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  • Kidnapped!Worzel

    Solo-M; F+/m; capture; chloroform; bond; tape; cuffs; leather; basque; helmet; crop; enslave; femdom; cons; X

  • A New Kind of LoveWorzel

    Solo-F; M/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; gag; blindfold; hood; bond; electro; nipple; toys; denial; climax; cons; X

  • Denise's New PlanWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; club; bond; bdsm; hood; gag; toys; sleepsack; tattoo; piercing; chastity; cons; XX

  • Angela's Last DealWorzel

    F+/f; M/f; D/s; latex; slave; catsuit; corset; armbinder; harness; ponygirl; toys; cons; X

  • Loss of Control 2Worzel

    F+/f; F/f; D/s; captive; bond; latex; bodymod; piercing; petgirl; cage; toys; oral; anal; mast; denial; nc; XX

  • 1

    F/m; F/f; FM+/f; D/s; capture; bond; latex; bodymod; piercing; shave; toys; anal; mast; denial; nc; XX

  • The Fall of Mistress Diana 4: Getting back to BusinessWorzel

    F/f+; D/s; latex; bond; susp; shave; piercing; display; club; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

  • 3: Mistress Francesca

    F+/f+; M/f+; D/s; latex; bond; bodymod; electro; tattoo; torment; denial; cons/nc; XX

  • 2: Arwen's Turn


  • 1

    F/f; D/s; latex; leather; bond; shave; piercing; display; club; bagged; oral; cons; X

  • Too LateWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; piercing; shave; dungeon; whip; clamps; toys; hum; cons/nc; XXX

  • An Unfortunate Nights WorkWorzel

    MF+/f+; latex; catsuit; hobble; bond; chastity; electro; cage; display; tease; toys; cons; X

  • The Things We NeedWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; susp; insert; club; piercing; oral; fist; toys; cons; X

  • Something with my LifeWorzel

    F/f+; F+/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; catsuit; chastity; susp; toys; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

  • The RetirementWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bagged; catsuit; mind-control; hypno; bdsm; oral; toys; cons/nc; XX

  • The Lair of ArtemisWorzel

    F/f; F/f+; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; susp; bdsm; electro; denial; mind-control; toys; climax; cons/reluct; XX

  • Sour GrapesWorzel

    F/f; D/s; collar; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; latex; drug; torment; cons/nc; XX

  • The Lady BellaWorzel

    F+/f+; latex; bond; sleepsack; catsuit; bdsm; electro; tease; denial; cell; slave; reluct; nc; XX

  • The CageWorzel

    F/f; F+/f; latex; catsuit; club; capture; cage; susp; electro; torment; cons/nc; XX

  • Sam's New Position 3: Taking ControlWorzel

    F+/f+; FM+/f+; D/s; leather; hood; gag; bond; bdsm; susp; piercing; toys; hum; oral; toys; reluct/nc; XX

  • 2: Payback

    F/f; FM+/f; D/s; leather; hood; gag; bond; bdsm; susp; toys; oral; anal; toys; reluct/nc; XX

  • 1

    F/f; D/s; leather; latex; hood; gag; bond; bdsm; club; stage; shave; piercing; brand; oral; anal; toys; cons/reluct; XX

  • Grace's DiscoveryWorzel

    F/f; M/f; D/s; cheat; revenge; latex; bond; bdsm; club; hum; emb; oral; cons/nc; X

  • Jessica's Fondest WishWorzel

    F/f; F+/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; oral; anal; toys; pony; slave; cons/reluct; XX

  • Charlotte's Latex BitchesWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; kidnap; bond; conditioning; mind-control; slave; denial; bdsm; oral; toys; reluct/nc; XX

  • Tease & DenialWorzel

    F/f; F+/f; D/s; latex; bond; shave; bdsm; chastity; oral; cons/nc; X

  • You Got What You Wished ForWorzel

    F/f+; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; ponygirl; kidnap; mind-control; cons/nc; X

  • Amy's Old Latex DollyWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; gag; bdsm; bagged; toys; oral; climax; cons; X

  • The New NeighboursWorzel

    F/f; F/m; bond; susp; latex; chastity; oral; toys; cons; X

  • The Way Things Should Always BeWorzel

    F/f; Sbf; D/s; bond; piercing; chastity; cage; transport; hum; oral; cons; X