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G Man At The Kennel 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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Storycodes: FF/m; collar; leash; naked; petdog; crate; transport; walk; outdoors; nuzzle; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Two

It had been weeks since G man returned home, and his owner developed a routine for his care that included time in the yard along with daily baths to keep him smelling good. He hadn't spoken a word, or acted like anything but the hairless dog he now appeared to be. He wore his collar constantly and ate his meals out of his bowls on the floor in the kitchen, and obviously didn't go to work. That left his owner, Mrs. G man, to care for the household expenses as G man had the run of the house all day long. He slept on her bed, ate his food, and as far as she knew generally waited silently for her to return home from her hard day at work. If she had friends over, or workmen to repair the things around the house that the human G man used to, she locked him into his training crate in the garage and made excuses for his absence.

While the two enjoyed playing at him being a dog, and had used it for some incredible experiences, this was not at all what she signed on for. In a moment of extreme frustration soon after G man arrived back home, she came out of the shower in nothing but a robe and shed that as she got into a familiar position on the floor in front of G man. It was something they had done many times in the past, and G man mounted her just like always. He was savage in his intensity, and still hung like a monster, and it almost seemed like the old G man would break free of whatever happened to him at the kennel. In those last moments when G man was completing the act he started howling, and he continued to do so until he was finished. Mrs. G man decided there and then that it would be the last time she did something like that with him as his howling was just a little too canine like for her tastes.

Weeks went by before she received the special wash from the animal control people, it was promised to the dog owners before the coming winter, and they also promised this would regrow their pets hair much better than their last two failed attempts. There were warnings all over the bottle for humans not to get any on their skin, as it was purported to grow hair on any mammal, but hair no human would want on their body. A one hundred seventy pound long haired dog would get all of it, but Mrs. G man decided to wait before bathing him in the special mixture just in case he recovered. She wasn't being cruel, only practical.

With a body full of new hair he would look much more canine to any of her neighbors who accidental saw him, and prevent any questions she didn't want to answer about her strange pet. Yet she still held out hope that the practical joke she had played on him with the kennel, (and that had backfired so badly), might work itself out with time. She also had to consider what could happen if G man were accidentally left out on a cold winter day without any fur at all to protect his naked skin from the elements. He was living in the house with her for the moment, but when it became necessary for her to find a new man, G man would find himself living outside in his dog house or possibly even up for adoption.

It was about this time when her best friend contacted her about visiting. Tonya was back in the country and looking for a place to settle down after her time abroad. The two had been friends long before G man was in the picture, and had been fun loving college girls on the same campus at one time. Mrs. G man knew she had to tell somebody about what she had going on less she loose her sanity, and if anybody would understand and possibly help her, Tonya would.

To her credit Tonya listened to her friend explain the situation on the phone without a single interruption, but with a broad and genuine smile on her face. Tonya for her part wondered how on earth her friend found out about her latest kink, and wondered how she had apparently talked G man into playing along with her elaborate practical joke. However, when Tonya thought back on their inebriated discussions in their dorm room over ten years ago, the subject of men as pets came up more than once. It was the subject of a book they had both read for a female philosophy professor, (one that had been dumped by her professor husband for one of his students), and that book assigned by the bitter ex-wife had a profound influence on both ladies.


Tonya had arrived in a short white dress looking for all the world like a successful single woman looking for a man. She had always looked good, and had the kind of body that opened doors that were closed to others. She thought she would play along with whatever prank her friend had engineered, and once she was settled G man was let out of the basement to greet their house guest.

The human G man always had a thing for Tonya, and the canine one's body responded in a way that was impossible to hide. He walked right up to Tonya as Mrs. G man half expected her to bolt back through the door she just entered, but she instead complimented her friend on her hansom new pet. G man was on all fours, (he hadn't been on his hind legs once that she knew about since he was brought to the kennel months earlier), and he rubbed his smooth face right between Tonya's bare legs to the hem of her short dress and whimpered. Mrs. G man looked aghast, but Tonya just rubbed his bald head with both of her hands and told him he was a naughty boy, but in a soft and patronising, tone, and not a disciplinary one.

Tonya started to get the feeling that this was no prank, but their was only one way to be sure as far as Tonya was concerned. She kept secret from her friend that she had some experience with human pets while abroad, both of the male and female kind, and she knew how to handle them. "Can I take him for a walk?" Tonya asked her friend.

All G man heard was the word "WALK", and he knew he was getting out, and he started dancing around like mad. Tonya suspected at that point that this was likely no prank, and that somehow G man had been turned into a real human dog as her friend had claimed, and at the moment a very excited one. Either that, or he was by far the most trainable specimen she had ever seen. It didn't matter to Tonya, and she decided she wanted G man as her own pet as her friend obviously didn't realize what she had. The thought excited her as she thought finding one here at home would be near impossible, especially one with G man's obvious physical attributes. Tonya wondered if she could somehow get her friend to give her G man, or at least borrow him from time to time, possibly convincing her it was best for him in the long run. There was more to it than that, but the plan was just forming in Tonya's active mind, and she needed time to research her move.

It was a simple matter to get the training crate and G man loaded into the back of Mrs. G man's station wagon, and the two ladies shared some private words before Tonya was told the best place to take him for his secluded walk. Mrs. G man stayed home to prepare for the two ladies to go out later to a club, something Mrs. G man hadn't done since G man came along, and a necessary distraction for Tonya if she wanted G man for her own.

Tonya took G man to the secluded trail system her friend told her about, and they were all alone as she leashed him up for his walk. He was well behaved and walked at her heel despite his excitement, and the two walked for some time until Tonya was certain there would be no interruptions. G man again had his smooth face at the hem of her sexy dress when she stopped, but this time she rubbed the back of his head and encouraged him to explore. G man nosed his way to her most private places, and with her short dress easily wrinkled she pulled it over her head and draped it across a nearby branch.

G man was just as excited as any man would be to see the desirable Tonya standing before him wearing only her heels, and he lapped at her womanhood like the starving dog he appeared to be as she held his leash firmly. She soon found herself on her back with what she hoped was her new pet in position to mount her in a very un-canine like way, and here he didn't disappoint either. A flurry of activity and Tonya's hands were on G man's ass pulling him deeper into her as his leash was now held short between her teeth, and he pounded her like a beast as she came violently for the first time in months. G man erupted deep inside her far sooner than he might have liked, but it had been quite some time since he had mounted anything.

Tonya became concerned when G man gasped for breath after he erupted, and she also thought his howling was a little over the top as well. It made her feel like she was doing something very wrong when her eyes were closed, but this was definitely only a man who thought he was a dog, and Tonya knew how to handle those. Tonya reached up and removed his collar while still on her back as she thought he might suffocate with his labored breathing, and once it was off of him he licked his lips and breathlessly said, "Thanks".

Tonya blinked hard twice, "Excuse me!"

G man explained that part of their game was he couldn't be anything but dog like as long as he wore his collar, no speaking, standing on his hind legs, eating at the table, no human activities at all, except of course sex. And because his collar was left on he assumed Mrs. G man had either tired of him, or simply forgot about the rules he promised her he would follow no matter what. He said the test of that was when he was dropped off at the kennel, and if he were ever going to break the rules, it would have been then. G man said as close as he got to acting human was watching porn channels on their television when Mrs. G man was at work, and other than being constantly excited he liked being a dog, with the lack of responsibility that comes with it.

Tonya told him they had a lot of explaining to do when they got back home, and G man nodded his head in response, but the stirring Tonya felt from above interrupted her thoughts. G man sat back on his haunches while still between Tonya's splayed legs, and he looked her up and down before telling her that he always had a thing for her. Little G man was making himself known once again with the direction of his thoughts, and both of them silently decided if they were going to be in trouble back home, they might as well earn what they had coming to them.

Tonya rolled over and put her head down while up on her knees, and this position was far more familiar to the canine G man. He mounted her once again, and with his hands free he used them to great advantage as he savaged Tonya's magnificent body until he couldn't hold back another moment. She bucked and thrashed about through several orgasms of her own as G man's position was just perfect for her, and the two lovers finally collapsed in a heap on the blanket, sweaty body against sweaty body. G man knew he might be fortunate to be allowed to stay in his outdoor dog house after Mrs. G man found out about his infidelity, and Tonya suspected this could end their friendship as well.

The two laid together until their post orgasmic low passed, and neither one was in a great hurry to return home to "face the music", although one of them had a plan for that. G man was exhausted from a magnificent performance, but he was still cuddling up with one of the best looking women he had ever seen, and with his bald head resting on Tonya's chest he couldn't help but to explore her body playfully with his eager mouth. Tonya encouraged him even though she knew he had no more to give, a wicked thought appearing in her devious mind to help her gain possession of G man.

His eyes were closed he was enjoying himself so much, and it was at that moment that he felt and heard the familiar click of his collar locking closed around his neck, although not as tight as earlier. His eyes sprang open and he stopped what he was doing, and Tonya told him it was better this way as she didn't want to loose her best friend over a dog... even a magnificent one, she quickly added moments later. "And while were on the subject of dogs" she said, "it seems reasonable that we have the same deal as you had with my best friend in regard to your behavior while collared".

G man looked at her and swallowed hard past his collar, certain that he would be wearing it, or one like it for a very long time to come...

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