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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; ponygirl; stables; latex; catsuit; corset; harness; collar; cons; X

My nerves were getting the better of me, I had been awake since six o'clock in the morning. I was mentally unable to sleep as I prepared myself for this interview. It was my dream job, working with horses of all breeds. The owner of the business was well known in horse jumping and dressage events and the trip was less than a ten minute drive from my place.

'Harriet's Stables' was a very young business, starting up around a year ago, despite this it had already obtained a large amount of clients.

This was because Harriet did things differently to many stables in the nearby area. She owned all of the horses and the customers would come in and look after the horses, play with them and ride them before returning them once they were finished. This way, they would have the experience of horse-riding and other activities but not have the difficulties of owning an actual horse, like housing and daily maintenance. Therefore, 'Harriet's Stables' became more like a club, where clients would pay for a membership.

However, it soon became somewhat like an urban legend in the nearby areas as nothing was known publicly about how you would obtain a membership. Instead it was thought that you were invited to the club, with only already known members being able to add you into this mysterious group.

That is why it was such a surprise that Harriet called me from out of the blue. From what she briefly mentioned on the phone, she had reached out to many of her local friends in the equine business, calling for anyone who was interested in part-time work and somehow; my name came up. I was very surprised, but my curiosity got the better of me.

With my nerves slowly getting worse, I turned my car off the main road and down a small country lane. I was only on the road for thirty seconds before I reached Harriet's Stables.

When I passed several large houses, I knew what kind of area I was in and my old, second-hand car felt like scrap in comparison to many of the cars on the driveways I passed. Admittedly, those thoughts passed as soon as I approached the large gate that was the entrance to Harriet's Stables.

I got out of my car and walked up to it. At first I thought it was painted a matte black colour, but upon further inspection it was just a really dark wooden colour that stopped any sunlight shining off it, the only break in the dark colour was the heavy iron hinges that bound the gate to the wall. Close up, I could see the words 'Harriet's Stables' screwed on with metal letters, but the title was also a dark, matte colour so it didn't stand out at all. I assumed this was to hide the stables' location from anyone curious to find it and the large wooden gate was to intimidate anyone who wasn't supposed to be here… I certainly felt intimidated.

I pressed the buzzer that was to the right of the gate, the speaker pinged, probably to alert anyone on the other side of the gate that someone was wanting to enter. The ping happened again but was quickly turned off as a familiar voice crackled in from the other side.

"Hello?" It was definitely Harriet's voice, I heard it on the phone just yesterday, it was a welcoming tone and a complete contrast to the eight-foot tall gate that separated us.

"Hello, Harriet" I said clearly into the speaker, "It's Chloe Miller, you called me in for an interview this morning?"

"Oh, hello dear. I'll open the gate for you, just follow the path right and park wherever you would like"

As soon as she finished talking, the gate came to life, rumbling softly as it began to separate. I watched in awe as it was like watching a giant move, slow and steady but with power in every step. It took me longer than I would like to admit to realise that I had to get back into the car.

As soon as the gate fully opened, the path separated into two, right and left. On the left was a large field that was split into two halves, one side was open paddocks for horses to walk outside freely and the other side was a riding school, a large open area with a rubber flooring and equipment out to teach horses to jump and other techniques. The path continued to the bottom of the field, where it looked like it would carry on to the next area, however from here I couldn't see where it went and I didn't have time to snoop.

I followed the path left and was immediately met with a building. It was a large house but much smaller in comparison to many of the other buildings in the area. What was unique about this one was the wall that began from the house and carried on around the entire stretch of the stables, creating a giant square that housed the horses and other smaller rooms but eventually came back on itself and reconnected to the house. It was a unique structure that I had never seen before. The only break in the wall was the archway that allowed my car to pass through and get into the square. Right in the middle of this was a beautiful water-feature that housed several kinds of fish and coming out of the water was a small but very detailed horse statue, looking as if it was rising from the water. Next to this was a car that was already parked. I decided to park right behind it as I didn't want to be in anyone's way.

When I finally left my car, I was surprised at how quiet the place was despite only being a thirty second drive away from the main road, the only noise being birds singing. I was even shocked to not hear any horses, no neighing or hooves tapping heavily in the stable floors.

Checking the stables out, I realised they were the classic door type. With an upper and lower door to allow fresh air to get into the stables without fully opening the door and letting the horse out, at this point, all the stables were completely closed.

The front door of the house opened, giving me a jump. I turned around to see Harriet walking out to greet me. She looked to be in her early forties, her hair a mixture of grey and light brown, cut to a specific length to be long but not reach her shoulders by a few centimeters. Her blue eyes that looked massive behind her thick frames looked at me with an intense but friendly stare. She was wearing a vest and shorts, which made me overdressed as I wanted to make a good impression. I wore a shirt with black leggings and boots.

"So… you are Chloe?" she said, walking up to me. Her voice sounded posh but her body structure was one of a woman who worked hard all of her life, "It's lovely to finally meet you!"

The first thing I noticed when she finally reached me was her height, she was nearly the same height as me apart from an inch or so.

"It's nice to meet you too" I said, politely, "I've heard a lot about you and this place. I'm surprised as it is quieter than I imagined"

"All the girls are at the bottom of the field, once we get through this induction, I'll introduce you. Come on in, I'll make you a cup of tea."

Harriet's house surprised me, despite being rather big in comparison to a normal house, it was no different on the inside. It was welcoming, filled with comfortable furniture and had many photos that were full of years of memories. There was nothing grand or expensive about this property and that caused me some comfort.

As Harriet made the tea, she prompted me to talk about my experiences within the equine world and I told her everything. I have been around horses all my life and began riding them at six years old, by the time I was ten I owned my own horse, entering competitions when I was sixteen and when I was twenty, I finished college with a degree in horse care and equine management. It was only recently, when I moved out and lived on my own that bills and food took up a lot of my finances and the idea of owning a horse was becoming a distant memory.

Harriet sat opposite me, sinking slowly into the comfortable sofa that sat on the other side of mine. Between us was a wooden coffee table that she placed the two cups of tea on and also a sheet of paper with a pen.

"Chloe" Harriet smiled, leaning back on the sofa and crossing her legs, "You are qualified for the role, more than qualified actually. The job is yours to take, if you want it, that is?"

Why wouldn't I want to take the job? It sounded perfect.

"If you would like to discuss the role further," she continued, "Please could you sign the form? It's just an agreement to say that you won't discuss anything about the stable with anyone outside these walls. I apologise for the formality, but I cannot let what happens here become public, it would ruin my business completely."

That last statement took me by surprise, but I was happy to sign it, I already had no intention of telling people what happens here. I skimmed the document, it seemed fine and signed it with the pen. When I finished, I placed the pen on the table and took the cup.

"I have a feeling I may disappoint you," Harriet said, picking up the paper and setting it to the side of her on the sofa, "there are no actual horses here, haven't had a horse around for about two years now."

She said that as I was about to take a sip of the tea, instead of drinking, I held the cup close up to my lips, curious to what she was about to say next.

"Okay…." was all that managed to pass my lips.

"I'm sorry for the confusion," she took a gulp from her cup, "But instead of horses we have… women."

"Women?" I asked, "Like me and you?"

"Two years ago, I was reached by a few people who were into the BDSM scene and alternative lifestyles. They seemed interested in using my stables for different reasons, one was for ponyplay, they paid very well for the experience and after that they told their friends and they also seemed interested. I decided to reach out to women who might be keen to live a temporary life as a ponygirl and see how the client reacts and they loved it. The list of customers grew and they kept it quiet to not attract too much attention and the girls I found to be the ponygirls absolutely loved it, it was difficult to ask them to leave for a short break."

"So…" she continued, "I created this arrangement, you might have heard of it, but the clients pay a monthly fee to come see the girls anytime they want. So, it's kind of like a club of sorts."

"What do the clients want? Sex?" I mumbled, finally putting the cup back onto the table.

"No, absolutely not. Whilst my girls wear a sexy latex outfit, sexual activities are not allowed onsite. They are locked into their outfits, so any sexual behavior of any kind is impossible. The most anyone can do is touch them outside their suit."

"So what do these guys do with the girls then?"

"Guys? You'll be shocked to know that a large percentage of my clients are women. They only require companionship, they can talk with the girls, hold them, play games with them… I can even give them a ride on a specially made horse-kart. The only rules they have to follow is to not allow the ponygirls outside of the stable, not remove or damage the suits the girls wear and not hurt any of them."

"Okay," was all I managed to say.

"I already have two stable-hands on the premises, but they have been overworked with the fast increase of clients. That's why we need you. Your duties will include looking after the girls, making sure they eat and drink, looking after the client and seeing their wishes being fulfilled and then just general maintenance of the area and equipment."

It was odd seeing her so calm about this, an aging woman talking about people using her land for their own personal fetishes, but in a weird way, It did begin to make sense in my head. While no horses were using the area, why not give it to others who would be interested in paying. However, I couldn't let go of the gnawing feeling in my gut that this was weird and wrong.

"So, would you like to join us?"

"I'm sorry but no," I said, standing up, "I'm not comfortable with that. This is a lovely area and a wonderful idea but it isn't me."

I held out my hand for her to shake, hoping to end the conversation with mutual respect, but she was too busy processing what I just said. After a few seconds she finally stood up also.

"Okay, no problem," a smile rose on her face, "Most of my girls are in the field. I have one who's feeling a bit under-the-weather, her name is Lily, she is having a lie down in one of the stables. I need to check up on her, how about you join me and see a ponygirl in front of your very eyes?"

I looked unsure and struggled to find the words to answer. This was way out of my comfort zone, but I had to admit how curiosity was getting the better of me.

"I wouldn't ask for anything more than a peek," she said, sensing my mental conflict, "If you still feel the same, then you can go straight away."

I shifted in my place but eventually nodded. Harriet smiled before downing her tea, I felt as if I should do the same. During our conversation the tea had gotten cold, but I didn't have the time to process that, before Harriet began pushing me to the door as I took my last gulp.

"Lily is very docile," she said, closing the front door behind us, "All the girls can quickly overpower you. They love affection and physical contact, but Lily is the most mature out of all of them, which is weird as she is one of the youngest. Usually a client has a choice out of which girl to play with and when deciding, a majority of the girls would skip up to them and be adorable to them, trying to be their choice. Lily never does that, she would always wait patiently for the right choice to be made."

By this time we had already made our way to the stable doors, all of the five stables created an 'L' shape to the wall, on the opposite side to the house. I mentally prepared myself for what I was about to see, which felt stupid and odd because it was only a young woman on the other side of this wooden door.

Harriet unlocked it and forced it open, the door ached with every movement but in a moment, it was fully opened. The owner walked in first, sensing my apprehension of the situation, I steadily walked in afterward.

The first thing I noticed were the square holes in between the adjoining stables. I assumed this was to allow social interactions between the girls while the stables were locked. The floor was entirely a spongy material, with every step I took I sank into it by a few centimeters. Flooring like this was very common with normal horses, but either shavings or straw is placed on top of it for hygiene reasons, I guessed with human ponygirls, this wasn't a needed step.

From the doorway, Harriet completely covered the young woman, who was lying down on the floor. From this angle, the only part of her I could see was the black hoof on her foot. It looked something similar to a high heel, where the front of her foot was in the hoof, but her ankle stuck out of the end of it, forcing the girl to walk on her tiptoes.

I staggered a bit further into the room, my heart beat heavily as I noticed above the hoof was a layer of black artificial fur and above that was a shiny, emerald-green material… guaranteed it was latex. It became too real, Harriet quickly looked up at me and then back to the creature.

More of her came into view, the green latex carried up all the way past her butt. The material hugged this part of her body very tightly and showed it off. The green came to a halt at the bottom of her stomach, covering this part was a black harness-type device, similar to a corset, however, it was clear that this harness was for attaching things to or from the pony, rather than constricting her stomach.

Above that, I was greeted by more of the beautiful green colour; it covered her breasts but also displayed them well, the green carried down her shoulders and down her arm and at the forearm was another layer of black fur with her hand locked into a hoof. It was clear that this girl was helplessly locked in this suit and needed help to be unlocked.

"Harriet!" a voice called from outside of the stable.

The voice made me jump out of my skin as I was sending so much of my attention to the young woman lying in front of me.

"I'm here!" Harriet called back, sounding a little hushed to avoid disturbing Lily too much, "Chloe, I have to go for about five minutes. Do you mind spending a bit of time looking after her? She hates being alone when she is ill, I promise I will be back shortly."

Harriet stood up and walked out before I could voice my answer. When she left she gave me a full view of the girl. Nothing was between us and I took in every detail. I felt the wooden wall press against my back as I realised I was unconsciously walking backwards, as if intimidated by the sudden situation. What I felt as I stared at the latex-bound woman wasn't good… wasn't bad, it was an entirely new feeling completely. It felt as if I was looking at something I shouldn't be, something forbidden. The look of the latex and her trapped body made my body tingle in a good way, but a feeling at the pit of my stomach made this feel wrong.

I fell to the ground, overwhelmed by all of this. I wanted to go, drive away from here and never look back, but my eyes wouldn't move away from her.

I noticed the harness that was locked around her head. Her neck had a thick, black collar that contrasted with the shiny green latex. From the collar, the leather moved upwards, covering the back of her head and covering her human ears, at the top of the harness were two horse-looking ears with a tiny amount of fur poking from the top to make it look more realistic. Despite the harness covering the entirety of the back of her head, there was a hole to put her ponytail through, this made her look a bit more horse-like.

Despite the headgear looking a bit much, it was obvious there were pieces missing, having open buckles around the eyes and mouth. I didn't know much about BDSM, but I assumed the one around the mouth was to add a gag to the outfit.

I didn't know why it took me so long to notice, but behind her shiny, green butt was an authentic looking horse tail, the same colour as her natural, brown hair and for a moment, I saw the pony side of the girl more than the human side.

Her eyes slowly opened, her dark irises stunned me as they looked beautiful and pure. Her eyes darted around the stable, as if looking for the owner who was just holding her and then her eyes fixed on me. I let out a small gasp, stunned by the sudden movement of the girl. She looked so surreal as she got onto her hands and knees and began crawling my way. Her hair and tail swinging back and forth in unison. I was numb, unable to move as this creature crawled all the way up to me, forced me to put my legs straight and made my lap her pillow. At first it felt aggressive, with the sick girl almost charging towards me, but her gentle touch on my legs with her bound hands, with a small amount of force to let me know what she wanted and curling up to me and resting her head on me… it made me realise how gentle she actually was.

As she rested there, I felt the need to pet her. The same way a person would be if a dog did a similar thing. Gently, I placed my hand on her back, between the shoulder blades and began rubbing her in a circular motion. This was the only place I could begin as the harness on her stomach would mean she wouldn't have felt her lower back and at this point her butt was completely out of the question, I wasn't comfortable with that, but the relaxed breath out from the girl signalled to me that I was doing something correct.

Soon, my hand began exploring the rest of her body as she slept lightly on my lap. The collar on her neck was thick and held the head harness in place, it seemed to be connected to the suit so Harriet would have to take it off for the creatures, they were completely helpless.

As I watched her stir in front of me, trying to get comfortable. I felt something new, looking at her before I felt wrong, yet aroused… It was odd, but now as the woman was lying on me, I felt nurturing towards her, as if I had to do everything to make her happy. This day gave me many mixed feelings, but the more I was in front of her, the more it felt good.

After what only felt like a few seconds, Harriet once again entered the stable. She sounded slightly out of breath.

"Sorry about that," she apologised, kneeling down next to Lily, "It looks like you two made friends."

"Yeah," I smiled, once again looking down at the sleeping girl, "Is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine. One of the girls got a bit too adventurous and walked away from the group. I found her."

Harriet patted Lily on the thigh, the ponygirl woke up briefly but immediately fell back to sleep.

"She loves to sleep, even when she isn't feeling ill," Harriet smiled to herself, seemingly lost in her thoughts, her eyes suddenly widened, "Oh, I'm sorry dear… I shouldn't have let her use you as a pillow. You should be going!"

I looked down at the girl trapped in the latex suit, she seemed so happy and content on my lap. My heart ached to learn more about the stables and the other women who work here. I knew if I left now, I would regret it for the rest of my life…

Still holding the girl close, I looked up at Harriet as she met my gaze and the question came easier than I thought it would.

"When can I start?" I asked.


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