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The Bronze Horse 8

by Jar

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© Copyright 2011 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; hood; bodymod; buttplug; surgery; tattoo; torment; condition; nc; XX

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Part 8

I became aware of my bladder being drained and a dull ache in my bottom, hips, jaw, neck etc. Minnie finished the enema and said no food till tonight then screwed in the ball back onto the pee tube.

Zato came in and said I will do your arms today. I thought that she was going to put some metal bands around them or something. She got a thin slab of marble and put it on my back. Under each end she put a trestle to keep it steady. My arms rested on the slab. I felt her prick the back of my neck like Fred had done when he bound my arms so I suppose she was going to redo them.

The normal cold feeling came and I lost the use of my body and could only lay there unable to move at all. I felt her use a knife to cut through the leather covering on my arms. It had become very hard and she had a job. But by running the knife along the metal part she got it cut open. Peeling it back also proved to be hard work. But in the end she dropped it on the floor and I could see it in front of me.

Next she cut the binding next to the flesh and as she removed that both arms flopped down and hung from my shoulders to the ground. I looked at my hand for the first time in 3 months and it was a horrible sight. The skin was white and had a sort of deathly paleness to it. The muscles on the fingers and thumbs was almost gone. It looked more like a skeleton hand than a living one.

As she worked she talked to Minnie and told her what was happening. I am cleaning the marble as we do not want to get any infections in the wound do we, Minnie agreed. Then she picked up one of my arms and swabbed that with disinfectant. Then it was placed on the slab and held in place with a strap. She told Minnie to do the other arm and watched to make sure she did it properly.

Zato said to me “I am going to cut off your hands and join the wrists together so that you will not have to wear that horrible leather sleeve any more won’t that be nice! But I can’t talk to you and give Minnie instructions and do this at the same time, I don’t want to cut a vain and have you bleed to death, do we” she said and laughed. Minnie help hold the arm and I felt her cut into my wrist with a knife.

I could feel her working as she tied off the blood vessels and then cut through the tendons etc. She told Minnie it was important to leave enough skin to join both arms together. When the first hand was severed she dropped it on the floor in front of me. I would have cried if I could. I knew this would be the end of me trying to escape, as how could I live with no hands and my arms joined behind my back. She worked on and I could hear and feel her cut the ends of the bone square so they would fit together better.

Minnie held one arm as a plate was screwed to the bone. Then the bones of the other arm were lined up correctly and they were screwed to the plate. Satisfied that the bone were straight she told Minnie that now they had to close up the wound. She showed Minnie how to do a stitch, and then let her practice. Some had to be cut and redone but after a couple of mistakes she got very good so Zato told her. Me I wanted to die.

I could feel a dressing and bandage being put on then I was left to recover. After a while the tears stopped and I just felt miserable but Minnie had stayed with me and stroked my shoulders and back and told me she was sorry that I had lost my hands but it was my own fault for running off and this was for the best. Now I would not run off and her Dad would not have to remove my eyes.

After a while the paralyzing drug wore off and I was able to move my arms and legs. Zato returned with a jug and told Minnie I was to have a cup now and every time I woke up. She poured me a drink and held it to the end of the tube in the muzzle and poured some down. It tasted very sweet and pleasant. I was also so emotionally drained that I just drifted off to sleep. I awoke several times in the night with pains in my hands but Minnie was there and gave me a drink and I went back to sleep. At the time I did not realise that they were keeping me drugged but it was for the best to help with the pain.

I awoke hungry and with a dull ache in my hands and arms. Then it all came back to me and a tug on my arms proved that they were still fixed behind my back. I had no hands and I started to cry again. Zato said you can cry all you like but it won’t undo what I have done. If you don’t behave I can always take out your eyeballs. Would you like that she asked as she looked my in the eyes. I rocked my shoulders so my head shook to convey the no answer.

"I am going to give you a set of hoofs today, they will make your feet pretty". They were made of bronze, looked like the hooves of a horse with the bottom shaped like a horse shoe. Before putting them in place she removed the top plate. She spread a white paste on to the surface and then fitted it under my instep up to the heel. The toes went down into the bottom of the hoof.

The upper half was located over the upper part of my foot and 4 bolts used to clamp it shut. As they were tightened they paste was squeezed out and started to go hard making a tight fit.

When I put my foot down on the ground I was forced to point my toes and stand on tip toes except that it was the horse shoe shape part that was on the ground. When both were done I had to admit they looked like my feet ran from the ankle to a metal hoof with no sign of my foot from the ankles down.

I was released from the rack and taken to an area in the corner of the room which had some straw on the floor. There was a chain about 5 feet long and attached to a ring in the wall. This was clipped to my clit ring to prevent me going anywhere. Zato told me that I would stay here for several days then it would be back to work.

It was very weird to walk on my toes using the new hoofs. My calf muscle hurt but I hoped that after awhile this would go away. She had me walk about to get use to them as much as the chain would allow.

Zato showed me the new connection points for my arms. They were L shaped sleeves with a large ring on the under side. They fitted over my elbows, they were made of Bronze but before fitting them she applied the same white paste she had used on my feet to the elbows. This she explained would stop blister etc when they were under load. The Bitch is all heart I thought.

I will leave the eye lid shutters open today, then tomorrow they will be closed and locked. How good you are at following orders and doing as you are told will determine how long it stays that way. Do you understand? She asked me. I nodded my head which in fact had to be done from the waist up. "That will not do" she said. z'Tap your hoof twice for Yes and three times for No. Do you understand?" With a heavy heart I taped my hoof twice.

I found out about my new feeding arrangement when Minnie arrived. Because of the tube in my mouth I was now on a diet of runny food poured into the tube. Now she had a sort of funnel that slipped into the end of the tube and that helped a lot. At first I found it difficult to swallow the food as it arrived in my mouth with the bar that ran over my tongue. The tongue was some what held down by it and the tube, but Minnie was carefully not too poured in to much at a time and I managed.

Zato had position mirrors so I could see myself back and front. All day I was drawn to the mirrors. Some times I found myself staring for what seemed like hours, some time I would just cry. By the time I had my evening meal I was cried out and realised I would just have to make the best of my new life.

I had been hooded before but some how the leather hood seemed different from the Metal Helmet I now wore. For several days I was left chained in my corner. Other than at feeding times there was no one to be with and I felt very lonely. I did try and sleep a lot but there is only so much you can do, also my wrists, bottom, neck and mouth still hurt.

Then Fred turned up with some guy. This turned out to be the Government Horse Registration Officer. He told Fred that I should be taken out to his wagon so he could carry out the necessary inspection to complete the forms. Then he would complete the registration Form and then the numbering.

Fred looked me in the eyes and I knew that it was a warning to do as I was told or the consequences would be dire for me. He attached a chain to the shackle on my clit and I was led out to wagon. The man measures me in many different ways, writing down the results of the form. Then inspected my body for marks and scars, which were noted down also. I was too frightened to move so I stood still and tall for this.

He was soon telling Fred that the inspection was finished and the form completed and would he check it over and if happy signed it. Fred did this and both men smiled. The man then filled in some other form signed it and stamped it and handed it to Fred and as they both shook hands he said, "This is her registration papers that must be produced if required by an official or to prove your ownership". Fred nodded to confirm he understood.

It dawned on me that I was now owned, no longer able to do what I wanted but what my owner wanted. As my mind raced I realised that meant he could sell me to someone else if he wanted too. I was devastated. This was another nail in my humanity, to this world I was an animal.

The man then went to a wheel of his wagon and started to fix some wooden plates in place. When he was satisfied, he asked Fred to bring me over. I was not sure I wanted to do this but a sharp tug on the lead attached to my clit ring led me to believe the consequences would very painfully so I followed Fred.

I was made to kneel with my back against the wheel. Then straps were used to bind me hard against it so that I could not move. The rings at the end of the Bar in my mouth were used to hold the head still. While this was going on I remembered what had been said about tattooing the number onto the forehead and into the skull. How it was not normally done on adults and when it was it was extremely painfully.

Zato undid the plate on the front of the helmet revelling my forehead, at this point I started to cry knowing what was about to happen. The agent started to do the Tattooing by first writing the numbers on with a pen to position them correctly. In some respects I was lucky because as soon as he started on the first number the pain was so great that I passed out.

When I came too I was back in the cave chained to the wall on the straw with a blinding headache. I just lay there thinking of what had happen to me over the last couple of months. The Rape of the first 2 weeks, then Fred capturing me at the water hole then riding me to bring me here. Being made to pull a plough, then a cart. Meeting the new ponies then my trying to escape. My hands being cut off, the other body modifications and now this, the tattoo on my forehead. The final problem of being pregnant from being raped. My emotions were at there lowest ebb

On my next feed Minnie told me it was Sunday and she did not have to drive the ponies today so she had come to cheer me up as she though I might be a bit down being left on my own. She stayed most of the day talking to me. She said was I going to be good and work hard to be a good pony? She did not understand my reply when I tapped my hoof twice. She said what we will do to allow you to communicate is a code. One grunt for yes and two for no. Did I understand? I grunted once. I would now have the problem of remembering to tap my hoofs for Zato and Grunt and whinny for Minnie.

She put her arms around my neck as I was knelling down and hugged me. It made me feel better and happiness went up one click. We spent the rest of the day working out different ways for me to tell her things. By the time she left I was feeling much better and more positive about the future, all though that looked like being a pony for the rest of my life.

For about ten days I was made to do the walking in a circle trick, this gave my wrists time to heal. The worst of it was that they started to itch as they healed and I had no way to scratch. It was driving me mad but I did get Minnie to do it for me when she came to feed me.

I could look at my swelling belly and wondered if I would every see my babies when they were born. This made me depressed again but Minnie cheered my up with an apple that she had smuggled into me.

I was woken and told I was going back to work at the new water pump that was being built. This would be my permanent work place from now on, Zato said. It would be easer to ensure that I was given no chance to escape there than while pulling a cart or being ridden. I was soon to find the days were to be long and very boring. That first day I had breakfast before I left the cave at 7.30. Zato told me she was going to close the eye lids and screw them shut. At first I backed up to the cave wall. She stood still and told me to come and kneel in front of her or the result would be no eyes at all. I realised that I could not win so knelt in front of her. She removed the screws that held the lids open, closed the lids and replaced the screws.

Zato and Minnie led me to the pump using a lead attached to my clit ring, which I found both painful and embarrassing. A tug left or right kept me on course now the eye lids were shut tight and I could not see. Minnie was told to keep me informed and she kept up a constant chatter, describing every thing, which I found helpful. Once there, I was put up against a bar that came out parallel to ground from a central shaft that stuck upright. I was then chained and locked in place by my elbow cuffs rings to the end of bar.

Next a long bag was attached to the rings on the underside of bar. A tube from the bag led to an inlet on the Butt Plug in my bottom giving me an enema of cold water. This was not to be drained but left in all day and my intestines would absorb the water to keep up my fluid levels without me having to stop for a drink. Clever and humiliating at the same time.

I was ordered to walk and not to stop for any reason unless told to by her or one of the workmen. It was not too hard to get started as the Bar was quite long and therefore provided quite a lot of leverage. I soon started to get cramps in my guts as the water found its way deeper inside me. I tried to stop and bend over to relive my self but a sharp pain across my buttocks made me keep walking. I was to find that Minnie was to be a hard task master and not afraid to use the whip on me.

After a couple of hours I lost track of time and my mind began to lose it. I had no stimulation being blindfolded by the helmet. I went into a sort of trance and I could not remember were I was or my name. I had to think very hard to recall things. I found that I could keep a grip with doing mental homework on my A level subjects.

With the tube in my mouth I had no way to close it so I found that not only was I dribbling but also my mouth and throat felt dry. What I would have done for a drink. The water draining into my bowel from the bag kept me hydrated. But all in all it was a most uncomfortable position I found myself in.

The metal hoofs were not too heavy when I started but as time went on they seemed to gain in weight and each step was getting harder as exhaustion set in. I did not know it was 6 hours after I had started but I was told to stop walking. Minnie stood on the cross bar I was attached to and reached up to two chains that hung down from a beam that stuck out over my track.

The beam was part of a small hut that had been built at the side of the circle that I had to follow. This was to give shelter to who ever was in charge of me and to operate as storage shed. She clipped the hooks at the end of the chains to the rings at the end of the Bar that was across the inside of my mouth. The effect of this was to ensure that I could only remain standing upright, hanging by the bar through the helmet which covered my head. I was allowed to rest for an hour then made to walk again.

This was to be my pattern from now on, 6 hours work and one hour rest for the men to have lunch. Then work up till about 6 when they would pack up. At night after the workmen left I would be allowed to rest till morning. By mid afternoon I felt totalled exhausted but Minnie would encourage me with her crop any time I slowed down.

As I walked around pulling the Bar Minnie would stand on the bar behind me and talk to me. It was nice to listen to her and as she was standing on the bar I did not have to carry her weight so that made life just a bit easer. She explained that first I was being used to drill a hole down to an underground reservoir feed by a river. Then when that was completed a pipe would be put in place. They would have by then built a water pump to bring the water to the surface. I would thereafter operate the Water Pump. This water would then be used to irrigate the field and provide a piped system to houses in the village.

By the time the men were ready to finish work I could hardly stand. Minnie told me to stand still as she had something important to tell me. I would have to stay chained to the Bar until just before I was due my foal. Minnie said she was sorry but her Dad and Zato did not trust me any more. So rather than move me back and forward to the stables I would remain locked to the Bar were I could not escape. I could hear that she was upset about this and it was obvious that she had not known about this before she had led me here. Zato had tricked her and me so that I would cooperate.

My legs were very tired and I would have given any thing to sit down for a rest. I had been on my feet all day. Again Minnie attached the chains from the Beam to the rings at the end of the bit in my mouth and by hanging from them I was able to take some weight of my legs and feet.

I was left for a while until Minnie returned with my evening meal and said she was sorry about what I had to eat but she had tried to stand up to her Dad but he had caned her bottom and she was very sore. "Please forgive me", she said. I did using the code we had worked out to tell her it was all right.

A funnel with a right angle at the bottom was inserted into the tube in my mouth. Minnie told me this was for my food. I could hear her pouring something down the upright tube and it started to fill my mouth. Minnie told me my meals from now on would only be this and it would be mealworms, live mealworms morning and night.

I was horrified and could feel them moving around in my mouth. I tried to block the end of the tube with my tongue but that did not work. My mouth was too full and I tried not to swallow but after about 5 minutes I made a reflex swallow and some went down my throat. I thought I would be sick but I was not and I realised that I had no choice but to eat them.

It took some time to swallow them as my mouth was dry. Minnie disconnected the tube from my Butt Plug and allowed the last of the water to drain out with the shit I had produced that day into a bucket. Minnie drained my bladder then refilled the water bag and reconnected it to Butt Plug. The fluid filled my belly and I was left for the night.

The way I was being treated was one more knock to my being a human. This was no way to feed a person only an animal was given this method of feeding and choice of food. I was being made into an animal that had to accept anything they wanted. I was swallowing for a long time before my mouth was empty and I felt quite bloated as a result.

I cried for a bit at my predicament for they had not even washed me. I could smell the urine and mess from my bowels in the bucket under me. The night got colder and I could hear noises made by animals as they roamed around in the dark. I was so tired that I fell asleep anyway.

A kick on my leg awoke me in the morning and I felt the ball on the end of my catheter being undone and my very full bladder being drained. It was replaced and the water bag refilled. I was shattered with lack of sleep and when she made me stand up my legs were so cramped that it was only the beating with the crop that made me get up. Once again she told me to start walking. The day was as hard as yesterday, more so as I was stiff to start with. By lunchtime I had tripped up twice and had scraped my knees before I had regained my hoofs as they are now called. Bastards.

How I made it through the day I don’t know. The meal turned out to be earth worms and I was sick twice but it had no where to go so I had to swallow that as well. It was some hours before they stopped moving in my stomach and I was sick again in the night but swallowed it before choking on it.

Day after day it went on. I was now in a zombie state unable to think or make a rational choice. My mind had shut down under the fatigue and the treatment they had dished out. My bottom, thighs and upper arms were sore where I had been whipped. The Helmet had not been removed at all. I was unwashed and the smell made me feel sick. I just did as I was told without thought, which was of course what they wanted.

One small thing was Sundays as I did not have to work that day as the men had the day off. Minnie would come and feed me and drain and refill the water bags. I had been surprised that this method of keeping up my fluid levels would work but it had appeared that it did.

The nice thing was she made time to talk to me and tell me things about the people in the village and just generally chat, which was nice. One weekend she used a hose to clean the worst of the muck off me. Then a bucket of soapy water to wash me down. It was good to feel somewhat clean again. The pee tube, Butt Plug, helmet, hoofs and the hip harness were not removed, so they remained smelly.

Zato would come some time about mid day and turn the bolts that pulled the muzzle out from my face. Then she would do the neck and hip harness. Before she arrived the feelings in these areas had settled to a dull ache but she would again stretch it to the maximum. They felt as if these areas would be torn apart but of course all that happened over the week was the bone and flesh just grew and stretched.


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