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by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 3 - More Than Pets

When I woke up this morning, I had a cute latex rabbit girl in my arms. Who in the world could have bragged about the same thing? All my apprehensions and fears toward Trixie had been unjustified. Sure, Trixie would probably have loved to have more than I had to offer last night, but she has been so understanding.

She quickly saw that I was not ready for more than what we had done so far, so instead of pressuring me, she found a way to make me happy in a different way. We read a book together, and then we cuddled ourselves to sleep. This experience with Trixie awakened something inside me that I had not felt very often.

Trixie was not shy about it; she loved it when people played with her latex covered breasts. That was something Lucy had mentioned, and even the white rabbit repeatedly indicated the same thing herself. So last night, when cuddling, I wanted to be as kind to her as she had been to me. I gave her plenty of chest massages and squeezings, exploring the emotions it was triggering inside of me privately. I needed to discover if this was something I desired too.

I've been awake for the past thirty minutes already, but Trixie was still deeply asleep, dreaming about something. Her warm rubber body in my arms occasionally twitched adorably. It was nice to observe her.

When I spent a night with Vix, the fox girl, she hadn't done that— well, I barely slept on that night because of the excitement, and every time I was awake, Vix was too and asked for more cuddles. This time around, with Trixie, it was the first time I could really study someone sleeping in my arms, and I felt I had the responsibility to keep her in that state so that she could enjoy her dreams a bit longer.

I was also wondering how being encased in such a restrictive catsuit and mask would feel like. It looked extremely comfortable from the outside, but I had no clue what it would be like from the inside.

Short breathing tubes were probably running from her real nose to her rabbit ears, and the small feeding hole under her chin was probably going to her mouth somehow. None of the pets were talking or making any sounds. Only once, Vix had giggled, and it was very faint. Were they gagged, or was it just training? All I knew is that it was not bugging them. They were happily wearing their suits for days in a row.

I knew Lucy occasionally let them out; Oreo and Meeka weren't at the café last time, probably forced to take a break. I was under the impression some of the pet girls were not thrilled to take their suits off. When I was investigating Vix's zipper the other day, her reaction was crystal clear. She didn't want me to unzip her at all.

Yesterday, Lucy gave me the key to unlock Trixie, but she warned me not to let her out of her suit unless there was an emergency. But honestly, letting her out never crossed my mind since we arrived at my home. I thought about this before; I forgot that they were people. They were just animals, and I had a hard time thinking about them in any other way.

Trixie started to move; she just woke up. I was behind her, spooning with my limbs wrapped around her. Her cushy paws went up to my arms as if asking for me to squeeze her harder, which I did, and it triggered a long sigh from the bunny.

She slowly turned around to face me, beautiful as ever, with her big black eyes communicating nothing but love. This position allowed her to roll me to my back and climb on top of me.

"Good morning, Trixie."

For some reason, she kept stretching and twisting; I wasn't sure what she was doing. It was as if she couldn't fully control her little white body. But then she showed me what was going on.

She pressed her crotch to my thigh and slowly started rubbing it up and down. Morning sexual waves assaulted Trixie's body, forcing her to display her arousal state. I kept caressing her, not too sure about what I should do to help her.

I wanted Trixie to have this moment; it was her reward for having been so patient and understanding. Allowing her to have this little pleasure felt the right thing to do. I was not anxious or scared, as usual. I was relaxed, happy, and loving.

Trixie kept slowly humping my leg for a long moment while we were cuddling, and I even dared to do it a little bit too. The latex rubbing on my crotch, only separated by a thin layer of fabric, was feeling like heaven. If she had not had a mask on, I would probably have felt the need to kiss her.

This morning was perfect.

"Clara, Trixie! You are back! How did your evening go?"

"... Good. Trixie... is nice."

"Aaah, so you can talk now? Haha. Trixie can have this changing effect on people. Go right in the lounge. I'll be right back. I just have to let Trixie out of her costume. She won't be working for the next few days."

We were back at the animal café where Lucy welcomed us. This time around, I hadn't felt nearly as embarrassed walking around town with the white latex bunny wearing her cute pink fuzzy clothes. After the amazing cuddling session mixed with light sexual stimulation, I was calm and peaceful.

As soon as Lucy mentioned that Trixie's shift was over, the bunny reacted strongly. She rushed to me and grabbed my arm, clearly not wanting to get out of her suit.

"Trixie, you have to behave! Oreo gave me a run for my money the other day, please don't do the same. I let you spend a night with Clara, don't be greedy! We have rules, and you know them."

If she could have flopped her rubber ears back, Trixie would have done so. She lowered her head and pushed it on my chest. I gave her a small hug.

"It's okay... Trixie..."

The white bunny returned my hug and accompanied Lucy who would let her out of her suit.

I entered the lounge to take a look at the pet girls; if Trixie wasn't working today, maybe there was a new pet.

As usual, my arrival caused all the animals to stare at me. I didn't think I would ever get used to this. I began a headcount; Vix was there, Oreo was back, and there was also the puppy, the O so adorable snow leopard, the cute grey wolf and the black cat who have been around since the beginning.

I headed to my booth, and all the animals lined up; they had no idea who I was going to choose today, but they all seemed to want to join me. They were all so friendly.

However, this time around, and with the cute rabbit gone, I had no other choice but to pick the snow leopard. Since I saw her yesterday, I couldn't get over how beautiful she was. I had never seen such a pretty latex catsuit. The little black spots covering her body were just to die for, and the markings on her mask were so perfect.

The leopard girl immediately climbed on my seat and started nuzzling me, tickling me with her little whiskers!

"Haha! You are so pretty."

My routine with new pets had not changed. I made the leopard girl lay down on her back with her head resting on my laps, and I rubbed her belly while I was discovering her features. Her mask was even better than the other ones I have seen so far. Whoever was making those was getting better at it. Lucy was so lucky to have found such a great artist to create her costumes.

As I was exploring the not so big cat, I was wondering what her name could be. Maybe they should all wear name tags. This questioning led me to another amusing thought; if I were to be a pet girl, what would be my name? What animal would I be? I had no idea, but it was fun to think about it for a short moment.

A bit later, Lucy entered the lounge with my cheesecake and a coffee. But instead of smiling, as usual, she had a frown on her face.

"Clara! What do you think you are doing with Asha? Asha, get off her right now!"


What did I do? What did I do? I didn't understand why Lucy was angry all of a sudden, but Asha didn't wait to find out and quickly got off me and rejoined the others. My heart started to race, and my hyperventilating came back along with my trembling. What was going on?

Lucy placed the cheesecake on the table, and the coffee next to it then sat in front of me. I wanted to die.

"Hehe. Did I scare you? Don't worry. I'm just pulling your legs. I wanted to see how you would react if I scolded you the same way I do with my pets. Your reaction is priceless. Sorry about that."

"... ffff! ffff! ffff!"

"Aww! Sorry, try to breathe. I didn't mean to scare you that much. You can have Asha back, hehe. Asha! Come!"

The snow leopard girl immediately climbed back on me and gave me a tight hug to calm me down.

"Pick another one, now."


"Yes, Trixie said she had a lot of fun with you last night and this morning, so I'm sure you can handle two pets at the same time today. So pick another one. As long as there are no waiting clients, it's okay to do so. My pets don't have much to do anyway."

Could I really handle two pets at the same time? How would this work? I was barely getting used to taking care of one at a time; I was unsure how I could give attention to two animals concurrently.

Yet, the first time I visited the Pets & Cake, I had no idea how to give affection to a single critter, and here I was, a couple of cheesecake later, not nearly as shy as before and providing hugs to a critter I never met. 

"Come on, Clara. It's okay. Don't overthink this... as I said, all my pet girls are amazing. You can't go wrong."

"... Vix?"

As I pronounced the red fox's name, all the other pets rolled their heads. People always choose Vix among the first because of her infinite cuteness.

It only took a second for the fox girl to join us. So now I had one adorable snow leopard resting her head on my laps and a fox girl wrapped around my arm, nuzzling me. Lucy called the two cats to her side, Oreo and Misti. Those two were easy to tell apart even though their masks had the same shape; Oreo was black and white while Misti was all black.

"See, Oreo... your time off was not too bad. Why did you make a scene again when I took you out of your suit? You are just making my life more difficult."

Oreo nodded.

"Did you have fun with your family?"

Oreo nodded again.

"See, I told you. It's nice to be a pet girl, but you need real-life fun too. You can't just be a cat forever."

Oreo shrugged.

"Haha. Funny cat. I bet you think you can. So, Clara... I wanted to ask you a little favor. But feel free to say no, I'm happy just to have you as a client."


"... I mean... I'm working really hard since I opened my café... and... I didn't have a day off in a month. I love what I do, but it's a lot of work. I would like to take a day off."

"... Okay?"

"So, I was wondering... We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, would you like to take care of my pets on one of those days next week. I would love to have a small break."

I gasped for air. Did Lucy just ask me to take care of all her pets while she was away? Would it not be simpler to just let them out of their suits during those two days instead of babysitting them?

I tried to articulate that line of thought using my limited speech abilities mixed with anxiety.

"But... Why... Keep them in... costume?"

"Aaah! I see what you mean. Well, you don't know much about pet girls yet. Look at this..."

Lucy turned to Oreo and grabbed the small cat by the shoulders; she asked her a simple question.

"Oreo, do you want to get out of your suit so I can take some time off?"

Immediately, Oreo shook her head, almost in distress. Then Lucy turned to Misti...

"And you, Misti?"

She received another strong negative reaction from the other cat. None of them were in agreement with that horrific plan. I started to understand where Lucy was going with this... but then she asked them another question.

"Okay, so what? Would you prefer if Clara was taking care of you on Monday?"

The two cats went ballistic and jumped on the table in front of me and tried to reach me for hugs. Oreo crushed my cheesecake with her knee and Misti bumped in my coffee cup, which fortunately was already empty.

"MISTI! OREO! STOP! What a mess! Alright, Misti, get off Clara right now! You, Oreo, come with me. I need to clean you up, and then you'll get punished. Bad cat!"

This chaotic incident ended our little discussion abruptly, which was a good thing because I needed time to digest what Lucy had proposed. I wasn't sure what taking care of her pet would involve, but it would probably be a lot of work. Lucy was always running around, keeping an eye on everybody to make sure they were okay, feeding them, and making them drink. There was no doubt in my mind that it was a demanding job. It is no wonder she was thrilled to let me take Trixie home last night; it had lightened her workload.

I was not working on Monday and only started at noon on Tuesday, so I could technically do it. It was now the time for me to ask myself the real questions and come up with honest answers.

Did I want to do it?

I looked at my snow leopard and my red fox, they were beyond incredible. I loved taking care of them. So, yes, I wanted to do it... badly.

Was I too scared to do it? What if a pet needed something and I couldn’t understand her... What if there was an emergency and I had to call the first responders... what if I didn't feed them properly...

"Vix... I'm scared..."

As soon as those distressed words escaped my mouth, Asha got off my lap and kneeled next to me, and Vix did the same. They both wrapped an arm around my neck, and Vix placed her delicate paw on my mouth and shook her head.

"But... I don't know if... I can do it."

This time, Asha placed her two paws on each side of my face and gave me a solid, confident nod while expelling a short stream of air by her ear tubes. It was her way to tell me, "We trust you! You can do it."

Using the back of my hand, I wiped my watering eyes. Why was it always so hard for me to do new things? I was so used to being by myself and repeating the same dreary day over and over for the past years, not exposing myself to fun adventures. Now that I had an opportunity to do something different, I felt like crap.

For a long moment, I stayed there in silence, cuddling with my leopard and fox, and thinking about what I had become.

Lucy came back, dragging Oreo by her wrist. I was wondering what kind of punishment she was talking about earlier. I couldn't remotely picture Lucy brutalizing her beloved pets, but surely she must have had some tricks up her sleeve to keep some order and obedience in the place. Then I noticed it... Oreo had a bright red collar around her neck.

"Aaah, that will teach you! Look, Clara, this red collar means that nobody is allowed to cuddle with her. I usually put it on them when they need to rest, but it can also serve as an efficient punishment. See, Oreo! That is what you get for being reckless. Now sit over there and stay quiet! Not cuddles for you until I decide it's enough."

Oreo lowered her head and went to curl in the corner of the room. Misti walked toward her, but Lucy intercepted the cat who was feeling bad for her friend.

"Misti, do you want to wear a red collar too? No? Then stay away from Oreo! I tell you... those cats sometimes... as if I didn't have enough work already."

Lucy came back to me and let a long sigh out.

"See... That's why I need a break. So, would you like to help me?"

I nodded. It was more than time to explore the social world a bit and walk away from my old self. So far, my time with the pets filled me with love and understanding, and there was no reason to believe it would be any harder if I stayed with them all for one full day. 

"I will... do it. Monday."

"Aaah! You are so awesome! I swear everything will go well. You can start at 8 am on Monday until 8 pm... would that work?"

"... No."

"Oh? No?"

"Can... Can I do ... more?"

"More? What do you mean? Take your time, we are in no rush."

"I... 8 am is good... But... Can I sleep... here? I can stay. Until 10 am."

"You want to take care of them from Monday 8 am to Tuesday at 10 am?"

"... Yes."

"Clara! I LOVE YOU! You are a lifesaver! Of course, you can do that! Finally! I will get to have a real day off. Don't worry about anything! I will prepare all their meals and make you a list of everything you have to do. It's not all that complicated! You'll have so much fun, I promise!"

Well, that got her excited. She seemed to need that day off badly. Offering to stay overnight was something she didn't want to put me through, but since I requested, she didn't need to think about it twice.

I couldn't stay much longer today because of my job, but it was a fun visit. I still wasn't sure why Lucy trusted me so much with her pet girls, but I was certainly not going to complain about it. I got to pet all the latex animals I wanted and even had a chance to have private moments with some of them.

Agreeing to help Lucy on Monday while she was enjoying a well-deserved break got me more excited than I ever been in my entire life. I liked her pets so much, and I was looking forward to spending more time alone with them, even though I knew it might be challenging.

I wanted to spend time with... my new friends.


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