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The Bronze Horse 4

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; cart; millstone; bodymod; fist; insert; plug; mast; climax; nc/reluct; XX

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Part 4

I had worked very hard that day and was looking forward to a nice leg massage from Minnie. The Mother had met us when we arrived at the stable and sent her off on another job. She had told Minnie that she would put me away. Other than to feed me she had done nothing. I was still dirty with the hood and the blinkers were closed. I did not hear the old woman arrive but jumped when she spoke. I will not remove the hood she said but here is your drink.

She held the cup to my lips and I was able to swallow the liquid. When I had drunk it all she said you have been talking to Minnie and I told you what would happen. At this point I felt a wave of dizziness overcome me and that cold feeling that occurred when Fred used the serum on my neck. I tried to get up but could not move.

She laid me out on the floor of the stable and unlaced the neck part of the hood, this she rolled up so it was clear of my neck. I could feel a knife cut into my throat and after several minutes I could feel her sowing up the cut. The neck part of the hood was pulled down and laced up.

She whispered into my ear that now I would never talk to any one ever again and next time she gave me a command I had better take it seriously. Then she said that the drink I was given each night contained several drugs. The first would make my breasts produce milk long before the normal time for a pregnant woman. The side effect of this drug was that it would increase my sexual arousal so I would be horny all the time. Now I understood what was happening to me.

The plan had been discussed with Fred and the younger daughter would be responsible for milking me during the day. It was hoped to get enough to sell to the village as milk was in short supply for the babies etc. They would also bring babies to me to be suckled as well, when I was not pulling something.

The drink also contained another chemical that would slowly lead to brain damage and I would end up with the IQ of a cow. She said how funny it was to bring a haughty white bitch down to the level of a milk cow and for her to be use as a cart horse.

The next morning was not my ideal way to start the day but would be the routine from now on. I awoke to a full bladder and no way to see as the hood was still on. My throat was very sore and difficult to swallow so I knew that I had not been dreaming when the old women had operated on me. I tried to talk but it hurt too much and I started to cry. The though that I would never talk again made me suicidal.

Minnie arrived and seemed in a mood. She did not speak to me other than to give an order. The hood remained on and I was forced to do as ordered. After the usual morning ritual the hobble chain was fixed between my ankles and I was taken to a new site where I was tied to a tree, then hood blinkers were opened.

Several men were clearing old scrub, bushes and grass. It was being piled up to be burnt. I was at first used to drag some of it to the pile. There were two large millstones lying on top of each other amongst the scrub. Soon the ground was clear around them and I was used to drag a metal post that had been lying nearby to the stones.

They built shear legs flat on the ground and I was used to pull them into an upright position. These were position over the stones and a block and pulley system set up to raise the metal pole into the centre. Somehow we got it located into the hole through the centre of the stones and standing upright.

The hood blinkers were closed and the hobble removed. Minnie pulled down on the nose lead and I got me to my knees so she could mount me. She pulled my head around and kicked me to indicate I should walk on. Then she soon had me trotting. I had never run blindfolded before with her on my back and to do it over unfamiliar ground made me want to go slowly but Minnie had other ideas and used her crop on me. I ended up figuring that if I tripped she would be hurt just as much as me, so she had better be up to the task of steering me around things. I soon found the she was and I began to trust her.

It took about ten minutes to get were ever we were going. She pulled me to a stop and signalled that I was to adopt the dismount position. This I did only for her to tie the nose cord to a bush. I could hear voices but not what was being said. After a short rest I was led to a spot and could feel someone connecting ropes to all three of the arm rings. This had never happened before so I wondered what I was expected to pull. I soon found out that what ever it was it was heavy. I could only just get it to move despite all the encouragement from Minnie’s crop. I heard more voices and things got easer. It turned out that they were putting round logs under the large tree trunk I was pulling. They had been unable to do this till it started to move.

Within a short time the sweat was running off me in buckets but I was not allowed to stop. My mouth was soon parched and I need a drink. I hated her for leaving the hood on as my head was over heating and becoming very hot. It took about 20 minutes to get to were we were going and I was allowed to stop. I had a long drink and cold water was poured over the leather of the hood, which cooled me down.

The hood was now soaked with my sweat and the water. This had made the hood stretch and I felt Minnie tighten the laces. All too soon Minnie, who had stayed on my back, jerked my head around and dug in her heals and we were off to get another Log.

Other than a longer stop for her to have lunch, while I knelt at her feet in the shade of a tree, I was kept at it till mid afternoon. By which time my stomach and leg muscles were aching and stiff. The hood had stretched a bit more during the day so Minnie had pulled the laces even tighter.

We had arrived back with another log and as it was being untied by someone who said that would be all for today. She ordered me to the dismount position and got off. The nose lead was tied off and before she removed the hood I was hobbled. The feeling of freedom from the leather hood was fantastic.

I could see men working on the trees, cutting them and other work I did not under stand. They seem to be building something over the millstones. At a guess it would be to make some sort of mill.

While Minnie lay under a tree asleep I was allow to rest. After a time had gone by and I was parched from working all day. I started to make grunting noises around the stick bit to attract Minnie and she eventually woke up and still half asleep realised I need to drink. Minnie came up with the idea of hanging a water bag around my neck so that it lay on my chest and a tube tied to the mouth bit. I was able to close my lips enough to suck up the water. She also, to my dismay, replaced the leather hood on my head.

Back in the dark I had to just stand there. Not being able to see made time drag by and it soon felt that I would end up standing like this forever. I tried to space out when I had a sip of water. After a while I started to cry.

Here I was naked, a leather hood over my head so that I could not see anything. The Old Woman had operated to on my neck so I could no longer talk. Both Blind and Dumb. A stiff posture collar kept my face forward and up. A stick through my noise from which dangled a cord with a stone tied to the end, so I could be lead around like an animal.

My arms permanently strapped behind my back. All the hair on my head and body removed. Some time soon I would be milked like a cow. Then if what the old woman had said was correct the drug would make me forget things as my brain was destroyed. That may not be a bad thing if I could not find a way to escape at least I would not remember what my life had been like.

God knows what they had planed for me next. For some reason the thought of rebellion and to stop working never entered my head. I was being conditioned into doing as I was told without question.

I did not know, as I could not see, but I was kept much later than I had before. Fred was getting so many requests for my time that my working day was to be extended for a longer and longer time as I become fitter. But exhaustion would be my constant companion. On the plus side my feet had hardened and if I happened to stand on a stone it was no more painful than if you did it with shoes on.

He had planed that from tomorrow I would start at 6 so Minnie, and the younger daughter (don’t know her name) would work a shift system to oversee me. Fred would not leave me with anyone, unless one of them was there all the time. The younger daughter would do the mornings until about 1200, and then Minnie would take over for the rest of the day and put me to bed.

Fred had a reason for this, Minnie was coming up to 17 and wanted to hang out with the gang of kids her age, but Fred did not think this was a good idea as they often got into trouble with the village elders for mischief also kissing and cuddling etc. So Fred thought if she had to look after me till about 10 at night there would be no time for her to do this.

Poor deluded Fred kids always find away to do what they want. He told her that now I was getting fitter and stronger he would have to insist that I wore the hood at all times unless I was chained to something or hobbled. He had once caught me without a chain or hobble and no hood. It surprised me as after I was secured by the nose cord, he made Minnie bend over and the beat her bottom with the crop she always carried. I though she was very brave as she did not plead with him to stop and did not cry or beg. Of course she was in a foul mood for the rest of the day, which she took out on me.

As I lay on the hay that night my thoughts turned to something that was crawling around my mind. I could not be sure but I reckoned that it was now well over a couple of months since that first day by the waterfall and I still had not had my period. In the back of my mind I knew I was pregnant.

I tried to sort out how I felt about the fact I was pregnant by the rape of 10 Black men. I would never know who the father was. I did know he was one of the dead bodies I had seen. Then I occurred to me that one had escaped, so how many bodies had I seen was it 9 or 6 or 8. Maybe the Father was still alive. What would it matter if he was, he was hardly likely to rescue me.

I would probably have a Black baby I though. Would I hate it for the way it was conceived by rape, sodomy and torture, I did not know. Then it occurred to me that it is hardly the fault of the baby for the way it is conceived. Would Fred let me keep it? I would be hard pushed to look after it with my arms pined behind my back as they were. I then remembered what the old woman had said that to breed a Pony was a source of income and the foal could be sold or kept to increase the herd. It would break my heart if that happened to mine.

The first days of the new regime were very hard on me. I was no sooner asleep than I was being woken up again. Luckily it had started on what we would call Wednesday, although they had no names for different days.

The hood now remained on day and night, except when I was washed and that had slipped to at best every couple of days. Now it was only on the Sundays. Most of the time I was dirty and as it had been a slow transition I had grown use to it.

The hood and the posture collar would be removed and dropped into a bowel of warm water then my head would be washed but not dried. Then the hood and collar would be rinsed to get the sweat out then put on damp so it would shrink a bit and fit like a glove. The rest of the week it was wet from sweat.

Ever so often the green paste would be spread over my head and between my legs and arm pits. I realised that this stuff was not a permanent removal just a means to slow down growth.

First thing in the morning I would spend a couple of hour at the millstones grinding corn etc. I think this suited the Mother, as it was not far from the back of the house.

The men had finally finished building the mill with the trees I had pulled to them. A long length of wood had been put through the hole in the metal up right post I had helped to install, and then bounded in place with leather strips. Two ringbolts with short lengths of chain had been mounted towards the outside end of the bar. The chains were clipped to my elbows and all I had to do was walk forward. I could not see because of the hood but could keep on course by keeping both chains tight.

The men had started to dig Irrigation ditches. They would fill a cart with stones etc so the dirt could be spread over the fields. So every so often some one would come up and I would have to stop walking in circles. The chains would be removed and I would be connected to the cart so the spoil could be dumped. Then back to millstones. This was mind numbing, it was just endless walking in circles.

I had found the young daughter to be called Linto. She had a bad temper and was not best pleased with having to get up early to supervisor me. Breakfast had been late and slopped into my bowel. Also I did not get time to use the bucket before leaving the stables.

She parked herself under a tree to the side of my route around the Mill Stones and using a long whippy stick could encourage me, as I passed, to keep up the pace. I had just started to work when I heard the first Woman arrive and she got chatting to her.

She had poured her grain into a funnel on the top of the stone and the grain was able to work its way down, to be ground by the stones and come out the side into the trough that went all the way around the bottom stone. I could hear her talking and was now able to understand some of what was said. Most of it was about village life etc. She swept up the ground flour and left.

Several more women had arrived and all took their turn. Over the weeks I had gradually understood more and more of the language. I had never had a chance to talk as I always had the bit in my mouth, unless I was eating. Now after the operation on my throat I never would. Twice I had to go off to move the cart full of stones and a queue had built up when we returned. So Linto had me trotting to get done quicker. By 12 o’clock, when Minnie came I was getting tired.

She stopped me as soon as there were no more clients and I rested and had a drink. This rest position was only that I was allowed to kneel, this meant I was leaning forward as my elbows were pulled up behind me back by the shaft. Still it did mean I was not standing and eventually I found a semi comfortable way.

I was released from the mill shaft and she told me to get into the mount position. She was soon sat on my back as we went to move the cart from the irrigation project. Next I was hitched to the cart and we spent 2 hours going around collecting fruit and vegetable for the evening market. It was dark when we returned to the stables but I was too tired to care. As soon as I was fed I was asleep. The rest of the week was much the same, some new tasks were added and others left out.

I was getting used to not being able to see and as a result my hearing was a lot better. But I still felt depressed at the thought that I may never get away from this life as a human pony. What I could not figure was how this could go on in Africa and no one knew about it, but I suppose the village was isolated. But why were the people so tiny! I had heard of pigmies but I though they lived in forests not village with Mills and millstones. I never worked it out as I fell asleep.

That morning I awoke with pains in my tummy and did not feel well at all. Linto took me to the millstones and after about an hour I had diarrhoea. My stomach had been churning for some hours but suddenly it let go and it was all over my legs and the ground. The women waiting to have their corn to be ground were very upset and Linto had to take me away and clean up the mess and me.

I had slid so far down the ladder of keeping my dignity that I did not feel either guilt or very much embarrassment. Only annoyance at the smell and the state of my legs. What a sad person you have become I thought you’re not even bothered having shit running down your legs.

She beat me very had for the work I had caused as though it was my fault. That afternoon when I was on the Mill it happened twice. The first time no one noticed and I had to keep walking in it. The second time I made so much noise and smell that one of the women came over and I was stopped. Minnie unchained me and tied me to a tree while she cleaned up the ground. Several times the women shouted at her and were obliviously not happy.

The women told her to take me away so she took me home. When we got back to the stable I was cleaned. They sent for the Old Woman who gave me a drink to settle my stomach. I was allowed the rest of the day to rest. From my stall I could hear Men and Women complain to Fred about what had happened before I fell asleep. The one good thing to come out of this was the removal of the Leather Hood as I was chained to the wall.

The next morning I was allowed to sleep later till Fred arrived. I felt much better and my stomach was not a problem. I though we were off for a ride but instead he took me to the rack and tied me down tightly. I soon became apprehensive as this action only happened when some thing bad was about to happen to me.

As I lay on the rack I noticed he had picked up my hair, which had been shaved off, from the shelf. The end with the tar was warmed in hot water till it became soft. He manipulated it till it was in a long roll, which he rolled on the table till it was a rod about an inch across and 8 inches long. He left it on the table to cool down and go hard.

The next item he picked up made my blood freeze. It was made of hard black ebony wood. It was a very large Butt Plug. Don’t ask how I knew what one was, I just did. I could see it had a hole about an inch in diameter through the middle. I just knew that it was going in my bottom and by its size it would hurt like hell. I expected it to tear the muscle around the hole it self. I began to cry.

Minnie put a large earthen wear jar on the table and removed the lid. She then put her hand in and came with a large dollop of fat to use as grease. This she smeared around my arsehole and started to work it inside of me. She had given me an enema this morning before breakfast and I had not given it any thought as she had done this several times during my stay without any reason. I think she liked to embarrass me, as I would always go bright red.

After few minutes she had worked her finger into me and was starting to work her hand in. She had reached around with her other had and was playing with my clitoris. I had become very aroused and it was certainly taking my mind of my bottom. Well sort of as that was also contributing to my pending orgasm. She would stop every time I was about to cum and work on my bottom hole. If I relaxed she would stroke my clit and I was soon pushing back to try and speed up her hands entry into my bowels.

The way they were going about this I soon figured that it was going to happen regardless of my agreement. I was going to have the plug inserted so I might as well try and get some thing out of the deal and I became more cooperative hoping for an orgasm. It was not long after this that I felt the thick part of her hand slide into me up to her wrist then she started to use her other hand as well. She worked it back and fourth for a few minutes then withdrew it.

Fred had the plug well greased and before I started to close up he was pushing it in. Despite the work Minnie had done with her hands and wrist it was still hard work to get the Plug in and I felt I would be torn from the feel of its size. Then suddenly it slipped in and the muscle of my arsehole closed over the narrow part of the plug. Narrow is a relative word, as it felt huge wedged up my bum.

Minnie rewarded me for my effort by playing with my over stimulated clitoris till I shuddered into the best climax I have ever had in my life. I realised later that the plug had excited me more than I though at the time. I was left to recover as Fred sat on a stool and picked up the remains of my hair.

The tar part had gone cold and hard and over the hair part Minnie had wrapped the hair in a cotton sleeve. She was working a wet leather tube over the tar part till the end came to the start of the hair. Once in place she very skilful sowed the end shut around the hair then a metal rod in the shape of an L one with a 4-inch spike. The other a 4inch solid tube with lugs on it. They worked the spike up through the tar part till the end of the metal rod met the end of the tar.

Where the end of the leather was over lapping the metal rod they used whipping thread soaked in the glue substance wound around it. When dry the whole thing would be all one piece. Once again Fred placed the end of the hairpiece in hot water till it was soft enough to bend. The metal part had lugs that would engage inside of the hole in the plug in my arse.

Fred inserted it and started to bend the leather part till it fitted up between the checks of my bottom. The end where it left my bottom cheeks was twisted out so that when I stood up the tail would point out from my back. The whole thing was removed and soaked in the leather glue and put back in place. A piece of cord was tied around the base of the hair then around my waist to hold the thing in place while it dried.

The bar in my mouth was used to pull my face up and keep it still. To my horror I saw Fred bring out the glass file that contained the brown liquid he had used on my nipples and clitoris. With the needle he pricked my lips ever quarter of an inch. The pain flared in an instant and I could feel my lips swelling up. Again tears fell down my face. I felt Minnie’s hand on my virgina and clitoris and she started to stimulate me.

I thought that I was in too much pain to become aroused but I was soon panting and the pain seemed to make me even more randy. Was I now becoming a pain slut to boot? After I had cum I was left for a couple of hours to let the glue dry and the leather shrink tight around the now cold tar, which had formed into its new shape. My lips throbbed with pain and felt huge.

This day was starting to rank as the worst in my life. Even the first day I was kidnapped did not seem to be so painful. My bottom still hurt were the plug had stretched it and my lips felt on fire and I could not do any thing to sooth the pain. I had no idea it was to get worse.


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