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G Man At The Kennel

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2018 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFM+; club; dance; desire; arousal; cheat; F/m; captive; collar; naked; petdog; cage; discovery; shock; torment; plan; stuck; cons/reluct; X

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Part Four

"Package received." Tonya reading the simple cryptic text message with a smirk as her friend Mrs. G man looked on oblivious to the significance of the text.

"Everything okay?" Mrs. G man asked over the bumping din of the club's over loud sound system, her pretty face flushed and glowing after a dance with a particularly energetic dance partner ten years her junior who had brazenly bought her first drink for the privilege. 

"As it should be" Tonya answered. "And you?"

"Better than good" Mrs. G man answering as a second drink came to their table by way of a different smiling young man. "It might be hard to choose though" she offered, giggling a moment later from all the male attention she was overdue.

Tonya was dancing too, and not buying either, but in her case just to keep up appearances for her friend as her overall purpose for being there was to get her friend distracted, and even hopefully laid. Mrs. G man had left her rings home as Tonya had suggested, and she was glowing and radiating available sexuality so much so that even a fool could pick up on it. Tonya also took notice (just as her male admirers undoubtedly did) that her buds were fully erect and pushing at the scant material of her thin dress, announcing, as did the fluid motion of her unrestrained full breasts on the dance floor, that she was on display and here for the same specific purposes that her male admirers were. 

In the end it was little more than semi public foreplay, but also like riding a bike, a skill once mastered easy to once again do as if by reflex. Here denied lust and abstinence worked even better that Tonya had hoped though, Mrs. G man eventually not able to decide and allowing two lucky young men to bundle her into a Uber and take her who knows where for the trio to better get to intimately know each other.

"Would she be okay with two lust filled young men hardly dressed and half drunk as she was?" Tonya's conscience flippantly asked as she watched them slip out together, their hands all over each other and she wondering if her friend would consummate this new adulterous relationship she had been coerced into before they even got to wherever they were going.

"Probably." She answered silently in her mind a moment later to both questions, but more importantly, she would be well distracted for the short term, her friend's safety... just not a primary concern for her. 

Tonya slipped out moments later to drive to see her new pet in what would become HIS new home, certain that he would have a thousand questions to ask if he were only permitted the luxury of human speech. They had an understanding on his use of human speech while wearing his pet collar, but Tonya had a new collar for him with some high tech features to ruthlessly enforce their deal just in case he had any second thoughts in his naive little pet mind. Human pets, in Tonya's mind, were to be seen and played with if their owner was in the mood for such, but never heard.

G man would also need a new name indicative of his new status, Tonya thought to herself as she drove, something perhaps linking him to her and her new business venture unequivocally, it then perhaps tattooed on his naked rump as an overt sign of possession in case he should one day manage to escape. There would of course be a name tag on his new collar as well, but a brand like tattoo had a certain finality to it. There was also the psychological implication that creatures are branded, both to remind others of it's status, and her future customers that she was a business woman fully invested in the career path she had chosen.

* * *

Human pet sitting was a business Tonya had stumbled onto while traveling the world, the arrangement having a fair following among the wealthy, their human pets either converted from humans in their orbit for one of many reasons, or purchased outright from those specializing in such (after proper conditioning and obedience training). When the obscenely rich and sometimes famous traveled, as they always did, it became a bother to take their unique pets along, the TSA and other such people impossibly suspicious where transporting naked human pets in caged in the hold of aircraft were concerned, not to mention the customs people both into and out of the country in question.

One had to therefore leave their unique pets behind, and finding a trusted soul for such pet watching was difficult at best, and legally foolish at worst. Tonya had several connections in the lifestyle already, but it was a far better business model to have her customers bring their pets in need of temporary kenneling to her instead of she going to their houses and mansions individually. It was all about marketing, and efficiency of labor, Tonya waxed in her mind, and with the properly behaved, mute, caged, and collared G man as the proverbial "poster pet" for her new venture, she would appear both experienced and trustworthy.

Did the human part of G man realize yet that he was nothing more to her than a useful tool for her new business venture? Perhaps, Tonya answered in her mind, the proof will be in his eyes, but not spoken out loud if he knew what was good for him. Tonya had spent just enough time in deep introspection to discover a ruthless side to her character that could provide for her success at almost any cost, certainly more dependably so than any man could in her estimation.

* * *

It was early in the morning when Tonya finally arrived at her improvised human pet kennel, it little more than twenty secluded acres in the woods and a nice house, but there was room to expand with out buildings for cages to house her temporary human pet guests, as well as receive their human owners in dignified fashion in the main house. Out here there were no close neighbors, and after Tonya had shut off the car's engine, not a sound to be heard.

Perfect, she thought in her mind, if her helpers who had stolen G man did their part all would be quiet one way or the other, but counting on others was not something Tonya liked to do any more than absolutely necessary. Humans always had the ability to disappoint, where well trained and collared pets were nothing more than obedient, if they knew what was good for them!

* * *

"I see you've been fitted with your new collar" Tonya taunted while looking in at her captive pet still in his cage.

"Have you tried it out yet?" she further asked, the look she got in response all the answer she needed.

"As you may know then" Tonya gloated, proud of her electronic masterpiece that was really nothing more than a clever programming modification to an existing device for real pets. "It's an electric collar designed to 'help' you keep your word to me about human speech while wearing MY collar. Any human word escaping from your throat will be punished with a proportional electric shock. Pet noises like barking and whimpering are ok, for now, and It also acts like an invisible fence to keep you on the grounds, there's even a fitness tracker and locator function" Tonya sounding to G man like she were selling the thing on some home shopping network program.

"I need to chose a new name for my new property, 'G Man' I think should be shortened to just 'g'. I will have a nice tag made up for my locked on collar that you now wear, and I think a nice tattoo for your naked rump as well just in case" Tonya offered ominously. Gone was her lustful and sweet disposition, but the renamed 'g' now knew that had just been an act...

A yelp was all that escaped the renamed g's lips when he tried to tell Tonya what he thought of his new life, she smiling sadistically at his discomfort while at the same time not looking quite so stunningly attractive to him any longer. She was intimidating to him now, and that feeling only increased when she next spoke to him.

"Lets for your sake hope you adjust to your new life here with me g, it would be a shame to have to get you fixed to cure any behavioral problems I might not be able to beat out of you" Tonya said in baby talk tones while smirking at the caged g.

 "I will have customers here as well as pets to board in my new kennel, and you will behave one way or the other as I have a lot riding on this, I promise you that" Tonya threatened much more seriously while wagging her index finger in g's face through the bars of his cage, she switching emotions on a dime and suggesting to g that she might not be entirely sane, or perhaps a full on genius with hints of insanity.

"Your life as a dog here with me can be as fun, or miserable as you choose, it's really all up to you" Tonya speaking softly and  switching emotions still again as if there were two or even three Tonya's inside her all struggling for control of their shared common body. "It can be an easy life for you, no real work to do, no bills to pay, just romp and frolic and do dog stuff all day long, you might even get laid yourself once in a while" Tonya suggested, reminding g of the ladies clubbing date, and that only one of them was here with him now, suggesting that Mrs. G man had found a new playmate of her own and that this might be the only good option he now had for room and board...

"I'm going to let you out of your cage now so that you can do your business before I put you up for the night, Don't run away, and don't you dare test me" Tonya warned, her evil personality apparently back.

Exiting his cage stiffly as he had been cooped up in it for hours g did as he was told, deciding not to push his new master until he had learned all he needed to about his new collar...

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