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Human Interest

by Cardman

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Part Six Chapter 9: A Special Treat

Mistress Ella chained Irish in her stall and Twilight volunteered to help her get her tack off and hung up so that Ella and Christine could go get the dinner cart. Ella secretly slipped Twilight the remote for Irish’s belt and she and Christine headed for the lodge announcing that they would be back in about a half an hour as they wanted to get their paint-splattered clothes into the washing machine before they dried.

Twilight unlocked Irish’s headdress and started unlacing Irish’s boots. “Let me have that and I’ll put it in bowl for you,” said Twilight taking the headdress from her. Quick as a wink, she popped the converter off from the bridle, put the end caps on and put it in the bowl with the solution. Casually, she pulled the door to the stall closed and turned towards Irish who had just finished pulling off her boots. “Wouldn’t want just anyone walking in now, would we?” B-U-Z-Z-Z-Z! One quick short buzz and Twilight had Irish’s full attention.

Irish’s mouth dropped open as Twilight slid her leather panties down over her boots and stepped out of them. “Would you like to thank me for your flogging this afternoon, ponygirl?”

Irish nodded and opened her mouth to answer but Twilight put her index finger over Irish’s lips and said, “Your tongue has better things to do than waste time talking. On your knees, ponygirl.”

The stable was alive with activity and chatter so no one noticed the soft moans coming from stall #3. Irish squeezed Twilight’s buns with both hands and pulled her hard against her mouth, her tongue a flurry of activity. Twilight held the back of Irish’s head as she ground herself on Irish’s face. Irish responded eagerly, she couldn’t get enough of the taste of her Mistress as her tongue darted in and out and around and around. B-U-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z…. Twilight’s timing was impeccable and Irish began to gyrate fiercely as she licked faster and faster. Twilight gave one final thrust against Irish and her whole body shuddered in a massive release of sexual energy. To say that this pushed Irish over the top would be a gross understatement. She screamed as her whole body convulsed in furious orgasm. Twilight dropped to her knees and embraced Irish hard. Irish squeezed Twilight so hard as they kissed you’d have thought she was trying to pull her into the same corset with her.

They knelt together for almost five minutes before Twilight said, “I have dining room duty tonight so I have to go get cleaned up beforehand. Let me help you off with your corset and then you should have time to shower before they come back with your dinner.”

Once the corset was off and hanging on its hooks, Twilight said, “Let’s get your belt off. You can wear it in the shower you know but I suspect you’d rather have it off right now, wouldn’t you?” Irish nodded and Twilight pulled out a key from a pocket in her corset. She set the belt on the chair and suddenly Twilight pushed Irish back onto the bed and dove between her thighs. Her tongue would have made Gene Simmons blush and the skill with which she used it had Irish moaning almost instantly. Just as quickly as she started, she stopped and Irish popped her head up off from her pillow with the most pitiful desperate plea on her face. “Just seeing if you were paying attention, my love,” smirked Twilight and began again in earnest. The tip of Twilight’s tongue was just long enough to hit the G-spot and that was all it took. Irish humped Twilight’s face for all she was worth as multiple waves of pleasure rolled on and on.

One final long lick of Irish’s juices and Twilight popped up, kissed her on the forehead and said, “Got to go. Can’t be late for work. Enjoy your shower.” Grabbing her panties, she left making sure to lock the door to the stall behind her.

Irish gathered herself together and while heading for the bathroom heard moaning coming from the stall behind hers. “See, I’m not the only horny one around here,” she thought as she adjusted the temperature of the water in the shower.


Irish was brushing her hair when Christine and Mistress Ella came in with the dinner tray. She immediately dropped her brush and assumed the position. “That’s okay, dear, please finish what you were doing and then come and eat. You will need all of your energy for the Derby tomorrow.” Ella popped the cork on a new bottle of bubbly and the three of them chatted freely about everything that Irish had experienced that day… well, almost everything. A dull ache was growing in Irish’s nipples but the champagne was helping.

Christine looked hungrily at Irish’s dinner and then at her watch figuring it would only be five minutes before the dinner bell rang. “Chateaubriand with sauce Béarnaise,” thought Christine, “I can’t wait.”

Christine’s reverie was interrupted by Mistress Ella’s instructions, “Tonight after dinner, you have to clean, saddle soap and polish all of your tack again, Irish. I must say you did a fantastic job last night. I have never seen hooves shined like that before.”

Irish grinned, “When my older brother would come home on leave from the Navy, we would sit for hours and talk while we polished his boots and shoes. Just the act of polishing my hooves and corset brought all those fond memories back. I didn’t realize how much I have missed him since he got married and moved to North Carolina with his new job.”

“Well, dear, I hope you will have fond memories of us after you leave here as well,” she said, kissing Irish on the forehead. “Come on, Christine, it can’t hurt to be a little early for dinner. Leave the rest of the champagne for Irish, it may help her get to sleep later. Goodnight dear.”

“Goodnight Mistress Ella. Goodnight Christine.”

Less than two hours later, Christine had finished polishing the last piece of her tack and had put the belt back on the recharger when she heard the rattle of keys in the lock on her stall. She was about to try to cover herself with her blanket when she saw Twilight peek through the bars on the window in the door and smile. She softly entered the stall and closed the door behind her. In one hand she had another bottle of bubbly and in the other hand a tube of Aloe Vera lotion.

“I have been studying massage therapy under the tutelage of Jillian and David and thought you deserved a special treat tonight. I see you still have a trace of the red stripes from the single tail. Those will be gone by morning even if I have to lick them off,” smirked Twilight.

Irish grabbed two glasses and headed to the bathroom to rinse them out while Twilight popped the cork on the new bottle. When she returned, she almost dropped them both. Twilight had taken off her robe and had hung it on one of the hooks on the back of the door blocking the window. Irish set the glasses down and took Twilight’s hand and lead her over to the bed. For the next two hours, between the massaging and champagne, the two did things for each other that only women know how to do. Irish finally fell asleep in Twilight’s arms and never woke when Twilight left at 5:25 to get ready to serve breakfast.

Chapter 10: Forever Young

At 6:15, Irish Rose was awakened by the sound of Master Tom firing up his John Deere tractor to begin rolling the track for the Derby. The day before he had scraped and dragged the track to get rid of any ruts accumulated during the past month’s training sessions and to make the chariots harder to pull. This morning, as before every Derby, he pulled a monstrous, water-filled drum behind his tractor, lap after lap, until the track was almost as smooth and hard as an airport runway. Everything had to be perfect.

Irish sat up and looked sadly around hoping to see Twilight but realized that she must be getting ready to serve breakfast again. The light was green and so she slipped quietly into the bathroom. “Twilight was right,” she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror, “The stripes from the whip have completely faded.”

Returning to her bed, she laid down for a minute, listening for the sounds of others beginning to stir. She twiddled with the chain connecting her to the wall, sliding her fingers from the ring in the wall to the ring on the back of her collar. She caressed each letter of the name etched in her collar….I-R-I-S-H….R-O-S-E… her name, what a pretty name. For a fleeting moment, she had forgotten her Lindsay side completely and had surrendered to the contentment of being a ‘Pampered Pony’. She finally admitted to herself that she loved everything about being a ponygirl. She loved her boots. She loved her pretty red and black posture collar. She loved the smell of all of her leather tack. She loved the fresh smell of the morning air as she had jogged through the canyon. She loved the sense of accomplishment it had given her to be able to stride almost effortlessly through the obstacle course, blindfolded. She adjusted her nipple rings and gently nibbled on her lower lip at the tingling sensation it sent through her breasts. She loved her nipple rings. It was then for the first time she realized that she even loved the beating she had suffered at the hands of Mistress Lilith. It had shown her how tough she could be when she needed to be. It had shown her how she could not only endure but excel.

Her parents had spoiled her with material things and had denied her the thing she craved the most. She needed that sense of being loved, of belonging, that only loving discipline can bring. The kind of discipline that says, “I have faith in you. I love you and you can be better than this. Let me correct you.” Mistress Ella and yes, even Mistress Lilith had shown her that kind of love and she knew now that she belonged here. She paused to kiss her chain and then began the task of putting on her ponyboots.

She was standing at ‘parade rest’ completely dressed except for her beautiful, leather corset and voice converter. She had even managed to snap the locks on her chastity belt by herself and wiggled her hips in delicious anticipation of what she hoped might come later. She heard the jiggling of the trays as more than a dozen dinner carts came rolling down the path from the lodge and bumped over the door sill into the stable. A minute later came the familiar sound of the lock on her stall popping open and in walked Mistress Ella with her breakfast tray.

She pawed the ground and Ella asked, “Are you wondering where Christine is this morning, dear?”

Irish nodded yes.

“She decided she wanted to get a head start on editing your story for the broadcast. Right now she is downloading all of the footage taken so far onto her laptop so she will have enough recording time left on the camera for the rest of today’s activities. She will join us later. Come and eat, Irish.”

Irish sat down and lifted the cover off her plate and her eyes popped wide open. Mistress Ella laughed at her surprise and Irish shrugged her shoulders. “What, you’ve never had spaghetti for breakfast before,” chuckled Ella. “The Derby is a test not only of speed but of stamina. All of the carts and drivers are weighed this morning and then weights are added to each cart to make the loads pulled by the ponies equal. Master Jones is the biggest driver and I’m afraid they will be adding an extra sixty pounds or more to our cart. That’s why you need the complex carbohydrates in pasta this morning. Mangia, mangia, as they say in Italy.”

Irish smiled and dug right in. She loved spaghetti, though from her figure you’d never know it, she finished off the whole plate and two big meatballs in very short order.

Mistress Ella leaned over Irish’s shoulder and teased, “You know if you keep eating like that it will make your boobs as big as Sofia Loren’s and then we’ll have to get you bigger rings.” Ella gently cupped both of Irish’s breasts in her hands and fingered her nipples. “These are just perfect as they are.”

Irish turned her head slightly, took Ella’s right hand in hers and softly kissed it then nuzzled the back of Ella’s arm with her cheek.

“I love you too, Irish. Go brush your teeth and let’s get you ready.”


Mistress Ella pulled Irish to a halt at the registration desk and picked up three # 6’s, one for the back of her jersey and one for each side of the cart. She immediately peeled the backing off two of them and stuck them to the cart as they moved forward onto the scales.

Master Tom came over and whispered to Irish, “Those are beautiful rings, Irish, you should be very proud.” Irish whinnied and gave them a little wiggle so her bells tinkled. Tom smiled and taking hold of her bridle directed her exactly where to stand so they could get an accurate weight of Ella and the cart.

“146 pounds,” Tom called out and the official behind the desk wrote it down next to the number six. “Okay, El, you know where to leave the cart. They will all be ready by 1:00 if you want to pick yours up and take a couple of warm up laps before the race.”

Ella pulled hard left and Irish pivoted the cart around. A quick shake of the reins and Irish stepped off in the direction the equipment barn. “This is also where they keep all of the extra weights for the carts,” said Ella as she guided Irish into a spot in the line behind the #5 cart. Ella finished unhitching Irish from the cart then locked her elbow cuffs together and her wrist cuffs to her hip rings on her corset and added, “We may as well work on your posture a little this morning. You look a little too relaxed this morning, Irish. Besides, I love to see your tits sticking out,” and then she kissed her on the nose and Irish giggled, “n-n-n-g-g-h”.

Mistress Ella strode proudly across the lawn with Irish in tow, taking every opportunity to chat with everyone they met. Irish would stand silently by at ‘parade rest’ and occasionally jingle her bells on command, as much to her own delight as that of her viewers. Ella stopped at the foot of the stairs leading up to the porch on the front of the lodge and tied Irish’s reins to the railing. “I’ll be right back, Irish. You can’t come in the lodge with your ponyboots on.”

Irish looked longingly after Mistress Ella as she disappeared through the door into the lodge. A feeling of emptiness came over her as she looked out over the grounds trying to find a familiar face, that beautiful face she was staring into before falling asleep last night. Irish looked back towards the door a couple of minutes later just as it swung open and Mistress Ella came out. A sense of relief came over Irish, much like a three-year old seeing her mother again after being lost in the clothes racks at a department store, and she whinnied and danced excitedly.

“I wasn’t gone that long, was I?” asked Ella rubbing Irish’s cheek with the back of her fingers. Irish closed her eyes for a moment and rubbed back. “Tip your head back, dear; I got you a bottle of cold water from the kitchen.” Ella used her handkerchief to dab the water away that ran down Irish’s chin when she was done. “I’ll hold on to the rest of the bottle for later. The vendor’s tent is open now; let’s go see what’s going on this morning.”

The tent was packed with people again, wandering from booth to booth, looking for that special something even though they had no idea what it might be. The vendors were working every angle trying to move as much merchandise as possible so they wouldn’t have to pack it up and haul it back to their shops. They were busy hawking bargains like that guy in the Wham-Sow commercials.

“Mistress Ella! Mistress Ella!” shouted Twilight as she came pushing her way through the crowd, “Daddy said I could do it! Daddy said I could do it and Auntie Christine is buying it for me for my birthday,” she squealed excitedly.

“That’s great, Twilight. When are you going to do it?”

“Right now. Christine is waiting for me. She wanted me to find you so you could watch. Hurry.”

Ella tugged on a very confused Irish’s leash and they hurried along behind as Twilight trotted ahead. She lead them down to the photographer’s area behind the grandstands where a makeshift booth had been set up, complete with a portable Honda generator quietly humming away.

“Here are your first two customers of the day,” said Christine to the photographer’s assistant. “Twilight, since it’s your birthday, you should go first and show Irish that there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Yes, thank you, Auntie Christine,” and after a brief hug and kiss, Twilight jumped up on the table.

“Where do you want it… arm… shoulder…. back?” asked the assistant.

“Right butt cheek, please.”

“Okay, we are going to have to strap you down. We can’t have any movement during the procedure.” Having said that, Christine and Ella began helping the assistant with the elaborate array of straps securing Twilight face down on the padded table. When they were done, Twilight could barely breathe, let alone try of move even a smidge.

The assistant ripped open a big packet and handed the gauze roll to Ella and said, “Have her bite on this when the machine starts.” He pulled up an image on the screen of the computer which ran the machine and confirmed with Christine that this was what she wanted. He hit the “Enter” button and a minute later a printer- like device spit out what appeared to be a very thick decal. He removed the adhesive backing around the perimeter of the patch, carefully lined it up, stuck it to her butt and moved the head of the machine into position using the alignment marks on the decal. He looked at Ella and nodded.

Ella said, “Open up, dear,” and shoved the wad into Twilight’s waiting mouth.

The assistant hit the “Start” button and 9,000 tiny needles fired off in rapid succession, like a multi-head embroidery unit driving the dyes in the decal deep into Twilight’s skin. Twilight’s eyes crossed in pain but she managed to stifle her scream as she bit hard on the gauze. Five seconds passed and it was all over. Twilight felt a warming sensation as the infrared light from the machine permanently set the dyes.

“All done, you can release her now. I have to put this head in the sterilizer and reload the machine with a new one. You can get the next ponygirl ready.”

“N-n-n-g-h-h N-n-n-g-g-h-h,” whinnied Irish as she tried to back away nervously. One can only assume that it meant “Next ponygirl????” Irish wasn’t sure what had just happen to Twilight but she was pretty sure she didn’t want any part of it and she started to tremble. Mistress Ella saw her distress and took her in her arms and just held her without saying a word.

Twilight peeled off the decal and wiped her skin with the solvent-soaked pad the assistant handed her. What emerged was the most incredibly beautiful tattoo Irish had ever seen. It was just like looking at a photograph of Twilight in full pony dress framed by a large bronzed horseshoe. Around the outside of the horseshoe it said, “Pampered Pony Ranch” and under her picture in flowing freestyle script was “Twilight Girl”. Twilight smiled at Irish, walked over and put her arms around her neck and said, “I want to see your beauty preserved forever. Please do this for me.” Twilight kissed her on the nose and stepped back.

How could she say no to her? Irish nodded. Ella said, “Let me unlock your cuffs so you can at least lay comfortably for this. Irish stepped up on the platform and lay down on the table. Christine and Ella quickly strapped her down before she could change her mind while the assistant tended to the machine. Ella undid the cams holding Irish’s converter in and wrapped it in a paper towel. Twilight bent down and kissed Irish as she long to be kissed then shoved a gauze wad between her teeth. “I’m right here with you,” she said gently stroking Irish’s cheek.

Irish’s body went rigid the second the assistant hit the button. She felt like she was in electro-shock therapy and then it was over and the warming sensation began and she spit out the gauze. As soon as she was freed from the table, she lost herself in Twilight’s waiting arms. Christine peeled back the decal and sponged off the excess dye while they kissed and she and Ella looked in astonishment at the new tattoo. “Wow,” was all they could say. This new technology was fantastic. What would have taken hours by hand was done flawlessly in seconds by the machine. “This is a story in itself,” thought Christine, “I’m glad I recorded it.”

“Next pony, please,’ called the assistant as a line was beginning to form outside the booth. The four of them headed outside. Irish and Twilight walked hand in hand, giggling like a couple of teenagers.

“Look,” said Twilight, “The line is not too long. Let’s get pictures taken together. Is that okay, Sis?”

“Okay but put your bits back in. If we have to listen to you two giggling at least you can sound like proper ponies.”

The photographer took a minute to admire the beautiful tattoos that his new machine had created then he hit upon and idea. “If you two will pose for my advertizing brochure, I’ll do your portraits for free. All you have to do is sign a model release so I can use the pictures. Do we have a deal?”

The girls nodded yes and the photographer directed them into position. “Okay ponies, turn away from the camera about 45 degrees and bend forward putting your hands on your knees. That’s it, now lift your heads up and look back over your shoulders like you are trying to see your tattoos. Smile.” Flash! Flash! Flash!

With the promo shots out of the way, Twilight and Irish spent the next couple of minutes hamming it up in front of the camera. For the final pose, they faced each other with their belly buttons touching and leaned their shoulders back slightly so that their bells hung freely between them. They rested their hands on each other’s shoulders and stared into each other’s eyes. Flash! Flash! Flash!

“I want an 8x10 copy of that one,” said Mistress Ella.

“Me too,” replied Christine. “Now let’s get some lunch before the Derby begins.”

Lunch was served out on the lawn again and for most of the ponies and drivers it consisted of a light salad with a bowl of fresh fruit on the side. Other guests enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers done over the barbeque pit as they weren’t going to be the ones running in 90oF heat. As they sat eating, Christine and Ella couldn’t help smiling at the number of guests who were craning their necks trying to get a look at Irish and Twilight’s butts.

“Look there’s Bronze Lily,” said Irish, “May I show her my pretty tattoo, Mistress Ella.”

“Yes, dear…..” Irish jumped up from the table……” Not so fast, Irish, ponies must be escorted at all times on Derby weekend. Twilight, dear, here is her leash. Would you please take her over there so I can finish my salad?”

“Yes, Mistress Ella.”

Excitedly they sprinted across the lawn to where Master Ramirez and Bronze Lily were about to sit down. Twilight said, “Irish Rose would like to show something Master if she may”.

“Certainly, Twilight, what is it?”

“Turn around, Irish.” She turned sideways so they both could see her new tattoo.

“That is beautiful,” said Master Ramirez, “I had heard that they were going to try to do some here this weekend but this is the first one I have seen. May I?”

“Certainly, Master.”

Master Ramirez reached out and touched Irish gently on her butt and leaned closer to exam the fine detail that had been rendered. “This is truly amazing. Her beauty will be preserved forever. What do you think, Lily? Would you like to get one?”

“Oh, yes please, Master, may I. It is so lovely.”

“Of course, my love. How could I refuse a request from the Grand Champion Show Pony? You will be the envy of the Caribbean. Forever Young.” He gave Irish a loving swat on the rump and said, “Thank you, Irish. Thank you, Twilight. I will see to it that you each get something special for being so kind as to think of us and want to show us that.”

Twilight said, “Thank you Master Ramirez.” Irish just bowed. “Rise, ponygirl, I have to get you back to Mistress Ella so you have time to practice before the Derby.”

When they got back to the table, Twilight handed Irish’s leash to Mistress Ella and told Irish that she had to help clear the lawn and set up for the winners’ reception but she would come down to cheer her on.

“Aren’t you running in the Derby too, Twilight,” inquired Irish.

“No, dear, Mistress Ella is the Derby winner in this family,” replied Twilight winking at her sister.

“Now, Twilight don’t be giving away all the family secrets,” and she kissed her on the cheek as she got up to leave. “Come, Irish, let’s go get warmed up. Are you coming, Christine?

“No, I’m going to do some more editing but I’ll be there for the race.”


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