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Memoirs of a Human Pet

by collarcat

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story continued from part two

Thank you for continuing to read my story. The feedback so far has really meant a lot to me and I hope you will enjoy reading. If you are looking at this for the first time then please read parts 1 and 2

Part 3: First Punishment

"Felix First Punishment"

My main form of communication with my owner when not together was via email. I had his telephone number but I was only told to use it if it was an emergency. I came home from work and there was an email waiting for me as usual asking when I was free to meet for our agreed session. I was working the weekend and so it had to be a midweek session and we agreed that I would meet him at 7pm Wednesday night as I was off the Thursday and I would leave in the morning at 8am.

Soon enough the day came and I arrived at my owners flat. The door was on the catch and not locked and so as usual I made my way into the living room. The plastic box was there and I stripped naked. I folded my clothes and placed them into the box and waited on all fours with my head looking down at the floor. Normally he would immediately be ready to collar me but after a few minutes he had still not come to the living room.

I continued to wait as he had always told me to and after what must have felt like 10 minutes he finally arrived with my items. He started to rub me with powder and said, "I am sorry Felix I am not feeling well today and I am sorry for making you wait. Thank you for being a good cat for me"

I dressed into the Cat suit and returned back to all fours. The tail was already inflated and he placed this over the Cat suit. Next came the paws and he made me put out one paw at a time so he could dress each one individually before securing the paws with a cuff and small padlock to make sure they stayed in place. Finally came the cat hood. He placed it over my head and secured it before finally placing my collar around my neck and locking it with a small padlock at the back.

He started his ritual of covering me with the latex polish working his hands over my new latex body and polishing his trophy cat. He was always the most happy when polishing me and you could see and feel the genuine happiness it brought him even when I was looking down. After I was all shiny we were ready to start.

He sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to him. I jumped up and laid across his knee slightly curling my legs at the end to make sure I was comfortable. I played football in my spare time and I had slightly hurt my knee and hip from the Sunday and so it was hard for me to get fully comfortable especially with the stiff latex. He put on the TV and said that he was going to go to bed early and so we would only spend around an hour together today.

We started to watch the tv whilst he stroked the length of my body. He would slowly stroke me with one hand and then occasionally play with my collar and scratch behind my ears with the other hand. Over time I would find being stroked incredibly relaxing and I would associate it with affection. It’s hard to describe but being in a Cat headspace laying out you can drift away very easily and each stroke felt good and used to make me feel incredibly relaxed. In longer sessions especially in the summer I would absolutely love being scratched under my collar. Anyone reading this who has worn a leather collar for long periods of time can completely appreciate how sometimes the leather rubs against the neck causing a small rash or can make the area sensitive. It used to feel like heaven being scratched around the collar and I grew to enjoy the jingle the tag used to make when he did it.

Soon enough after a couple of tv shows he wanted to go to bed. He told me I could have free roam of the flat but I was to adhere to the rules he had always set me. He didn't want me to catch his illness and so he didn't want me to sleep in the bedroom or cage tonight and I was just going to have to find somewhere in the flat to settle down for the night. He left me a bowl of normal milk and microwaved somewhat I assume was some canned stewed steak and put it down in the kitchen next to the fridge.

"I am going to bed now Felix but remember if you need the toilet you will have to wake me up. I will leave the tv on for you so you don't get bored." He stroked my head and with that he was off to bed.

I went over to the bowls and tried my best to eat the stewed steak after it had cooled down a bit. I wasn't as much as a fan of normal milk so left it for a bit but over the evening I returned time and time again to eventually finish it. I curled up in the bean bag and watched tv. After a while I couldn't stay comfortable due to my knee and hip injuries and so I tried my best just to lay on the floor at an angle on my back and side. It was ok but I just again couldn't get comfortable and so I gave the dog bed a try.

After around 2 hours of moving between these options I started thinking about where I was going to sleep. I was going to have to pick one of them. I started to feel tired and I was going to have to drift off somewhere. I looked at the Sofa and jumped up. I moved around a bit and found that moving on the side of my hip against the cushions part of the sofa was actually comfy and so I laid there for a bit. The only problem was I had fallen asleep …. I wasn't allowed on the sofa without permission and I had only really planned to chill out there a bit.

The next thing I know there is water in my face. My owner was spraying me with a water bottle and he ordered me off the sofa. It was in the middle of the night around 3am. He ordered me to crouch forward on my knees and put my arms in front of me. He went off to the bed room and came back with the lead. "You have betrayed my trust Felix I would never allow my pets on the sofa without permission and you laid all over it like a dog!"

I stayed silent I didn't know what to do I didn't even want to meow. He was in the right I was told never to go onto the sofa without him allowing me to so what could I do. He attached the lead to my collar and led me towards the back door. He opened the back door and there was a small patio like space outside with the smallest amount of grass you could imagine. The best way to describe it was it was the perfect space for entertaining around 5 people for a BBQ but not much else. He led me outside and in the corner there was a kennel. It suddenly dawned on me that when we had first spoken he had only dealt with pups/dogs before and there was a full size kennel outside.

He led me to the kennel and there were 3 chained leads with cuffs, one chain for each ankle and one chain for the neck. He took off the two cuffs from my back leg and attached the cuffs from the chains to them. I backed into the kennel and he pulled my collar so that he could look me in the eyes. "When you disobey me and act like a dog then I will treat you like a dog". He unlocked the collar and replaced it with the steel chain collar. He told me to lay down in the kennel and he stroked my head. "You must understand that taking your collar away hurts me more than it hurts you. I have grown to love you as my cat but I can’t turn a blind eye to disobedience". He went back inside and left me for the rest of the night.

I felt sick and embarrassed. I was not only outside in the cold but I was restrained and I had disobeyed my owner. I wasn't used to disappointing people but he was disappointed. I felt so bad because I knew he was right. He could have easily just put me in the cage or restrained me in the flat somewhere but he gave me free roam and I had abused it. If I found it uncomfortable getting to sleep in the flat it was 5 times worse now and not to mention the fact it was cold and I was shivering.

I had the shame and embarrassment along with the pain and when I tried to get comfy I realised that the chains only gave me limited room to stretch. There was not even enough length on the neck chain to fully leave the kennel but only half my body. Worse of all I started to miss my collar. I put my paw up to my neck but there was no tag there and it was just metal. I used to like feeling the small spikes and making the tag jingle but this was just rigid. The collar was a sign of ownership and a commitment to look after me and for the first time I had felt vulnerable without it.

I finally nodded off after what felt like at least 2 hours. He woke me up in the morning and asked if I was ok. I nodded. I didn't know if was to meow or talk or even bark so I just played it safe. He unlocked the neck chain and told me to come further out of the kennel. He then reached around to the ankle cuffs and released them one by one. I crawled out of the kennel and he attached my leather ankle cuffs and locked them. There was no collar. He told me to follow him back into the flat and wait for him in the living room.

He knelt down in front of me. "Do you understand why I had to do what I did this morning" I nodded whilst still looking at the ground. He took me from under the chin and brushed my cheeks with has hand. "I will give you all the love and affection you need and more as my Cat but I require complete obedience. As Your owner I cannot deviate from the rules we agreed without prior notice. I don't want to have to punish you again." I nodded and I rubbed my head against his leg because I felt too bad. He stroked my back and said its time to go before I undressed. He came back with my box of items and I dressed and left.

My mind was racing. I was tired and for the first time I had been punished. My mind was wondering with possibility. What would happen if I really disappointed him. I was new to this kind of dynamic and being naïve it never really came into my mind when considering to do this. I am a laid back kind of guy and I guess I was just used to talking about the odd silly things I might do wrong. I felt bad but I just couldn't stop thinking about the collar. Why did he not put it back on at the end and why was I bothered about this. Surely it was just a piece of leather with a tag right? I knew that as time went on it would mean more to me than that.

story continues in part four

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