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Damsel Day Part 2

by Louise Green

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© Copyright 2011 - Louise Green - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; lingerie; corset; bond; gag; harness; ponygirl; transport; branding; insert; plug; cons/reluct; XX

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Damsel Day – Part Two So Far:

Louise is being transformed into a ponygirl for the day. She has long fantasised about this but now her friend Sally has organised a whole day outdoors for her to become Damsel the pony. The transformation is being done with the help of another lady Vanessa who has experience as a ponygirl owner and trainer. They have just about completed phase one, and Damsel is looking beautiful in her harnesses. But she is very uncomfortable and very scared. Sally has decided to allow her an opportunity to use her safe-signal... Part Two:

Louise blinked once, slowly and deliberately. Sally watched as their eyes met, waiting. More blinking straight away would mean ‘stop’...

Damsel was terrified and very reluctant, but she kept her eyes wide.

So that was her answer: one blink, followed by a stare. It meant ‘Yes’.

“Oh my love, I know you must be very uncomfortable, but when you get back here tonight I bet you’ll have loved today. Are you ready to carry on now?”

Damsel could not nod or give any verbal response, so she simply gave her single blink again.

Vanessa came to her and clipped a set of reins to the lower rings on her bit, and gave a little tug.

“Walk on!” she chirped, and stepped back. Damsel had no choice but to try and follow, so she gingerly pushed her left hoof forwards, then actually lifted her right leg to take a proper step. She found balance wasn’t as hard as it had appeared in these boots. The heels weren’t as high as the shoes she had been wearing when she arrived, so they were actually easier to walk in.

This was just as well as Vanessa did not seem to want to stop leading her to the door. The strange procession continued with Damsel clip-clopping as she was eventually allowed to stop near the front door.

“She seems very good in the boots, most ponies freak out when they see them and are convinced they cannot walk in them before they start,” Explained Vanessa, “If she takes to the cart and the buggy whip as well as this, I might ask if I can rent her out!” There was a smile on her lips, but it wasn’t a smile to suggest she was joking.

Vanessa turned and opened the front door and then back to tug on Damsel’s reins, pulling her towards the outside of the house.

“Brrrrrrrrr!” Damsel pulled back, suddenly afraid again, and blew through her lips, rattling them as much she could with the steel and leather restraints around her face.

Sally moved her hand to Damsel’s rump and put her finger just into the crack there, causing a high-pitched squeak, almost a whinny she thought. But it also had the desired effect as she stepped forward over the threshold to avoid any further intrusion there. She blinked as the hazy sun shone in her eyes without her sunglasses, but followed obediently as she was led to the back of the trailer.

‘Oh my, they are going to put me in a real horse trailer!’ she thought. Of course she was absolutely correct.

Sally held her reins now and Vanessa opened the steel doors with a creak on each side. Looking in at it was almost like a standard horse transport, except that there were 3 smaller stalls instead of the two she was expecting. ‘i suppose ponygirls don’t take up as much space as real ponies.’

Sally began to tug on the reins, and even gave a quick double ‘cluck’ to encourage Damsel to follow. There was no resistance this time as Damsel wanted to get out of sight off the drive and the only way she could see was to get in the trailer. As she was guided into the centre stall, Sally stopped her.

“Down on your forelegs.”

Damsel needed a bit of support, but was trying to lower herself to a kneeling position. She whinnied a few times as she tried to get down to one knee, but it wasn’t working.

“I have an idea,” said Vanessa, “It’s called a hobble. We should be able to ease her down properly then.” She fetched a length of leather thong, and started by looping it loosely around Damsel’s hooves. She then wrapped more loops gradually working it tighter, drawing them together before finally knotting it behind her hooves. Vanessa then placed her own right foot in front of the pony’s hooves, grabbed the leather tie between the now-useless arms and pushed, tripping Damsel over, causing the biggest whinny noise yet.

Vanessa worked out at the gym. That, her outdoor lifestyle and lots of practice at handling human ponies of both sexes meant she was deceptively strong. Damsel was in no danger of falling suddenly with this woman holding her. It seemed an age to Damsel, but was really only about a second before her knees gently came into contact with the floor.

There was a ring bolt just behind her hooves, and soon Vanessa had used another thong to tie them to it. She took a long piece of leather fixed to one side at about normal head height, and tied the end to one of the same d-rings that was used to fasten the upper arm cuffs together. Again she repeated the process with the other side. This left Damsel’s hooves and upper body fixed so she would not slide around too much when they drove.

Sally looked around Damsel’s head into her face, loving the look of her new pony.

“The drive will take about 10 minutes, and then we can get you finished and hooked up to the little cart for your training.” And with a final little swat of the hand on Damsel’s backside, Sally disappeared from view.

Damsel heard the door to the transporter clang shut, and the bolt as it was slid home. Then footsteps as the two ladies who had not been severely trussed up in leather and gagged with cruel steel walked calmly round the Land Rover and climbed in. The slam of the doors, then felt as well as heard when the engine started up, as it caused a slight vibration of the whole trailer.

She had no concept of time any more, only of turning left and right. The stall restraints were enough to stop her hitting any of the walls, but she still moved as they turned corners, her knees sliding around beneath her.

Suddenly the feel of the movement changed. They must have gone off the main road, as the trailer bumped around much more, making Damsel’s knees bounce up and down, hitting the metal floor painfully making her whinny hard around the bit. Thankfully they slowed and stopped fairly soon after this began, but she was still tearful as the light came in behind her with the opening of the doors.

Her arms were released and the two ladies dragged her upright. They turned her around and Vanessa knelt down. She loosened the hobble, but instead of removing it completely, she fastened it in loops around each ankle with about 10 inches between them. She stood and walked out of the trailer, leaving Sally to lead her out, which was accomplished only after another big hesitation from Damsel when she saw where she was.

They were on an estate of some kind, near a stable block. There was no-one else around, and there was no sign of the main road. Even if she wanted to make a break for it, she had no idea where she was, she was completely trussed and helpless even to plead with anyone who found her. But now they had also left her hooves tied with a small distance between them, causing her to make tiny steps for now. No running was even possible, she would surely end up falling flat on her face, being caught very quickly and probably punished in some fearsome way.

Her shoes clattered against the steel floor and ramp as she willingly followed Sally. This was of course accompanied by the sound of tinkling bells, as had all her movements since they were attached.

Sally led Damsel over to a wooden block and put her hand into the pony’s back, pushing her over it. A wide leather strap was brought over her back and fastened, holding her body down on the top of the block. Sally bent down and removed the leather hobble. Vanessa had carried something else over and gave Sally a leather belt which had been draped over her arm. As Sally belted Damsel’s hooves tightly together, the item was brought around in front of Damsel so she could see what was happening next.

It was a small brazier, burning away brightly even in the daylight. Damsel’s eyes widened in terror.

“Neeeeee! Neeeeee!!” She whinnied for all she was worth, but her noise was ignored as Vanessa placed the end of a metal rod into the coals. Surely this was a sick joke! They wouldn’t actually brand her would they?

“Your pony is scared, what do you want to do?” asked Vanessa. Sally walked round to face her and Damsel expected to be given another way out.

“Well, she already gave her assent, didn’t she?” Sally said casually, “We don’t have to ask her all the time if it’s ok to continue do we?”

“Of course not, but you are her owner. I am just here to make things as perfect as they can be for the two of you. Just now she looks absolutely terrified and I wondered if this part was really necessary?”

“Once when we were discussing this scenario, with her as a pony, I mentioned having a little heart-shaped mark on her bum. She mentioned about a cookie-cutter, and suddenly said about heating it up and branding her. I was only going to colour inside the lines to make a temporary mark! No, Damsel will take this, and tomorrow she will turn to look at her bum in the mirror with this burned into it, and she will smile with pride.”

Damsel might have been going to do exactly that, but right now she was trying to plead for them not to burn her skin with the metal. It proved unsuccessful of course, Vanessa came back round to her front and removed the now red-hot item from the coals. It was the shape of a small heart, about an inch across. She handed it over to Sally, and squatted down in front of the ponygirl, gently stroking her hair, trying to comfort her.

This distracted Damsel just enough so she stopped expecting the fire on her buttock. When it came as Sally pressed it against her flesh, she tried to make a noise, but all she could do was gasp and puff for air. Sally removed the brand after less than a second, as she had always planned to do. After a short moment of Damsel being unable to make a sound, the ponygirl screamed. A real high-pitched squeal, with proper tears wrenched from her eyes now running down her cheeks to where the tight leather straps confined her face and held the double-bit harshly in her mouth. Sally straight away pressed a wet sponge against the mark, so that it would not blister, and held it there for a few minutes until Damsel was calm once more. She returned to face her pony, watching the tears running down her face.

“That isn’t permanent. It should fade in a few weeks. I know it was horrible, but for now no-one can argue about who owns you can they?”

She reached over and unbuckled the strap holding Damsel to the block as Vanessa went behind her and removed the strap around her hooves. As she did so, she stole a good look at the small heart shape now burned into the skin of Damsel’s backside.

Damsel was helped into a standing position and left like that as the two others went to fetch the very last item for her and the cart she would be pulling.

Vanessa left the cart next to her while Sally went behind Damsel and suddenly pulled the back of her panties down. This was rapidly followed by the feeling for Damsel of something pressing against her special place back there. She had never had any sort of plugging, and had always resisted the idea, now it seemed there was no choice and she was going to have something stuffed inside. The pressing stopped and she felt some cold goo being dripped on the end of whatever she was getting put in side.

Suddenly, Damsel was feeling the thing pressing against her rhythmically, building the pressure on her poor bum then being stuffed full and then being withdrawn again. She was being reamed over and over again. She tried to squirm away and vocalise her protests, but all the came from that was a lot of tinkling from her bells and some useless malformed sounds instead of words.

“aaaaaaaa, uuuuuuuuuuuuu, llllllssss” She begged for Louise to keep her cherry, to not have this thing put inside her, but it was already too late. Despite her noises, she had already taken most of the plug with the last few strokes.

As the plug was pushed in each time, she squealed again, and tinkled her bells with her struggles. She could not understand why they weren’t stopping. Surely they could not believe she wanted this!

And yet it continued, in and out, stretching her and then letting her push it out before entering her again as she was stuffed once more.

Then suddenly, after it entered again, Damsel felt the width disappear almost immediately. In fact, the plug thinned to a small tube, before finishing with a bar at a right angle. This final bar would prevent the thing being lost inside of Damsel.

 Something was now tickling her legs which puzzled her. Sally went to work with a purple and a black ribbon, braiding them around the ticklish material at the base near the end of her plug to a distance of about six inches. She pulled damsel’s panties back up and arranged the tail to stick out properly so that the ribbon-tied section was nicely centred.

“It’s a plug tail. There’s no way you’ll push it out like it is, and so you may as well try to accept it.” So that’s what was tickling her, the hair from her new tail. She wished she could she herself, as she knew she must look beautiful with all these things on. Against that Damsel had been pushed way outside what she was comfortable with. How could she enjoy herself having been branded and stuffed with this horrid thing up her bum?

Sally and Vanessa  stepped away to talk quietly, leaving Damsel standing on her own feeling very picked-on and, yes, she felt betrayed. She snivelled quietly now, looking over at the two women who currently had total control over her, dreading what they might do next. Actually what they did next was to discuss her state of distress.

“Can’t I give her a little break? Let her be Louise again for a few minutes?”

“We should have checked, shouldn’t we? Those last two things are obviously too much for her. We should have given her a choice then I think.”

Damsel’s mind was racing, and not in a good way. She could not hear the conversation, and so she was imagining all sorts of nasty things happening next. She began to back away very slowly as Sally and Vanessa were talking. She had no idea what to do really but was preparing to run as best she could. Suddenly both of them looked up at her and took a few steps towards her.

Damsel turned and bolted.

Sally and Vanessa looked at each other in shock as the poor ponygirl tried to run away. Even if she could outrun them in those boots and restraints, the loud tinkling of her bells was a complete giveaway to her position. Sally even had time to admire the view of her trotting as they jogged after her and soon caught up. Vanessa quickly hobbled her again, as much to stop her kicking them this time.

Sally held her head still, and looked hard into her eyes.

“I am sorry. Really sorry, do you understand? We have overdone it, we realise that. There’s no way I should have used your back end like that. You must think I have completely betrayed you.” As she apologised she touched her fingers up to Damsel’s face to catch her tears and brush them away. “I want to lead you back there and we’ll get all this off you and get you back to being my lovely Louise again, OK?” Sally let go and Damsel thought for a moment. Then, in spite of the straps and reins on her bit, she shook her head.

Something had happened as she was running. She felt just like a real pony, out in the open air, trotting around, looking fabulous. She had realised this was what she wanted. Sure, it was horrid having the plug-tail put in her, but for one thing she had someone who loved her do it, and after it was in and she moved around in it, it was actually feeling good rather than feeling like a disgusting invader. The branding she could forgive as she remembered actually suggesting that herself.

“So what do you want then? I don’t get it!”

“shhhsssshhh” she tried to say ‘this’ and cast her eyes down at herself.

“You want to carry on?” asked Vanessa.

One blink. Then a deliberate stare.




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