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The Bronze Horse 11

by Jar

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© Copyright 2011 - Jar - Used by permission

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Part 11

Sometimes she would harness me up with the helmet and bra but not the elbow cuffs or saddle and we would go for a ride. Bare back I suppose it would be called. Despite this I did enjoy have Minnie ride me it was nice to be able to get away from some of the menial tasks I was given, like walking in circles for hours on the pump.

We were only out for about an hour but it did help get the kinks out of my muscles. I could see the ponies working at the water pump or the millstones. Some times we would come across one pulling a cart or some other item. Life was not bad now that I had accepted being a pony for the rest of my existence.

I could not leave my babies even if I had no idea who the father was or that they were the result of my being raped. They were mine, my flesh and blood and I would not leave them to fend on their own in this world. I would be there for them as much as I was able.

The next two weeks continued each day much the same. I was finding it easer each morning. The stiffness in my legs had gone and I was putting on more muscle. The rides with Minnie had become more active. They now involved more running which I enjoyed. The Bra was working well and Minnie had come up with a solution to the milk being sprayed about.

When I trotted or galloped the action would still make my breasts sway. This caused the milk inside to run out and be flicked off the nipple so Minnie had got two rubber bands that could go around each nipple. They were just tight enough to stop the milk but not stop the blood circulation.

It was some two weeks later I was woken by Minnie at about 5 in the morning. She was getting the babies to feed on one nipple while the other was drained using a pump. The pump worked much quicker than the babies could drink my milk so the breast was soon empty. This was put into three bottles and given to the foals. The other breast was then drained.

While the pump was working Minnie put on the Elbow harness and the helmet. She latched open the eye lids so I could see. On to the top of the helmet she fixed a plume into a slot in the top of the helmet. Next she put a tail into the slot in my Butt Plug. I had worn the tail before when she rode me but not the plume. Then Fred came in and I was surprised as he was never around the stables at this time of the morning as it was still dark.

He asked if all was ready and if so to bring me outside. She clipped on the clit ring halter and led me out of the stable. I could see it was just starting to get light and there was that chill to the air that made it feel crisp and clean. A good morning to be up and I wondered what was going on.

I was led over to the shafts of a wagon. This one had 4 wheels and the shafts turned the front two. I could see it was loaded with stuff but not what, as it had a tarpaulin cover it. I was soon connected to the shafts and reins attached to the Bit in my mouth. Then she connected the pipe from the water bag, strung between the shafts, and turned the tap. I could feel the water flow into my bowels and fill me up. I had got use to this over the months since I started on the Water Pump. I never ceased to amaze me how well this kept me hydrated.

Both got up on the seat at the front of the wagon and with Fred holding the reins flicked them and told me to gee up. I lent forward and took up the strain onto my shoulders and the wagon despite it being quite heavy started to move. A tug on the left of my bit made me turn in that direction. The pull continued till I was facing the entrance and then pull became even so I then went straight ahead.

We soon reached the road at the end of the drive and a right tug on the bit turned me out and on to it. A flick of the reins and I put in more effort as the signal required. I was now going a brisk pace that soon had the blood flowing and my muscles warmed up. Another flick and a “Trot On” from Fred moved me up a gear.

We came to a hill, luckily for me it is down hill and I lean back against my arms as the wagon tries to roll over me. I suddenly had a vision of what would happen to me if this came to pass. I would be face down on the ground being dragged along. It would be torn to pieces on the rough road surface. The thought of my bloody and torn body made me take special care to keep control of the wagon.

Several times we came to slight rises. This was a problem as I felt the weight of the wagon pulling me backwards so I had to dig a bit deeper to make it keep moving. A flick with his whip made me put in more effort to keep up the speed. As we trundled along I could hear Fred explained to Minnie that today he would show her what to do but from tomorrow onwards it would be her responsibility to make this run each day.

I heard her complain that it was very early in the morning and she would not get much sleep as she had to supervise Bronze on the Water Pump, then take me back to the stables and ensure that I feed the babies etc. He told her that he had lined up some one else to work from 9 till 12 each night so she could go to bed. I had to smile to myself. Fred knew about the boy friend and this was his way of cutting the evening short without letting on he knew. I wondered how Minnie would get around this problem in her love life.

For over and hour I had been trotting along when we crested a small rise and could see the town before us. Make a good show shouted out FRED to me and no talking. I tried to be a bit straighter but I had been running for over an hour and was getting tired. As we approached the town limit sign I was slowed to a walk, this allowed me to strut a bit.

When went down the main street and my first impression was of a film set for a western. Wooden houses with a raised walkway down each side of the road. They even had hitching rails at intervals along the street. We arrived outside a store and I was pulled to a stop. Fred handed Minnie the reins and got down from the wagon and walked up the steps, across the wooded walk way and in the shop. Several minutes later he came out with a man and told Minnie to follow him to the unloading yard.

Minnie had to back me up and do a three point turn so we could go back the way we had come. At the first junction Fred and the man turned left into a side road and a tug on the reins had me following them. She had waited till we were almost past the junction before giving the signal and I had kept going. I knew she was testing me if I had turned without her say so things would have been painful. I had enough experience not to make decisions for my self and many red lines had come and gone to make her point on me.

We again turned left down a back alley and into the yard at the back of the store. I was wheeled round and then backed the wagon up to a loading bay. Another man and boy came out and helped Minnie get the cover off while Fred and the Storekeeper stood and watched. All the items were unloaded and counted and itemised. I could hear Fred and the man discuses how the account would work. Fred seemed happy in the end and they both shook hands and went into the store, I suppose to sign the agreement.

Minnie came round to me and had me kneel down so I could rest. She put her hand in front of my mouth and when the fingers opened I could see a small boiled sweet. I looked up at her and she said, "You have been good today so this is your reward. You may get more if I think you are being willing and trying hard". I kissed her hand, and then took the sweet in my lips. It tasted so good. I could hear her refill the water bag for the return journey.

Some stuff was loaded into the wagon, then the cover was pulled over and tied down. We were ready to go and Minnie told me to stand. Out the corner of my eye I could see Fred shake hands with the Storekeeper and then get up on to the wagon. Minnie offered him the reins but he told her to drive as she would be doing the trip tomorrow on her own.

Minnie was able to drive me straight out of the yard and down the ally to the main street. Once on that we made our way to the outskirts and the road home. I was surprised at how many ponies I saw, both male and female all naked and hair less. In a field we had seen a team of 4 male Ponies pulling a plough. Then we were passed by a stagecoach going out of town pulled by a team of 8 women.

Once clear of town the ride home was uneventful. On arrival at the village we went to the store building to unload the supplies that had been purchased. Some were already paid for and were collected by the villagers. Except for the stuff that was Fred’s the rest was unloaded. Once back in the Yard at Fred’s House Minnie unhitched me and handed me over to Mato who had come out to meet us.

He led me to a paved area which was used to wash the ponies down. There was three rings mounted at equal distances along the wall and he tied the halter that was clipped to my clit ring to one. He then made me kneel down so he could reach my head and remove the helmet. Then he removed my tail, elbow and Bra harness. He checked me for sores spot etc and seemed satisfied I was OK and not in need of medication. My breasts were sore but mostly they needed to be milked.

First he used a bucket with soapy water and a sponge to wash me from me head down. He paid special attention to me breasts, in particular to area under them were the sweet was trapped by the fold on the breast over the chests. I did find his attention arousing. I saw him smile as my nipples hardened under his fingers. I blushed, bright red, and looked at the ground. "Don’t worry my big pony", he said, "I will get round to that problem later". This only made the situation worse from my point of view.

I was told to stand and then he put a bucket under me and I knew I had to squat as he removed the centre of the Butt Plug. I could feel the water, that had been poured into me during the trip to town and back, flow out and into the bucket. He also undid the ball on the pee tube and that flowed out into the bucket.

Once drained he moved the bucket to one side and washed me down. He did right to my hoofs then returned to my crutch area. He pushed a wash cloth up around the side of the Butt Plug, working his small fingers between the edge of the Bronze Plug and my muscle, ensuring it was clean. When he had finished this area I knew what was coming and felt both embarrassed and horny at the same time.

He worked the wash cloth up between my legs. The lack of hair on my pussy meant that the sweat as it ran down off my stomach allowed the road dust to stick to the folds of my vigina. I was also aroused most of the time and would have the semi sticky juices that I produced all over the area of my sex. He stood in front and kicked the inside of one of my hoofs I know he wanted me to open my legs to allow him access. Up till this point it had only been Minnie who had washed me there and in fact no man had done this before.

He looked up as the cloth was pulled up between my legs and stared me in the face with a wicked grin on it. I went red and looked away but did push my crotch out and forward into the cloth. He worked on the lips and folds of my vigina till I was moaning. My clit felt like it would burst especially each time he moved the piercing back and forth. I need to cum and then his hand stopped. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. "Do you want to cum?" he said and again I went Red. He asked again and then said, "If you don’t answer I will stop". I tapped my hoof twice and pushed up against his hand that was cupping my Mons.

I found it difficult to stay upright as the long period of sexual frustration was brought to an end. I was sure it was the best orgasm ever. It may not have been but it sure felt like it. As I came down slowly he continued to wash the area and I soon came again. This time he was all business as he finished off with the soap. He put the bucket to one side and picked up the hose and using the spray setting rinsed off the soap. He pushed the nozzle up the Butt plug and felt the cold water shoot into me and out as he pulled it away then back. He rinsed off my legs then turned of the hose and coiled and hung it on the rack on the wall.

He told me to stand there and drip dry while he got my food ready. Five minutes later I was lying on the rack in my stall with the foals suckling on my nipples as I eat from the bowl in front of me. He came in and fitted the centre in the plug and the ball on the pee tube. Then he said “I have brushed your tail” as I felt him clip it back in place. I felt good and the day had gone well with the trip to town etc so I was in a happy mode.

I had eaten and all the foals had been feed. They lay beneath me and slept, they looked so peaceful and contented. They were not clothed like an ordinary baby would be, but did not appear concerned or appear cold but would kick in their sleep. I could not stop watching them and did not hear Minnie enter the stall and shut the gate.

I jumped when she said, "They are lovely aren’t they". I turned to look at her and felt love well up in my eyes as a tear ran down my cheek. "Something in your eye?" said Minnie and wiped it off but smiled at me. "Enough of this sentimetal stuff you have work to do". The Elbow harness was put on but not the helmet of bra harness. With the lead clipped to my clit I was led to the yard were Minnie mounted me and rode me to a field at the back of their house.

A large square metal frame was attached to my elbow rings and I had to drag it along. What I could see was that Fred had marked out an oval track about 500 meters long, and I was to use this frame to rake level the running surface. The metal frame was in fact a rake that was dragged over the ground and broke up the surface. The front of the frame would rough the surface up and the dirt and very small stones would fall out of the sieve but the bigger stones were worked to the back were it had a tray across the back edge into which the stone would roll. At first it would fill up quickly and I would be turned off the track to the inside area were a lever would open the flap and dump the stones.

After many trips around the track the surface started to get flat and stone free. Minnie rode me until lunch time and I was taken back to the yard. We meet Fred as we came into the yard and I could feel her tense up on seeing her dad. He said, "Why isn’t she wearing the helmet?" and I knew there was a problem. He picked up a lead and clipped it to my clit and would have led me to a wall ring but I felt I had to protect Minnie and refused to move in fact I knelt so she could dismount. My thinking was she could run and hide till he cooled down. He would not follow her as he had hold of my lead.

Instead she walked up to him and said, "Bronze will not run off and I trust her to do as she is told".

"Well that is not the point", he said, "I told you that each time Bronze leaves the yard she is to wear the Helmet. You disobeyed me so you get punished". At this point I moved and stood in front of Minnie. He looked up at me and said, "If you don’t move out of the way you get punished as well. I may even ask Zato to go ahead and remove your eyes, then you will never have to bother about wearing the Helmet ever again".

I was frightened but stood my ground then Minnie took the lead from Fred’s hand and said, "Bronze follow me", and led me to the wall and tied off the lead. "Stay there", she said.

She walked back to Fred and bent over. He used a stick on her bottom and I pulled at the lead to try and protect her but I did not have the guts to tear out the ring from my body. Minnie looked at me and smiled, she held up her hand to tell me to stand still so I did. I stood and looked at her with tears rolling down my face. Fred finished and told her to put me in my stall till the afternoon shift.

Whilst we had been working she told me that I was to be trained for a pony race in six weeks time at the county show. The show ran for a week and they had races each day and the winners moved on during the week to a grand final on the last day. If I showed that I was good enough they would enter me. But on one condition. I was to continue doing exactly as I was told and not make any trouble or I would go back to the work schedule on the water Pump permanently. Did understand? I tapped my hoof twice.

I was taken to my stall and allowed to feed as I fed the Foals. She had tears in her eyes from the beating that Fred had given her but had not made a sound. She pointed to the ground and I knelt down and stroked my face and said, "That was very brave and foolish of you to stand up to my Dad like that. Thank you very much", and kissed my forehead. I started to cry at that point and we both ended up with tears running down our faces. That afternoon I was harnessed by Mato and taken to the Water Pump. Were I was made to trot for the next 4 hours.

What with the run into Town and the track clearing by the end I was exhausted. I still had another 4 hours shift to go after my break and felt it would not be possible to run for that time. I was allowed to walk for most of the time with only small periods to trot. By the time I was back in my stall I was wiped out and soon fell asleep. I even left the foals to fend for themselves which they seemed to do.

The next morning I was fed and watered normally. I was fully tacked up including the helmuet and taken out by Mato and hitched to the wagon then Minnie arrived. She was not walking very well and I could see she had a thick cushion to put on the seat. My heart went out to her. Once on the road she perked up and started to chat to me. The conversation was one way as I could no longer talk thanks to Zato operating on my neck.

The trip was much the same as yesterday and followed the same routine on our return. Later on in the morning after I had a sleep Minnie returned still walking a bit funny. In fact she looked more sore than the morning as I thought it was probably from bouncing around on the seat all morning.

She harnessed me with the Elbow sheaths but not the helmet. Again the clit lead was used and led me to the yard and told me to kneel. I had no saddle so she had to sit on my bear arms. When she told to rise I did, then she tried to make me walk out the yard and I knew that she was going to defy Fred and use me without the Helmet.

I refused to move and she become angry and used her crop on my bottom. I still refused to move and she really laid into my bottom and thigh’s. At one point she hit me so hard that it started to bleed. At this point she broke down and cried. I knelt down and she got off. I kissed her face to tell her I was not angry with her for hurting me and soon she had her arms around my neck and we were both crying together.

She put on the helmet and we went to the track. Once Minnie was on my back she undid the eye lids and I could see the work that had been done to the lay out. Fred was leaning on the inside rail that had been built down one part of the straight. He told her to close the eye lids as they would have to be shut if I was raced. He told her to warm me up with a couple of slow laps then each one after that to get faster and faster.

The first one was not more than a fast walk then into a trot. An hour later I had wobbly legs and was breathing very hard. She had me running flat out for the last 6 laps. Minnie steered me into an enclosure with a 4 foot fence all around it so I could not run off. After she had dismounted Fred said he was very pleased with my speed and patted my bottom. It made me feel very proud and I pushed out my chest, which made them, both laugh.

I was given a long drink while he rubbed me down and Minnie massaged my legs. I had got use to wearing the helmet with the eye lids closed during my time on the Water Pump and other time when outside my stall and could move around with confidence if directed. I would stand still if not told to move mainly because I would have to feel my way about.

I was not aware of this but after I had been returned to my stall Fred had spoken to Minnie and told her he had seen what had happened in the yard. I think Minnie was scared that he would beat her again. Instead Fred said that he would set some tests for me over the coming weeks and if I passed he would consider letting me not have to wear the Helmet close to home like the water pump etc.

So unknown to me Fred set several tests for me over the weeks. I would be led into the enclosure and Minnie would dismount, then she and Fred would start to talk and slip in that we were going some were else. They would walk off and see what I would do. But every time I just stood still once for over an hour till they came back to collect me. This pattern continued for over a month, right up to the day before we left for the races.

The next day after we had arrived at the store in town and unloaded all the vegetables I heard Minnie ask the store keeper if she could leave the wagon in his yard while she took me to the harness maker. He agreed and soon we were out in the street. Me being led on the halter attached to my clit ring.

I smiled to myself at how things change. Months ago the thought of walking down a main street of a town naked would have either never occurred or would have been to embarrassing to consider. I even strutted a bit to make a bit of a show to people who passed us. My height caused most of them to stop and stare at us, so many people saw all my charms so to speak.

I felt proud strutting along behind Minnie with my fine plume sticking up from the helmet. I had wondered why Minnie had come to my stall last night and polished it. I could feel my tail brush across the back of my legs. The sun was out and I felt happy to be with Minnie.

We soon arrived at the harness maker and had to wait while he finished with another customer. I decided to play up a bit for Minnie and stood very straight and thrust out my chest and bum to make a fine spectacle. When she turned and saw me she smiled but I could see in her expression that she was proud to be in charge of such a well trained pony that was so big and her so small.

She explained that she wanted a racing saddle and gave him a letter and a drawing that Fred had made. The letter was to cover the cost of it being made. He made me kneel so he could reach my arms and shoulders, then he talked through with Minnie the fine details of what was required. I was measured and so was she. Both with her on my back and not. He told her it would take about two weeks before the first fitting then a week to finish it off. Minnie agreed and we left.

Minnie decided to have a look around the town. I was not allowed on the side walk so she had to walk in the road leading me. If she saw a shop she wanted to look at I was tied to the hitching rail out side while she went inside. At one shop I was tied outside when a group of small boys came along. One of the boys was a bit bigger than the rest and there was something sneaky about him. It was soon obvious that he was the ring leader, the one who would dare the others so that he did not get into trouble.

One of the boys said look at the size of that mare she’s a giant. They gathered around me and I was sure they meant trouble if I was not careful. "Bet you can’t touch her tits", said the big boy to one of the smaller ones. "Ah Bart why does it always have to be me?" said the small boy. "It don’t if you’re scared!" quipped Bart. I was angry to hear this bully say things like this but stayed still.

The small boy came forward and put out his hand and I did not move as he touched my breasts and darted back on to the side walk. This did not satisfy the bully so he dared him to pull the ring between my legs. I knew this would probably hurt but was determined not to make a fuss. I had a feeling that no matter who was at fault it would be me that got it in the neck.

He darted forward and tugged it and I jumped. Then another boy did the same. Soon I was being tormented by several of the boys. They would dart in and poke or pull the rings. Then one boy pulled hard on my clit ring and I pulled back and knocked down a boy behind me. He lay in the road and cried, the Bully then cried out that I had kicked him. This was a very serious situation as if I was proved that I was dangerous I could be put down.

Several adults came up and when they were told that I had kicked the boy they called for the Horse Control Officer (HCO) to have me put down. More and more people turned up and things were getting out of control and I was frightened. Minnie came out the shop when she herd the noise and got hold of my reins. I felt better with her there and stood still as she stood in front of me.

By now the crowd had got out of control and the HCO had turned up. He demanded that Minnie give him the reins and I would be taken to the city pound. Minnie started to cry and plead that I was a good pony and this was not true. Some woman turned to her and said how did she know what had happened as she was in the shop.

Suddenly a man came and stood on the walkway and shouted for every one to be quiet. He was the town Sheriff and commanded respect. He called the boy Bart over and said tell ever one what happened. The bully was so pleased that he was the centre of attention that he got carried away and told the crowd that they were just walking by when for no reason I just kicked the lad.

When he finished the Sheriff then said, "Am I right that you are saying she just kicked him for no reason. Before you answer remember the penalty for lying to an official". The Boy was too full off himself to realise the full implications of what was said and repeated the story.

"Well", said the Sheriff, "my deputy and I", he pointed to an upstairs window across the street, "were watching". At this point every one looked in that direction and the Deputy waved back from the window. "We saw you tell these boys to tease the pony and the lad you said was kicked was not knocked down, he ran into her legs. Her hoofs never left the ground".

The crowed rounded on the boy who was now terrified. Before the crowd could do anything the Sheriff grabbed him and told the HCO to give the pony to Minnie and for her to go home. He then marched the boy off down the road to the Town jail. I was later told that the Sheriff had been trying for some time to punish the lad and he was always causing trouble but never got the blame as he had the others do the deed.

I was lead back to the loading bay and connected to the wagon and we left town. On the way home Minnie said, "Do not tell any one what happened". I was a bit miffed at that, I was not able to talk because of Zato had done so who could I tell, but I nodded my head and whined to her.


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