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Damsel Day Part 3

by Louise Green

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© Copyright 2011 - Louise Green - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; corset; harness; ponygirl; cart; blinkers; bdsm; whip; outdoors; hum; cons/reluct; X

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Damsel Day – Part Three So Far:

Louise has transformed into a ponygirl called Damsel. The transformation has been completed, including some things that she did not want, which scared her so much she actually ran away, but now strangely she wants to continue... Part Three:

Sally undid the bridle and the leather thong tied to the lower rings of Damsel’s bit, then one of the straps to the side of her harness holding the bit in place. She held the free end and wiggled it and tugged at it until she had removed it from the mouth.

“Are you sure my love? I don’t want to hurt you or make you upset like we just did.”

“eshshh, i onk thoo harry on.”

“If we do,” said Vanessa, “we’ll have you harnessed up to the cart and make you pull Sally a good distance around here until she wants to stop for a picnic, while you are tethered to a tree, then you’ll have to bring her back. She will use a whip and reins to guide you.”

Louise nodded, she wanted to be Damsel. Things had gone a little too far in some ways, but she stepped slowly over to Sally and placed her nose against her friend’s shoulder, then rubbed it gently. She looked hopefully at Sally and Vanessa.

“Please?” her mouth had recovered enough to say words properly. “Bridle me tightly, harness me up, whip me if you wish, I want to be a beautiful pony.”

“But you ran away, love. Why?”

“You went so far in branding me and stuffing me with this tail! I didn’t know what you were both going to do next. Sometimes my mind runs wild, and I was imagining all sorts of body mods and piercings. I just freaked. But while I was running I started to feel amazing moving about with all this tack on and I decided it was right to carry on today, rather than try again another day.”

“Open wide then, and we’ll get you all bridled up.” Damsel opened her mouth and Sally pressed the double-bit back between her lips, positioning it carefully to pinch the tongue between the two steel sections. She fastened the strap to the ring, and then Vanessa set about tightening the bridle. She pulled at it and strained the leather, dragging the bit harshly into Damsel’s mouth, pulling her cheeks backwards. Vanessa actually managed to cinch the bridle two notches tighter than the first time, which caused Damsel to chomp at it right away, trying to ease the pressure, unsuccessfully of course.

Again this was followed by the leather thong being fed around the back of her neck and then tied off to the lower ring on the bit, which prevented the pony from moving her head around much. It also meant that she started to drool around her bit, due its extra tightness. Sally had come to appreciate the sight of Louise drooling, and smiled as Damsel was powerless to stop herself.

“Come on girl.” She said as she picked up the reins and tugged, “Nice high steps now.”

Damsel lifted her left knee up to hip level, and then stepped down, causing a metallic clang on the hard ground, and a beautiful tinkle from her bells. She repeated the process with her right leg bringing another tinkle. Gradually she increased the pace as she high-stepped along the path. Every step made her feel more beautiful. Sally loved watching her throw herself into a role in this way. It was always so complete with Louise, once she committed to something, there was no holding back.

They reached the square where they had branded her.

“Whoa Damsel!” Sally pulled the reins down to reinforce the command, and Damsel stopped suddenly. Vanessa had gone off to the side, but with the blinkers Damsel could not see what she was doing. In fact, she was fetching the buggy for Damsel to be attached to.

It had a single black leather seat running across the silver metal frame, and a nice high padded back to match. The wheels had been taken from an old wheelchair. There were two bars running from the frame about two metres out to the front on either side. At their ends were a set of leather straps.

Sally and Vanessa lifted the straps up and as Sally held it at waist height to Damsel, Vanessa began to fasten the straps. The first was quite a wide one, and this went around Damsel’s waist then fastened to both of the bars. From this there was another strap at 90 degrees going upwards. Vanessa fed this around Damsel’s arm binder and buckled it around there. This would prevent the straps from falling and tripping her up.

So there she is: Damsel the ponygirl, corseted, bound up in black and purple leather, tightly double-bitted and bridled and now harnessed to a buggy.

Vanessa went back to the buggy and removed a long whip from a holder next to the seat. She came back around and held it out in front of her across Damsel’s line of sight.

“This is a carriage whip. Sally will use this if she wants you to go faster, or if she just feeling cruel I suppose!” She gave the whip to Sally then unclipped the reins from Damsel. She took another set that were coiled up in the seat, and attached those to run behind Damsel this time. These were much longer and reached all the way to the buggy so that Sally could steer using them.

Sally sat in the seat on the buggy, and flicked Damsel with the whip on her left buttock. The ponygirl stepped forward as the blow surprised her, but she quite enjoyed being whipped so that aspect of the day was something to enjoy. Another stroke landed on her right buttock, and she took the hint and started to pull the buggy. It was hard to make move at first, but once going it was slightly easier. Damsel was just walking for now, clip-clopping and tinkling as she got used to the movement harnessed to the buggy.

After a short distance, Damsel felt the bit pulled back on her left cheek. Guessing correctly this meant ‘go left’, she pulled left, and started to go round in a large circle. After one circuit around the block, there was a pull on both reins, which of course meant ‘stop’. She pulled up as soon as possible to avoid having the bit forced any tighter and waited for another signal.

It came in the form of another stroke of the whip on her left and, at the same time, a pull to the right on her bit. Damsel walked sideways, turning the buggy behind her until she faced the way she had come and was told to stop with a pull on both reins once more. After a short pause, Sally cracked the whip on her right again and guided her back round the circle. Vanessa had perched herself sitting on the branding block, and was watching with satisfaction.

“She seems to have the hang of this very well. Are you sure you haven’t been training her before?”

“Only strapping her up with a normal bit and making her prance and pose for me. Nothing like this!” Sally answered as she set Damsel off on another section. This time as they faced a large patch of ground ahead, Sally called “Straight on!”, and gave a small tug on the left rein to emphasise it. Damsel stopped turning and began pulling the buggy in a straight line, continuing until there was pull on her left and she turned that way. Another few circuits and straight sections followed, training Damsel to respond to the different commands. Sally eventually pulled both reins making Damsel gag slightly and stop right next to Vanessa who was smiling.

She walked up to Damsel and put her hand up, then patted her on the nose, as Sally got off the buggy and fetched her picnic hamper and a blanket from the Land Rover. The hamper was hung on the back of the buggy, and Sally sat again and draped the blanket over her knees. All the while Vanessa was stroking Damsel just as she did with a real pony, without talking to her.

“The grounds are free for you to use Sally, I’d stick to the pathways though, as she won’t be used to going on rough stuff. I reckon you should run her for an hour, then break for lunch, and then another hour or so and work your way back. You got the map?” Sally patted her pocket.

“All set I think. I’ll see you back here later then.” With that, she snapped the whip on Damsel’s behind, and her ponygirl began to pull her away. Sally picked a path to the left and tugged on the reins that way. She didn’t use the whip at all at this point, as she didn’t want to make Damsel run too much and get exhausted.

Damsel was now in a very happy place. She had almost put everything out of her mind except the ground, her reins and the whip. She was as much like a real pony as she could be. She watched the ground between her blinkers, and carried on whatever direction or turn until she was signalled to change. Each bend on the path was accompanied by a tug on the reins to guide her around it. The double-bit in her mouth was brutally uncomfortable, but Louise always had a ‘thing’ for strict gags and loved to drool as well, which she was doing quite a lot of as she ran, dripping down her chest and front.

They came to a fork in the path and Sally pulled Damsel to a halt so she could decide which way to go. A quick check of the map, then she decided to try this section a little quicker. She gave her ponygirl a solid crack of the whip on each buttock, and pulled the left rein. As Damsel pulled away, Sally gave her another stroke, and there was a small increase in pace.

“Giddy up!” she called out as she stopped herself giggling, and then laid another stroke on Damsel, this time drawing a small whinny from her. It had the required effect though, as the walking pace increased to a nice little trot. Sally relaxed for a short while as she enjoyed the sensation and the view of the trees and countryside going past. Luckily they were on a very long straight section or Damsel might have had to stop herself. After a while on it, she turned left and noticed that the path ahead was slightly up hill. She pulled Damsel up to a stop, and let her rest for a few minutes puffing breaths in and out. Sally checked her watch. They had been going about half an hour so far, and she wanted to pick a route to where she could stop and eat. She drew a line around the path with her finger and stabbed it on her desired spot.

‘That should take about half an hour,’ she thought, ‘especially if I take it easy after getting up this hill.’

When she reckoned her pony was rested enough, Sally put a stroke on each buttock and Damsel started to pull up the hill. She did very well for a few minutes, But a few times when Sally thought she was slowing again, she gave Damsel another crack against each side and was pleased with the resulting effort as the pace was increased to the previous level.

Damsel was starting to tire. It was one thing spending a few minutes on a treadmill each week, but pulling a person in a buggy with your body so well restrained, that was another matter altogether. She gasped and puffed around the bit in her mouth as she carried on. She must have slowed down again though, as she suddenly felt another two strokes of the whip, and she whinnied into her gag-bit. Thankfully the ground levelled out and Damsel was reined back to walking pace again, and guided along the flat section.

After about ten minutes, Damsel felt another tug on her right cheek and turned again onto a path that led into the trees. Sally drove her gently now, keeping a hold on the reins to keep Damsel moving slowly. They came to a beautiful little clearing in the trees with a pond and some grass. Sally pulled the reins to stop. She got out of the buggy and laid her blanket out on the grass, then returned and fetched her picnic hamper, laying it in the centre and opening it. She left it like that while she attended to Damsel.

Sally unhooked the straps holding Damsel to the buggy, leaving them all attached around her waist and arms. She also pulled the reins over Damsel’s head so she could lead the ponygirl forwards with them. Selecting a suitable tree, she led Damsel over to it, and fastened the reins around the trunk. She had obviously brought the ankle strap as she now buckled it up tight around the hooves. The last thing she did was a surprise. She reached to the blinkers on the head harness, threaded a small thong through two small eyelets at the very front then drew it tighter until the blinkers were pulled close together in front over Damsel’s eyes. This drew some frightened whinnies from Damsel as she could not see anything at all now, and she had hoped to at least watch Sally eat.

But no, Damsel was left tethered to a tree, totally hobbled and now effectively blindfolded, as Sally sat down on the blanket and admired her for a few minutes. She then opened out her lunch and ate a nice set of sandwiches, a cool lemonade and an apple. ‘Ah, the apple.’ She smirked as she thought about when she had Louise on her dining table, brutally hogtied with an apple stuffed in her mouth. Sally had eaten a special dinner with Mike, making small talk with him and flirting more than a little. They had both watched her from the corner of their eyes as they pretended to ignore the table decoration, knowing that she loved to feel ignored and frustrated. Yes, Sally certainly had come up with a great birthday present for her friend last year, and unwrapping it at midnight was such fun!

Back to the present, Sally had taken her time over lunch, and was tidying her things away when she noticed Damsel wiggling and making little noises. She finished her work, replaced the things on the buggy, and went over to Damsel.

“Do you need to pee? Bend your legs once if you do, twice if not.”

Damsel dipped, bending her legs just the once. Sally undid the tight hobble, gently pulled the black panties down then she pushed the ponygirl’s legs apart with her shoe and pushed Damsel down into a sort of squatting position, but not all the way down.

“Go ahead.”

With a slight snivel around the bit-gag, Damsel jiggled a little, then let a few drops fall to the floor. Once she did that it was easier and she let go with a healthy stream of pee down between her legs. Sally quite enjoyed making her friend relieve herself like this, out in the open so she could watch. For Damsel, it was the usual mix – she didn’t like doing it, but she did like being made to do it.

When she was done, Sally helped her upright again and pulled her panties back up, making sure the tail was sitting nice and central running up her crease again as it stuck out of the back.

Sally picked the hobble strap up and began to guide Damsel back over to the buggy. This confused poor Damsel as Sally had left the blinkers in position almost blinding her. She whinnied but Sally didn’t seem to remember or take any notice, as she just fastened the waist belt back up to the buggy.

In fact, Sally knew exactly what she was doing. She had wondered over lunch whether Damsel could work totally blinkered, with just the reins and the whip to guide her. Now it was time to find out. The whip stretched out and connected with each buttock. Damsel squealed and reluctantly stepped forwards, starting to move.

“Walk on!” Called Sally, as she tried her first turn, left this time. Damsel felt the pull on the bit and went left. Another pull and she went further that way, until she was facing the path where Sally wanted to go. This meant another gentle pull both sides and the call of “straight”, so she carried on as straight as she could, without being able to see much of where she was going. The blinded ponygirl stepped gingerly forward each time and Sally let her move at that slow pace without using the whip to urge her on.

Gradually Damsel realised she could still walk without falling over, and gained in confidence a little. This was just as well, as the straight part of track they had been on was about to become quite twisty, with many corrections needed. Sally just had time to wonder whether she should stop and let Damsel see again, when the turns were upon them and she had to twitch the reins left for the first curve.

Damsel responded well to the command as she moved left just a small amount, which pointed them down the next section. A few yards later Sally made her turn slightly harder left with a firmer pull on the rein. Sally spotted they were going uphill and to the right, so she indicated with the reins and made Damsel whinny as she applied the whip to each buttock again to make her ponygirl pull harder. As they reached the top of the incline they now faced a small downhill section, so Sally pulled both reins to slow Damsel right down followed by a gentle swat with the whip.

The ponygirl responded by slowly stepping down the path, pushing backwards to hold the buggy from running too fast. Poor Damsel was quite scared by this, as she didn’t want to get pushed over and dragged along by the weight of the buggy with her friend in it. Her fear was increased as she could not really see where she was putting her hooves, so she stepped very carefully, feeling the ground in front of her before putting her weight down. At such a slow pace, the descent took about five minutes, but they did reach the bottom safely. It was not a quiet little section as Damsel whinnied constantly, almost drowning out the noise of her tinkle-bells.

The next section was an easy one for her. Well it would have been if she wasn’t blinded. Sally signalled with a very gentle pull on both reins and called “Straight on.” There was only a slight incline upwards here, but Sally spared the whip this time and Damsel managed this one without too much fuss. At the end of this section, she brought the ponygirl to a stop with a firm pull, leaving her gasping and puffing around her tight bit. She got the map out again and checked it, seeing that the long left curve ahead would lead them to an upwards incline almost on the straight about a mile long and that would return them to the stable area to finish.

Sally stowed the map and made sure she had the whip ready. She looked forward at her ponygirl’s backside, with all the red marks, and knew if she went ahead with this part as she was planning, there would be quite a few more lasting stripes.

Sally drew the whip back and sent the end snaking towards Damsel. It cracked against her left buttock and she squealed again, stepping forwards to avoid another. Sally gave her another hard slash across the right side, wringing another squealed whinny from the ponygirl, who now began to trot instead of walk. This was followed by a tug on the reins to guide her left, and then another two more gentle strokes.

Even if Sally had been able to see Damsel’s face, the blinkers which obscured the top half would also have covered the fact that Damsel was actually in tears now. The number of strokes of the whip she had received meant that a large number of these later strokes were landing over the top of the weals from before. She had no choice though, blinded, unable to communicate any distress, her only option was to try and obey the signals and hopefully she could avoid the whip.

Sally kept on with the little tugs on the left rein to guide her around the curve, each time getting Damsel to do a small change to keep them on the path. She did not use the whip again on the curve, but just as the ponygirl thought the whip was being spared, they reached the bottom of the straight. The home-straight I suppose it was, as it would take them back to the stables.

Sally did not let Damsel rest this time, and with her still at a trot, the whip cracked harshly against each buttock yet again bringing the squealed whinnying and the required increase in effort as Damsel started pulling harder up the incline. You see, what Sally had planned while they paused, was to run Damsel very hard on this final stretch, and not spare the whip at all, in fact she planned to use it freely.

Damsel of course had no idea of where they were or how long it might be till the end. She didn’t even know what was in front of her with those blinkers on her eyes. All she knew was the reins and the whip, with the sound of her hooves against the path, and the bells constantly tinkling. She soon started puffing and slowed again, expecting to be allowed to ease up.

Crack! Crack! – One more hard on each side. Damsel tried to pull harder again. She could tell they were on an incline now and really tried to keep her speed up, but she was getting worn out and slowed again, which brought more strokes to urge her on. The cycle continued for about ten minutes, with several lines on her rear looking very severe now.

Sally laid two more strokes on just as they entered the stable area. Damsel whinnied yet again and trotted over to the centre block where she had been branded then a hard pull on the reins pulled the bit harshly and she stopped right next to Vanessa, who was reading a book sitting in a fold-out chair. She looked in shock at the ponygirl, puffing and gasping away.

“Did you run her fully blinkered like this?”

“Only since lunch. Why?” asked Sally as she got out of her seat.

“I have four ponyboys and two ponygirls. Only one of the boys lets me do that occasionally and he says it’s the most terrifying thing he ever does.” She stepped over to Damsel and undid the leather thong holding the blinkers in their blinding position. This revealed the ponygirl’s reddened eyes from all her tears. The grateful Damsel bent and nuzzled Vanessa with her nose, then Sally’s surprise, did the same to her.

The two ladies set about removing all of Damsel’s equipment. Out came the tail, then the mittens and the head harness, and finally the hoof-boots and arm binder.

Louise finally fell into the arms of Sally and she gave Louise a soft and gentle cuddle and kissed her. There was not much Louise could do in return, as she was so worn out and had not recovered from being in her restraints anyway.

“Let’s get you both back to my place, in the car this time, and I’ll run you a nice bath and fix you something to eat,” said Vanessa, “You can both stay in the spare room tonight, I think you’ll need to rest.” She paused for a moment and then added “and I have a proposition I’d like to discuss.”

Louise looked up into Sally’s eyes and smiled. She managed one whispered word.


THE END. Epilogue: Six Months Later...

Louise accepted Vanessa’s proposition and is now employed by her. The job title said ‘stable girl’ but the reality is quite different. Every Saturday and Sunday for several hours she becomes Damsel the blinkered ponygirl. She is fastened up much as she was that first day, then Vanessa tapes foam pads over her eyes and then ties the blinkers over them as well. Vanessa’s rich friends pay very well for the use of Damsel, and there is a waiting list currently of about 6 weeks to spend the day running her.  She goes to the gym on Wednesdays, but otherwise mostly rests up during the week. Sally is still her lover and Louise spends hours on end bound and gagged by her in various ways, before they adjourn to bed and, of course, Sally doesn’t have to pay use her ponygirl, which she does the first Saturday of each month. The brand that they gave her that day faded away as promised, but after her first month employed as a ponygirl, Louise insisted that Damsel be marked permanently, so they branded her properly the following weekend. The heart shape with an ‘S’ in the centre is still clearly visible, but may need renewing next year.


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