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Memoirs of a Human Pet

by collarcat

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story continued from part three

Thank you for continuing to read my journey as my life as a human pet. If you are confused about this story I would strongly recommend reading parts 1-3.

Part 4: Meeting the Wife

I logged onto my emails and there were 3 emails waiting for me. My owner was desperate to get in touch with me and it was really odd for him to want to speak to me so eagerly. He was desperate for me to get the bank holiday weekend off as it was really important for him that I be available for at least one of the days. I was scheduled to work the Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I apologised to him that unfortunately I was working. I asked him what was so important and he revealed to me that his wife was visiting for 3 days and it was really important to him that I had a chance to meet her. I wasn't sure what to think. I knew that he was married and I knew there would come a time when I would meet his wife but I just didn't think it would be so soon.

We had barely talked about her and in truth I didn't really know what kind of person she was. I had always kept my distance out of respect when asking questions and I didn't really have the kind of relationship with my owner that we would talk much about our lives. I spoke to work and I managed to get the Saturday off by swapping a shift with a colleague and I agreed that I could meet Friday night and stay until 6pm on the Saturday.

I was used to spending time with my owner but most of the time it was just me and him and I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be knowing that his Wife was there. I couldn't stop thinking about it all week I was worried that she might not be ok with things or even get a bit jealous if I got any attention or what if she just rejected the idea of things altogether and things got very awkward. I emailed my owner with my concerns and I just needed reassurance that things would be fine. He told me I had nothing to worry about and that she actually wanted to meet me. He told me that if we stuck to the dynamic we were used to then nothing should change.

It was soon Friday and I came to the flat. The door was on the latch and I went into the living room as normal. I knelt down and looked around for the plastic box but it wasn't there. I started to panic but after less than 1 minute my owner was there and told me to continue to look down. He attached a collar around my neck which was thinner and smaller than the collar I normally wore and it was made out of metal. It locked with a small allen key and could only be taken off from the back with the key. It had an O ring in the front and the same tag as the collar I normally wore which had my name and my owners details, number etc.

"We need to pick my wife up from the airport and I would like you to come with me. Just remember that even outside you are still my pet and you are still under my control" I nodded and he told me to get to my feet. We got to the car and made our way to the airport.

On the drive to the airport we had a small chat about his wife and he reminded me to just be respectful and follow his lead. I remember feeling self-conscious because this was the first time I had been outside with a collar on and I couldn't help but wonder what people would think. I didn't realise we were going out and so the clothes I wore didn't really go with the collar and when standing up there was a gap between my t-shirt and the collar. When I sat down the collar rested a bit more on the top of the t-shirt and wasn't so bad but everyone could clearly see my tag on the O ring that made it obvious the collar was more than just a fashion accessory.

It was an amazing collar and felt nice to wear and it was definitely a great collar to wear day to day if needed. We arrived at the airport and parked up outside the terminal. I got out of the car and made my way to the back seat so his wife could have the front seat and before too long she was in the car and her suitcase was in the boot. I spoke to her briefly to introduce myself but the conversation was mainly between her and her husband.

My owner’s wife was Dutch but spoke fluent German. She was attractive and easily was 5-8 years younger than her husband. She was a gym goer who loved to keep in shape and was the kind of lady who always carried a water bottle with her and was well organised. She had shoulder length brown hair and wore glasses. She had a bit of a secretary look to her but with natural beauty. They mainly spoke in German until we pulled up at a restaurant on the way home. We made our way to the restaurant and sat down at the table.

It was the first time I managed to really chat with the wife and look at her properly. She spoke fluent English and we managed to talk for the first time. I started browsing the menu. I wasn't really sure what to order as I hadn't really been outside with my owner and I didn't really want to take any liberty’s with ordering things that might come across too pricey. I was wondering what to do but it turned out I had nothing to worry about as my owner was going to take care of everything for me.

My owner and his wife were speaking when the server arrived. My owner ordered the food for himself and his Wife and then told the server I was not feeling well and he would like to order my food to take away if possible. I kind of looked at the server and said that it was true I wasn't feeling that great and just went along with it. My owner ordered me a spaghetti Carbonara and asked if there was any possibility that I could have some milk to try and settle my stomach. The server went away and I looked at the wife and then my owner.

He Said, "I am sorry Felix but it just wouldn't be polite or suitable for a cat to eat at the table and I hope you understand."

I said I understood and wondered where this was going. I knew I couldn't eat on the floor in a restaurant so I was safe from that but was I going to eat this at home or outside? I was starting to hope it was definitely at home as I could live with that. It was clear that he was setting out his dominance especially with his wife there and I made sure that I was going to stick the boundaries that he put in place. I remember constantly wondering what his wife thought and what other people thought. I was a young guy sitting with her for the first time wearing a collar saying I belonged to her husband and she didn't even know my real name. She knew I was his cat and what that entailed and yet we were talking like everything was normal.

I carried on talking with them both and drank several glasses of water and the milk. It was actually quite enjoyable in truth and a fun evening. We spoke about what I studied at university and what my interests were and I found out more about both my owner and his wife and what they did back in their home life in Germany. The wife had met two of my owners pets before but she liked that I was different. She didn't feel she could relate with the other pets but she liked that I was educated and had a personality about me and worked for a living. I asked her how she felt about her husband having pets and I could tell my owner wasn't happy with the question. She told me that she knew this side of her husband and that she was comfortable with it with the right people and as long as it was non-sexual.

The food arrived and I just sat there and watched. I felt like one of those cats who was waiting for their owner to offer them some food but sadly there wasn't any food coming my way. At one point I thought he was going to cut off some food and put it on the bread plate for me to eat but he decided against it. After drinking a lot I started to need the toilet and I asked if they didn't mind if I excused myself and went to the toilet.

"I'm sorry Felix but there is no toilet for you here? You’re going to have to wait until we get home and you can use the toilet properly."

I kind of wanted to laugh it off but I knew he was 100% serious. I was going to have to wait until we got home and it meant I was going to have to go outside or in the litter tray and if that wasn't bad enough his Wife was also going to be there knowing I was going to be doing this. I felt a bit uncomfortable as I knew by the time I got home I was going to be desperate and there was no way I could get away with it.

I think the wife was also a bit unsure because the conversation soon turned to me being a cat. She asked if I liked being a cat and how I felt about things. I told her I liked it and it was something I was enjoying and embracing in my life. I explained it gave me an escape in life and gave me some comfort and she nodded in agreement. She told me that she was relieved that I was bringing her husband happiness and that we could all meet and I started to feel a bit more relaxed and ok about things again.

Apart from feeling self-conscious that people were knowing I was wearing a collar with a tag on it I was generally quite relaxed overall. I finally plucked up the courage and just had to ask her one more question. "Please be honest with me ... does it make you uncomfortable knowing that I am your husbands cat I honestly need to know" She took her husband’s hand and said no it makes me happy. I have spoken to some of my husband’s friends before and they all have their own reasons for being a pet and my husband has his own personal reasons for wanting a pet. I have accepted that this is something that my husband will always have in his life and I have learnt to understand it. I nodded and said thank you.

We left the restaurant and drove home. On the journey back I was dreading having to change knowing his wife was there. In my mind I just assumed I would have gone round and dressed as a cat as normal and then met his wife later without her really knowing me. Things were different. She knew what I looked like, who I was and she was about to see me strip naked and be dressed as a cat.

We got to the flat and I walked in behind them. My owner told me to wait on my knees in the living room as normal with my head looking down as he retrieved the plastic box. I did as I was told and his Wife sat on the sofa watching. I stripped naked and I could feel her eyes watching over me with intrigue and curiosity as he rubbed me with powder. I dressed into the cat suit and put the tail over the suit. I stretched out my hands and feet one at a time to have the paws put on. He then secured the paws with cuffs which were padlocked to secure them in place.

He placed the leather collar at the top of my neck above the metal collar and fastened it and then unlocked the metal collar with the allen key. He didn't want there to be a moment I was collarless even when changing unless it was completely necessary. I would soon learn that in the future the metal collar was not just the "outgoing" collar but it was also the "washing" collar when I was to be washed or bathed. The hood was placed on and the leather collar was then fastened properly and the padlock locked at the back.

I was desperate for the toilet at this rate and I knew that he was going to polish me next. He started rubbing me with the latex cleaner and I had to try and stay still without wanting to pee myself. As he rubbed over my body I wanted to go to the toilet more and more and I had to keep my resolve. I looked over at the wife and she just watched without saying anything.

As soon as I was polished I went straight to the bathroom and tried my best to scratch the floor and meow next to the litter tray. The latex paws were no good for scratching so I had no choice but to meow. I was embarrassed but at this point I just didn't want to pee myself and I had gone beyond caring. He unzipped me and took off one of the padlocks and paws. I could barely keep it in until final I was kneeling one leg each side of the tray and peeing. There was more pee then I realised and both my owner and my wife at this point were watching. I am not sure why but they were and looking back at it I get a little unsettled by it. I tried my best to just aim it in the corner and it made a weird sound and the whole thing just wasn't fun at all and I was embarrassed throughout but this is what I had agreed to.

He zipped me back up and put the paw back on my hand and locked it. I sat there looking at the tray and wondered what my next move was. How the hell was tonight going to be normal after that introduction .... I heard the microwave going and I remembered I still had dinner and I could not have been more relieved. I laid in the bathroom waiting for the ding and for him to call me. I didn't want to go out there until I had to. Soon enough he called my name and the Carbonara was in my bowl on the floor along with a bowl of milk. The bowls were next to the fridge and whilst I was eating the couple went to the bedroom to unpack the suitcase and chat. It had been a long day for both of them and so it was time for bed. I stayed in the living room and laid on the dog bed waiting for my owner whilst they were chatting in the room.

After around 20-30 minutes he came out with the lead and attached it to my collar and led me to the bedroom. His wife was already in bed and he was already changed for bed. Part of me wanted to sleep at the end of the bed but maybe it was too soon for this and I was lead into the cage. I laid down and curled up with my head on the pillow. The lead was padlocked to one of the bars with the other end padlocked on to the collar itself so there was no way to remove it. He put a bucket at the end of the cage in case I needed the toilet again and unzipped part of the suit. He stroked my head and body and all of a sudden I started to relax again. I really just needed that affection no matter how small it was but it was short lived as the cage door was locked.

I remember laying there for the first hour thinking about the evening. It was the first time that being a cat had made its way outside of the flat and for some reason I just seemed to care about what people thought about me and what his wife thought about me. It was clear that she understood things but I think in a way she felt a bit sorry for me but at the same time was happy because I had given her husband what he wanted and this gave her relief knowing that I was a normal person not a nut job. She had enjoyed getting to know me in the restaurant and I think deep down her concern was that I was going to be some random who she couldn't get on with.

I found it hard to sleep but I drifted off waking up a couple of times in the night wondering what the time was. I was eventually woken up fully by my owner and he unlocked the cage. He unlocked the lead attached to the bar and led me out of the cage. It was 7:30am and his wife was not around. He patted the bed for me to get up and I laid at the end of the bed and he attached the lead to a hoop which was in the middle of the headboard. (There were 3 hoops altogether which he had installed) "It’s ok Felix I thought you might be a bit comfier on the bed you can go back to sleep". He stroked my body and head and scratched me on the collar. I started to feel so relaxed and I was so happy to be on the bed. He went out the room and I went back to sleep.

I woke up when I could hear the shower running. The bathroom door was closed but the shower was quite loud. I sprung up on my paws but the lead was attached to the bed and so I could only balance on my front arms with my legs still laid on the bed. I looked around the room and there was two bowls on the floor. 1 bowl had lion bar cereal in it (this looks like cat treats) and the other had chocolate milk. I could see clothes on the chair in the corner and it was the wife’s clothes. She had been for a run in the morning and she was now showering in the ensuite bathroom next to me. I was locked to the bed and so I had nowhere to go. Did my owner know this was happening and was he ok with it? Does she even know I am here?

I had no idea I was sleeping and I had no idea what to do next. I thought to myself if I pretend to be asleep that might be the best option as she obviously changed when I was here and so I just laid back down. The shower stopped and the wife came out. She was wearing two towels and as much as I had a glance I tried my best to be respectful. I was not in the position to anger anyone. She sat on the bed and started drying her hair with one of the towels and then came the breakthrough. She touched the top of my head and stroked me. She gently stroked me from my head down to my tail 3 times and I knew things were ok.

She took some clothes out of a wardrobe and laid them on the bed. Once she was happy she was dry she changed into the clothes but I looked straight ahead facing the front of the room. I think she knew that I wasn't going to look and if she was bothered she could have changed in the bathroom but I guess she felt comfortable that I wasn't go to do anything dodgy. She left the room and I continued to lay on the bed. I pulled at the lead with my collar and rolled around a bit until my owner came back. He unlocked the lead from the headboard and unlocked the lead from the collar. I jumped down from the bed and made my way to the bowls and started to eat the cereal and lick the milk.

Once I was finished I made my way into the living room and the wife was watching tv. I went and laid on the beanbag and observed the room. My owner eventually came back and sat next to the wife and cuddled up to her. He patted the floor by his feet and called me over. I laid down by my owners and wife’s feet and watched tv with them. Occasionally a hand from the wife or my owner would come down to brush or stroke me and I was feeling content and part of the family. I had started off embarrassed and unsure last night but for some reason things just felt ok now. I felt reassured the wife wasn't judging me and my owner tugged on my collar for me to get into the middle of the two of them on my back legs with my two paws in front a bit like a dog sitting so that they stroke me more. It was a bit early for me to go on the sofa and lay with them both but in future visits I would get a lot closer with my owner and his wife the more we got to know each other.

After a conversation between them they decided that they needed to go out. I was called into the bedroom and my owner patted the bed. I jumped up and he attached the lead to my collar again and padlocked it with a combi lock. He then took the other end and put it on one of the loops at the top of the bed and padlocked it with another combi lock. He then took the small chains and did the same with the loops at the end of the bed. He took my paws off my hands and told me the code to the combination locks. They were all the same. I was not to undo the locks unless it was an emergency but if there was a fire or issue I knew that I could unlock the locks and get out if needed.

The wife sat down beside me and stroked me. She said she would not be here by the time I left and that she was happy to meet me. She thanked me for enriching her husband’s life and said she wanted me to feel part of the family and that we could spend more time together soon. She left with my owner and after around 3 hours my owner came back. He unlocked me and let me roam the flat. We played with some cat toys and the red laser dot and watched tv.

It was time to leave and he told me to get on all fours on the living room floor. He took off my collar and undressed me. He came back with the plastic box of my items and I got dressed. For the first time he asked if I had time to chat and we sat at the table. He told me that his wife was very fond of me and he was relieved that she approved of me. I was his cat and part of the family but he needed his wife to approve as he could not have her unhappy.

He gave me money to cover my travel and rubbed my head. I made my way home and felt a wave of relief rush over me. I just felt better knowing she approved and she had accepted me and that things were normal. I guess having her treat me like a cat and not be funny with me just normalised the whole situation and I suddenly felt 10 times better. It felt good having that acceptance and although I wasn't that comfortable to start with by the end of our time together it felt good being there with my owner and his wife and I felt that I actually had a purpose being a cat.


story to be continued...

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