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The Empathy Pup

by Techie & Techster

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie & Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F+/m+; bond; collar; pet; costume; leash; mittens; humbler; chastity; electro; cons; XX

Last week I wondered how my cheating neighbor, Cliff, was actually doing. I had done "puppy play" for a day but never longer and I wondered what being locked in long-term puppy play actually felt like not only physically but also psychologically. The only way for me to answer that question was to be the pup, for more than a day.

First of all I did find out that being locked in a humbler with ankle cuffs left my balls exposed for "training" use and that a few strikes with a riding crop would have the pup (ME) eager to do whatever my master wished!

Techie and I were talking about our neighbor, Cliff, and how he was adapting to his life in bondage as a “pet”. I said to her, “Well it’s been over two weeks since our back fence neighbor, Cliff, began his ‘sentence’ for cheating as a bondage pet dog. When I was your dog for a day it wasn’t too bad, in fact it was fun. I wonder how Cliff really is doing, after two weeks as Regina’s pet?”

Techie spoke up, “Would you like to try being my long-term pet for a few days?”

“Well it wasn’t too bad for a day, after I got used to being on display. I might want to try being your pet for a few days.”

“We have a second set of puppy-play gear, complete with a humbler, ankle cuffs, knee-pads, anti-bark collar and a leash. Do you want to put them on?”

“Sort of, but I’m wondering for how long...”

“I’ll let you determine that, with a roll of a single die, after you are dressed in the puppy-play gear. That way there will be no backing out!”

“Fair enough!” I answered as I stripped and knelt for the installation.

Techie buckled the anti-bark collar on first followed by a steel choke chain collar and a cold steel chain leash, which she laid on my back. Next my cock was trapped in a maxim chastilock, then my balls were clamped in the humbler. Then the ankle cuffs were added, clipped to the humbler, followed by a long fluffy butt-plug tail with a small metal plug, which was pushed up my butthole. Lastly my hands became paws, as my fists were bound in ball-type bondage mitts.

Techie advised me, “Now you can determine the length of your pet play. All you have to do is to take this six sided die in your mouth, roll it around and spit it out; the number that is up when it lands will be the duration of your sentence.”

I took the die from her hand, into my mouth, rolled it around with my tongue and spat it out. The number four was face up. I had sentenced myself to four days as a dog.

 Techie got that evil grin on her face, held up a long leather riding crop and said, ”Now for the training! Your training should be very easy. Thanks to the humbler your balls are beautifully exposed for training and torment! Demonstration time!” 

She gave my balls a hard swat with the crop. I screamed as the pain hit me, then another scream as the anti-bark collar did its job. I knew with this system the training would be easy for her.

“Sit!” I sat up on my butt with my forepaws up and curled in a begging position. Techie smiled, ”with this type of encouragement you will be easy to train!” and she began stepping through the commands.

“Shake hands.

“High five.

“Wag your tail.

“Roll over.

“Clean my boots.

“Lick my clit.

I performed every command until she issued a command that she had never done before, ”Lick my ass-hole!” I hesitated then two sharp stings across my balls told me I had better do it. Thankfully Techie had just showered so I actually enjoyed licking her ass-hole.

When I had finished, Techie knelt before me and put her hands on my cheeks, looked me in the eyes and said, ”that exercise had one function, that was to get you to experience the ultimate in humility and let you know that you are totally under my control!”

My life went on as a normal dog’s life would be. I became skilled at eating out of a dog food bowl and drinking from a small bowl. On the morning of the second day, Techie had planned to work with Regina as a carpenter’s helper, so she led me on my lead through the gate in our fence and knocked on the backdoor of Regina and Cliff’s home.

Regina came to the door, looked down at me and said, “Oh, I see you brought Techster to keep Cliff company. This will be great. Now let me show how we will keep the pups out of trouble; but first let’s shut off the anti-bark collars so they can talk.”

I was led into an empty room of their home and there was Cliff lying on a soft dog bed on the floor. Cliff spoke, “Great to see you, Techster. Regina set this room up for my use. Notice there is a foot tall barrier on the door and there are two eye-bolts screwed into the floor. There is a chain on my chastity device that is locked to one of the eyebolts.”

Regina took my leash. led me over to the other eyebolt, took a small chain, and locked it first to the eyebolt, then to the chastilock that was locked to the tip of my cock. I had about 10 feet of free movement.

She took a riding crop and slapped me on my balls, and then Cliff’s, to get our attention. “Look at this. I’ve left you with two large bowls of soda each, there are also bowls for each of you that is full of Cheddar cheese chunks, Apple slices and assorted veggies. I’m going to leave your anti-bark collars off so you guys can talk and there are four large training pads on the floor for you to pee and poop there. Now you two be good pups while Techie and I are at work.”

After Regina and Techie left the room I had to ask Cliff, “How are you doing? It must be a real mind-trip having been locked in the pup gear for two whole weeks?”

Cliff was sort of matter of fact about his being Regina’s puppy toy boy. “It could have been worse, but considering what I did to get my puppy play punishment, Regina has treated me very well. The only time I’ve been whipped is when I don’t cooperate with her, or act out, and then an attitude adjustment with a riding crop across my balls has me begging to be her pet and do whatever she wants me to do.

“I do miss having regular sex with her. At first she used an electro stimulator to milk me daily, and the resulting prostate orgasm relieves a lot of pent up tension. Plus I enjoy oral sex with her. I have also become very good at bringing her to an orgasm quickly with my tongue. One day last week I asked if we might try doing it ‘doggie style’ and it worked! As a matter of fact I do a great stud dog imitation! Have you and Techie tried it?”

“No, we haven’t, but after your experience we will try.” I just had to ask, “what about your online sales business?”

Cliff had a broad smile on his face, ”You’ve got to see this. Through practice with both voice command and a dictation program that I bought before my puppy days, I can run my business with my voice!”

With that he walked over to his computer and turned on the computer with the command, ”Wake up. New order file.” Three new orders appeared on the monitor, and using voice commands, Cliff processed the credit card numbers, ordered the merchandise and had it shipped directly to the customer.

We spent a good day together and I enjoyed his “cheating stories”. We both sipped our sodas from the bowls munched on the cheese chunks and veggies. Later in the afternoon we peed on the pads. I surprised how well Cliff had adapted to his new life.

About seven in the evening Techie and Regina returned. Techie asked, “How did our pets do? Did you have a bonding experience”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “I learned that Cliff and Regina have done something we have never tried, having sex doggie style! Would you like to try it?”

Techie looked at Regina, ”Really?”

Regina smiled and said, “Oh! Yes! It took a little practice, and I’m happy to say that Cliff is a great stud dog! Want to see?”

Techie answered, “Maybe we can learn how to do it.”

Regina unlocked and removed Cliff’s chastity device then she stripped and knelt on the floor in front of him. Cliff came up behind, and started licking her clit as he explained, “First you have to set the mood and make her want it.”

He put his forepaws up on her back and slid his cock into her then he moved back and forth for quite a while. Regina smiled, and shook her butt. She turned around and Cliff sat up, while Regina turned around and cleaned his cock with her tongue.

“That’s how it is done! Get the picture?”

Techie explained, “That will have to wait until we get home, that is where the key to Techster’s Chastilock is.”


Techie ordered me to “sit up tall.” I sat up so Regina and Cliff could see the Chastilock.

They both exclaimed, “Wow! That is a serious piece of hardware! Does it hurt?”

“Only if I get a hard on. It is the ultimate male chastity. With it locked on me, all I can do with my cock is pee. No sex, no masturbation. You might say with it locked I’m Techie’s pet eunuch!”

With that said, Regina unlocked the chain that was locked to the chastilock and we went home.

After dinner Techie asked me. ”Well, are you up to doing it doggie style?”


She unlocked the chastilock and after several tries we finally got it right! Techie had me sit up so she could clean my cock saying, ”Well my pet, only two more days to go!”

So far it has been a fun experience. Techie really enjoys having this total power exchange. She enjoys teasing me by putting lotion on the tip of my cock and rubbing it, or putting pancake syrup on the tip and teasing my cock with her tongue.

Of course I have to take it as it leaves my locked cock feeling 20-year-old horny. I wonder how many long-married couples even dare to enjoy a power exchange like this?

Techster (the horny pup)


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