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The Bronze Horse 7

by Jar

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© Copyright 2011 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; bodymod; buttplug; piercing; torment; punish; hood; mast; nc; XX

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Part 7

I came too some time later still hanging by the rings on my neck collar. My neck was sore and I could feel it digging into the under side of my jaw. It felt that the bars down the side of it had been turned to lengthen the collar as it was also digging into the top of my shoulders. I think Fred took advantage of the weight of my body stretching my neck to readjust it to the maximum. My whole body felt on fire and throb in pain. I could feel something running down it, which I took to be blood from the cuts made by the whip. I knew I would be scared for life and in some ways was glad I was to be blinded as I would not have to look at the horrible scars or see the look of distaste in peoples faces when they looked at me,

I was left hanging for the rest of the day and night. I suppose this was not a bad idea as if I had tried to lie down it would have been too painful and dirt would have got in the wounds. I must have dozed off as I heard Minnie and her Sister Linto moving about and talking. I was not fed and to add to the pain of my wounds I need to have a pee. My breasts had not been milked for several days and were very hard and painful.

Hours went by and I could feel the heat of the sun on my body. I had been naked now for many months so I was use to the feel of the suns warmth. My badly bruised body could not take it and the heat turned to real pain as the sun got stronger. I was soon sweating badly. Flies were buzzing around me but I was unable to do anything to get rid of them. The feeling of helplessness and despair overwhelmed me and I started to cry and wish for death to put me out of this misery.

It was late afternoon when Fred asked me if I had started to learn my lesson. With the bar in my mouth it was difficult to talk but I made noises that he took for a yes. I felt the chains being loosened and I had to stand on my feet unaided. I nearly fell but the chains still helped to support me and after a few minutes I begin to get my balance back. My body was washed down and this started off the pain and bruising from the wiping again. The chains were removed and I was lead to a different part of the stable yard. An area by the wall was to be my new home, no bedding or cover just the dirt of the yard. I would have to sleep under the stars. I was left for the rest of the day. I was still not fed, watered, milked or allowed to relieve myself but the mouth bar was removed.

It was most disorienting to wear the hood all the time but over the months I had got use to it. I was surprised at how my other senses had improved over time. I could work out were I was by counting steps etc. I suppose that is what blind people have to do every day of their lives. I was lucky that I only had to move about when directed by someone. If I had been blind I would have to do that for myself and you don’t realise how difficult that would be until it happens to yourself.

What I did not know was what I had thought was blood running down my body was water. Fred would dip the whip in a bucket so that when it landed the water sprayed on to my body making me think I was cut and bleeding. Other than a series of red lines I was not cut at all. It was his way to make it feel worse than it really was.

A day later I started to bleed. Linto was the first to notice when she brought breakfast. It must have started in the night when my stomach started to hurt. I was cold and shivering when the first pains started and as I was bitted, not able to do any thing about my situation by calling out. Linto ran and got her Mother who was most concerned that I was having a miscarriage and would lose the baby. I was immediately released and taken to the stable and put in a stall and a chain locked onto my collar. The gag was removed and several blankets were wrapped around me to keep me warm. Linto was told to stay with me and to fetch her if anything happened. The Mother left.

The Mother arrived back some time latter with the Old Woman. After she had examined me she went off and using her knowledge she made a potion for me to drink. She returned and made me drink the concoction. It tasted horrible but I was made to drink it all. My stomach did feel better but I felt very sleepy. She told Fred, the Mother and Minnie who were both very concerned that I should be moved to her place immediately. It was mid-day when I was woken and made to drink another cupful of the medicine. I was not sure how long I was kept like this but after some long time the medicine was stopped and I was allowed to just rest. With the hood on I had no sense of the time of day.

The Old Woman who I was to know at Zato started to talk and I jumped, as I had not heard her come up to me. She asked if I was feeling better and said grunt once for no twice for yes. I grunted twice. The Old Woman asked if the pain in my belly had stopped. I again grunted twice. She told me the bleeding had stooped and I had not lost the foal and things looked like they would be fine. She had persuaded Fred not to blind me until after the birth in case it brought on a miscarriage. O joy I thought.

Zato explained that I had been moved to her place were I would stay while I recovered. She said that I was to rest while she decided what was to be done to me. I was not sure what this meant or if this was good or bad, most likely to be bad knowing my luck of late.

Other than the hood and arm bindings I was naked with a chain attached to the neck collar. It must have been connected to the wall as it would jerk me back if I moved very far. Some one milked me every few hours. There did not seem to be a long period that would indicate the night time. This helped to confuse me even more. Who every they were they did not speak. It was difficult to know whether it was day or night as the temperature remained the same in the cave that I knew she lived in, so I soon lost track of time, I slept when I felt tired, not knowing if it was day or night. I knew that this was part of my conditioning to make me obey but there was little I could do to stop it.

The hood made it difficult to know were things were, unlike when you can see, but over the days I started to get a mental picture of the layout. For the next couple of days I was on gentle walking. They had a lead attached to a collar around my neck and I had to walk around in circles keeping the lead tight. I was allowed to stop every half an hour for a rest and drink. She also told me she wanted me fully recovered before any serious work was done on my body.

After what seem like years, Zato lead me out of my stall and down a route I was unfamiliar with, as we walked she told me I was to be started on the modification program. At this point I bumped into a barrier in my track and was stopped from walking. I was told step on to some blocks at the foot of the barrier and stand still while a wide spreader bar was attached between my ankles. The barrier now came to the upper part of my thighs and I could feel straps being fixed just above and below my knees, holding me tight against the board.

My head was pulled down until I felt a padded bar under my shoulders. Straps were used to hold me tight to this. Now unable to move I was getting a bit worried but then I felt her undo the hood and I could see at last. I was not sure that this was such a good idea as I appeared to be in some sort of very old fashioned laboratory built in a cavern.

"Welcome to your new home for some time to come while I modify your face and body". I tried to struggle using all my strength but it was no use and I could not get free. Zato just laughed.

The first item she showed me was a Bronze Butt Plug. It was not very long but it was huge. It must have been 3 inches at the narrow point. It also looked very heavy. The outside end had several items on it which I suppose were drains etc. It was the size that horrified me, how would she get that in my arse. I was positive she would and it would hurt me like crazy in the process. The current bung insert was removed from the wooden Butt Plug I now wore and the extraction tool inserted into the hole left by the bung. This tool allowed them to pull the Plug out but it was still painful as I had to be stretched to allow the thick internal part to come out.

First she used her hand to grease me and help stretch the muscle still further. Next she had a tool that she could use to stretch me even more. It had 4 arms that went inside then could be opened by turning a lever to spread open my orifice. She would open it up then leave it for a few minutes. She would then close it for a few minutes to allow the skin to recover. This constant stretching and relax was having a big effect I could feel. It now felt that I was open to the world and you would soon be able to use me as a garage. The pain of this constant stretching was terrible but at least the skin did not split.

Then she picked up the Bronze Plug and greased it up. She also pushed a thick dollop of grease into my very stretched open bum hole. Over the next hours, she would push it in as far as possible without tearing the skin then pull it out. She kept doing this and each time I got a bit wider. Plenty of grease was used. She was very patient and after what seemed like years I felt it enter me and my hole closed around the narrow part. It was now in for good, how could you get it out it was so big?

She told me that if it was ever taken out I would be stretched to the point the muscles would no longer work. "It will be years before you will be trusted again after your last escape. By that time the muscles around your arse hole will be wasted to the point that you will have to wear a Plug or a nappy for the rest of your life as you will no longer be able to control your bowels. Even surgery would not fix the problem".

While this had been going on she told me that Fred was going into town tomorrow and would ask the Government Horse Registration Officer (GHRO) to come to the Farm and register me. She explained that all ponies had to be registered and that the Registration Number was tattooed on the forehead. This she said was expected to happen within the next two weeks.

Something else to humiliate me I thought. She said normally this was done when a foal was a year old as the needle in the Tattoo machine went into the skull. In babies the skull was soft and was not as painful and it was also soon forgotten by the young. This procedure was very painfull on an adult so it was not normal for it to be done unless it was a wild captive like you she said. Done this was way the number was not only in the flesh of the forehead but in the bone as well. This meant that when a pony died they could still see the number even if the flesh was missing.

When she saw the look on my face she laughed and said, "By the time I have finished with you, the very thought of returning to the life you had before will horrify you. You will be a freak and people will just stare at you all the time. At least here as a pony you would be looked after she said. Think about it".

The Butt Plug was very uncomfortable and she had started to remove the old Catheter. Then she held up the new one for me to look at, it was massive and I started to cry. It must have been ½ inch across and was a lot different in shape that the old one. It did not have the part to hold the clit in. It would end just at the entrance to my flesh in a rather large bronze ball

She greased it up and again spent a long time pushing it in and out to stretch me open. When it was seated in place she removed the ball and laid it on the table. Next she picked up a curved plate that would go between my legs. It had holes down the length of the plate some of which fitted over the Butt Plug and Catheter and allowed the plumbing to go through and be used. It was held in place with two small screws into the Butt Plug and a groove in the Catheter.

The back part had been rolled into a u-shape that fitted up between the cheeks of my bottom. At the end was a short tube into which could be screwed the end of the tail I would have to wear at show times. The Catheter tube was attached to a small hole just in front of a much larger slot. The pee tube was clipped into the plate and was now firmly connected to the Butt Plug and could not fall out. The front part of the plate had a short tube about ½ inches long. Into this she pulled my clit. She had to use long pliers to pull it through and was not very gentle. By the time she had finished, it gripped the base of my clit tightly. I howled and pleaded for her to stop but that only made her more brutal.

Eventually she had it pull all the way through and holding a small shackle in place she pushed the screw rod through the hole in the shackle then the side of the metal tube. Next was my clit itself then back out the metal tube until she was able to screw it into the other side of the shackle. She checked that it swung in place and just brushed the end of my clit. From the shackle could be hung a bell or lead. The middle of the plate had a slot to go over the vagina. The inside edges of this was bent out and rolled back on its self to make a smooth edge that would not cut the lips. Next a short but very heavy hollow Bronze Dildo was inserted into my Virgina. The base had a large plate that pushed my lips up against the roll of the plate.

Using a large needle she pushed it through the holes in both the inside and outside plates. The flesh of my lips was the meat in this sandwich. Then using short bolts inserted them through the sandwich of my flesh and the metal insuring that the Dildo could not be removed with out the correct tools. Zato showed me what she had done in the mirror. "When and only when I am working on you will the Hood be removed the rest of the time, in fact the rest of your life you will wear the hood or a Helmet to ensure that you cannot see and run off again". Then she said "I will leave you to find out the effects of what has been done to you are as that is it for today". Replacing the hood she left.

The feeling of being stretched between my legs so much was very uncomfortable and I could not help squirming about. Suddenly Minnie said, "What’s the matter Bronze, feeling randy?" I jumped as much as my bonds would allow as I had not heard her come up behind me. She ran her hand along my back in a loving way that you would do to a horse and patted my head.

"I have brought you some stew as a treat", she said. "I know you have not had much since the whipping". She sat crossed leg in front of my head and spoon feed me. Minnie was a great talker and some times when we were working together she would talk to me. It was always a good way to keep up with the village gossip.

She told be about one of the woman who had a baby girl. Her husband was not best pleased as he wanted a son as he did not wish to have to pay a dowry when she got older and was married off. She told me all the news about different people. She went on about a boy she fancied. She told me that the stallion was being used to operate the millstones but was finding it hard work as they were heavy. She said you did not have that problem but men always were work shy. She had given him a red and blue bum. This had produced satisfactory results but it still took a lot longer than when you were doing it she said.

She prattled on and part of the time I was only half listening, picking up the bits I was interested in. She told me the two mares were being use to pull the cart and Her Dad was going to town tomorrow to get the GHRO to come out and register me. "You will get a nice tattoo then and when your foals are born they too will have their numbers in the register. Every one will know the good stock line they have come from".

"Are you proud?" she said. I grunted twice. Yes I'm going to be fucked by some guy I hardly know and have his baby. Yes I will be real proud. I grunted twice to go with the flow as I would not be able to change things.

All the while she kept talking. She said the men were building a new machine, she was not sure exactly what they were doing but it was something to do with drilling for water. By now she had finished my meal and said she had to go as she was meeting a boy and not to tell her dad. I was a bit miffed about that as I could no longer speak it felt a bit like rubbing my nose in it.

Now on my own the stretched feeling returned in my nether regions. I knew as the days passed I would get use that feeling, as I had with the smaller Plugs. I wondered what hell Zato would put me through tomorrow as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day I was feed and watered, milked, given an enema and my bladder drained. Minnie also removed the leather helmet. Then Zato and she started on my crotch again. It is hard to describe what she did exactly but she fitted a sort of hot pants made of leather with metal reinforcement strips. The crutch had a hole that gave some access to the plate fitted yesterday. The edges of the hole covered the edges of the metal plate and held it in place. Straps were pulled tight and now dug into my hips. She turned some threaded rods and I could feel it opening up trying to pull my hips apart.

"Only the lips of your vagina to do then were are finished here", she said. I felt a needle enter the lips and this was followed by a burning sensation. I could also feel the lips swell up.

Next she placed on the ground 4 Bronze metal bands. I could see they had been engraved and embellished with a very fancy pattern. 2 were about 4 inches wide and had 3 metal loops on the sides. These bands were fitted around my ankles and the rivets hammered over. The other 2 bands were only about 2 inches wide and again had metal loops. These were fitted just above my knees and again the rivets hammered over. They made a smooth circle around each part of the leg and the rivets looked like part of the pattern on each one.

"You will be wearing this Bronze helmet permanently. This will be in place of the leather helmet and will only be removed to clean your head once a month. It has movable eye lids that can open to allow you to see. If you behave, then they will be opened when you have your foal so that you can see what it looks like. Until then you will wear it all the time with the lids closed. It will give you a taste of what it would be like to be blind permanently".

The helmet was made of Bronze plates that bolted together. The front was made to look like the face of a horse. It had a collar that would cover all my neck and down to the tops of my shoulders. It was hinged down the side to allow it to be fitted. I noticed that the top and back of the helmet were made of Bronze netting to allow the head to be kept cool and not over heat. Before putting it on she took a pair of pliers and removed the molars, top and bottom from the back of each side of my mouth. She was not gentle and I was left probing the holes in my gums with my tongue and the taste of blood in my mouth. They removed the collar and helmet so for the first time since arriving in this nightmare both my head and neck were naked.

Minnie spread the green hair removal paste all over the top, sides and back of my head. Zato then put the back part of the helmet on my head. The back part came down my neck and flared out onto my shoulders. There were holes to go around my ears. At the top it came down to where my eye brows would have been if I had any hair left. I also noticed that it appeared to have a hinged plate over the forehead. I suppose this was so that they could tattoo the registration numbers on and then at any time make a check on my licence plate so to speak.

The front part of the neck collar was put in place and bolts used to secure it to the back half. My neck was now total enclosed down to the start of my chest making it impossible to move my head from side to side. From now on I would have to move my upper body to look in a different direction. She used an Allen Key to turn some built in rods and I could feel the neck part move. The upper part, upwards until it was very firmly under my chin and the bottom half pushed down onto my shoulders. The result was to stretch the neck and make it totally unable to move. It was also uncomfortable which I suspect she also wanted.

The ring in my nose was removed with cutters, and then two tubes were pushed into each nostril. They were quite large and long so it was very difficult to work them into place but Minnie greased them to help them slide in. It was a good job my head was secured so that it could not move as I tried very hard to pull back and stop her. The sensation of the tubes up the back of my nostrils was horrible. Before adding the face plate to the helmet the muzzle part was removed. It had eye lids over the eyes holes and these could be locked down making it impossible to see or be opened. She said, "I will leave them open till you are ready to leave here. I want you to see what we are doing to you and to know the futility of your position".

My ears stuck out of a hole on each side of the helmet. Around the inner edge of the ear was placed a small round bar with hooks. Minnie was then instructed to do a blanket stitch around this bar to hold it in position. Minnie would push the needle through the flesh of my ear and I howled in pain but that had no effect. The hooks on the bar were connected to thin leather laces which were threaded through what looked like metal ears. When the leather was pulled tight it stretched the ear into the shape of the pointed metal ears. Small metal pins attached the ears to the side of the helmet. I could see that if this was kept up for a long time then my ears would change shape and then end up pointed like a horse. This was obviously their plan.

There was a half inch hole on each side of the helmet about were my jaw joined the skull. Into this hole Zato pushed a thick long needle, it penetrated my cheeks and went across the top of my tongue and out through the lip on the other side and then through the hole in the helmet. This was followed by a thicker needle enlarging the hole in both cheeks. Finally a half inch bar was pushed through. The bar now sat across the back of my mouth above the tongue and in the gap left by the removal of the 4 teeth. The bar had a washer about 3 inches from one end. When this washer was up against the side of the helmet another washer was slid on the other end of the bar and held in place with a split pin.

I could taste the blood from the wounds in my cheeks. I was able to use my tongue to lick the inside of my cheeks. Both ends of the bar had holes through them and rings were inserted and crimped shut. The ends of Bar stuck out about 3 inches on each side of the helmet. This was enough for Minnie or Fred to grasp in their hands without the use of reins. This area was wrapped in leather to make a good grip. A 2 inch wide tube 4 inches long went into my mouth. It had a plate that was shaped to fit behind and over my teeth. Then the jaw was pushed shut by the muzzle. About 3 inch of the tube stuck out in front of my mouth with my tongue trapped in the middle of the tube. The back end of the tube was just in front of the bar across my jaw.

The outside of the tube was wrapped in leather to make a grip. My lips were pricked with the bee venom and were now swollen tight around the leather covering of the tube. The worst part was how stretched my jaw was but I had no problem breathing thanks to the tubes up each nostril. The muzzle was now fitted in place and locked to the main head part via the bar across the mouth. A clamp held the end of the tube in my mouth to the muzzle. The same applied to the nasal tubes.

When Zato was satisfied that every thing was in place she used a key to turn a lever that pulled the tube out towards the inside end of the muzzle this also forced the bar across my mouth back into the joint of my jaw. As she turned the key I could feel my jaw and nose being stretched out, and soon it was enough to hurt. Again I could see that over time it would change the shape of my face.

"That’s it for today", she said and told Minnie to feed me etc then leave me as tomorrow would be a very special day. Minnie started to give me some more food and stroking my clit. The food was very runny and she had to pour it down the tube to get it into my mouth.

It did not take long before I was on the verge of an orgasm, but each time she would stop and feed me some more food. It soon became that I wanted the orgasm more than the food. She kept me going for half an hour, with me making gurgling noises trying to get her to finish the job. She was determine to torment me and make it last. When she did let me go over the top she kept playing with me and very soon I was having multi orgasms. When she finished I was knackered.

Before she left she placed two mirrors against the walls opposite each other so I could see my face and crutch area. I was mesmerised with the way my helmet looked. The face of a horse looked back at me. I could see my eyes in the eye lid holes moving. The bronze looked only a bit darker that my sun burned body so was a good colour match. The leather pants I wore did not look anything special but was making life uncomfortable pulling my hips apart. What with that and the stretch feeling in my arse, pee hole, ears and jaw I was in for a very uncomfortable night. I felt I was awake all night but the truth was I did get to nod off in the early hours.


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