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The Bronze Horse 2

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; slave; pony; bond; bdsm; shave; plough; piercing; fist; nc; XX

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Part 2

Fred waved his hands at me in an upward movement so I stood up. Once on my feet I was pulled over to three horizontal wooden bars on a frame. I would have tried to put up a fight but again a few hard swots with the stick convinced me of the error of that course of action. The first bar was adjusted so that it was at stomach level when I bent over at the waist. The next was just below my breast and the last above, so I could rest my shoulders on it.

They were not padded so I soon found them uncomfortable. A rope on each bar was crossed over my body and pulled tight so I could not move. The lack of movement started to worry me as I was thinking pain of some sort. A tie from each ankle ensured my legs would not move but my head was left unsecured.

Fred removed my boots and socks, which had a terrible pong as I had been wearing them since the beginning of my ordeal, some three weeks now. The old woman had returned and picked them up and went off to the house were I saw her throw them on the fire. She then returned to watch.

Minnie then used a cloth, soap and warm water to wash my body and legs. She washed my hair and rubbed it dry with a cloth. It was most embarrassing to have my sex and arsehole washed by some one whom no taller than a small child, but I had no choice in the matter. It did feel good to be clean for the first time in many weeks.

The old woman applied a paste to the many cuts and grazes all over my body, arms and legs. She paid particular attention to my face, which was still badly bruised. One eye almost being shut from the beating given to me by my kidnappers.

I watched as Fred got out of the pouch on his belt, the small jar of something that he had used to paralyse me before, when he had changed my arm position at the oasis. I relaxed as I assumed that was what he was going to do again. The last time it had not hurt so this should be OK too. He brushed the hair off my neck and I felt two pricks either side of my spine. Soon I had lost feeling in my legs, arms etc again. They soon had the bindings around my arms undone and both arms hung from the shoulders down towards the ground. I tried to move them but could not.

Minnie then got a small bowel of some green paste. She used a flat stick to spread it over my pubic hair, up the crack of my bum and around the tops of my legs. In fact any where their might have been hair even under my arm pits. After about a minute, it started to burn and become very painful. I jiggled about as much as I could but I did not improve the situation and only made my breasts swing about, but it made them both laugh at my antics. Minnie washed both arms and dried them, and then they were pulled behind my back again. Both hands were made to grasp the other wrist as before. A cloth bandage was wrapped around them to hold them in place.

From one of the buckets a 3-inch wide leather strip was pulled out. It was cover in some sort of thick brown liquid. Minnie and the old women held my elbows up so that Fred was able to apply the strip. The leather was wrapped around and around the arm, from just above the elbow to just above the other elbow. Next he went out into the yard and came back with a metal tray, like a piece of guttering, with the ends bent up. Along the outside was a thicker metal flat bar that had three metal rings on it, one at each end and one in the middle.

The tray was placed against my arms and so that the upturned end-ran up around my elbows to about 3 inches up my upper arms. The rest of the arm lay inside the tray. Minnie and the old woman held it in place while Fred wrapped more leather strips around my arms and the outside of the tray/bar.

My arms were now firmly held by the leather to the tray and the whole thing was ridged. The flexible sides of the tray were pressed against my arms holding them ridged. He must have used about 5 or 6 strips of leather so it was quite a thick tube that ran from elbow to elbow.

I could feel the liquid the leather was soaked in that had fallen onto my back start to turn hard, so it must have been some sort of glue they were using. A rope was tied to the centre ring of my arm tray and was put over a roof beam and my arms pulled clear of my back. Minnie cleaned up the glue from my body.

Fred and the old woman left for the house and Minnie spent the next hour brushing my hair till all the tangles were out and it shone again. I normally had long hair down to my shoulders and was proud of it. It was also very relaxing and helped to take my mind of the burning section in my nether regions. Minnie pushed my head down as far as it would go so my hair hung down to the ground. Then she gathered it into a pony tail at the top front part of my head then bound and tied it with thin thread close to my scalp to hold it together. Next she wound a 2-inch wide strip of leather, which had been soaked in the glue solution, tightly around the base of the hair up against my skull.

She put a thicker bridle stick into my mouth and tied it behind my head. A rope was tied to each end and pulled up till my head was all most pointing upwards and my neck hurt. Why did every thing they did to me have to hurt so much? Minnie held up a mirror for me to see my face, this was the first time I had looked at my self since the day of the kidnapping. The look of the hair held up above my head then cascading down looked very good. In stark contract to the bad bruises and swellings on my face.

Fred came back to the stable with a bowl of some warm black substance. Minnie tied a thin cord around my hair and slid it along till it was three quarters of the way to the end of the hair and then she tied it to nail in the roof. This held my hair up clear from my head. She then took a flat stick and smeared the black paste over the top of the hair next to my scalp and up the stem to cover the leather, till it was quite a thick layer. As it cooled it hardened to form like a cap.

Next Fred got a 4 inch black hard wood stick about a quarter of an inch thick, both ends were pointed and it had two grooves around it about half and inch apart in the centre. Before I can even begin to squirm he had grabbed my nose and pushed the sharp end through the inside of the end of my nose. The pain was explosive and I screamed and tired to move myself away but was too well secured for that. When the tears cleared from my eyes I can Minnie is holding the stick so that it is centred in my nose and Fred is tying a small piece of leather around it and under the centre part of the nose to stop it coming out. I could feel blood was running down over my lip and I was able to lick it to stop it running on to my chin.

She had a 2 foot length of thin rope with a loop at the end and a small stone with a hole in it tied to the other end. The loop is turned back on its self to produce a bigger slip loop that goes over the stick and then the weight of the stone pulled it tight. I was to learn that this was to be my leash from now on. The slipknot made it easy to put on or take off but with out hands impossible for me.

What had I done wrong to have my life go down the toilet like this? I was left tied up till late in the afternoon.

When they released me from the rack I was sore, stiff and pissed off. They led me back to the sleeping area and the metal collar was locked on my neck. I had tried to resist but a sharp tug on the nose cord put stop to any thoughts I had of not obeying. With the collar attached to the chain and fixed to the large stone I was well controlled. My nose was sore and each time I moved the stone would swing about which was painful so I tended to stay still.

Fred had moved in a 1-inch thick, foot square stone plate for my food and another for my water. Being so heavy they did not move about as I tried to eat. When Minnie arrived with my evening meal in a pot, it turned out to be a sort of stew. She put several large dollops in the stone bowel and indicated I should eat. I managed to drop the cord over the front of the plate, thereby allowing me free access to it. I ate most of the stew but as I moved away Minnie taped me on my bottom with the stick and pointed to the bowl. She stuck out her tongue so it was obvious that I had to lick it clean. This I did.

The leather on my arms had started to dry and go hard. As it was drying it was also shrinking and pressing the iron plate up tight to my arms. By the next morning it was hard as Iron, giving no movement to my arms other than at the shoulders. I could not even move my fingers or flex the muscles in my forearms.

The ache in my shoulders had not gone away. Every since I was first kidnapped, having my arms tied behind my back had made my shoulders ache. It was also a problem with lying down to sleep. The bandits had made me lay on my back. The arms had dug into me and thrust up my hips this they liked but was very painful after awhile.

If I lay on my side it pushed the arms to the up side and after a few minutes the shoulder would become painful. I had found the front was also a problem as after a while my breasts would feel squashed. About the best position was to lean up against the wall in the corner.

I was left for the night but sleep was a long time coming as I still had the paste between my legs and under my arm pits giving off a burning sensation and with my arms fix as they were, there was no way to scratch myself. At some time I must have drifted off as Minnie was pushing my shoulder with her foot to wake me. She pointed to the bucket in the corner. I though about rebellion but tied up as I was with the metal collar around my neck I knew that they could beat me without me being able to do anything about it so I complied. I squatted over it and peed. When I went to get up she indicated that I had to go poo as well.

I tried several times but could not. So she got a funnel with a flexible tube and put it in my bottom. I tried to refuse but got several very hard lashes with the crop she had held to her wrist with a thong. I gave in to avoid more pain, I need time to recover before I could take any more. Cold water was poured into the funnel and I had my first enema. Every morning after that I tried very hard to poo, as I did not fancy the embarrassment of having another enema again.

She washed my bottom and my face then using a flat wooden stick she sort of shaved off the remains of the green paste that had been spread over my crutch area. I could see most of the hair came away with the remains of the paste. Fresh paste was smeared over the area and under my arms, she used the stick to massage it into the skin. The burning started up again.

The iron collar was removed and I was led by the nose cord down to the door into the house. The feel of the gravel on my bare feet was very odd and the sharp stones made me hop a few times. She stood on a ladder and the stone of the nose rope was thrown over a beam about 7 feet from the ground and the end pulled down and wrapped around a cleat. This meant I had to stand tall or I would pull on my still sore nose. Minnie went indoors and left me to stand there. She and Fred did not come out for about half an hour. I could see them sitting around the kitchen table having breakfast while I stood there with the burning sensation between my legs and under my arms.

When they emerged from the kitchen the straight iron bar between my ankles was removed but the metal cuffs were left in place. Then they attached a chain about 15 inches long to each ring on the ankle cuff. This would make it difficult to run away I thought. I could walk reasonable well with short mincing steps but could see how the chain would tangle if I tried to run. With Minnie holding the nose rope they lead my out of the courtyard and down the road, through the village to the fields on the far side. I had no boots on, so I had to watch out for stones etc on my naked feet. Luckily the road was mostly sand covered but the odd stone did make me hop several times

We had gathered several men, women and children on the way. Curious to find out what was going on I suppose. I was red all over my body from embarrassment and the shame I felt of being led along by the nose cord held by a very short girl. If I tried to stop a sharp tug put a stop to any thought of rebellion as my nose was too tender.

We soon arrived at the end of a field at the outskirts of the village were there was an old iron Plough standing. The ground was dry and poor looking. I was made to stand in front of the Plough. Chains that were hanging from the plough shaft were hooked to the rings on each of my elbows. The hobble chain was removed. Fred produced a metal rod with rings at the end and this was put in my mouth, secured with a leather strap around the back of the head. Then long reins were attached to the end rings and handed to the man holding the handles of the plough.

Minnie had the nose rope and pulled it to move me away from the plough till the chains were tight. You did not need to be a rocket scientist to workout that I was to pull the plough. The guy holding the plough and the reins shouted and I leaned forward and took the strain on my arms and shoulders. I dug my bare feet into the soil and heaved, to my surprise the plough moved so I kept walking forward. It was hard work but I was able to keep going. Any time I tried to slow down the Guy holding the Plough would flick my bottom with a long whippy stick he had. It stung so much I tried hard to keep up the pace.

After an hour I was made to stop and I knelt down to rest. I was breathing and sweating hard from the strain. Minnie had stayed with me and gave me a long drink of water from a ladle. I had a few problems, as they had not taken out the mouth bit. Some of the water ran down my breasts, the cold water felt good. My shoulders were sore but not too bad. I had been surprised at how efficient the way my arms were bound had turn out to be. The rings at each elbow had transferred the pull via my upper arms to the shoulders, so it was the bone that took most of the weight.

My legs and back took some of the strain and I had found that if I leaned well forward it was less strain on my stomach muscles. Never the less my legs were tired. I was allowed about 10 minutes rest then he jerked the reins and flicked his whip. I got to my feet eased forward till the load came on the straps and once again we were ploughing. Going up and down was very boring as I was leaning so far forward that all I could see was the ground in front of me.

We stopped once more for a rest before lunchtime. At midday Minnie took me to the shade of a tree at the side of the field. One end of a chain was wrapped around the tree and she padlocked it together. The other end had a collar and this was fastened around my neck. The hobble chain was fixed on, and the chains to the plough and the mouth bit were removed. I had noticed that they were very careful to ensure that I was always restrained in some way so that they had total control over me. It was almost as though they were frightened of my strength.

Then I realised that I had not seen any horses or cattle or in fact any large animal bigger than a small goat. I would have to give this more though, maybe what the old woman had said was true and the way they used humans to work as horses. That would mean I would be stuck being used as a horse for the rest of my life unless I could escape somehow.

Once I was secured the bloke left and disappeared towards the village, off for lunch I suppose. Minnie’s Mother arrived with a basket and a water skin. A bowl was put out for me, filled with water and I was allowed to drink. Mother left and Minnie started to chat to me, I could not understand her but she used my name several times. She would pick up an item and say its name, repeating it several times.

Then point to me, so I tried to repeat it, if I got it right she would give me a piece of food by hand and in this way we spent a pleasant hour. When she saw the man returning she indicated that I was to keep quiet. It was now obvious that I was to only talk to her and not let on to others. I had forgotten about the Old Woman’s threat, this I would regret later.

I was reconnected to the plough and spent another 2 hours pulling it up and down the field. By now I could hardly walk I was so exhausted and tired. We had finished this small field and I did feel proud at what I had done, even to the fact that the rows looked fairly straight. But then I noticed that there were lots more fields to be done. Well at least I won’t be bored, I chuckled to myself. The journey back to my stable seems very long as I had a job putting one leg in front of the other. The bad news was that even as I was so tired they had still shackled my legs. I did not think I could have cope with running off but of course the crop made sure I arrived back at the stable.

Once back, after the collar was attached, she put me on the rack, as I called it but not tied down. The remains of the paste between my legs and under my arms was removed and I was then washed all over. Then she started to massage my legs, back and shoulders with some warm oil. It was wonderful. She was doing my thighs and I was just nodding off when her fingers rubbed against my sex, I thought it was just an accident but her small fingers soon found their way into the folds of my sex and she caressed my clit with one hand and inserted the fingers of the other inside me.

I froze but it did feel good and I did not have the energy to fight so I went with the flow. Soon I was very aroused and by now she had all of her small hand inside of me and was fisting me. As I say luckily she had a small hand and wrist, which felt like a slightly large penis. I’d had a few of those over the last few weeks so knew what they felt like.

I did not take long before I could not stop her even if I wished to, as I was on the point of an orgasm. Over the top I went and she slowed her movements till my body had recovered and I had a pleasant hum. God that had been good.

I was slapped on the bottom then with a tug to the nose rope made to stand up. She led me to a spot in front of the bowls which had food and water in them and the neck chain was put on then she left me. Some how I managed to eat and clean the bowl before going to sleep. I did not stir all night.

I felt something shaking my shoulder and realised it was Minnie. To my surprise I could feel I had a blanket spread over me. I said good morning to her and smiled as I got up. I nodded toward the blanket and smiled at her to thank her for her kindness. She held up the blanket and told me its name, which I repeated several time.

After the toilet ritual I was fed. I was given porridge for breakfast. So it looked like porridge for breakfast and stew for the evening meal. That would soon become boring I thought. When I had finished eating she pointed at the ground in front of her and I was made to stand there.

She got the bowl of green paste and I started to move off but a sharp tug on the nose cord put a stop to that idea. The spreader bar held my legs wide as she did my crutch area which was scraped and fresh paste applied. Then I was told to kneel while she did the same to my arm pits.

The rod which I was in time to consider as my mouth bit was inserted and the leather strap buckled behind my head. The rod was about a foot long with a 2 inch ring at each end and flat in the middle. It was only about a ¼ inch thick so it was quite comfortable between my teeth. If it was pulled back hard then the flat shape dug into the sides of my mouth and was very painfully. So I tended to do as I was told.

Fred arrived and I was put back on the rack. Fred used the rod in my mouth to tie cords on the end rings which were used to pull my head up till it was tilted up as far as it would go. He produced a small flat bladed knife and started to work it between my scalp and the black tar that cover my hair. As he cut thru the hair he would pull back the tar layer to gain further access.

After about half an hour he held my hair in his hand free of my head. When I had realised that my head was being shaved I had started to protest but I was too well secured to get away. I made a lot of noise till I received 5 cut of a cane across my bottom. After that I just lay there and cried even when my eyebrows were removed. Minnie held up the mirror and to my horror I was bald, tears flowed again.

My head was washed and the green paste was rubbed into my scalp, over my eye brows and under my arm pits and between my legs. By the way they made sure it did not get on their skin I knew it must be intended to permanently remove hair. It suddenly occurred to me that it would make me bald between the legs as well. The thought of being bald like a young girl and on my head made me very embarrassed.

A leather hood was put on my head so that I could not rub off the paste. Luckily this did not cover my face but it did have blinkers that could be pulled shut so I could not see. They also put a strip of leather between my legs, like a loincloth so that I could not rub off that paste also.

I was later told that the reason my body hair was removed was so that it did not get dirt and fleas in it, so I suppose you could say it was a health thing. It also made it easer to put on or remove the leather hood. That still did not make me any happier

I was again tied up near the kitchen door to wait for Minnie. I ended up dancing around due to the burning sensation in my crutch and on my head and face. Several times I could see the whole family laughing at me as I danced around. Eventually Minnie came out and swapped over the straight bar for the hobble chain then grabbed the nose lead and we set off to work.


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