit. Ms Tregear stepped in front of her and she fondled her breast as Rosa and Charlotte finished by strapping her body harness round her crutch.

“There, there, little one,calm yourself, tonight you will submit to me and then and only then will I own you body and soul. Until then just enjoy your inner pony and flaunt yourself, but remember Rosa and Charlotte can and will whip you into shape, if necessary. Now go and enjoy!”

Pete had given up and had left by the time Rosa and Charlotte brought their newest pony into view. Absolutely untrained Charlotte clipped her in training reins and Rosa walked behind her explaining what was being asked of her. The pair stopped her after the training, they fondled her all over and smothered her face with their pussies whilst kissing each other.

“Tonight will be you last night as a person, once you’ve submitted to Mistress you will be taken to the farm and trained. They're not quite as nice as we are and your arse will be theirs to do with as they see fit, soon you will know what utter submission means!”

Angela was taken from the two shoes and driven back to the grange, along with the other ponies, she didn’t get an idea of how many there were because they were all blindfolded. She could feel others bumping into her during the ride to the grange. When they got back she was separated from the others and taken to Ms Tregear’s Rooms for the “deflowering”.


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