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Harriet - sex slave and pony

by Richard Thomas

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© Copyright 2018 - Richard Thomas - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part 3

Synopsis: Teaching Joanne the pleasure of anal sex - culminating in Race Day and the Marlow Cup - and the Epilogue

Sure enough, his Lordship continued to bugger me splendidly for a long while and eventually I felt his lovely prick pumping still more of his spunk into me – for those of you who haven’t experienced sodomy, get your man to do it to you as soon as possible - it is the most exquisite pleasure for both of you. Sally squirted her piss copiously onto us both as we climaxed, but by then it was clear that his Lordship’s energy was waning and we needed to make our way home. He carefully replaced our pony tackle and fitted us back into the cart and we set off down the hill. As we were trotting, I could feel a steady stream of spunk running down the back of my thighs, and glancing at Sally, I saw that she too had legs covered with cum and spunk – everyone at the House was certainly going to know what we had been up to!

When we arrived back at the house, Sir Richard was drawing up in his car, in time for his 5pm appointment with Joanne. His Lordship drove us round to the stables and handed us over to our trainers, with thanks to them for training us so well – he assured them we had been excellent ponies all day! Once he had left, Philip removed us from the cart and examined us. “Look at you two messy ponies,” he complained, “legs covered with spunk, grass in your bum cracks, dried sweat all over you – I can easily guess what you have been up to, but we need to sort you out quickly, because her Ladyship is bringing an owner over here in a few minutes, so we need to have you looking your best.”

The trainers busied themselves removing our head-dresses, and Philip removed my tail and then took me to the chains and hung me up ready for my beating. Sally had her day rig put back on, and was led to the side of the barn and tied up to a post there. Just then the party arrived from the main house. Lady Marlow was looking sublime in a full-length blue silk dress, and with her was Sir Richard, wearing a cloak similar to the one I had worn in the dungeon the previous evening. No sooner had they arrived than a trainer led Joanne into the barn. She was very skittish and scared, and the trainer was using the whip on her flanks to control her. Philip came up to Lady Marlow. “So Philip, how had our new Pony Joanne behaved during her first day with us?”

“Well, my Lady, she took her morning beating well – she shared it with Pony Harriet, then after breakfast she had her pubes waxed, she worked with the other ponies in the gym, and when his Lordship went out with Pony Sally and Pony Harriet, we sent her for a ten lap run with Michelle and Madeleine – she seemed to be trying but she was over one lap behind the French ponies by the end. After lunch she was put in her box and slept most of the afternoon.”

Lady Marlow turned to Sir Richard and said, “Quite satisfactory for a first day, I would say, wouldn’t you?” Sir Richard was clearly overawed and merely nodded to our Lady. “Of course she will be punished for her idleness on the run, but Lord Marlow and I will deal with that later. So Philip, I am sure Sir Richard would like to see Pony Joanne get her evening beating, then you can wash her and then he can cover her. I suggest you hang her up with Pony Harriet and beat them like you did this morning.”

Whilst her Ladyship had been talking, Joanne’s trainer had already removed all her equipment, including her tail, and she was brought over and attached to the chains in the middle of the barn so that we were face to face. I put my face beside hers and nuzzled her gently and whispered, “Be brave now, Jo, I am your real friend and after this I will cuddle you again.” She was clearly too tense to speak but nodded her head.

Philip said to her Ladyship, “I thought we would give them both the strap tonight, if you agree, my Lady?”

“Excellent,” she replied, “I love the sound it makes on their flesh and it will be good to get some serious bruising on Pony Joanne’s backside – it’s still a bit too pink.” Philip and his fellow trainer went and collected the long leather straps and swung them simultaneously – Joanne yelped as the leather end bit into her thigh. “Be quiet,” I whispered, “you can come to enjoy this, but to do that you must be quiet.”

And she did what I said, and although she quietly sobbed and wept for the rest of the ten minutes, she did not cry out again. Over her shoulder I could see her Ladyship was really enjoying the beating, she had lifted her dress up and was masturbating herself and licking her lips with excitement. Sir Richard was absolutely stunned, and watched the beating with a look of growing horror. When the beating stopped, we were taken down and I automatically led Joanne to the ‘washing wall’ and a few seconds later the blast of cold water was directed at us. We then both gently washed each other, and I made sure she was really clean between her legs. When we were dried, Philip put my tail back in, my boots on and my day rig on and led me over to where Sally had been restrained and tied me beside her.

The trainers then dragged the large oak table out into the centre of the barn and a large horse blanket was thrown over one end. Joanne was led to the table and bent over blanket. Her legs were spread wide and attached by leather straps to the legs of the table, and then a long leather strap used to strap her torso down against the table. Finally her wrists were cuffed together behind her back so that she absolutely couldn’t move.

Lady Marlow moved to Sir Richard and undid the clasp on the cloak and handed the cloak to Philip. Having had his cock in my mouth within the last day, I knew that Sir Richard was certainly not fully aroused, but Lady Marlow then reached down and grasped his cock and, looking straight into his eyes, started to slowly masturbate him. Even as we watched, the effect was impressive and within a minute or so, the prick was fully swollen and ready for action. Lady Marlow led him so that he was standing immediately behind his wife’s bum, now glowing red after its beating. She let go of his cock and pushed a couple of fingers between Joanne’s sex lips and clearly moved them around. She turned to Sir Richard. “You’re in luck – she’s hot and dripping up there. I’m sure that it is not at the prospect of you fucking her – more likely that my lovely Pony Harriet is teaching her the joy of flagellation. But who cares, she’s certainly ready for you!” She placed the head of the cock in between Joanne's cunt lips and said, “Give it to her Sir Richard – let's hope that this will be the first of many!”

Sir Richard drove forward and speared her completely in one move – Joanne gasped at the ferocity of his entry. But he didn’t wait, he immediately started to fuck her, his body banging hard against her reddened buttocks, and the unmistakeable squelching sound of a cock sliding in and out of a soaking wet pussy. And he was shouting at her, “Come on bitch, this is my cunt and I am going to keep fucking it until you learn to love it. You are staying here until you learn that I am your husband and we are going to stay married.”

There was no way that Pony Joanne was going to orgasm with pleasure at such rough shagging, but Sir Richard was so excited that his climax came in less than two minutes. He stood there, his cock in her, as the last of his spunk pumped into her, then pulled out and walked out of the barn, Lady Marlow following him. We all stood there in silence, the only sound coming from the gentle sobbing of Pony Joanne. “OK guys,” called out Philip, “let’s get all the other ponies in for their dinner. Tom, you clean up Pony Joanne – gently though – put her equipment back on and bring her in when you have done that.”

Philip came and took the reins of Sally and I and led us across the courtyard and into the dining room. Michelle and Madeleine were already sitting there eating, oblivious of what had just happened.  After the excitement for Sally and I that day, we were both ravenously hungry and asked for double helpings of everything. After about a quarter of an hour, the dejected little figure of Pony Joanne was led in by her trainer. He tried to make her sit down with us, but she shook her head and said, “Too sore!”. He put some food in front of her, but she just shook her head and began to cry again. The trainer shrugged and walked away to get his own dinner, leaving the sorry Pony standing there on her own. I knew we had to do something to help her.

I got up and stood by her, and just put my face alongside hers, and felt the tears running down. We stood like this for two or three minutes, then she gently put her arm around my waist and gave me a small hug. It was a start.

“I know you feel abused and helpless,” I whispered to her, "but tomorrow is another day and it is all going to happen again and again. So you must be strong and fit, because making yourself ill is not going to stop this. So now I am going to feed you, because you must eat. Do you understand?”

She nodded, and I picked up a bowl of oatmeal and standing there in the room, I started to feed her like a child. She didn’t eat a lot, but at least it would keep her going. Every few mouthfuls she would sob and more tears would flow, but by the time she stopped eating, she was more under control. Philip came over and picked up my reins and Joanne’s and said, “Come on ponies, time you both had an early night – lots of excitement for both of you today!”

He led us to the stable block and into our box. “So, young Harriet, I’ve been told we can dispense with the chain for you – one less job to do.” Joanne looked up in surprise and then towards Philip, who shook his head and said, “Not you, young Pony, but maybe your time will come if you become as obedient as Pony Harriet here.” I went and sat on my straw and he brought the blanket for me. Then he put the chain around Joanne’s neck, but I called out, “Philip, please put her with me,” and I lifted up the blanket to allow her come alongside me.

Once Philip had left, it was still reasonably light outside, so I knew it must be 7-8 pm, so I was not in too much of a hurry to sleep. Joanne was lying on her side, her arm around my waist, I was lying on my back.

“Harriet,” she said, “I don’t know how you can lie on your bottom after all those beatings you have had. It must hurt so much.”

“This is your first lesson, Pony. If you want to ever leave here, you will have to learn to enjoy being beaten. I love it, so I am going to teach you to do the same.” I rested my hand on her buttock. “Does that hurt? I asked.

She giggled slightly and said, “No, of course not.”

“Now then, I want you to do the same to me,” and I rolled on my side so she could feel my bum. “Firstly, it doesn’t hurt, but secondly, what do you feel?”

She looked at me in surprise and then said, “It feels very warm. Does mine feel like that?”

“Absolutely,” I said. What I want you to do is concentrate on feeling that lovely warmth, and you will forget the pain. Now, I want you, very gently, to lie of your back.”

She looked scared, but I helped her to gently roll over until she was lying on her back. Her eyes were screwed up in anticipation of pain, but slowly she relaxed and smiled at me and said, “You are right, Mistress, all I can feel is the warmth.”

Before she realised what I was doing, I swung my arm and hit the side of her breast as hard as I could. With great seriousness, I snapped, “Don’t you EVER call me Mistress! I am not a Mistress, I am a pony just like you. I will teach you things because I am fond of you, but I am not your Mistress. Understood?”

Her bottom lip was trembling, but she controlled herself and said quickly, “I am sorry, Pony Harriet, I will never do that again.”

I rolled onto my back and pulled her body against my side and kissed her forehead. “Now young Pony, we all watched you being covered by your husband this afternoon – it looked quite rough, but I am sure it will get better as days go by.”

“Oh Harriet, it was awful, just like the old days at home. Everything about his orgasm and nothing about mine. It is so frustrating,” she said angrily.

“You told us last night that you have no lesbian experience, but would you like me to relieve you now by giving you an orgasm?”

For a moment she looked shocked, but then I could see how desperate she was for relief, and after a few seconds, she nodded.  “Roll on your back, Pony,” I told her, “nice and slowly, but you will find that lying on your hot arse will make you sexually much more receptive.” She slowly rolled over, and after about a minute, she looked at me and grinned. “It feels really good, “she whispered. “You are right, my bum feel great. What do we do now?”

I wasn’t going to give her a blow by blow description, so I just reached my hand down and slipped two fingers up her cunt. I was expecting her to object, but instead she just moaned with pleasure, and said, “make me come, please, NOW!” So I did. She was sopping wet, partly because of the beating, partly because she still had some of Sir Richard’s spunk in her and partly because I think she was in love with me. I curled my fingers round and found her g-spot, and vibrated the ends of my fingers on it – and she went off like a Roman candle. She clutched my face and kissed me frantically whilst I could feel the walls of her cunt gripping my fingers whilst at the same time squirting the mixture of her cum and Sir Richard’s spunk into my hand.

When she had gradually relaxed, I eased my hand out and brought it up to my mouth and let the jism run in a stream into my mouth. Then I held her face and kissed her deeply, letting some of the mixture flow into her mouth. “Don’t say anything more, my lovely Pony, we have both enjoyed each other. Now we will sleep.”

And we did.

* * *

The following morning started differently to normal, and carried on being unusual for the rest of the day. I had been awake for some while before Philip arrived, wondering how to help the blonde pony who was lying on her stomach beside me in the straw. I could already see that having Sir Richard forcibly fuck her daily was unlikely to resolve their marital problems, and I was trying to work out another way to make her want his cock inside her again. I looked at her again, her reddened buttocks now starting to look more like those of Sally and mine, and I suddenly had an idea.

Just as I did, Philip arrived, but instead taking us straight to the punishment barn, be dressed us in our day rig and led us off to breakfast. “Eat first, then His Lordship is coming to inspect you all,” he said as he led us across the courtyard. All the ponies were in the dining room, including Christophe who we had not seen for a couple of days. I sat next to him and asked him where he had been, but he just said, “Oh, doing a couple of favours for his Lordship,” which seemed a bit evasive, so I dropped the subject. It was nice to see him again, and when he walked across the room, all of us ponies looked longingly and the weapon hanging between his legs – and shuddered as we imagined what it might be like when erect!

After breakfast, we expected to go to the gym as usual, but the trainers led all of us (Sally, Joanne, the French ponies, Christophe and I) into the barn and tied our reins to a bar along one side. Then Philip came and led Joanne out, undressed her and tied her up to the chains and pulled them tight. We all then stood there waiting until suddenly Lord and Lady Marlow appeared in the barn, both of them in riding boots and wearing, as far as I could tell, just the full length cloak like the one Lord Marlow had worn when he took Sally and out yesterday. Lord Marlow walked up to Joanne and stroked her bruised buttocks, and said to his wife, “Capital, good work, my dear.” Then he turned and spoke to all of us.

“Good morning ponies, I have some exciting news for all of you. This weekend is the National Ponygirls Championship Day, to be held here, and Pony Sally and Pony Harriet have qualified for the Gold Cup race. In addition, the other three fillies, Michelle, Madeleine and Joanne, have all been entered for the Beginners Race, which will be excellent experience for you all. So I want you all to use the next couple of days to practice hard, enjoy your beatings and not let me down on the day. But I have other news. I saw Mistress Sarah yesterday evening, who used to be Pony Harriet’s owner, and I purchased Pony Harriet from her.”

All the ponies, even Christophe, looked surprised by this and were skittering around and neighing in excitement until the trainers came and slapped them to calm them down. “Pony Harriet is a remarkable pony and I intend to stable Pony Sally and her together from now on, and Harriet will be treated as one of my trusted ponies. But in addition, Pony Harriet understands better than anyone the need and pleasure of regular whipping, and so she is to be responsible for Joanne’s daily beating, and from today, she is to introduce Ponies Michelle and Madeleine to the pleasure of regular beating - I want their buttocks to look their best on Saturday. But Harriet loves the joy of beating so much that she is has asked to continue to be beaten on a daily basis, so you will all know the joy of the whip and the cane. So to start us off, I am going to ask Pony Harriet to be brought up here and to give Pony Joanne her daily beating. Lady Marlow and I are going to stay and enjoy the exhibition – we have been looking forward to this all morning.”

Whilst Philip came and untied me and removed my reins. Lord and Lady Marlow were offered chairs. Before they sat, both of them removed their cloaks and we all saw that they had nothing on but their riding boots! What is more, I could see that Lady Marlow had spunk coming out of her anus and smeared down her thighs – clearly Lord Marlow had been excitedly anticipating this morning’s show. Lady Marlow noticed that I had spotted the spunk and grinned at me. “Philip,” she called, “give Harriet the narrow cane – I love the whistling noise it makes and the beautiful lines it will draw on Pony Joanne's backside. “Don’t spare her Harriet – though I know you won’t.”

I stood at Joanne’s shoulder and whispered, ”Remember the lovely warmth – concentrate on that and forget the pain.” Without waiting for any reply, the cane whistled through the air and struck up hard right in the middle of her gorgeous bum. Her body jumped as I struck, but to my surprise and delight, she made no noise. I reloaded and increased the power on my next blow – but still no sound. After that I carried on hitting her at a steady pace, then stopped for 30 seconds for the heat to spread out and build the anticipation, and then gave her five more blows. I was delighted that my student had learnt her lesson so well – I could see the tears running down her face, but right to the end, she made not a sound. When I had finished, I turned to her Ladyship and asked if she was satisfied.

“Wonderful job, Harriet, take her down Philip. Now Michelle and Madeleine, as my husband has already told you, you are going to take part in a big race on Saturday, and I want you to be at you best, and not let our stables down. So I want you looking your best, and that means having fine red buttocks. So Harriet will be beating you twice a day from now on, starting with five minutes a session, and we will decide after a week if we need to increase it to ten minutes. Now, be good ponies and try and take you beatings like Joanne has.”

Two trainers had already taken off the ponies’ reins and the hung the two ponies from the chains, face to face, with a heavy spreader bar between their ankles to stop them moving around too much. Their day rig had been removed, and I stepped forward and eased their tails out of their anuses. They were both trembling and already Michelle was crying softly. I said to her, “Come now, Michelle, I want you to be really brave – your body will look even more beautiful afterwards.” I had already selected a medium cane which was not as painful as the thin one, and the first blow hit her before she realised it was coming. Like Joanne, she jumped but did not cry out, so I hit her twice more, spreading the blows over her buttocks. Then I moved quickly to Madeleine – a slightly more fleshy bum – and gave her three strong blows. She screamed with the first one, but then controlled herself and just cried after that.

I really enjoyed beating those girls, I had a real sense of what it must be like to be a Mistress and to dominate girls younger than you. They both took their punishment well, and by spreading the blows over their buttocks, I raised a beautiful red hue all over them. Once the time was up, I went and kissed each of them whilst massaging their flaming bums, and told them how well they had done and we would continue their training in the afternoon.

Once the girls had been taken down by the trainers and dressed and tied to the rail again, Her Ladyship stood up and spoke. “Well, as you have seen, Pony Harriet has great skill at punishment and my husband and I know that she will look after your discipline well. But she has also requested that she continue to be beaten herself on a daily basis, so I thought I would come and supervise this on her first day.” While she had been speaking, Philip led me to the chains and suspended in the usual way. Once he had finished, he moved to Her Ladyship and undid the clasp on her cloak and removed it – her beautiful body, wearing just leather riding boots, was revealed and the younger ponies gasped as they saw her naked for the first time.

Philip handed her the cat o’nine tails and I could feel my juices running down my thighs at the excitement of the situation – my beautiful new Mistress was standing naked before me and going honour me by thrashing me in front of all the other ponies. She took a step forward and kissed me on the cheek, then stepped back and swung the whip hard and struck me right across my breasts – I threw my head back and groaned in pleasure as the pain seared through my chest – all the other ponies gasped at the ferocity of the blow. Then she went behind me and started to steadily beat by buttocks and thighs, just as she had taught me, three or four blows and then a pause whilst the pain and heat spread, then three or four more blows.

My Mistress Sarah had punished me well, but her Ladyship was totally merciless and wonderful – the longer the beating went on, the more thrilled and excited I became, and the pleasure translated into a steady stream of cum flowing down my legs – there was no way that the audience could miss that. Finally, her Ladyship moved back to stand in front of me and lashed me one final time across my breasts and I cried out “Yes!” in total pleasure.

Philip came forward and replaced her Ladyship’s cloak and she said to him, “Leave her there for half an hour, it will do her good,” and she and Lord Marlow swept out of the barn. The trainers untied the other ponies and took them off to the gym to start their morning exercise, leaving me hanging from the chains. As I hung there, I felt the heat and pain of the beating spreading through my body, with the result that I was becoming more and more aroused and more desperate for sexual relief – Her Ladyship knew what she was doing, she had brought me to the edge of orgasm and was now making me wait in total frustration for release. She is a true Dominatrix - this was far worse than the beating.

Then, after about 20 minutes when I was ready to scream out in frustration, Her Ladyship walked back into the barn and came and stood in front of me. “Well done, Harriet, you set a fine example to those newer ponies. And this is your reward.” At that moment I felt her slip two fingers into my soaking wet cunt – and I exploded with an orgasm unlike any I had ever had before in my life – I was sobbing with delight as my whole body shook and a cascade of cum flowed over her hand and formed a puddle on the dust floor beneath me. As I was still sobbing and shaking, she removed her fingers and sucked my juice off them, kissed me again and walked out.

A few minutes later Philip came in and took me down from the chains, and kitted me out in my pony boots, tail plug and day rig, and led me to join the others in the gym where we all worked for the rest of the morning. When we stopped for a break, I went and spoke to Joanne to see if she was OK, but I could see straight away that her eyes were gleaming and she was smiling. “I won’t call you Mistress, but that is what you were for me today, Pony Harriet – and I am happy to be beaten by you or anyone else.”

But after the break, instead of continuing with our work, we all had our reins replaced and were led out to the paddock. All the ponygirls except Sally were tied up to the fence on the outside of the paddock, but then Pony Sally appeared and was taken into the paddock and her reins tied to the bottom rail of the fence so that she was bent right over, unable to stand up, her lovely red buttocks upwards, her tail having been removed from her arse. I realised that we were here to see our friend being covered by a stallion. Just then Lord and Lady Marlow appeared from the main house, as Philip led Pony Christophe, his lovely cock looking at least semi-erect, out of the barn into the paddock. Once he was in, Philip undid his reins and slapped him hard on his flank and said, “Off you go, lad, enjoy her.”

Pony Sally was moving around and whinnying as she realised that Pony Christophe was now in the paddock with her. He came up beside her and rubbed his body against hers, and as he did so, Sally put out her hand and stroked the rapidly expanding weapon that was about to enter her. Then he was behind her and she willingly opened her legs as he held his now solid rod of flesh and pressed it into her cunt – she was clearly wet already, he slipped right into her in one slow steady push. And then he pumped and all the ponygirls watching were transfixed as he fucked her. But he must have been excited, because that first fuck only lasted a couple of minutes and we saw Sally shudder as his sperm shot into – hopefully the moment which would lead to a new foal for the stable.

The trainers came to take us away, leaving Sally and Christophe to spend the rest of the afternoon in the paddock – Sally told me at dinner time that he had covered her four more times, each time longer and better than the last.

As Philip came to untie me, I asked him if I could be allowed to speak to Lord Marlow, as I had an important matter to discuss with him. Philip led me over to where Lord and Lady Marlow were still watching their prize stallion at work, and I was left to talk to them for several minutes whilst I outlined my suggestion for dealing with Sir Richard and Lady Joanne. When I had finished, they agreed my idea was worth trying, and His Lordship agreed to come and visit my stable box that afternoon.

Over lunch, the two French ponies were still talking excitedly about seeing Pony Christophe in action, and wondering if His Lordship would allow them to be serviced like that. I told them that he would only want to breed from the best ponies, so they would have to learn to race well with the carts and to accept the regular punishment I would be giving them.

After lunch, Joanne and I were taken back to our stable box and Joanne chained to the wall as usual. It was a warm afternoon, and the two of us lay together on top of one of the blankets, and Joanne was stroking my breasts and she was comparing the pleasure that Sally had experience that morning with the misery she suffered every time her husband tried to enter her. I asked her if she had ever been buggered, but she looked appalled at my suggestion. “Of course not, I know it would hurt terribly and I would have to humiliate myself to allow anyone to take me like that,” she said loudly.

“Not at all, young Pony,” said His Lordship, who was standing in the doorway dressed only in his riding boots and cloak, “As Pony Harriet will tell you, properly delivered, sodomy gives great pleasure to both man and Pony and is incredibly pleasurable. I think that the reason that you resist being fucked by your husband is that your cunt has been used by so many lovers that you compare him to them, and he is not as good. My suggestion for you is that he and I become your anal master and you keep that passage exclusively for us. I will train him in the technique and you will cease from prostituting yourself with other men.” His Lordship, didn’t wait for Joanne to make any response – I think she was too overawed and frightened to say anything, but just said, “Get her ready, will you Pony Harriet?”

I kissed her on the cheek and whispered, ”I will be here with you, darling Pony. Now on your hand and knees, please.” As if in a trance, she obeyed, and I knelt behind her and Lord Marlow handed me a tube of lubricant, and I gently pushed my coated fingers into her anus, already nicely loosened by two days of wearing her butt plug for her tail. I was careful not to go too fast, and I was pleased that she made no noise except a loud release of breath. Very slowly I moved my fingers in and out and asked, “Are you OK, Joanne? Comfortable?”

“I thought it would hurt, but it doesn’t. Unusual, but certainly not painful,” she replied quietly. I pulled my finger out, applied more lubrication, and this time gradually inserted two fingers together. The grip of her anal ring on my fingers was fairly tight, so I just knelt there, not moving my fingers, whilst her anal muscles slowly relaxed. After three or four minutes, she was looser, and I started to fuck her arse with my fingers, and after two or three minutes, I saw that she was starting to fuck me back, her bum moving in time with my fingers. I turned and looked at Lord Marlow and nodded at him, and he undid his cloak revealing his fully erect prick - he was clearly looking forward to buggering her!

I eased my fingers out of her and Lord Marlow moved forward. I took his prick in my hands covered in lube, and started to wank him to make sure he was fully erect to enter her. As soon as he was, I placed his cockhead against her sphincter and he gently pushed. Because he was so experienced at anal sex, he knew not to force himself into her, but he could see her ring slowly open to allow him to insert the first two or three inches into Joanne, and he rested there was she experienced the pleasure of him throbbing inside her. I lay down beside her and whispered, “If you relax darling, this could be the rest of your sex life solved. Now, rest on your shoulders and use your finger to masturbate yourself.”

She did as I said, and almost immediately her breathing shortened and I could see that her bum cheeks were now glowing red – whilst our Master was now pumping her at a steady pace, his cock driving in and out of her rectum. After a couple of minutes, Joanne started to shout, “Oh my God, this is it, I’m going to cum! Please Master, spunk me, spunk me now, I want your sperm in me!” His Lordship groaned in pleasure and his hips bucked as he squirted his spunk into her, and Joanne squealed with pleasure and collapsed onto the straw in exhaustion.

She lay there with spunk dribbling out of her anus as His Lordship gave her rump a loud slap and climbed to his feet. I whispered in Joanne’s ear, and she rose quickly onto her knees and turned to face him. “Thank you, my Lord, that was truly wonderful,” she said, with genuine excitement, and then put out her hand and drew his dripping cock into her mouth where she licked it clean of his sperm and her cum. He bent down and kissed her forehead, then picked up his cloak and walked out of the box. Joanne turned and threw herself on top of me, kissing and stroking me. “Darling Harriet, I am sure you organised that, and I want you to know I have just had the sexiest and most exhausting 15 minutes of my life.”

Just then Philip and another trainer walked into the box and Philip called out, “Come on you lazy ponies, time for some serious training, up you get!”

Already Joanne knew better than to argue – the whip tucked into Philip’s boot would quickly be produced and used if she dared to try. We were led to the barn, where the two French ponies were skittering around in excitement and ran to me as I came in.

“Harriet, Harriet, we’re going to pull a cart – isn’t it exciting!” One of the trainers came over and whipped their flanks to calm them down, and we were all then dressed in our full headdresses, and once the bits secured in our mouths and the reins attached, all four of us were led out down to the racing field where four single carts were lined up. We were all put in place and secured by our wrists to the poles, and then Philip came and stood in front of the four of us and spoke sternly.

“Listen carefully, because except for Pony Harriet, none of you have worked with carts yet. We are going to do four of five laps of the track, learning how to walk, then trot, then gallop. When we have finished that and you are all competent, we will have a two lap race of the track – the winner will get a special prize. Pony Harriet will lead the way and I want you to watch and copy her.” He jumped into my cart, flicked the reins and called, “Walk on, Harriet!”

We spent about an hour practising so that the three beginners could get thoroughly familiar with the carts, but eventually all the ponies had mastered the technique for pulling them, and it was time for the race. We were lined up with Michelle on the inside, then Madeleine, then Joanne and with me on the outside. The starting gun was fired and immediately Madeleine got off to a quick start and reached the first bend in the lead, then Joanne then me with young Michelle tucked behind me. We stayed in this order for the whole of the first lap, although Madeleine was setting a fast pace and I sensed that Michelle was struggling to keep up. I could see that Joanne ahead of me, despite her beating and sodomy session with her Master this afternoon was running well, and her trainer encouraging her by applying the whip to her glowing backside.

Behind me Philip used the whip on me to pick up the pace, but as we turned in the back straight, Joanne upped her pace and moved easily past Madeleine who was starting to tire. I knew I had to move soon, and despite going into the final bend, I swung out and sprinted to pass Madeleine on the outside of her.  We were approaching the end of the final bend and Joanne was still three or four paces ahead of me with only about 100 yards to go. My chest was bursting, but from somewhere I found a fraction of speed and closed the gap until, with barely five yards to go, I just got my chest ahead of Joanne’s to cross the line first. Once we were all finished, we all stood silently except for the sound of us all trying to get our breath back. After a couple of minutes our trainers flicked our reins and we walked back up to the stables, where Lord and Lady Marlow applauded us as we approached. “Well done ponies, well done, that splendid and we could see you all tried you best and Joanne, you were really excellent – I have high hopes for you in the Beginners race tomorrow.”

“Yes ponies, I was very pleased and Pony Harriet will get her prize shortly. Now Philip, take them in and deal with them and pop them back in their boxes for a rest before dinner.” The trainers led us into the barn and removed all our equipment and Joanne and the two French ponies were chained up separately and I was left to watch as the trainers beat all of them with canes for ten minutes – it was the longest that the French ponies had suffered, but I was pleased to see that none of them cried out but bore it well.

When the ponies were unchained, we were all put along the wall and the hoses turned on us, and then we washed each other – I made a lot of washing and petting Madeleine and telling her how pretty she was and how much better she had run today. Joanne and I were led back to our box, and once she was chained to the wall, the two of lay down on the blanket and she kissed me on the mouth. Just then Lord Marlow walked into the stable, and as we tried to stand, he said crisply, “Don’t get up ponies! Harriet, prepare Joanne please!”

I turned to Joanne and said firmly, “Hands and knees please, put you bum up in the air and obey your Master and me from now on!”

Joanne looked nervous, but hurried to do as I instructed. At that moment, Sir Richard walked into the box, wearing boots and the cloak. I stood up and went to him, and undid the cloak and removed it, his cock was already standing out straight in front of him at the prospect of what was to come. His Lordship passed me a tube of lube and I liberally coated his prick, then holding his cock firmly, drew him down behind Joanne and applied the rest of the lube to her anus. I placed his cock head against her anal ring and then said sharply, “Do whatever I say, understand?” He nodded and looked very serious.

I put my head on the straw beside Joanne and spoke softly to her. “This morning you gave your anus to your Master and you know how wonderful it was.” She nodded, but didn’t speak. “So now you are going to give your husband that gift too, and he is going to be shown how to ensure that it is a wonderful experience for both of you. Now Sir Richard is going to push against you – gently – and you are going to push your hips back against his cock – also gently. Begin, both of you.” They did what I said, and after a few seconds, I saw her ring relax and open and his cock slid inside her. “Stop!” I called once Sir Richard had three inches or so inside her. “Stay there, for at least three minutes, and enjoy this moment.” They stayed still, both with a look of studied concentration. After a few minutes, I said, “Now Sir Richard, I want you to stay still and Joanne, I want you to push back and take his cock right inside you – give him the present of your arse.” And she did, slowly and gently, and let out a huge sigh as his cock went right inside her.

After a couple more minutes, I told Sir Richard that he was to start fucking her arse, but the rule was that he was only allowed to withdraw and enter her once every minute – the rest of the time he was to leave his cock pushed right into her. I moved back and then stood up beside His Lordship and we watched them slowly understand how to pleasure each other – His Lordship stroked my backside and murmured “Well done, Pony Harriet, I would never have thought of this solution.”

And it was clear that Joanne was starting to enjoy herself – as I had taught her this morning, she had slipped her fingers into her cunt and was playing with herself, and she was gently moaning in pleasure as she started to rock her hips and draw her husband’s cock deeply into her back passage. I moved close to Sir Richard and whispered, “Time for you to join in.” And without rushing it, he matched the rocking pace she had set up and the pleasure cries from her got steadily louder and her pace increased. Her fingers were working inside her frantically and she suddenly sobbed, “Now, please Richard, now.” And keeping the pace, he spunked into her as she screamed in pleasure.

They stayed with him in her for a couple of minutes, and then Joanne slid down onto her stomach and we heard the ‘plop’ sound  as Sir Richard came out of her sperm-filled backside. But she rolled over and reached up and drew his face down to hers and, as she kissed his cheek, she whispered, “I am really looking forward to tomorrow.”

His Lordship gave Sir Richard his cloak and they went to leave. At the door of the box, Sir Richard turned to look again at his wife, who was still lying on her back with her fingers in her cunt, her eyes closed but with a smile of delight all over her face. When the men had gone, she took my hand and drew me down to lie on her and kissed me repeatedly. “You are the most amazing person and pony I have ever met, and I hope you will remain my friend forever. As for what has just happened, I can tell you I have never had so much sexual pleasure with my husband in all our years together.”

Just then Philip came in and said I was to be moved and from now on I was to be boxed with Pony Sally. Joanne kissed me and whispered, “Go and enjoy your lover – don’t worry about me now, I’ll be fine on my own, remembering this evening and looking forward to tomorrow evening.”

Philip led me along the corridor and opened the door of Sally’s box and I walked in. She was standing there waiting for me, looking exhausted after her day of being fucked by Christophe but we threw our arms around each other and hugged and petted each other. She drew me down onto the blanket and said, “This has been a truly wonderful day – I have spent all day having my womb filled with spunk by the wonderful Christophe and now my lover and friend comes to share my bed forever. And now, in case you had forgotten, it is time for you to have your prize for winning that fantastic race this afternoon – Christophe and I watched it from the paddock. Make love to me darling!”

She made me climb above her prostrate body, 69 style and I joyfully sunk down and licked her reddened cunt and tasted Christophe’s sperm which was still there. Sally was licking me too, and after the excitement of watching Joanne being buggered by her husband, I was running with cum within a few seconds. Then suddenly I felt two large hands holding my hips, and Christophe said, “I think you may be ready for your prize – me, darling Harriet – Lord and Lady Marlow are going to let you be fucked by me. And don’t worry, the trainers have been checking and we know that you are not on heat at the moment, so only Pony Sally is going to foal, not you.”

Sally had her hand around his massive cock and had drawn him into her mouth and was sucking him vigorously. My cunt was soaking wet in anticipation, and then Sally took him out of her mouth and pressed the head into my cunt and said to Christophe, “Pleasure her now, pleasure my lover!” The sensation, after all this time, of having a cock in my cunt was awesome, but I was tight and his cock, fully swollen, was massive but Sally was licking and sucking my labia as he kept pressing forward and the walls of my cunt eased open until I felt his hips pressing against my reddened buttocks and I knew that twelve inches of fine cock were buried inside me and I was going to have the shagging of my life.

And so it turned out to be. Having spent the whole day spending his spunk in my lover, our lovemaking seemed to continue indefinitely, and his pace was slow and gentle. The two of them worked together to maximise my sexual pleasure, and by the time we finished, I must have had more than twenty orgasms, some of them wild but most of them beautiful gentle experiences which made me gently weep with pleasure as they washed over my body.

Finally, Christophe said, “This is it, Harriet, I have to cum in you,” and he increased the pace of his fucking and his hips were slapping against me loudly. Sally reached under him with her hand and massaged his balls and I felt the lovely feeling as his cock expanded as the sperm squeezed up the length of his cock and squirted into me – it was perfect bliss.

After a couple of minutes we were all lying on the blanket, with me in the middle and my two lovers either side of me, stroking my breasts and thighs. And in another couple of minutes, we were all asleep.

* * *

The next morning Joanne and I woke up, still wrapped around each other, when Philip came into the box. “Come on, ponies, today is Race Day, let’s get this show on the road. I want you all in the barn in the next five minutes.” When we got there, the other three ponies were already there and Joanne ran to me as I came in and rubbed her head against mine, pony-style. She was clearly glowing with energy and enthusiasm, and I was really happy for her.  Just then Philip told the trainers to deal with Michelle, Madeleine and Joanne first, and the three of them were chained up separately in the middle of the barn. Then Philip went to the collection of canes and whips and took down three leather straps. “OK, listen to me, ponygirls. His Lordship wants you all looking perfect today, so he has decided that you are to be beaten with leather straps to make your bums glow, and you are all to be beaten for an extra 5 minutes, that is 15 minutes in total.” The three ponies in chains gasped, and then Philip walked over to Christophe, Sally and I and handed us the straps. “Get on with it,” he said sharply, “and don’t go easy, I want to see some really rosy buttocks. Christophe, take Joanne, Sally and Harriet, you take Michelle and Madeleine. Let’s get started!"

I enjoyed strapping Michelle, she was really brave and did not cry out, and the effect of having 15 minutes beating on her bum was wonderful – by the time I finished, her buttocks were glowing bright red. Next to me Christophe had not held back on Joanne, but she was so ecstatic still from her buggering the previous night that even his hardest blows could not bring any complaint from her. Only Madeleine weakened as her beating past the usual ten minutes and she sobbed for the last few minutes as Sally used all her strength on the young girl.

Once the three ponies were unchained, Joanne and Michelle petted Madeleine and comforted her, pointing out that her backside had never looked so attractive, and soon she wiped her tears away. Philip took Sally and I to the chains and hung us up by our wrists, and told Christophe and Joanne to come forward. He then gave them the straps and told Christophe to whip Sally and Joanne to beat me. I saw the look of shock on Joanne’s face – the idea of punishing me horrified her, unlike Christophe who was being asked to whip the probable bearer of his foal, he merely stepped forward and lashed as hard as he could across her buttocks. Joanne hesitated, and I snapped at her, “Do it, Joanne, as you love me, I want to be beaten, I want to have a perfect red arse, I want to win the race. As you love me, whip me!”

This did the trick and a few seconds later the strap cracked against my flesh very hard so that my body jolted under the impact.

“Amazing, lover,” I cried out, “keep going like that.”

And she did, it was one of the hardest thrashings I had ever had at the stables, and although I never cried out, by the last five minutes each blow, now landing on top of earlier ones, caused me real pain and I had to grit my teeth and imagine how lovely my bum would look to the crowds who were coming to see us race.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Christophe was also using all his energy in swinging the strap on Sally’s bum, which was almost vermillion by the time he finished, but even at the end she still had a smile on her face as the last lash of the strap bit into her buttocks.

Once we were taken down from the chains I expected to be taken to the wall to be washed, but Philip called out, “Right ponies, let’s go and get your breakfast, we’ll wash and prepare you afterwards.”  So they replaced our day rig, but no boots or tails which surprised us, and we were led across the courtyard to the dining room. There Philip told us to eat well as there would be no more food until dinner time – he didn’t want us running on a full stomach. We all ate well, although all us of found it was easier to eat standing up – the glowing red buttocks were too sore to allow us to sit down.

After breakfast it was back into the barn for nearly three hours of manicuring and cleaning. During breakfast each of us had been given a fast-acting enema, so we all found ourselves shitting for the first half hour after breakfast. So, as well as our shower and wash, each of us had the douche inserted and our rectum was fully cleaned out. Then our hair was brushed and  arranged, and then oil sprayed onto our nude bodies so that our skin glowed. During breakfast our boots had been cleaned and polished till the leather shone, and our tails cleaned and brushed. Once they were replaced, our head dresses were put on – by this time we were all so excited that the trainers had to keep slapping our buttocks to get us to calm down.

Finally, at about noon, we were led out from the barn onto the forecourt where hundreds of people and many other ponies had already arrived. We were led across to beside the parade ring, and Sally and I were tied up to a bar beside the ring – the Beginners Race was first and so Joanne, Michelle and Madeleine were led into the parade ring to be inspected by the large crowd of onlookers. I could see that all of them were so proud of how they had been prepared that the frisked around the ring, their heads held high in excitement.

We looked at the other ponies, most of whom seemed very similar in shape and physique to our ponies, although there was one pony, the tallest there with black hair, broad shoulders and strong thighs, who stood out as a potential threat to a win for one of ours. This pony had clearly been beaten severely, not only on her buttocks but all over her back, many of the blows causing bleeding, which frightened us.

Eventually the eight ponies were coupled up to their carts and driven down to the field and lined up for the two lap race. The gun went and Joanne made a great start and was two strides ahead of the field by the time they made the first bend – a great advantage. Michelle and Madeleine were tucked in behind her and the black-haired pony running easily in fourth. Joanne set a fast pace from the start, and the ponies held that order for the first lap. But coming down the home straight for the first time, the black-haired pony swung out and overtook Madeleine, though she cut back in so quickly that Madeleine had to almost stop to avoid hitting her.

Joanne was still running smoothly, but coming off the first bend of the second lap, the black-haired girl stormed past Michelle and was close on Joanne’s tail. Round the last bend, but as they hit the home straight, the black-haired girl surged alongside Joanne, but Jo kept her pace and they were neck and neck. Then suddenly, the black-haired girl swerved her cart so that her wheel caught Joanne’s and Jo stumbled and almost went down. Her trainer reacted quickly and leant back to take the weight off Joanne so she recovered her balance and carried on running, but it was too late to save the race – the black-haired girl was over the line, Joanne second, Michelle third and Madeleine fourth.

Poor Joanne was on her knees, sobbing inconsolably although the two French ponies were either side of her rubbing their heads against hers. The ponies were untied from their carts and Joanne was back on her feet when the announcer came on the speaker to formally give the result. But all he said was, “Steward’s Enquiry!” I looked towards the black-haired girl, who had been strutting around boastfully, and could see the anger in her face. There was a long wait, and then after about five minutes, the announcer said, “Steward’s Enquiry result – Pony Eva Kaminsky disqualified – running out of lane – winner Pony Joanne owned by Sir Richard trained by Lord Marlow, second Pony Michelle owned and trained by Lord Marlow, third Pony Madeleine, owned and trained by Lord Marlow.”

Sally and I watched excitedly as our three friends were led up the hill to the winner’s enclosure, and I could see the ear-to-ear grin on Joanne’s face as she was led in and tied up to the winner’s post.  Very soon Sir Richard and Lord Marlow and their friends arrived, and Sir Richard stroked Joanne’s flanks and kissed her and she rubbed her head against his shoulder. The two French ponies were really skittish, no-one had really expected them to achieve these results and Lord and Lady Marlow made a big fuss of them, stroking their breasts and buttocks tenderly. As His Lordship was leaving the winner’s enclosure, he came over to where Sally and I were tethered and patted our bums tenderly.

“You are my star ponies, don’t let me down,” he said gently, and smiled at us.

The announcer the said, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Marlow Cup for ponygirls. Ponies to the parade ring please.” I followed Sally as we were led into the ring and we both walked tall, feeling so proud in our full racing rig, and tossed our heads and flicked our tails to show how happy and confident we were. After a couple of minutes, we were led out and coupled to our carts and went down to the start. There were only six ponies in the race – the six fastest times in ponygirl racing in the last year. The gun went and Sally made another fantastic start – I stumbled slightly and Sally led us into the first bend with me third. Clearly being fucked by Christophe for the whole of yesterday had totally invigorated her as she was going at a scorching pace, but I settled into a rhythm and was still third at the end of the first lap. Coming off the bend into the back straight I saw my chance and surged past the second pony who was tiring and set off after Sally, still some ten yards ahead, probably too much to catch. As we went into the final bend, I just sensed that she had lost a yard of pace, and I lengthened my stride and knew I was catching her. Into the home straight and three yards between us and I pulled out to try and move alongside her. She sensed me coming and accelerated, but I had the momentum - five yards to go and we were neck and neck – and then we hit the tape and it was all over, neither of us knowing who had won it. We both fell to our knees, utterly exhausted and having given every ounce of energy. As we knelt there gasping for breath, the announcer said, “Photo finish!”

Eventually we both recovered and our trainers uncoupled us from the carts and led us up the hill towards the winners’ enclosure. We walked side by side and rubbed each other’s flanks affectionately. But we stood at the entrance to the enclosure for a long while until finally the loudspeaker crackled and the announcer said, “Result of the Marlow Cup – a dead heat between Pony Harriet and Pony Sally. Third place – Pony Christine.”

I could not have been happier. My lover and I had both won the National Championship together. As a brood pony, Sally would never race again, so her last major race was a victory. And I had ensured my place in the stables by being a championship winner too. And then Lord and Lady Marlow arrived and they both stroked and petted Sally and I and told us how pleased they were with us.

Once the prize-giving was over and the crowds were leaving, the five of us were led back to the barn and all our equipment and outfits removed. In the excitement of racing, I think that the younger French ponies had forgotten the routine of the stables, and so were surprised when Joanne and they were chained up ready for their afternoon beating. After a couple of minutes, Lord and Lady Marlow and Sir Richard walked in, all now wearing just riding boots and cloaks. They removed their cloaks and handed them to Philip, who gave each of them a medium cane. His Lordship, his enormous cock sticking straight out, turned and spoke to the ponies chained up. “Well done again, ponies, you have all brought great honour to the stables today and we are very proud of you. To show our pleasure, we have decided to administer your beating in person this afternoon.”

The two younger girls were silent, but Joanne spoke immediately. “Thank you, Lord Marlow, we are all pleased to have honoured you this afternoon and look forward to being beaten as usual. I am hoping, your Lordship, that my husband is going to give his pony and slave the beating she deserves and wants.”

“Well said, Joanne,” Lord Marlow replied. “She is all yours Sir Richard – don’t spare her, she is really starting to enjoy her punishment. And if you don’t mind, my darling, I will have Madeleine – those buttocks really excite me.”

“Not at all, darling,” her Ladyship replied. “I am planning on enjoying both of these youngsters tonight anyhow, so go ahead and prepare her for me.” The three of them set about whipping the three ponies with relish, but all three ponies were so excited and happy after their public success that afternoon that they positively enjoyed their ten minutes of beating – none cried or even whimpered, and Joanne was positively ecstatic as her husband dominated her. After the beating, all five of us ponies were all washed and led off to the dining room – we were all ravenous after our exercise and found a wonderful meal set out for us, including bottles of wine, and for a couple of hours we laughed and joked and teased each other as the friends we now were.

That was such a memorable night for all of us. After dinner, Michelle and Madeleine were dressed in shoes and cloaks and taken over to the house, where Lady Caroline took them to her bed and the three of them spent the whole night pleasuring each other in an orgy of Sapphic sex. Once Joanne was returned to her box, Sir Richard and Lord Marlow arrived and she became their plaything for the rest of the night as they took turns enjoying her anus.

And in our box, Sally and I wrapped ourselves in each other’s arms and talked of all that had happened to us, looked forward to the future and gently brought each other to a succession of delicious orgasms. It was one of the happiest nights of my life.


Nine months later, Sally had her foal – Charlotte who, as the first foal ever in the stable, was adored and spoilt by everyone. The foal had a wonderful life growing up in the stables, and was later to grow to become a great ponycart racer herself.

Sally never raced again, but she joined Lady Marlow in running her dungeon and torture operation – she turned out to have a great ability as a whip mistress and she brought in a vast clientele of men who came just for the pain and pleasure of one of her beatings.

Michelle was a good ponyracer, but never won any major championships, and after a couple of years Lord Marlow sold her to another stable, where she grew up to be a very fine trainer, and one of her foals won the Marlow Cup a few years later.

Madeleine never really mastered pony racing, but her wonderful figure and erotic skills as an escort allowed Lady Marlow to expand her sex business, and eventually Her Ladyship persuaded her husband to convert one of the barns into an expensive sauna which Madeleine developed into a highly profitable business with half a dozen escorts working there.

Joanne went back to her husband after a fortnight, and she told me that for the first ten days at home, they never left their bed as she taught him more and more ways to pleasure her anus. After that, she would often come to the stables in the mornings, after he had left for work, and would spend the day with us as a pony, particularly delighting in being beaten with us. Whenever Sir Richard travelled on business, he would book her in to stay at the stables, and then His Lordship would put Joanne and I in the traces of the double cart and have us take him up to the glade on the hill. He would often bring a hamper and we would spend the whole day there, our arses deliciously raw and throbbing by the end of the day after he had buggered us in every way imaginable
And me? Well, the following spring, I found myself being led out into the paddock and my reins being tied to the bottom rail of the fence. Then the familiar shape of Christophe appeared beside me, and that magnificent cock slipped into a wet cunt that was more than ready for him. For the rest of that day and night my cunt was wonderfully filled with his sperm – with the result that my foal Isabella was born nine months later. In fact, Christophe covered me twice more, so I now have two more foals, Caitlin and Christopher. I won the Marlow Cup once more, but then I was retired from racing and gradually Lord Marlow gave me more and more responsibility for the ponies in the stables (we now have twelve ponygirls and three ponyboys in training) and now, in my thirties, following Philip's retirement, I have taken over as Head Trainer. But every day I am chained up in the barn and beaten – if I am lucky, by Sally who is still the best - there are some pleasures I refuse to give up.

Sally and I live in a cottage on Sir Richard's estate with our four children, but at the end of a busy day, she and I climb into our lovely double bed and wrap ourselves around each other and greedily make love to each other. Every month or so, ‘Uncle’ Christophe comes to stay the night, and joins us in our bed and we spend most of the night taking turns to be fucked by him, he is a lovely treat and we enjoy his magnificent cock as much as ever. But, I have never adored anyone as much as I adore my gorgeous Sally – one day we will get married to each other but in the meantime, we are the most devoted lovers.



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