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The Bronze Horse 3

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; shave; plough; cart; bodymod; fist; nc/reluct; X

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Part 3

Many of the villagers were about their business and would stop and look at me. I found it most embarrassing walking thru the village to the fields being bald with green paste between my legs and on my head even if my head was covered with a leather hood. I was bright red the whole way. Of course as time went by I would have to get use to being naked in front of people and learn to accept it. I could see that but it did not make the situation any easier now. What was I thinking, I could not give up hope of escaping this madness and going back to my old life.

We arrived at the plough and I was connected up via the chains/traces etc and the reins attached to the rings at the end of the mouth rod. A set of wheels were then added to the plough and I was made to tow it to the next field. A new man was to direct me with the reins and off we went. Once we had arrived at the new field the wheels were removed and again I was made to work for a living. This bloke soon got right up my nose as he kept flicking the whip at my bottom, even when I was pulling as hard as possible.

By lunchtime I was a mass of red marks were he had hit me. So after he left I told Minnie that I would not do any more work in the afternoon if he hit me again. I do not know how I got through to her but she got up and went to plough and came back with the whip. She broke it into little bits and buried them in the ground. We ended up like a pair of schoolgirls giggling.

When he returned and I was hitched up, he started to look for the whip but I started to walk off and as the plough moved he had to grab the handles to hold it steady. Luckily he soon forgot about the whip and the rest of the day passed off fine. Fred came down as we were finishing and noticed the marks and asked Minnie what had happened. Fred was not best pleased and had words with the guy.

Again I was very tired and every muscle ached. I knew from my running of marathons that I would get fitter as the days passed. But I was so tired at the end of each day that I was easy to keep control off as I had no energy for a fight.

She hobbled me for the trip back to the stable. Fred left us and again I was led to the rack. Before laying down I looked a Minnie then looked at my crouch, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders as much as to say well may be I will and may be I won’t. All the physical work and being naked seem to be making me a randy mare. When I was cleaned up, fresh paste applied to my head, arms and crutch. Before the hood and loincloth were fixed on she fisted me again to an orgasm. She released me from the rack and I kissed her on the cheek as a thank you for the orgasm. She seemed surprised but delighted and kissed me back. I was glad when she did and felt relaxed from the massage.

I was given my evening meal and while I was eating it Minnie fussed about with bring in a pile of dried grass. This she spread about to make a bed for me. I felt a sort of love for her looking after me so well and swore to my self that I would try and be very good for her. That was of course till I was ready to escape from here. Curling up in the hay of my bed I was soon asleep.

Minnie came out later and laid the blanket over me and said good night, half asleep I repeated what she said. Next day was much the same as the last and I could see life becoming boring to say the least. Day after day it was the same mind numbing pulling a plough up and back over what looked like the same bit of ground even if it was a different field. Some times they would use a large metal rectangle with small spikes sticking down to break up the furrows and get the soil ready for planting.

One day I saw a man scattering seed over the fields by hand. The ground looks so dry that if they did not get rain soon none of this work would produce any crops at all. My heart fell at the thought that my days of hard work would be in vain and some how I felt that the village would blame me.

One small bit of good news was my feet were getting harder and did not hurt as much if I stood on a stone or pebble. Off course by the end of the day both feet, up to my knees, were covered with soil etc. In fact my whole body was dirty were the dust had stuck to the sweat and caked on. I was pleased that at the end of each day Minnie gave me a good wash all over.

One evening, about 10 days later, we arrived back at the stable Minnie had finished cleaned me up and too my surprise she did not reapply the green paste but instead got Fred to come and look at me. He made me kneel in front of him and he ran his hands over my head and I could feel it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Then I was made to stand. When he put his hand between my legs he found it was as smooth as my head.

His finger stroked my clit and with out thinking I pushed my crutch forward on to his hand. I realised what I had done with out thinking and blushed bright red and tried to pull back. His fingers were like greased lighting and he grabbed my clitoris. The pain was enough to stop me moving away. I had been embarrassed about this for a long time. It was like a very small penis about a half an inch long normally. When I got excited it would grow to about an inch and stick out in front of me.

My mother had taken me to the Doctors and then to specialists who said I had a high amount of male chromosomes, which had resulted in this genital deformity of what was a small penis on a woman. I was still a woman in all other respects and could have children etc but I would be stronger than a normal women etc.

They had told my Mother that they could operate and make it look like a normal size clit by removing most of it but that I was not considered to be a major problem like facial scars so she would have to pay for it. So of course it had never been done. The only down side to me was when I had showers at school the other girls would be spiteful and say I should be in the boys shower with a dick like that. Any way FRED was please at how smooth I now was and they stopped putting on the green paste.

I found that each day I was getting fitter and less tired each night. The next day was easer than the last in the morning, as the stiffness became less. I could now see that my thigh and calf muscles were getting much bigger and firmer. The biggest problem I was suffering from was that it was so mind numbing pulling the plough up and down the field all day.

One thing of note was that about 2 days after Fred had pinched my Clit he started to visit the stable after Minnie had finished cleaning me up for the night. Before I was released from the rack he would use a needle, which he dipped into a glass file of brown liquid. The first time he used it was on my left nipple. First he played with the nipple till it was hard then with the brown fluid coating the needle he pricked the top and bottom of it. Within seconds it stated to swell up and feel, what could be best described as a wasp sting. He quickly moved on to the other nipple then my clitoris. It was a good job I had been gagged or I would have scrammed the place down.

He then took a quarter-inch wide piece of leather and starting at the base tightly wrapped it around the nipple. As he worked it to the end the tightness of the wrapping made it stretch and get longer. He tied it off in a knot then did the other nipple and clit. He untied me and forced me on to my back so I was lying on my arms.

One small blessing was that I had scraped a groove in the ground so that when I lay on my back the arms were in it and not trapped under my body. The hay also helped a lot. This was much more comfortable and I slept like this all the time now.

Ropes were tied to the elbow rings and then to rings in the side of the barn walls. Another rope went from the bar between my legs to a wall ring. I could not close my legs or roll over to try and rub of the leather bindings.

As I lay there my nipples and clit continued to swell and I moaned in pain. After an hour or so the pain started to fade but the ends hanging out passed the leather binding was dark red and very swollen. I could not sleep for the throbbing and I knew it was quite late when he came back to take off the leather straps. The pain flared up again as the blood flowed back and as I looked at my nipples the seemed huge and swollen. The next morning the pain had died to a dull ache but they still seem much larger than before. My clit stood at attention and was most embarrassing as I was led to the field to pull the plough.

For the next 7 nights he repeated this procedure. By the end of that time my nipples were over an inch long and my clitoris nearly two inches long and was permanently aroused and hard. Several times during the day I had ground my self on a post or the ground to obtain an orgasm. Much to the amusement of Minnie. Some times during the lunch break she would stroke it till I was near an orgasm then stop. She would have the bit in my mouth so I could not talk and beg for release only moan.

I could see no way to escape so I had to put up with being treated like an animal but was prepared to take a chance if it was presented to me. I had realised that I would only get one shot so I would have to be docile and do as I was told until that time.

For some time now the old woman had visited me at night. The first night she came, I had been asleep for some time before she kicked me awake. She would ask questions about the outside world and I tried to answer them. Some time I was allowed to ask questions.

Each time she arrived she would bring a cup of hot drink for me. It was sweet so I drank it. When I asked what was in it she said it was like tea but different. As the food I ate was so bland and tasteless I did not refuse. I should have been more insistent on what was in it but that is easy in hindsight.

One night she reminded me about not talking during the day to anyone, only her and what would happen if I broke the rule. I had thought she was bluffing but was not to sure now and vowed to stop talking to Minnie.

I was pleased when after the lunch break the next day the plough had the wheels attached and we parked it next to a shed. I could see that it was now much improved from when I had first seen it. The blades were shiny and someone had a go at removing some of the rust. It had even been greased on the control for the depth setting.

The traces were removed from the arm rings and I was changed over to a two-wheeled cart. Short shackles were used between the rings on my arms and the rings on the shafts of the cart. This meant that I still use my elbows to pull the cart but to slow it down all I had to do was let the arm binder settle into the small of my back and with the use of my body could act as a break.

With Minnie sat on the cart she pulled on the right hand rein, pulling my head around so I turned in the direction till she stopped and said gee up and off I walked down this dirt track. Almost immediately she said gee up again and flicked the reins so I started to run at my normal speed for a marathon. She seemed satisfied with this pace. The cart was surprising light and rolled well so I had no problem pulling it along.

The worst aspect was that my breast bounced about but Minnie would not let me slow down so I had to put up with it. I also found that my clit was rubbed between my thighs’s which soon had me aroused. I was worried that being worked like a beast was making me turned on all the time. The thought randy mare made me smile to myself.

I had been running, sorry trotting for about 10 minutes when the first sign of trees came into view as we crested a small rise. A few minutes later we stopped along side the first pile of wood beside the track. Two women who had been sitting under a tree got up and started to load the wood into the cart. We moved to the next pile about 20 yards down the road. I could see piles every 20 yards or so till the track went around a bend about 200 yards away. I was hoping she did not expect me to clear all this lot today.

The two piles filled up the cart and I was turned around and made to trot back to the village. The going was much tougher with the cart fully loaded and by the time we arrived at the village wood store, an old barn, I was puffed and sweating heavily. I was made to back the cart in through the barn door and three men unloaded the cart.

Two women to load and three men to unload, things don’t change were ever you are in the world. One round trip had taken an hour I reckoned. I wasn’t sure how many of these I could do. The trip back had been hard work and my bottom stung from Minnie’s use of the whip.

I had about a 15 minute break as the men did not hurry themselves which suited me. The only trouble was Minnie had it in her mind to make up time and tried to push me on the way back. I felt that at this rate I would not make the end of the afternoon, but knew I would have little choice in the matter. The other problem was that the piles were further away each time.

Soon we were at a pile and I kept running to the second despite Minnie nearly pulling my head off. Without waiting for her I turned the cart around and was ready for the women to start loading when they arrived from were they had been waiting by the first pile. Luckily for me Minnie then saw the logic in what I had done so stopped moaning.

The worst thing that I had now learned in the time since Fred had captured me was to overcome the embarrassment of going for a wee during the day. When I had been working on the plough, during the first stop I had felt the need to go but had held it in. By the second stop I could no longer contain myself and was hopping about from leg to leg.

I tried to make Minnie understand my need and take me to some bushes along the side of the field. I tried to walk off in their direction but she hit me with her stick and made me stand still. She used the stick to make me stand upright and hold my head up then indicated that I should open my feet wide and pee. At first I refused but the stick won and with tears running down my face and urine dribbling down legs I wanted to die.

I had been too embarrassed to do it front of people but after being given no choice by Minnie, I soon learnt to do it when the need arose. I also learnt to do it outside before returning to my stall so that the smell did not get to me while I was there. I had not yet shit outside but still used the bucket in the morning. I was aware that at some point I would have to do that out outside as well as in front of people.

Over the coming weeks she would make me try and pee at each rest period. In the end I gave in and swallowed my pride, slipping a bit near to loosing more of my humanity and acting like the animal they were using me as. I had to pee so I spread my legs and went in the road. I now did it without thinking.

The run back was starting to get to me and by the time I got the cart backed into the barn I was pretty done in and breathing very hard. I was sure I could not manage one more trip. But Minnie had other ideas and made me set a hard pace back to the woodpiles.

Several times I had tried to tell her to take it easy but all I got was even more whip marks on my bottom, arms and shoulders. In the end she won. The only good thing was on the last run of the day 5 more women had joined the two women who loaded the cart and they wished to stroll back and told Minnie to stay with them. They had loaded several of their baskets on the driver’s seat so Minnie had to walk with them holding on to the nose lead of mine. I suppose as they were older she just accepted this and the walk back was about the end of my energy bank.

After the cart was unloaded and I had taken it back to its shed I found I was almost unable to walk back to the yard. Minnie was in a foul mood and pushed me down on the rack hard. I was given a quick wash and leg massage and no orgasm then she feed me and left. I was too tired to fight and was soon asleep. I woke up some time in the night and noticed that I had no blanket. She had obviously decided to punish me. I had a laugh when I though at least I am not in the doghouse, just the stable.

The next morning she still looked angry as she woke me with her foot so I decided to try and get back on her good side and on my knees I crawled over to her and put my head on her foot. She stayed still for a couple of minutes and then put her hands either side of my head and lifted it up so we were look at each other. I gave her the biggest smile I could and she couldn’t help herself and smiled back. She then started talking which I assumed was to tell me I had to do as I was told. I did not listen much as I had my face in my breakfast, as I was so hungry.

The good thing that did come out of this incident was she learned to trust me about speed and my endurance and I learned that when she told me to do something and I did not, it would end in pain. Mine not hers.

The days blurred into one another and I could no longer remember or even think of days or weeks, just pulling the plough or the cart. Some times we collected wood and other day’s baskets of vegetables for the village market from outlying farms. The one constant was that they worked me hard. I had noticed that Fred owned me in the eyes of the village and got a share of the work I did. This was making him the richest man in the village.

It had rained and the mood of the village had brightened up. I was not sure but I think the villagers though I was a good omen and I would get feed treats by the women when I was resting between jobs. Soon you could see small green shoots coming up in the fields I had ploughed and tilled. I had over heard several conversations of the men and the whole village was concerned that it should continue to rain or the fields would dry up and the crops die. Several people had proposed drilling a well or building an aqueduct to bring in water. No one could seem to make up their mind so nothing was happening.

Although nobody was very well off, it was FRED that was getting the benefit of my hard work. Most of the people and the village were very poor and as I was taken from place to place it was unobvious that they had been scratching a living for many years. Most of their infrastructure was in a bad state. Some of it beyond repair

One day of the week was a sort of Sunday and I was not taken to the fields or made to pull the big cart. For the first couple, FRED had come to the stable and had got on my back and rode me around the neighbouring field and woods. Several times we had come across small Deer and he had me chase them. It appeared that I could run as fast as the Deer, for a short time, and he would shoot the deer with a bow he carried.

He was always carefully to keep a good hold of the nose cord when he got off. It would mean I would have to rip it out to escape and I did not have the courage to do that. I was sure they thought I would always try and escape but I had given up on that till I could find away to get my arms free. As long as they were secure I had no way to look after myself. I think they also believed that if not kept secured, hobbled or chained in some way I would attack them without reason. I could see no point to that, as again without the use of my arms I would not be able to defend myself.

I found that I enjoyed the chase and kill. He would also grip my nipples between his toes and use them to steer me so his hands were free. Due to their increased length that was much easer for him. I was now always aroused and found that after we had made a kill the pulling of my nipples was enough to make me cum. I was concerned about being aroused all the time as it gave them another lever to control me. Also the level of arousal was too high, I worried that it was in part due to being naked in front of people that was turning me on and not just what had been done to my clit.

I had also started to get used to being bald and hairless, even my privates had been done. So other than my eyelashes I had no hair on my body at all. I expected to become sun burnt on my head with no hair for protection but for some reason I could not work out I had just gone a very golden brown all over my body. This colouring had given rise to my new name BRONZE. They pronounced it the same as we do so I could understand the meaning. This was a bit more of my humanity striped from me on the way to become a beast of burden.

Several times it had occurred to me that I was being trained or brain washed into being obedient. If I was good Minnie would allow or give me an orgasm. One day I had been very helpful and received two so now I was always trying to please her.

They were using the Leather Hood more often to make me compliant. It had blinkers that could be closed to cover my eyes completely and so therefore I could not see at all. I had to rely on them to lead me or steer me with the reins. The trend seemed to be to take off the hood when I was in the stables at night. During the day the full hood would be worn, although some times it would be taken off if I had worked really hard or something.

The first time I had worn it out side had been frightening. Especially then being made to trot with the cart whilst not being able to see were I was going. It took all my concentration to focus on the reins attached to my bit. It was clear that this was more training to make me more compliant and my actions automatic.


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