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Harriet - sex slave and pony

by Richard Thomas

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© Copyright 2018 - Richard Thomas - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Part 2

Synopsis: I serve Lady Marlow as a BDSM acolyte - then Pony Sally and I service Lord Marlow with our arses

It seemed only a few minutes later that my trainer Philip walked into my stable and pulled the blanket off me. “Wake up Pony, time to start a new day.” He bent down and, using a special key, released the steel ring around my neck. He gave me his hand and lifted me to my feet. My body ached all over from the excesses of the previous day. “Follow me, Pony,” he snapped and we walked out of the box and headed towards the barn. When we got inside he stood me under the chains and attached the cuffs to my wrists and pulled the chains taut. “Let’s get your beating out of the way first.” he said, more gently now, “Now, do you want to scream or shall I gag you?”

“I’d like to scream, please Master,” I said, although I felt confident that, after the beating he had given me the previous night, I was unlikely to need to scream – the blows with the cane had not been too painful.

“Whatever you wish Pony,” he said. He walked to the wall where the canes and whips were, and then I saw him take down a cat o’nine tails – I had never seen one before and had no idea what it might do. Ten seconds later, as the thin leather strips tore into my buttocks, I knew – and I howled in total agony.

“Sorry Pony, you can't change your mind once I’ve started.” The next blow was worse and I screamed again. The only good thing was that Philip did not hurry, so the number of blows I suffered in the ten minutes was not as many as with the cane, but the pain was much, much worse. By the end I was sobbing and screaming as the last blow ripped across the back of my thighs. As I hung by my wrists, Philip undid my pony boots and removed them, and then released my wrists from the chains.

“Well done Pony, just to let you know that I will only use the cat o’nine tails on you every few days. Now, time to wash you and get you ready for the day. Stand over there by the wall!” I went and stood where he indicated and he picked up the hose and aimed the jet at me – after the previous night I knew what to expect and actually enjoyed the sensation of ice cold water on me after the pain of the beating. Once he had soaked me, he came over and gently washed me, making sure to go gently over the weals where he had beaten me. Once he had rinsed me with the hose and dried me, he told me to go and lie on the massage bench at the side of the barn.

“This will reduce the pain and swelling of the beating,” he said as he poured a balm onto my buttocks and gently smoothed it onto me. “How was Lord Marlow last night – did you enjoy being buggered by him? Are you too sore in there – remember you have to wear your tail all day?”

“Actually Philip, I really enjoyed being buggered by him, although he was only the second cock I had ever had up there. Will you put my tail in now so I can see how it feels?”

Philip went and got the butt plug with my tail, and eased it up into my anus. Having worn it all the previous day had expanded my rectum and I had really enjoyed having Lord Marlow in there. When Philip helped me to my feet, I swished my tail and whinnied just like the real pony that I was starting to understand myself to be.

 “One more thing Pony,” Philip said quickly. “during training days you don’t usually wear the full head gear, you have what we call your ‘day rig’.” He produced a set of thin leather straps, which fitted around my shoulders and breasts rather like a bra, except my breasts remained exposed. He then fitted two long reins onto the back to steer me with. “There you go Harriet, let’s go and get you some breakfast. Walk on.”

He steered me into the dining room we had used the previous evening, and there at the table were four ponies already, Christophe, Sally and two very young Ponygirls who I had seen the previous day, although they had not been in the ponygirl race. As soon as she saw me come in, Pony Sally let out a loud ‘horse whinny’ and jumped up from the table and came and rubbed the side of her head against mine in greeting, just like a real pony.

“Come and sit with me please, Pony Harriet, “she whispered, and I followed her to the table and sat down. I was introduced to Pony Michelle and Pony Madeleine – apparently Lord Marlow had imported them from France the previous week. He had met them in a brothel specialising in sodomy in Paris and recognised that they would have potential as ponies and so had purchased them from the Madame of the brothel and they had only just arrived and were just starting their training. They were both only just 18 and were building up their strength before they would be allowed to race. However, both of them had been servants the previous night and both of them had been used by several of the guests and their skills as experienced sodomites made them very popular with the guests all evening.

Christophe then said that he had enjoyed my Mistress who was very demanding – at first he was not sure he would have sufficient stamina to satisfy her, but then she had called another of the Ponyboys over and the two of them had shagged her on the floor, Christophe in her rear and the other Ponyboy fucking her cunt, and between them they had managed to keep fucking her for nearly two hours until she announced that she was satisfied.

There was a pause then, and then Pony Sally said, “I apologise to you, my fellow Ponies for my behaviour last night. I was very shocked at how brilliantly Pony Harriet ran in the race, and I was consumed with jealousy – I deserve the punishment I got. Last night I apologised to Harriet in private and now, I believe, we are really friends and I am looking forward to training with her this week.”

Christophe grinned at me and raised an eyebrow, but I just smiled and stroked Pony Sally’s thigh. “I love this Pony,” I said, “we are both going to teach each other a lot.”

We all ate a good breakfast, lots of oatmeal and roughage and then our trainers clipped our guide reins back on and led us off to another barn-like building which I had not been into before. Once we entered, I saw that it was a fully-equipped gym, all modern equipment. The other four ponies immediately moved to their designated equipment and started to exercise, but Philip came up and said that he would devise a programme of exercises which I was to do every day that week. He had me working on running and rowing machines, weightlifting and various other bits of equipment.

After two hours of non-stop work we were stopped and given more food and isotonic drinks – all very welcome. The ponies were allowed to talk – I enjoyed chatting with the two French ponies – they were both shorter than me but from the work they had been doing that morning, I could see they were both very fit. They told me that they were both very happy to be out of the Paris brothel – the Madame who ran it treated them very badly and the customers were very rough and coarse and the sex was not good.

Then the trainers came and clipped our reins back on and said that the Ponygirls were going outside for the rest of the morning – it was mid-summer and the sun was out, so we were all happy as we trotted out to the field where the race had been the previous day. The trainers undid our reins and Pony Sally’s trainer – who was clearly the senior man there – called out, “Now listen to me. Before lunch you are going to do ten laps of the course – that’s about five miles. Pony Sally is going to lead you and make sure you keep a good trotting pace. But when I call out ‘Gallop!’ you are to gallop as fast as you can until I call ‘Trot’ again. No slacking or your lunch will consist of a good whipping – understand?”

Pony Sally immediately made a wonderful ’neighing’ sound and we all tried to copy her. “OK, off you go!” he said, and we ran happily down the bank to the course with Pony Sally leading us onto the circuit. Although the trotting pace was not as hard as the race the previous day, by the end of the first lap I came to realise that the weight of the pony boots made running much harder and more tiring. Just then the trainer called “Gallop!” and we all ran as fast as we could, although it was clear that the lovely Pony Sally was much fitter than all of us and got steadily ahead of us. After about half a lap, as my lungs started to ache, the call of “Trot on!” came and we slowed down, although the trainer called for us to catch Pony Sally up before we could slow down.

Just after we had started this, I noticed that Lord Marlow had appeared on the bank with the trainers and was chatting to them and pointing to us. I had no idea what they were discussing, and so put it out of my mind, and concentrated in keeping as near as possible to the delicious bum of my new friend Pony Sally as she confidently led us round the track, trotting and galloping to order.  We carried on doing this for nearly half an hour, and by the end my legs were trembling with exhaustion and I could hardly breathe.

The trainer called out that we would be taken in for lunch, but as my trainer came up to me, I ducked my head in a submissive gesture and said quietly, “Master, I need to go to the lavatory.”

He laughed loudly. “Don’t be stupid, Pony, have you ever seen a pony in a lavatory? When you need to empty yourself outdoors, you say ‘Master, piss please’ or ‘Master, shit please’ – understand?”

I nodded my head and said “Master, shit please!” Philip turned me around and I felt him pull the butt plug with my tail out of my anus, and I then led me down the bank towards a patch of rough grass at the side of the field. He stopped me and told me to spread my legs and shit right there! I made a move to crouch down, but he pulled my reins and snapped “Don’t be stupid, Pony, have you ever seen a pony crouching down to crap – you piss and crap standing up – always. Now get on with it.”

At first the unusual position stopped me from crapping, but after a couple of minutes the combination of all the roughage and exercise paid off and my bowels emptied easily. When I had finished, Philip called out, “Stand still!” and he bent me over and tore some grass and used it to wipe my anus. “Now walk on!” he called and we walked up the hill towards the stables. He explained that in my pony box was a large metal tray and I was to use that to piss and shit in during my time in there. When we got back to the stables he led me to the barn and told me to stand by a wooden bench and bend over it. I braced myself to be whipped, though I did not know why, but he picked up a hose pipe with a nozzle on the end of it, and slipped it into my anus and turned the water on – it was a douche. As he washed me out, he explained that ponies were to be kept clean and sexually available at all times, particularly as Lord Marlow only ever buggered the pony girls, although he sometimes brought guests who fucked them. When he finished washing me, he re-inserted my tail, picked up my reins and walked me to the dining room for lunch.

Over lunch – more oatmeal, lots of vegetables – Pony Sally explained that the trainers normally took us back to our boxes to rest during the afternoon, leaving the ponies to rest alone for at least a couple of hours. The two French ponies and I would be chained in our boxes to stop us escaping, but Christophe and she were now trusted and left unchained. She put her head beside mine and whispered, “Can I come and see you, Harriet?”

After all the sex and exercise of the last 24 hours, I desperately wanted to spend the afternoon asleep, but I knew it was important to cement my new friendship with this lovely pony, and spending the whole morning chasing her naked body around had certainly aroused me, and so I whispered back, “Of course, anytime.”

After lunch, Philip led me back to my box, removed my daygear straps and fixed the chain around my neck. I lay down on the straw and he covered me with the blanket. “Get some sleep, Harriet, you worked hard this morning, but you have a lot more to do in order to reach the standard I want you to be.”

Once he had gone, I was asleep on the rough straw within a couple of minutes, but suddenly awoke to feel two lips pressing on mine as Sally pushed her tongue into my mouth. I put my arms around her body and pulled her against me, and stroked her tight buttocks as I kissed her back. After a couple of minutes, I took the blanket that had been covering me and spread it on the straw, and told Sally to lie on it on her back. I told her to pull her legs up, and reached under her and eased her butt plug and tail out of her. I then started kissing the inside of her thighs, working up her legs until my tongue started to play with her labia, and she groaned softly at the pleasure. She was already very damp, so I eased two fingers into her juicy cunt and slowly vibrated them as I licked and sucked her – she was really excited and I could see the muscles on her belly starting to pulsate as her first orgasm started to arrive.

Suspecting that she would cum noisily and that we needed to keep quiet, I eased my body on top of hers, pressed my mouth on hers and increased the action with my fingers. I had made love to many women, but even my Mistress Sarah never came so explosively – Sally almost threw me off her as her body shook and her cunt gripped my fingers as her juice flowed out of her.

As she slowly calmed down, she whispered to me, “I never knew, I never knew Harriet that it could be so lovely. I will never forget this moment – you have made me the happiest pony in the kingdom. But now I want to do the same for you – I won’t be as clever but I want to show you how much I love you.” So saying, she rolled me over onto my back and I felt a tentative finger slip into my cunt – I was soaking wet already after pleasuring her, and her mouth sucked my erect nipple into her mouth as she gently nibbled and teased it. “Wonderful, darling,” I gasped as the pleasure of her touch made my body tingle. Just then she eased a second finger into my cunt and started to pump me like a cock. The experience of making love to her had already brought me close to orgasm, and now I could wait no longer – “I’m cuming for you, I’m cuming for you!” I moaned as I grabbed the back of her neck and pressed her face onto my breasts - and at that moment I squirted all over her hand.

Neither of us said anything, we just lay there, and gradually our breathing slowed – and within a couple of minutes we were asleep, my beautiful Pony lying on me with her fingers still in my soaking cunt. Afterwards we tried to work out how long we lay asleep – there were no clocks in our pony world, but probably a couple of hours had passed when I suddenly became aware of a tall woman standing straddling our two naked bodies. She was immaculately dressed in full riding gear, polished leather boots, fawn jodhpurs, red riding jacket and riding hat, with a riding whip in her hand – Lady Marlow at her most impressive. With the end of the whip she moved away the part of the blanket covering Pony Sally’s rump.

“How very interesting!” she said quietly, as Sally woke and tried to cover her embarrassment We both knew we had been very wicked and lay there, awaiting the punishment that would inevitably follow.

“Mistress Sarah had told me that you were bi-sexual, Pony Harriet, but my husband and I had always assumed that Pony Sally only took cock – she takes it well (except for last night) but until this moment I had never suspected her lesbian leanings. What a delightful surprise! Now, I came down here to find Pony Sally to use her this afternoon in my torture chamber – I saw Pony Sally blanch as Lady Marlow said this. I provide a specialised BDSM service to personal friends, and the basement of the main house is fully equipped as a dungeon and torture chamber. In half an hour’s time I am receiving Sir Richard for two hours’ discipline, and I thought it might be appropriate to let Pony Sally punish him after the humiliation she suffered last night. I knew that it was not really Pony Sally who underperformed with him, he was pathetic because I was in the room and he found he couldn’t get an erection without me punishing him. However, now I find Pony Harriet in your arms, that gives me another idea for this afternoon. First of all, Pony Sally, get back to your box before the trainers return. I think it is time for your regular beating, isn’t it Harriet?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, my lady.”

“Fine”, she replied, “I will tell the trainers to hang you up and that I want to watch Pony Sally beat you instead of one of them. I can sense how much she loves you, so having to beat her lover will be her punishment for sneaking in here and plundering your gorgeous body without my permission. Once that is done, the trainers will wash you and then bring you to the main house. None of the pony staff know anything about my little sideline of BDSM, so if you ever mention it to anyone, you will be horribly punished. Understood? Now go, Sally, before I change my mind.”

Lady Marlow followed Pony Sally out of the box and closed the door, and I lay on the rug, amazed and wondering at the turn of events. I could certainly imagine Lady Marlow as a BDSM mistress, but could not imagine what else Pony Sally and I would experience that afternoon. A few minutes later I heard Philip arrive and open the box. “Wake up, Pony, time for your beating!” He undid the steel chain and to my surprise, also removed my pony boots so that I was totally naked. “Follow me!” he ordered, and we walked out of the box and round to the barn. He placed me under the chains and attached my wrists to them. But before he pulled the chains taut, he went to the bench and returned with a polished steel stretcher bar, about three feet long, with straps on each end. He attached the straps to each of my ankles, and only then did he pull the chains taut, so that I was fixed in a star position.

Just then Lady Marlow entered the barn, with a totally naked Pony Sally walking ahead of her. Lady Marlow came up and stood in front of me. “Thank you Philip,” she said to the trainer, “exactly how I want her. Now Pony Harriet, I have noticed that you have made friends with my star Pony Sally here. Whilst that is not a problem, I want you to understand that the success of these stables is based on hard work and punishment – not friendship. Pony Sally may remain your friend, but she is now going to give you your beating to remind you that she is our star Pony.” Lady Marlow turned to Pony Sally, who was looking very nervous, and said, “You will beat her for ten minutes with the leather strap. You will beat her very hard, and if I sense that you are holding back, I will arrange for your Pony Harriet to beat you for 20 minutes with the cat o’nine tails – so be warned.” Philip brought a chair which he placed a few feet in front of me, and offered to her Ladyship.

“Thank you, Philip, how kind. Right Pony Sally, let us begin.” I had been concentrating so hard on Lady Marlow – not least because I thought she was so beautiful and I was already imagining seeing her naked again and renewing the pleasure I had experienced in bed with her the previous night – that I did not realise that Sally had the leather strap in her hand, and a second later it cracked across my thighs and I screamed in pain.

“Tell me Philip, shall we let her scream or do you gag her?”

“What would you prefer my Lady?” he replied, just as Sally struck me viciously again, this time cross my buttocks, and I screamed even louder.

“You know. Philip,” she continued in a conversational tone, “I really rather enjoy her screaming. It is nice to know just how much pain she is suffering. Thank you for setting this up – you may leave us now, I shall supervise the rest of the session.” Just as she finished speaking Sally, who had changed sides behind me, struck again across my bum, the leather strap making a vicious crack as it hit home.

Once Philip had left the barn and closed the main door, Lady Marlow got up and moved to inspect the stripes that Pony Sally had inflicted. “Good work, Pony Sally, I certainly couldn’t tell that she is your lover. Keep going like this, not too fast though, give her enough time to appreciate and really suffer the pain after each blow.” She moved in front of me and took my chin in her hand and moved her face close to mine and said gently, “You are doing well, Harriet, let the tears flow, I promise you, the more you suffer now, the more pleasure you and Pony Sally will get later on.” She went and sat back down, and then called out, “Again Sally, make her sob!” Immediately I heard the strap whistle through the air and land on my thigh, the tail of the strap whipping round and cracking against my skin. When Lady Marlow was speaking to me, I had resolved not to scream any more, but to allow myself to cry, but I realised that the pain that my lover was causing was too great, and I threw my head back and yelled in agony.

“Wonderful,” said Lady Marlow calmly to Pony Sally, “now leave her to cry for a minute or so, I am enjoying this so much.” I was sobbing by now, with tears running off my face and splashing onto my breasts. After a minute or so, Lady Marlow spoke to Pony Sally.  “Don’t worry, Sally, she will love you so much more when you have finished punishing her. Just make sure you don’t ease up. For these last five minutes, I suggest you give her two strong blows on her buttocks – leave her thighs now as it might affect her running – then leave her for a minute to suffer and anticipate the next blow, then repeat until the ten minutes is up.”

And that is what happened. My new lover certainly never held back, and every blow had a vicious snap at the end of the belt which was like a knife being stuck into me and which unfailingly made me scream in agony. Finally, when I thought I could bear no more, Lady Marlow quietly said, ”Enough! Help me take her down, Sally and put her on that couch over there.”

Sally undid my ankle straps while Lady Marlow lowered the chains and undid my wrists, then the two of them carried me over and laid me face down on the massage table. As they laid me down, Pony Sally came and laid her head against mine and I realised at once that her face and body were soaked with tears – I felt sorrier for my lover at that moment than I did for myself. Just then Lady Marlow said, “Well done both of you, you have both shown yourself to be much more talented than I expected. Look after your lover now, Sally, and I will go and fetch your trainers to have you washed and brought to the house in a few minutes time. I am really looking forward to working with you in the dungeon.” She leant forward and kissed the side of my face, stroked Sally’s bum gently and then turned and walked out of the barn.

I knew what Pony Sally was going to say, and anticipated her by saying, “It’s OK, you were fantastic, nobody has ever beaten me that well. One day I hope I will be able to do the same thing for you.”

Just then the barn doors opened and Philip came in. “OK ponies, on your feet and over against the wall. We don’t want to keep Lady Marlow waiting – let’s get you cleaned up.” As soon as we were on our feet and in place, he turned the hose on and pointed the jet at us. As soon as we were thoroughly soaked by the freezing water, he told us clean each other thoroughly and he would be back in five minutes.

Immediately Sally poured the shampoo on my hair and started to wash me gently all over. When she got down to my waist, I bent forward and touched my toes, thus pointing my red and bruised bum directly at her. I heard her sob again, and spoke sharply, saying, “Stop it darling, you beat me hard because you loved me, now wash me gently for the same reason.” And she slipped her soapy hands between my legs and gently washed there – the sensation was wonderful and I knew that I would explode if she carried on stimulating me like that, so I stood up and said quickly, “My turn now, I have been looking forward to this ever since I met you.”

I washed her body with great care, and could feel the strength of her muscles as I moved over her legs, then turned her round and made her bend forward so that I could soap her buttocks and crack thoroughly. We were like this when Philip came back in and laughed out loud. “Glad to see you are being so thorough with each other.” He picked up the hose and directed it at us and the soap poured off us. When he had finished, he handed us two towels and said, “Make sure you dry each other thoroughly, my Lady wants you to come up to the house as soon as possible.” He placed two beautiful velvet cloaks, held only with a gold brooch at the collar, onto the couch, and two pairs of red high-heeled shoes beside them. ”I don’t know why, but you are to wear these. Hurry now, go into the kitchen, and their man Jenkins will be there to meet you.”

As he left, Pony Sally whispered to me that my buttocks were the same colour as the red velvet cloaks and we laughed and then kissed each other. Already the pain from the whipping had gone, and I was left with a wonderful warm glow which was making me extreme randy. Quickly we put on the shoes and the cloaks and walked demurely across the courtyard and into the side door which led to the staff dining room. Neither of us had ever been in a dungeon before – this was going to an exciting time.

As we had been told, the impressive figure of Mr Jenkins, who we later discovered was the major-domo for the house, was standing waiting in the staff dining room for us. Unlike the loin cloth he had been wearing the previous night, he now wore a loose fitting white silk shirt, and black silk pantaloons which only went down to just under his knees. The pantaloons had an open fly slit on them so his cock was permanent visible – and very impressive it was too.  Considering the sexual adventures going on all around him, it was amazing that the ponies very rarely saw any hint of an erection, except when it was required by his Master or Mistress.

He greeted us Ponies politely, then led us through a corridor and down a staircase towards the dungeon. Opening a door he led us into a changing room, and asked to take our cloaks from us, which he hung up. He then explained that we were to work with Lady Marlow that afternoon, and whilst we were her assistants in the dungeon, we were allowed and expected to call her Lady Caroline and his Lordship, if he attended, was to be called Lord Charles. He then moved to a set of cupboards and opened two of them. “In here are your outfits for today, please put them on now,” he said. “These are for Mistress Sally and these for Mistress Harriet – these will be your names while you are working in the dungeon with Lady Caroline.”

Each of us had a beautiful set of leather boots that reached right to the top of our thighs and had zippers running right up the side which made them easy to put on. There were high stiletto heels built into them – each of the stilettos was at least six inches high which made us feel wonderful - quite a change from the pony boots we were becoming used to. For each of us there was then a full length leather coat, with half a dozen silver buttons down the front. Finally, for Sally and I there was a silver choker necklace, about an inch wide, which fitted perfectly tightly around our throat.

Sally and I helped each other dress, and admired how lovely the other looked in such perfectly fitting outfits. Thanks to the stilettos, I was now tall and Sally was unbelievably tall, and so when Jenkins opened the door to the dungeon, we entered with total confidence in our own beauty and erotic attractiveness.

The dungeon was lit mainly with candles, and a couple of electric wall uplights with red bulbs in them. There was a large amount of BDSM equipment around the room, and standing in the centre of the room, in her full riding kit, was the magnificent Lady Caroline. In front of her, kneeling stark naked with his forehead pressed to the floor and his fleshy buttocks in the air, was the unmistakeable figure of Sir Richard. Seated on a sofa beside Lady Caroline, dressed in a gold lame dress and gold shoes, was a sour faced young woman, who was probably about 30, but who I guessed could be very good looking if she could only wipe that look off her face. She had lovely blonde hair, tied up in French plait, and she was very slim and quite short, maybe on 5’2”or so.

“Welcome, girls, right on time. The pathetic heap on the floor you will recognise as Sir Richard. The beautiful lady seated here is his not so devoted wife who is prepared to divorce him and take at least half his fortune unless we can restore their marital relations to a healthier state. Lady Joanne has explained to me what she believes is wrong with her husband and we have this afternoon to find a solution. Lady Joanne, my very tall assistant here is Mistress Sally and my other assistant is Mistress Harriet. I should explain, girls, that Lady Joanne was at the party on Sunday and witnessed the pathetic and embarrassing performance by her husband and his inability to satisfy Mistress Sally here. ”

Clearly Sir Richard had not realised that the Ponygirl who he had failed to fuck so spectacularly would also be one of Lady Caroline’s assistants, and his head jerked up to look at her. Instantly the whip in Caroline’s hand swung down and struck his buttocks viciously.

“How dare you move!” she spat, with real venom, “until I tell you otherwise, you remain immobile, do you understand?”

“Yes, my Lady, I apologise, Mistress,” he mumbled, and resumed his submissive posture.

“Now, Lady Joanne, Mistress Harriet will assist you, and I would be grateful if you would remove that beautiful outfit. Mistress Sally will lower the sling please,” Lady Caroline said, pointing to where the cords were secured.

I moved to Lady Joanne, who clearly came from a family who were used to having maids to dress and undress them, and she merely turned her back and waited for me to unzip the dress. I did this and helped her out of it, and then put my hands on her hips and slid her only other article of clothing, her silk panties, down to the floor. I knelt down and removed both the panties and her gold shoes, then got up and gave her my hand, to lead her to where Lady Caroline was waiting with the leather sex swing. We could all see now that she had a beautiful figure, slim hips and perfectly shaped breasts, about a C cup.

“What are you going to do with him in that?“ Joanne asked in a bored drawl, as though she had no interest in the answer. Lady Caroline nodded to Sally, and with one quick movement the two women lifted Joanne into the sling and clipped her two wrists into the cuffs on one end. “What the fuck are you doing?” said Joanne angrily, suddenly aware that the visit was not going the way she had planned it.

Whilst she was struggling in vain to release her wrists, I realised what was needed and Lady Caroline and I pulled her ankles into places and fitted the other pair of cuffs around them. Sally then lowered the sling so that Lady Joanne, wriggling and swearing, was hanging horizontally about three feet off the ground, her head hanging back and her smooth pink cunt totally exposed, open and already slightly damp.

Lady Caroline turned to Sir Richard, who had lifted his head and was watching in amazement as his domineering wife was humbled in his presence. “Stand up and raise your hands above your head, you pathetic lump of nothing,” her Ladyship barked at him, and in two seconds he was standing with his hands above his head. Just as in the barn, I attached his wrists to the chains there, and then went to where Lady Caroline was pointing and collected and fixed a heavy steel spreader bar between his ankles. Sally then tightened the chains to raise him onto his toes and effectively inhibit all further movement.

Lady Caroline suggested that Sally and I remove our coats as we would tend to get rather warm with what is to follow. We stood there, naked but for our boots and Lady Caroline went and stood beside Lady Joanne and said, “You will not have been aware until now, but I have been whipping and humiliating your husband for a couple of years now, and I have come to know a great deal about your marriage – considerably more than you do, it is quite obvious.” Joanne tried to speak at that point, but Caroline brought her whip down very hard on Joanne’s breasts and the poor woman screamed in pain. “Don’t you dare interrupt me, you stupid woman, one more word from you and I will arrange to publish the pictures of you and those three Life Guards officers having you at an orgy at your house last Friday.”

You could cut the resulting silence with a knife. After a few seconds, Caroline said, “Right, I have pictures of your sexual encounters with most of the young men in this county, but I have yet to have any in my collection of you in a lesbian tryst.”

Joanne quickly found her confidence again and sneered, “That’s because that kind of thing never happened. I only bed men – and they know it – any hint that I was bi-sexual would not go down well here in this neck of the woods, as you well know.”

“I’m sure we can put that right without any difficulty. Harriet here is totally bi-sexual and for the next half hour or so I suggest you relax as she is filmed making love with you. I suggest you don’t waste time fighting it – I spent a very enjoyable time with her on Sunday and can assure you she has a genius touch with a pussy. In the meantime, Sally is going to deal with the unkind way your husband had her treated at the party – Sally, I suggest you use the cat o’nine tails – it is the one which leaves most marks and the one which Sir Richard is most frightened of. Oh, and put the ball gag in please, I don’t want his screams interrupting our sex scene over here.”

Joanne almost shouted, “There’s no way I am going to allow that whore to touch me or make love to………ahhh!” She had no choice, she was fixed hand and foot, and I was already kneeling between her legs and my tongue was working its way into her soft, but still quite dry, cunt. She was not waxed or shaved, but as her hair was a light strawberry blonde, the hair around her pussy was a soft down that felt gentle on my tongue. But I sensed that Lady Caroline didn’t want me to take too long to bring this woman to the boil, but just at that moment Caroline passed me a tube of lubricant, and I quickly squeezed some onto my fingers and pushed two of them up Joanne’s back passage. “No, No, No!” she screamed, “Nobody…… ever….. I don’t…..Oh my God!”

By now my tongue and fingers were working busily in both cavities, and I could feel her cunt starting to dampen and her juice to flow. In the background,we could also both hear Sally setting to work greedily in thrashing the incompetent man who had so humiliated her at the party. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was attacking his buttocks with at least as much intensity as she had whipped me only an hour before – just the sight of her naked in action made my cunt juices flow and I wished it was me on the receiving end of her cat o’nine tails.

Suddenly Lady Caroline was beside me and I felt her whip bite into my backside. “Concentrate on Lady Joanne’s orgasms, Harriet – stop fantasising about being whipped by your lover,” she whispered quietly in my ear, and I resumed my licking. Caroline stood over Joanne and said, “The reason that you are where you are is because the reason for the breakdown of your marriage is not your husband and his very average size cock, but you and your insatiable nymphomania and your enthusiasm for fucking every man under 25 you meet. In order to justify your totally irresponsible behaviour, you have taken to belittling your largely faithful husband who, as far as I can make out, has never fucked another woman other than his failed attempt at our party two days ago – and you put him up to that, knowing he would fail!”

I think that Joanne was listening to my Mistress, but it was hard for her because I could feel the waves of orgasm starting to ripple through her cunt and anus, and if this was genuinely her first lesbian sex, then she was likely to have an orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced. She tried to respond to Caroline. “Please Caroline, please make Harriet stop, I can’t…… I can’t……. I…….Eeehhhhh!” And at that point her hips bucked frantically and her anal ring gripped my fingers so tightly I thought she would break them, and to my (and I think her) amazement, I was drenched as she squirted copiously into my face. That was a lesbian orgasm to remember – and certainly would look good on the film that Caroline was shooting.

 “Well done Harriet,” said Lady Caroline, “go and wipe your face and then set to work giving her poor husband a blow job – I want him fully erect and ready to fuck his wife’s cunt in a few minutes. Sally, come and continue pleasuring Joanne now – I want this trollop to be totally committed to Sapphic sex by the end of this afternoon, but I also want her ready for Sir Richard’s cock. Now, whilst Sally does that I am going to strip off so I am ready to take part now.”

Joanne’s eyes came out on stalks as the tall figure of my lovely Mistress Sally approached her, because now Sally was wearing the largest dildo I had ever seen, it was a great purple weapon designed without straps, so that one end was already held in Sally’s cunt and the other 12 inches sticking out ready to fuck Lady Joanne. She cried out frantically, “You can’t, you’ll kill me with that monst…..” She didn’t get any further because two things happened simultaneously to her. Her cunt was still dripping from her first orgasm on the end of my tongue, so Sally pushed the first six inches of prosthetic straight into her, but at the same moment Lady Caroline, who had divested herself of all her riding outfit except her riding boots, stepped over Joanne’s head and forced her smooth cunt down onto the wretched woman’s mouth. “Suck and fuck, Joanne,” she said crisply, “unless you bring me to an orgasm in the next five minutes, you are going to change places with your husband and Sally is going to get her thrills by beating you twice as hard and twice as long as your husband has ever experienced – I warn you, she is a very strong and fit young woman – you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. Now Sally, give her the lot – and you, Joanne, suck me!”

Sally pushed forward and drove more of the monster cock up Joanne’s cunt – Joanne probably screamed but was effectively silenced by Caroline’s cunt. Sally’s rocking motion gradually drove more and more of the rubber cock up Joanne’s cunt until I could see that she was stroking the full twelve inches into her. As for me, I was really enjoying myself, because I discovered that the combination of being beaten by my lover and watching his wife making love had produced a surprisingly reasonably sized cock on Sir Richard – he had been hiding ‘his prick under a bushel’!. He was moaning gently with pleasure as I sucked and licked him, and although I could just get the whole length into my mouth at one go, it was now very far from being the smallest cocklet I had ever pleasured. I then took my mouth off his cock and gently sucked his balls sac into my mouth and used the end of my tongue to roll his balls around. I could feel from his reaction that he was getting to a point where he was going to have to squirt his spunk  somewhere, and I knew that Lady Caroline didn’t want it to be in my mouth. I eased back and said conversationally to Lady Caroline, “I have a cock here that is definitely ready to fuck someone – shall I bring him over.”

“Well done Harriet. Yes please, release him now. Sally has stretched this whore’s cunt to its limit, let’s give Sir Richard the pleasure of filling the slut with his cum.” Joanne was clearly trying to complain loudly about the planned arrangements for her cunt, but the dialogue all disappeared into Caroline’s labia placed hard down on her mouth. Caroline signalled for Sally to pull the dildo out of Joanne, and then Caroline quickly stood up, turned to face the prostrate Joanne, and quickly swung her arm back and struck Joanne hard on her face, then put her own face up against Joanne’s.

“Listen to me, my little rich whore. I now have nearly an hour of high quality footage of your lesbian adventures here, together with the stuff I accumulated from the hidden camera that Sir Richard had installed in your bedroom at home three months ago. If you know what is good for you, you will relish the fucking you are about to receive from your husband, then you will cease to whore with all the young men of this county and become a decent young married woman. Because if you don’t, I shall hold a screening for all this footage for all your friends and neighbours, and you will be ostracised and driven out of the county. Do you understand and accept my terms?”

Joanne looked aghast, not only at Caroline’s speech, but the sight of me leading her husband by his triumphantly erect cock towards her. She nodded, and said, “I seem to have no choice. I accept.”  Caroline and Sally knelt down either side of the luckless Joanne and started to play with her nipples, whilst I brought forward the twitching cock and lined him up with Joanne’s mightily stretched pussy. “Take it easy, tiger,” I whispered, “you’ve waited a long while for this – take your time and enjoy it!”

He slowly moved forward and his prick sunk into her waiting cunt – and they both groaned, he with lust and she, I think, in despair, but it didn’t matter, he was going to fuck her and she couldn’t stop him.

Despite her clear determination not let herself enjoy one moment of the experience, she had already climaxed and was now being stimulated in every erotic way – she had no choice in the matter. In fact, it took less than two minutes before she shook and vibrated with orgasm – Sir Richard just waited quietly with his cock inside her until the spasm passed, then slowly started again – her eyes widened in amazement as he continued to pound her. She orgasmed three more times before the husband who she so despised increased the speed and started to shout as the spunk squirted into her.

It took a few minutes for everyone to recover, and I knelt in front of Sir Richard and sucked and licked him clean of spunk and his wife’s cum. Lady Caroline and Sally undid Joanne from the swing and helped her to her feet. No sooner was she on her feet than Joanne turned on Caroline and started to shout at her. “I take back every word I said to you, you scheming bitch. You can show your pathetic films to who you like, I don’t care. I am going to divorce Richard, and he will have to give me half his money. I have no intention of staying here in this county, so what do I care what people think of me? So you and your prostitutes have wasted your time and I am out of here. Give me my clothes!”

Caroline walked to the wall and pressed a bell. “I am sorry that you are such a liar as well as a whore. My ‘girlfriends’ and I – she indicated Sally and I – are not prepared to let you break your word. As you are not prepared to behave as a lady, I will have to keep you here with my ponies and to break you, just like I would tame a troublesome pony.” Just then the door to the dungeon opened, and the massive figure of Jenkins entered. “Oh Jenkins, will you please secure Lady Joanne whilst I prepare the paperwork for her husband to sign.” She turned to Sir Richard and said, “She will be stabled with the other ponies and trained with them. She will be beaten morning and evening along with Pony Harriet here, and I will expect you to attend every day to cover her. Initially we will book her in for a fortnight and review her progress after that time. The initial fee will be £8,000 (vet fees will be extra) – please sign this release form and you may bring me the money when you visit us tomorrow at 5pm.”

Sir Richard moved to the desk and signed the release form to give his wife into virtual slavery without bothering to read it. Joanne would have complained, had Jenkins not already fitted a ball gag on her and used leather cuffs to tie her wrists and ankles. Lady Caroline turned to Joanne. “Your husband has released you to me. From now on, you will do exactly what I or my staff tell you to do – if you don’t, you will get further beatings or punishment. If you behave yourself and improve, you may be rewarded. Take her way, Jenkins, and tell Philip she is to be beaten now and then she will be put in Harriet’s box with Harriet to keep an eye on her. I will come and talk to the trainers about her work programme in the morning.”

“Very well, my Lady,” said Jenkins, and he picked Joanne up as if she was a feather and carried her out of the dungeon over his shoulder.

“Well done, you girls,” Caroline said to us. “A perfect performance. I can see we are going to have a lot of fun working together. Now run along and change and then back to your normal outfits. Good night!” She came over and kissed each of us full on the lips – we both felt very special and important at that moment. We went out of the dungeon back into the changing room and removed the boots and silver chokers, and put back on the cloaks and shoes we had come in.

The session with Lady Caroline finished about 9pm – I guessed anyhow, because it was just getting dark as the lovely Pony Sally and I walked across the courtyard to the stable block. Philip was standing by the door to the barn and called us over.  “Lady Marlow wants you to watch the new Pony Joanne being beaten,” he said, and led us into the barn, and we gave him our lovely cloaks and shoes, and then he put our ponyboots on and slipped our butt plug tails into us. The trainers had already fixed Joanne up by the chains, and had added the spreader between her ankles – the ball gag was still in her mouth. Even though the only light was the faint light coming from the sunset, I could see in her eyes that she was very scared. Probably for the first time in her privileged and spoilt life, she had completely lost control of the situation.

Philip walked up and stood in front of her. “Have you ever been beaten before?” he asked quietly. With the terrified look of a woman who finally realised that she could not escape, she slowly shook her head. “You will get used to it,” he answered, “Lady Marlow has given instructions that you are to be beaten morning and night, ten minutes each time. Normally you will be free to scream, but some of the ponies are already asleep, so tonight you will remain gagged. My advice now is to try and relax – as the other ponies will tell you, the pain will not last long.”

Philip moved to the wall and took down a medium cane and without delay moved forward and struck her buttocks. Her body leapt and her eyes filled with tears – I could see that she could not imagine how she could survive this for ten minutes.  But she did, although her face and breasts were soaked with tears by the end, her head slumped as the final blow cut across her.  Philip quickly untied her and, as Sally left with her trainer to be put away for the night, Philip, Joanne and I walked down the stable block to my box.

I went to my straw and lay down whilst Philip attached my ring from the wall and threw the rug over me. He turned to Joanne who was still quietly sobbing. He threw another rug on the floor. “Sit there, Pony!” he commanded and she obeyed immediately. He then produced a pair of ponyboots and put them on her and did them up. Joanne looked at them in disgust and fear, but said nothing.

“Turn over on your hands and knees!” he commanded and she moved quickly to obey him. At that point he produced her tail, and placed the buttplug against her anus and pushed slowly. She was clearly very tight, and doubtless would have screamed had she not had the ball gag still in place, but after a couple of minutes the plug was firmly in place, and he rolled her over, removed the gag and then threw a blanket over her, attached her to the wall with a chain around her neck and walked out of the box, leaving us in the dusk.

As we lay there, all I could hear was her sobbing. She was no longer the proud and arrogant woman I had met two hours earlier, she was now a scared and degraded ponygirl who had no idea what her future would be. After a while the sobbing stopped and finally a small voice came. “Harriet, “she whispered, “are you allowed to hold me?”

“If you would like me to hold you, I will do so, provided you are good,” I said calmly. “Come over here, there is more straw on this side.” I heard her shuffling, and then she appeared on her hands and knees beside me, and I lifted my blanket and she crawled under it and lay beside me whilst I covered us both up. I put my arm around her and drew her against me, with her head resting on my breasts. She immediately started sobbing again, and I lay holding her until she quietened down again.

“Harriet,” she said in a weak little voice, “I’ve never let anyone enter my back passage in my life. What have they done to me, what is it in there?”

“First of all it is called your anus – let’s not be coy. They have inserted a butt plug which has your beautiful pony tail on it. You will wear it at all times except when you are being beaten, shitting or being buggered. OK?”

“Harriet, how am I expected to sleep on straw, it is so uncomfortable and hurts?”

“This is the last question, then you and I are going to sleep. As long as you stay here, you are going to spend most of your day doing hard physical training as a pony. You will be regularly beaten and clearly you are going to be fucked and buggered on at least a daily basis. As a result, by the time you go to bed, you will be so tired that you would be able to sleep on a bed of nails if that was all that was available. You have at least a fortnight of this ahead of you, so please go to sleep now – you can stay with me if you want to.”

And she did want to, and so she put her arm across my chest tentatively and within a couple of minutes, we were asleep. We were both still asleep when Philip walked into the box the following morning to wake us up. He released our neck rings and told us to follow him – I took Joanne’s hand and we walked behind him to the barn. The two trainers were there, and they removed our pony boots and tails. I knew the procedure and immediately went and stood under the hanging chains so he could attach my wrists to them and pull them taut.

But just as I got there, I asked if Philip would mind tying us up together, face to face, and the two trainers could beat us both at the same time. I had come to look forward to these regular beatings and I knew it might help to reduce Joanne’s fear if we shared the beating in each other’s’ arms. Philip tied us up together, using a cinch rope around our waists to hold us face to face. I whispered to Joanne, “Relax! In a couple of days you will start to accept this as one of the best parts of the day.” Just then Philip struck her buttocks with a cane and she gripped me in fear, but then the other trainer landed the first stripe on me, and I barely moved. As the session went on, Joanne’s reaction to each blow got steadily less and less - she was gently crying all the time, but her body no longer jumped to each blow. When the ten minutes were up, she whispered, “Thank you – I could not have managed that without you – but now I think I will be able to manage on my own next time.”

Once we were untied, I led her to the far wall of the barn, and no sooner were we there than the jet of ice cold water hit us. Joanne screamed in surprise, and Philip called out, “Shut up Pony, you’re not a girl. Now, you can wash each other to save me the trouble.”  I took the shampoo and started to wash her. When I had done her hair and upper body, I told her to bend over, but she tried to argue and said she could clean herself. “That's not how it’s done, Pony Joanne,” I snapped. “You are not a woman while you are here, you are a pony and you do exactly what other people tell you to do.  Now bend over so I can properly clean your cunt and anus!”

She duly bent over and accepted my hands between her legs. When she came to clean me, I didn’t wait and bent over for her, and she duly washed me, although she stroked my bruised buttocks with amazement.  When we had finished washing, we were rinsed off with the hose again and then dried. The trainers replaced our tails, put on our ponyboots and day rig and then led us into breakfast. I sat next to Sally and told her about comforting Joanne during the night. I
whispered that, because I was sharing a stable with Joanne, I might finish up having to make love to her, but that was because Lady Caroline had asked me to look after her. I promised Sally that she was the Pony I really loved and not to doubt me. She put her hand under the table and stroked my pussy lips. “I know that, Harriet, I will never doubt you,” she said gently, and I put my hand on hers and squeezed it lovingly.

After breakfast, one of the trainers took Joanne away, whilst the rest of us went to the gym as usual. Joanne returned about 30 minutes later, and we could see immediately that she had had a full pubic wax. All the ponies came round her and nuzzled and kissed her, telling her that we all thought made her look much prettier and pony-like. Even she had to admit it made her feel more like the rest of us.

The only difference to today’s gym session was that the trainers stopped us every 20 minutes or so and insisted that we drink a litre bottle of water. We were exercising a lot, but this really seemed excessive and before long we all found we needed to piss. There was a large metal tray in the corner, and we learnt to stand there, spread our legs and grasp our tails to lift them out of the way and then piss into the tray. Despite relieving ourselves often, we still felt quite bloated, and were glad when the session ended. The trainers led Joanne and the French ponies outside, and tied them to the rail at the top of the bank and told them to watch what happened.

They then took Pony Sally and I into the barn, and there laid out on the table was the racing headdresses from the weekend. As one, Sally and I whinnied and stomped our feet – we both loved those outfits, and guessed (quite wrongly in fact) that we were going to out racing with our carts. Carefully the trainers put our headdresses on, fitting the bit in our mouths and finally attaching the reins to the rings at the side of our heads. I really wanted to piss and said so to Philip but he just snapped “Hold it in, Pony, time enough for that later!”

We were then led out onto the forecourt of the house, and there, to our astonishment, was a beautiful gold double cart – designed to be pulled by two ponies – and those ponies were to be us! We were both so excited we skittered around and our trainers slapped us hard and eventually had to flick our breasts with their whips to bring us under control. The cart itself was only slightly larger than a single cart, but it had three poles on the front instead of two. Pony Sally was backed in first on the right-hand side, and her hands fixed into the special gloves on the right-hand and centre poles. Then I was put in the left hand side and fixed in place. Pony Sally’s trainer came and stood in front of us and glared at both of us. “If you two idiotic ponies behave like that again, I shall have you beaten all day and all night and sent off to the crappy brothel that our two little French ponies came from. Understand me - I am not joking!”

We both looked frightened and nodded immediately.

“Right – you are to draw this unique cart – his Lordship’s pride and joy - in the most elegant way possible. You WILL NOT race – it is not designed for that. What I am looking for is dressage – you are to move elegantly and in step with one another so that everyone who sees you is impressed. You and I are going to practice for half an hour or so, and then you are going to have the great honour of being driven by his Lordship around the estate. The rules to remember:
a) You must keep perfectly in step, or the passenger will have a very uncomfortable ride
b) You always step off with the right foot when you start
c) You concentrate all the time
d) You do exactly what his Lordship tells you to do.

Now, let’s practice,” he said as he climbed into the cart and took the reins. Walk on!”
We practiced for about 25 minutes, by which time a few faults had been ironed out, namely:

1) Because I was six inches shorter than Sally, the cart leant to the left all the time. This was quickly overcome by lowering the left hand pole, and fitting a bracket on the centre pole, so Sally held the raised bracket and I held the pole underneath – simple and effective
2) Because Sally was six inches taller than me, her steps were longer. We soon adapted our stride so I stepped a bit longer and she stepped a bit shorter – simple and effective.

3) Naturally, we weren’t allowed to speak, but we quickly worked out a series of horse noises that could warn the other of problems – another simple solution.

We eventually drew up in front of the main doors of the house just as his Lordship came out of the main doors, followed by Lady Marlow. She was wearing the same full riding outfit as the previous day – I could feel the damp in my cunt even as I looked at her. Lord Marlow was wearing riding boots and an enormous velvet cloak, similar to the one we had worn the previous evening on our way to the dungeon.

Her Ladyship walked to us, and said loudly to her husband, “I really envy you, Charles, I think you will have a wonderful time in the park with this wonderful cart and these two lovely ponies. Jump in darling, I’m just going to decorate them to celebrate your inaugural ride.” She came and stood in front of me, and produced a silver chain with three small bells hanging on it. She squeezed the clamp at one end and positioned it on my right nipple, then released the clip. The pain was vicious, but I knew she expected me to bear the pain, and so I did. The second chain went on quickly and she flicked my breasts and the bells sounded very prettily – everyone was going to know we were coming. She moved to Sally and put them on her nipples, I heard Sally’s intake of breath, but she covered it by whinnying loudly and flicking her chest so her bells rang out too.

“Off you go, Charles, have a lovely time. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” I knew that Pony Sally had worked out, like I had, what her Ladyship was going to be doing for the next two hours – and where!

His Lordship flicked the reins and called out, “Walk on!” and off we went, both Pony Sally and I high-stepping just like dressage horses do, our bells jingling prettily as our breasts bounced , and concentrating hard on impressing the party gathered to watch us leave. I caught sight of Joanne and the two French ponies watching us wide-eyed, and the French ponies whinnied and flicked their tails as we went past. We both swung our breasts so that the bells chimed in response.

Once we were clear of the house, his Lordship steered us to a road we had never seen, which led through a wonderful valley, flowers beside the road, and fairly level which pleased Sally and I. We had totally mastered staying in step by now and were giving his Lordship a good journey – he kept calling out how well we were doing, which made us very happy. Sally and I used our secret ‘horse code’ to warn of bumps in the road etc, and we walked on easily for at least half an hour. My only problem was that I regretted having drunk all that water – my bladder was feeling very bloated, and I didn’t feel I could ask his Lordship to let me piss! Just then the road started to climb, and Sally and I had to work hard in our heavy ponyboots to climb the long hill in front of us, which went on and on and got steeper and steeper. However, when we got to the top, both panting and covered in a sheen of sweat, there was a beautiful glade, with a stream running through it, beside the road which his Lordship steered us into and reined us in to stop. He climbed out of the cart and came round to face us. “You two are amazing ponies –you have mastered the double cart in such a short time – I am very pleased with you both. Now then, I think we will unharness you and we can let you relax and cool down.”

He first of all undid Pony Sally’s headdress and then released her wrist straps from the pole. Then he led her to a fallen log and sat her down and went down on his knees, pulled her butt plug tail out and undid her ponyboots. Then he lifted her up and there she stood in her glory, and she cheekily swung her breasts to sound her bells in pleasure. I could see why his Lordship was entranced with her – as she stood there in the dappled sunshine, the sun glinting on the
perspiration that covered her body, she was a sexual and physical goddess. He gave her bottom a friendly spank and told her to get a drink from the stream while he came for me. Two minutes later we were both naked and Pony Sally came and kissed me and led me over to Lord Marlow and she said to him, “My Lord, you have been such a wonderful driver, but surely you must be very hot in that cloak. Why don’t we help you off with it?”

She reached up and undid the neck clasp and we both lifted the cloak to reveal……. nothing, except a pair of immaculate riding boots and his very large, very erect cock. Having enjoyed it only two days before in his bed, I reached out and drew him down onto the grass, lay him on his back and climbed on top of him. I knew that my anus was fully stretched by the plug and that he wanted me, so I just lined my anal ring up and sat straight down on him –God he was big but wonderful, obviously riding behind two naked bums for an hour made him absolutely rock hard. I immediately started to shag him with all my energy and he groaned with delight – the noise of his pleasure and my bells ringing got louder and louder. The pressure on my bladder was now intense, but I hardly felt I could bring up the subject.

Just then Pony Sally stood behind me, slapped my bum hard and called out to Lord Marlow, “You’ve been watching Harriet’s arse for an hour now and you could hardly wait to get in there, could you, you wicked old Lord? But what you don’t know is that our trainers filled up us all morning with water, and we are both desperate to piss, and I am going to start by pissing in your mouth now!”

I was already riding him harder and harder when Sally swung herself over so that her cunt was right above his mouth. “Yes! Yes ! Yes!” called his Lordship as he frantically lifted his hips to drive his cock deeper into my arse, and I saw the stream of straw-coloured liquid squirt out of Sally’s cunt straight into his mouth – well mostly!

Amazingly, he swallowed as she pissed and he managed to keep buggering me whilst it went rising and falling. No sooner had Sally finished pissing than he called out, “Change over, girls, let me sample Harriet’s vintage.”

I eased his cock out of me and almost immediately Sally was squatting on him and easing his cock into her anus – she squealed with delight and pumped away even faster than I had. I was absolutely bursting to piss, and couldn’t get on top of my Lord quick enough, and was already dribbling piss as I placed my cunt above his mouth, and screamed, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait my Lord, I’m going to drown you!” and my bladder let rip with an absolute torrent which splashed all over his face. I was worried that this might upset him, but clearly he adored golden showers so much that he shouted with pleasure and pumped his sperm up into my lover at exactly the same time. What a fantastic climax!

Five minutes later we were lying entwined in each other in the grass, his Lordship playing with our breasts to make our bells chime prettily. Then his Lordship told me to get on my hands and knees and he climbed up behind me ready to mount me. Sally immediately got behind him and started to wank him to bring him back to a full erection. She was very skilled and within a couple of minutes I had the lovely sensation of his glorious cock pressing against my sphincter, and I heard Sally slap his bum several times, telling him to spread her lover as wide as he could, and he responded by forcing his cock up my rectum in one fierce shove – I knew how to respond and whinnied with pleasure and twitched my hips to draw him right into me. Sally was massaging his balls and encouraging him to bugger me harder and harder, which he did, his prick seeming to engorge all the time, and the feeling of it pressing on the walls of my rectum was fantastic.

I guessed that he was ready to spunk me again, and called out frantically for him to fill me with his sperm, and he shouted that he was going to cum, so Sally jumped up from behind him and ran round and stood facing us. Just as his balls started to pump his jism into me, she called out, “Look at me, both of you!”, and as we both looked up, she sprayed us both with a wall of piss which seemed to go on for ever.

My Lord and I collapse onto the grass and lay there, exhausted but laughing, but no sooner had he eased his cock out of me than Sally was on her hands and knees sucking his semi-erect cock again. The Lord looked at me and said, “Do you need to piss again before we go back?” and I whinnied and nodded my head vigorously. So he looked down at Sally, busily sucking his cock which was almost back to its majestic erect size, and told her to lie on her back, and told me to hold her legs back so that they were either side of her head. Her arse then spread open before him, he pressed himself into it and started to bugger her with unbelievable energy – the man was an insatiable cocksmith! “Sit on her face!” he ordered and within a minute Sally’s tongue was thrilling my labia to the same rhythm of his cock banging her anus and he reached forward and put his hand behind my neck and drew me into a deep kiss – the three of were a perfect triangle of lust.

Because he had already spunked in us twice, the need for his orgasm had diminished and so we carried on rocking on and in each other for a long while, perhaps 20 or 30 minutes, and then he started to pump faster and said, “Cuming now, ponies, give her a drink Harriet!” and so I drew back from her mouth and released the pressure which had been building in my bladder, so another torrent of piss sprayed onto her face and hair just as his spunk sprayed into her rectum. When I had finished pissing on my lover, I crouched down and licked my own piss off her face, kissing her softly at the same time.

As we lay on the grass a few minutes later, his Lordship in the middle and each of his ponies lying either side of him with an arm around their waist, he said to us, ”You two ponies are quite wonderful, and I intend to build a great pony stable around you. Pony Harriet, I went to see your Mistress yesterday afternoon, and we have agreed terms for me to buy you. As her slave, you obviously have no rights in this matter and I could purchase you with or without your consent, but because I want you to stay for a long time and be happy, I will ask you if you agree. Let me explain why I am so keen for you to join us.”

“Pony Sally is the best runner (not to mention having the greatest anus of you all) I have ever had, but she is older than you and her speed will not last – we saw on Sunday that you are already nearly as fast as her, and with all this training, you will soon be faster. But because of her great pedigree, I am going to breed from her, and intend to have her covered tomorrow by Pony Christophe – the offspring of those two star Ponies should be great ponies, and I am also planning to breed him with you and the two French fillies in due course.  And my darling wife and I already know that both of you can provide amazing sexual and BDSM pleasure, and if you tire of pony racing, you have a long and exciting future helping us build up our dungeon and hostess business.”

“So Harriet, I ask you now, will you stay? Pony Sally made a promise to my wife and I many months ago to stay with us for ever, and I hope you will do the same. If you say yes, then we will, of course, stop your daily punishment routine, stop chaining you up to stop you escaping and, recognising your attachment to Pony Sally here, we will arrange for both of you to be stabled together. Do you have an answer for me?”

I looked across at Sally, who was watching nervously for my reaction. I knew that I had learnt a great deal from being a slave with Mistress Sarah, but I knew now that the world of Lord and Lady Marlow, with the delight of having a lover who I adored and the added prospect of being fucked regularly by the monster cock of Pony Christophe, was a much greater opportunity and one that I wanted more than anything.

“I will agree to be your Ponygirl for ever, but I have one stipulation,” I said quietly.

“If it is in my power, I will grant it,” his Lordship replied.

“You must NOT stop beating me. One of the greatest delights my Mistress taught me was to enjoy the pain of being thrashed and beaten, and you and your trainers have continued to provide that for me – that is why I am so happy here. From now on I want you to promise to have me beaten at least once a day, and I will teach your French ponies, and all the other Ponygirls who come to the stables like Joanne, how to accept and enjoy a beating, because it will make them better Ponygirls. And I want Pony Sally to accept that I may beat her at any time, purely for our mutual pleasure.”

“I accept, I accept, I accept!” cried Sally as she reached across his Lordship and kissed me frantically. “My Lord, thank you for letting us be together as lovers – we will always make sure that you and Lady Marlow are pleasured in every way we can devise.”

“I am a very lucky man, and of course I accept your request, Pony Harriet, you will be beaten as often as you desire. In fact, I know my wife will look forward to using the strap on you – we both love the rich thwacking sound it makes and the delicious bruising that results.“

I noticed that Sally’s hand had slipped down his stomach and was now grasping his resting cock and was starting to gently masturbate him. I slipped my hand between his legs and started to play with his balls. “I hope you are not in a hurry to drive us back to the house, my Lord,” Sally said, with a glint in her eye, “because there are two throbbing anuses desperate to be shagged again by this beauty – the beauty in question had already responded to her busy hand and was now standing upright and ready for action –and I am sure we could both offer you another long drink of our warm piss.”

“You are two amazing Ponies!” he laughed. “On your back, Pony Harriet, you first, then Pony Sally, I can hardly wait to be in you.”

And true to his word, he didn’t wait.

story continues in part three


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