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The Bronze Horse 9

by Jar

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© Copyright 2011 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; fff; captive; slave; pony; bond; condition; stables; lactate; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

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Part Nine

As the days turned to weeks the food went back to a more normal food of mashed up stew and porridge. Not being able to see was the worst thing. I could only hear what was going on. Minnie talking to me when she feed me and on Sunday when I had a rest day as the men did not work, I was kept up to speed on village gossip. I learned that they had nearly finished with the drill. It was now down about 67 feet and they hoped any day to hit water.

My time going around in circles would not end then as I would operate a pump to bring the water to the surface. This water would then be used by the village, for the people, animals and to irrigate the fields without having to rely on the rains which were infrequent and a rather smelly small lake. When I heard the cheering I knew that they had hit the water pocket. I had several days of little work while they removed the drilling rig and built the water pump.

I learned at this point the new arm I was connected to drove a central shaft and then a gear box. From the gear box it was possible to transfer the power to either, the saw mill, the Mill Stones or the new water pump. They had me multi tasking so to speak. I supplied the motive power they could select the final device.

During this time Zato had come to see me with Minnie. She undid the screws to the eye lid shutters and I was able to see. At first the light was very bright but after a few minutes of squinting I was able to see all right.

"Right", said Zato, "how much do you like to see she asked. A Lot?" I tapped my hoof vigorously. "OK", she said, "this is the offer, we needs lots of water to get the crops to grow so the more time you walk the more water that is pumped. Understand". I tapped twice. "If you walk 18 hours a day then you get to keep the lids open, if not then they get closed for the next week. If you work hard and put in the effort then you will be washed once a week and given better treatment. If you don’t pull your weight, then punishment will follow and your live will be made hell. Simple, even for a dumb animal like you. I will leave you to Minnie so she can clean you up".

As she washed me I could not help notice that my thighs had grown very large, like a weight lifters. The muscles were much defined. I knew the last weeks had got easer as my strength grew but had not really thought of what it would do to my muscles. Once clean Minnie stayed and talked. She was unhappy as the boy she fancied was more interested in someone else. She talked and I sort of made noises at the right time but my thoughts were how could I walk for 18 hours a day. I was sure it was not possible. I would just have to find out the hard way.

By middle of the next day they had finished the installation. I was made to walk. Several times they started the pump then stopped it and made some more adjustments. After about a couple of hours they got it working OK and I spent the rest of the day walking. I could see the water pouring out of the pump outlet and into a clay basin they had built. Once this was full of water, one of the gates was lowered about 2 inches. Now the water could flow over the gate and out down a channel to the fields.

They adjusted several of the gates so that a small but steady stream flowed down each irrigation ditch, but the reservoir remained full. At first, Minnie said, the water just soaked into the ground but as the soil got wetter the clay lining started to do its job and the water reached further and further out into the surrounding fields.

That night the village had a big party at the pump to celebrate and Minnie got the boy she liked alone. I was kept working, I suppose to make a point and as a back drop to the festivities. I saw her lead him off into the dark and I was glad for her as she had been good to me since I had been locked up here and plod around in circles.

The shelter built on the side of the track that I could rest under was a luxury that I was very pleased with. It was nice both during the time it rained and during the day when the sun was very hot.

The days were soon to become very boring. I would walk for 3 hours and then allowed to rest for a half hour hanging from the chains. Then the cycle would start again. This meant that I made the 18 hours pumping a day but was not getting a long sleep period, just short naps. This helped to fuck up my thinking even more. I was becoming a very stupid animal. Some times I found it difficult to understand what Minnie was talking about.

The new arrangement with my arms worked well from a pulling point of view. I would have preferred to have kept my hands and been able to bring them from behind me. That would never happen now. Using the elbow as a connection point gave some give when pulling, which made thing smother. Depending on the load I was able to lean forward and use my upper body weight to get more leverage.

I was fed while walking which meant that I had the maximum time to sleep. The days soon turned to weeks and the weeks to months. The visits from Minnie became more important to me and helped to keep me mentally intact. Zato would visit every week and tighten the screws that were stretching various parts of my body. So life was a constant source of pain and fatigue.

During all this time I had still been producing milk. They had rigged up a set of slings around my neck and shoulders so that babies could be placed in them and could suckle me, while I continued to walk. It was a weird feeling to have a baby on your nipple sucking the milk from you as you walked along. In the evenings I would often be plagued with small kids. They would ride on the bar and climb on my back. Most of the time they were OK and I liked the company.

One of the more adventurous of them used the slings to get at my breasts so he could drink my milk and this started a trend. Before I knew what was happening there was two of them at it. The kids would climb on me and pull and poke till they could reach my nipples. All the kids wanted a go so it became a nightly thing. By the time they left at night to go home I was well drained. At first I had stopped walking and tried to shake them off but they had used a stick on my bum to make me keep going. There was too many of them to fight so in the end I had to let them do as they wanted.

Even when Minnie was there she never told them to stop, only that if they hurt me so I could not work they would have to take my place. This cooled some of the bigger boys and girls who were the most likely ones to end up in harness.

The other problem I face was being outside all the time. The sun was hot during the days but at night the temperature would start to cool and then I was glad to walk to keep warm. The worst time was when it rained as I had no shelter and I had to plod on in the mud. The rain got inside the helmet, Elbow joints and the hip harness and made it even more uncomfortable and it softened the skin and then I would get blisters. These were not treated but left to heal on their own.

Also the tracks were I walked would get muddy and this would cling to my hoof and legs, weighing them down and make walking even harder. Life was one misery after another.

Once a week I would get a wash with cold water but I still felt dirty. Before this episode had started at the falls all those months ago I had showered at least twice a day as I was fastidious about being washed. The sweat would run down my body and the dust that came up from my walking would stick to me, so I was soon cover in grime and muck. I could smell the sweat and some time it made me feel sick. There was no respite from this over the months of plodding around and around in circles.

One source of amazement to me was my growing belly. I had noticed that as the pregnancy had progressed they had improved my diet. One night as I was resting I felt the baby move around inside me. It was a very odd feeling. Several nights later it seemed that their may be two babies, could it be I was to have twins. Within the week I was sure I could feel two sets of feet kicking me.

I had no time reference but I was sure by my size that I must be well into the eight month and I was finding it hard to keep walking for such long periods. I had fallen twice today and gashed my leg badly. Minnie had started to cry and had run off some where and returned with Fred and Zato They had stopped me, to dress the wound as it had been quite deep and was bleeding badly, this also let me rest.

Minnie said I was too far pregnant to keep working and pleaded with them to let her take me back to the Barn till I foaled. In the end Fred and Zato agreed that the new foals were more important than me working the Pump. They would use the other ponies. I was led off to the stables.

The eyelids on the helmet were closed and I was taken from the Bar on the water pump and led back to the yard. A hose was used to get off most of the filth covering me. Minnie then used hot water to get rid of the more stubborn stuff. Then a final rinse off with cold water. It felt so good to be truly clean after so many months of filth and dirt on me.

Minnie made me kneel down and said that if she opened the lids would I do as I was told straight away. I taped my hoof twice for yes. This was to be a test as the area was surrounded with a high fence so I would have had a problem it I had tried to escape but I did not know this.

With the lids open it soon became apparent that a lot of changes had been made during the months I had been kept at the water pump. They now had a much bigger stable block. The block had 8 stalls down each side with a larger one at the far end on each side. These were about twice the size of the others. Minnie told me one of these would be mine. Each of the other ponies must have their own stall I thought but they were empty at the moment. They must be working I supposed.

I was led into my new stall which was on one side towards the back were two steel rods hung from the roof with hooks on the end. I was told to hook the rings in the end of my mouth bar on to the hooks at the end of the rods. I turned to face the front of the stall and raise my self up a bit to clip on the rods to the rings. I had not realised at this point that I could not unclip them so was held fast. This left me standing but supported me if I just relaxed my legs a bit. I had become use too this position at the water pump as it had been used at rest period. Zato was there to meet me and oversee the next part of my derogation.

The elbow cuffs were removed along with the helmet. The collar was left on to support my neck and head for the moment. It took some time to remove the leather girdle I was wearing around my hips. Then she started on the plates between my legs. She soon had the main plate removed but left the short tube and shackle over my clit.

The Pee tube and Butt Plug were also removed and both passages carefully cleaned. The pain of their removal had been hideous and I had felt torn apart but as they had not said any thing I realised that I had in fact not split my arsehole. I was left with the feeling that they were wide open and as Zato had said all those months ago I was unable to close it due to the muscles no longer working any more. A small tear ran down my face as I realised that for the rest of my life I would be incontinent in both my bowels and bladder. I would have to wear either a nappy or a plug in each hole for the rest of my life.

Soon I was naked except for the metal shoes on my feet and the bar through my cheeks that acted as a horses bit. Both cheeks had healed well and where the teeth had been removed the Bar now lay in that grove on my jaw.

This was the first time since that day at the falls that I had not been bound in some way. It felt good. Zato told her too give me another good wash and put ointment on the sores and hard skin etc. She could let me down from the chains if I was connected to the wall by the clit ring chain. She could feed me when she thought I was ready. Then Zato left.

It felt good to be washed again this time she was able to do my head and shoulders. She spent a lot of time around my crutch area now she had removed the leather girdle I was wearing around my hips. Soon she was rubbing in the paste to the sores and hard areas of skin. Then she started on the inside of my arse. That still felt weird having someone hand up there.

Off course when she used the ointment on my fanny she played with my G spot till I was on the point of an orgasm then teased me for half an hour till she allowed me to come. This was the first for some months and left me with a pleasant buzz. Minnie then replaced the pee tube and Butt Plug. She used an antiseptic cream on them to make sure that I did not get an infection.

Minnie then undid the rods holding me up and told me to sit on a bench along one wall she said she needed to talk to me. She knew I was a horse and believed that I could understand things and was very clever. Well I thought, I was probably better educated than her but that did not count for much in my present predicament.

She said that her dad, Fred had wanted me to wear the helmet with the eyes closed at all time and always be kept locked on to some object as he did not trust me any more not to try and run off. She had pleaded with him to let her control me totally. He had eventually agreed on the understanding that if I did not behave she would get a beating as well. She explained that her Dad would not be gentle with her as he would be very mad. I must promise to be good and do as I was told. Did I understand?

I got up and knelt in front of her and placed my forehead on her feet. As I sat up she grabbed me around the neck and said she knew I would be a good pony for her and that we would have lots of fun together over the coming years. The weeks on the water pump had left me without the will to fight and the thought of being made to spend months or years on it was too frightening to contemplate.

She went on to tell me that I would have to do shifts on the pump, I looked alarmed and she quickly told me that each shift would only be hours not days and I would always sleep in my stall. This reassured me and I calmed down.

Minnie had cleaned my tack while we were talking. She had now finished and hung it up just out side the stall. "I will turn you loses in the paddock but be sure that Dad will be watching and you had better come straight away when I call or I will be angry". With the clit lead I was lead out of the stall and into the paddock. The lead was unclipped and Minnie said, "Enjoy your self till feed time".

I stood still not sure what to do. For months I had been controlled by either a rope or lead tied to something, being ridden or having to pull something. This had reached the point that I was unable to make decisions on my own, just what Zato and Fred wanted from a pony.

I stood in the paddock and after some time walked about. I could see no one looking at me. As I came to the main gate I noticed that it was not shut. Afraid that someone would think I had opened it to escape and I would be punished for it. I trotted to the far end of the paddock and stayed there. A man I had never seen before came with the two mares and turned them loose with me. He shut the gate and left.

The two ponies both trotted over to me and I remembered we had met when Fred had first bought them just before my escape attempt. They knew who I was and were now curious to get better acquainted. We could not talk to each other but they circled around me looking closely at me and I did the same to them. After a couple of minute of this one darted off and immediately the other chased her.

Suddenly they stopped and came up to me and then darted off again. It suddenly dawned on me that they were playing a game of chase and they wanted me to run after them. In my very advance of permanency I could not run, only waddle and they soon lost interest in me playing with them so played on their own. It was nice to stand and watch them.

Then they came up to me and nuzzled me. Both were hot and sweaty and breathing hard but had enjoyed their game. One of them took my nipple in her mouth and sucked. It was so natural that I did not move. She only came up to breast height so we stood facing each other when I felt the other suckle the other breast. At first I was tempted to pull away but thought what the hell if they want to why not. Minnie would only make me feed some babies with my milk later on, so did it matter who drank my breast milk.

We were stood in a group when we heard a voice calling and the two mares trotted over to the gate and allowed the man to connect their halters ropes to the rings in their noises. He then gave them a piece of apple from the palm of his hand. Each one bent gently down and took it in her lips and ate it.

He then looked up me but said nothing, I then realised that I had to go to him as well. When I arrive he uses the third rope to clip it to my clit ring. He patted me and told me I was a good girl for coming to him and offered me a piece of apple which I took with my mouth and ate.

He led all three of us back to the stables. He took off the halter ropes and turned us loose in one of the large pens at the end. Both of the mares went over to two buckets and half squatted over them. The man unscrewed the ends of their catheters and let them drain, then replaced the end caps. They then moved over to a shelf which held a bowel of vegetables and other food and started to eat

It was at this point I realised I was to be treated the same way as the other ponies so I too went over to one of buckets and squatted as much as my larger belly would allow. He removed the ball cap and I felt my bladder drain and the very full feeling disappear. After the ball was replaced he slapped my thigh and told me to eat. This I did. It felt good to be treated this way after the months of being outside in all weathers, having food poured down a funnel into my mouth.

As I stood eating I could hear the noises of the other ponies eating. It was a most reassuring sound of being part of a group. I noticed that the man had shut and locked the stall door and was going about other chores in the stables. I felt a warm glow come over me and fell a tear of happiness well up in my eye as I ate. After some time we had all finished eating and the sounds of the man working around the stable had also stopped, so I assumed he had left for the night. The mares drank from a bowl in the corner so I did to.

I noticed that their arms were strapped behind them but they did not appear to have any problems with this. I was not sure what to do and for months I had been sleeping standing up, held up by the chains to my mouth bit. For the moment I leaned up against the corner of the stall and rested. One of the mares came over to me and bent down in front of me and put her head against my belly. She jumped when the baby kicked out and you could see the skin over the area stretch.

She wined and the other mare came over to find out what was going on. I don’t know how but they communicated with grunts and whinnies then the second mare put her ear to my belly and was delighted when the baby kicked. The first pony went down on her knees and licked my clit. I had been looking at the second pony so she took me by surprise but it was a nice feeling. And I found myself leaning back and opening my legs so she could have a better access.

It did not take long before the delicate licking of her tongue had me on the verge of an orgasm. I could feel my knees going weak as I went over the edge. I came to my senses sitting in the corner, on my bottom, on the straw in the corner of our stall. One of the ponies was looking down at me smiling and all I could do was smile up at her. The light was fading as they both curled up next to me and the three us fell asleep.

The next day I woke as the groom came into the stall. Both ponies got up and took turns to squat over a bucket as their bladders were drained and they were given an enema. As soon as they were finished they were feed. I was left in the stall while he got the ponies ready to go to work. Eventually they had been fed and were ready to go. Manto as I was to learn he was called connected halters and led them out of the stables to the yard were they were tied up to await their driver for the day.

Manto returned to me and drained my bladder and gave me an Enema as well. Then I too was allowed to eat. When I had finished I had to hook myself to the rods and remain there he told me. Some time later he returned with Zato and they discussed what to do with me. It was like I was not there as they talked.

Zato said, "She will foal some time in the next few weeks so she is to remain in or around the stably area at all times as she could go into labour at any time". He asked about the plugs and she told him to remove them as they would cause a problem if they were still inside when I went into labour and could result in serious injury to either me of the foals.

She smiled at me and talking to Manto told him to replace the nose ring now that I was not wearing the muzzle. He then confirmed with her the jobs he had to do and they both left leaving me alone in the stable.


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