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G Man At The Kennel 3

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2018 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; collar; leash; naked; petdog; cage; transport; walk; outdoors; discovery; cheat; tease; nuzzle; oral sex; climax; FF; club; spandex; miniskirts; torment; cage-cover; kidnap; truck; cons/reluct; X

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Part Three

Tonya and the collared and still mute G man arrived back home, both exhausted from their workout, Tonya diving into the shower the moment she could. She was a squishy mess, and G man's proportions and intensity such that the stunning Tonya was in mild pain just walking about. She obviously had to hide this fact from her friend, and it was a believable lie that the walk had worn them both out, but obviously for different reasons than what Mrs. G man might have been led to believe.

Tonya came out of the shower wearing only a short robe, G man feinting sleep in the corner on his pet blanket inside his training crate and peeking through his barely open eyes. He had just been fully sated for the first time in months, and the battle to stay awake was one he was loosing despite the stunning scenery before him.

Tonya was magnificent to look at, and in his estimation it was nearly worth being caged and collared just for the privilege of mounting her, but as magnificent as that had been he also knew in his relaxed afterglow that if he were so fortunate as to get a second chance at her he better pace himself less he disappoint her in the future. She was a cunning and resourceful woman who now knew the secret of his suppressed humanity, (the only human who apparently did), and he suspected that she would take full advantage of that fact for her own purposes at some point in this kinky game she had stumbled into.

The two ladies acted as if G man weren't there, Tonya steering the conversation adroitly as he feinted sleep and listened in, this a woman to whom human manipulation apparently came just as easily as pet manipulation did, G man realizing this just a little too late though.

"Remember when we used to go out clubbing?" Tonya asked.

"That was a long time ago" her friend replied as she smiled mischievously.

"Not that long ago, and I think I could find a place we could go if your willing to take a little drive, just you and I. Think of the fun we could have bumping and grinding with some handsome college guys, it would be just like old times. If you think they were all hands and hormones back then..."

"...You've been clubbing recently?" Mrs. G man interrupted, her excitement over this potential taboo extramarital road trip obvious.

"No, and I'm very tense, (Tonya lied), and may I say that you seem even more tense than I am, although I don't blame you in the least."

"How long has it been?" Tonya asked a second later with softly feinted and sweet sincerity, along with just a touch of patronizing tone.

"Tense" was a code word between the two friends from their college days, it simply meant that she needed a man. Not a long term emotional relationship, just an adult playmate to help scratch that particular itch. "Use them and loose them" was their motto back in the day, as men could be a terrible distraction to one's studies and deeper thoughts.

It was a very liberated outlook on things, (the two girls had thought back then), no doubt a result of their man hating jilted professor and her assigned book that had apparently drawn both ladies to the conclusion that men were at best useful tools for a specific purpose. Back then there had been an endless supply of virile young men who were up for such activities, and both ladies still could easily turn heads, but it was apparent to the caged and listening G man that the married one didn't think so.

It was a known fact, (G man waxed poetically in the remaining human part of his mind), that some ladies aged like fine wine, and two fine examples of this were having some intimate girl talk right in front of him. Sweet and full bodied, and desirable to any wise man, or even a twenty something year old college student with lustful energy to spare and few deep thoughts, nor a conscience to impede his, or their, lusty animalistic intentions. This was biology at it's most basic form, hook up and breed to perpetuate the species with a desirable partner, or partners, and not just exclusively from the male point of view either.

The ladies standing before G man at the same time were wise beyond what any twenty something year old woman could possibly be in matters of the flesh, and it was clear that some form of afterschool education were being proposed by Tonya for her "tense" friend who had gone without far too long. It was just as clear to G man that if either of the ladies went to such a place they would be popular, and that they wouldn't have to buy a single drink, a provocative combination for any randy woman surrounded by all the testosterone at such a place. If G man spoke now and ended their game he knew there would be too many questions, and then Tonya would be only too happy to rat him out about their true activities on their walk.

The result should he speak would then be no place to live, and no Tonya with which to satisfy his own animal urges with. Both ladies might even loose their friendship as well, but as Tonya had so rudely stated on the trail, "I have no intention of loosing a friendship over a dog..." G man knew where he stood with that one simple statement. Tonya would have a plan for that, manipulating things somehow to make him look the villain, her sultry looks making it so easy for him to underestimate the crafty devious woman within.

With little other choice G man found himself intently listening from his cage, although his eyes were still lightly closed. He was learning things about his bride, things Tonya possibly wanted him to know, but things she was probably sworn to secrecy about, hence her directing the conversation as she did with only a "pet" there to listen in. Or, G man thought, Tonya was merely showing him what his future was going to look like no matter his wishes on the subject, and that it was she alone that now held his fate, with the further component that she was sadistically enjoying herself at his ultimate cost...

"Yes, I am tense, and it has been months... but I am still married... Besides, I have nothing like that to wear anymore."

G man was stirring, did he hear that right? Only two reasons not to go out clubbing with Tonya for the express purpose of hooking up with another man, and one of them was not having a suitable slinky dress to wear, ANYMORE. At least being married was the first excuse, but a feeble one as the second implied she was seriously thinking about it. G man had a mental picture of both ladies dressed in skin tight mini dresses and impossible heels, dancing about in some club with young adoring men buying all the drinks they could consume for not only the privilege of the next grinding and bumping dance, but the implied possibility of a more intimate flesh on flesh kind of dance later. Despite all logic the thought excited the caged G man, but if he wasn't careful Mrs. G man might notice, and then know he was eavesdropping, and understanding Tonya's intentions in a very human way.

Was Tonya doing this for his ultimate benefit, or torment though? Surely he had no quarter to complain with his recent "walk" with Tonya, but she had to know what drinking did to her friend. It broke down all her inhibitions, for G man that discovery had been fun, but had also inadvertently lead to his submission to her and the collar presently about his neck preventing him any practical way to object to Tonya's plans, whatever they were...

Was this Tonya's grand plan? G man wondered. Set her friend up for some passionate infidelity of her own, and then the two would be on equal footing when Tonya confessed their shared secret. It was a wise plan that could work, but the law of unintended consequences could always rear its ugly head, assuming that Tonya didn't have a darker ulterior motive of her own that remained known only to her...

"Your married to a dog, and I have a dress that will likely fit you in my bags" Tonya offered, scuttling any logical opposition. Tonya knew she had to find her friend a new playmate or two, (or at the very least a passionate temporary human distraction), if she wanted to gain possession of her friend's unusual but incredibly useful pet. He was a good playmate himself, Tonya thought, but more importantly, he was the key to her future...

"I'll take a shower and try on your dress to prove to you it won't fit, but even if it does that doesn't mean I'm going."

"Oh, you're going" Tonya threatened playfully. "Even if I have to tie you up and take your struggling ass there myself."

Mrs. G man smiled back at her friend in a very inviting way despite the kinky threat, telling the watching G man that there were a whole host of things that he didn't know about his bride, nor the relationship between the two friends.

Tonya then went up to her guest room and handed her friend a dress that contained mere ounces of stretchy spandex, it designed to fit almost whoever put it on. The two ladies were about the same general size, but in Tonya's case she dressed to attract attention, where Mrs. G man had grown more overtly conservative over the years.The obvious exception to that was her unique taste in pets and kink when behind closed doors, but Tonya had hoped that her friend's appetite for such things had run it's course, although not for any altruistic reasons despite any appearances to the contrary...

"Oh boy" did the dress fit, G man thought to himself an hour or so later when he had been awaken by the ladies final hair and make up touchups, he feinting sleep through Mrs. G man's now obvious false protests.

"You can't wear anything under these dresses, can you?" Mrs. G man asked with a smile just to confirm what she had concluded in front of the mirror before presenting herself to her friend for inspection.

"You can't wear any rings either if you want to get laid" Tonya reminded her friend coarsely.

"And a stiff cock has no conscience..." Mrs. G man giggled while looking into her friend's eyes with a randy smile on her painted lips, shocking G man with her own course language.

"...And a hungry pussy has no regrets" Tonya finished for her friend, the phrase apparently a kind of mantra between the girls during college, although such was a revelation to the caged G man. Tonya was apparently a very bad influence on his wife, G man realized far too late, but he knew at this point that he submissively was at her mercy no matter what.

When the door closed and both ladies left looking about as desirable as possible G man suspected his life had yet just again changed, but when Tonya came back in for a moment pretending to forget something while Mrs. G man waited in the car his suspicions were confirmed. Tonya then went to her guest room and quickly returned with a small luggage padlock, she then placing it on G man's pet cage and locking the door closed with a resounding "click", he not going anywhere without the key. His eyes were open for this, Mrs. G man not present and there being no need for him to pretend to sleep.

"Can't have 'my' little pet wandering about unsupervised while I'm off getting my friend laid, can we?" Tonya asked in childlike tones as if speaking to a real dog despite the very adult nature of what she intended, G man left with little choice but to stare submissively back up at her stunning and commanding presence over him.

"Oh, don't worry" she continued in the same tone, "I have plans for you, if you behave, and obviously other plans for you if you don't!" she warned ominously. Tonya then slipped the fitted cover over G man's pet cage, zippering it in place and concealing what lay hidden beneath. There were necessary air holes so he didn't suffocate in there, but with it in place the large dog training crate became little more than a large covered box with unknown contents, Mrs. G man using it for just these purposes when repairmen or visiting friends were in the house.

Tonya then left without another word, but this time shutting off the lights and plunging the room with it's drawn curtains at night into total pitch black darkness. Mrs. G man almost always left the light on for him, but even if she hadn't he could always escape and turn it on himself, but not now. G man listened to the car leave, and then fell asleep with little else to do confined in the dark as he was.


Some time later the familiar jiggle of the house key in the front door lock woke G man, he keeping silent though in case the ladies weren't alone, although locked in his cage on full and naked display except for the cage cover left him little other options.

Whoever had entered the dark house obviously had a key, but curiously didn't utter a word, nor turn on the lights. In efficient fashion G man's covered crate was then tipped up on a hand truck and wheeled outside to a waiting truck, it's engine left idling and suggesting that the apparently welcome interlopers weren't staying long. A power lift gate had the crate in the back of the waiting box truck in seconds, G man keeping silent and wondering what the hell just happened after it drove away with him trapped inside...

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