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Hannah's Ponyboy

by Painpony

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© Copyright 2021 - Painpony - Used by permission

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Cody was walking home from his job at the hardware store when his phone ran. Seeing it was Hannah, the teenager didn’t hesitate to answer it. However before he could say anything, he could hear the girl crying on the other end. “I will be right over,” Cody tried to say over the girl’s crying before he hung-up and began running to her house.

Cody was extremely fit and had always excelled at athletics in high school, so the two-mile run to Hannah’s house barely caused him to sweat until the last mile.

When he arrived at her house Hannah greeted him wearing her very short schoolgirl skirt revealing her slender toned legs. Hannah also wore a tight white blouse and no bra to show off her petite frame and hard nipples on her small firm small breasts. Any one who didn’t know her would swear Hannah was a very petite thirteen-year-old girl, when in fact she was eighteen and ready for college.

Tears were running down the girl’s face, which was partially hidden by her long blonde hair. He took her in his arms to comfort her as he always did. Feeling her firm young body against his he hoped he wouldn’t get erect like he usually did when he held her. 

Cody has had a crush on the petite blonde since kindergarten and he had told her many times that he loved her and would do anything for her. Their relationship grew closer every year until highschool when he went to the town’s public school and she attended a nearby girl’s prep school more fitting for her family’s wealth. Unfortunately she changed during high school and became very self centered and self-important. It was then they grew apart but Hannah would never hesitate to call on Cody when she needed him like that moment.

After several moments the girl finally stopped crying. “What happened?” Cody asked, still holding her tightly.

With tears still trickling down her face she pulled away from him slightly and said, “My parents said I could have a ponyboy to ride around at college. They also bought me a cute little cart and all the tack. I was even enrolled in human pony management as a major.”

She sat up straight and put her hair back in her usual tight ponytail. As she did that her small chest stuck out even more, her perky nipples trying to poke out more as she continued, “ I picked out a really nice ponyboy but before he signed the contract he backed out and went to someone else.”

Hannah began crying again resting her head on his shoulder. The young girl began sobbing louder. Still holding her Cody could feel her body against his, which caused his cock to become erect. 

Cody could feel his heart racing as he held her. Before he realized what he was saying, Cody whispered, “ I will be your pony.”

Hannah pulled away and looked at him asking, “You will?”

Not knowing what he was committing him to, Cody nodded yes. The teenage boy desperately wanted to be with her. He didn’t know much about human ponies except that it was now legal. The only thing Cody knew for certain was that he loved Hannah and wanted to be with her even if it meant he had to be her ponyboy.

Hannah kissed him on the check and said, “Wait right here I will get the contract.”

He watched her skirt ride up her cute tight ass as she ran out of the room. In less than a minute she returned with several pages covered with fine print. Cody looked at it and was instantly bombarded with ‘wherefores’ and ‘whereas’, mixed with ‘parties of the first part’. The eighteen-year-old boy’s head was spinning just looking at it. At that moment Hannah handed Cody a pen and showed him where to sign. She then rested her hand on his thigh only inches from his crotch. That was all the encouragement Cody needed as he literally signed away his life to her. Once it was done Hannah said she would have her father’s secretary file the papers at the courthouse.

Afterwards she took the papers from Cody and set them on her nearby desk. Hannah gave him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek, “You are so awesome for doing that for me. I promise I will take great care of you as my ponyboy.”

The words ‘ponyboy’ lingered in his mind, as he was flooded with a thousand questions he should have asked before signing. However, before he could ask any of them she took him by the hand and led him to the front door and said, “ I need to finish packing for college. And you need to go home and tell your mom that I own you as my ponyboy. Be back here tomorrow so I can get you packed to leave.”

She kissed him on the forehead and said, “Be here at 8 am tomorrow.”

As the door closed shut behind him Cody’s young head was spinning trying to figure out what had happened. He slowly walked home thinking about Hannah and wondering what it would mean to be her ponyboy. Then the image on Hannah’s well-toned petite body would fill his mind and the questions seemed to fade away.

Eventually he arrived home and reality set in. He was suddenly filled with the problem of how he was going to tell his mom. No sooner than he walked in the door Cody’s mom greeted him with a smile and told him to sit down for supper. She set the plate of food down in front of him but noticed the worried look on his face. “What is the matter Cody?” she asked.

Looking at his mom for several long silent minutes he finally got enough courage and told his mom everything. At least everything that he knew at the time. As he spilled his guts about becoming Hannah’s ponyboy, his mom remained calm. She knew how much he cared for Hannah. Many times he had opened his heart about his feelings towards Hannah. So it really wasn’t a total surprise to her that her son would become Hannah’s ponyboy.

When he had finished speaking, his mom calmly walked into the next room and called Hannah’s parents. Almost an hour later she returned to Cody and sat next to him. “I spoke to her father,” his mom explained, “It seems the contract is completely legal and binding. It is also permanent you will be her property for the rest of your life.”

The eighteen-year-old stared into the blackhole of his mind as the words ‘her property’ and ‘for the rest of your life’ registered.

“There is a bright side,” his mom added, “her dad is going to pay me a million dollars tax free for payment of you. I can get out of debt, send your sister to college and live very well afterwards.”

She hugged Cody and the two of them sat and talked for the rest of the night. No sleep, only a mother holding her son before he goes away and chatting about all the good times he had as he was growing up. As the morning sun began to rise, his mom spoke up; “You better get ready Cody. When I talked with Hannah’s father he said you are to make sure you remove all your body hair. No hair from your nose to your toes. You can use my hair remover in my shower after you are clean, then rinse it off.”

Nervously Cody went upstairs and did as his mom explained. Once he had finished he looked at himself in the mirror and looked at his now hairless body; even his pubes were gone. He had to admit to himself that it really highlighted the muscles on his athletic body. He began stroking his eight-inch cock thinking of Hannah but was interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door. His mom then said, “Put on the cut-off shorts I left on the floor and I will take you to Hannah’s house.”

Cody slipped on the shorts, which bulged at the crotch from his unsatisfied erection. When he walked downstairs his mom giggled at his bulge and said, “let’s go.”

After a short drive they pulled into the driveway to see Hannah’s parents finishing packing their SUV. Cody also noticed a trailer hooked behind the car. On the trailer was a pony cart with two large wheels. On the cart was a very comfortable bench seat with enough room for two people to sit along with a flat ledge in the back for the passenger’s luggage and gear.

As he was examining the cart he felt a soft hand on his ass, and Hannah’s soft voice said, “I can’t wait to train you how to pull it properly.”

Still very nervous Cody could only nod yes. He turned to see Hannah; she was dressed in black spandex tights with black leather knee high boots. Hannah also wore a snug white blouse and no bra to show off her trim and very petite figure. Her long blonde hair was put up in a tight bun. Cody softly moaned to himself, as he looked her over.

“I should get you ready for the trip to the university,” Hannah said as she removed her hand from his ass and began to attach leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles. She used a padlock to secure his wrists together behind his back. As he was testing the cuffs on his wrists, Hannah loosen his shorts and pulled them off revealing his erection.

“Hannah,” Cody shouted, “what are you doing?”

His words got him a sharp slap on his now bare ass from the petite blonde as she pushed a metal bit gag into his mouth. The bit had a metal plate, which rested on his tongue preventing him from talking again. Once it was strapped securely around his head, Hannah said, “ You are a ponyboy now, Cody. You won’t wear clothes ever again.”

The teenager was humiliated as he looked over at his mom, who was too busy talking with Hannah’s parents and barely noticed Cody as she held the check.

Hannah helped Cody onto the trailer where he noticed a small wooden box with air holes along the side. She helped him to kneel inside and secured his ankle cuffs to hooks on the inside of the box. She pushed him down and closed the lid over him. He heard a latch close and a padlock get attached.

From inside his box he heard his mom say, “Good bye Cody. I hope you enjoy your new life as a ponyboy.”

Moments later Cody could feel the SUV drive away pulling him away on the trailer. The box was cramped and stuffy. The air was humid and thick and Cody had wished that he were in the AC with Hannah. The young teenager wondered if his whole life would be like this. He strained against his cuffs and tried to imagine how his life would be as her ponyboy.

An hour later the car stopped and Cody could hear Hannah and her parents unloading the SUV into her dorm. He could also hear countless people walking by unaware that he was chained in the box. 

Eventually they were finished at the dorm and drove the car and trailer for a short trip then stopped. He heard the cart being removed from the trailer. Moments later the box was unlocked and the lid opened. The bright afternoon sun blinded him. As his eyes adjusted he felt two pairs of hands unlock his ankles and help him out of the box. He looked around and saw Hannah and another woman. The woman was in her mid to late twenties with her long brunette hair in a tight bun. Slender like Hannah, the woman also wore black spandex tights and black leather riding boots like Hannah as well as a black sports bra. In her hand she held a riding crop.

The two women helped him to his feet and off the trailer. With his cock still erect the woman touched the tip of her crop to the head of his cock and said, “We will have to take care of this.”

Once the trailer was emptied Hannah said her goodbyes to her parents, who then drove away home.

With her parents gone Hannah smiled and whispered, “I have plans for that cock.” Cody moaned at the thought of finally fucking her.

 Hannah then showed him a thick leather posture collar, which she then secured around his neck. Locking it in place she declared, “You are mine now.”

Hannah put the collar on very snugly to keep Cody’s ability to move his neck to a bare minimum. She clipped a leash to Cody’s collar to pull him and followed the older woman into a large barn. Inside the barn Cody saw a row of twenty pony carts similar to Hannah’s. They continued leading Cody by his leash past the carts to the back of the barn where there were two rows of cages along opposite walls facing each other. Each cage was six feet by six feet by six feet with a steel padlocked gate at the front. Each cage was six feet apart from the nearby cage. The only content in each cage was an old blanket on which to sleep. 

The two women led Cody into his new cage and tethered his collar with a short chain to the back of the cage. The teenager was forced to remain standing and prevented him from looking around. “Let’s get his paperwork started,” the older lady said as they walked away together.

He was forced to stand-alone in his cage for hours but could hear other ponies being brought into their cages. Cody strained on his collar to see the other ponies but his leash was too short to allow that. Several times he could men and women comment about him, as he stood tethered. One comment that caught his attention was between two women who were looking at his naked chained body. One of the women said, “The reason there are so few ponyboys is that they are rarely allowed to cum if at all, to keep them more obedient. Whereas ponygirls are constantly forced to orgasm to keep them obedient. That is why there are more ponygirls than boys.”

Cody whimpered as those words settled into his brain. Normally he would jerk off six or seven times a day, usually thinking of Hannah. He couldn’t imagine having to be denied that release. He began struggling with his handcuffs desperately to get to his still erect cock, which caused several people watching him to laugh.

Eventually Hannah returned and opened his cage. She caressed his ass and thighs and said, “You are going to make an excellent pony.”

He tried to ask her when he would be allowed to cum but the gag caused his words to come out as mumbles. His short chain was released as Hannah led him by his leash out of the cage and down a hallway. As he walked he could see some of the pony girls in their cages. Like him all the ponygirls were naked and collared. He also noticed they all had firm muscular bodies, which naturally caused his already hard cock to throb and drip pre cum.

His owner pulled Cody into what could only be described as a medical exam room. Sterile, white and bright, however there was no exam table, just three comfortable chairs beside the cabinets. Cody was led to the wall where his leash was hooked to a ring meant to hold him standing in place again, while Hannah sat on the chair next to him. She casually caressed the inside of his thigh causing him to moan. She was about to caress his balls when the door opened and she pulled her hand away.

Moments later a woman in her late fifties came in wearing a lab coat and greeted Hannah. The two of them chatted briefly as if Cody wasn’t even there. Finally the woman put on latex gloves and began to examine the teenage ponyboy.

“You are lucky to find a ponyboy willing to sign away his life,” the woman said to Hannah as she took the boy’s vitals and entered them on her tablet.

“He has had a crush on me since we were kids,” Hannah giggled, “so it was incredibly easy to convince him to be my pony. It was just a matter of finding the right time to approach him about it.”

When he heard Hannah speak Cody suddenly realized he was set up. She used his attraction to her to manipulate and trap him. As Cody thought it over he realized that he never really had a chance to resist her because he loved her so deeply. Unfortunately for him that love was one sided, now he would be a ponyboy for the rest of his life.

Just then Cody felt the woman’s finger penetrate his ass causing him to squeal behind his bit gag. Hannah giggled again.

Finally the doctor finished her exam; “He is a very fit animal. Do you want him castrated?

In shock Cody pulled wildly against the tether holding him in place. He could feel Hannah’s hand gently caress his thigh to calm him down, “Not right now,” she replied casually, “I may want to breed him with a ponygirl.”

Cody calmed slightly upon hearing Hannah’s reply. “However I may want him castrated later if he disappoints me,” Hannah laughed.

Panic struck Cody quietly sobbed to himself, wondering what he got himself into. He glanced back at Hannah’s petite body in her black spandex tights and snug white dress shirt. His mind was confused by his love for her and his growing need to run away. He looked at her cheerful face and her contagious smile and couldn’t believe how manipulative she really was. Once again he pulled in vain to get free of his cuffs. His mind began to spin out of control concerned about how she was going to treat him. His concerns grew even darker when Hannah spoke again.

“I do want something done about his speech,” Hannah said casually, “ What can you do about preventing him from talking permanently.”

The doctor replied, “ I can use medical glue on his vocal cords. It can be removed later if you want to let him speak again sometime in the future. Or I can laser cut his vocal cords and make it permanent.”

Without hesitation Hannah replied, “Laser cutting.”

A tear trickled down Cody’s face as he twisted in his cuffs. He never imagined Hannah to be this sadistic or demanding. As the doctor continued her inspection of the teenager, Cody sobbed and twisted his restraints in desperation

As the doctor unhooked the ponyboy’s tether and handed his leash to Hannah, the doctor said, “ Perfect I will get everything ready and we can do it in class tomorrow. It will be the perfect teaching moment. Until we do the laser procedure do not allow him to eat anything. He should only be allowed water.”

Tears trickled down the boy’s face as was led back to his cage. He was desperately hungry and thirsty not to mention horny. Hannah tethered his leash to the wall again and squirted water past his gag allowing him to drink. She brushed away a tear from his face and she gave him water then spoke, “Everything will be ok. You won’t need to talk as a pony. Only obey.”

As she gave him water Hannah purposely pressed her thigh against the boy’s constant erection. She then set down the bottle and caressed his erection with her hand causing Cody to moan. “Would you like me to take care of this before you are left alone in your cage for the night?” she whispered. Naturally Cody nodded yes vigorously before she stepped out of his cage for a few moments. 

When she returned, Hannah was joined by the brunette woman again. Cody heard another student refer to the brunette as Professor Watkins, but she insisted her students in her pony management courses call her by her first name Karen. 

When they walked in Hannah reached around from behind and grabbed his eight-inch cock. Cody moaned loudly from her touch anticipating a well-needed handjob. However his enthusiasm was suddenly dashed when he felt something hard and cold suddenly slip around his balls and the base of his shaft. He tried to look down but was prevented doing so by his posture collar. He then felt a small steel cage pressed against his cock. Next he felt Hannah press an ice pack against his erection, which caused the boy to scream from behind his gag. He struggled wildly but Karen held on as Hannah kept the ice pressed against his cock. Within moments Cody’s cock went limp, which allowed Karen to secure the stainless steel chastity over his now limp penis and locked it in place. Karen then handed the keys for the chastity lock to Hannah, who put them on a thin gold chain around her neck.

Hannah unhooked his tether to admire the tiny cage now locked around the once large cock. “That is better,” Hannah commented as she fondled the boy’s balls.

Karen put her arm around Hannah’s waist and said, “Ponyboys need to be kept constantly horny and frustrated in order to serve properly. So only give him a hand job once every few months if he is behaved. However, you really don’t need to let him cum at all. In a few weeks I will show you how to empty his balls by massaging his prostate“

By now tears were rolling down Cody’s face, as Hannah released the tether holding him. The two women stepped out of the cell, closing and locking the gate behind her. As they turned and walked away Cody pressed himself against the steel bars of his cage and sobbed loudly. Occasionally other pony owners would walk by and laugh at Cody as he continued crying. Eventually he grew tired of just standing and sobbing so he curled up in a corner and tried to sleep. Unfortunately his mind was filled with a thousand questions and concerns, which prevented Cody from sleeping. 

He could feel the cage around his cock and tried desperately to shake it off but obviously couldn’t. By now his cock was dripping wet from frustration. He has never gone more than a few hours without jerking off and he was convinced he would go insane if he had to go months without cuming.

To make matters worse the ponygirl in the cage facing his was naked to show off her gorgeous firm athletic body. She was roughly around his age, with long flowing blonde hair and large round breasts. He could see by her calm manner that she must have been a pony girl for a while as she leisurely relaxed in her cell and peacefully fell asleep. 

Cody stood by his Gate all night looking out and reflecting on his life. Just this morning he was free and could have run away from all this if he wanted. Now he was cuffed and naked in his cage with a chastity cage around his cock not even allowing him to get an erection. He banged his head on the gate when he realized how stupid he was for trusting Hannah this much. His one-sided love for her cost him his freedom for the rest of his life.

As the first rays of morning sunlight poked through the barn, Cody could hear footsteps as owners came to get their pony girls ready for the day. Cody stood by the gate of his cell as Hannah approached. She was wearing a loose fitting white blouse and skin tight black spandex leggings, which perfectly matched her polished black leather boots. Around her wrist he noticed she had a riding crop. She unlocked his gate and stepped in carrying a bottle of water. 

Pressing the bottle to his mouth she gave him water as it flowed past his bit gag. “I am so excited to start training you as my pony,” Hannah said almost with a giggle in her voice. 

To emphasize her point she smacked Cody’s ass with her riding crop to show the boy, who was in control now. Once she finished watering him, Hannah pulled him out of his cage by his leash then bent him over a nearby rail. She used her crop on the inside of his thighs. “Spread them wide,” she demanded. 

Uncertain why, Cody hesitated. “Spread your legs!” Hannah said louder.

From behind him Cody heard Karen talking to Hannah, “Don’t treat him like a human he is an animal now. Just crop him harder until he gets used to nonverbal commands.”

A second later Cody felt two hard sharp cracks from her crop on his inner thighs. Cody instantly obeyed and spread his legs wide. As he was bent over he felt the lady next to Hannah hook his collar to the bar, “Be sure to keep him secure at all times, “ Karen explained to Hannah, “Always treat him like an animal not a human.”

Cody then felt something penetrate his ass. The young boy panicked and tried to stand up to get away, but he was held securely in that position. Before he realized what was happening Cody could feel water rushing into his ass and slowly expanding his abdomen. The woman next to Hannah patted Cody’s ass while the water continued to flow into him, “Don’t worry Hannah, you will learn how to properly train this animal.”

Once the enema bag was emptied into him, Cody felt the nozzle removed and a large hose quickly pushed into him again. “If you do it quickly,” the woman explained to Hannah, “there is less mess to clean up.”

Cody felt the filthy water pouring out of him. “I see,” Hannah acknowledged with a slight giggle.

“Since it is his first time, give him two more enemas,” the woman told Hannah, “ that should clean him out for the rest of the day. Then from now on you should only have to give him two enemas daily in the morning. Especially if you keep him on the strict liquid diet I told you about.’

Cody was totally humiliated as Hannah removed the hose and began to fill him again. Cody was also painfully aware of the crowd of students gathering around him. It seems they were all used to seeing ponygirls but have never seen a ponyboy before now. 

As Hannah was giving him his third and final enema of the day, Cody heard a couple of guys ask Hannah if Cody was an anal virgin. “I am certain he is, “ Hannah replied, “He is super tight.”

“All our pony girls are sluts,” one guy told her, “their holes are stretched and well used. We would love to fuck him sometime.”

Cody panicked and began to struggle wildly, which caused everyone around him to laugh. He felt the final hose emptying his last enema for the day and heard Hannah say, “ He is actually a total virgin except for his right hand.”

Cody was now struggling harder in humiliation. It was true he was still a virgin. He had always wanted Hannah and was saving himself for her. However, when she went away to high school she seemed no longer attracted to him. Cody just assumed she was sleeping with other guys, which only made him fight harder to win her favor. At that moment looking back Cody realized that she was just using him and never intended on having him as her boyfriend. Cody began to sob again at his stupidity.

Once his enemas were finished, Hannah led Cody back into his cage and leashed him to the back wall so he was forced to remain standing. Without saying a word to him Hannah left him alone in his cage, closed and locked the gate before she ran off to class. Once she was gone, Cody began reflecting on his life and the way she used him. Once again he began sobbing and struggling.

Several hours later Hannah returned and noticed him sobbing, she brushed away his tears and kissed him on his forehead. She led him by his leash to the far end of the barn to the exam room again. This time Cody noticed there were a lot more chairs along the wall this time. There was also a large stainless steel examination table in the center of the room. Hannah hooked his leash to the wall so he was forced to stand again then left him alone with no explanation. A short time later a guy his age came in dressed in leather riding clothes. Behind him he was leading a naked ponygirl, whom he leashed on the wall next to Cody. The boy smacked the ponygirl’s ass and walked out.

The pony girl was also about Cody’s age with a firm hard body and long flowing amber hair. Also like Cody she was cuffed behind her back and had a bit gag similar to his, which prevented her from speaking as well.

The pony girl was obviously horny as she began to grind her smooth hairless pussy against Cody’s thigh. As horny as he was Cody would have loved to have grabbed her and fucked her especially since he hasn’t cum in two days. Unfortunately for Cody the chastity cage locked around his cock prevented even the slightest ability to get erect. 

Cody began whimpering and struggling wildly in frustration. The girl continued grinding herself against his muscular thigh faster and faster. It was obvious she was getting closer to an orgasm when the door suddenly opened and in walked the female doctor from the previous day. 

Immediately behind her was the brunette professor wearing skintight latex riding tights and boots. Like Hannah she was wearing a clingy white blouse and a riding crop. The professor was followed by the 21 students in her pony training class, including Hannah. The students all took seats around the exam room while the doctor and professor stood. 

From behind him he could hear the female professor talking, “For those of you who have not met her yet this is Dr. Tina Weiss. She is a trained vet and specializes in human ponies. Today she is going to show us several procedures, which you may want to consider for your animals. Tina.”

“Thank you Karen, “ the doctor said to the professor as Karen took a seat.

“As Karen mentioned today I am going to show you several procedures, which I and many others feel are vital for your ponies,” the doctor started, “ As we know the best way to dehumanize your animals is to treat them like animals, which means absolutely no conversations with them. Today I am going to show you two different procedures how to do that.”

Cody was struggling in his bonds and sobbing as he heard the doctor speak. The teenager had seen enough of pony life and didn’t want it anymore, even if it meant destroying any chance of being with Hannah.

Suddenly Cody realized the ponygirl next to him was pulled away. Cody strained his neck to watch the young girl strapped down to a stainless steel table. As the doctor continued speaking Cody watched her secure the ponygirl’s head so that she was totally unable to move. “To prevent this ponygirl from speaking, “the doctor explained, “ her owner wants to use medical glue. Because she only signed a 10 year ponygirl contract, her owner wants to be able to reverse the treatment and allow her to speak if she wants to be free at the end of her contract.”

Cody watched as the doctor used a hand held ultrasound device on the girl’s neck to help her guide a long thin brush into the girl’s throat. Within moments the doctor pulled it out and repeated the procedure two more times, after which the doctor declared that the pony girl could no longer speak, but only give simple grunts and moans but no actual words.

 “The final procedure we are going to do on her is to mark her with her registration number, “ the doctor said, “All ponies must registered with the appropriate state agency and the number must be marked on the animal. Karen will be doing this for me.”

Karen stood up holding a tattoo gun and the ponygirl’s registration papers. She began by tattooing the ponygirl’s 10-digit number on her left thigh with the girl’s name just under her number. “The placement of the second number is at the owner's discretion and her owner wants her marked on her right arm,” Karen explained. 

Without any further conversation Karen tattooed the girl’s number and name on her right bicep.

When Karen finished, the ponygirl’s owner released her and hooked her back to the wall only this time without a gag. The girl tried to speak to Cody but was only able to groan.

Just then Cody felt Hannah unhook his leash and led him to the exam table. Cody panicked and began struggling wildly trying to get away from his owner. Instantly Hannah grabbed his balls and started squeezing tightly. The pain was so intense Cody dropped to his knees in agony. Within moments the doctor and professor joined Hannah and forced Cody onto his back on the table. Seconds later the teenager felt the straps securing his body and head to the table. The doctor removed his bit gag and quickly replaced it with a dental spreader, as Hannah and Karen held his head steady. He could hear the doctor talking but Cody was too terrified to understand her. He could feel the ultrasound on his throat as she slowly slid the laser into his mouth. Tears were rolling down his face as Cody felt the laser burning and cutting his vocal cords. After a few minutes the doctor removed the laser and said, “It probably hurt him slightly but he is after all only an animal now and can no longer speak. I did leave some of his vocal cord intact so he can at least moan and grunt but no longer speak any words.

When the doctor finished Hannah’s professor stood up holding Cody’s registration papers. “Because this ponyboy signed a permanent contract the law is very specific where his registration number must be tattooed, “ the professor explained. Within moments Cody could feel the tattoo gun needling his registration number on his left thigh with his name under the number. She then inked his number and name on his right bicep. Unfortunately for the teenage boy she wasn’t finished. “Because he signed a permanent contract the law requires a third marking, “ Karen said as she swabbed the boy’s face below his left eye. 

When he realized where the last tattoo was going to be placed Cody struggled wildly forcing the doctor and Hannah to hold Cody’s face even tighter. A few minutes later Cody had his registration and name permanently marked on his face. 

At that point the class ended and Hannah helped her pony to his feet and led him by his leash back to his cage. Locking him inside alone Hannah removed his posture collar and whispered to him, “ I know you were put through a lot today so I am going to let you rest.” 

After Hannah left Cody sat in his cage sobbing as he pulled desperately on his wrist cuffs and looked down at his caged cock. To make matters worse on the other side of the barn Cody could see two guys fucking a ponygirl. The boys were roughly about Cody’s age and were obviously enjoying themselves as they came inside the girl. That made Cody sob even louder. 

Throughout the rest of the day Cody watched as ponygirls were taken back and forth for training. During that time no one seemed to pay attention to Cody, which was fine with him. Eventually the ponyboy fell asleep from exhaustion.


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