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Human Interest 7

by Cardman

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© Copyright 2011 - Cardman - Used by permission

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Part Seven Chapter 11: I Told You So

Ella and Irish found their cart after a brief bathroom break. Many of the teams were already out on the track but Ella assured Irish that she wouldn’t need that much warm up. Ella clipped the handles of the sulky to Irish’s wrist cuffs and Irish started to kneel. Ella grabbed her bridle and said, “Wait. I want you to wear your blinders for the race. Yes, I know most of the teams out there aren’t wearing any and that is a big mistake. Every year there are collisions because a pony will veer left or right as another pony tries to pass and get run into by someone coming up on the other side that they didn’t see. All of the truly experienced drivers know that their ponies run better if they can only see what’s ahead of them. Okay?”

“Yes, Mistress, you’re the boss.”

“You’d better believe it, Sweetie,” Ella said and gave Irish a quick swat on the rump. She securely attached the side blinders to Irish’s headgear and gave her a quick sip of water. “Not too much, now. I’ll give you another sip just before post time.” Ella took Irish’s head in her hands and planted a big one on her lips. “My little sister is crazy about you, you know. Win this one for her. Now open up.”

Irish smiled and opened her mouth so Ella could insert her bit and converter, then knelt down so she could get in the cart. “Up,” said Ella and then she glanced at the supplemental weights hanging on the sides, “73 pounds! Master Jones has got to lay off the desserts.”

Irish laughed a big pony laugh, Ella shook the reins and they were off.

The official at the gate held them up until all of the carts had passed and it was safe to enter the track. They started out at a brisk walk and Ella talked about pacing, strategy and where she would be asking Irish to try to pass as the race progressed. Irish listened carefully to every word and then there was silence and she could listen to the clip-clop of her ponyboots on the hard packed track surface. Master Tom had done an excellent job, the track was perfect and the cart rolled along smoothly.

Ella gave a whistle and Irish picked up the pace a little. She looked at her stop watch and counted the poles going by. Thirty seconds later she whistled again and restarted her watch. “This is a perfect pace, Irish. I know you can go faster but we have to be very careful the first couple of laps because that’s when all the accidents happen. Once the carts get spread out, we will begin to make our move and pick them off one at a time. When we hit the three-quarter pole on the last lap, I’m going to turn you loose and it’s all on you at that point.” Finishing her little pep talk, Ella pulled back softly and Irish slowed to a canter and then to a walk.

After a lap and a half, they pulled off the track into the paddock area where the water misters were working overtime. Irish titled her head back as much as her posture collar would allow and let the sprays hit her full in the face. After a minute, Ella gave the down command and got out of the cart. Coming around to the front, she gave Irish another sip of water and then lead her over to the rail and said that this would be a great spot from which to watch the first three races.

B-U-Z-Z-Z-T! Irish’s head popped up suddenly as the vibrators sprung to life and then stopped.

It was Twilight coming and she was laughing as she held the remote in her hand. “Here’s your remote back, Mistress Ella. I wonder what it’s for,” she giggled. Twilight was always careful to call her sister, Mistress whenever there were other ponies and drivers around.

“I think you should hold on to it for me, Twilight, I suspect you may need it later.”

“N-n-n-n-g-g-h-h!” nodded Irish.

“I also brought you a towel so you could wipe Irish down before and after the race.”

“Thank you, dear, but I think you should do it, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” responded Twilight and she gently began dabbing the sweat off Irish’s face and body.

“N-n-n-g-g-h N-g-h”

“You’re welcome, Irish.” Twilight was fluent in ponyese.

“Senior ponyboys to the staging area, please,” came the announcement over the loudspeaker. “All rise and gentlemen please remove your hats for the playing of our national anthem”. Post Call was sounded on the tenor bugle and the ponyboys, men really at this age, paraded by the grandstands to the starting line.

“Bang!” “And they’re off,” said the announcer who called the race post by post. In the end, it was no contest as Digby Lad won by more than 10 lengths in just over a minute twenty for the quarter mile. The senior ponygirls had a much closer race but at the wire it was Sin City Sister by just over a cart and a half. The open ponyboy division proved to be more of a demolition derby than a race as six of the carts piled up in the first turn as they jockeyed for position. The heat took its toll as well and even the winner cramped up and came limping down the homestretch to win in a disappointing time of almost eight minutes. A win is still a win, they say and Mama’s Boy gladly accepted the prize and the cheers.

Irish fidgeted nervously almost dreading the moment and then there it was, Post Call. Twilight gave her a quick kiss on the nose and Ella lead Irish out of the paddock onto the track before jumping into the cart and shaking the reins. Everyone cheered as the contestants were introduced as they passed the stands and before Irish knew it she was standing at the starting line.

“Relax, Irish,” said Ella sensing Irish’s tension, “Wiggle that cute butt of yours for me.”

Irish giggled in ponyese as she shook her booty.

“BANG!” The announcer started in again and the race was on.

Ella pulled back slightly as they approached the first turn as they were fifth from the rail and she knew from experience that the first two turns were the most dangerous. They were a good four lengths back just trotting along when it happened. One of the new ponygirls, not wearing blinders like Ella said they should, saw someone closing in on the right and drifted left pushing Lilith’s left cart wheel into an inside fence post, flipping the cart sideways and roughly throwing Lilith and her pony, Annabelle, to the ground. Irish immediately came to a stop and dropped to her knees which completely amazed Ella as no one had ever done anything like that before. Ella jumped out and helped Lilith and Annabelle up. Lilith’s nose was bleeding but Annabelle was unhurt.

“Get going,” shouted Lilith, “You still have a race to win. Thank you, Irish.”

Ella jumped back in the cart and without a word Irish was to her feet and began to trot. They were now 300 yards behind and Ella shouted, “All of our strategy has just gone out the window, Irish, it’s all on your shoulders now. Regardless of the outcome, I am very proud of you. That was very selfless of you to stop to help another pony and driver in trouble.” Ella whistled and Irish picked it up.

By the end of lap two Irish was moving smoothly along apparently under no strain and she had managed to make up 100 of the 300 yard gap but 200 yards was still almost half of a lap behind. The crowd realized the sacrifice that that they had just witness Irish make and lead by Christine and Twilight had taken to chanting,   “I-rish!...I-rish!...I-rish!”

The third lap is the one that separates the men from the boys as they say, or in this case, the ponygirls from the pretenders. The 95o heat was taking its toll and they began to fade one by one. This was very fortunate for Ella and Irish as it is much easier to pass carts one at a time than when they are two and three wide.

One lap to go and another 100 yards closer to the leaders but time was running out and the cart was getting heavier. It was then that Irish heard the crowd chanting for the first time. All of a sudden she let go of the handles and the clips on her cuffs took the load off her hands which were beginning to cramp up. She shook her arms to ease her muscles. She shook her head and whinnied what must have been the equivalent of “Hang on Momma!” grabbed the handles again and picked up the pace once more. By the time, they reached the first turn, she had gained another 30 yards and coming out of the second she passed two more and was behind by only 30. Between the third and fourth turns, Mistress Ella showed two more drivers what a difference an experienced jockey can make as she successfully guided Irish around them as they tried to block her path.

They hit the home stretch and Ella wondered how Irish could have anything left after that miraculous comeback. They were 20 yards behind with only 100 yards to go but she gave one final whistle just to let Irish know that she believed it was still possible. Bolstered by that single vote of confidence, Irish dug deep and as they say in NASCAR, “She found another gear.” Out of nowhere came a kick that would have made Jesse Owens proud. The leader heard the jingling of bells and caught a glimpse of Irish coming out of the corner of his eye and spurred his ponygirl with his quirt as they lunged for the wire. Both ponygirls thrust out their chests to try to break the tape and then it was over.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, your patience please, we have a photo finish”. After what seemed like an eternity while both ponygirls tried desperately to catch their breath and get their hearts back in their chest cavities, the announcer came back on…….”and the winner is……IRISH ROSEBY A BELL!   ”

“HUH?” “WHAT?” The crowd loved the victory but what the heck did that mean they wondered.

A silence fell over the crowd as the head judge made his way to the microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen, this has been the closest race in Derby history but the photo is conclusive. The bell on Irish’s left nipple ring bounced straight out at the exact moment the two ponies reached the finish line. Since the bell is part of a surgical implant it has been ruled to be a part of her body and therefore Irish Rose has been declared the winner.”

First the crowd broke out in laughter at the verbal image of a bouncing bell on a nipple ring crossing the finish first and then in thunderous applause for the courageous effort she had put forth and the chanting began again as Irish received her garland of rose.

Twilight was the first to reach Irish and gave her a big kiss. “I told you so,” she said, “I told you you’d thank me some day for making you get those rings.”

“N-n-g-g-h N-g-h”

“You’re welcome,” laughed Twilight and everyone joined in.

“Let’s put our cart away and get your bit out. It’s much easier to drink champagne without it,” said Ella.

Chapter 12: Separation Anxiety

 The grandstands emptied quickly as everyone headed to the reception to congratulate the winners. The champagne flowed freely and hundreds of pictures were snapped as the winners huddled together under the shade of the reception canopy. The vendors were making their final call before packing up their remaining merchandize and many of the teams were gathering their stuff and loading their trailers in preparation for the long ride across the Mohave to get home. All in all it signaled the beginning of the end to the most wonderful experience Irish had ever had and a feeling of melancholy started to come over her. “What will become of me and Twilight?” She began to worry.

Master Don stepped up to the portable podium and began, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ponyboys and Ponygirls, I want to thank all of you for coming this weekend. This has been the biggest turn-out in Desert Derby history and the most exciting racing we have seen so far. Let’s have another hand for our competitors.”

“I would also like to thank all of our vendors and in particular, Mr. Randal Klaw, our ace photographer, and his assistant, Dean Morris, for bringing their new computerized tattooing machine out here, all the way from El Paso. It has been so popular that they have promised to bring it back next year. As they are not leaving until tomorrow morning, they have offered to keep the booth open until dinner time in case you are having regrets about not having one done earlier.” The crowd applauded their approval and Master Don began again.

“There is one more ceremony before we can wrap up today’s formal program. Twilight Girl, come here please.” Twilight came bouncing out of the crowd and threw her arms around his neck. “Next weekend is Twilight’s birthday but she has to leave to go back to college next Sunday so her mother and I decided we should celebrate it this weekend when all of our extended family is here.”

At that announcement, a spontaneous chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ broke out and everyone cheered.

“Tell everyone how old you are, Twilight.”

“I’ll be 20 next weekend.”

“Assume the position, dear.” Twilight smiled at Irish, pulled down her leather panties and bent over the podium much to the delight of those assembled. They all oo-ed and ah-ed as they saw Twilight’s tattoo for the first time or maybe for some it was her perfectly round cheeks they appreciated.

“I told your mom she could do the honors this year, Twilight. Lilith, my love, are you ready?”

By now Irish was used to surprises but this was too much; Mistress Lilith is Twilight and Ella’s mom? Twilight saw the stunned look on Irish’s face and winked and laughed.

Mistress Lilith walked around in front of Twilight and showed her the single-tail in her hand. She cupped Twilight’s chin in her hand and asked, “Do you think you can take 20 lashes without cumming, dear?” Twilight shook her head ‘No’. Lilith kissed her on the forehead and said, “Good. Let’s begin.”

The crowd joined in counting each lash as Twilight drifted further and further into subspace. On the eighteenth lash, Twilight’s endorphin level had peaked and she convulsed in blissful orgasms almost knocking over the podium. Her dad rushed over to hold her up as the crowd applauded and cheered. Lilith administered the last two strokes ….nineteen…..twenty and then she stepped up to Twilight, softly rubbed her bottom and whispered in her ear, “Happy Birthday, dear. Your father and I are very proud of you.”

Twilight gathered herself up as much as possible as subspace began to fade away, turned around and gave her mom a big kiss and said, “Thank you. I love you too.” Once again the crowd applauded as mother and daughter embraced. Twilight wasted no time in pulling up her panties and walking over to give Irish a big hug.

“Mistress Lilith is your mom? But what about your mother and Jillian,” asked Irish?

“What’s the problem? Many people in the sex-positive community are poly-amorous. My dad thinks it is great that my mom has so much love to share. They both do and spend endless hours working for the foundation to trying to help others. I plan to work the family business too after I graduate.”

Master Don stepped to the microphone again. “Once again, I thank you all for coming. We know those of you who are staying another week but the chef asked me to get a headcount of any of the rest of you who would like to stay for dinner so please see me immediately after the reception”.

Christine walked up to Twilight and Irish gave Twilight a little swat and said, “And one to grow on.”

“Thank you, Auntie Christine, and thank you for my beautiful tattoo.”

“How much do I owe you, Christine? I love my tattoo. You shouldn’t have to pay for mine too.”

“Now what kind of a Mistress would I be if I didn’t take care of my new ponygirl, Irish Rose. It was my pleasure. Besides, I had a special deal with Mr. Klaw and it was a kind of a two-for one arrangement. Twilight, dear, I think Irish could use a shower before dinner, don’t you?”

“Yes, Auntie Christine but I have to ask Mistress Ella if it’s okay to take her.”

“Right behind you, dear. Yes, you may take her and I don’t want to see either of you before dinner,” said Ella winking at Twilight. “Here take her bit and converter and make sure they get cleaned too.”

“Come on, ponygirl,” said Twilight taking her leash, “Don’t make me have to punish you.”

B-U-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z….. all the way back to the stable. No sooner had they crossed the threshold than Irish dropped to all fours unable to hold back the tide any longer she rolled onto her back right there in the aisle way and screamed. Another couple nearby by rush to her aid but when they saw her squeezing her breasts and grating her hips they just smiled and went back to what they were doing.

Twilight mercifully shut the vibrators off and helped Irish to her feet. “Do you think you can make it to your stall on your own or am I going to have to carry you?”

Irish jumped up into Twilight’s arms and responded, “Take me, I’m yours.”


They helped each other get their tack off and headed for the bathroom. Following a prolonged period of passionate kissing, caressing, fondling and groping, the two of them stepped out of the shower and dried themselves off. They chatted freely as they took turns brushing out each other’s hair and then set about the task of servicing their tack.

They had finished their chores and were snuggling together naked on the bed when Mistress Cyndi came in with Irish’s gym bag. When she saw it, she started to sob because she thought it meant she was going to have to get ready to leave. Twilight held her close and asked, “What’s the matter, dear?”

“I will miss you so much,” sniffed Irish.

“Oh, Irish dear, you’re not leaving yet,” said Cyndi. “Some of our staff asked to leave early and now so many people decided at the last minute to stay for dinner that we are short-handed. I thought you might like to help Twilight serve dinner so I brought your sneakers. You know the rules, ‘No Ponyboots in the Lodge’.”

“May I wear the rest of my tack?”

“Certainly, dear, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just please wear your panties tonight, I don’t want you getting distracted by that belt and spilling someone’s drink in their lap,” she teased. “Now hurry.”

They got dressed quickly and Twilight started to leave when she heard Irish plead, “Please?” She turned around to see Irish holding out her leash. She took the end and pulled Irish to herself and they kissed again then said, “Come along you naughty ponygirl, don’t make me late for work or I’ll have to punish you later.” They both giggled and hurried up to the kitchen where the chef was barking out orders.


Dinner proceeded smoothly and coffee and dessert were being served when Master Tom stood up and tapped his wine glass with his spoon, quickly bringing all side conversations to a stop. “As most of you know by now, Ms Christine Donovan from Channel 17 News has been here this weekend preparing a ‘human interest’ piece for her network. Christine and I both want to thank each and every one of you who consented to being interviewed on and off camera and we both think this will show the world our community in a new, positive light. Christine has been hard at work for the last few hours doing her final edit and would like to show it for you as soon as the dinner dishes have been cleared away. Please, enjoy your dessert and another cup of Master Ramirez excellent coffee while we warm up the InFocus projector.”

The room murmured with excitement as everyone wonder if their segment had made the final cut. Everyone pitched in to help Twilight and Irish clear away the dishes and then the big moment came. Christine set her computer at the end of the table as Mater Tom pulled down the roll-up screen above the fireplace. She quickly focused the image and began by apologizing that the time limitations did not allow for more of the interviews to be included. She assured everyone that if this one was well received that she had several more segments planned to promote both the ranch and other segments of the ‘sex-positive’ community. She brought up the ‘News at Six’ emblem on the screen and hit the play arrow with her curser:

[close-up of Christine and then a slow pan across the stables and grounds to Tom and Cyndi standing in front of the lodge and their riding habits]

 “This is Christine Donovan for Channel 17 reporting to you from a very unique Ranch and Spa out here in the Mohave Dessert.” “The owners, Master Tom and his wife, Mistress Cyndi have created a safe environment here where people are free to live out their dominant or submissive fantasies through what the ‘sex-positive community’ calls ‘Pony Play’.”

[close-up of Tom and Cyndi]

“Eight years ago, Cyndi and I started the Pampered Pony Ranch and Spa as a place where people could get away from the rat race with that special someone and completely surrender themselves to each other with the hope of building stronger relationships. Visitors who came here originally ‘just to check us out’ have all left better for the experience and most have continued to return again and again.”

[close-up on Cyndi hugging Tom]

“Pony play has drawn our family closer together also especially our two nieces who both work here.”

[wide-angle shot of Ella leading Twilight down the side walk from the lodge stopping next to Cyndi]

“I am Mistress Ella and this is my ponygirl sister, Twilight. We are both players and trainers here.”

[close-up head to toe pan of Twilight in full latex attire and tack then back to wide-angle of both]

“Isn’t she stunning? There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her or she for me.”

[pan out to Christine standing in front of family linked arm in arm]

“Master Tom carefully interviews all guests to better understand their needs and make their experience as meaningful as possible.”

[screen wipe left to right-Master Tom seated by fireplace with Lindsay]

“Lindsay, why did you choose to be what you are going to become?”

“Oh that’s easy. It’s fascinating. I’ve dreamed about being a ponygirl for as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

“I think the same can be said for many of the people who come here. Their stories are fascinating but everyone is unique.”

[screen wipe back to left- close-up on Christine switches to wide angle of couple]

“One of the most heart-warming stories is of this young couple who recently lost their baby. Mr. Fredricks, why don’t you tell us of your experience in your own words.”

[zoom in on Mr Fredricks with his arm around Windsong in full tack]

“My wife and I had tried to do everything right in preparation for the arrival of our baby and everything still went wrong. We were both devastated, first by the loss and then by the looks of pity we got from our friends and family everywhere we went. We knew in our hearts that other people had gone through worse and rather than slip into melancholy and self pity, we looked for something to help us cultivate a new circle of friends, friends who would just accept us, not pity us or judge us. We found it here at the Pampered Pony. Surrendering to each other has given us a new clarity of purpose and we have decided to try to adopt.”

[close-up on Christine]

“Thank you both for being willing to share your story with us. The ranch has established a foundation which uses its funding to help others in the community and they realize that the fees associated with adopting can be very burdensome. Here is Mr. Don Shane, director of the foundation with a special presentation.”

[zoom to wide-angle as Master Don enters the frame]

“On behalf of the Pampered Pony Foundation I would like to present you with this check for $10,000 to help you with your adoption expenses,” said Master Don as he handed it to Mr. Fredricks. Windsong threw her arms around Don’s neck and kissed him then began to cry with tears of joy in her husband’s arms.

[close-up on Christine]

“Thank you, Mr. Shane for all your foundation has been doing to help others. We have seen amazing demonstrations kindness and compassion everywhere this weekend even though most of the attendees at this event are competing with each other.

[screen wipe top to bottom-wide-angle of Folsom’s Pride and Master Henry fixing a cart]

“Here we see two of the competitors helping to repair the cart of one of the other racers. One of the most unbelievable acts of caring and selflessness occurred early today in the biggest event of the year, the Ponygirl Desert Derby.”

[cutting to footage of Lilith’s crash and Irish’s coming to her aid- with Christine voice-over]

“Sacrificing her chance to win this prestigious event, this ponygirl named Irish Rose, rushed to the aid of another fallen pony and rider dropping almost a whole lap behind the field. There is a saying that ‘Virtue is its own reward’ and on this day it wasn’t the only reward.”

[cut to the chanting crowd and then Irish wearing her garland of roses in the winner’s circle]

“Spurred on by the chanting crowd, Irish Rose and her driver Mistress Ella came from far behind to win the race by the narrowest of margins.”

[cutting to a sequence of shots of the lodge, pool, massage room and stables-voice-over continued]

“The Pampered Pony Ranch and Spa offers every amenity for your vacation enjoyment in a community of caring where we are all free to be you and me.”

[close-up of Christine}

“Irish Rose, do you have any last words for our viewers.”

[cut to close-up of Irish in the stable about to put her bit in]

“I love being a ponygirl” then put the bit into her mouth, “N-n-n-g-g-h….n-n-g-h…N-n-n-n-n-n-g-g-h.”

[Wide angle of Christine and Ella in the chariot pulled by Twilight and Irish before the race - voice-ever]

“For Channel 17, I’m Christine Donovan, live at the Pampered Pony Ranch and Spa saying, ‘Happy trails to you’”.

[wipe bottom to top-close-up of Irish’s tattooed rump] [fade to black and white phone number and web address]

Everyone applauded their approval and congratulated Christine on a job well done, everyone but Irish, that is. While others were talking about the positive impact this piece could have on business and the acceptance of the community at large, Irish had cornered Christine.

“I said I wanted to be a reporter not a ponygirl and all of the segments were out of sequence.”

“You did say every one of those words though, I just re-arranged them a little. I told you I was a wizard at editing. I wanted to show this place in the most favorable light possible and besides why are you complaining, I made you look like a hero.”

“How can I show my face around the newsroom again?”

“Relax, I think everyone will respect you even more for being willing to take such a risk to get a story. Knowing the guys in the newsroom like I do, it won’t be your face they’re going to want to see anyways.”

“Very funny, Christine. It wasn’t your butt on that big screen.”

Christine wrapped her arm around Irish’s shoulder and whispered to her, “Look, There are still lots of story angles here and Twilight doesn’t go back to college until next weekend. Why don’t you stay here another week and avoid all the stares, hub-bub and snappy remarks at the station. I’ll tell everyone that you are on special assignment for me. I’ll leave the camera equipment with you too. How’s that?”

Irish’s complexion changed completely when the realization of what Christine was suggesting hit her. She wouldn’t have to leave Twilight after all. She got a playful smirk on her face and said, “Okay, it’s a deal,” and then went to tell Twilight the good news. The next thing anyone knew, they had both disappeared, which left Christine to explain to Cyndi and Ella what was going on. Christine said her good-byes, jumped in her car and headed for Bakersfield, after all, someone had to show up for work in the morning.

Chapter 13: Getting into the Swing of Things

The next morning, Twilight and Irish were all smiles when they served breakfast. Irish was particularly pleased to see so many people would be staying all week, twenty-five guests at the table meant at least twenty-five ponies in the stables. As she thought more about it, she realized that she and Twilight had helped the cooks put together twenty-eight breakfast trays for the ponies before setting the table in the lodge. Did someone have more than one pony, she wondered? “Now wouldn’t that be an interesting story,” she thought.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez were late coming down for breakfast. They were both fashionably but comfortably dressed. “If Jamaica had a royal family, they would be it,” thought Irish as she smiled and bowed to them.

“You may rise, Irish. Where is Twilight?” No sooner had the words left his lips than Twilight came through the kitchen door carrying a fresh pot of coffee. “Twilight, would you please come here after you serve the coffee. Coffee is the most important thing, you know,” he joked.

Twilight made the rounds as quickly as possible, set down her carafe and bowed before the Ramirez. Mrs. Ramirez said, “Rise, Twilight” and then kissed her full on the lips. She glanced over at Irish who had started to pout and walked over and kissed her too. Irish almost swooned to think that this Jamaican goddess had seen fit to even touch her. Twilight giggled. “My husband has something for you both to remember us by.”

“Yesterday I called my leather crafter and had him make something special for each of you. He gave them to my pilot to bring this morning when he came to pick us up. Twilight, this one is for you, my child, and Irish, this one is yours,” said Mr. Ramirez handed each of them a long, thin velvet covered box with the Green Mountain logo on it.

Twilight opened hers first to find a hand-crafted riding crop the likes of which she had never seen. The handle was covered in a lattice of the finest leather with a bronze ring on the end. Attached to the ring was a little charm which upon closer inspection turned out to be a beautiful, bronze lily. The shaft was coated in glossy, black latex and the flicker was black leather with the Green Mountain logo embossed in it.

“We know how you love latex, Twilight,” he said with a smile.

Irish gingerly open hers and her eyes got as big as saucers when she saw it and she squealed with joy. Her handle was wrapped with a lattice work made up of red and black leather strips that created a beautiful, alternating-diamond pattern that matched her corset. The end had the same bronze ring and charm and the staff was coated in shiny black latex like Twilight’s but her flicker was bright red with the logo on it.

“Lily hasn’t been able to stop talking about how beautiful you look in your elegant corset since the first time she saw you. We felt it was only appropriate that you had a crop to match.”

Irish blushed almost as red as her hair. She took her crop out of the box and handed it to Lily and then turned slightly and stuck out her butt.

“Oh, how sweet of you dear, to give me the honor of the first swat,” she said with a smile and gave Irish a quick swat. Irish turned around grinning and bowed deeply. “Come here, both of you,” she said and showered them with hugs and kisses.

“Lily, James says we have to go now. He just received clearance for our flight plan from Las Vegas Air Traffic Control. Twilight, Irish, we would love to have the two of you come to Jamaica and play with Bronze Lily some time. We have a beautiful stable and we even have real horses. Twilight, I will talk to your father and maybe you both can come when you are on semester break. I can send James to pick you up. Bye for now,” he concluded as he followed James and Lily out the door.

Irish was shaken out of her daze by Twilight’s crop on her butt. She squealed meekly and dashed for the kitchen with Twilight in hot pursuit much to the delight of all the diners.


After breakfast, Mistress Cyndi informed Twilight and Irish that they were to help Master Tom, Lilith and Ella break down the special event set-ups. This meant taking down the banners, emptying the trash cans, and pulling a wagon while Lilith and Ella repositioned all of the obstacles and gates in their proper corrals for a normal week of training activities.

“Irish, since Twilight seems to have adopted you, you are one of us now. Although you are nowhere near fully trained as a ponygirl, you may come and go freely about the grounds without being on a leash. I still expect you to perform all of the tasks assigned without question and with proper pony decorum. I know Christine still wants you to get more human interest stories while you are here so every accommodation will be made to allow you time to do so but the needs of the ranch come first. Now get going you two.”

The girls dashed off to put their new crops away and get their ponyboots on. When they reached the main corral, Master Tom was busy with his power drill disassembling the temporary judges’ stand while Lilith and Ella were loading the wagon.

“Let me hook you to the wagon, Irish,” said Twilight. Finishing her task, Twilight walked around to the other side and waved to Mistress Lilith that they were ready.

Lilith and Ella carried the gate over and put it on the wagon. Ella jumped up on the back of the wagon to tie the load down while Lilith walked to the front to hook up Twilight. Twilight threw her arms around her neck, gave her a big kiss and said, “I love you, Mom,” then grabbed the tow bar so she could be hooked on.

Lilith gave her a quick swat on the rump and Twilight giggled. “Now Twilight dear, just because the weekend is over doesn’t give you any special liberties. We still have over 50 guests here all week and you must both play your roles properly. I expect you two to set the example.”

“Yes, Mommy Dearest,” giggled Irish which earned her two quick swats. “I love you too, Mistress Lilith.” Twilight tried to stifle a laugh at Irish’s moxy and then she lost it and they all burst out laughing.

“I’ll get the gates,” said Ella as she jumped off the wagon and walked on ahead. Lilith shook the reins and the girls stepped off in perfect pony fashion, head held high, chest out and knees up. They moved steadily along and within an hour all of the obstacles and gates were back in their proper corrals. Upon returning to the main corral they found that Master Tom and finished taking down the stand, table and chairs and was waiting for them. Mistress Cyndi had brought down bottles of water for everyone and Tom passed them out. Ella helped Twilight and Irish drink as they were still hooked to the wagon.

“Okay, let’s get this stuff loaded and back to the equipment barn where it belongs,” said Master Tom and everyone knew break was officially over. They finished stowing the staging and wagon just as the UPS truck came through the gate.

“Mistress Ella, it’s almost time for your sulky driving class this morning. Why don’t you go ahead? Twilight can help me with the packages. You should use Irish Rose for your demonstration since she is here.”

“Thank you, Mistress Lilith. I’ll have to get her bit and converter though otherwise she’ll be telling everybody she loves them,” Ella teased looking right at Irish. Irish mouthed the words, “I love you” and scampered off towards her stall with Ella swatting at her rump all the way.

Mistress Ella and Irish worked like a well-oiled machine together. Ella taught not only the fundamental commands but some of the more subtle techniques that separate the novices from the ‘Best in Show’. Irish once again glided effortlessly through the obstacles blindfolded and whinnied happily at every new challenge. The class was thrilled with what they had learned and applauded their appreciation. Mistress Ella encouraged them to practice what they had learned after lunch but not for more than an hour as the temperature was close to 90o again.

She thanked them all for attending while she unhitched Irish from the sulky and then said, “Let’s eat.”



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