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Human Interest 8

by Cardman

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Part Eight Chapter 14: The Welcome Wagon

Lunch as usual was served picnic-style on the lawn. Mistress Ella and Irish were just finishing their salads when the main gate creaked and squeaked as it rolled open to let the prison bus in. The bus ran quietly along the back of the parking lot and down behind the equipment barn to the consignment pony stables so as not to attract the attention of the regular ranch guests. Actually, if you didn’t know it was from the Chowchilla Correctional Facility, you couldn’t tell as the Lloyd’s Farm Equipment Rental paint scheme wouldn’t seem the least bit out of place.

“We have to go help Mistress Lilith and Master Don with the newbies, Irish. Even though you can’t report on any of this, I’m sure you will find it fascinating. If we hurry we can listen to the orientation lecture that Master Don gives each new group.” Having finished lunch, they cleared the table and headed to the other end of the canyon.

The inmates had all exited the bus and were lined up with Officer Marie Brennan, the bus driver, and Officer Patricia Hunter, literally riding ‘shotgun’ on the bus, at opposite ends of the line. Master Don was just beginning his talk when Ella and Irish showed up and took their place in the back.

“Welcome ladies to your home for the next few days. I know each of you have been counseled extensively about this opportunity you have been offered and I personally believe it is the wisest decision you could be making under the circumstances. Saturday as you know, you will be auctioned off as ponygirls to the highest bidder. We cannot predict what your new owner may have in mind; some may be used for racing, or for working, or for show or as sex toys. What we can assure you is that you will not be abused. Early in the program, there were a couple of unfortunate incidents and we had to recover the ponies and ban the abusers from ever bidding again. Each of our bidders are carefully screened and understand the consequences if they don’t abide by the rules. This does not mean that you will not be disciplined from time to time but the bond that develops between a Master and his ponygirl over time insures her proper care.” Master Don paused and Mistress Lilith stepped forward.

“Ladies, and that’s the last time you will ever hear that word, today you start earning the title of ponygirl. Each day you will receive introductory training in one of the four ponygirl disciplines. In addition, you will have classes on personal grooming, health, hygiene, pony etiquette, postures and paces. You will learn how to please and how to derive pleasure from being a ponygirl, even how to enjoy discipline. Let me illustrate. Irish Rose, come here please and assume the position.”

Irish giggled and trotted to the front of the room, dropped her bikini bottoms and bent over grabbing the rail along the front of the stalls.

Lilith unhooked her single-tail from her belt and there was an audible gasp from the inmates as they looked on in disbelief. “Irish, please count out loud for me.”

“Yes, Mistress Lilith” The whip swished through the air……FIRE! Irish’s butt felt that same familiar burning sensation she had felt when Twilight had whipped her and yet…. breathe, let it out…. ”One, Mistress.” The second one followed almost immediately and Irish could feel herself getting wet between her thighs… ’Two, Mistress.” Snick, Snick…three and four were just that quick.

“Okay that’s enough for now, Irish,” teased Lilith.

“No, please don’t stop now… I’m so close,” pleaded Irish.

“Well, okay since you asked so nicely.”

Snick, Snick, Snick… five, six, seven then Lilith ran her finger nails over Irish’s striped bottom sending her to a shuddering climax….. not quite completely into subspace but Irish was floating for a moment, none the less. Regaining her composure, she pulled up her panties, kissed Lilith long on her whip hand and returned to the back next to Mistress Ella, amidst an outburst of applause, whistles and cat-calls

“Thank you, Irish Rose. It’s time to begin,” said Master Don, “Officers, if you would please remove the shackles and handcuffs so we can get started. Ponies, as soon as your chains are off, please remove all of your clothes and put them in the boxes at your feet. Hurry, we have a lot to do today. The more time we have for training, the better you will appear on Saturday and the more money you will earn for your families. The lowest bid we have had to date, still earned the family $125,000.”

At that announcement, the pace at which the trainees were moving increased dramatically and in no time they were all standing naked. The guards opened the luggage bay on the bus and Ella and Irish helped them stow the boxes to go back to Chowchilla while Master Don and Lilith assigned each trainee to a stall. Upon their return to the stable, Lilith assigned Ella and Twilight to help the inmates get into their harnesses. Don and Lilith began the task of locking neoprene-lined, steel collars around each neck and after inquiring as to their shoe size, properly fitted their bridles and bits to stop the idle chatter.

The delivery truck had dropped off the new ponyboots just in the nick of time and the sizes matched perfectly the list the ranch had received from the prison. It took the four of them just under a half-hour to get all sixteen women fitted with their boots but it took longer before all of them could walk up and down the corridor without stumbling or holding onto the railing.

Master Don had them all line up again and explained that while they were in their stalls they would have free use of their hands to do their homework, to shower or whatever they needed but they could only move as far as their chain above their beds would allow. “This,” he explained, “is not to prevent escape, as the canyon walls, the security gate and the Mohave Desert do a fine job of that. The chain is to keep you from harming each other, either out of revenge, anger or envy. When you are out of your stall, you will not be allowed the use of your hands for exactly the same reason, to protect you from each other. You will wear one of these arm sleeves. Come here, Irish Rose, I want you to show them how this goes on. Mistress Cyndi told me she showed you already.”

“Is nothing a secret around here,” wondered Irish as she approached the front of the room again. Turning around, she folded her arms behind her back and grabbed her elbows, allowing Lilith to slide the sleeve on and fasten the straps. She wiggled a bit and shook her tits but he straps weren’t sliding off and she was obviously stuck until someone let her out.

“Are you comfortable, Irish?”

“Yes, Mistress Lilith, but I’m not getting out without your help, am I?”

“No, you’re not and as much as I’d like to keep you like this for an evening, I need you to help get the others into their sleeves so out you go now,” and she quickly undid the straps and slid Irish out.

It took another forty minutes to get all the ponies into their sleeves and used to walking around without being able to swing their arms for balance. Mistress Lilith spoke up again. “I notice that some of you already have a number of piercings, some of which can stay but some will have to go for now. Everyone will still have to get nipple rings and a nose ring which is the next activity for this afternoon after which you will be allowed to freshen up and rest before dinner. Tonight you will have a brief lesson on poses and etiquette and be shown how to take care of your tack. Mistress Ella and Irish Rose will escort you, two at a time to the infirmary where a registered nurse will fit you with your rings. In the meantime, the rest of you can mill around the corral and try to acclimate yourselves to the heat. There are water misters if you are feeling too hot and dripping hoses if you need a sip of water. I am now going to assign each of you a number while you are here. Your new owner and you will have to decide upon your pony name later.”

Lilith began attaching bright yellow number tags on the front of their collars as Ella and Irish led # 1 and 2 down the canyon to the infirmary. The entire process including walking back and forth took only twenty minutes per pair so in just under three hours they were done.

Cyndi had just finished #16 when she turned to Irish and said, “Well?”

“Well, what?” replied Irish knowing full well what the unasked question was. How could she not know? She had been dwelling on it all afternoon. Did she dare was the real question.

“You know, don’t you. You’re just scared. All these others did it and none of them died. It would make Twilight very happy.”

“That’s not fair. You know I would do anything for her…….. okay, I guess…. I do love my nipple rings so what’s one more…… but you have to do it like Twilight’s with a grommet not just a simple piercing.”

“All right but take these ponies back to their stable and come back. That will give me time to set up everything I need. You may as well swing by your stall and change your boots while you’re at it. You and Twilight have dining room duty again tonight. You know the rules.”

“Yes, no ponyboots in the lodge but how come we can wear them in the infirmary?”

“Can you say ‘linoleum’?” quipped Cyndi. “Duh?!”


Twenty minutes later, Irish opened the door of the infirmary to be confronted by the sight of Mistress Cyndi and Mistress Lilith talking together. “Come in, dear. Mistress Lilith had to come up to get the dinner wagon for the inmates anyways so I asked her to assist me so she can see how this is done. This is not a standard procedure around here but there is nothing to worry about. Hop up on the table dear and we will get you ready.”

As soon as she lay back Lilith and Cyndi began flipping straps across Irish’s body and tying them down, completely surprising and immobilizing her. Mistress Cyndi took an anesthetic swap and rubbed both sides of Irish’s septum with it. “Close your eyes, dear; you will just feel a slight prick in each side of your nose.”

As advertized, it was only a slight prick and Irish wondered why she had to close her eyes until she opened them and saw the length of the syringe that Cyndi had used. “It’s better not to see it coming, don’t you agree?”

Irish nodded, “Yes,” and cringed a little.

“Now there is one other thing, Irish. Twilight is a bit of what we call a ‘pain slut’. She truly gets off on it. I can’t bring myself to put you through that, so please forgive me……..” On Cyndi’s cue, Lilith jumped into action and shoved a chloroform-soaked gauze over Irish’s mouth and nose. Irish’s eyes almost bugged out of her head and she struggled fiercely trying to get her face away from the rag or herself off the table to no avail whatsoever and everything slowly faded to black.

Forty-five minutes had passed unbeknownst to Irish as she slowly opened her eyes. She was no longer strapped to the table but lying on a bed in the back of the infirmary with an ice pack on her forehead. Twilight was sitting by her side gently rubbing her hand as Mistress Cyndi was closing up the infirmary for the night. She tried to sit up and Twilight gently pushed her back down and said, “Not so fast, sleeping beauty. If you get up too quickly, it can make you nauseous and we don’t want a mess on the floor. Roll onto your left side and I’ll help you sit up.”

Groggily Irish managed to sit up with Twilight’s help and Cyndi handed her an oxygen mask and told her to breathe deeply a few times to clear the cobwebs away. In a couple of minutes, she was her old self again and Twilight handed her a mirror. She stared in amazement at the new ring in her nose. It matched her nipple rings perfectly. She got a big grin on her face and exclaimed, “It’s beautiful. I love it. Thank you, Mistress Cyndi, even if you did scare me half to death with that chloroform.”

“I had to do it, dear. I couldn’t bear seeing the pain a piercing that size would cause you and you probably would have passed out anyways.”

“Wuss!” said Twilight with a smirk.

“Now, Irish there is some good news and bad news as always. The good news is that you don’t have to fuss with this ring to prevent the skin from attaching itself like your others; your skin will heal around the grommet not the ring. The bad news is no alcohol tonight as it could cause vomiting so you will have to take these pain killers if your nose starts to throb. The Novocain won’t wear off for at least four more hours so by then the trauma to your septum may have already dissipated enough so that it won’t bother you. Everyone is different. Now off to the kitchen with you both, the chef is waiting.”

“Thank you, Mistress Cyndi,” said Irish then turning her attention to Twilight, “Wuss? I’ll show you who the wuss is.” Twilight made a mad dash for the safety of the kitchen with Irish in hot pursuit as Cyndi just shook her head and laughed.


With all of their evening chores done, Twilight suggested that they go to the sauna and pool to unwind. “Besides,” she said, “there are usually others there and maybe you can get in an interview since there wasn’t any time today. We don’t want to let Christine down, do we? I’ll meet you there in fifteen minutes, just be sure to wear your bikini bottoms unless you want all the guys hitting on you.”

Irish stepped into the sauna to find Twilight was already there with Ella and Lilith. This was the first time Irish had seen Mistress Ella without her ten-gallon hat and her long, blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders to half cover her perfect breasts. The three of them had been there just long enough that their bodies glistened with sweat and Irish unconsciously fingered her clit at the sight of these three beauties.

“Why, Irish dear, do you see something you like?” teased Lilith. “Why don’t you come over here and lay your head in my lap so we can get to know you better?” For a 44-year old mother of two, Lilith was one hot mamma when she wasn’t dressed in her stern Mistress attire and Irish readily accepted the offer. “Girls, why don’t you show Irish how we share everything around here.”

You didn’t have to ask them twice as Ella quickly straddled Irish’s stomach and began fondling her breasts and licking her face. It turns out that long tongues run in the family as Irish found out when Ella kissed her full on the lips and she almost gagged as Ella’s tongue tickled the back of her throat. She wrapped her arms around Ella and slid her hands down her slippery, sweaty back until she could grab hold of her butt and pull. Ella rose up to her knees from crouching on Irish and Irish took that opportunity to slide down the bench until her face was directly under Ella. She looked up and said, “A ponygirl’s job is to please her mistress. May I please you, Mistress Ella?”

“You may please all of us, Irish Rose,” replied Lilith as she knelt facing Ella then put her hands on Ella’s shoulders to maintain her balance on the narrow bench. Irish took to her task in earnest, first a little Ella then a little Lilith. Back and forth, when suddenly she felt Twilight climb between her legs, grab two handfuls of tits and start diving in. Irish increased both her pace and intensity due to the extra stimulation she was receiving and in short order Lilith exploded. Fortunately, she wasn’t a squirter or Irish would have drowned. She slid back on the bench, bent down and gave Irish a big, upside down kiss on the forehead. Twilight stopped as suddenly as she had started and moved up to take her mother’s place directly above Irish. Irish lifted her head and began again. Ella embraced Twilight and licked her tongue and then half swallowed it as Irish’s licking and sucking drove her to orgasmic bliss. She squirted a little and most of it went all over Irish’s face rather than in her mouth. Both Twilight and Ella slid back a little so they could each lick Irish’s face clean and then Ella said, “Come on, Mom, let’s take a dip in the pool so these two can finish what they started.”

No sooner had the door closed behind them than Twilight sprawled out on top of Irish and slid down her stomach to begin again and Irish did the same. Ten minutes later they emerged from the sauna walking hand in hand with that glazed over, happy expression on their faces.

“Girls,” said Lilith, “you might want to put your bikinis back on. We’re not alone.”

The girls snapped out of their haze and giggled as they quickly slipped them on and jumped into the pool. A young couple sitting on the edge of the pool, had watched the girls come out, then looked at each other and walked quickly into the sauna, ditching their swimsuits along the way.

“Now look what you two have started,” said Ella and they all had a good laugh.

Chapter 15: How Can I Thank You?

The days were flying by and Irish was cherishing every moment of them. Tuesday she got to be a model for the various Show Pony attire as Mistress Ella and Twilight demonstrated the various gaits, poses and postures that competitions were judged on. Wednesday she was put in a Work Pony harness and arm binder and used by Mistress Lilith to show the consignment ponies how to pull a plow or a wagon. Both afternoons she was allowed time to shoot more video footage and conduct interviews which was very fortunate as Christine called Wednesday at dinner time.

“Hi Sis,” answered Cyndi her cell phone, “What’s up?”

“Hi Cyndi, is Irish…. I mean Lindsay around? I need to talk to her.”

“Irish, could you please put the coffee down and talk to Christine a minute?”

“Yes, Mistress Cyndi”…… Hello? Christine?”


“I’m sorry there’s no one here by that name.”

“Okay, okay, you got me, Irish Rose. You are not going to believe what is going on. I need any footage or interview copy that you’ve gotten so far right away. Give it all to Cyndi and have her post them to the secure section of their website and I’ll down load it from there. Just tell her to call me and let me know when it has all been uploaded. I’ll tell you all about it on Saturday when I come to pick you and Twilight up. Gotta go. Bye.”

Irish handed the dead phone back to Mistress Cyndi and told her what Christine had asked for. She wondered, “What could be going on now?” Retrieving her carafe from the buffet table, she finished topping off everyone’s coffee then dashed off to her stall to assemble all of her notes and grab the camera. She returned to the lodge just as everyone was finishing their dessert and handed it all over to Cyndi who headed straight for the office. Irish and Twilight finished up helping the kitchen staff and headed towards the stables.


Cyndi arrived at the stables for their usual morning run as Twilight and Irish were just waking up. “You know you can sleep in your room in the lodge, Irish, you don’t have to sleep out here.”

“I know Mistress but I have found a home here. I have received more love and caring here in the last five days than anywhere I have ever lived. My older brother was the only one in our family who ever paid any attention to me. Here everyone has been looking out for my well-being and accepted me for just me. I feel safe and loved chained here every night. This is where I truly belong.”

Mistress Cyndi was choked up with emotion and she threw her arms around Irish Rose and hugged her and kissed her.

Twilight said, “Can I get in on this?” and it immediately turned into a group hug.

Mistress Cyndi finally composed herself and said, “If Tom and I ever have children, I hope they grow up to be just like you two, now let’s go running.”

“You must have me confused with my sister, Ella the Derby winner,” smirked Twilight, “I’m the Show Pony of the family. If I could run, I’d be at Churchill Downs.”

Irish giggled and slipped into her sweats and sneakers, kissed Twilight and headed out the door behind Cyndi. They ran at a steady pace and in a few minutes had made it to their turn around point by the first of the consignment pony corrals. Irish turned to Cyndi and asked, “What do you suppose has Christine so excited?”

“I’m not sure, dear, but we have already gotten a couple of phone calls and the piece only aired Tuesday night. It must have made some kind of an impression. I guess we will just have to wait until Saturday to get the story ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak.”

They picked up the pace for the final half mile and Irish asked, “Christine said she was coming to pick up Twilight as well on Saturday. I thought she had to go back to college on Sunday, doesn’t she?”

“Christine knows that Twilight hates goodbyes and so after the auction on Saturday, she has offered to drive her back to college and save Don and Lilith the trip. Sunday morning, you and Christine can help Twilight get settled in her apartment and maybe take a tour of the campus before you head back to Bakersfield. That way the two of you can spend a little more time together.”

“Wow, that’s very nice of Christine to offer to do that. I hate to admit it but I wouldn’t have expected that of her. She seems so driven, so competitive.”

“Don’t let the tough exterior she puts on fool you. In the male-dominated, media business, she can be a real tigress but when it comes to family and friends, she is a pussycat. We’re back… see you at breakfast.”

Irish quickly showered and then she and Twilight helped each other get their corsets on and they headed for the kitchen. When their kitchen duties were done, Master Tom asked Irish if she would like to sit in on his leather working class that morning. She readily accepted since Twilight had been assigned to help Mistress Lilith with the consignment ponies for the whole day.

Master Tom’s class for the morning was on how to make your own floggers. Everyone got miniature strips of leather and a piece of doweling no bigger than your pinky. While Tom showed everyone the proper steps as he made a new full-sized flogger, everyone followed along and ended up with a mini-flogger that had a ring for keys attached to the handle. “Okay, good job, now let’s see you make a real one.” Master Tom walked around the room handing out bags full of leather strips, brass tacks, and a eight-inch piece of one-inch diameter doweling. “If you have any questions or difficulties, please call out as I will be helping Irish Rose with a slightly more complicated project over here.” Turning to Irish he said, “Master Ramirez gave me a great idea when he had those special crops made for you and Twilight, especially yours with the ornate red and black diamond design. Mistress Cyndi and I wanted to show you how much we appreciate your helping around the ranch this week with everything going on and how special you are to us personally.” With that he dumped a bundle of shiny red and black leather strips on her workbench space and said, “Let’s get busy; all of the cross-weaving we have to do is going to take time.”

Most of the class had finished with their project and were trying out their floggers on each other as Master Tom and Irish put the finishing touches on hers. “How many of you saw Twilight Girl’s flogging demonstration on Saturday in the vendor’s tent?” Only three hands out of the twenty-two people in attendance went up so Master Tom offered to stay after class a few minutes and give some pointers if anyone was interested. “Class Dismissed.”

No one budged; they just all looked on in eager anticipation. “I guess I’m going to need a volunteer then.” Irish rushed to his side with her beautiful flogger in her outstretched arms before anyone could even raise their hands. “Does anyone think that maybe she likes being flogged.” Everyone laughed.

“Okay, stand over here Irish and put your arms up.” Master Tom proceeded to lower two chains from the ceiling and hooked them to her wrist cuffs. He used twelve-inch long chains to hook her ankle cuffs to two rings set in the floor about eighteen inches apart and then started the electric winch. He stopped only when Irish was tightly suspended, spread-eagled in mid-air six inches off the floor.

Irish was in heaven as Tom showed his methods and talked about how to avoid carpel tunnel problems by minimizing wrist action whenever possible. He talked about sensation play in general and how important it was to vary between caressing and pummeling, from back to front, stimulating every nerve ending. She was floating on air both literally and figuratively as he talked about aftercare and the importance of a good lotion to help heal any tiny abrasions to the skin. And then it happened…..flick,flick,flick,Flick,Flick,FLICK,FLICK, he was hitting her clit, faster and harder with each quick flip of the flogger. Fifteen seconds was all it took and her whole body convulsed against the chains violently. She let out the deepest, heaviest, longest moan any of them had ever heard. It made them all want to skip lunch and go straight to their rooms and shut the door. If the truth were known, at least half of them had unconsciously touched themselves.

Everyone applauded and Master Tom asked one of the masters in the front row to help hold Irish up when he released the chains. His wife grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back down and then she got up to help. He shrugged his shoulders sheepishly and everyone laughed. Master Tom set a chair behind them and handed the woman a tube of lotion. The woman sat down cuddling Irish as she settled into her lap still lost in subspace. As they sat, Tom invited others to come up and see that there were no cuts or bruises and observe how the dry, irritated skin soaked up the Aloe lotion the woman was applying as they sat.

It only took seven minutes for Irish’s return flight to reality this time and she hugged and kissed this wonderful stranger who brought a lap just for her to sit on. Then she stood up on slightly wobbly legs and said, “Thank you, Master Tom.”

“You’re welcome, Irish,” said Master Tom. The lunch bell sounded and Master Tom boomed, “Class really dismissed this time,” and everyone filed out. Irish rushed to her stall to put her new flogger away and headed up to the lodge for lunch.

Interviews and filming consumed the rest of Thursday and after she and Twilight finished their dinner duties Twilight excused herself as her dad wanted to talk to her, promising to be back long before lights out.

Irish knew what she wanted to do and headed straight for the infirmary. When she arrived, there was no one there. Just as she turned around to leave, Mistress Cyndi came from the direction of the office and asked, “Are you okay, dear? I saw you as you walked past the office so I came right away.”

“No, I feel terrible. I can’t see…….”

“You can’t see?”

“I can’t see how I am ever going to be able to thank you for everything you’ve done for me except maybe this way…” and Irish pulled Cyndi to her and planted a big, long one on her lips. She stopped for a moment and they got lost in each other’s eyes then kissed again. “Do you think we could use that bed in the back for something other than your chloroform victims?”

“I don’t see why not,” answered Cyndi and she took Irish’s hand and they headed for the back.

Later when Twilight made it back to stall #3, Irish was already done cleaning her tack. “How did you get your corset off already?”

“Oh, Mistress Cyndi helped me get it off,” Irish smirked, “Would you like me to help you get out of yours?”

“I thought you’d never ask, you sweet talking temptress you.”

To quote the Bard himself, “The rest is silence” Hamlet: Act V scene V (except for some giggles and occasional moans.)

Chapter 16: Going Once……..Going Twice………Sold!

Friday brought a minor disappointment as Mistress Cyndi never showed up for their morning run but then again it did give Irish another twenty minutes to snuggle with Twilight before they had to head for the kitchen. They shared the shower stall, brushed out each other’s hair and laced up and buckled each other’s corsets. They were about to leave when Twilight quickly turned around and went back in the bathroom. She came out with her nose ring in her hand and dropped it in the anti-bacterial solution bowl on the table. “No nose rings on Fridays,” she said, “We don’t want to freak out the newbies. We have greeters’ duty today.”

At breakfast, Cyndi apologized profusely to Irish for not making it down to the stables for their daily run. It seems the phone had been ringing constantly as calls were coming in from all over the world. Sometime Wednesday, or maybe even later Tuesday night after the video aired, someone had put it up on and it had gone viral with four million views by midnight Wednesday and an additional 12 million hits by noon on Thursday.

“We are now booked solid for the rest of this year and most of next year,” Cyndi explained. “We are going to have to add another wing to the lodge if this continues. Fortunately, Tom and Don planned ahead when we started this place and four extra quads of stalls can be added to each stable without major expenses or delays. There is more to tell but Christine wants to tell you in person.”

The rest of Friday was as hectic as Mistress Cyndi had warned it was going to be. Irish and Twilight helped check people out and load their cars and minutes later were checking new people in and carrying their bags to their rooms. They barely had time to even eat so they switched off to cover for each other while the other one grab a bite or used the bathroom. By nine o’clock, they were both so tired that they just managed enough energy to shower quickly before dropping off to sleep.


Mistress Cyndi had to shake Irish to wake her for their morning run Saturday, auction day! Irish carefully climbed out of bed so as not to disturb Twilight and Cyndi carefully set Irish’s chain down after unhooking her. “I thought you might need this, this morning, dear.”

“Oh, Green Mountain coffee. Cyndi, you are a saint,” replied Irish as she took the cup from her hand and then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Cyndi took the cup back and set both of them on the table. She pulled Irish close and kissed her passionately as Irish embraced her back and returned the kiss. Twilight rolled over and said, “Would you two lovebirds get a room, I’m trying to sleep here.” Irish and Cyndi piled onto the bed and began kissing Twilight and pinching and tickling her all over as she giggled helpless to stop the onslaught. “Okay, okay, I’m awake already; go have your run, you fitness addicts.”

Cyndi and Irish picked up their coffees and headed for the grandstands.

“May I ask you a question, Mistress?”

“Of course, Irish, what is it?

“What is Twilight Girl’s real name?”

“Twilight G. Shane.”

“You’re kidding right. They didn’t really name her that did they?”

“No, actually when she won the Novice Show Ponygirl competition when she was sixteen, she asked her parents if she could change her name and they agreed. Doesn’t it just suit her perfectly?”

“Yes, it does. The way her golden hair just glistens, it glows like the sunset over the Pacific.”

“Irish loves Twilight….. Irish loves Twilight,” teased Cyndi in a sing-songy sort of voice and then took off running before Irish could punch her in the arm.

The last quarter mile the two slowed to a walk and Cyndi said, “My niece loves you too, you know but she doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body. I don’t think anyone here does. We all learned a long time ago that true love means doing what is best for the other person regardless of the cost to ourselves. You know, maybe that’s the real ‘human interest’ element that is behind the Pampered Pony Ranch, doing for others. Think about it. See you at breakfast. Love ya, pretty filly.”

Irish blushed and blew her a kiss as Cyndi walked up the lawn towards the lodge.

“Twilight, Irish,” called Master Tom as they were getting up from the breakfast table, “I want you both to help Mistress Lilith get the ponies ready for the auction later this morning after you have finished your kitchen duties. Make sure their make-up and hair are done properly and render any other help she may need. Master Don and I will be checking in the bidders and seeing to any last minute arrangements and Mistress Cyndi will be minding the office phones and warming up her voice to conduct the auction.

“I knew she talked too fast a times,” thought Irish Rose, “now I know why.”


Mistress Lilith was like a pageant mom just before her daughter was to step in front of the paparazzi for the first time. She had put everything into trying to get these ponygirls….. yes, they deserved to be called ponygirls now….. ready for their new lease on life. She truly hoped the best for all of them regardless of their pasts and knew that their decision to take this step would benefit others for years to come.

Twilight started touching up make-up where needed while Irish brushed out their hair and fitted their bridles and bits. Lilith started down the line unlocking the steel collars they had worn all week and giving each pony a new, patent leather posture collar. Irish helped them buckle them on and then stood back to take in their newly transformed appearance as proud, proper ponygirls.

The moment had arrived. “Listen up, ponies, this is your last chance to back out of the program. Officers Brennan and Hunter will gladly put you back on the bus in chains and take you back to Chowchilla. I see they have already returned.” To date there had only been six takers in the six years of the program with Chowchilla and today there were none. Lilith continued and called out the numbers… one… four… five… nine… and sixteen, please step forward.”

The first group was made up of the girls who were only serving five-year sentences but had opted into the program. Lilith walked down the line and clipped a light-weight, chromed chain between each of their collars then attached her leash to the ponygirl in the front. “Walk proudly, my pretty ponies, you have all come a long way.” She led them naked except for their ponyboots, bridles and collars out the back door of the stable onto the adjoining private stage. As the girls entered, the bidders all applauded and maybe for the first time in their lives some of them felt a sense of self-worth.

Cyndi picked up the microphone and began, “Our first group today, as most of you are aware if you’ve had time to check the brochure, is for three-year contracts. The Justice Department has taken into account their willingness to reform and their time already served and has reduced their sentences accordingly.”

This was the first that the ponygirls had heard this good news and they jumped up and down and hugged each other excitedly as Lilith unclipped the first ponygirl from the line.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, what am I offered for this proud beauty? Let’s start the bidding at two hundred thousand……. who’ll give me two… I’ve got two…. can I get two and half….. two and half…… who’ll make it three…” The girls got more and more excited as the bidding went on and then…..”all through…. all done… six hundred and seventy thousand going once…… going twice…… sold to bidder #58. Remember you each have to pick up your ponies within the next twenty-four hours. Next pony, if you please Mistress Lilith.”

Within a matter of twenty-five minutes, the first group was finished with bidder #58 having claimed two ponies to add to his stable. Lilith led #9 back to her stall to wait as her new Mistress wanted to bid on other ponies as well.

“Okay, numbers… two, three, seven, eight, eleven, twelve and fourteen, please step forward. These ponies were serving out ten-year sentences as second-time offenders and they each knew in their hearts if they didn’t radically change their ways eventually they’d be third-timers. This had to be the ‘last train out’ for them or die trying. None of them wanted any more prison life. Mistress Lilith hooked them up and led them out.


Z-z-z-z-z-t! Officer Hunter slumped quietly to the ground in back of the quad of stalls completely unnoticed by anyone on the other side of the room. Brennan’s taser had done its job well, now if only the rest of their plan went as smoothly. Number fifteen slipped around the back of the quad and hurried to pull off Hunter’s blouse so Brennan who had already gagged her could handcuff and shackle her. In no time, #15, aka Liz McCreedy, was dressed in Officer Hunter’s uniform while Hunter was slumped in the corner of the stall in chains. “Quick, put this wig on while I go get our next little helper,” said Brennan.

Officer Brennan walked around to the front of the quads and whispered something to Twilight. Twilight turned to Irish and said, “I’ll be right back,” then followed Brennan around the back where McCreedy shoved a ball gag in her mouth quicker than she could blink and fastened the straps. Within seconds, she was chained up on the floor next to the now awake Officer Hunter. McCreedy put one hand on her holster and one finger to her lips to suggest that they remain very quiet.

Brennan walked around to the front again and said to Irish, “Twilight needs help with something. Do you have a minute?”

“Sure. Anything for Twilight.”

“I knew we could count on you. Follow me.”

Irish’s jaw dropped when she saw the two women shackled and gagged in the corner of the stall and McCreedy was quick to give her the same Sh-h-h-h signal. Brennan said, “If you want your little friend to remain healthy you will strip right now.”

Irish trembled as she began to take off her wrist and ankle cuffs. Brennan began to unbuckle and unlace Irish’s corset and she whispered to her, “Relax, honey, we don’t want to hurt anyone, we just want you to buy us a little time. If everything goes okay, you and your friend will be reunited soon enough. Now lose the bikini bottoms….. whoa! That’s quite a tattoo. It’s a good thing I brought a make-up kit.”

When Brennan told her to take off her collar, Irish almost broke down and cried. McCreedy handed her a plain, patent leather one and she put it on while Brennan used “clown white” paste and flesh-colored powder to cover up Irish’s tattoo. It barely looked like a slight bruise when she was done. They put a bridle and bit on Irish and Brennan said, “Now we wait. Sit down over by your friend and be quiet.”

Officer Brennan had alternated between bus driver and “shotgun” with Officer Hunter on almost all of the Chowchilla runs to the ranch and had been around long enough to know who all the players were. She knew how long an auction segment would typically run based on the number of ponies and she only had to wait ten minutes after securing her hostages before Mistress Lilith came through the stage door to get the last of the ponies.

“Mistress Lilith could you please look at this for me?”

“Certainly, Officer Brennan, what is it?” Brennan opened the stall door to reveal the scene. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Well, mom…. yes, I know Twilight over there is your daughter,… you are going to buy some time for Liz and I to get away. Twilight’s friend here has almost the same color hair as Liz and so she is going to have to take her place in the auction. When Liz signed the papers for the program, she designated me, under a different name of course, as the family beneficiary for the foundation awards. You are going to sell her friend while Liz and I drive out of here with these other two for safe keeping. When I see the money has been deposited in my account, I will call you and tell you where you can pick them up. Are we clear?”

“I can’t sell Irish Rose. By the time the banks open on Monday, she will be gone and we may never be able to get her back.”

McCreedy grabbed Twilight and put a knife blade against her cheek and said, “How about a little scar to help you decide?”

Irish jumped to her feet trying to cry out, “No-o-o! No-o-o!” around her bit, “Thell me-e! Thell me-e-e!”

“See, now there’s a sensible ponygirl. She doesn’t want any harm to come to her friend. Now hurry up and get the rest of them out on the stage before anyone wonders what is taking so long. As for you, little pony, you’d better look happy and fetch a nice high price. My friend and I want to live comfortably the rest of our days.” Having finished, Brennan pushed Irish into Lilith’s arms and waved them away with her gun.

Mistress Lilith quickly linked the four remaining ponygirls together with Irish as the last in line and led them out the door. Mistress Cyndi was stunned to see Irish in the line and Lilith shook her head slightly to indicate not to say anything. Lilith walked over and whispered something in Cyndi’s ear and then unhooked the first pony as Cyndi began again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, these are the last four ponygirls for today’s auction. As ‘three-time losers, these ponies are serving life sentences. It is your responsibility to see that they serve at least twenty years of those sentences. If one of them should escape, you will be banned from all future auctions as you have agreed. So, who will start the bidding for the services of this lovely ponygirl……. who will give me three hundred thousand… I see hands all over … lady in the red hat I think you were first….. how about four…. I’ve got four…..”

As Cindy rattled on, Brennan said, “Okay, ladies time to get up and get going.” She reached down and pulled Twilight to her feet as Liz grabbed Officer Hunter. As they shuffled towards the door, Brennan looked at Twilight and said, “Sorry that you’re going to lose your friend but you know what they say, ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs’”. Twilight burst into tears just as they cleared the doorway.

It was all so surreal to Irish. It was just like the dream she had. Here she was chained in a line of naked ponygirls being auctioned off. “Maybe I’ll wake up,” she thought, “please let me wake up.” She closed her eyes but when she opened them the second girl in line had just been sold. Only one more to go and then it would be her turn……..

”Sold to # 41 for two point six million. Thank you very much. And now the final sale of the afternoon, and as you can see we have saved the best for last.”

“Oh, no… she means me,” thought Irish, “Try to look happy. Pose. Strut proudly. Make them want you. Must save Twilight.” It’s hard to look happy when your heart is troubled with such thoughts but fortunately Irish’s perfect body and gorgeous looks did all the talking and the opening bid was one million dollars. “Do I have two?” she heard Cyndi babbling through her haze.

“Three….. three and a half….. four…… four and a half….. five…… oh, come now, certainly you aren’t going to pass up this excellent ponygirl for only five million are you?...... five…… I’ve got six now…. six and a half…….”

Clippety-clop, clippety clop….. Irish would know the sound of that gait anywhere and turned just in time to get knocked to the stage floor as Twilight bounded into her arms and smothered her with kisses. “My hero! Let’s get this bridle off of you so I can thank you properly,” said Twilight and a few seconds later the two of them were locked in a passionate embrace right there on the floor in front of a very stunned crowd.

“But how?” queried Irish.

“Let’s go back to your stall and I’ll tell you all about it.” Hand in hand the two of them rushed off the stage to fetch Irish’s tack and head for her stable.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I guess that concludes today’s…….”

Mistress Lilith reappeared with a naked, cuffed and shackled McCreedy and Brennan in tow and from the looks of their butts and thighs, they had already tasted the wrath of Lilith’s single-tail. She said, “We not quite done yet, Mistress Cyndi, if I may borrow your microphone for a minute.” Cyndi passed it to her and she resumed, “Ladies and gentlemen, the scene you just saw unfold was the direct result of the scheming of these two women right here. They concocted a plan to sell a surrogate for this pony,” she paused to pull the dark wig off Liz to reveal her red hair, “and escape with two hostages until money was deposited in their account. Rather than be returned to Chowchilla in chains to face attempted kidnapping charges, Officer Brennan here, has wisely chosen to sign the consent forms to be auctioned off along with her accomplice.”

Cyndi took the microphone back and began by asking, “Would you like to bid on them as a pair or individually. Remember as a pair they will present a real challenge as they will undoubtedly continue to plot to escape. How say you?”

The cheering for “Pair! Pair!” was overwhelming and Cyndi resumed the auction. In the end the pair went for 4.5 million dollars to a bidder from Argentina who relished the thought of molding these two to his will. Officer Hunter was designated to receive $250,000 for the stress she was put through, the same amount was to be put in trust for Twilight Girl until she graduated from college and the bulk went into the building fund to expand the lodge and the stables. All in all an excellent event and everyone was invited back for next month’s auction with girls from the Las Vegas strip currently serving time in the Nevada Women’s prison.

Meanwhile ‘back at the ranch’ as they say, Twilight was explaining how the prison psychologist had given the ranch a ‘heads up’ on the devious nature of Liz McCreedy and how her frequent talks with Officer Brennan had made them suspicious that they might be planning something. Don and Tom had always known that an escape attempt could happen at any time and they had systems in place to deal with that eventuality, including sixty hidden cameras and microphones around the consignment area. “That’s what my dad wanted to talk to me about Thursday night. He said to just play along and not resist and everything would be okay but I was still scared.”

“But that doesn’t tell me how you got rescued,” said Irish as they snuggled together.

“That was the easy part. The second we cleared the doorway heading for the bus, my dad and Ella dropped them both with tranquilizer darts. Before he and Master Tom started this ranch, my dad was a Marine sniper instructor. He can hit a fly at a thousand yards. Where do you think my sister learned to shoot rattlesnakes like that? I am sorry we couldn’t let you in on what might happen but your reactions had to be real. I still can’t believe that you volunteered to be sold away for life just to protect me.” She kissed her so hard so almost bruised her lips.

“Careful, those are 6.5 million dollar lips you’re crushing,” giggled Irish, “I wonder how high they would have bid if you hadn’t rescued me?”

“Don’t even joke about that,” said Twilight as she began to lick her way down Irish’s neck and across her chest, pausing only a minute to circle each nipple with her tongue before descending further.

The next thirty minutes were pure heaven for both of them.

Chapter 17: Answered Prayers

“Okay, you two, snuggle time is over for now. You have to get dressed so we can load up the car to go.”

Christine’s appearance in Irish’s stall was inevitable but still not welcome as she was still uncertain as to when she and Twilight could be together again. As they started to go Christine asked, “Aren’t you going to bring your tack, Irish?”

“Do you mean I can keep all of this?” she responded excitedly.

“Yes, dear, it is a gift from Master Tom and Mistress Cyndi. They just couldn’t picture ever letting anyone else wear it. They also wanted you to have this check for $250,000 for trying to sacrifice yourself to save Twilight. You mean so much to them.” Christine hastened to add. “Oh, and there’s one more gift I have for you. I even had Master Tom engrave it for you,” she said with a smile as she pulled the chastity belt out of the bag she was carrying, “See, it’s etched ‘Irish Rose’, right across the front of the waist band.” They all laughed.

“Thank you, Christine, it’s perfect.”

They picked up their tack and started to head for the lodge when Irish got a panicked look on her face.

“Missing something, dear?” Christine said with a smile as she held up Irish’s beautiful posture collar. “You dropped this as you were leaving the consignment stables. I thought you might want to keep it too.”

Irish let out a sigh of relief, smiled at Christine and lifted her chin.

“Do you want me to collar you, Irish Rose? Do you know what that means if I do?” asked Christine.

“Yes, Mistress Christine, I do and I want you to be the one to collar me, for real this time.” Irish dropped her tack in a big pile and stood very proudly as Christine buckled it on her and slipped a little heart-shaped lock through the hasp. Irish turned around when she had finished and kissed Christine almost as passionately as she had been kissing Twilight, as if it is possible to measure such things.

“I am so relieved that you have accepted me as your Mistress, Irish Rose, or this would have been a complete waste of time and taken several laser treatments to remove.” Christine dropped her pants and turned to show Irish and Twilight her special tattoo. There in full color in the middle of the Pampered Pony Ranch horseshoe-shaped logo was the picture of Irish Rose kneeling with Christine standing over her. It was the picture Christine had tipped the photographer for the previous Saturday. Directly beneath the picture, in flowing freehand script were the words, ‘Mistress Christine and her ponygirl, Irish Rose’.

Irish got a big grin and planted a kiss right on Christine’s butt. “I love our tattoo. I hope you will let me see it often, Mistress.”

Twilight said, “I am so happy for both of you,” and kissed them both. “Let’s go load up my stuff so we can get to my campus before dark.”


It seemed really strange to Lindsay to be wear street clothes again. It was almost uncomfortable in a way. This isn’t who she was anymore. She idly fondled her collar as they headed down the stairs of the lodge with bags in hand to say their goodbyes. She felt like crying at the mere thought of leaving what had become her new home. It was then she really saw the display case. True, she had passed it every time she came through the front door but trophy cases had never really meant anything to her before.

On the back wall of the case was series of pictures of all of the past Grand Champion Show Ponies in all of the classes. Her jaw dropped at what she saw…. 2004 Grand Champion Ponygirl - Winter Spirit…. it was Mistress Cyndi! There a couple of rows down… 2006 Novice Champion – Twilight Girl and right next to her picture 2006 Grand Champion Ponygirl – Autumn Breeze….. it was Mistress Christine and she was drop-dead gorgeous. The 2009 Grand Champion was no surprise as there was Twilight Girl’s picture again in different tack and looking much more refined. Bronze Lily’s stunning portrait filled the space for this year, 2010 and it was right next to the picture of adorable Windsong. There were two more rows empty before this cabinet would be filled and the Irish side began to fantasize about being up there with such a classy-looking field.

Everyone was there to meet them in the foyer, Don and Lilith, Tom and Cyndi, and of course, Mistress Ella. From the length of the hugs, it appeared that Ella was going to miss her little sister even more than her mom and dad. Ella reached into her pocket and pulled out a check for $250,000. “The bounty for shooting kidnappers is much better than for shooting rattlesnakes. You should try to get kidnapped more often,” she joked to Twilight and they kissed again.

Lindsay looked a little weepy and Cyndi asked, “What’s wrong, dear?”

“I don’t know when I’ll get to see you again and I love you all so very much.”

“Didn’t you tell her yet?” asked Cyndi looking right at Christine.

“I was going to tell her in the car but I guess now is as good a time as any. Lindsay, remember when Jake had that meeting and said this could be an opportunity for someone to move up. Well, he double-crossed everyone, took credit for all the work the staff did and grabbed the transfer to the network flagship station in Atlanta himself as their new programming director.

Our story blew the network bosses away and they received so many calls from viewers that they had to re-run it three times. It helped a little that I posted it anonymously to but people were crying out for more. That’s why I had you rush what you had to me Wednesday night so I could get another segment on the air Thursday. By Friday morning, Atlanta had smothered all the other network’s stations in the ratings and despite FCC censors’ opposition; our segments were syndicated nationwide and worldwide. Friday afternoon, the network chiefs flew directly in Bakersfield with their lawyers and we started to negotiate.”

“What happened?” asked Lindsay anxiously.

“We have been contracted to produce one fifteen-minute segment every month for the next six months and a price of one million dollars…….. EACH EPISODE!”

Lindsay almost fell over and Master Tom caught her.

Christine continued, “Three weeks from now is the Folsom Street Festival and Parade in San Francisco and I’m sure we can get lots of good ‘human interest’ stories there. At the end of six months, my plan is to invest my three million and work full-time here at the ranch. I hope you will want to do the same. We are officially free-lance correspondents now and can live anywhere we chose. After we drop Twilight at school, we are going to clear out our apartments, put our stuff in storage and move in here full-time as they desperately need our help with all the new business coming in.”

Lindsay’s face was aglow and she jumped into Christine’s arms. “Just one thing Mistress, does that mean I can legally change my name to Irish Rose.”

“Anything you want, my love, anything you want.”

The End


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