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The Bronze Horse 10

by Jar

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© Copyright 2011 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; stables; piercing; lactate; milk; birth; hood; cons; X

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Part Ten

Manto returned to my stall with a tray and a step ladder, the tray he placed on the large shelf at the back of the stall. He then came round to my front and set up the step ladder so that he would be able to reach my face. He went back to the tray, picked up the new bronze nose ring and after climbing the ladder looked me in the eyes and said, “Am I going to have a problem with you or are you going to cooperate for me?”

I taped my hoof three times to indicate no, but was not sure I could stand still if the pain was very bad. He took the needle and found the spot were the nose ring had been before and although it had healed some what, it still had a hole through the cartilage of the nose itself. So although the pain made me moan and a tear came to my eyes it was soon over and the ring clamped shut.

Next he pierced holes in both ears lobes and put in 2 inch rings that were crimped closed permanently. I had pierced ears before so I did not feel as horrified as with the nose ring. He also put in a smaller ring half way up the side of the ear. "That will look nice", he said, "with a decoration on it when it is healed".

He stroked the side of my face and made soothing noises to make me feel better. When the tears had stopped he said, "You were very brave to stand still like that, so I have a treat for you", and he put a boiled sweet into my mouth. It was the nicest thing I had eaten since the start of my ordeal all those months ago and his kindness made me cry again. So he stroked my head and made 'shhing' noises to quieten me.

He also said I had to be good all the time and do as I was told, then I may get another one each week. Such a small thing won my heart and I promised to do as I was told. He did not know this as I could no longer talk but I tried to make noises that would convey the message to him. My antic’s made him laugh.

He got down from the ladder and took it out of the stall and lent it against the wall. Next he brought in a mirror which he fixed to the left hand wall of the stall. Then he repeated this on the right hand side. He explained that Zato wanted me to be able to see myself both back and front to reminded me of what I now was. The rods that I could connect to my Bit Bar, to keep me standing upright, when I slept, were both hung off a central bar so I could turn any way I wished. I turned to my right and for the first time I could see what I now looked like. I was very surprised.

My head, neck and shoulders were green. Both elbow for about 6 inch up and down were also stained, along with and area between my legs. This was a result of the brass in the bronze. When the sweat had got on the metal some sort of chemical action had taken place resulting in the colour leaching into my flesh.

My face I could no longer recognize as mine it had changed so much. My jaw and teeth had been pulled forward so that I now had a muzzle not unlike a real pony. I’d had buck teeth since I was a little girl and had been teased a lot at school but now I was permanently deformed.

On top of this I now had long pointed ears. My neck seemed longer. When I looked I could see the reflection of my back and where my arms were now joined. The wrist was just a scar were the skin had been joined and off course I had no hands.

The only part that I thought looked good was the hoofs. Standing on my toes made my legs appear much longer. My calves were very elegant and the whole way the foot merged into the ankle and lower leg was amazing. The down side was my thighs. Where I had been working so hard my thighs were huge and very muscular. I suspected that Zato had fed me some sort of steroids to increase muscle’s size. It was the sort of thing she would do.

The whole look did make me look like a pony and I knew that there would be no point in trying to escape because I could never go back to my old life, so Zato had won and a Horse I would remain for the rest of my life.

I must have been looking for some time as I became aware of Mato returning to the stables leading a Stallion. I had seen him before I had tried my escape attempt. He was led into an area just outside the row of stalls and the halter ties to a ring on the wall. This area was paved and had a drain set intro the floor. Along the wall at the back were several rings spaced about 3 feet apart.

He looked very tired and his legs were dirty and covered in mud. He was very dark skinned but not what would call black in our world. I was not sure if this was a natural skin colour or the results of being exposed to the sun all day.

An odd shaped bucket was hung on a hook in the wall and the ball in the caterer removed. As the stallion peed into it I realised that the bucket looked like the china things men have on the wall of their toilets. Men stand and women squat I though with a giggle.

Mato then washed him down and said, "Come on Rutswell". This must be his name I thought. He was led to the first stall on the opposite side to me and turned into his box. Mato then put food on his shelf and locked the door to the box. I could hear him eating for about 10 min before he disappeared from view. I could soon hear snoring so knew he was sleeping.

I tried to release the rods holding me up but for some reason I could not. Then Mato walked by and said, "It’s no use trying to undo those Bronze, they are locked on for today while I set up this milking machine. I need you in one place and not running about". I stopped fidgeting about and stood still while he set up the machine against the side of the stall.

As he worked, Mato talked to me and said, "Instead of the village bringing their babies here for you to feed we are going to milk you and then sell the milk to village. Once you foal what is left after you have feed your foals will also be sold. Anything to make money!" he said, "that’s the motto".

Next he fitted two bronze bands around the base of each breast. These split in half to fit, then clipped together. I noticed that the outside of the bands were decorated with some design. I did not get time to see that at this point in time. They were fairly tight and gripped the base of each breasts firmly. There was a short rod between the breasts so the distance was maintained and wide leather strap went around my back and was buckled in place. A strap went from the top of each metal band over the shoulders and buckled on to the strap around my back. The band came out about 3 or 4 inches leaving about the last couple of inches of my breasts sticking out.

The whole thing making a bra that would support both breasts and stop them bouncing about too much. He then put a tube, with a belled end, over the nipple and used small short leather straps to hold it in place to the larger metal bra. These tubes had pipes that led to the machine on the wall.

Two small platforms protruded from the wall at floor level. He released a lever that allowed the rods holding me upright to slide along a track till I was standing on the platforms and was told to move from one to the other. I soon realised that they were like bellows that produced the suction as my weight was transferred from on to the other.

It was not long before I could feel the milk being sucked from first one then the other nipple as I walked in place. I could see it flowing into a glass jar hanging from the machine. "There", he said, "now keep that up till I come back Bronze, no slaking off, your I will warm your hind quarters".

I keep pressing down on the platforms and I am reminded of one of those exercise machines that they have in Gyms to work out on. About an hour later I can feel my breasts are hardly producing any milk but I can not stop. Luckily he came back in time and took off the milking tubes which were starting to make my nipples sore.

He removed the container with the milk and put a lid on it. He held it up so I could see and congratulated me on the amount. He then cleaned the machine and told me to rest while he finished some chores. He would leave me for about three hours he said, and then we will milk you again and see what that produced.

He returned and set me up on the milking machine and as I was watching the milk flow into the jar I hear one of the ponies being brought back. Like the stallion she was tethered in the middle of the wash area and her pee drained then she was washed down. Still wet she was turned into a stall next to mine before being fed. It was not long before I heard the sounds of her sleeping too.

The day dragged on and I heard the Stallion get up and start to move around in his stall. He looked out of his stall and saw me standing in mine being milked. He whinnied a greeting and I replied to him, which was nice. Mato came and placed food on his shelf and soon I could hear the sound of him eating. Mato came over to me and noted that I was now not getting much milk out so he told me to stop and again disconnected me and cleaned the machine. Before he left he released the rods and put food in the bowls on my shelf.

One bowl had water. The other two food. One contained a sort of meat stew that was warm and tasted quite good. The other bowl contained raw vegetables and fruit. It was strange bending at the neck and biting into a potato then eating a mouth full of stew. But I was hungry so I just kept at it till both bowls were empty.

By the time I had finished eating so had the Rutswell. Mato opened the door to his stall and put on a halter. As he left I heard him say to Rutswell that he is going to work the night shift on the Water Pump. He did not look happy about this but followed Mato anyway. Not long after that Mato returned with the second Pony Girl. She too was drained and washed, then led to her stall where she was fed. Mato left and soon she too was asleep.

I did not wish to sit down as it would be uncomfortable with my arms behind me and I would not be able to lay on my front because of me swollen belly and breasts. I stood in the corner and leaned up against the wall. This was still not comfortable as the walls were hard. I moved to the hanging rod and hooked them on the mouth bar and was finely able to relax.

I must have dozed off as I was woken by Mato putting on the milking equipment. I was soon working the foot pumps as he left me to finish the job. An hour later he returned and put food into the bowls. "Bronze", he said, "Minnie has told me that you can understand what I am saying too you, I am going to test you. You can unhook yourself and eat your food when you wish but in the morning I want to see these containers full of milk. Do you understand?" I taped my hoof twice and he left.

After he left I unhooked and ate the food. Did not see why I should have to eat cold food. The night went well and by the morning I had filled the flasks as ordered. Rutswell was led in and looked done in again. Mato washed and drained him then turn him loose into his stall. Once he had eaten I could hear him snore. I felt sorry for him, he was obviously been well used all night on the Water Pump.

The morning got going with the ponies being fed and sent out to work. I was fed last. Once the ponies had left for the day my breasts were washed and the milk pump cleaned then replaced on me. I was told to rest then to work the pump when the sand glass was empty and he would return after he had his lunch. I was only feed twice a day so there was nothing for me.

The following weeks were much the same routine each day. It was boring day after day being milked and watching the ponies coming and going etc. I did spend a lot of time going over what had happened to me during the last months. My now very swollen belly was my only source of joy. I would wonder that it would be like to be a Mother. Then I would become sad at the though of never being able to pick and hold my babies in my arms. The long boring hours not being able to see walking in circles on the Pump. What I would have being doing at University. What would it have been like to get married and have kids. And so on.

Fred and Mato came several times with the helmet I had worn. It had been modified so that it no longer had the muzzle or the ears although I was sure that they could be fitted if required. The main work was on the Bit and eye lid shutters. By the time they had finished they had a connection that required the grips on the end of bit so be twisted to open the eye lids. If they let go of them or twisted them back the lids closed. I could see what they were going for. If someone was riding me and they let go of the handles the lids would close and I would not be able to see. Running off would be near impossible.

They also had a saddle that fitted over my arms and was connected to the elbow bands. Before they had been able to use the thick wrapping around the tray covering my arms. But now that had been removed my forearms were much thinner and would I suppose become unconformable if I was ridden like that for any length of time. It took several trials with Fred mounting me to get it right.

Minnie did visit me most evenings for half an hour or so. I felt she could have spent more time with me but she was now seeing a boy most evenings and I was just a duty that she had to do, not where she really wanted to be. She did keep me up to date with what was going on. Then one day as she was talking I started to have labour pains.

I think she thought I was dying the way I moaned when the first contraction happened, then when my water broke a few minutes later, she ran off to get Mato and the rest of the family. They soon all arrived and both Fred and Mato did not know what to do and acted like typical men at a birth. I was rolling around on the floor of the stall moaning in pain each time I had a contraction which were about 40 minutes apart but were very strong.

Minnie wanted to help me in some way but did not know what she could do. Zato told them all to stand back and give her space. "Mares are use to having foals", she said with authority to the three of them. "They are best left to do it there own way and I will only interfere if the situation becomes life threatening". With this statement she caught my eye and I knew that she just wanted to see me suffer as much as the situation would allow.

Zato had got them to stand me up and hooked onto the rods. These were then lowered till I was in a squat just off the floor. This had made things much easer but it still felt like I was being torn apart as my cervix dilated. Each wave of pain was worst than the last it seemed to me but I think afterwards that was my imagination.

They stood and watched for the next 9 hours of my labour. I had never had a baby before and had not ever seen one delivered so I had not idea what to do. I had hoped that my children would be born in a hi-tech hospital with loads of knowledgeable staff and Doctors on hand to deliver the baby while I enjoyed an epidural for the pain. This was not to be for me, just a stable. Still that was were Jesus was born so I suppose it would have to do.

Suddenly Minnie called out she could see the babies head and I looked down and with the next contraction saw it too. But then I cried as I felt the shoulders trying to get through and thought I would split up the middle but of course the baby slowly came out and Minnie rushed in to hold it before it fell to the floor. Zato held up the baby by its legs and smacked its bottom and it cried out. The men cheered and said it’s a colt. The first thing I noticed was it was black. Zato tied off the cord and cut it while Minnie held the baby.

Another wave of contraction swept over me and I moaned. They all turns to look and Fred said I think she is having another foal. Half and hour later the second one was delivered and it was a girl or as they called it a filly. This one was a light olive colour defiantly not black or white. I was not finished yet and soon a third filly was born. This one was Black also, as dark as the Colt they said. It was odd how much difference there was in colour between the triplets. I tried to remember if any of the men who had raped me had been light skinned but I was sure they were all black.

Fred was over the moon with the three foals. They brought in a rack with three padded cross bars that I would lie on. It was a better model that the one I had used before in the old stables. This made my breasts hang down to a platform below were the babies were placed. This allowed the babies to suckle me. The platform was covered with an oiled skin so that it was easy to clean. I was exhausted and the method of support did allow me to rest.

Being bent over in this fashion also allow Zato to fuss around me and checked to see if I need stitches and she almost sounded sorry when she announced that I did not. She cleaned me up and was very carefully to take away the after-birth or Placenta as it is called, in a bowl. I was informed that I would be eating it for my next meal.

I was revolted, but I later learnt that it was standard practice in some places as it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. This was believed to be the reason why some women suffer post natal depression after giving birth, lack of vitamins. It would help to stop post natal depression so they said. Me depressed what every could they be thinking off. "Eating the Placenta it replaces these and helps the body to recover", said Zato to Minnie.

Zato then told Minnie to replace the plugs, give me a wash and food if I wanted, then she can rest and feed the foals tonight and I will see her tomorrow. I was not happy with having the plugs stuffed back into me but was not given any choice. An hour later I was back to relying on someone to let me pee or shit. But I was clean and slowly fell asleep looking at my babies sleeping below me.

During the night I was woken to the crying of the babies. I managed to dangle a breast in front of one and he soon grasped it in his mouth and started to suckle. After a bit I got another one but only having two tits the other had to wait. In the end he too was fed but I could do nothing about the fact that they messed themselves and had to injure the smell till the morning.

The next morning Minnie arrived with Mato. He looked after the ponies, feeding and then sending them to work and taking back in the one who been working on the Water Pump all night. As before the stallion was tired and was soon asleep. I spent the rest of the day resting and feeding the babies. Mid morning I was taken to the paddock for an hour before retuning to feed the foals at lunch time. This was repeated in the afternoon. The evening I spent locked in my stall.

The next day started the same but in the afternoon I was nearly finished feeding the foals when Minnie started to put on the elbow harness. Followed by my helmet, Minnie kindly opened the eye lid shutters and clipped them so that they would remain open. By the time she had done this I had finished feeding the foals. Next she attached the breast harness and saddle, then told me to stand up.

She checked that everything was tight but would not rub me. Then told me to kneel and mounted my back. At this point she closed the eye shutters and I could not see. A tug on the right side of my bit and a kick with her heal in my flank and I started to walk. I had been ridden before blindfolded so I knew how to read the signals she gave.

We soon were jogging somewhere. I know she would have called it trotting but I had resolved to try and keep some human words if I could. Later I was to regret this as it only reminded me of what I had lost so I changed to the horse way for everything. It helped to make me forget.

After a few minutes I could hear the Water Pump being worked and I had heard that sound for so many months I knew it by heart. I was stopped and told to kneel and the pump also stopped. I guessed that whoever was working it was being taken off so I could replace them.

I panicked and started to wonder if I would be put back on it permanently and somehow Minnie sensed this and stroked my shoulder and told me I was only going to do an 8 hour shift till midnight then I would be taken back to the stables to sleep and feed the foals. It would be necessary for me to do this each day to share the load with the other ponies. "Did I understand?" she asked and I tapped my hoof twice.

Soon I was connected to the bar and the water bag attached to the Butt Plug allowing water to flow into my bowels making me feel full. It was just like old times. Except that the weather was better.

I lent into the harness to pull as I had been told to and the eye shutters opened. Minnie who was standing on the bar leaning on my shoulders whispered that they were rigged that if the elbow harness was connected to something, then when I put a load on it the shutters would open but as soon as the load disappeared they would shut again.

I was allowed to plod along for 15 minutes and then told to walk faster. She kept this up for half an hour then told me to trot. I was a bit slow changing stride and soon had a red line on my bum. I had never trotted on the pump before and soon started to feel the effects of the load. When ever I tried to slow down a new line would appear on me and the pain was enough to keep my effort going.

Half and hour later I was told to walk but had to step out and was not allowed to slow down from a brisk walk. The sweat was rolling down me. It was the hardest I had worked for a long time. I was allowed to walk for only a short time then called into the trot again. Hour after hour I was treated like this till I was on the point of collapse. Then after a walk period I was allowed to stop.

As soon as I stopped she hooked the rings on the mouth bar to the hanging rods and I was able to rest. The shutters closed which was disappointing. After some time I worked out how to have just enough pressures to keep the shutters open when I was stationary. During the rest period I saw Minnie with a boy. She kissed him so I knew this was the boyfriend.

My breathing returned to normal and I felt myself cooling down. The sun was starting to set so the temperature was also cooling down. I reckoned it was about half an hour before I was told to unclip myself and walk on. Minnie had stayed with the boy and they were sitting by the side of the track next to the hut. After a few laps to get the pulse going I was told to walk faster and not drop below that speed. It was not long before I was told to trot again. They kept up the trot-walk sequence for the rest of the period I was on the pump.

The boy I soon hated as he would flick the whip at me each time I passed to ensure I stayed up to speed. So I spent the rest of the evening trotting and walking around in circles pulling the arm of the Water Pump while Minnie made out with her boyfriend. That I did not mind so much as the fact that she let the boyfriend to flick his whip on my arse each time I passed.

Over the next week this became a fixed point in my life. Each day about 2 o’clock I would finish feeding the foal’s then be taken to the Water Pump to start a shift till 11 at night. I would get a break at 6 for an hour while the foals were fed again. At the end of the shift I was led back to the stalls, were I again I feed the foals before being allowed to sleep for the rest of the night.

I found lying on the padded bars with my breasts hanging down to allow the foals to feed very stimulating and I would get very aroused each time. I was surprised how quickly they learnt to reach up with their hand to position my nipples in their mouths.

I soon found the routine getting easer as my body increased in fitness, and although I was always tired at the end of the shift I was less stiff each morning. I would lie on my frame and watched the other ponies come and go in the morning while being drained of milk by the foals. Minnie would come and give me a drink of some foul tasting fluid that Zato had prepared. It was suppose to help with my recovery from being pregnant. I was not so sure.


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