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Memoirs of a Human Pet

by collarcat

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This is the story of the 3 years I spent as a human cat. This writing is a true story and based on my memories on how I remember the events and it's possible that I don't remember everything 100%. I will not be using real names out of respect of everyone involved but the characters from my stories are based on real people. I have decided to start writing my story in parts over the course of 2019 and if you feel interested in my work I'm open to feedback.

I was 26 years old and 6 months ago I had split from my fiancé. We had been together for over 5 years. I had spent the last 6 months taking time out and thinking about the next stage of my life and I felt now was the time to move on and find something new. I browsed the internet and came across an advert

"Submissive pet wanted"

The advert was looking for someone to start a non-sexual relationship which involved bondage, obedience and an escape from reality. I was intrigued. I had fooled around a bit with restraints with my fiancé but we generally lived a vanilla life. I was single and looking to try something different and so I replied and didn't think much of it. When I came back from work I checked my emails and I had received a reply from the advert. The poster wanted to know more about me and if I worked and if I had experience in submission and bdsm and what I looked like. He was particularly interested to know if I liked animals and if I had pets. I explained I was male 6ft 3 and I was recently out of a relationship and that I had limited experience with bdsm but it had always interested me. I wanted to know more about the ad and more about the person who was posting it.

The owner of the ad was German and he was over in the U.K because of work. He was an architect and worked long hours. He was married and his wife was aware of his interests but she worked in the legal field back home and did not stay in London. He was upfront and said he had a fascination with pets and ultimately he wanted a pet that he could mould to be his own. He wanted someone to submit to him as his pet and he would make sure they were looked after and he would explore this dynamic with them. He had owned human dogs in the past but his long term goal was to make this more than just "play sessions". With the dogs he had before he had played with them in sessions but nothing further than that had occurred and now he needed someone who could commit to getting into the headspace of a family pet. I was shocked and just didn't know what to think. I had never even thought about this before and things had changed from exploring a bit of bondage. I had already decided I wasn't going to be a dog as I just found it silly and I just couldn't get my head around the idea but something sounded interesting about the whole thing. I said I was interested in being a cat and discussing it more but I was forward and admitted I was in the deep end as this was something out the blue. He suggested we meet up in a public place in kings cross station and we would discuss it further over a coffee. I agreed to meet 3pm on the Saturday.

I arrived at the coffee shop 15 minutes early and he was there already. I shook his hand and we went to the counter. He bought me a latte and we took a seat. We exchanged pleasantries and talked a bit about each other and our interests but then we got down to it. He wanted a cat and he wanted me to be his cat. I was unsure but for some reason it just appealed to me. I was young and this was something new so I asked what being a cat entailed. I explained to him I worked and so anything we did would only be for 1-2 days or evenings a week max to start with and it would only be for agreed times. If I said to him I would see him between 7pm and 10pm then without fail we would finish at 10pm as agreed. He agreed to this and explained his terms.

We agreed a trial period of which we would do 4x3 hour sessions once a week for the whole of the month. This would allow us both to get to trial how we felt and get used to how it worked. During these 3 hour sessions I was simply a cat and unless there was an emergency I would not deviate from this. I was to act like a cat at all times and would not be able to talk apart from a safe word which was "marzipan" he would arrange a fabric suit for the trial which had fluffy paws front and back but no hood. There would be a butt plug tail and a basic collar. The agreement was after the month if we both agreed to continue he would purchase a full outfit made out of rubber and latex tailor made to my measurements with an inflatable latex tail with no butt plug. I would then have my own leather collar with a personalised tag.

I agreed to the terms and wanted to know how it worked. Once in the suit and my collar was on the session would start. All speech was restricted and I was expected to behave exactly as a cat would. I would only be allowed on all 4s and I was not allowed on the furniture but I could lay on the bean bags or dog bed. Bowls with water or milk would be put down for me as well as cereal to act like cat treats during the trial to get me used to eating out of a bowl. There would be a litter tray to pee in but if I wanted to do a dump I would walk to the toilet and meow for him to let me go and remove the butt plug. He had pet toys which we could play with and during the trial I had the roam of the flat although I could not go on the bed without permission. If he needed my attention he would call for me or he would either walk to me with a lead and attach it to the 0 ring of the collar. I was then expected to follow him to where he wanted me to go.

My heart sank a bit and I felt embarrassed. It sounded new and different but also silly. Could I really be a cat? Would it get awkward and embarrassing? I hadn't really been with a man before and although it was non sexual could I trust this guy? I admitted I was overwhelmed but the dynamic interested me and I wanted to know why he wanted this so much. He admitted that he had been fascinated by it since a young boy and it was essentially his hobby. The people close to him supported his fetish and he assured me he would make sure I was comfortable and I could take as much time to get used to it as I needed. He was a man who worked a lot and had most things in life he could wish for and this was the one thing he was missing. I was assured that by agreeing to it I would be included in his life. There was something sincere about him and although I was crazy I agreed to give it a go but made no promises it would work. We agreed to the first 3 hour meeting and that we could talk via email.

"The start of the trial"

He had a rented 2 bedroom flat near angel station. I arrived at the flat and he offered me a cup of tea. We talked for 20 minutes to put me at ease but I was a bag of nerves. I was agreeing to be a cat and I was starting to panic. I knew in my mind there was no going back and I finally nodded to get started. He went to his room and returned with a 6 litre clear plastic box and ordered me to strip naked. Once I was naked my items were folded and placed in the box and I was told to wait on all fours whilst he put these items away. He returned with the suit, paws, butt plug and collar. The suit I would best describe as something similar of that from cats the musical. It was a Lycra body suit with fake fur added to it in jet black. I was allowed to stand up and get into the suit but then back on all fours. He told me to outstretch each hand and foot one by one as he secured the fluffy paws to them. There was a zip at the back of the suit which led to the butt plug. He lubed up my ass and gently worked the tail in. I had never had anything up my ass before and straight away it felt uncomfortable. My butt was having a shock and wanted to expel the tail but it wasn't going anywhere. Finally came the collar. It was a basic leather collar with an 0 ring on the front and D ring on the back. It was fastened round my neck and at that moment I was his cat.

I wondered what I was going to do for 3 hours. I remember walking to his legs and rubbing my head against them. He stroked my head and down my body and it didn't feel too bad. I guess I felt indifferent to it. I then went for the bean bag and curled up and needed time to think. As I curled up on the bean bag I kept wondering what to do next. I wanted to see what I looked like in the mirror I bet I was ridiculous but I was committed now so I had to go along with it. He came back with a bowl and kneeled beside me. It was full of lion bar cereal which looked a lot like cat treats. He put it next to me and slowly stroked me. I started to relax and I realised he was going to be slow with me and so I got off the bean bag and started to eat the cereal out the bowl. I then went to the sofa where he was sitting and laid by his legs. He put a film on and invited me onto his knee. I struggled up to the sofa and laid across him. For the rest of the time we watched the film whilst he stroked me and held my collar. I jumped down after the film and played with a red dot aimlessly. I walked around the main flat area and before I knew it 10pm was here. He ordered me to his feet and took off the collar. Then came the tail which was a relief followed by the paws and the suit. My items were returned to me and I got dressed and left. I remember wondering what the fuck just happened and almost questioning if it had really happened. I felt confused yet not put off by the experience. Was I going to honestly be this guy’s cat? What would I tell people if someone found out somehow god knows what people would think. I carried on with the next 3 sessions and the same dressing ritual occurred. I discovered more of the flat and we took things slow and each time we watched a film to put me at ease. It was the end of the month and I had been a cat 4 times each for 3 hours. It was decision time...

We sat down at the kitchen table and it was now time to decide if we would take this to the next level. If I agreed he would be my owner and we would do longer sessions including overnight. We would meet up a minimum of 1 whole day a week which could be 2 days and he would fully invest in a full cat suit of which would make me his cat. I would have my own personal collar and tag and I would start living as a full cat in his life. I had been clever enough not to need to toilet during the trial but for a whole day or overnight I would have to start living like a cat literally and things would get interesting.

I had come this far so I agreed to it. He presented to me a contract which was for the length of 1 year. If I signed it I knew I was his cat for a year and things would never be the same. I asked if I could read the contract alone and he left the table.

The contract was fair. He agreed to re-emburse me for my travel to visit and he would pay for all cat equipment, food and drink. In return I would be his full cat during the agreed times set in advance. My name was now Felix and he was simply my owner. I would present myself to him in the same ritual but this time I would have my own latex suit. I had my own black catsuit which had its own latex paws for my feet and hands. The paws would be secured with cuffs which were padlocked and these could not be removed unless in an emergency. I had a latex tail which was black and white and was inflatable and was a thong that went over the cat suit no more nasty butt plug tail. I had a rubber cat hood with ears which left only space for my mouth and nose and this was secured with a collar. The collar was beautiful it was made out of soft black leather with small spikes around the side. There was a large O ring on the front and D ring on the back. The collar was fastened but then locked with a padlock. This was to never be removed unless in emergency and even if I was not a cat and for some reason we went out as a human the collar would need to be worn. The tag had my name on it and said if lost I was to contact my owners name and telephone number.

I was to be given my own cage that sometimes I would be put in or sleep in if needed. This was padded and had pillows and would be comfortable. I was not allowed to break my cat headspace at any point apart from in emergency with the safe word and if anyone else was present I was a cat to them and they would treat me as such. It was emphasised that this was a non-sexual agreement but there would be elements of restraint and nudity required for certain tasks. My owner was allowed to lock me to certain things or impose movement restrictions on me if necessary and I would be required to undergo being washed by my owner whilst naked. I was also to be punished if I broke any of the rules but this would be fair and pet related and not some kind of beating. It was agreed i would not mention this outside of the flat during the agreement unless to people he approved of and I can assure you I was cool with this.

I stared at the room blankly. My hand was shaking. Things were going up a level and this was now a reality. It dawned on me that someone was owning me and in effect I was being de-humanised. I thought about it some more but in truth things weren't so bad during the trial I even enjoyed it at times. I signed and left the table and said to email me and left before I changed my mind.

I was now Felix 1-2 days a week an owned Cat. My adventure was now just starting...

story continues in part two

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