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Harriet - sex slave and pony

by Richard Thomas

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© Copyright 2018 - Richard Thomas - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F+/f; FM+/fm+; D/s; club; naked; bond; gag; bdsm; punish; susp; strapon; toys; insert; mansion; ponygirl; train; race; enslave; group; lesbian; oral; anal; sex; cons; XX

Part 1

Synopsis: I was just a secretary - then my Mistress's obedient slave - now I am a pony girl


Of course I let him fuck me on our first date. How could I not, we had been talking in this bar for only five minutes but already I could feel my pussy getting damp – he was so HOT! Then he calmly took my hand and placed it on his crotch, and I could feel the gorgeous outline of a simply massive prick – bigger than any cock I had ever experienced - I knew I had to have him inside me as soon as possible.

Ten minutes later we were in my flat and within a minute he had ripped my clothes off and I was naked on my back, my feet by my ears, as he roughly slammed his gorgeous prick all the way up my now sopping cunt – God he was so sensational!! – I could feel my cunt walls expanding as he went deeper and deeper into me. As soon as he was right into me with his pelvis against mine, he started to fuck me – hard, slow and deep. I started to scream but he put his hand over my mouth and said “Be quiet, bitch! I will tell you when you can make a noise!” and he just kept fucking me faster and faster. I came in a few seconds, shaking and sobbing, and normally I have to stop then and re-group, but he just ploughed on, pulling right out and plunging all the way in again.

Within a couple of minutes I was having orgasms every few seconds, my pussy gripping him hard as every orgasmic spasm gripped me. I was seeing stars and could hardly breathe as I felt myself losing control utterly – and then I felt his cock starting to expand even more inside me as the spunk started to pump from his balls and the hot jet spurted into my womb. After a few seconds he pulled me off the bed onto my knees and pushed his cock into my mouth. “Lick it clean, whore!” he said sharply, and I started to lick his semi-engorged beast clean, whilst feeling his spunk running out of my ravaged cunt and down my thighs.

When I had finished cleaning him, he said, “Now fuck off. I’ll call you in a few days – but make sure you’re ready and do as I say, or you'll never have the pleasure of my cock again.” Then he walked out of the room, and a few seconds later I heard the front door slam.

For the next few days I couldn’t concentrate and jumped every time my mobile rang. Then I was just going to bed on Friday evening - it was nearly midnight - when a text arrived – it just said YOUR TAXI WILL BE DOWNSTAIRS IN 5 MINUTES. By the time I had put a dress and shoes on – I decided against any underwear – and got down to the street, a limousine was there and the driver in a peaked cap opened the door for me. Once we were underway, I asked him where we were going, but he never spoke. After about 20 minutes, we pulled into a dark alley in a part of town I didn’t know. He got out and opened the door, and at the same time a door opened in the building and the driver led me towards the open door.

As I entered it, hands grabbed my arms and pinioned them behind my back and I felt handcuffs click into place. At the same moment a blindfold was pulled over my eyes, and before I could speak, a ball gag was forced into my mouth. And then hands grabbed my dress at the front and tore it through and removed it. A chain was slipped around my neck and I was pulled roughly forward. I was led into a room which I sensed had people in it, and the room was lit. Before I could get my bearings, I was pushed face downwards onto a bench and my ankles cuffed wide apart, and then a strap put around my body and the bench so that I couldn’t move.

He put his lips near my year and whispered, “I am going to remove the gag now – if you speak or cry out, you will be whipped. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head and felt the gag being removed. I thought I would have a respite, but as soon as the gag was out of my mouth, it was replaced by a huge cock pushing into my throat. At the same moment, I felt a butt plug, covered in lubrication, being pushed into my anus just as a long cock eased its way into my cunt. Even if I had wanted to cry out, I couldn’t, but the sensation of being totally filled was so marvellous that I groaned as the two cocks in me started to rock in and out. The cock in my cunt was keeping a slow steady pace, but the one in my mouth was clearly urgently excited and it only took a few strokes before I felt the spunk spurting up his cock and splashing the back of my throat. I felt a hand grab his cock and pull it out and a female voice said “Mine” with real authority. Before the enormous quantity of sperm could come out of my mouth, I felt her lips on mine as she French kissed me, allowing the spunk to flow into her mouth. No sooner had she done this than I felt the warm musky smell of aroused pussy lips, beautifully smooth and shaved, being pushed against my mouth and the same woman’s voice said “Love me!” So I did.

At my rear the cock there was now pumping faster and faster and within a minute I felt his cock expand in that wonderful moment before he came, and then he slammed his long tool right into my belly and exploded right at the top of my womb. Meanwhile I licked and sucked the woman’s sex in front of my mouth, and I judged from the moans of pleasure she made that she was really enjoying herself. Just then the long cock, now fully drained into my cunt, pulled out of me and I thought that he might have finished fucking me. He had, but although I didn’t realise it, another cock awaited to force its way into me. I felt a hand placed on my upturned buttocks and then the butt plug was removed quickly from my arse – I would have cried out except the noise merely became a grunt of pleasure into the dripping cunt I was pleasuring.  Then I felt more lubrication being applied to my newly stretched arse, and another enormous cock starting pushing hard against my anal ring. No-one had ever had their cock in there before, but I knew that resistance was futile, and so tried to relax to minimise the pain – and at that moment the giant pushed through the ring and I felt the walls of my anus expand as he forced his way further and further in. I moaned with pleasure as the massive cock stretched me. No sooner had his groin pressed against my cunt than he pulled right back and started to fuck my virgin rectum – and already I knew I loved it.

The woman on the end of my tongue was getting more and more excited, her moans were getting louder and more desperate and I could feel the sex button of her labia getting more pronounced as I licked and sucked. Suddenly the crisis came and she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard against her as she screamed and a stream of her sweet-tasting cum poured into my mouth. Behind me the cock was buggering me quicker and quicker and the sound of her orgasm set him off and he pumped a gorgeous stream of warm spunk into my back passage.

As he pulled his dripping cock out of me, I heard the woman say “I'll take her - I'll settle up with you in the morning. Put her in the car.” Hands undid my ankles and the strap that was holding me to the bench, and I was suddenly lifted up and carried on someone’s shoulder. I sensed the cold night air on my naked body as we came out of the building, then I was put into the back of an estate car and after a couple of minutes it drove off. After about 15 minutes we arrived at a house, and again I was slung over a strong shoulder and carried indoors, upstairs and placed on a bed. I could tell that it was a woman’s room by the perfume and the bed was large and I sensed it had silk sheets.

I was there for only a few minutes when I felt her climb up onto the bed and undo the cuffs on my wrists. Then she rolled me onto my back and straddled me with her legs and reached forward and removed my blindfold. It took my eyes a few seconds to get used to the dim light in the room, but I immediately smiled at the simply beautiful woman who was naked on top of me. She must have been about 30, a slim figure with gorgeous pendulous breasts with large nipples which stood erect and begged to be sucked.

“You are mine now,“ she said, quietly, stroking my breasts so that my nipples immediately became erect. “I purchased you this evening and you will stay here with me for as long as you please me.” She leant forward so that her gorgeous breasts were pressed against mine, and as her lips touched mine, I felt her finger gently stroked my sex lips - and my cunt exploded with pleasure and I vibrated with unalloyed pleasure and lust as the cum poured out of me. I knew I would want to please her forever.

She took me in her arms and said “We will sleep now”, and we lay on the bed with her chest resting against my back, her arms around me, and in a few minutes I was asleep. When I awoke she had gone, and I went to get up, only to find that my right wrist now had a leather cuff on it which was attached by a cord to the bedpost above my head. Although I would have preferred to be free, I was prepared to wait and see what my new mistress had planned for me. I lay there for a few minutes and then she came into the room, naked but carrying a tray of food with her, which she placed on the bed. I had never seen her properly before –she was very tall, nearly six foot tall, long red hair which cascaded over her shoulders, beautiful breasts with small erect nipples and a tight bum that drew attention to itself as her finest feature. Her pubes had clearly been waxed and just had a small ‘landing strip’ above them. She was the loveliest woman I had ever seen.

“Did you sleep well Harriet?” she murmured in her soft low voice.

“Very well thank you…” I stopped as I realised that I didn’t know her name.

“My name is Sarah,” she said, “but you will call me Mistress or Mistress Sarah. As you may remember, I purchased you from your lover last night and you are, and will remain, my property to use as I desire. I am arranging to have your flat emptied and all your possessions will be disposed of. You are penniless and you are my property - remember that!"

"Come Harriet, breakfast for both of us and then you will come and bathe me.” I thought she would release me, but instead she made me sit up, rested me against the pillows which she piled up against the top of the bed and then she fed me with orange juice, coffee and croissants like a little child.

When we were finished, she put her face close to mine and said “Harriet, my house is some eight miles from the nearest habitation, so if you were thinking of trying to escape, don’t even begin to contemplate it.”

I was already slightly in love with her and was actually desperate to find out her plans for me, so I replied without hesitation “Mistress, I want to stay with you – I want to be yours.”

She smiled and kissed me on the lips. “You are a lovely slave, I promise you that I will look after you very well. Come, you will bathe me now.”

She unlocked the strap on my wrist and led me to the bathroom. She had already drawn the bath, and what a bath it was! It was like a small swimming pool – it had steps at one end where you walked down into the bath, and the water was a good three feet deep. When we were in the bath Mistress wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down so that we both went right under the water. When we surfaced, she told me to stand on the steps, and she took a bottle of soap and proceeded to wash the lower half of my body. Her hands slipped easily between my legs as she soaped my cunt carefully. Then she told me to turn and kneel facing away from her. I felt her fingers cleaning my crack, and then she gently worked the soap into my anus – it felt wonderful. Then I was drawn back into the bath and she washed my hair – I have short cropped blond hair, very different from her luxuriant tresses.

When she was finished, she drew me against her body and slipped two fingers deep into my cunt – I groaned with pleasure and delight – my Mistress was making love to me. Immediately she started to stimulate me and, faster than I had ever known in my life, I orgasmed wildly within a minute. She held me tight for a few seconds, then kissed me and murmured “Now you will bathe me – let’s hope you give me as much pleasure!”

She had beautiful fair skin (she is a natural redhead) and I delighted in washing her all over. When I had washed and rinsed her hair, she climbed out of the bath and sat on the side, her pussy lips towards me. “Your lips, Harriet, I want your lips again like last night.” I moved forward and pressed my tongue between her large lips – she moaned gently and lay back as I worked to give her the most pleasure I could. She came four or five times in just a few minutes, each time more joyfully than the last time, but the last spasm was like electricity pumping through her belly –and as she came she squirted a stream of cum all over my face. She sat up quickly and grabbed my head between her hands and kissed me.

“Harriet, you are the first slave ever to make me squirt. You will be rewarded tonight – you will see how when we get there.”

I had no idea what she meant, but there was no time to ask. She took my hand and led me out of the bath to a massage couch and told me to lie on my back. “Harriet, you must be smooth like your mistress. Time to get rid of this bush of yours.” Immediately she took a pair of electric shears and started to trim my pubic nest. When it was reduced to ½ inch long, she brought forward a container of warm wax, and applied it to a strip of my pubes, and then pressed a strip of material into the wax. She turned to me and said “There were painkillers in that orange juice I gave you, but this may still sting.” As she said this, she leant forward and kissed me, but simultaneously pulled the strip of material away, removing wax and hair at the same time. I was certainly shocked by the pain, but when I looked down and saw the pink smooth skin, I was so pleased that I begged my Mistress not to delay – I wanted to be as smooth as her.

Once Mistress Sarah had completed my depilation (leaving a narrow landing strip to match her own) and applied a soothing skin cream to the area, she led me back to the bedroom and reattached my wrist to the bed post. “I have work to do now,” she said. “We are going to my Club tonight, so I recommend that you get some rest. You have had a lot of excitement in the last few hours, and I know you are going to have a lot more tonight.” She kissed me and left the room.

I lay there wondering at everything that had happened. I certainly knew that, unless things changed very dramatically, I would be making no attempt to escape from Mistress Sarah – I may be her slave, but I loved her and longed only to serve her. Within a few minutes, with this blissful thought, I was deeply asleep.

By the time I woke up, the daylight had gone and it must have been early evening. I heard my Mistress coming up the stairs, and she came in wearing a smart business suit. She undressed as she spoke to me. “I prefer to be naked whenever I am at home, and you will do the same. You will find that most of my friends who visit me will also undress when they arrive, but even if my guests and I are dressed, you will remain naked – do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress, if it gives you pleasure,” I replied. She moved quickly across the room to where I was lying, grabbed my arms and rolled me over so that I was lying on my stomach, and brought her hand down with frightening force on my upturned buttocks.

“You do not give me pleasure, you miserable little girl. You are naked to remind you that you are my slave and do not deserve to wear clothes in my presence. Do you understand?” Before I had time to reply she smacked me again, this time even harder than the first time.

I could feel the tears on my cheeks as I said “Yes Mistress, I am your slave.”

“Remember that, Harriet. I have friends who give me pleasure. You are not my friend, you are my slave.” I heard her leave the room, and close the door, and I lay there crying for some while.

About an hour later she returned and I felt her undo the cuff on my wrist. “Sit up Harriet!” she ordered and I turned and saw her and gasped. She was dressed with a magnificent leather basque with her breasts clearly visible. She also had thigh-length leather boots with six inch heels on them – she was truly imposing. She made me sit up and took a narrow choker and fixed it around my neck – it was made of leather, but had a small steel ring embedded at the front.

“Come,” she said, “time for dinner. In future you will be responsible for cooking and cleaning, but today I have been generous to you.”

“Thank you Mistress,” I replied, and followed her out of the bedroom and downstairs. This was the first time I had seen what was obviously a huge mansion, there was a sweeping staircase, a great marble hall, and I followed her into an enormous modern kitchen where I could see that dinner was already laid out on the table. After we had eaten, Mistress left me to wash and tidy the kitchen. When she came back, she checked that I had tidied and cleaned everywhere, and immediately found that I had not wiped the table clean.

“Bend over the table, slave, and spread your legs, hands above your head!” she said sharply, and frightened though I was, I obeyed immediately. “Listen to me slave. You have become a slave in a wonderful house – but there is an expectation that goes with that. You will be a perfect slave in all you do and say – if you are not, you will be punished. But only so many times – if you do not improve, I will sell you and you will find yourself pleasuring Arab traders in a Cairo brothel for the rest of your short life.” No sooner had she finished than I heard a brief whistling sound and then an agonising burning on my buttocks as a cane struck me with great force. “Am I going to have to cane you again, Harriet, or will you remember what I have said?” she murmured in my ear.

I was frightened – by the thought of losing my Mistress, of being a whore in Egypt and of being struck again. “Please Mistress,” I sobbed, “I will remember and I will try to be your perfect slave!”

Mistress placed the cane on the table beside me, and clipped a steel chain onto the ring in my collar. “Good – make sure you do. Come, let’s go.”

With Mistress dressed in her leather outfit, and me totally naked we got in her car – I lay on the back seat, and we drove for about half an hour to a nearby town. As we approached a large building, Mistress pressed a remote control and a large garage door opened and we drove straight into an underground car park. Mistress led me by the chain and we took a lift which opened straight into a very grand looking club. Looking around was amazing – firstly everyone was female, secondly some were naked and some were dressed as Doms like my Mistress. As we moved into the club, I could see that at the far end was a curved brick wall – and attached to the wall by cuffs were several naked women, all with their arms and legs held in a cross formation. Some were facing the room, others facing the wall, and as we got closer, I could see that beside each one was a wipeboard on which were written instructions such as “Fuck”, “Touch and lick” and “Needs whipping”.

Mistress took me to an empty space on the wall, and made me face her as she fixed me in place. Then she wrote on the board “Touch and lick only”. She could see that I was shaking with fear, so she leant forward and kissed me and murmured “Don’t worry slave, nothing bad is going to happen to you. I am going to meet my friends and will be back for you before long. In the meantime, enjoy watching and experiencing.”

Because of the curve in the wall, all the girls fixed there could see each other and what was happening. When we arrived, there were eight of us fixed there, two facing the wall and the rest facing the room. Beside me, one of the girls whose arse was facing the room was receiving the attention of a large Dom wearing leather trousers and a black jacket. She also wore a long black strap-on with which she was ferociously attacking the girl’s anus –the girl was squealing as the prosthetic pumped in and out of her, but before long the girl reached her climax and slumped exhausted. From time to time the members (all of whom had various types of clothing on) would come and feel and kiss the girls, and before long two or three had come and sucked my nipples and slipped their tongues into my mouth. The third one tried to ease a couple of fingers into my very damp cunt, but a guard – a dyke-like woman carrying a bull-whip who seemed to be responsible for the slaves – flicked the whip and struck the member on her back and told her to leave my cunt alone.

Then a bell rang, and the members moved back from the bar and came and stood in a semi-circle facing the slaves. The guard produced a small leather bag and carried it to one of the members and invited her to draw a token out of the bag. The member called out the number and the guard moved to the slave beside me who had been recently buggered, undid her cuffs and dragged her to the centre of the room. Here her wrists were attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling, and the guard pulled a rope so that the chains were tightened so that the slave was standing on tiptoe. The guard then took another bag and invited another member to draw a token, and the member called out “Mistress Sarah”, and the room cheered as my Mistress stepped forward smiling with anticipation.

The guard stepped forward and helped my Mistress undo her basque so that she was naked except for her boots. Turning to the members, Mistress Sarah asked, “What would you like?”

“She’s been quite good, so bum and rear of her thighs”, a voice called.

Mistress Sarah moved in front of the girl, who was clearly both excited and afraid, I could see the trickle of cum running down the inside of her slim thighs. “I see you are ready for me Zoe,” she said, then kissed her full on the mouth and stroked her cunt lips.

She moved behind the girl and was handed a long leather paddle by the guard and immediately Mistress started to beat the girl hard on her bum and the back of her thighs. The girl shrieked and cried and tried to twist away from the blows, but Mistress moved quickly around her and all the blows struck home. The punishment lasted about five minutes, and when she had finished, my Mistress told the guard to take Zoe down and put her in bedroom 2 for her. The guard took down the sobbing girl and picked her up in her arms and carried her away, my Mistress following.

After a couple of minutes the guard returned and announced to the gathering, “As is our custom, new slaves get to choose another slave for punishment on their first visit.” The guard stood in front of me and said, “You have to choose one of these slaves - now!”

I looked round my fellow slaves in horror – having just witnessed the beating that Zoe had received, I knew the pain I was going to cause one of these young women. I tried to guess what my Mistress would expect me to do, and decided that she would want me to choose the most attractive one, and my eye immediately fell on number two, a slim little blonde girl, no more than 18 years old, with virtually no breasts and an elfin haircut which made her look very French. So I said to the guard “Number 2”, and to my amazement she smiled straight at me – I had expected her to curse me. Just as with Zoe, Number 2, called Michelle, was taken to the centre of the room and hung up on the chains. The bag of members names was produced and a tall Swedish-looking blonde, maybe only 30 years old, won the chance to punish Michelle. This time the Mistress had selected a cat of nine tails, which she wielded expertly so that the knots struck Michelle all over her body, both front and rear, but although Michelle wept for most of the beating, she never cried out, and when the Mistress came to kiss her at the end, I heard her thank the Mistress for her punishment.

The Mistress, whose name was Anya, told the guard to take the slave to Room 4, and then to my surprise she said, “And as usual, I will have the new slave as well.” The guard undid Michelle and carried her away and returned and undid my cuffs and quickly put me over her shoulder and we left the room and walked down a long dark corridor and opened a door at the end. It was a large bedroom with an enormous double bed in the middle of the room. The blonde Mistress Anya was already naked on the bed, and slave Michelle was kneeling with her mouth between the Mistress’s legs and clearly pleasuring her.

“Thank you Jackson,” the Mistress said to the guard as she put me down, and then left the room. “Come here girl – what is your name?”

“I am Harriet, Mistress,” I replied, keeping my head bowed as my Mistress has told me to.

“I am Mistress Anya, and your fellow slave is Michelle. Now, come here on the bed and put that lovely cunt of yours over my mouth. And remember, you are not to cum until I tell you to.”

I quickly climbed on the bed and positioned my damp pussy over her mouth, and immediately she plunged her tongue into my cunt and started to lick me. I could see that Michelle was sucking and licking Mistress Anya furiously, and the rippling on Mistress’s stomach showed that her orgasm could not be far away. Mistress had an expert tongue and it required all my concentration to ensure that I didn’t cum until I was allowed. I knew it could not be long, then I saw Michelle slip two fingers into Mistress’s anal passage, and Mistress cried out “Come, come now Harriet!” and at the same moment grabbed Michelle’s head and pressed her against her cunt and spasmed wildly, just as a stream of cum poured out of me into her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, Mistress Anya pulled me down on the bed, slipped a finger into my tight but very damp pussy and kissed me deeply, then said, “You are hot, Harriet, I am going to enjoy my visits to your Mistress. You don’t yet know but Mistress Sarah and I are regular lovers, so we will be seeing a lot of each other. Now Michelle, what do want to do with Harriet?”

“Oh, fuck her lovely hot cunt, please Mistress,” she said quickly with a smile on her face.

Mistress Anya could see my puzzlement, and explained. “The reason that Michelle was so happy that you chose her – I saw you smile, Michelle – is that she knew that by being selected for a beating, tradition also says that she gets to make love to the slave who chooses her.” Whilst Mistress had been speaking, Michelle had moved to a sideboard and selected a strap-on cock which she had put on. It was only about 7 inches long, but was very wide – I looked at it with apprehension.

“Come Michelle, lie on the bed beside me.” Michelle climbed up and lay back, and Mistress told me climb on top of the slave. As I did so, she took hold of the cock (which Michelle had already coated with lube) and guided it into my waiting cunt. I tried to slide down onto it, but the pressure was so great that I could only get a couple of inches into my excited cunt. Then Mistress moved behind me and, placing her hands firmly on my hips, pushed down hard and the weapon slid right into me so that my pubic mound pressed against Michelle’s. The pressure on my cunt walls was amazing, but after a couple of minutes I found that I had stretched enough to allow me to start to ride my fellow slave.

As soon as I did that, Michelle reached up and pulled me down so that my breasts pressed against hers. Immediately I felt another strap-on now pressing against my anal ring – clearly Mistress Anya was going to have me at the same time. The cock did not feel as wide as Michelle’s but it was certainly longer, and Mistress ensured it was driven right up into my bowels so that I was totally filled by the two women and their prosthetics.  Then the fun began, as the two of them worked together, calling out encouragement and pleasure. As for me, I was in total heaven – I had been DP’d by my Dom boyfriend and his mate before, but Mistress and slave were working to ensure my maximum pleasure – and I certainly experienced that. By slowing and speeding up, they managed to prolong my orgasm for nearly half an hour and when they finally took me over the top, the pleasure was so extreme that I passed out.

When I awoke, both of them had discarded the strap-ons and I was lying between them, Michelle had two fingers in my cunt and was gently massaging there, and Mistress Anya was biting and stroking my breasts. Mistress looked up at me and whispered, “I can’t wait to beat you – you will love it.” And I realised, I could hardly wait for it too.

Once I had recovered consciousness after the thrill of my massive orgasm, I found myself lying on the bed with Mistress Anya and Michelle either side of me. Michelle was stroking my breasts gently, whilst Mistress Anya had three of her fingers in my throbbing cunt and was gently massaging me and keeping me on the brink of exploding into another orgasm.

“Well done, child,” Mistress said gently in my ear, “I will tell Mistress Sarah how well you have done. But now it is time to return you to the Room. Michelle, take her back there now and tell Jackson to put her in the sling, and that you are to face the wall.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress,” Michelle said hurriedly, and taking my hand, we left the bedroom and Michelle led me slowly down the corridor back to what I now came to know as the Room. She quickly whispered to me, “You are so beautiful, Harriet, I really hope we can get to play together again. Mistress Anya loved you too – make sure you always give these Mistresses what they want, or they really will have us flogged or sold as white slaves – they really are totally ruthless.”

No sooner had she finished this frightening speech than we arrived back in the Room. There were now only a couple of girls fixed to the wall and a few mistresses were standing by the bar chatting. As we walked in, Jackson the guard came towards us. “Mistress says she is to go in the sling,” Michelle said to her, “and I am to face the wall.”

“Stand there and don’t move,” snapped Jackson at me, and took Michelle by the wrist and led her to one of the sets of straps on the curved wall, and fixed her there, facing the wall, with her arms and legs spread out. She then wrote 'Anything you Like' on the board beside Michelle.

Jackson took a remote control from her waistband and pressed it, and in the middle of the room a leather contraption descended on a wire, and stop a couple of feet from the ground. Jackson told me to step into it, rather like a child’s swing, and once I was seated, she clipped my wrists and ankles into the four corners then pressed another button and so I rose slightly to about three feet off the ground. I was effectively lying on my back with my head handing back and my cunt and arse totally exposed at the other end. Jackson then moved round and pulled a blindfold over my eyes. So here I was, available for anyone who wanted my body, and unable to know who took me.

And take me they did. I was kissed, my breasts played with, I was given cunts both smooth and hairy to suck and pleasure, I was fucked and buggered by various prosthetics, some grossly large, others thin and long, and occasionally my pussy was licked and sucked until I came ferociously almost every time anyone touched me. In the background I could hear other girls being returned from the bedrooms and hung back on the wall, and sometimes one of them was hung by their wrists near me and beaten until they wept and screamed.

Eventually, when I had lost all sense of time or pain, I heard Mistress Sarah, standing right beside me, say to the guard, “Jackson, take her down for me and put her in the back of my car, please.”

In less than a minute I was released and my blindfold removed. Jackson made me stand on the ground, and then put me over her shoulder and carried me out naked, via the lift, to the underground car park and laid me on the back seat of Mistress’s car. Whilst we were driving home, Mistress spoke to me. “I hear from Mistress Anya that you pleasured her well, slave. I am glad to hear it.”

“Thank you Mistress,“ I replied.

“And my friends who had you in the sling said that they enjoyed you. Well done!”

I glowed with pleasure at the praise from my beautiful Mistress, and was about to thank her when she spoke again. “Anya was lucky having you tonight, unlike me. That little slut Zoe was utterly useless. She kept on crying when she was taken to my bedroom and totally failed to pleasure me at all. Stupid little slut! By tomorrow morning she will be on her way to Cairo and will spend the rest of her short life in a disgusting brothel there.”

The confirmation by my Mistress of what Michelle had whispered in the corridor terrified me, and I knew that these women were utterly serious about keeping us as slaves and using us for their maximum pleasure. Somehow I had got off to a good start – I would have to make sure I didn’t do anything to incur their wrath. When we got to Mistress’s house, she clipped a chain around my neck and led me upstairs. She took me into a small box room which just had a bed in it. She fixed the end of the chain to the bedstead, made me lie down and covered me with a blanket. Without saying another word, she turned off the light and walked out, shutting the door behind her. I lay there, frightened and scared, wondering what my Mistress really thought of me and what she wanted me to do to please her. But very soon the events of the night overcame me and I slipped off to a deep sleep.

It was still dark when I heard someone open the door of my room and suddenly the light was turned on. Standing there was a very slim young woman with short cropped hair, almost non-existent breasts and a hairless pussy. Frankly I thought she was a young child (she is only five feet high), although I later discovered she was older than me (she is 23, I am 21) and her name is Nikita.

Without a word, she unclipped my chain from the bedstead and led me downstairs. She led me to the bathroom and just said ‘Piss’, but made no attempt to move away as I relieved myself. Once I had finished, she led me into the kitchen (the clock said five past six – no wonder I still felt tired!), pointed to a chair by the table and said ‘Sit’. Then she handed me a plastic folder of papers, saying ‘Read’.

Clearly my Mistress had planned for my arrival, because the folder was a complete instruction on how I was to behave and what I was to do. It seemed that Nikita is the cook and I was to do whatever she said as well my Mistress, and any failure on my part to carry out the rules would result on my being beaten by either of them. The rules and the work seemed endless – I spent the whole day working for Nikita and by late afternoon I was exhausted and very sore.

Every time I made a mistake or forgot something, she would bark “Table” at me, and I very soon came to understand that I was to go immediately to the large refectory table in the middle of the kitchen, spread my legs wide and bend over with my breasts on the table top and holding the sides of the table with my hands. Nikita would pick up a leather strap and give me five hard blows on my buttocks – she was an expert, as every blow landed right on top of the previous one. This must have happened six or seven times on the first day, although I soon learned from my mistakes and the beatings were soon no more than once or twice a day. I had never been beaten before, and the first time that Nikita struck me, I cried out in shock and pain. She moved forward and grabbed my hair and lifted my face up level with hers. “Silence!” she barked. “Or I do more.” After that, although I cried frequently, especially when my crime merited ten blows instead of the usual five, I kept silent and, to my surprise, found that I gradually started to enjoy being brave and the sensation of the strap on my flesh.

In fact, the second time I received the full ten blows, my second beating of that day, I found myself anticipating each blow with excitement. And then, as the ninth blow struck home, I suddenly felt my orgasm rippling through my belly and a stream of cum ran down my thighs. Nikita struck home with the tenth blow but before I could move, she moved forward and plunge her fingers into my sopping cunt and I came again and again as she masturbated me. She leant forward as she was exciting me and said quietly, “Good girl, Harriet, now you are ready for me.”

Most days I had finished my chores by about 3pm, and Nikita would then take me upstairs and chain me to my bed to await my Mistress when she came home. However, on this day Nikita made sure we were finished by 1pm, but having put my chain on my neck, led me for the first time into the private flat where she lived. When we reached her lovely bedroom, she unclipped my chain and took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. “Now we wash,” she said, smiling at me for the first time since I had known her, “and then we make love.”

Soon we were in the shower washing each other – Nikita gently soaped my bum, saying “I love your bum so much, that is why I hit you so hard.”

“I know,” I replied, “and I really love it now when you beat me, the pain is so enjoyable.”

When we had washed and dried each other, Nikita quickly led us to her bed and we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed for a long time. Then Nikita reached beside the bed and produced and huge double-ended dildo, and expertly slid one end into my dripping wet cunt – I could hardly wait to make love to her. She climbed between my legs, scissors-style and fed the other end of the dildo into her generous cunt lips. We were both so excited at the sensation that within seconds we were both pounding our pussies against one another and I could feel the end of the long dildo pushing hard against the top of my womb. Almost immediately Nikita shrieked with ecstasy as her orgasm struck her and I felt a jet of her juices spraying against me as she slumped on top of me.

She lay there kissing and stroking my breasts for a couple of minutes, and then said, “Now you, Harriet,” and rolled over so that I was now on top of her, the dildo still totally buried in me. And so I started to fuck her hard, also grinding my cunt against hers as we came together.  All too soon, I felt the trembling start in my legs and within seconds I was pumping out cum and shrieking with pleasure as a simply huge orgasm seized me. One of the most intense orgasms of my life, and I am having it with a woman who beats me until I cry every day – sexual pleasure is an extraordinary thing, I decided, as I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips.

* * *

The following day, Nikita made no mention of the orgasms we had shared in her bed – in fact she seemed to treat me with even more severity than usual. She constantly found fault with me and on several occasions I was bent over the table and caned. But to my surprise, we finished the work very quickly, and Nikita led me again to her bedroom, but this time she took me to the bathroom and told me to get into the empty bath and kneel down with my bum in the air. Once I was kneeling, she told me that Mistress was taking me out today to a special event and that she had been told to prepare me by giving me an anal douche. She knew I had emptied my bowels a couple of hours before, and in a few seconds I felt her insert the douche pipe into my anus and the steady stream of soapy warm water started to fill my bowels. She repeated this several times, and after about five minutes she decided that I was totally clean and ready for whatever Mistress wanted me for.

Nikita then took me back into the kitchen and told me to bend over the table. I thought I was going to be beaten again, and prepared myself for the first blow. But then she appeared beside me and showed me what she was about to insert into me. It was a very large butt plug, but with the added excitement that it had about three feet of blonde horse hair coming out of the end of it. Without bothering to apply any lube to me or the plug, Nikita centred the plug on my anus and steadily pushed it in. Once in place, my anus painfully stretched, I could feel the tail against the back of my thighs. Once she had finished, she said, “You are to stay here until Mistress comes to collect you. Make sure you satisfy everyone today, or I shall have the pleasure of beating you harder tomorrow than you have ever been beaten before.”

Once she had left, I lay there in silence, wondering what event I had been prepared for. But after a few minutes I heard the front door open and a few seconds later Mistress came into the kitchen.  She came behind me and stroked the weals where Nikita had beaten me.

“Lovely,” she murmured, “Nikita has marked you well, I’m sure it will excite a lot of attention today. I want you to understand that you are going to be severely tested today, but whatever happens to you is because I want it. So enjoy it because it is giving me pleasure. Now stay there and I will get your outfit.”

I had no idea what she meant, but knew enough to immediately respond, “Yes Mistress!”

A few minutes later Mistress came back into the kitchen, dressed in a leather outfit. She had thigh-length boots with high heels, a basque which pushed her wonderful breasts upwards, and long gloves which came right up to her armpits. And she too was wearing a butt plug with a tail, except hers was made of leather strands and reached right down to her ankles. I could not stop myself and gasped, “Oh Mistress, you are so beautiful!”

“I didn’t ask you and probably should beat you for that, but as it was such a genuine compliment, I will forgive you,“ she said, and smiled at me. “Now, stand up and I will fit your rig and explain your role. Now sit on the table while I fit your shoes.” I did what she said, and she produced two long boots, not very fashionable, and with straps all down the front, which she did up.

“Today you are to be a ponygirl. One of my friends has a country estate near here and several of you are to be ponygirls and ponyboys. Do you know what I mean?” she said, seeing the surprise on my face.

“No, Mistress, I am very sorry, but I don’t know. But I long to do it if pleases you. “I added hastily.

“It certainly does please me, Slave. Listen carefully, because I will not explain again and any mistakes when we get there will be punished very severely.” By now the boots were on and she produced a simply enormous and complicated head dress which she put on me. She adjusted the straps and put the bit in my mouth, and then led me to the mirror – as she did so, I realised that my boots had steel horseshoes on them which made a clip-clop sound as I walked. Mistress stood me in front of the mirror – and my heart swelled with pride, because I realised how gorgeous I looked, with the enormous crown of black plumes on top of my head, and the polished leather straps around my face.

Mistress smacked my bottom lightly and said she would fit the guide reins when we arrived. She said that I would be used to pull a sulky, which is a lightweight single-seater racing cart. I would be trained by an experienced driver, and then later in the afternoon I would be raced against other ponygirls. After the racing I would be washed and groomed and then expected to come and serve at the banquet for owners and their guests.

By now we were ready to leave, so Mistress led me out to the estate car and made me lie down in the back, and threw a rug over me, and a couple of minutes later we left for pony event. The drive took about half an hour and I lay in the back feeling excited at the event that I was going to. Eventually Mistress stopped and opened the back door and helped me out, and as I stood there, she clipped the guide reins onto the harness either side of my head. She moved behind me and called out “Walk on!” and flicked my buttocks with the whip she was holding and I moved forward. After a short walk I got used to the sensation of being steered by the pull of the reins on either side of my head.

We arrived in front of the main house – there were masses of people standing around, and some 20 to 30 ponygirls and ponyboys, fitted out in much the same way as me – although I thought my plumes were the most splendid. Mistress tied my guide reins to a wooden bar and went off to mingle with the other owners. As I waited there, some of the owners passed along the ponies that were with me, occasionally stopping and feeling us, including slipping a hand into our cunts or stroking the cocks of the ponyboys.

Tied to the rail beside me was a gorgeous ponyboy, tall and with a beautiful physique, long black hair sleeked back with oil and a kind face as he turned and smiled at me.

“You’re new,” he said softly, “this your first time? My name is Christophe.”

“I’m Harriet,” I replied, “and I’m very frightened. I don't really understand what to do, but if I don’t perform well I think my Mistress will punish me very severely.”

“Take my advice. Save your energy as much as possible. When you are being trained, don’t work harder than absolutely necessary, because the day will finish with a grand race for you against the other ponygirls. When that happens, run as fast as you possibly can – everything depends on that.” Then he looked behind him and said softly but urgently, “Master coming – good luck, hope to see you later.” He threw back his head and whinnied just like a real horse, and pawed the ground. His Master walked up to him and slapped him hard on his bare buttock and called out, ”Steady, Christophe, save your energy boy!” He undid Christophe’s reins and led him away.

Eventually Mistress returned with a tall slim young man. “This is Philip, your driver, and you are to do everything he says.” Philip undid my reins and went behind me, flicked my ass with his whip and said “Walk on!” which I did. We crossed over to where a row of lightweight carts were lined up, and he placed me between the two steel poles at the front, and told me to pick them up. The cart has leather bracelets at the end of the steel poles, and these were strapped to my wrists so that there was no chance of me dropping the cart as I ran. The cart was light even when my driver sat on it. He flicked my buttock with the whip and I moved forward – and found to my delight that the cart was beautifully balanced and easy to pull. Philip was a good driver, and quickly taught me to stop and start, turn and reverse. Then he led me out onto a large field and, flicking the side of my breast with his whip, called for me to start jogging. Remembering Christophe’s advice, I didn’t try too hard, and although Philip kept calling for more speed, and hitting me harder and harder with the whip (which I didn’t mind, I was so used to being beaten much harder every day), I made sure I conserved as much energy as possible.

Eventually Philip led me back to where Mistress was standing. “That didn’t look very fast, Philip,” Mistress said angrily. “Why didn’t you give the lazy pony the whip like I told you to?”

“Sorry, Mistress Sarah,” he replied nervously, “I don’t think she can go any faster – I whipped her very hard.”

“Not hard enough,” she said loudly. She grabbed the whip from him and came and stood in front of me. “You are about to run in the big race of the afternoon. Unless I see you run so hard that you are totally and utterly exhausted at the end, I will have you flogged by every rider and owner here. Do you understand?” As she said this she brought the whip down with all her strength and struck me on my right flank.

“Yes, Mistress!” I screamed in agony.

“Make sure you do slave, or this pain will be but a fraction of what you will suffer.” With that she switched the whip to the other hand and struck me on the other flank, and I screamed in pain. “Just make sure you make her run, Philip, or you will be tied up with her and beaten as much as she is.” With that, Mistress, threw the whip at him and stormed off to re-join the owners.

Philip came round and stroked my breasts, clearly upset at the pain that Mistress had inflicted on me. “Come on, Harriet, let’s both do our best and try and avoid the anger of your Mistress.” I smiled at him weakly and murmured, “I’ll try.”

The announcer called out that the grand races of Ponygirls would now take place over two laps of the track set on the field below us. Looking at it, I guessed that there would be at least a mile to run - further than I had ever run since I was at school. But more than anything, I wanted to impress my new friend Christophe, and so when the eight carts were lined up at the start, I was determined to do my best. I had worked out that a quick start would ensure I was clear of the field by the first corner and thus avoiding colliding with the other ponies, and so when the gun fired and I felt the whip crack against my back, I jumped forward and sprinted for the corner. To my amazement I got there first and for the rest of the first lap, had the advantage of being clear of the other ponies.

Behind me Philip was shouting encouragement and I kept feeling the lash of the whip on my buttocks which was painful and lovely in equal measure. But as we started the second lap, my lack of fitness started to tell – my legs were now feeling like lead in the heavy Pony boots, and the pain in my chest as I desperately tried to suck in more oxygen was excruciating. As we came off the bend into the back straight, I sensed a cart starting to come up beside me – glancing sideways I saw a tall blonde Pony, with a magnificent toned body – she was at least six inches taller than me and straining every part of her splendid body to overtake me. “Run, Harriet, run!” I heard from Philip as he now started whipping me on the inside of my thighs. From somewhere I managed to find a little more speed and as we went into the final bend, blonde Pony and I were side by side, and we were both being thrashed by our riders as they urged us towards the finishing line.

As we came off the last bend, there was about 100 yards to go before the tape, but as we hit the straight, I knew that my body could go no faster, and as we closed on the tape, blonde Pony inched slowly ahead so that she crossed the line a couple of feet ahead of me – but I was second and had given my all. As I slowed to a walk, gasping for air still, Philip steered me to the winners’ enclosure and I was stopped by the bay for the Second Pony. Philip jumped off the cart and tied my reins to the post then turned and stroked my breasts gently and said quietly, “Harriet, you were magnificent, I was so proud of you. You may not know, but Pony Sally is the National Champion for this distance, and you lost to her by two feet! I think your Mistress will be very pleased with you.”

Just then a party of the owners arrived at the enclosure. They were led by a distinguished looking man, grey hair and probably in his 40s. On his arm was a stunningly beautiful young woman, immaculately dressed, about half his age I guessed, looking every bit the trophy wife. Behind were a dozen or so people, including my Mistress. The group went first to congratulate Pony Sally and her rider – I noticed that the owner man stroked and touched her cunt as they were talking. Listening, I heard the man referred to as Lord Marlow – clearly the owner of the house and property.

After a couple of minutes, the party moved into my bay, but I caught Pony Sally glaring at me – if looks could kill, that one would. I realised that I had made an enemy. Just then Lord Marlow was beside me and speaking. “Well, Pony Harriet, quite a performance you gave out there – you very nearly beat my championship filly. And Mistress Sarah assures me this is your first outing – extraordinary.” As he was speaking his hands were all over my buttocks, and then I felt him fondling my butt plug and pony tail.

“Well done, Mistress Sarah, we are all very envious of you. But I have a suggestion you might appreciate. Next weekend is the National Championships – why don’t you leave Pony Harriet here for the week to work with Pony Sally and my trainers? She clearly has an aptitude for racing – let’s see how good she could really be.”

I could sense that Mistress Sarah was not used to being given instructions, but she was too much in awe of Lord Marlow to argue with him, and agreed politely. While they had been talking, the beautiful Lady Marlow had come and stood in front of me, and put her hand between my legs and slipped her finger into my cunt. I remembered what my friend Christophe had done earlier, and I threw back my head and whinnied convincingly. Lady Marlow smiled sweetly at me and, without removing her finger from me, turned to her husband and said, “Darling, I suggest that we offer Sir Richard Pony Sally for desert, and you and I feast on Pony Harriet here.”

“Excellent idea!” said her husband and turned to another of the group, a younger man, not very attractive, and said, “Happy with that, Richard?”

The man replied, obsequiously, “You’re very kind, Lord Marlow, it will be a great honour to enjoy the National Champion.”

I had no idea what they were talking about, but Lady Marlow’s finger was proving a major and very exciting distraction. Another minute or so and I was going to orgasm, but at that moment she removed her finger and putting her mouth to my ear, whispered, “Later, lovely Pony, and remember, you are now our guest for all of the next week!”

“Come darling,” said Lord Marlow, “time for the Ponyboys. I’ve got a large bet on Pony Christophe.”

* * *

When the party had left, Philip undid my reins and Pony Sally and I were led away, side by side. Pony Sally turned her head and spat at me, “No cheap little beginner is going to take my place – I’ll sort you out this week!” All the other Ponygirls had been led away, but Pony Sally and I were stopped on the bank above the arena so that our riders could watch the Ponyboys’ race. There were a dozen Ponyboys, and immediately I spotted Christophe – he was wearing a silver head-dress. And for the first time I noticed his enormous cock hanging between his legs. Immediately it excited me – I hadn’t been fucked with a cock since Mistress Sarah had bought me at the party, and the sight of Christophe’s monster tool caused the juices in my cunt to start flowing. Once the race started, he set off at a steady pace and was about sixth at the first corner. I could see by the way he was running that he was not running flat out, but by the time they completed the first lap, he had moved up to third place. On the back straight he surged into second place and, when the leader clearly was not expecting it, he accelerated outside him on the final bend and was a couple of lengths ahead when he crossed the finishing line. He was obviously a popular winner, there was great cheering from the owners and spectators.

Philip flicked my buttocks with his whip and called out “Walk on, Harriet!” and we moved towards the great house. He led me round the side to where the stable block was, and stopped me there. First he took hold of my butt plug and removed it. He undid the wrist straps so that I could release the cart, and then undid the straps on my head-dress and removed that. Then he sat me on a bench and undid the pony-boots. “Follow me!” he called out, and we walked into a barn, with straw all over the floor. “Go and stand by the wall there,” he instructed and I walked to where he indicated. There was a rack of soaps and toiletries, but no sign of any water. Just then he called out, ”Stand still!” and he picked up a hose from the barn floor, opened the nozzle and fired a blast of cold water straight at me. I screamed at the shock of the cold, but all I heard was Philip saying angrily, “Be quiet, you aren’t a little girl, you are a pony and this is how we wash ponies – get used to it. Turn around now!” I did as he said as he drenched the other side of my body. Then he dropped the hose and walked over to me, poured some shampoo onto my hair and began to wash me all over. Once he had thoroughly, though very gently, washed me, he went back to the hose and proceeded to rinse me down with the still freezing cold water.

Once he had done that, he took a large towel and dried me. Then he told me to take hold of a metal ring hanging from the ceiling – I could just reach it, so I was standing there on tip-toe. He then produced a large container with a spray nozzle attached and started to spray my whole body with a fine spray of body oil. When he had finished, it felt smooth and I felt really beautiful.

“Follow me, time for food,” Philip said, and led me out of the stable block over to the side entrance of the main house. He took me into a small modern dining room, and I saw that Pony Sally was already there with her rider – she glared at me furiously. No sooner had we sat down than young girl, wearing only a maid’s cap and high heeled shoes, served Philip and I with a delicious starter and poured wine into our glasses. I thought I recognised the girl who served us, but before I could say anything, Philip explained that all the Ponygirls and Ponyboys who failed to come first or second in the races were required to act as servants for the rest of the evening.

“And those who do come first or second ?” I asked.

“You are very honoured, you will be the desert for Lord and Lady Marlow, and if you please them as their desert, they may choose to keep you for their own pleasure for the rest of the evening. If you do not please them, they will give you to the riders to treat as they wish. My advice is to try very hard to please them – the alternative is not pleasant.”

Just then Christophe and another Ponyboy came into the dining room with their riders. Both Ponyboys had been sprayed with body oil like Ponygirl Sally and I, and Christophe looked fabulous – I noticed that his cock was semi-erect as he and his trainer sat down opposite us- I hoped it was my body that had had that effect on him.

Chrisophe and I chatted during the meal – he congratulated me on my race and had already heard that I was staying the week to be trained. He explained that Ponygirl Sally and he were both owned by Lord Marlow and lived there permanently, so it would be great to have a new Pony to train with. He said I was very lucky to be chosen as the desert for his owner – after the race he had been given as desert for my Mistress – he had never had her before and was looking forward to a good evening.

Just then the door to the main house opened and a tall man, dressed just in a leather loincloth, came in and announced, “All waiters and waitresses to the dining room, now – deserts in three minutes, make sure you are ready.” All the Ponygirls and Ponyboys formed a line behind him and were led off to the dining room. Christophe got up and went over to chat to Pony Sally, but I could see that she was still very unhappy at my presence and was letting Christophe know. He wandered back to me and whispered, “Be on you guard, Harriet, Sally is very jealous and may well try to cause trouble.”

Just then the tall man returned. “Form a line, Pony Christophe, Pony Sally then Pony Harriet. Let’s go!”

We followed him down a corridor which led into the enormous main hall with a magnificent staircase leading off it. The man knocked on an imposing set of double doors and opened them as we entered a wonderful dining room, lit only by candlelight. All the owners and their guests were sat around the vast dining table, there must have been about 30 people seated there. Interestingly, they were all wearing a single identical garment, a silk dressing gown. All the
other Ponygirls and Ponyboys were standing naked in a line against one of the walls. Other than wine glasses, everything had been cleared off the table. The three of us were led to the far end of the room and stood in a line beside Lord Marlow. He stood up and faced us.

“Well done all three of you today. Pony Christophe, that was a well-run race as usual, and I hope you are fit to repeat that level of performance next week.” He turned towards where my Mistress was seated. “ Mistress Sarah, I am delighted to give you my star Ponyboy for your desert – please come and take him.” My Mistress stood up, dropped her dressing gown to the floor and walked naked down to us, reached out and put her hand around Christophe’s erect cock and led him back to her place. She immediately sat on the edge of the table and Christophe moved between her legs and drove himself into her – she moaned in delight.

“One very happy diner, I can see,” said our host. “Now for you, Pony Sally. Again you showed why you are a great champion, champions win when they have to. So it is my pleasure to award you to Sir Richard.” Immediately Sir Richard was on his feet and dropped his robe to the floor, revealing….. not very much, he had one of the smallest cocks imaginable. I saw the brief look of disgust on Sally’s face but she smiled sweetly at him when he took her hand and led her back to his place. He sat down and indicated for her to climb into his lap and with great difficulty, managed to eventually insert his small member into Sally’s cunt. But by then Lord Marlow was talking to me.

“Pony Harriet, you have astonished us all today, and we congratulate you for trying so hard to win your first race. I have arranged with your Mistress that you will stay in my stables and be trained with my other ponies, but meantime my wife and I have chosen you for our pleasure this evening.” As he was speaking, his wife, seated beside him, had stood up and removed her robe to reveal a magnificently slim and taut body. She climbed onto the table and lay so her head hung over the edge of the table. She spoke now, “On me, Pony, 69!”

I saw what she wanted and climbed up so my mouth was immediately above her shaved and very damp sex lips, and sank my head down and started to lick her, just as I felt her tongue start to play with my labia. No sooner had we started to pleasure each other than I felt a pressure against my anus, an anus which had been thoroughly stretched all day by the butt plug I had been wearing. As a result, Lord Marlow’s cock lingered only a couple of seconds before slipping easily into me – my God he was a really thick monster and I gasped as my rectum stretched to let him – now I understood why Nikita had taken all the trouble to douche me in the morning.

But there was no time to think of anything but the threesome I was now the centre of. Lord Marlow wasted no time in pumping me vigorously and his wife was maximising the pleasure with her lovely tongue. She had lovely fully-shaved sex lips herself which I alternately licked and nibbled, bringing groans of pleasure from her regularly. Just there I heard Lord Marlow speaking to the rest of the guests around the table. “As you can see, those of us with special desserts are having a wonderful time. Please feel free to help yourself to the buffet at the side of the room. They know what is expected of them, but if any of them fail to satisfy, please let us know and we will have them beaten.”

I was too busy ensuring satisfaction for my host and his wife to see what happened, but it was clear from the noise of sexual coupling within a couple of minutes that most of the other Ponies were being used by the guests. Just then I felt Lord Marlow’s cock swell in my rear and, although his was only the second cock to bugger me in my life, I recognised the unmistakeable sensation of spunk pumping into my rear. I had slipped a finger into my hostess’s arse and from her groaning and whimpering, I knew she was near to exploding and adding a second finger into her rear was enough to push her over the top – her body shook as if struck by lightning. And that was enough to release my increasing tension, and my cum poured out into her waiting mouth.

Lord Marlow eased himself out of me, and I rolled over onto the table. Lady Marlow, climbed up the table and kissed me on the lips. “Not only a wonderful Pony, but an awesome lover as well. It looks like we will be seeing a lot of you this week! Darling,” she said to her husband, “I am going to take our little Pony up to my room for the night, please come and join us when you are ready.”

“Of course, darling, I can hardly wait for some more of that gorgeous arse.” We were just about to get off the table when Sir Richard walked up to Lord Marlow, a peeved looking Pony Sally in tow. “Lord Marlow,” he said, “it seems churlish to complain, but I really think that this Pony has made no effort to please me tonight and should be taught a lesson.”

Without saying a word, Lord Marlow rang a bell and the tall man who had brought us in re-appeared by the door. “Ah Jenkins. Please take Pony Sally and punish her in the usual way. I will not have ponies being disrespectful to my guests, however good they are on the track.”

Jenkins walked down the room and took Pony Sally by the arm and led her to the far wall. I had not noticed before, but there was a St Andrews Cross fitted against the wall, with leather straps on each of the arms of the cross. Jenkins quickly and efficiently strapped her in place facing the cross. Jenkins then turned to Lord Marlow and said, “Ready my Lord.”

“Right Jenkins, use the medium cane, thighs and buttocks. Oh, and 50 strokes!”

Pony Sally screamed “No, not fifty, please!” as soon as he had spoken, but he responded immediately by calmly saying “One more word from you, young woman, and I will double the beating and then sell you to a whorehouse in North Africa – do you understand me?”

A very chastened sound came from Sally now. “Yes, my Lord, I’m very sorry my Lord.”

“Apology accepted – this time. Now, we’ll all watch this to remind ourselves what happens to idle and disobedient ponies. Begin Jenkins!”

Jenkins swung the first blow hard across her buttocks and Pony Sally jumped but did not cry out. Instead she just said, “One, thank you.”

The second blow seemed even harder, and landed on her thighs, but again she just said, “Two. Thank you.”

Lady Marlow was lying beside me and rolled onto me and slipped two fingers into my cunt which was, by now, starting to run with cum, and so I reached around and found that her cunt was equally wet and that I could ease three fingers in to pleasure her. The beating of Pony Sally continued without major drama thereafter, her backside becoming steadily redder and more bruised as the counted blows increased. As soon as the 50th blow had fallen, Jenkins took Pony Sally off the cross and turned her to face Lord Marlow. Bedraggled and tearstained as she was, she raised her chin and said, “Thank you Master for having me punished. I deserved it and will try to be a better Pony in future.”

The Duke patted her head and told Jenkins to return her to her stable. Efficiently Jenkins dipped his shoulder and carried her out slung over it like a sack of coals.

The Duchess took my hand and we got to our feet and she led me from the dining room, through the hall and up the grand staircase, eventually arriving in a magnificent bedroom. She let go my hand and told me to get on the bed. She moved to the sideboard and picked up a strap-on which she slipped on quickly and came to the bed. She pushed my legs back either side of my head, so that my cunt was totally exposed, and placed the end of the frighteningly large cock against my cunt lips. She knew already that we were both dripping wet from the excitement of the beating, and with one firm push she drove the prosthetic right into me so our two pubic mounds met violently.

I knew that the threat of a beating applied to me as much as any other Pony, and cried out in pleasure and begged her to fuck me as hard as she could. She was totally brilliant at pleasuring me, sometimes pumping fast for several strokes, then slowly, sometimes deep, then shallow. Whenever she sensed that I was approaching an orgasm, she slowed the rhythm right down and so each climax when it came was very gentle – but then she started again after a couple of minutes – perfection. I totally lost track of time, but then I was approaching another climax and she didn’t slow down, but got steadily faster and by the time I exploded into meltdown, I was bucking and screaming with pleasure. She pulled out of me and removed the strap-on and climbed onto the bed and wrapped me in her arms. We were both soaking wet with perspiration and lay together for 15 or 20 minutes, kissing gently and stroking each other. Eventually she reached across and picked up the strap-on and handed it to me. “Your turn, my little Pony.”

I fixed the strap-on in place and climbed off the bed and got between her legs and slid the monster into her. “I need to be severely fucked, Harriet, at least half an hour, after that you can ease back and do it like I did to you.” She spread her legs wide and I started to build up the pace as I fucked her hard. She may have been a Lady, but the language she used was most un-ladylike – good old Anglo-Saxon swear words as I pumped into with all my energy. I was working so hard that I didn’t hear the noise behind me as her husband entered the bedroom. Apparently he stood there watching us for a few minutes, his cock in his hand as he primed it for what was to follow. He came up behind me, seized my hips and pushed his now solidly erect prick into my anus. I squealed with surprise, but immediately guessed who was entering me and was only too pleased that he wanted to take me that way again.

Very soon the three of us had set up a wonderful rhythm and by now his wife had cum a couple of times and so I was using the fast and slow method she had used on me. To my amazement, Jenkins suddenly appeared beside us with a tray with brandy and glasses, which he poured out and passed to each of us – without us uncoupling from each other to receive it or drink it!

Despite the excitement of the sex with these two wonderful lovers, the excitement and exercise of the day was taking its toll, and I was hoping that I was not going to reach the point of upsetting my lovely hosts. But just then Lord Marlow called out, “God, Harriet, now, I’m cuming now” and I had the lovely sensation as he squirted another stream of spunk up into my anus. Lady Marlow waited until he had finished then said softly, “Fuck me with all your energy, Pony, and let’s finish with a frantic climax.” With her husband out of my anus, I was now free to fuck her hard and I pounded into her with all my energy. “Oh God, Oh God, I’m cuming, I’m fucking cuming - pump me Harriet, drive your cock right into me!” she cried out as the strap-on crashed into her with all the force I could muster.

A couple of minutes later we were all lying on their bed, with me in the middle as the both stroked and kissed me. Lady Marlow said quietly, “Considering the energy you must have expended on the ponytrack today, and the amazing sex you have given us tonight, I’m astonished that you can even keep your eyes open. You have delighted us both and we are thrilled with you. Good night Harriet.”

The Duke leant over and kissed my nipples. “I am really pleased that you are staying the week with my ponies – I am sure you will learn a lot. However, in order to persuade your Mistress to release you, she insists that your training as a slave must continue, and so I have agree that you will be beaten morning and night for ten minutes each time. I don’t want you to think it is any punishment from us – it is just part of your training. So Jenkins will take you to your stable now and your trainer will give you your beating before you go to sleep.”

Just then Jenkins appeared by the bed, and as I climbed out of the bed, he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me out of the house across to the stable block. He took me into the barn where I had been washed earlier, and there waiting for me, seated in a chair, was Philip my trainer. They sat me down and Philip brought out my pony boots which he fitted onto me again. Then Jenkins carried me to the centre of the barn, and Philip went and let down from the roof two chains with leather cuffs on the end of each chain. He and Jenkins quickly fitted the cuffs to my wrists, and the chain was tightened so I could only stand on tip-toe. The barn was only lit by the eerie moonlight streaming in. Philip went to a bench and returned with a ball gag which he fitted in my mouth. “Sorry about this, “he said quietly, “but the ponies are all asleep – I don’t want you waking them. When I do this normally, you’ll be able to scream to your heart’s content. Only ten minutes remember, then you can rest.”

He moved back and then swung the cane in his hand and struck across my buttocks. It had been the most amazing day, I had been made into a Pony, I had raced, been beaten, had hours of amazing sex and now here I was being beaten as part of my training. As I hung there in the dark, the blows raining down on my bum and thighs, I found that I didn’t need to cry out – this beating seemed so appropriate that I just let the pain wash over me. Philip kept looking at me to make sure I was alright, but the ten minutes passed in a dream and then he was taking me down. He carried me out of the barn into the stables, and I realised that I actually was going to live as a real Pony. There was a row of about a dozen individual horse boxes and he opened the door of one of them and carried me in and laid me down on a pile of straw in the corner. He went away and came back with a blanket with which he covered me. He then went to the wall and took down a narrow steel chain, one end of which was fixed to a bracket on the wall. The other end had a large hinged steel ring which he put round my neck and pressed closed so it could only be removed with a key. He patted my head and murmured “Sleep, Pony Harriet, you’ve got a busy week ahead of you.” I think I was asleep before he had shut the door of the box.

Although I was sleeping naked on a pile of straw, I was so tired that I still managed to sleep well, at least for the first couple of hours. It must have been the creaking sound of the box door opening that awoke me, but I knew immediately that someone was in my box and because they were moving stealthily, that they were up to no good. Luckily I just had time to open my eyes and adjust to the moonlight when I recognised the naked figure of Pony Sally approaching. She was only wearing her pony boots, and in a flash I saw her draw her boot back and aim to kick me on my leg. With the iron horseshoe on the base of boot, the resulting blow could have permanent damaged my leg – presumably what she intended.

Luckily I spun out of the way just as she kicked, and as a result she missed and lost her balance and fell face down onto the straw beside me. Realising I only had one chance, I threw myself onto her and twisted her arm up behind her back, and grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head right back.

“If you ever try to do anything like this again,” I whispered in my most threatening voice, “I shall kick your leg so hard that you will never be able to run again. I know you are jealous of me, though heaven knows why – you are ten times more beautiful, you have an amazing body which I am desperate to make love to, and I have no intention of taking your National Championship from you. I am training to be a sex slave and that is what I want, not to be a Pony. I shall stay here for the week, I would love it if you and Christophe would be my friends – then I shall go away. Now, have you understood me, or shall I also break your arm?”

There was a long silence, and then she whispered softly, “Do you really want to make love to me?”

“Of course I do. You are one of the most beautiful and erotic women I have ever met.”

I heard a choke in her voice as she spoke. “Ever since I have been a Pony, only men ever want to have sex with me – I think they see me as some kind of sexual trophy. When I was young I had a girlfriend but I never got the chance to make love to her. You would be the first woman I have ever had sex with. Would you mind that?”

“Of course not. Now Sally, if I let go of your arm and hair, do you solemnly promise not to attack me again.”

“I promise Harriet. I am really sorry, I just became more and more jealous – you can punish me however you like.”

“I don’t want to punish you, Sally,” I said, as I let go of her arm and hair. I rolled her over and lay on top of her, and before she could respond, I put my lips on hers and kissed her passionately. After a couple of minutes, I stroked her breasts and murmured “And now, my beautiful lover, will you please go back to your stable and let me try and get some sleep? I promise to make love to you on the first possible occasion we can find to do so, OK?”

“OK Harriet. And thank you.”

After she went, I pulled the rug up to my shoulders and within a few seconds, I was asleep again.

story continues in part two


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