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The Bronze Horse 6

by Jar

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© Copyright 2011 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; cart; millstone; susp; punish; nc/reluct; XXX

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Part 6

The work load had dropped off as most of the trees had been sawn up into lumber and the field crops were yet to be harvested. The good thing about the mill area was that people, both women and men would come and talk. As I went around and around I could hear the conversations and follow what was going on in the village. It had not rained for some time and water was getting to be a problem. I had overheard several men talking about using the cart and me to go to a stream some miles away to collect water for the people. But this would not solve the problem of watering the crops. So if it did not rain soon they would die and the village would be faced with famine for the rest of the year.

The lessing amount of work for me, had meant that I was left for longer and longer periods with no work to do so I was allowed to kneel and rest. The men were still working and were building a roof over the mill stones so that it could be used even if it was raining. When that was finished they built one for me to shelter under. It was good to not have to kneel in the full sun. It would also keep the rain off me, which was also a good thing from my point of view. Fred then lengthened the chains that held me to the long arm. Now they were about 3 foot long and allowed me to lay down.

Some straw was put under the shed and a back and short sides added. The longer chain allowed me to lay down to rest when not trugging around and around pulling the arm. The down side was I was now left chained to the arm unless I was needed to pull the cart or go for a ride. The first night I felt miserable and alone. I even wished I could be back in the stable at least there I felt part of the family and that I was valued. Left here I was just another piece of equipment.

For several days I hade been allowed to sleep later and would be woken by women coming to grind their corn etc. 4 village women had just left, they had brought their babes with them and used me to suckle them. More and more I felt like a cow but it was nice to feel the babies suckle. I had been asleep when the first woman arrived. A shelf had been fitted along the back wall and she put some vegetables on it. At night I was made to kneel and a tie was put between my elbow rings and the rings at the back of my ankle shackles. This meant it was impossible for me to get up or move very much.

The woman held her baby up to my right nipple and it started to suckle. I felt the now familiar feeling of Let Down as the milk was sucked from my nipples. Several more babies were feed and I looked down at them and my heart felt warm at the thought that soon I to would have a baby. Would I be allowed to hold it I wondered.

It was mid day and mother had brought me back from the mill stones and I was tethered to a post in the middle of what had been made into a small corral and my hood had been removed. Posts had been driven into the ground and planks nailed to them to form the outside of an enclosure. The area was about 20 yards by 30 yards. There were several posts inside the corral each was about 3 foot high with a metal ring in the top with a longish piece of rope attached. I was led to a post and the rope end was attached to my clit ring.

I could not reach the fence but it did allow me to walk around and enjoy the view out over the fields. After being only able to see the area at the Mill, for so long any other view to me was good. I must have been there for about 10 minutes when I saw a wagon being pulled by 4 male ponies coming up the drive.

It stopped next to the corral and the driver got down and stretched. He stood looking at me and I could see he was amazed at what he saw. I also noticed that he had four ponies, 3 mares and a stallion on a coffer chain at the back of the wagon. They were covered with dust that had blown up with wheels of the wagon, when the wagon stopped they all just stood there. Some fidgeted from foot to foot like a real horse would. They did not appear very intelligent but I suppose that was how I looked some times.

I was amazed and went as close as my rope would allow. I had never seen any human ponies before. I could see what the Old Woman said was true they did behave like horses and did not appear much more intelligent. I saw also that each one had a number tattooed on their forehead. It looked like some sort of registration mark. Would this be my fate to end up like this? I had to escape and soon.

The most noticeable thing from my point of view was their size. Fred was about 3 foot tall and Minnie 2 foot 6 inches. These ponies could only have been just on 5 feet. So while they were taller than the population they were all considerable shorter than me. It made me feel a bit of a freak at 6 foot 7 inches.

Fred came out and the man turned, walked up to him and they shook hands. He said to Fred, "That’s a mighty fine Pony you have there. I buy and sell Ponies would you be interested in selling her?"

I went cold at that point and looked a Fred for his answer. "Well not really"" he said. I could have hugged him, don’t know why as it was him that is holding me against my will. He could have taken me back to a proper civilisation and my old life.

Fred said, "I will be straight with you I could do with a couple of Ponies and a Stallion. I doubt that I have the cash that you would require." he said. "I was hoping we may be able to trade".

"What are you thinking of?" said the man looking at me with more interest than I cared for. He wanted me for my uniqueness I could see. If it was true that all the Ponies were like these, only just on 5 feet tall then me at 6 foot 7 inches made a very interesting item to him.

"Lets get out of the Sun", said Fred, "and sit down over cold beer and see if we can work out something". The man laughed and they both walked off towards the house and out of ear shot.

For the next two hours I was pacing up and down wondering what they were talking about. I could not help but feel sorry for the Ponies as they had just been left in their harness. Minnie did come out after about an hour and water them all. I was fascinated by their actions. One of the mares just bent her legs and pissed just like Minnie had made me do.

One of the Stallions kept looking at me and after a time I noticed that he was getting an erection and had started to get restless. This started off the others and soon I was looking at four very hard members. When Minnie was watering them she just slapped their penis's with the back of her hand and they lost their erections. Funny in a way.

Fred and the Man came out and I tried to pay special interest in what they were saying but then the man said that its very kind of them invite him for dinner tonight. "I don’t get many good meals on the road with only the Ponies for company".

The mares were led into the paddock and their halters removed and they were allowed to move freely. The Males were taken to the end of the Corral and small metal stake driven into the ground for each one. A rope stopped them wandering off, then they were hobbled. I noticed that each one was spaced so that they could not reach each other.

The Mares all went to the tub full of drinking water in the corner and took long dinks. Then some ran around and sort of played games of chase. I suppose that as they had been made to walk along slowly behind the wagon it was good to just mess about. After a while they came over to me and looked my over. They were a bit nervous to start with and if I moved they would run off then come back slowly. It turned into a bit of game and I felt happy to have some company.

Once all the ponies were safely in the corral and the humans had left us ponies alone. Strange how your perception of your self changes with the situation your in. The mares started to tease the Stallions. They would go up to them and turn around just outside the length of their rope and bend over and flaunt their bottoms. Soon the stallions were all sporting massive erections but had no where to put them. In some respects I felt sorry for them.

The mares tired of this game and came back to me. One who was a bit bolder that the rest came right up to me. I stood very still so as not to frighten her. Then she leaned forward and took my nipple in her mouth and sucked. Soon I had a Pony of each breast. Once they all had their fill they lay down around me so I did too. Soon we were all dozing in the sun, cuddled up together. Minnie and her sister came out and feed and watered the ponies and stallions. Me she clipped a led on to my clit and took me back to my stall. I tried to persuade her to let me stay with the ponies but she said no and followed it up with a very firm swat with her crop.

I was led in and hobbled with the usual neck collar and chain to the wall so restricting my movements. The hood was not put back on, this was good. I had wondered if she might be mad because I had asked to stay outside. She placed my food and water in to my bowls then left.

About an hour later she returned to find me laying down dozing. There was a rope that went through a pulley high up in the roof. Both end were normally tied off on the wall were she could get to them. One end of the rope had a snap shackle in it, this she attached to my nose ring. Pull on the other end of the rope meant I had to stand up and did not have much room to move about. I then saw Fred and the Man from the wagon coming down the yard. I was concerned as I had no idea what they had been talking about and it was oblivious that they were coming to look at me. Was this to finalise some deal to sell me?

The man stood in front of me and said, "She is big and I bet very strong". Fred said nothing. He put his hand out to touch me and I drew back a bit till, Minnie swotted me with her crop on the butt. "Good pony", he said, "I won't hurt you. You’re fabulous". He kept talking to me in soft words to keep me calm.

It was let him do as he wanted or I get Minnie’s crop, so he had a free hand to do what he wanted. He ran his hands all over me, feeling my muscles and giving my whole body a very thorough inspection. I will say this for him it was very professional like you would inspect a horse. Of course in his eyes that was what I was.

He felt my belly and between my legs. He stood back and looked at me for some time trying to make up his mind. His very serious face turned to a smile and he said to Fred, "It’s a deal. Two mares and a stallion for her first foal. You have the ponies now and I come back in a year when it’s ready to be weaned".

He spat on this hand and held it out to Fred who spat on his and they shook hands to seal the deal. I was just about to kick off when I realised that would not be a good idea as it would warn the man I was something special if I could understand what they were saying and I would be put in more restrictions than just a hood. If I wanted to protect my baby then the best thing was to escape and not by making a fuss now. I just stood there like the dumb animal I was suppose to be.

I settled now for the night after they had all gone and wondered what the place would be like with three new ponies in the stables. I wondered how we would all sleep. Separate stalls or all in one. Did I want to share a stall with some stallion trying to mount me all night, no thanks. After a bit I thought its getting to me I am starting to think this is my life and home, well it’s not, I am going to escape.

The following day I was put in the corral with the 3 mares. Fred came up and started to inspected them after some time he took the lead rope of one and led it across to the Wagon Man. During this time he had hitched up the four Stallions to the front of the wagon and was loading some stores that had been part of the bargain. The man took the rope off Fred and tied it to the back of the wagon. I could see she had a tear in her eyes as Fred and the man said goodbye.

The wagon set off down the road with the lone mare in tow. I felt sorry for the mare and the two left behind rushed up to the fence to watch their friend go. I was hooded and taken to the Mill stones were I spent the rest of the day either grinding corn or nursing babies. That night when I came back to the stable I could see that Fred had built a separate stall for the stallion and we fillies would share the rest of the stable area. I was chained to the big stone and the other two tied to rings now placed in the wall.

The ponies seemed a bit unsure of their new surroundings and kept close to me as their protector. They seemed like my young sisters and I would look out for them. I knew I could not take them with me if I tried to escape. That night we slept cuddled up together for the comfort we gave each other. Three naked bodies.

The next day was Sunday and Fred took me hunting. We were chasing a small deer. We had done this many times before. He would mount my back then remove the hood. I would try and follow the deer without any directions from Fred while he would try and shoot it. He would stand on my arms that were crossed behind my back and still encased in the leather sleeves. He would push his knees into my armpits to steady himself. This position meant that he was higher than my head and able to use both hands on his bow.

The dear darted left and as I turned after it, I tripped in a hole. I went down and Fred was thrown off, over my head but he was quick to roll into a ball and not hurt himself. The down side from his point of view was that he rolled down a slope. We had been running along a ridge in the foothills. I went down on my chest and without my hands to break my fall I ground both my breasts into the gravel, which I can tell, you was both painful and bloody to the front side of my breasts, belly and thighs.

I sat up and saw Fred come to a stop about 100 yards down the hill. He was soon on his feet and started to climb back up the slope but the loose stone meant it was hard going as he kept sliding back. I stood up and realised that for the first time I was not hobbled or otherwise tied to something. In other words I could run off. As I looked around I was convinced that we were near the cave that we had gone through to get to this place, were ever it was.

I thought that this was my best chance to escape and started to run up into the hills and look for the cave and the way home. I had not given this any thought or I would have realised the stupidity of my thinking. Here I was with a Butt-Plug up my bottom. A catheter in my bladder, so I had no way to go to the toilet. My arms were folded behind my back and encased in hardened leather half an inch thick with a metal bar running thru it. I had a foot long metal rod strapped into my mouth so it was very difficult to eat or drink. The other side of the cave was miles of desert, which Fred had made me cross at night, as it was so hot. And I did not really know were the cave was. So it was the worse decision I had ever made and I would be lucky to live through the consequences of this.

I had jog for about half an hour and was convinced that I was in the right place. I slowed to a walk and started a search of all the nooks and cranes, while keeping an eye out for FRED in case he had followed me. I saw no sign of him or the cave for that matter. By the time it started to get dark I was getting worried. I found a place to shelter and settled down for the night. Several times I got up to stretch my legs and could see a small fire way down the hillside. I figured that this was FRED and he had decided not to follow me but wait for me to come back to him like at the oasis when we first meet.

I had not realised how cold it got at nights out in the open up in the hills. Although my stable had no sides it did have straw that I slept on and kept me warm. By morning I was cold and stiff. I also need to go for a pee and that was when the foolishness of my plan started to raise its head in my brain. To get warm I ran for a bit try to quicken my search for the cave. After 20 minutes I slowed to a walk. The need to pee returned almost immediately and though I squatted and tried to pee, the catheter was more than up to the job of stopping leaks.

I realised that if I could not find away around this problem by tomorrow I would be in a lot of pain from a swollen bladder. As I wandered around the hills looking for the cave I found several very small pools of water and despite my thirst I did not drink as it would make me want to pee even more. By nightfall I was in agony with my bladder and knew I would not find the cave. Then it started to rain.

As I huddled next to a rock to try and shelter the night grew even colder. In the end it was so cold I could not stop shivering. The next morning I was in a bad way. The pain in my bladder was joined by cramps from my bowels shouting they too wanted to go.

I knew I had to find Fred and set off down the hill to where I though I had left him. I did start to feel warmer as the sun came up but I had started to sneeze so I knew a cold was coming on, glumly I thought It will probable turn to something terminal. I spent the rest of the day looking for FRED and by nightfall had not found him. I started to cry and felt I would die soon. As it got dark I saw a fire and set off in that direction. Several times I walked into thorn bushes and cut my legs badly. Once I fell into a hole and scraped my shoulder and bottom as I slid down the side.

It felt like years before I reached the fire and saw Fred sitting there. I got on my knees and crawled up to him and kissed his feet hoping for his forgiveness. The smell of cooked meat made my stomach rumble.

"So you came crawling back", he said and I nodded my head. "Do you know the penalty for a runaway?" he asked. I shock my head no. "The eyes are pierced with a hot poker and then the remains are replaced with round stones and the eyelids sewn up" he said.

I cried out and was reminded of the pain in my bowels and bladder and that I had no choice but to come back to him. He took the end of a piece of string and tied a loop knot in it. He threaded the end through the clit ring and then put it through the loop. The other end he tied to a small tree. If I tried to pull away my clit would be torn off. Then he curled up by the fire and went to sleep. I knew that I would be punished most severely if I disturbed him so I kept quite till dawn.

When he awoke he took the end out of the pee tube and my relief was overwhelming then he took out the insert of the Butt-Plug. After I had finished the bits were put back in and he had breakfast, I did not. He told me to stand as he ate and I could see him looking over the sorry state I was in. Several times he made a turning motion with his hand and I turned so as he could look at a different side. He cleaned up the camp then mounted me. He made me run hard all the way back to the stables. I was winded when we arrived and hardly able to stand.

When we arrived, his wife, Minnie also the youngest daughter called Linto came out to see us. He ordered Minnie to put the straight bar between my legs before he got off. His wife was concerned why we had been gone so long and he told her I had run off. She asked, "Are you going to blind her". Up to this point I though that Fred was trying to frighten me but now I was petrified that I would be blinded and fell to my knees and kissed Fred’s feet. With no voice and the bar in my mouth nothing sensible came out but still I tried.

He told Minnie to take me to the stable and clean me up while he got him self cleaned up. She was to put on the one-piece leather hood with the thick neck collar. He came over to me and said in a quite voice, "the reason I am having you cleaned is that I am going to whip you and we don’t want infections. Then you will be blinded". With that he turned and walked off with his wife into the house. I was horrified.

I was led to the wash rack so she could clean me. The bar was removed from my mouth along with the rest of my harness. She took special care to clean up all the dried grazes and other cut etc but no medication was put on, as I would need to be cleaned up again after the whipping I was informed.

She talked to me as she worked and told me I was a bad pony for running off and would be punished most severely. As she prattled on she said I would probably be in pain for a couple of weeks before the whip marks and bruising healed but that would not be an excuse for me not to work.

She said she would look after me till I healed by putting special grease on the wounds to keep out infections, the only problem for you she said was it stung a lot and laughed. It was my entire fault and she had no sympathy for me, maybe the pain would make me think before I did something as stupid again. Also I would be given a horrible diet for the next couple of months that I would not like. She also informed me that the blinding would not happen until my whipping had healed so it would be a month or so for that to be done.

All I could do was cry and the best way I could without a voice I pled for her not to let this happen. She was unmoved even happy at the distress I was in. She told me I would now wear the leather hood permanently, unless my head was being washed till the blinding. It took about half and hour to clean me up. She was not gentle about it.

She had the leather hood, which had been turned inside out to allow it to be fitted. The hood had been soaking in a bucket of water so it was wet when Minnie put it on my head. The hood was pulled over the front of the face and the ears pulled through the holes on the side. It had no eyehole so I could not see. In fact the back of these areas around the eyes was well padded.

The hood was smoothed down all over the head and around the neck. The laces were threaded through the holes down each side of the back split, the overlap tucked in and the laces pulled tight, compressing the hood on to my head. The laces were worked up and down pulling the hood tighter and tighter till it was stretched to its maximum. The water was forced from the leather as it was stretched and ran down my neck. The laces were tied off at the bottom of the neck.

Around the neck a thick posture collar was wrapped and laced up so that it was a snug fit. It appeared to be in two half’s, a top and bottom connected with metal rods. The bottom half was contoured so it fitted over the base of my neck. The rods were turned till the top part was pressed up under my jaw and back of my head. I was totally unable to move my head in any way in fact my neck was stretched painfully. I was taken off the wash rack and led out into the yard and up to under the beam by the kitchen. Two chains were attached from the beam to rings at the side of the neck collar. They were only just long enough for me to stand on my feet if I stood as tall as possible.

Fred addresses every one and told them I had run off and that I was to be whipped and when I had recovered from that I would be blinded so I would never be able to see to run away again. That way I would still be able to work as pony but to try and run away would be impossible.

I could not see, so the wait made me very nervous and I fidgeted from one foot to the other. When the first stroke landed across my bottom I screamed in pain, my legs went forward and came off the ground, I was left hanging by the chains from my neck collar. Scrabbling I got my feet back on the ground and stood up. I was expecting the next one from the back but it came from the side, first landing on the outside of my thigh then the end curled around and hit the inside of my leg. Again I lost my footing.

The blows landed at irregular intervals so I was never ready for the next one. It was not long before I was unable to stand on my legs due to the pain. He had worked up my back from calf’s to shoulders. This had included my arms, which were across my back. I had hoped that would be the end and he would not do the front of me as I was pregnant, but he still did up to the top of my thighs. Leaving the lower belly he then continued over my chest and breasts. By now I was unable to scream as I had lost my voice and could only hang there and cry with big heaving sobs.

About half way up my back I had felt blood running down me as each stroke landed. The blow would make drops splash out and spray on to other parts of my body. I knew I would be badly scared for life with large areas of flesh hanging in strips from my body. In the end I just passed out with the pain etc.


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