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Memoirs of a Human Pet

by collarcat

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story continued from part one

This is part 2 of my story of being a human cat for 3 years. If you haven't already read memoirs of a human pet this probably won't mean a lot to you so please read part 1. If you have read part 1 then thanks for sticking with it and hopefully you’re still interested.

2: First Visit

My first visit as Felix the owned cat.

I arrived home and I had an email from my owner. He had scanned the contract and emailed it to me and he was grateful for my commitment. He addresses me as Felix and although we could talk normally via email I was still expected to retain some feline characteristics and address him as my master and owner. We talked on and off the next couple of days via email and he had ordered my cat outfit. It would take 3 weeks for everything to be made and arrive and we agreed to start when the items were all ready. It gave me a chance to build up to it and also set the tone of our relationship. He didn't want to know about my personal life or exchange pleasantries anymore I was simply his cat and it was strictly business when talking. The goods finally arrived and my next day off was the Saturday. We agreed that I would visit Friday night at 7pm and stay until 3pm Saturday. I had only ever done 3 hour stints before so things were stepping up and I was staying overnight. My life as a Cat was beginning.

I arrived at 7pm on the Friday and was greeted by my owner at the door. From now on when meeting the door would be unlocked just before the meeting time and in future I would walk into the living room. The plastic box would be there waiting for me and I was to strip naked and wait for my owner on all fours. I would look down and not make contact with my owner until I was fully dressed and collared. I was naked when he came in. He rubbed my body with powder and allowed me to dress in the suit whilst looking ahead. I returned back to all fours and I could hear him blowing into something. The latex tail needed to be blown up but once it was the tail was placed around my catsuit as a thong and blended in with the catsuit. The cat suit was jet black and the tail was black with a white tip. Next came the paws they were latex pipes that went on my hands and feet. They were black with white paw prints and once slipped on I gave each paw to my owner one by one whilst looking at the ground as he secured a cuff to each paw to keep it in place. The cuffs were then locked with a small padlock.

Next was a black latex hood with black ears with white insides to the ears. It was stiff to get on and felt a little uncomfortable but I got used to it. This was fastened and finally came the collar. Little did I know how important the collar would be these next 3 years but I would find out soon enough. It was also black and made out of soft leather with small spikes around it. There was a large 0 ring at the front and a D ring at the back. He put his hand on my cheek and lifted my head up and told me I could look at him. He fastened the collar around my neck and then secured it with a small padlock. He then reached for the tag with my name on it and fastened it to the 0 ring.

The collar he explained was his ownership of me. It was a bond between the two of us that meant he was responsible for me and I was his Cat. The tag said property of xxxx on the front and on the back had my owner’s name and telephone number on it. It was the final part of the outfit. I was a cat and only he could unlock the outfit. He told me to stay on all fours and he would be back. He came back and he was holding latex polish. He rubbed me from head to toe and shined me completely with the polish like I was his trophy. I found it uncomfortable the first few times but over time I grew to like it. I was an object of his affection and desires but it felt nice that he cared and took time to make sure I looked good and I grew to like the idea he was proud of me. If I was going to be a cat why not be a shiny trophy cat :)

He told me I was free to roam the flat so I got used to my outfit. It was stiff but I got used to it and I would soon learn that at times it could get very hot. I went into the bedroom and I saw the cage. It had a plaque with my name on it and the bottom was covered with a blanket and pillow. It was lockable and was black and red. There was a litter tray in the bathroom by the toilet and part of my new terms was that all toilet breaks would now be done in the litter tray or outside. In my trial I had never used the litter tray but I knew sooner or later it was going to happen. My owner called my name and I went back to the main room and kitchen. There were 2 bowls on the floor by the kitchen table. One had half of what was a steak pie with some gravy and the second had chocolate milk. I had never eaten real food from a bowl before just cereal and certainly not with a hood on before so this was new.

My owner tapped the floor by the bowls and asked me to lay down next to them. I did as I was told and he went and got his food and put it on the table. He then came back with a lead and 2 padlocks. He chained the lead to the table leg and locked it and then attached the lead to the 0 ring on my collar and padlocked it so I could not simply try and knock the clip. "There are certain times I do not want you to roam the flat and dinner time is one of them." He then told me I was allowed to eat and started eating himself. I got onto all fours but was restricted by the lead with how far from the table I could go. I started to eat the food but it was hot and after 2 bites I laid down again. My owner stroked the length of my body and scratched under my collar. "Are you ok Felix?" I made a sort of meow and rubbed my head against his hand and went for the chocolate milk. He finished his food before me and continued doing things in the kitchen. I was left chained to the table and was there until I finished and he was ready to release me.

Once he was finished with a few things in the flat he unlocked me and led me to the sofa on the lead. He sat down and told me to curl up on the floor whilst he continued to hold the lead. We watched tv for a bit and then he suggested watching a film to make me more comfortable as we did this in the trial. He put the film on and unclipped the lead and invited me onto his lap to watch it with him. Over time I would find this relaxing having someone stroke me the full length of my body and playing with my tail, scratching my ears and underneath the collar. Over time as I became more and more conditioned as a cat I began to crave it. After 3 years of doing this and being in a cat space I began to associate the affection in my life from these things and in truth part of me is afraid to admit I miss it. It's amazing how comfortable you can become with simple pleasures and part of me wants to be stroked and have my collar held again but we will get into that another time.

Time went on and it was time for bed he invited me into the bed room and told me to wait at the foot of the bed. “Sometimes you will sleep on the bed at the end by my feet or sometimes you will sleep in the dog bed or cage, the litter tray is in the bathroom and you will be unzipped at night so you can toilet. You will not use the human toilet unless I've suggested it is that clear?" I meowed. "If you are in the cage this is locked at night and you will have a bucket to toilet."

I thought to myself I don't know what's worse a bucket or a litter tray..... wtf have I gotten into here. It was our first night so we've got the cage so I could get used to it. I walked into the cage on all fours and lies down. It was a big cage but with me at 6ft 3 I had to curl up a bit to get comfortable. The lead was brought out again and was locked to my collar with the clip and padlock and the other end was locked to a bar with another padlock. A bucket was placed at the back near my feet and the cage was locked. My safe word was marzipan in emergencies. He stroked me through the bars and thanked me for giving him what he wanted. He explained that over time I would meet his wife and 2 co-workers that were aware of our arrangement and I would feel part of the family.

I hardly slept that night. The cage was uncomfortable at first and I had questions running through my mind. Things had gone up a gear fast and not only was I a cat I was also his object and property. Over the years he hated to see me as a human and I was a literal cat to him. I woke up and could feel the chain against my neck. I shifted in the cage and there was a bowl of lion bar cereal and chocolate milk by my head. Luckily I only half knocked the milk but it could have been awkward. I ate some of the cereal and licked some of the milk and waited a bit. Did I meow.....? Is he coming to get me.....? I could hear him moving around in the flat. I started to meow in the hope of getting his attention. He came in and unlocked the cage. He un-padlocked the lead from my collar and removed the bowls. I was free from the cage. He kind of hugged me and stroked my head and asked how I slept. I just meowed and put my head on his knee. He said "Its ok I get it I know it is hard being in the cage for the first time. I need to do some work so come with me and you can sleep under the desk." He clipped the lead on my collar and led me into the second bedroom which was his office. He put a bean bag under his large desk and padlocked the lead to the desk leg. I had enough space to get to the beanbag and also by his side.

I stayed by his side whilst he worked and stroked me when the intercom rang and a female voice asked for my owner. He buzzed her through and they chatted in another room. My heart started to race and I started to panic. What if this woman sees me.... what will she think? I started to feel a bit sick and I was chained to the desk dressed as a latex cat by my owner’s chair. My owner returned with the woman and he sat back down and held my collar. They chatted normally about what was happening Monday and then switched to speaking in German. I wanted to go to the bean bag but he pulled on my collar and so I knew I had to stay there. The woman was his PA and was well versed to it. She had seen it before and she had known my owner for some time and so she acted like everything was normal. She was a short frumpy woman around 5ft 3 and you could tell my owners wife probably had a say in hiring her as she was strictly business and not eye candy. She humoured me briefly and said I was a beautiful cat and left after her meeting was done. I quickly curled up on the bean bag and tried to sleep.

It was surreal seeing a grown woman come in and act like nothing was strange. I think in truth it helped me accept being a cat easier and condition me when you see other people acknowledge that you’re a cat to and what you’re doing is normal. The longer you do something the easier it is to fall into a cat headspace and even at this early stage I started to accept that things were normal and ok. Having things secured to my collar psychologically was changing me. It started to represent control in my mind. The simple rattling of the chain and tag became comforts over time and even simple things like holding my collar started to make me feel comfortable. I will go into this more in later parts.

I slept on the bean bag for a bit and my owner unlocked me. I was free to roam the flat. We played with cat toys and I watched the tv from the dog bed. Before long it was 3pm and our session was over. I was ordered over to my owner and he brought in the plastic box with my items. He unlocked the cuffs and undressed me. He undid the collar but held it with one hand still attached whilst undoing the hood. He re-fastened the collar and locked it. “As much as I love the suit you're still my cat when you wear this collar. You will never be naked whilst wearing it. Do you understand?" I nodded and he unlocked the collar and took it off. I got dressed and left but he was right. Psychologically wearing a collar would make a difference and for once I'm not afraid to admit I miss that the most. I had completed my first full day as an owned Cat and as Felix. But there was plenty more I would learn as the visits went on. I had managed to avoid the litter tray bit next time I wouldn't get that lucky.....

story continues in part three

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