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Damsel Day

by Louise Green

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© Copyright 2011 - Louise Green - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; lingerie; corset; bond; gag; harness; ponygirl; reluct; X

Louise drove quietly, following the instructions from the SatNav, the female voice directing her turn by turn. It was almost like submitting to the machine, she had thought when she first set off, which brought a smile to her face.

In between getting her orders she wondered what the day might bring. Sally, her best friend, had been very secretive, saying only that she must come to a particular address by 10am and would experience something new and very special for the rest of the day. She had called it a “Damsel Day”. Louise was completely in the dark even now, and tried to imagine what was in store. Sally knew all about Louise’s preferences for bondage and had assisted her by severely binding and gagging on so many occasions. It could not just be another day or weekend all tied up as that would not be “new”.

Louise checked the screen of the machine. In the bottom right it indicated the Arrival Time: 9.52am. The clock on the car said 9.47. ‘Five minutes then I’ll know.’ She thought to herself.

“In 400 yards, turn left.”

“In 1 mile, keep right.”

‘9.50am, nearly there.’

“Turn left, then arrive at destination on right.”

Louise followed her machine’s orders, and saw the little flag appear on the screen. She eased the car up and gently pulled into the side of the road in front of number 21. There was a Land Rover in the drive with a trailer behind it. She breathed a sigh of relief, having not really enjoyed driving down all the country roads to this small village. ‘At least I am here now, bang on estimated time.’ She thought as she carefully disconnected the SatNav, and popped it and all the wires in the glove box.

Next job was to check her appearance. After all she wanted to look her best if she was seeing Sally. She popped the sun visor down and took off her sunglasses. It wasn’t so sunny today, but she always liked wearing them for driving if the weather was half decent. Louise looked carefully at her face in the mirror checking off each item: eyes... dark and sexy, lips... deep purple and so yummy, hair... nicely brushed even after the drive, face in general... looking good.

“Here goes!” Louise said out loud to herself, and took a deep breath. Then she eased herself out of the car, pushed the door shut with her bum (smiling as she did!) and walked up the drive to the front door, her heels clicking on the concrete. Another deep breath preceded ringing the doorbell which brought the sounds of movement, then the clunk of a large lock being opened and a small creak as the door swung open.

Louise had expected to see Sally there, but she had never seen the lady that answered the door before. She looked at her piece of paper nervously, and the house number next to the door, then back to the lady.

“I-I erm, I’m Louise. Sally asked me to come here?”

“That’s OK dear, don’t worry, you are at the right place! Come in. My name is Vanessa.” The lady stepped back and Louise stepped into the house, the door closing behind her with what seemed to be a particularly resounding and slightly sinister boom. She spun round, a little surprised. This brought her facing Vanessa and she could finally take the lady in. She appeared to be in her fifties, was quite tall and obviously in good shape (probably from many country walks, guessed Louise), she was dressed as a stereotypical country lady might be expected to: sweater, trousers and some riding boots. Her blond hair was tied back in a bun, giving her a slightly severe appearance. However, this was tempered by the gentle smile on her face. Louise paused in the hallway, looking quizzically. “Just go through that door on the left Louise, Sally is waiting in there.” Louise’s heart leapt – ‘Thank god she is here!’ she thought.

As she stepped into the living room she saw Sally sitting with a cup of coffee. She almost ran over to her friend and Sally only just managed to put her cup down in time to avoid Louise knocking it clean out of her hand! They hugged each other warmly, and exchanged a little kiss, which Vanessa smirked at from her vantage point by the door. She had guessed they were more than just ordinary friends and was pleased to be proved right. ‘Mind you,’ she thought to herself, ‘ordinary friends don’t plan days like this for each other so I guess I didn’t need proof.’

“Louise my love,” said Sally, first holding Louise still by her shoulders, then gently stroking her face with the backs of her fingers, “you have to do what Vanessa says. Do you understand?”

“Not really,” Louise looked nervously around, trying to see where the other woman was, “you never said anything about giving me away to someone else. Please tell me you haven’t done that. She is a bit scary.” The last comment in barely a whisper, with eyes darting around.

Vanessa had in fact been leaning on the doorframe the whole time, and was watching with a little smile as Louise tried to work out what was going on.

“Scary am I?” she said sternly as she stepped over behind Louise, who nearly jumped out of Sally’s grasp.

Louise at that moment realised her predicament and, without thinking, slipped into her submissive mode. It was like flicking a switch for her, suddenly changing her from a talkative, confident lady into a quiet, obedient slave girl. Her eyes dropped to the floor as she lowered her head. The nervous look replaced by a rather sad expression, not miserable, but so blank it was as if any joy was absent from her face.

“i am sorry Miss Vanessa, i didn’t mean to be rude, please don’t punish me for my comment. I promise i’ll behave for You.”

“She is gone,” announced Sally, “we can do as we please with her now.”

“You sure?” replied Vanessa. She had done this before with girls who had feigned compliance then struggled violently when the straps came close.

“I’ve seen it before, whenever I have her trussed up and gagged. As soon as she switches down like this, it’s like she just cannot resist. Here, look.” Sally put her finger under Louise’s chin and lifted it so she could look into her eyes to speak directly. “Louise, give Vanessa your left arm behind you so she can twist it up behind your back.” She let go and Louise’s chin dropped slowly back down to her chest. Then admittedly slightly shakily, her left arm began to extend backwards towards the unseen Vanessa, who looked at it in a small amount of shock and then up at Sally, who said “No you don’t have to do anything, it’s just a demo, she is all ours now. Get the equipment and we can give her that special day I promised her.” Vanessa smiled and turned away to a trunk near the sofa.

“Put your arm down Louise, it’s OK now.” Gradually, without understanding why she had been told to do it in the first place, she lowered her arm.

Meanwhile, Vanessa had opened her large trunk of accessories and was busy selecting a set of straps and harnesses that she thought would make Louise look perfect for her day out.

“What are you going to do to me?”  Louise asked Sally, raising her head just barely enough to make eye contact as she spoke to her friend. Sally smiled and finally let her in on the secret.

“You wanted to be a ponygirl, didn’t you? Well, I arranged it with Vanessa here. She is rather an expert and has somewhere we can go and have lots of fun outdoors. Today we are going to turn you into a perfect little human ponygirl. We have a name for you. We decided on ‘Damsel’, and you’re going to learn all about being a pony, so you can pull me around on a nice little trip so I can go for a picnic.”

Louise’s eyes widened in shock as she took in what was going to happen.

“But please, I thought we said about building up to something like this.”

“Louise! This is happening today. You have no choice. We can force you if we need to.”  Sally looked hard into her eyes, “Are we going to have to make you obey?”

“No, i’ll be good.”

Vanessa had finished selecting the equipment, and had laid it out on the table behind Louise.

“Strip off your outer clothes, I want you in just corset, bra, panties and stockings.” Sally instructed. Louise looked with big puppy-dog eyes, but then slowly unbuttoned her purple blouse as she slipped her shoes off. This revealed a proper steel-boned overbust corset with purple trim and a bow in between her breasts. She handed the blouse to Sally who held it for a moment but then deliberately looked into Louise’s eyes and let it slide through her fingers and drop to the floor. This actually made a small tear well up in Louise, but she composed herself enough to undo the button and zip for her skirt. She slid it off her hips and let it fall around her ankles, lifting her stockinged feet out of the material to leave herself as ordered in her pretty underwear.

“Put your arms behind you across your back, wrist to opposite elbow dear Damsel.” Suddenly Vanessa was behind her again softly speaking her requirements.

Louise slid from her submissive state, imagining herself to be a proud pony, prancing and trotting around in harness, strictly bridled and tightly strapped up. She smiled a little at the thought and placed her arms horizontally across her back and carefully lined the forearms up so that each wrist rested against the opposing arm’s elbow. Vanessa took a leather contraption and wrapped it around Damsel’s forearms, it was a long black leather tube with a zip which was firmly pulled shut, then Vanessa used three thick straps to reinforce the restraint, one in the centre and one each just inside the ends. She hauled them as tight as she could, making Damsel gasp as each was finally cinched closed.  She then took two leather cuffs, and fastened each tightly around Damsel’s upper arms, so that her skin bulged around them.

Damsel’s face betrayed the discomfort she was feeling, but she didn’t struggle really, just twitched and squirmed a little. The small movement her arms made was soon dealt with by threading a thin leather strap through d-rings on the insides of the straps and hauling it tight before finally cinching it, causing the straps to pull even tighter.

“Put your thumbs in your palms and wrap your fingers over them.”

Damsel was a little puzzled by this but soon had the required position. Sally came behind her and used a small roll of black electrical tape to wrap around her fists sealing them into their shape. Vanessa had two small purple silk bags with ribbons for drawstrings. She pulled one over the right hand and tugged it tight on the wrist pressing around the hand, then used the ribbons to make the wrist nice and snug. She even finished it by tying the ribbon in a pretty bow! It didn’t take very long to repeat the process for the other hand. The silken mittens effectively reduced her hands to pretty little bundles sticking out of the arm restraints. Even if she could reach any of her equipment she would be unable to use her hands to undo any of it.

With her arms completely fixed in their bindings, the next stage was her head harness. Sally and Vanessa had designed one which another associate of Vanessa’s had made. It was in black leather, with purple stitching and matching purple suede on the reverse side, though this was only visible on certain places once the harness was applied.

Vanessa positioned the harness over damsel’s head, and adjusted it slightly before she started to tighten the straps. There was one strap around the forehead, and one running at 90 degrees to it, which had two panels, one either side of her eyes. Damsel realised she could not see around them. She was to be blinkered! The strap was placed under her chin and then cinched shut but not so tight that it would keep her mouth closed. After all her mouth would need to be open for the last part of this stage, which was to apply the bit and bridle.

Poor Damsel wasn’t just going to get a nice flexible rubber bit like in her fantasies. No they had something much more severe in store. Vanessa held up in front of her face a steel contraption which caused Damsel to step back. It was a steel bar with another thinner shallow loop of steel underneath in the centre. There were the usual rings at the sides for reins, but there were bars attached there as well which had further small rings above and below.

“Are you sure we should use this on her?” Sally looked at the bit, “seeing it in real life it looks pretty cruel.” 

“I have never used a double bit quite like this on a ponygirl, but you helped me come up with it. I have a more normal bit without the tongue loop, if you prefer? It’s up to you?” Vanessa continued to hold the bit in front of the scared ponygirl’s face. Damsel looked pleadingly at Sally, which was a mistake.

“Go for it.”

‘She never says no when she has the choice!’ thought Damsel.

Vanessa put her hand gently on Damsel’s neck and brought the bit up to her mouth, then pushed the bar between the lips. She manoeuvred it so that the second loop was actually under Damsel’s tongue and the bar was above. There were two small straps attached to the sides of her harness, and these fed through the main rings on the bit and were fastened up to hold it in place. They didn’t pull it deep into her cheeks as she had expected, but she knew not to get her hopes up about that.

A purple padded noseband was clipped to one of the upper rings on the bit, then led across her nose and clipped the other side.

One purpose of the lower rings became apparent as the harnessing of her head was almost completed. A leather thong was tied to one side, fed round the back of her neck and then tied off at the other side. This pulled her chin back and increased the pressure on the double bit. Damsel tried to move her head to ease the discomfort, but the leather had been tied too strictly and whatever she did, it still made her feel very awkward and uncomfortable. Tears welled up in her eyes, but with a supreme effort she choked them back, with just a single drop falling down her left cheek.

Another padded black and purple strap was clipped to each side of the bit-gag. This was her bridle and it was forcefully tightened behind Damsel’s head. She had been right about the bit being forced hard into her mouth as this strap did exactly that, stretching her lips right back, pushing the steel contraption hard onto her distressed tongue and pushing her jaw open further so that the strap under her jaw was now very snug. She tried to chomp at it and make it more bearable but being strapped up and bridled tightly like she was made it impossible to ease the discomfort to any degree at all.

The last step on her head harness was added in the form of a gorgeous plume of 2 black feathers either side of 1 purple feather, which were attached to the front of the harness’ wide forehead strap.

Sally and Vanessa stood back to check her out. Damsel looked like a cross between a Las Vegas showgirl and a total bondage freak!

“Almost perfect!” said Sally.

“Yes, she looks almost perfect, let’s get her finished then we can get going.”

Vanessa went behind Damsel and returned carrying a pair of boots, unlike any Damsel had seen in real life. They were almost like ordinary boots which were calf-length, but then they were very oddly shaped below the ankle. There was no heel at all, just a wide round forefoot section. Damsel looked and could actually see a real horseshoe on the bottom of the sole. She tried to back-track but Sally nipped behind her and Vanessa grabbed her left foot and hauled it into the air. She pulled the boot onto Damsel’s hoof (as it was now) and the poor ponygirl was surprised to find that inside was padding and support so that her foot was held as if it was in a normal high heeled shoe. She relaxed slightly as the laces were fastened, sealing the hoof-boot over her foot.

After Vanessa released her foot in the boot, and she was allowed to place it on the floor, Damsel actually lifted her right hoof so that the boot could be fitted over it. Without her resisting and trying to pull away, the process was much quicker this time, and soon Damsel was standing in heel-less boots, bound in leather restraints from which there would be no escape and severely gagged with a double steel bit pinching her tongue. She could not even toss her head like a pony due to the leather thong tied to the lower rings of her bit arrangement.

“The last couple of items then Sally please.” Suggested Vanessa. Sally reached into her handbag and fetched a collar out. She approached Damsel who stood still, unsure how to move in the boots anyway, and placed it around her neck, cinching it just tight enough to be felt but not to choke the pony. Sally touched the tag attached to it, and made it move in the light. There were three words on it. It read:

“Damsel. Owner – Sally”

The final items to complete her accessories were some little bells on clips. Two were fastened to the ribbons on her silk mittens, another pair on the top of each hoof-boot and a final one went on her collar next to her name tag. Each one was tested with a delicate little flick of a finger, and yielded a pretty little tinkling noise. With their positions on her limbs, the bells would make a noise almost constantly.

Damsel looked hard into Sally’s eyes. She wasn’t ready for all this. She gurgled and tried to verbalise through the cruel bit strapped into her mouth, but all that came out were distorted mumbles. She knew she was only supposed to make pony sounds, neighing and puffing around her bit, but she felt so afraid and uncomfortable that she could not help herself. She wanted desperately to feel some human contact, so desperate that this time she couldn’t choke back the tears, and they ran down her cheeks.

Sally’s eyes softened and she stepped close to her best friend. She put her right hand under her chin, much as she had before this process had begun and then put her other arm around in a little hug.

“Look at me love.” Gradually their eyes met as the pony realised she was being allowed to look up.

Sally had decided to check their safety signal. She would ask one question, with only yes or no as an answer. She had only done this on a couple of occasions, but she recognised that this was a very difficult time for her friend. She produced a tissue and dabbed at the pony’s eyes to dry them.

“Louise?” That was it, the one word as a question, carrying with it the weight of whether to continue with this scene or not.

Louise thought very carefully as she stared directly into Sally’s face.

They had long-ago agreed a pair of blinked signals that meant yes or no. If she blinked ‘No’ the game would stop, without any recriminations or hard feelings at all. Her bindings would be removed and she would be able to fall into her friend’s arms and cry her little eyes out. If she indicated ‘Yes’ that would probably be the last time she would actually be asked today and Sally and Vanessa could continue as they pleased.

Louise blinked her answer...



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