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The Bronze Horse 5

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; cart; millstone; insert; plug; enema; mast; climax; nc/reluct; XX

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Part 5

Fred and Minnie both returned from the house carrying things I could not properly see and my ordeal continued. Fred went behind me and knelt between my legs. Minnie untied the cord around my stomach so the tail was only held by the plug. I could feel Fred’s hands on the tail and the Butt Plug. With a press and a twist he then pulled the tail free of the plug and handed it to Minnie.

I watched her as she cleaned the metal end then put it in a hole in a wooden block on the table. She brushed the hair and made it look nice. Then the whole thing was put on a shelf. I felt Fred insert a bung into the plug so it was sealed.

He picked up something that looked metal and was Brass in colour. I could not see very well as he had disappeared behind me. To my horror I could feel his fingers parting the lips of my vagina and trying to work something into my pee hole. He had several goes but his fingers were too large and could not get started.

He spoke to Minnie and she took over. She had much smaller hands and using the fat from the jar was soon able to insert one finger. She kept pushing it in and pulling it out like sex. She also used her other hand to play with my clitoris. It was not long before I was panting on the verge of a climax.

As Fred stood by my head I could see the thing he held in his hand. It was a tube about 6 or 7 inches long with a slight curve till it bent at a right angle. One half was much thinner about a quarter of an inch thick and had a bulbous bit a short distance from the end. The other half of the total length was thicker, probably just under an inch in diameter and curved. The most striking thing was that the end had a round ball that looked like it was screwed into it.

After about 5 minute of Minnie working on me Fred took over. He had dipped the bulbous end into the grease jar and I felt him push it into my pee hole. It felt so large and the pain was beyond imagination. I tried to scream but the stick in my mouth took out the high notes.

He found it hard going but pushed it in and then pulled back and forth, repeating this over and over. Each time stretching me a bit more. Each push was greeted by a moan from me. After what seemed like hours the large part of the tube was at the entrance to my pee hole so he stopped pushing any more and the pain subsided to a very fully feeling.

The thick part of the tube now stuck out like an erect penis with my clitoris laying in the groove on top. A curved plate was fixed over my clitoris trapping it. Through a hole on the side at the base he used a thick needle to push all the way through my clit and out the other side. I would have been on the roof if I was not tied down to the frame.

A shackle was used to hold it in place and the rod part inserted into the hole made by the needle. The shackle was about 5 cm long and the rod must have been 4 mm. The ends of the rod were paned out by the use of a hammer ensuring it could not be removed. Now they had a ring through the base of my clit that could be used to secure me. If I tried to pull on it I would have to drag the bar the length of my clit, splitting it in half. He reckoned the pain would be too great to do that so if they use that to tie me to something I would not escape.

Through the small holes in the sides of the tube brown liquid was injected to make the clit swell up and completely fill the space inside. The metal would mean that the clit could not be touched or stimulated. This Fred hoped would lead to more control if I was not able to rub myself off and had to rely on them for relief from the effects of the milk inducement drug.

Next a much thicker wet leather hood was fitted over my head and laced shut leaving only my nose and jaw exposed. It even had a built in posture collar. The area over the ears was made of thinner leather so I could still hear but only if people talked in a louder voice than normal. I would still be able to hear commands but not normal talking unless very close.

Unable to see I was released from the rack and made to stand in the centre of the shed. The nose leash was used over a beam to make me stand up straight.

I had noticed that the Butt Plug had a foot long rope hanging from it and I could feel brush on my back of my legs. Standing up made the plug in my bottom feel like a tree had been shoved up it and was most uncomfortable. The plug in my pee hole was also very uncomfortable as well. They used the rope to pull out the insert on the Butt Plug and fitted the hair tail. I could feel it hanging down the back of my legs.

I was getting used to wearing a hood and not being able to see. The secret was to stand still and wait for them to give the orders, I had found. I had become much more docile now and found that I would stand still and not think of much. I was becoming stupid as the old woman had said I would. Probably as a result of the chemical she was feeding me. Its poison killing off some of my brain cells each day.

This new hood was much thicker and therefore stiffer than the old one which had become very thin in places. Being new it did not fit as good as the old one, but I knew that after I had sweated in it for a few days and Minnie kept tightening the laces it would again fit like a glove.

They must have left me half an hour or so before leading me off. They had put a lead on the clit ring and I was directed were to go with taps from a stick on my thighs. After a short walk I was halted and the lead was taken off. The humiliation of being led like this took a bit more from my humanity.

Then a lead was connected to one side of the bit in my mouth. Using the nose leash I was led forward till I could feel pressure on the side of my head. I soon got the idea that I was to walk forward in a circle using the mouth lead to keep on track. My nose lead was released and I was on my own. It was very uncomfortable with the plugs in my bottom and pee hole. Several times I tried to stop or walk bow legged but a swot with a cane across my bottom soon had me walking properly.

I was kept walking for quite a while and I had to admit that things were gradually becoming easer as I was stretched, I also become used to the feel of the plugs between my legs. The space between the tops of my legs was quite large, so the sides of the plug did not rub my thighs.

I was told to stop, and then ordered into the mounting position on my knees. Minnie straddled my upper back and I was told to rise. This was the first time she had rode on my back under Fred’s instructions and I had always found her very light in comparison to Fred. She removed the lead and I was ordered to walk forward.

I could hear Fred coaching her as to what to do, she picked it up very quickly. During the next hour or so she had me walking at various paces, from slow to very fast and turning left and right. If I did not move from one gait to the other quickly and smoothly she was not afraid to use her crop on my poor abused bottom. Then she had me go into a trot, back to walk etc. I would have to lift my knees more in certain steps. I realised that this was more like dressage that getting from point to point like we normally did while pulling the cart etc. Normaly I had just run but this would add a new dimension to her use of me.

At regular times I was pulled up and made to go into the dismount position. I would be able to rest while Fred gave me a drink of water and her more instructions. It was a learning time for us both as Fred showed her different movements with the use of just her hands and feet. Minnie had the easy part and I soon had a very sore bottom as she corrected me for mistakes, some of which were hers and not mine. After a time I heard Fred say he was going indoors and for her not to be too long.

Minnie was determined to get it right at my expense so it was another hour before Fred called to tell her the evening meal would be soon and that I need to be cleaned up and put in the stable before she could eat. She was very good. The tail was removed and replaced with the insert, and then she gave me a thorough clean, massage and orgasm before I was released from the rack and fed. She did not remove the hood though, so what with the collar around my neck, chained to the wall and the spreader bar between my ankles. Escape was again still not an option.

Early the next day I awoke to the need to pee. With the two plugs I could do nothing until Linto arrived. I was made to kneel in front of my food bowls and then she put the bucket between my legs. She removed the small ball from the end of the tube and the relief was fantastic as I drained my bladder into the bucket she had placed strategically on the floor.

Next she removed the inset in the Butt Plug using the rope attached to it. She then connected a tube to the plug from a leather bag. I could feel the water flow into my bowels. My food bowl was filled so I could eat while being given the enema. It was most embarrassing to kneel there eating as I was given the enema. My bowels and bladder were drained and the insert and ball replaced.

My face was wiped and I was lead by the clit lead to the stand outside the kitchen as usual. Now they used the clit lead to secure me to things the height problem had despaired and I did not have to bow my head.

I found out later that it was illegal for ponies to be in a public place without a Butt Plug and Catheter. This was designed to prevent fouling of the streets etc. in cities and towns. Most rural people did not bother with it, if the animal was on their property only. When I think how we let dogs mess anywhere, so you got it on your shoes, it did not seem such a bad idea, except it was me that had to suffer the items in my body.

That morning being lead by the clit ring through the village I was bright red. I felt everyone knew about the Butt Plug and the catheter over my clit sticking out between my legs. Of course I had more attention than normal due to the problem with the diarrhoea. My nipples and lips were now permanently enlarged making me look even more of a freak.

The days went by again one after the other and the never ending boredom of not being able to see and constant work made it a blur. My throat was no longer hurting and I had confirmed my worst fears that I could no longer talk. Also to my horror I could feel my breasts swelling. One morning while I knelt and peed into the bucket, having my daily enema and eating my food the youngest daughter had started to milk me.

I had seen her milk the goats so she knew what to do. At first I was only making a small dribble but the drink the Old Woman gave me at night had set my milk glands in action. As her small hands worked my nipples I felt a tingling sensation in my breasts and the flow of milk increased. I found out this is called let down. By the end of the week I was in full flow. I was now mentally broken and found it difficult to think. My mind was numb.

It soon became apparent that with my breasts now full of milk, trotting with the cart or them riding me was not good, the way my breasts bounced around. Milk would flick off and dribble down my body, also I would moan in pain the weight caused to my chest.

That night, just after I had been milked, Fred had me lying face down on the rack. Without the hood on I could see what he was doing. The Old Woman was also there and would pass comment on what he achieved etc. He had two pieces of thick leather about 4 inches by 10. On the ten-inch side he had sewn in gussets to flare it out. Then he placed it under my breasts with the gusset side against my chest. He wrapped the leather around and had some laces to hold the ends together. He pulled them tight around the base and laced them up. Of course he did it as tight as possible so soon the ends of my breasts were going a dark red/ purple colour.

The Old Woman had to explain that the reason for the colour change was he had cut off the blood supply and if they stayed that way the tissue would die and they would fall off. Probably not the whole truth but it got his attention. He loosened them somewhat to what I would best describe as a snug fit. The nipple end pushed out by the restriction around the base.

She told him that he needed to join them together in between the tubes at the front and they should have a strap around the back with also shoulder straps. He said he like that idea. A thick piece of leather was place under both breasts and two scoops were cut so they fitted tight up under each breast. These he sewed to the tubes. A strap went around my back and another one around my neck with buckles so they could be joined or removed. I saw it as a Bra woman all over the world wear but not here. These were unknown to Fred.

I was made to run on the spot and except for a few minor things it worked fine. It still consisted of the two tubes around the base of each breast but the back and neck strap was pulled tight lifting the ends of the breasts. They would still go left or right but the up and down was much reduced.

For the final fitting I was laid on the rack with my breasts hanging down. The harness was soaked in the leather glue. The laces on the top of each breast was done up. After a few hours the glue had dried hard and he took me out for a road test, except there was no roads only tracks. It worked reasonable well, I still had some bounce and Fred could grasp my nipples with his toes. I did not get a pain in the chest muscles the next day.

The next weeks followed the same old pattern. The hood was still rarely removed during the day but was now taken off at night to allow the skin on my head to breath. At first Fred had not wished to do this but the Old Woman had insisted or I would get ill she told him. In the end he had agreed as I was well secured with the hobble bar and the neck chain.

I would wake up as it got light and doze till Linto arrived. The ball was removed from the catheter so I could pee, the enema tube inserted. I was then feed. The little girl would milk me till I was empty. The enema was released and the two inserts replaced. The hood and Bra would be fitted and laced up tight. I was harnessed with the mouth bit and led to the kitchen area by the clit ring lead were I had to stand till the family had finished their breakfast.

I would be taken to the mill stones in the morning and pulled the cart most afternoons were I spent rest of day working. It was the most boring time I have ever spent but I soon found that I had to pay attention or I was whipped on the bottom or thighs.

I found that if I came home with only 5 or 6 new red stripes then it was a good day. Fred did not seem bothered about the red lines on my bottom any more, so I was all ways trying my best to do as required. One bright spot was that once I was connected to the arm by the chains the hood was removed. I think this had something to do with the old woman and health reasons etc. It was so nice to be able to see what was going on. I tried to do nothing to make them punish me by putting the hood back on again.

Some additions had been made to the mill stones over the weeks. I still had to walk around in a circle but the arm was now much longer. It was also much heaver on my arms but not too much of a problem. They had also built a sort of gear box so that I could drive other machinery that was being installed.

I did not know at the time but the land this was on, belonged to Fred. He was paying the men to do the work from the goods etc he received from my work for people in the Village. He was fast becoming the richest person in the village. Sort of Lord of the Manor.

Along side this area they had installed a whole lot of new stuff which to start with I could not understand. I had been plodding around grinding corn for an hour or so but now the all the woman had finished their work. They had stayed on as something was about to happen. I could hear a man telling Minnie the gear was now ready to be tested. Even Fred had turned up to see.

A tug on the reins made me stop and a lever on the gearbox moved. A swot on the butt got me going again but I nearly fell on my face as the arms moved so freely with no friction at all. Most people laughed as I scrambled to regain my footing. After a couple of rounds another tug on the reins made me halt. Why could they not just say start and stop, I thought. This constant treating me like an animal was wearing, but then again as far as they were concerned that was what I was, a Horse.

The lever was moved to another place and a swipe on the flanks made me walk on. It was much harder this time and it took all my effort to move the arm to start with. I could feel the muscles in my legs and back strain under the load.

It was a strain at first, as I think things were a bit rusty. Some one shouted out that he was going to engage the lever, what ever that meant. For me it meant the arm stopped moving and I stumbled as I was jerked backwards. Of course my arms being connected to the arm stopped me falling on my back, but it was a bit of a shock to my shoulders and me.

I scrabbled to my feet and rested while they worked out what was wrong. Then some one said a brake was on and released it. The leaver was disengaged and I was told to walk on. Again the arm started to turn and the lever was engaged once I got up to speed.

It did slow down again and more squealing could be heard but with more effort I was able to keep it going. Minnie was outside encouraging me to go faster with lots of use of her crop. Soon my back, bottom and thighs were a mass of thin red lines. Men were packing grease into bearings etc.

The more things were greased and it got used and lubricated the effort became less and less so I could settle into a steady pace. I had also found a good position to be in, that was quite comfortable. I had to lean well forward and get up on toes to try and keep my body straight.

I could see there was a large trestle with rollers and clamps on it. The men were moving a log into place so that the end was next to a large band saw. When one of the guys pulled down on a leaver it allowed a gear to engage with the shaft I was turning and the saw blade started to turn. When they pushed the log onto the blade my load increased and I had put more effort to turn the arm. I was quite surprised how quick it took to cut down the length of the log.

After the first log had been cut I was pulled to a stop and able to stand up straight I was sweating badly and Linto ordered me to my knees so I could have a drink.

I now spent the first 3 hours of the morning and most of the afternoon on the arm and Fred had found some padlocks these were used to lock the chains from the arm to my elbows in place. There was no way I could free myself and the key was on a string that the hung on an upright well away from where I could reach.

Minnie would use me and the cart late morning to collect stuff from farms around the village. As soon as we got back I would be put on the arms and left for the rest of the day.

This also allowed Fred or the Mother to send the Girls off on other errants. I would be left to work on my own and at the mercy of who ever was using the mill stones or the Saw Mill. If I kept walking at a reasonable pace I was pretty much left alone.

I would get several water breaks during the day when I would be milked by Linto. I was walking for about 6 or 7 hours in the afternoon before I was taken Home.

In the evening the men working on the Saw Mill would leave me on my own if one of the Girls was not around. I would then have to wait and it would depend on Fred, Minnie, and Linto when they would come to get me. The hood was always put on before I was unlocked from the arm. Some time it would be left on all day if they could not be bothered to remove it.

Fred or Minnie would turn up and ride me back to the stables. Linto was not allowed to ride me so she would use the clit ring to lead me back to the stables. This annoyed her and I got the brunt of that.

Once cleaned and collared I would be feed and left for the night. Due to the increase in the amount of work Minnie had to put in, the massages and other fun we used to have had all stopped? As I lay in the straw one night I realised that it must be nearly 3 months that I had been held by Fred as a slave and used as a pony. My stamina had improved considerable. My shoulders and thighs were appreciably bigger and more muscular.

Although there was a bulge appearing at my stomach this was covered with an impressive set of muscles. My lower arms no longer had any feeling and I could not move my fingers at all. I hoped that if I ever escaped that a course of physiotherapy would bring back the muscles. The thought of that not happening and permanently losing their use was not something I wished to think of.

I found myself more and more, staring at my swelling belly and several times had cried about not being able to caress it with my hands. I suppose it was a natural thing that all mothers do to hold there growing belly and baby with their hands. Even Minnie and the other woman would rub their hands over the swell of my abdomen; But Minnie was the worse for stroking my bump.

I could feel my mind going to mush. The Old Woman had said she was putting lead into my night drink to cause brain damage. I would have to escape soon or I would be trapped here forever.


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