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Animal Café

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 2 - Even more pets

"Hey, Clara! You are back!"


"Haha, still not very chatty. I'm so happy to see you. I wasn't sure you would want to come back after what I had done to you the other day."

Lucy was definitely still friendly, and I was still unable to utter a single word because of my communication disorder. She more than likely knew I had a problem, but she did not act like I was different. Being treated that way was helpful.

Last time I came here, and it was also my first time in this special animal café, it went so much better than I could have hoped. Not only did I get to cuddle with Vix, a very adorable latex covered fox girl, but I ended up staying overnight in one of Lucy's comfy sleeping pods with the said pet girl. I was very fortunate that Lucy forgot about us before going home.

I left early the next day to go to work after realizing that the dysfunctional door was not. It hadn't opened because I didn't bother reading the label located right below the lock button. All I had to do was keep it pressed for two seconds and then slide the door open. On that morning, I hugged Vix one last time, to carry the good feeling for as long as I could, and left the shop with the firm intention of coming back soon.

And today was this second visit. It has been a few days already, and I couldn't wait anymore. My first time cuddling someone, even though it was a rubber fox looking pet girl, left a strong impression on me. I was so lonely at home with no one with whom to interact. I thought I was used to being alone, but, forced to admit, I wasn't... Vix made me understand how vital physical contacts were, even outside an intimate relationship.

"Clara, you are the first customer again today, so you can sit wherever you want. Vix is working too, but don't feel you have to spend all your time with her... you can experiment a little. Vix is used to it and won't be jealous even though she has a soft spot for you."

"... Okay."

"There are some new faces as well, make sure to tell me if you like them. I try to use a good variety of pets, and the rotation allows some of them to rest."

Lucy unlocked the lounge door to let me in. This time she didn't escort me, so I would have to deal with the rubbery critters myself. Like last time, all the pet girls stared at me since they had nothing else to do at the moment. Vix, with her red and white catsuit and mask, was hard to miss; she didn't waste a second and padded toward me.

I knelt to receive my first hug of the day!


Of course, she couldn't answer because of her restrictive mask, but her response in the form of a tight hug was an even better way to greet me. The other animals got closer to us but didn't interfere with our special reunion.

Most of them knew that I had spent my last visit entirely with the fox girl. The white rabbit, the doggy, and one of the cats were there, but Lucy was right, there were two new faces; an adorable snow leopard and a little grey wolf. Oreo, the cat, and Meeka, the raccoon, were not here today.

For some reason, I loved them all, even more, this time around. I didn't know who made their latex costumes, but they were incredible. They were not creepy at all, even with their black lens eyes preventing me from making eye contact with their wearers. Their hidden breathing holes in their ears and the small drinking hole under their chin made me forget they even had to breathe and eat.

When Vix let me go, I went to the same booth as Lucy had suggested last time. Immediately after I sat, Vix climbed on me and wanted some cuddles; it was hard to refuse, but last time, I almost picked the white rabbit. As much as I loved Vix, I wanted to try something new today, so I heartbreakingly let the red pet girl know about my plan.

"Vix... wait... I..."

It was just a fox! Why was it so hard to talk to a cute animal? The feeling of guilt made it very hard for me to express what I desired. I looked at the white rabbit girl and didn't know how to request her to join me.

Apparently, it wasn't Vix's first experience with shy clients. The red fox gave me a quick hug and got off my seat and headed to the white rabbit. Using her two cushy paws, Vix gave her a nudge, which was enough to pass the message.

The snow colored latex rabbit didn't hesitate to climb on the coffee table in front of me and laid down on her back, looking at me cutely with her two padded paws up to the chin. My heart melted with cuteness... Was it really okay for me to receive this kind of attention?

I used my shaky hands to explore my new friend a little bit. She was slightly skinnier than Vix, but somehow her chest, which she pushed out on purpose, was considerably larger. She must have been about my height, five foot two, and her mask was so gorgeous. Her long springy ears, including the half-folded one, were just awesome. She also had little whiskers that tickled the palm of my hands.

In the middle of my examination, the dining lounge door opened, and Lucy came to see me, wearing a broad smile as usual.

"Aww, look at you. Did you pick Trixie this time?"

My cheeks turned all red, embarrassed by my choice. It may have looked like I was aiming at something sexier today. The more I was looking at the rabbit girl, the more she looked sexy to me. I could even see her hard nipples under the latex.

Lucy sat on the couch in front of me and, without any reservation, ran her hand over Trixie's generous chest.

"That one LOVES when people play with her chest. She made sure I would tell everyone about it too, isn't that right, Trixie? Yes, you are so cute!"


My face became even more beet red as I didn't expect to hear something so raw from Lucy's mouth. Did I just pick the most pervert critter of the establishment? Was I sexually attracted to Trixie? A bit of smoke was coming out from my ears, and I lowered my head.

"Hey, Clara. Haha! What's going on? Poor girl, so shy. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Let me explain to you something about my pet girls. They are all very different. Last time, with Vix, you discovered that she was a cuddle machine. Our little fox can spend hours just doing that if she likes her client. That's why I had no problem letting you use the sleeping pod upstairs last time. I knew you were in good hands with Vix. It was a good experience, right?"

"... Y— Yes."

"Good, I thought so. All the other critters have different personalities and some of them... How to say... are more likely to be fine with... more!?"


What was Lucy saying? That Trixie would like to have sex? Even without a communication disorder, I would have had a hard time responding to what she just told me. My red face turned blue as I had stopped breathing entirely.

"Aaah! Don't worry about it, Clara! I know you have some trouble expressing yourself. I didn't mean to make it worse. Why don't you spend a bit of quality time with Trixie first? You are safe with us. I will get you your cheesecake and coffee. Then later, if you want, you can help me make them drink and eat like last time. How does that sound?"

I nodded and tried to resume breathing. While Lucy walked away through her other bored pets, I looked down at my rabbit girl lying on the table in front of me; she didn't look as innocent as I initially thought. Why did I feel so embarrassed?

Having a communication disorder sucked big time. While belly rubbing Trixie unconsciously, I did a bit of introspection. I came to this animal café in the first place because I wanted to practice speech and physical contact. I also wanted to come here because there was no doubt in my mind that I liked latex suits as a kink. So it was more than time for me to accept what I loved and try to express it.

I didn't want to be dumb about this, though. The amiable owner of this shop offered me a golden opportunity to work on my problems for no other reason than she seemed to like me and that I was respectful to her pet girls and loved taking care of them. There was no other way to go about this... I had to find a way to enjoy myself and do what I told myself I would do— practice.

I pulled on Trixie's paws to guide her to the position I prefered; on her back with her head resting on my lap as if it was a pillow. One of my hands played with her long rubbery ears, and my other kept rubbing the rabbit girl's shiny white belly; she was so warm.

My eyes kept surveying the rest of her body. I shyly looked at her crotch, and she had the same thing I had noticed on Vix last time; an invisible zipper and a little metal block clipped on top of the tabs to prevent unzipping. I guess it was proper protection against adventurous clients who would attempt to explore the pets "deeper."

"Trixie... You... you are cute."

A white paw went to my cheek and gently rubbed my face, proving that she could understand me perfectly. I attempted to continue my little one-way conversation with the black-eyed animal.

"S— Sorry... Talking... is hard."

Why was I trembling again? Why was I like this? Talking was so easy for everybody else in a cruel way. Trixie sensed my difficulty and requested me to hold her closer. As I looked in her eyes, I didn't see any judgment; there was only my faint reflection in the middle of the black lenses. Those few words I have said so far were a good step in the right direction. It was encouraging.

"I... I like it here. A lot. You are all... friendly. It helps me."

The little chat and cuddle continued for a good chunk of the afternoon. The cheesecake was delicious as usual, and the café was not nearly as busy as last time; Lucy wouldn't have to send me to the capsule room this time around. I was getting a bit too comfortable too quickly around those pet girls. I almost wanted one for home. They allowed me to open myself in a way that I never been able to before.

Trixie even dragged me deeper down the rabbit hole, no pun intended, by placing my hands on her boobs, more than once. Lucy was right about her pet; the white rabbit loved when I played with her breast. The little latex fur at the base of her ears danced around noticeably when her breathing became heavier. It was undoubtedly due to her being turned on by my chest massage.

"Clara, why don't you bring her home tonight?"


If I kept coming to this café, I swore, I would end up with a heart attack. I had not seen Lucy, who had observed everything I was doing to the rabbit and was now proposing something preposterous... and I didn't even want to pretend I had heard what she had asked.

"Calm down, Clara... I saw what you did with Trixie earlier, and it was incredible. You practiced your speech with her, and now you are a bit more adventurous. I know Trixie very well, she would like to help you some more. If you can bring her back tomorrow, I'm okay with you taking her home for the night. She is helping you, right?"

I was now hyperventilating again, trying to keep some sort of composure. I looked at the rabbit girl in my arms, and she was kind of bouncy-excited and poked me with her paws.

"See, Clara, Trixie is all thrilled at the idea. Come on, let us help you. For some reason, my pets are all very fond of you. Don't forget they have feelings too."


This situation was so confusing. My life was getting upside down since I decided to come to this strange animal café. Was it really alright to bring one of the pets home for the night? One I was attracted to, and who was acting kind of kinky?

I nodded.

"Oh, great! I'm so happy! Come, Trixie! We can't let you go out like this! Let's get you dressed up. Clara? Do you have a car?"

I shook my head, no.

"Are you walking home? You live nearby?"

I nodded.

"Good, I'll be right back. Oh, and your cake is on me again. Don't worry about it. I'm just happy you are helping me with my pets. I can't afford more staff to take care of them at the moment."

Lucy grabbed Trixie by the wrist and dragged her out of the lounge. I had no idea how to prepare a giant white bunny girl for a walk. Surely, as soon as we would step out, everybody would notice us. Maybe Lucy would take Trixie out of her suit, or simply cover her with pants and a hoodie.

While I was waiting for them to come back, Vix joined me and started to cuddle. More than ever, I needed supportive hugs from the fox girl. What have I done?

A few minutes later, the lounge door cracked open, and Lucy poked her head through it.

"Come, Clara. She is ready."

I nervously gave one last hug to the latex fox and headed toward the exit. As soon as I entered the reception, I saw Lucy and Trixie side by side, and I thought I was going to die.

Trixie was still a full white latex bunny with her mask, little bunny tail and all... but she was wearing a bright pink fur coat that only reached her waist, and matching fluffy knee-high boots that looked more like leg warmers. Around her neck was a very contrasting black collar.

Lucy placed a small object in my hand.

"Here, that's the key for her locks. Don't let her out of her suit unless there is an emergency, it would break the magic, but you can unlock her crotch to play with her if you feel comfortable to do so, Trixie won’t mind at all either way. And here, take this bag. Put it in the fridge when you get home. It's two squeeze bottles for her meals."


As Lucy was bombarding me with information, I couldn't take my eyes off Trixie, who was standing out more than ever, and I would have to walk in the street with her at my side. I couldn't cope with the emotions. But it was not over yet...

"Alright, let me attach her leash. I don't want you two to get separated. Without you, Trixie would have no chance."

She clipped a black leather leash to Trixie's collar and placed the handle in my hand.

"Alright, you are all set. Have fun, you two."

Lucy opened the front door leading to the scary outside, and Trixie didn't wait for a second and pulled me through the door. Before I could realize what was happening, I was on the walkway, pulling a sexy white latex bunny girl wearing a very eye-catching pink fur outfit. The whole world was staring at us.

"So, Clara? What do you say when someone is very nice to you?"

"... T— Thank... you."

"Good. See you tomorrow then."


I looked at Trixie, and she was jumping up and down, she didn't seem to care at all about what just happened; she was the one behind a mask, not me. I lowered my head in embarrassment and didn't know what to do. Trixie walked to me and slid her arm under mine, probably asking me to lead her home. Did I have a choice? She seemed to at least want to give me a break with the leash, understanding that it was probably too much for me to handle.

She nuzzled me a little with her cute whiskery muzzle.

"O— okay. Trixie... Let's go... home."

Thankfully I didn't live very far. It was only ten minutes walking distance. We got so many comments from strangers... correction... TRIXIE got all the comments. She occasionally waved with her cushy paw when she received a compliment and was simply ignoring the nasty ones. Somehow, the fact that she was handling the social aspect of our walk was a relief.

My communication disorder was invisible as long as I didn't try to open my mouth. Yet, when I was walking around by myself, I always felt all the looks, judging me. It was interesting to experience traveling with a pet girl that was truly standing out; my worries had vanished. She was absorbing all the gaze, all the comments, as if she were a sponge.

I thought I was going to die of embarrassment when Lucy had pushed us out in the street, but I realized that it had the opposite effect. Knowing that I was not the center of attention gave me some freedom I never had before.

The other thing that was fascinating to me was that even if Trixie could not talk, she could communicate more efficiently than I did. Her little waves to people admiring her were so natural and spontaneous; I could learn from her.

"It's my home. It's very small."

We arrived at my one-bedroom apartment. It was all I could afford with my low paying job. I kept my place very clean, so it gave me a sense of wealth.

I closed the door behind us and turned to the latex bunny who looked around with her big black eyes. Then she pointed at her collar with her paw, wanting to be unleashed.

"... Okay."

After unclipping the leash, I helped her take her pink boots and coat off and placed it in my little closet. It was so strange. She was the first person outside my family to see my apartment... but she didn't care because she found the bedroom right away, climbed on the bed, happily bounced on it, and invited me to join her.

It felt a bit too real—even more than when I spent the night with Vix in the capsule bedroom; this was my home. With Vix, we just cuddled, but I knew Trixie probably wanted me to go a bit further.

"Wait... Your food."

Before I forgot, I put her squeeze bottles in the fridge. I noticed my hands were shaking quite a bit. I placed them on the edge of the kitchen sink and took a couple of deep breaths, trying to make sense of everything that had happened so far. My body tried to tell me to slow down.

I was sick... I had this severe communication disorder, and this little adventure was taking its toll on me. Trixie listened to me earlier at Pets & Cakes when I explained my condition, but I could understand how quickly a social person like her could shrug it off and think it was just a minor thing I was whining about. But it was not... I had a lot of trouble managing my condition, and I almost wanted to cry now that I was knee-deep in something I wasn't so comfortable with.

Then two latex arms wrapped around my waist and a head gently pressed on my back. It was a gentle hug from Trixie.

"Trixie... I... I..."

As I was still unable to control my speech, the cute bunny squeezed my arm under her armpit and led me back to the bedroom. I needed to find a way to calm her down... to be patient... to make her understand that I was currently overwhelmed. Those damn words wouldn't come out.

"... wait... wait..."

She wasn't listening...

But she wasn't doing what I thought she was going to do. Instead of leading me directly to the bed for some advanced cuddles, she brought me to my bookshelves and pointed at a series of books with her soft paw.

"My... books?"

Trixie pointed to the books and then at herself... leaving me confused.

"You... want to read?"

She shook her head and pointed at me this time, then back at her.

"You... want me... to read you... a story?"

She nodded energetically and tried to pull on the one she wanted with her useless paw.

I was baffled... She didn't want to have sex... She was just here to take care of me... to help me.

"Trixie. Are you... doing this... for me?"

The adorable white rubber bunny nodded, and so very gently rubbed my cheek.

During the evening, we spent a lot of time on the bed. She was clinging to me while I was trying to read a book to her. She was making me practice my speech while making me feel so loved. The texture of latex contacting my skin was incredible, and I didn't feel pressured anymore. Trixie had understood I was not ready for more.

I think I learned something important tonight. People are not nearly as selfish as we sometimes would like to think.

Pet girls definitely are not.


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