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by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 4 - A World Of Pets

"This is all their keys in case you need them. As I said, don't try to take them out of their suit unless it is absolutely necessary. It would be the best way to make them angry at you."


"So, all their meals are in the fridge, and I labeled each bottle with their names. They each have an extra, just in case."


"Oh, and this is my cell phone number, don't hesitate to call me if you need anything!"


"Don't forget, Vix love to cuddle with you, so when you go to bed, it would be nice if you could let her sleep with you."


"...As you know, Trixie loves when we play her boobs, or else she gets grumpy."


"...And... And... I'm being too motherly... right?"


It's been like this since I got here at 8 am. Lucy was out of control, trying to ensure everything was perfect during her day off. It was Monday, and I would be keeping an eye on all her pet girls until tomorrow morning. I expected to be nervous, but quickly discovered that Lucy was the anxious one.

"Clara... You'll be okay, right!? I am not asking too much of you?"

'... It's... fine."

"Good, good. Sorry... I tend to treat everybody like pets these days... I'm so used to being on my own with them. I didn't mean to be bossy with you."

"...It's... okay..."

"Alright! Okay! I'm going now. I'm going to visit my family. It has been forever. Thank you so much again for accepting to do this for me. Please, try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. I fully trust you to do the right things and keep everybody happy, including yourself."

"...Thank... you."

Out of nowhere, Lucy pulled me into a big motherly hug... It was the first time she did that to me. Before I could even raise my arms, she let me go and headed to the door, throwing some more advice at me.

"Don't forget... Oreo hates apple juice, and Asha needs some cuddling after eating! It helps her digestion."


"Okay, okay! I'm going! See you tomorrow, Clara! You are fantastic!"

Lucy walked out, and I headed toward the door to lock it; the shop was not open today, and the last thing I wanted was to face a stranger that had no business in the café. But just as I was about to put my fingers on the lock, the door opened brusquely... Lucy wasn't done...

"Oh, and if you sleep with Misti, she prefers to be on the left side of the bed. Okay ... Bye now!"


As soon as the door slammed close, I hurried and locked it... Right before Lucy tried to open it again, unsuccessfully, this time.

I stayed there for a minute or two, making sure she was really gone this time and headed toward the lounge where all the pets were undoubtedly waiting for me. Who knew how they would behave now that Lucy was gone. There was potential for this to turn into a nightmare pretty quickly.

I swiped the access card in front of the reader and pushed the door open. Either they would rush to me and cause trouble or behave like little angels as they always did in my presence.

I stepped in carefully and closed the door behind me...

There were five of them today; Vix the fox, Trixie the bunny, Oreo the cat, Asha the leopard, and Misti the black cat. The doggy had finished her shift last night, or maybe Lucy just knew I was not that much of a dog person.

All the small animal girls stared at me, and I didn't really know what to do or say to them... I guess we were stuck together until the next day, no matter what happened next.

"Lucy... is gone."

That was apparently the little critters cue to start converging toward me. I kneeled to welcome them, but they quickly overpowered me, and I ended flat on my back, with all the pets trying to get cuddles.

"Eep! ... Careful!"

It was intimidating, for sure, but they were so sweet. The latex animals just wanted to give me some love and probably a preview of how our day together would look like.

Being covered in small rubber pets was fun. I took a moment to appreciate how much I changed since I started coming to this café. A short while ago, I would have panicked if this had happened to me, but now I could cope with it. It made a world of difference to know that none of them would make fun of me because of my communication disorder. All they wanted was to give me affection and receive some.

"I... I have... to make you eat. Go... Go sit. Okay?"

The pet girls made it so easy for me. They knew I wasn't good at talking and gave me some slack because that was what I needed. While they were getting off me, one by one, I thought about this for a second.

Around Lucy, they often misbehaved and could get annoying as hell. So why would they act so differently around me? The only thing I could think of was that they adapted to the person they were dealing with. Perhaps Lucy loved receiving affection in a different way than I did. She was very motherly, so maybe her pets were giving her a run for her money because she liked her life action-packed.

I slowly raised back on my feet and went to the kitchenette to retrieve the food bottles for breakfast. There were five rows of squeeze bottles on the shelf labeled with their names, so I proceeded to grab one of each.

“Vix, Asha, Oreo, Misti, Meeka... Meeka!?”

Why was there a Meeka bottle? She was not even here... Trixie's was the one I needed. I looked deeper inside the fridge, but there was nothing else... Did Lucy, anxious as she was, made a mistake and provided me with the wrong food for Trixie?

Well, food was food... It was not like they were real animals... It was probably all the same anyway, and the labels were more for roleplay than anything else. That said, I didn't like olives... I would be pretty mad if someone forced me to eat something I didn't like.

I placed the five food bottles on a tray along with some water bottles. Then my eyes landed on a little notebook on the countertop. Curious, I opened it to see what it was...

"Pet girls cookbook."

Ah, there we go... It was the recipes Lucy used to prepare their meals... I would just have to ask Trixie if she was good with what was in Meeka's bottle.

I entered the pet lounge with my tray and placed it on the table.

"Who is... first?"

Of course, Oreo rushed to me. With a name like that, I wasn't surprised she loved eating. I made her climb on my bench and laid her down, head on my lap. It was the best position to feed the pet girls because the feeding hole was under their muzzle. It was barely as big as a pinhole, very well concealed, but when I pressed the squeeze bottle's tip to it, it got larger to allow the blended food to go in easily.

My fingers squeezed the bottle, and Oreo started swallowing what entered her mouth. It was an excellent opportunity to pet her cute cat ears and try to bond.

"You like... food?"

She nodded while sucking happily.

"You... you've been a pet for a long time?"

Oreo nodded some more...

"How long? ... One year? No? Two? ... Oh... That's a long time."

Our casual chit-chat was fun and lasted for the 10 minutes it took me to feed her. I rinsed her mouth with some fresh water and thought she deserved a big hug for making it so easy.

Trixie was next in line, but I told her I would feed her last. That made her a bit suspicious, and she stared at me the whole time until Vix, Asha, and Misti finished eating. I always tended to forget they were smart girls wearing costumes and not just pets. Hiding things from them and expecting them not to figure it out was not a good plan.

When I called Trixie back, she straddled me, facing me with the adorable bunny face and whiskers, waiting to hear what I had to say.

"Lucy... She prepared the... wrong food."

One of her soft rabbit paws went to her forehead and shook her head.

"It... It is not... the first time?"

Trixie shook her head and looked on the table, trying to find out who's food she would be getting. I helped her a little bit by spinning the bottle so she could read the label.

"It's Meeka's... food."

Instantaneously, her two white paws went to her throat, pretending that Meeka's food would kill her. I grabbed the pet cookbook and flipped the page to find Meeka's recipes. There were several, but I quickly figured why Trixie might have had a problem with it.

"Oh... Meeka's a vegetarian..."

The white rabbit nodded and let herself fall down on the couch, pretending to have died.

"Trixie, come on. It's just food. You have to eat... Do it... for me?"

The dead animal let out a long sigh and slowly got up and placed herself in a feeding position. I knew one rabbit who would give Lucy some hell upon her return.

I inserted the nozzle in her under chin hole and squeezed the bottle. As soon as the food hit her tongue, Trixie twisted her head out the way, causing me to spray her white neck and shoulder with the green mixture.

"Trixie! Don't... do that."

Using a paper towel, I wiped her clean. It was a good thing that latex was not absorbent, but I was; I didn't want to end up with food all over me. I brought her back into position and plugged her feeding hole with the bottle again.

"Stay... Please. I have to feed you."

But as soon as I squeezed the vegetarian food through, Trixie did the same thing, and even slapped the bottle off my hand, sending it to the floor.

"Trixie! Stop!"

I wiped her clean once more, while Oreo brought me back the bottle.

"Thanks, Oreo. Trixie... It's... just food... please."

The white rabbit was not having a good time and shook her head, refusing to cooperate. It was time to change strategy...

"If you eat... I will let you... sleep with... me... tonight? In... in the pod."

That proposal caught her attention because she slowly turned her head back to look at me with her big black eyes. She let a loud sigh out and gave me a little nod.

"Good... Let's do it faster. It... will be easier."

This time, when I injected Meeka's food, Trixie accepted it all despite some body twisting. As promised, I went much faster, and she swallowed everything like a champ. A bit of water helped rinse the bad taste, but after that, without even asking for a hug, she left my booth and went to crash on another couch nearby, holding her belly. I felt so bad for her because we would have to repeat it two more times today.

The entire day went so well. I could cuddle with whoever I wanted whenever I wanted. I was also busy with some side tasks. Lucy had asked me to polish the latex animals and keep them active by playing a bit with them.

One thing I didn't expect was that the pet girls loved cuddling with each other. I guess the absence of clients triggered that behavior. Some nice scenes took place, like when Vix and Asha gave Trixie a good time. It turned into something quite sexual with boobs and crotch massage, but I didn't dare stop them. Lucy had not mentioned any rules about this, so I simply assumed it was normal for them to do that. To see my three favorite pets cuddling each other like this kind of made me jealous.

But Misti and Oreo were caring for me in the other corner of the room. The two cats were warm and affectionate, and I even took a nap with them after lunch.

All day long, my little animals were just fantastic. There were no conflicts or trouble. Feeding Trixie with the food she didn't like was the only downside of my pet sitting adventure.

"Time for bed!"

As soon as I spoke those words, the white bunny came to me and attached to my arm. I had made a promise, and I intended to honor it.

"Yes... You can sleep with me."

The four other rubber pets, however, had a little surprise for me. They all lined up, looking even cuter than before; they were doing this on purpose... But why?

"You... don't want... to sleep?"

They all shook their head together, leaving me confused... Trixie got her paw into motion; she had something to say.

She pointed at the four pets, then pointed at herself, and finally pointed at the ceiling.

"You want... to turn off the light? So... they can sleep?"

All the pet girls giggled at what I just said. For them to do that, my best guess must have been hilarious. Trixie tried again. She pointed at them, at herself, then she placed her two cushy paws on one side of her leaned head as if to sleep, then pointed at the ceiling.

"Oooh... You want them... to sleep... upstairs? In the pods?"

Trixie nodded and clapped her hands together before scraping my chest with her non-existent claws.

"I... I don't know... Is... Lucy okay with this?"

They all nodded and walked toward the lounge door.

"Okay... but don't... get me in trouble... I don't want her mad... at me."

I opened the door, and they all escaped the dining room and rushed upstairs. After a final check to ensure all the doors were locked and the lights turned off, I joined them in the room where the capsules were.

When I got there, the five pet girls played with each other in front of the pods. I quickly understood that they couldn't open the doors themselves with their cushy paws, which was why they were waiting for me.

There were four pods, and we were six. I would be sleeping with Trixie, so the other would have to decide on their sleeping arrangement.

I crouched down and opened one of the bottom capsules. I slid the white door open and moved aside to let in whoever wanted to use that one.

Misti went in first, followed by Oreo, of course... and Asha... and Vix... What were they doing? There were four of them in it now.


Trixie tapped me on the chest and pointed at the crowded sleeping pod.

"You... want me... to go in... with them?"

She nodded and started to clumsily pull on my clothes as if she wanted me to undress. What was going on? Did they really want all of us to sleep in the same bed? We were all small girls, but still... It would be the six of us piled up in a room barely bigger than a queen mattress.


The bunny girl pressed my two hands together with her paws and gave me a determined nod. She took a deep and long breath in and let it out slowly, making her ear fur wiggle. It was her way to show me that if I were to relax, everything would be alright. I suppose she was right. What did I have to lose anyway? If it was too much for me, I could just get out and use another pod. They would understand.

I started taking my clothes off, and in a snap of a finger, I was down to my underwear. I crouched down to enter the pod, but Trixie stopped me. With her paw, she pointed at my bra and panties.

"You... you want me... to be... naked?"

Trixie nodded and caressed my red cheeks. I hesitantly took my underwear off, and this time she let me go in. I was wondering who was the pet at this point. She had more control over me than I had over her, at least at this point in time.

Inside the pod, Vix, Misti, Oreo, and Asha were sitting, two on each side, leaving the middle of the mattress to me. This scene was surreal. Was I really doing this? Laying down on my back, naked, while surrounded by adorable latex pet girls? I would never have been able to do such a thing if I had not fully trusted them to take good care of me.

Trixie entered the pod after me and slid the door close behind her. I was pretty sure this micro-room wasn't designed for six people, but it probably could handle it. The fans were working harder, but they were not that loud.

Then it began. I was about to receive my ultimate reward for pet sitting all day. All the animal girls used their soft rubber paws to caress and massage my body. Trixie played gently with my ankle and feet, Oreo and Misti were taking care of my lower body while Asha and Vix had fun with my upper body. It was better than a dream.

Very gradually, they approached my most sensitive spots, waiting for my cues before going farther.

"Girls... this... this feels... very good."

What was I doing? I was getting turned on like crazy because of what they were doing to me. I didn't feel threatened, rushed, or manipulated into this. They were taking all the time in the world to make me relax and ensure I was enjoying my experience.

The latex rubbing everywhere on my skin, and now boobs and crotch, was so delicious that I started moaning a little, which was my way to express that I wanted more... I wanted much more from them.

I couldn't see Trixie's smile, but I knew it was there, behind her mask. She slowly crawled over me, making sure her thigh rubbed on my crotch, sending waves of pleasure through my entire body.

I loved those pets beyond reason!

"Clara? Clara? You in there?"


Hearing my name pulled me out of my profound sleep. An incredible feeling washed over me when I saw myself buried under a pile of cute rubber animals after opening my eyes. The capsule door quietly cracked open; it was Lucy.

"Heeey, here they all are. I was getting worried when I couldn't find anyone... It's 9 am already... I just thought I would let you know, so you are not late for work. I knew you were going to take amazing care of my pets. Thank you so much. It was so good to have a day off."

"...No... Thanks to... them."

"Aww... Okay, Clara... I'll leave you alone with them. Come downstairs whenever you are ready. We need to have a chat about this, okay?"

Lucy closed the door, leaving me happily confined with the five sleepy rubber pets. I was ready to nap just a bit longer, to enjoy the wonderful feeling... But then I felt a rubber paw rubbing on my crotch...

I was not the only one who was awake.


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