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The Bronze Horse 12

by Jar

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© Copyright 2012 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/fm+; captive; slave; pony; stables; harness; plugs; lactate; milk; hood; cart; public; outdoors; bdsm; whip; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

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I would like to thank Pliny who edited this chapter. It wouldn't be what it is without the time and trouble he spent with the revision.

Part 12

I was resting in my stall after returning from the daily trip into town. I was in a pleasant state of mind feeling refreshed and clean. Every day on my return Mato would remove my harness also the butt and pee plugs. I had been left feeling open down there between my legs. Then he had washed me down, paying special attention to my crotch area. I was left to dry in the sun before the butt plug was greased with this paste they used and slipped back up my arse.

Over the time I had been forced to wear it, I could feel that the small amount of movement it had, when I was working, had made the surrounding tissue turn into hard skin, like you get on your feet sometimes. The paste was soothing and seemed to insure the area stayed healthy.

The pee plug was left out. They were leaving it off now when I was on Fred’s Farm so I could pee whenever the urge arose. They must have damaged the muscle of my bladder with the constant stretching of the plug. The result was that I had lost control of my bladder. I would get an urge to pee but wouldn't have enough time to open my legs before the stream started. So I learned to stand with my legs wide so I did not get splashed on my hoofs.

I was returned to my stall clean, so I was feeling good. The runs each morning seemed to fill me with energy. Life felt good. The stable was quiet and the stallion and foals were a sleep. I was feeling horny as it had been some time since Minnie had let me cum. It was also several weeks since the foals were born so I was getting back to normal and feeling horny all the time. I had this idea that I could use the corner of the frame I was laying on to rub my self and with luck, I could get off.

I had been at it for several minutes and was just getting to the good point when Minnie said: "Stop that at once, you randy mare," and slapped my arse. I was startled as I had my eyes closed and my imagination going full tilt. The result was I had not heard her enter the stables. "You will receive 10 strokes with the crop as I have not given you permission to masturbate" she said. Ten minutes later I had a very sore arse. She had been smiling when she put a spreader bar across my ankles so I could not close my legs. She tied me to the rack and replaced the helmet and closed the eye lids so I could not see.

I lay there in pain from the punishment. Minnie had a very strong arm when it came to using the crop as a punishment tool. She would lay into my bottom and I would have deep indentations were each stroke landed. The bruises would last for weeks. I could hear her doing things in the stable but she was out of sight. After a while she said we would do a bit of training out on the track.

For over an hour she had me working on starts. I would have to toe a line that I could not see as the eye lids were still down, then she would shout gee up and use the crop to get me to sprint 'till I was flat out for 20 yards or so, then stop me, and we would do it all over again. It was not long before I was gasping for breath.

Next she had me run laps. I had to do one at a gentle jog then the next at very quick pace. On the next lap when we got to within 200 meters of the finish, I had to go flat out. The crop was used a lot to ensure I was at maximum. The last fifty were the worst as I was getting fatigued and my legs felt like lead but Minnie was determined to make me go as fast as possible.

Then I was allowed to drop back to a gentle jog again and get my breath back. We repeated this three lap sequence again and again. By the time Minnie rode me back to the stable I was exhausted. I was led to my stable and allowed to rest on the rack and feed the foals. After I had cooled down I was so tired I fell asleep.

Mato came in and took me to the Water Pump and swapped me for the pony that had been working there. I plodded around in the dark as the eye lids were still down and hoped that they would not keep up this work rate each day.

Today I had been up at first light and pulled the wagon into town. The trip there and back had been about an hour each way then an hour unloading and loading the stuff to bring back. Then there was the business with the boy so that must have been another hour.

Once back I was given a short rest to feed the foals, before Minnie took me for race training. That lasted two hours or more. Then back to the stables to be milked, work on the pump arm 'till late, feed the babies, sleep 'till first light, then repeat the cycle all over again. I soon learned this was to be my routine.

Having had a month off to have the foals, I had lost some of my muscle tone but I soon got that back and more with the new regime. Life was hard but I got fitter. At first I had found that I was sleeping any time I had a few minutes. As my strength built that fell to a more acceptable level and I stopped nodding off all the time.

The best thing was that after the race training I would sometimes be turned out into the paddock by the stable block. The helmet, elbow shackles and any other tack were removed. So other than the hoofs, I was completely naked including the butt and pee plugs. Also sometimes one or another of the mares would be there. I soon made friends with them both.

Then my luck changed. The stallion was let in one day when I was alone. Minnie and Mato had been very careful to ensure that I had not had an orgasm for some weeks. I think they had done the same with Strong, the name they called the stallion. I did not twig at first but they wanted us to mate.

By denying us both sexual relief we were a very randy mare and stallion. As soon as Strong saw me he got an erection. He came over and I stood my ground. I had been sexually aroused since Zato had been giving me potion from the time I had first came to this place. I did not know she had done this of course, I just thought it was to do with me being some sort of latent exhibitionist. He sniffed around me and bent to sniff my crotch. I automatically opened my legs to allow this, and then thought, "My god, you are acting like an animal."

I could see he would do anything for a fuck so I backed up a bit and then ran to the other end of the paddock, he chased after me. I was a bit cruel and made him chase me about for ten minutes or so. I did not know but Fred, Minnie and Mato were watching and were getting worried that I would not let him mate with me. Fred was about to get me and tie me to the fence so Strong would not have such a hard time, if you will excuse the pun. Minnie put her hand on her Dad's arm to stop him and they continued to watch as I knelt down and let Strong approach me.

Minnie said to her Dad: "She's teasing him but will let him do it soon," so they both waited. Well I was a good 18 inches taller than Strong and so I had to go down on my knees, and as he approached, I could see by his face he thought I would run off again but I stayed where I was and wigged my bum at him. He got the message and went around the back of me.

I had been surprised at how large he was. As he started to enter me I could not help pushing back to get all of him as quickly as possible. "You slut" I thought. He did not waste any time getting into a fast pace and soon I was moaning in pleasure as I started to come. Not long after that I could feel him tense and spurt his jet of hot cum into me. This made me come again and we both stayed like that for several minutes catching our breath.

I felt him shrink, slip out, and wander off to lay down a sleep. Typical man no warm cuddle for the woman after they have had their way with you. I lay down and day dreamed about soft beds and warm bodies on cold nights. I must have dozed off as I felt him between my legs trying to get back in. I was not sure how long I slept but the boy was hard and keen to go again. So was I for that matter. He lasted a bit longer this time but was not helped my me milking him as much I could with my internal muscles.

Mato and Minnie came to the gate and called us both. I got up and went to them. No point in making them try to catch me, it would only piss-off Minnie. I was also in a very very good mood with happy thoughts and a dreamy smile. I felt Minnie’s fingers as she attached the lead to my clit ring and said: "Gosh girl, you're all wet, what have you been up to." With a big smirk on her face.

Once in the stable wash area, Minnie gave me a nice wash all over then dried me. I was allowed to go to my stall and stand and watch as Strong was put in his stall. A bit later I was tacked up and taken to the Water Pump. This time after replacing the pony I realised that I was driving the Sawmill.

For about three hours the men cut trees into planks and beams. I was told to stop and a lever was moved to another position and I had to walk again. Now I could see the water flow out the pipe. I realised that they could operate either the Water Pump, Sawmill or the Mill Stones depending on where the lever was put. It was getting dark before I was replaced by a smiling Strong and taken back to the stables to feed my foals.

The days followed the same pattern. Deliver goods to town in the early morning, back for a short break, then race training. Afternoon rest, if you can call it that, in the paddock with Strong. Clean up, then work on the Water Pump 'till dark, then sleep. Days followed days with the same routine.

I found the trips to town interesting. Minnie would not leave me in the street alone any more as I think she was worried about the boy on that earlier trip or some sort of other incident. She would tie me to the hitching rail but would only go and look into the shop windows. Every couple of minutes she would look around to see if I was still all right. This action and selflessness made me love her more. She was prepared to give-up something she really wanted for my welfare.

One day I woke up feeling a bit grumpy, unfortunately, this coincided with Minnie having a bad day also. Her Dad had given her a hard time the night before about boys and so she was in a foul mood. They say you always hurt the one you love so she gave me a hard time all the way to town and back. The mood was not helped as I was deliberately awkward as well.

I would deliberately wander of course so she had to keep alert. Once we ended up in a field. I had enjoyed her being bounced around. She had to be careful with the whip or her Dad would have a go at her. So by the time we had got back to the farm and unloaded she was pretty pissed with me. I was led into the big stall across the back of the stables and fed.

Once I had eaten my food Minnie made me lay on my back and tied ropes to the neck collar and spreader bar then to the sides of the stall so I was unable to get up or turn over. I never lay on my back as it was uncomfortable to have my arms pressing into my back. Minnie said: "Maybe the discomfort will make you do as you’re told."

I lay there for some time and must have dozed off as I had a dream of Strong fucking me and awoke very randy. I tried to think of away to get the orgasm I so desperately needed when I felt one of the pony girls kneel between my legs. She lowered her head and licked my clit. I nearly exploded and thrust my hips up to meet her face and mouth. The next thing was the other one lay along side and started to suck my nipples. It only took a few minutes before I went off. But the girls did not stop and soon I was back up on top of the mountain ready to fall off again.

How they got into the stall I did not know or care. It turned out that Minnie had felt bad about how she had treated me and put them in my stall. For me it was made up for by my new friends. They did not or could not talk but they could sure use their mouths. I had always thought of lesbians as foul, horrible, sick people but I was now always aroused with the ring on my clitoris. I could not resist them and was soon showed the delights of this form of sex.

Minnie came to the stall sometime later and put a small bell on my nipple and clit rings so they would jingle as I ran. I was taken to the training ring and we worked on more starts and laps. The movement of the clit bell was making me randy so I knew I liked them and was glad they had been put in. But, in what state would I be when we finished? I had a mild orgasm after about half an hour and as I could not stop, I had to run through it. It was a weird sensation as I was left tingling in the crotch area. By the time we did stop for a water break I could feel my vaginal fluid running down my legs. I was most embarrassed when Minnie stopped to give me water and she noticed it.

She just smiled but did nothing to help me. It would not have taken long to get me off if she had wished. By the time we got home I had several more orgasms but each one left me feeling more aroused.

I had been put with Strong most afternoons but when my period started they knew I wasn't pregnant. They stopped us mating and I could see how frustrated Minnie and Mato had become at the lack of a result. One afternoon I was in the paddock relaxing and I could see Fred and Mato working on fencing alongside the paddock. They were building two new paddocks next to the one I was in.

I stood and watched for a while and when they stopped for a break, Mato gave me pieces of apple by hand. The sweet taste was fantastic after my bland daily feed. The work on the paddocks took several days and I wheedled a piece every time I could.

Not long after the work on the new paddocks was completed, the Horse Trader appeared. It looked like the same well worn pony girls were pulling the wagon, but this time he had four strings of 5 pony girls each, tied to the back.

Fred went to meet him and they greeted each other like long lost brothers. The string of ponies was untied and put into the two new paddocks. Ten ponies in each. Then the ponies pulling the wagon were put in with me. They trotted up to me and we rubbed our chests together and snorted in greeting. I was glad they remembered me and hoped for some fun tonight. I moved to the water trough so they could drink and refresh them selves. After all, I was host of the party. Ten minutes later we were running about playing tag. I noticed that much the same was going on with the rest of the ponies.

At that point everyone stopped and crowded against the paddock fence. I did not know why so I went to have a look myself. Being taller than the rest I could see over their heads. It was Strong being led back from the Water Pump.

I was reminded of a building site when pretty girls walk by and the men shout and whistle at them. Well the girls were doing it to Strong. Minnie was not impressed and waved her arms at them but I could not help but smile at Strong. His back straightened the fatigue left and he started to get an erection. As he strutted pass he was the cock of the walk, so to say.

I wondered where they were all going to sleep as our stable was too small for everyone. Fred, the family, Mato and the Horse Trader, beer in hand, came over to review the new ponies. Being a bit nosy, well very nosy, I moved as close as possible. Minnie came and sat on the top rail and put her arm around me as we listened.

Fred was telling the trader, whose name is Oters, that they looked like very good stock. He had not expected so many from their last talk but would take the lot. I saw Mother’s jaw drop at the expected cost of this. Fred then asked him to stay for awhile so they could talk over several ideas that he had. He offered him a proper bed in the house. Oters agreed to stay stating that a soft bed and good food would be a welcome change to sleeping on the ground and his own cooking.

Fred told Minnie and Lato to get the tack off the new ponies and to feed and water them. Mato was to rig a shelter in each paddock so they could get out of the sun. "Use the long poles behind the shed and the two big tarpaulins that are in the 2nd shed." Mato nodded his understanding and went off to complete the task.

Oters and Fred walked towards the house., When they got to the door Fred turned and walked back to Minnie and told her that she should get what stuff she needed out of her room as Oters would be using her room during his stay. "You can sleep in the stables for a couple of nights." She was about to blow up when she realised that this idea had a lot of up side. So she just said "OK dad." Fred looked at her hard as he had expected her to go off on one so I knew she was up to something.

Once Minnie had finished with the ponies she went off to get what clothes and other items she needed. As I had nothing to do I stood and watched Mato rig the shelters for the new ponies. First Lato was roped into helping by holding onto the poles as Mato tied the Trampoline in place. When Minnie returned, she and Lato held up a pole each and Mato rigged up guy ropes at that end. A quick transfer to the other end and the first shelter was finished.

Several times the new ponies would wander up and get in the way and I could tell Minnie and Mato were getting annoyed and would shout at them. Lato being young thought it was funny when Mato had bent down to hammer in a peg and one of the ponies ran into him, knocking him to the ground. I could see Minnie smiling as well. The ponies had been playing chase not looking where they were going. Even I had whinnied at the sight of him sprawled out.

This got me a glare and as soon as the first shelter was finished, Mato took me to the Water Pump to replace the pony there. It was too early for me to start my shift. I was sure this was his way of punishing me for laughing at him. So I played up all the way there making him mad and getting me several swats with his crop, then he put a sack over my head. My tantrum had done me no good as I still ended up on the Water Pump but now I couldn’t see. By the time I was taken back to the stables I was in a foul mood, so the sack was left in place.

I was put in the larger end stall, my tack removed, and left to feed the babies. Minnie was curled up asleep under a blanket at the far side of the stall. I made as much noise as possible and she woke up. "Don’t be such a grump", she said, "Mato was only embarrassed at being laughed at and he couldn’t take it out on me or my sister so it had to be you. It was so funny when they bowled into him", she said. "After he took you away we had a good laugh, so go to sleep or I will make you work twice as hard tomorrow on the trip to town." My mood improved as I thought of Mato with his face in the dirt.

It was late morning before I was back in my stable giving the foals their midday feed. I heard voices and realised it was Fred and Oters coming into the stable. Fred took Strong out of his stall and let him into mine so that while I lay on the rack feeding the foals he could cover me.

Fred and Oters stood and watched, then Fred thanked Oters for converting the stones. Oters got serious and said that the total was 8,000 gold coins. "You got much more than I expected," Fred said. "Well," Oters said, "the more I got for you the bigger the share for me." They both laughed. Strong was still going well behind me and I was surprised at how long he could last. I was trying not to come as I might lose the thread of the conversation if I orgasmed.

"How much for the ponies," asked Fred. "Well, normally I would ask one gold coin for each but would be beaten down to 75 shields, or so." Fred said: "I'll was going to give you 10% for conversion of the stones, so how about 900 gold coins for the ponies and the stones?"

Oters was stunned by the size of the offer and greeted it with a big grin. At this point I lost track as my mind filled with lust and pleasure as I came.

The next thing I heard was Fred saying "can you do another load?" "Of course," Oters said but first let’s get your gold out of my wagon and into somewhere safe. "Tonight" said Fred, would be the best time, when everyone's asleep.

It was dark when Fred brought one of the ponies down to the Water Pump to relieve me. As I was led back to the stables we stopped at Oters' wagon where a large wooden box sat on the tail board. I was backed up to it and ropes were used to tie it to my arm rings. Fred then led me to Zato's place and to the back of the cave to a metal door. The door was open and I was led into a small room with a stone shelf at the back. I was made to turn around and deposit the box on the shelf. Then the ropes were undone. We left and I heard Fred close and lock the door.

Back in my stall I was too excited to sleep. The box had been very heavy so I knew that this was the gold I had heard Fred and Oters talking about. I now had a very rich owner. I would be bought nice leather tack and get the best feed and stall. It was at this point that I realised I’d given up the thought of escape and this was my life now. I was now not so excited.

When I got back after the trip to town I was washed and standing in the sun when Fred came up to Mato and Minnie. Fred said Mato was now in charge of the Stables. Minnie’s was to be his assistant but would also be in sole charge of the racing side. Lato was to be used before and after school on light work then, as she got older, to learn every part of the job.

The plan was that the current stable would be used for Bronze and her foals, and for breeding mares. Strong and the other stallions would have their own stable. The other ponies would, likewise, have a stable for themselves. "Once the new stables are built," Fred explained, "we will rebuild the current stable and make space for racing ponies and for an office. The plan will be to rent ponies and to run a transport company."

He went on to explain that with all the extra ponies Mato would not be able to look after them on his own so he was to recruit as many people as he needed. Fred would organise the building of the required stables.

Mato and Minnie were stunned and looked at each other as if they could not believe their ears. Then they started to jump up and down hugging each other and shouting.

Author's Note: I need someone who will help me with my writing and do a read through before I send them to Gromet's Plaza etc, would anyone be willing to proof read my stories. Contact me via Gromet.


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