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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Part 2

With the sun setting on the horizon, my motorbike roared down the open road, passing cities and large towns. Within the last few months, these places would be the perfect place for me to stop and to make a life for myself. However, with an empty purse and no one willing to let me stay with them, I had to take my last option possible.I watched the final town disappear from my wing mirror, with only the light pollution illuminating the skies as a memory of the location I just passed.

I cursed to myself, pushing my bike further away from the welcoming glow of the town and headed towards the darkness of the night with only my headlight lighting up the road.I swore to myself more as the dull lights of the familiar town appeared in the distance. The town that saw me grow up, also saw me leave when I hit my early twenties... but now, I crawl back with my tail between my legs, even more broke than when I left.

Despite leaving with a strong defiant attitude and a strong will to make a life elsewhere, the jobs dried up and my charm began to falter, no one wanted to help me and I soon became unwelcome to stay at my 'friends' houses without a form of income, even asking to sleep on a sofa for a night was asking too much. That's when I decided to phone an old friend, who sadly, lived in the town that I spent years trying to escape from.

Chloe Miller.

A name that I haven't heard since college. Despite being a quiet girl, we managed to easily click and soon became friends. We had a mutual interest in horses and that was enough to keep the friendship going. However, we haven't properly spoken since I left college early, apart from the odd message on social media. I was a little surprised when I told her my situation and she seemed more than happy to let me stay with her.

At the cost of returning to this godforsaken place.

I breathed out, giving myself one final thought before pushing the engine even further and disappearing into the darkness of the town that welcomed me.

I looked at my phone, the light illuminated my face as I scanned the messages between my old friend and I.

I pulled off my helmet and placed it onto the seat of my bike. When that was done, I took a moment to rub my hand up the seat and onto the bars, realising that it might come to selling the bike just to get by. With all the memories I had with that vehicle, the saddest part was that it was my only way out of here. This place was so out of the way they even stopped the one bus service that came through here. If I were to sell my bike, it would mean being stuck here... the thought alone made me shiver.

My eyes once again scanned the phone screen, "Right, Apartment four."I walked away from my bike, leaving it in one of the two parking spots that have the number four painted on the ground.I assumed the car next door belonged to Chloe. I approached the building, noticing a number one of the door and a staircase next to it that went up, taking the steps two at a time, I soon found apartment two and then three.

When I finally got to apartment four, I realised she lived at the top of the building and there were more steps than I had initially thought. Catching my breath slightly, I knocked on the door four times and took a step back, taking a moment to prepare myself for the greeting.

Whilst we spoke and messaged over the phone, it took me a moment to realise that we hadn't seen each other face to face. I never stopped to even think about this town and Chloe was not the kind of girl who would want to leave, she was always comfortable with what she already had and never wanted to reach out for more. One half of me hated even standing in this town, but another part of me was thinking about how long Chloe would allow me to stay here.

My thoughts were interrupted as the front door opened up, illuminating the dark night with the warm glow of her entrance.

"Hello, stranger" she stepped out of the doorway and embraced me in a hug.

It felt like the years we never saw each other just melted away, I hugged her back.

"Hello, friend," I smiled.

Chloe took another moment but finally pulled back, "Heather, come in, you must be freezing out here", she stepped aside, allowing me to enter the apartment. With a smile and a quick nod, I followed her hand and entered the soft, warm and welcoming glow.

I entered a small hallway, with four different doors that went into separate rooms. On my right was a small kitchen and a large living room and on my left was the bathroom and a hallway that went into two smaller rooms. It wasn't large in any way possible, but it was welcoming and warm. It was home for now.

Chloe closed the front door behind her and locked it. She walked past me and into the kitchen.

"I'm just making myself some tea, would you like some?" she called from the small room.

"Umm, no thank you." I walked further into the apartment and began looking around, "Thank you for letting me stay on such short notice. I didn't know you had any space for me."

"Oh, it's okay. It's what friends are for."

I welcomed myself into her living room, it was small but easily the largest room in the entire place. It was basic, with a cream wallpaper and grey carpet. The only objects that filled the room up was a sofa that sat across from a medium sized tv, A few picture frames were hung on the walls and a low coffee was placed in front of the sofa.

My eyes gazed over the picture frames and they were what you expected. Some of Chloe with a horse, a few pictures of her past pets and even one of her and an older lady, there was no resemblance so it couldn't have been her mother. The picture of the two looked recent and seemed like it was taken in a stable.It clicked as my brain reminded me of some of the messages we exchanged around a year ago. She had been accepted for a part-time position in a stables on the outside of town, from what I remembered, the business wasn't exactly public and a few rumours spread around regarding it.

I sighed, reminding myself of the place that I returned to, where something as small as a lady who owned horses could have rumours created just because she was quiet and didn't go into town often. This was a place where everyone was so bored and boring that any secrets would be welcome to be whispered about.

"You sure you don't want a drink?" Chloe walked in and placed her cup on the table, "I make a good coffee"

"No, thank you." I woke from my deep thoughts, "It's late and I don't want to spend the night buzzing."

Chloe sat on the arm of the sofa, getting herself into a comfortable position whilst at the same time keeping eye contact with me.

"Thank you so much for this" I heard the sincerity in my voice, "I didn't have anywhere else to turn"

"Well, you sounded desperate on the voicemail you left me, I could never turn away a friend"

"I wasn't that desperate" I chuckled.

Without hesitation, Chloe got out her mobile phone and dialled a few numbers, within seconds the phone beeped and a familiar voice crackled on the other end, it was my voice.

"Chloe, I hope this is your number," I didn't realise how desperate I sounded, "It's Heather. If you get this, please could you give me a call back. I've lost my job and I'll be kicked out of my apartment within a few days. No one here is helping me and... and... I just don't know what to do. Please, would I be able to stay with you... if not, do you know anyone I could stay with? I don't mind... When you have a free moment, could you please contact me on this number... Thank you. I'm sorry to drop in on you like this, it's just that…"

Chloe hung up the message, "I think that's made the point"

"I did sound scared, didn't I?"

Chloe put her phone back in her pocket and looked at me with a calm smile on her face. She seemed genuinely happy to see me, which made me feel bad for acting as if she was my final option.

"How has the last few years been for you?" I tried to change the subject, taking one last look at the photos before I joined my friend on the sofa.

"There is not much to tell." She once again placed her cup on the table, "I moved out of my parents place, got this apartment, I was going between jobs before I found the one I currently am at."

"I remember you saying about that, finally got to work at Harriet's stables?" I said, reminding myself of our earlier conversations.

"Yeah, it's amazing. I started part-time last year and now I'm full time. We get so many clients that I'm always busy and never get the chance to rest. Not that I am complaining, as I wouldn't swap it for anything".

I couldn't help but grin, she looked genuinely happy, "That's nice. I've never been happy at a job, but it must make life so much more easier"

"It does" She sighed happily to herself.

She took in a moment to revel in her happiness before snapping back to reality.

"Oh, I'm sorry" She stammered, "You must be starving after your long journey. Why don't you have a quick shower and I'll cook us both something to eat"

I thanked her as we both stood up. She pointed me towards the bathroom and handed me two towels from a nearby cupboard. I continued to thank her as she showed me how the shower worked and left to cook something up.

Although I was grateful for her hospitality and happy to see my friend once more, I was saddened for having to rely on her. As I took off my clothes, I promised myself that I would find a job as soon as possible and pay my own way. The heat from the shower began to mist up the room, I walked to the mirror and wiped away the condensation, showing the reflection of a naked woman looking back at me.

Even though my body looked young, my deep, blue eyes looked tired, one too many sleepless nights had began to take its toll. My greasy, red hair sat just above my shoulders, sticking to my neck. Even though I hated how tired I looked, I still took a moment to enjoy the look of my body, I wasn't a vein person, but I appreciated what I had. I had a very modest bust that clung onto a thin, but curvy body. I was nice to look at and I thought it made up for the crap personality that it came with. I took one final look before turning around and entering the steaming, hot shower.

I felt amazing, better than I had done in months. I wrapped my clean body and my hair into towels and bathed in the feeling of being clean. I signed, looking around the bathroom I noticed my dirty clothes were gone and a t-shirt and pajama bottoms had taken their place, folded neatly on top of the toilet seat. I never noticed Chloe came in, although I doubted I could have seen anything through the thick steam, which was a blessing as Chloe wouldn't have been able to see my naked body.

I didn't waste anytime putting on the clothes she had picked out for me. A baby blue shirt with a white image of a horse running and plain white bottoms now covered my body. I forgot how it felt to wear clean clothes with a clean body underneath, I had become used to sleeping just in my underwear.

I ran my hair through the towel once more before exiting the bathroom. To my surprise, Chloe already had the food laid out on the coffee table, hot food with a hot drink, my stomach rumbled in anticipation of being full.

Chloe greeted me once more with a soft smile, "Feeling any better?"

"Much, thank you so much," I couldn't thank her enough, "Where shall I put the towel?"

"Oh, you can hang it up in your room, if you like?"

My mouth went wide, "My room? I'm not sleeping on the sofa?"

She chuckled, she took the towel off my hands and showed me down the hall, "Of course not, it isn't much but I prepared a room for you."

I followed her, shocked with the knowledge that I had my own space. For the last few months, the only place I had to call home was the sofas of multiple friends, even though they made me out to be a burden. I hoped Chloe wouldn't think the same of me within a few days of being here.

"Here you go," she said as she opened a door.

She was right, it wasn't a large room by any means, but it had a bed, a tv and storage for clothes and other belongings.

"Wow, thank you" I was still shocked.

"Sorry, it's rather basic right now, but you can make yourself at home and decorate it as you wish."

She walked in the room and placed the towel over a warm radiator. She made sure to fold it neatly on the heated metal and as she walked out, she made sure the bed was neat by shaking out a few wrinkles in the duvet.

"Thank you so much," I repeated myself, "I owe you big time, you have been so nice to me."

She walked out of the room and closed the door behind herself, "It's no problem, If the shoe was on the other foot, I know you would do the same for me. Let's sit down and have something to eat"

As she turned me around and walked next to me, guiding me back towards the living room. I asked myself if I was the type of person who would do the same thing, the honest question worried me as I knew I wouldn't be. Here is an old friend who is bending over backwards to make me feel welcome in her home and I knew deep down that I would never do the same for anyone else, not even a close friend.

I buried my thoughts as Chloe guided me towards her comfortable looking sofa, the smell of the warm food filling the air. A mixture of what would be considered 'snacking foods' littered my plate, Chloe's eyes lusted over her plate as much as I did mine, she must have been hungry too. She swiped her long, brown hair behind her ears, placed a napkin on her right and carefully picked at the food, starting with the salad. It looked like her OCD not only affected her living conditions, but also the way she eats.

I admired her in some ways. She had changed drastically since we knew each other in college. Back then, she was a shy young woman who wouldn't be able to talk to you unless you spoke to her first. The only reason we got so close was that I complimented her horse-related stationery. That was when the true Chloe came out, talking for hours about the different breeds of horses. It was a surprise to me to see a quiet girl being unable to stop herself from talking, but I loved hearing people speak, especially if it was about their life or a subject they loved.

Seeing Chloe's eyes spark up as she spoke about all the different horse-related subjects was something beautiful and that is how our friendship blossomed, she spoke and I listened, whenever I wasn't about, she went back to being the quiet, typical Chloe.When it was my turn to talk, I only spoke about my limited experiences with horses, when I used to work at my mother's friend's stable.

When I wasn't talking about that, usually I spoke about anything sex-related, my mind back then being full of filth. From my limited experience, to famous guys that I would like to have sex with. However, I would usually keep this conversation short as Chloe usually went quiet during these conversations, hiding her blushing cheeks from my crude sentences.

It's something I look back on and want to kick myself for.

I looked down at my food as I noticed I went into deep thought whilst staring directly at my munching friend. Despite her looking like she enjoyed every bite, staring at her for more than two seconds was probably making her uncomfortable.I picked up parts of the salad with my fork and chewed it; despite not being a fan of healthy foods, I was really enjoying this.

"I was thinking of walking around town tomorrow," I said between bites, "I'll go to the library tomorrow and print off a few CV's to hand out. Hopefully, we will hear from someone soon"

Chloe swallowed what was on her fork, she drank some of her tea before contributing to the conversation, "What if you don't hear any replies?"

"What do you mean?"

I noticed she wasn't making eye contact with me, "There aren't many jobs going in town, what if you can't find one?"

"Oh... I don't know" I placed my fork back on the plate, "Honestly, I don't know. I could always try a different place, but my bike is low on fuel anyway... I don't know how far I would get. I couldn't ask to stay here without a source of income"

Chloe wiped her face with the napkin, "Don't worry, you can stay here for as long as you like. I would never dream of kicking you out"

I sighed out, the thought of not being able to find a job never occurred to me. With that in mind, the image of me doing nothing and just spending all my days in Chloe's apartment soon rushed towards me, especially with the thought of Chloe becoming more and more annoyed with me, to the point of her kicking me out. However, her soft smile was enough to put me at ease. I was safe here.

"I spoke to Harriet today" she continued, "I know we have a part-time job opening available and I told her you would be perfect for the job and she agreed"

Once again, my jaw hit the floor, "You're kidding, Th-thank you so much... you are amazing!"

"That's if you want to take the job?"

"Why wouldn't I want to take it? Yes, I haven't worked with horses for a long time but I'll happily take anything... and working for someone like Harriet would be an experience"

"Heather, you haven't heard it all yet" Chloe said in a slightly louder voice, I noticed she was picking her fingers.

My jaw was still wide open, "Why? What's the catch?"

"I-I will not blame you for saying no, but no matter the outcome, you must not say anything to anyone. Harriet's Stables works because no one outside knows what happens... If any of this leaks out, who knows what will happen"

I was taken back slightly, I knew the stables were kept secret and it worked more like a club. However, Chloe's mannerisms made it seem like there was more happening than what I initially believed.

"I won't say anything," I blurted out.

"Promise me, you will say nothing about Harriet's stables or what happens behind its walls" I saw how serious she was being.

"I promise," I put my hand up as if I was swearing an oath, "I will not tell a single soul about what you will tell me."

She once again relaxed back against her chair, her eyes looking down at her fingers, which were now bleeding. She placed it in her mouth and sucked away the small amount of blood that was seeping out of the wound.

"In the year I've been working with Harriet, I have not worked with a single horse." She was being quieter than normal.

"O-Okay," was all I could contribute, needless to say I was confused.

"Harriet doesn't own any actual horses, her place is more like an exclusive club where people can come over anytime and spend some time with one of her 'girls', only people who know about the club can bring in new members, it's completely secret"

"Umm, I'm not following. So she doesn't own horses but has 'girls'?"

She began picking with her fingers once again, "You were always the one who was into the sexual stuff at college, do you know about bondage?"

"Yes, of course I do... Please don't tell me you work at some creepy BDSM club"

"No... Well… Not in so many words and not creepy... Do you know about pony play?"

I struggled to think, my mind was already full with so many ideas and questions, "Umm, that's when you tie someone up and treat them like a horse..."

Chloe's eyes flickered up and met mine, "...Yeah."

My body felt numb for a second. I couldn't even comprehend the thoughts that flew through my mind. The quiet, innocent Chloe from college was talking to me about bondage, not only talking but actively working for a BDSM-like club.

"I... I don't know what to say," My voice trailed off, "Is there... sex involved?"

"No, of course not," Chloe scoffed, her hands wrapped around her cup, "It's more... the interaction with the pony girls. The members come to the stables and they can spend time with the girls, either going for a walk with them, looking after them, going for a trail ride... the list goes on, but no sex. Harriet was very strict that no sexual activity will happen between client and ponygirl"

"What do you do?" I asked, still feeling numb, "When you said you had a job, do you dress up as a pony too?"

"No, I manage the stable and the girls. I greet the clients, get the girls ready, make sure they are looked after and fed, make sure their stall is clean, just general management really"

"This is crazy." I wanted to laugh but I was more stunned, it was insane hearing this from Chloe of all people. I struggled to imagine her surrounded by latex-bound women.

"It stunned me at first, It was so weird. However, I met one of the ponygirls during my interview, her name is Lily... the way she was calm and pet-like, it draws you in like an addiction. It is odd, it is crazy, but I love every moment working there and I would not change it for the world"

I focused on my friend's face, she was smiling to herself as she watched the steam rising from her drink. She spun the cup around with her fingers.

"...and what would I do?"

Her eyes finally flickered back up at me, "One of the pony girls left last week, which means there is a vacancy. Obviously, you can say no, I'll understand if you are uncomfortable with this."

I wanted to say something, anything but couldn't. My head was just getting over the idea of the stables and now I had to process the thought of potentially working there myself. I haven't done anything BDSM related that wasn't considered 'vanilla', this was a whole new level.

"Of course, no matter what you decide, you cannot tell anyone about this," she continued.

"No, of course I won't," I whispered, my hand covering my mouth.

We sat in silence for a moment, I could tell Chloe wanted to say something, to contribute more towards the conversation and ease my thoughts, but nothing would help. There it was, in black and white, what Chloe does for a living and her suggestion for what I could be doing.

"What would I have to do?" I finally said, "Do I have to learn to neigh?"

Chloe chuckled as she grabbed her fork, "No, just... it would be whatever comes natural. All the girls have their 'thing', Lily is a good listener, Abigail is athletic, Nicole is childish and a bit of a trickster and Kathia is a cuddle monster."


"Yeah, clients have their favourites but all the girls bring something different. If you decide to go through with this, you'll find your own thing."

Chloe began playing with some of the food on her plate. My mind was starting to feel eased, hearing the names of the other ponies gave the job a more human element. These were real people, trying to live a real life. Would it really be that bad?

Am I really considering this? I could give it a go and leave if I don't like it. There is always an out.

"Yes," I finally said.

"What? Sorry, what did you say?" Chloe looked up from her food.

"I'll give it a try," I could hear the nervousness in my voice.

Chloe smiled ear to ear, "Really? That's great!"

"When can I start?"

Chloe laughed, "We'll take a drive down tomorrow. I'll give you the grand tour."

I laughed too, not completely sure as to why, my mind is telling me that I will regret this, my hands felt weak that I struggled to hold my fork properly, there were so many thoughts going through my head that I couldn't focus on a single one. There was no answer that came to mind that calmed my mind, all I could do was focus on the food in front of me and wait until tomorrow.

Chloe's car hummed down the road, despite living in a small apartment, she made it up with a brand new, electric car. It was very empty and clean, with only a large monitor on the dashboard separating me and my friend. Chloe got up annoyingly early, although the breakfast in bed was more than welcome. I've never been a morning person and today was no different, despite being both excited and nervous about today.

The car drove a few miles out of town, following the main road until Chloe turned off and followed a few side roads. Before I knew it, we were at the large gate that held the stables. My heart was beating out of my chest as I tried to focus my eyes over the entrance. It was at least twelve feet tall and was an impossibly dark colour that gave off the 'you shouldn't be here vibe'.Focusing my eyes a bit more, I could see the words 'Harriet's Stables' hanging at the top of the gate, a dark colour that matched the dark wood.

"Are you ready?" my friend asked, still both hands on the wheel.

I took a few breaths before answering, "Yeah, yeah I'm ready"

"Good. Everything will be okay, you'll love this place once you get used to it" She pressed a button on her keys and the gate roared to life, I swear I could hear the ground rumbling as it began opening its mouth to let us in.

"So today, we will have Harriet, Lily and Kathia in" My friend tried to make conversation, "Which is good as Lily is very patient... However, watch out for Kathia, she loves clinging onto people. She's lovely, but she'll happily spend the day hugging you."

Chloe waited until the gate was fully opened before driving through it. She drove down a brick driveway, to the left was fields with open paddocks, on the right was a large building, an archway welcomed the car to drive through it. Once we were through that, I found out the large building was actually a smaller building with a wall going around in a large square, across from the house was a set of stables that were built into the wall, all but two of the stables were open.

Chloe parked her car in the middle of the courtyard, next to a horse statue that sat on top of a fountain. She asked me once more if I was ready, being behind the gate and being inside the grounds were two different things, now it became so real. I was breathing a bit more heavier but I was still happy to proceed, nothing too weird happened yet that made me want to run in the opposite direction. We both exited the car and at the same time, the front door of the house opened up.An older, thin lady walked out and shut the door hastily behind her. She was wearing a white vest top, blue shorts and brown boots. I was surprised that the 'famous' Harriet looked so... normal, especially with her greying hair tied in a messy bun.

She walked all the way to the car and welcomed me with her hand stretched out.

"Hey, it's lovely to meet you," she grinned, "You must be Heather? Chloe has already told me so much about you"

She shook my hand excitedly, which caused her thick glasses to fall down her nose. As soon as she was done with my hand, she used her index finger to push her glasses back up.

"Okay" She turned to Chloe, "Lily and Kathia are in their stables. The girls inside know someone new is here and they are going crazy, so best not to go in the house for a while"

"The girls inside?" I asked, looking at my friend.

"Yeah, I'll tell you about them later" Chloe smiled, her eyes flickered back to the house for a brief second.

"Okay" Hilary slapped her hands together, "We'll get you dressed up, see how you are in the outfit, then you can meet Kath and Lily and then I'll give you the grand tour. I think we could all do with a walk about"

"Sounds good to me" Chloe said, getting out a set of keys.

"Yeah, good" I numbly agreed.

Chloe walked towards a wooden door, to what I assumed was a small room that was connected to the stables. A typical horse-owner would use a room like this to keep her equipment in, reins, saddle, etc. My friend placed a long key into the door, I could hear the rusty bolts unlock and the door creaked open by itself. The part of me that liked horror films was begging me not to look in, but my curiosity got the best of me.

Chloe walked in and my eyes followed her. The room was small and dark, it had no windows and only had natural light to keep it illuminated. Within the room was a selection of heavy duty boxes with built in locks, some were placed on shelves and a few were on the floor. It would take a lot of equipment to break one open without the key.

As I stepped into the room, I noticed Harriet was behind me, holding my shoulders as if she was as excited as me, it was clear she wasn't as nervous. Chloe checked each box until one caught her attention.

"Ah, here we are" She pointed to one box on the floor before shifting through her set of keys once more.

She picked out one of the silver keys and placed it into the lock, surprisingly the case instantly opened by about an inch. The keys went into her pocket and she opened the box up even further. Harriet continued rubbing my shoulders as Chloe lifted a latex, silver outfit. She turned to me and the older lady, lifting the outfit up high to show us. It dangled freely like a second set of skin.

"Wow" My mouth fell open. I immediately wanted to wear the outfit, it looked inviting, almost like it was calling me to put it on. From where I was standing, I could see more parts to the suit, several pieces that were all black.

"Do you want to give it a go?" My friend asked.

I walked forward, taking one of the arms of the outfit within my index finger and thumb, "Sure, what do I have to do?"

Wow, the outfit felt amazing, it felt like a mixture between silk and a raincoat. I couldn't explain completely how it felt by touch, but my body had an interesting reaction to it. A tingle travelled from my fingers, up my arm and down my torso, going further down and eventually reached between my legs. It was a fight to hide my arousal from the two ladies in my company.

"O-Okay, Let's do this" I nodded.

Harriet led me to an empty stable. Chloe was going to grab each bit of equipment to put on me from the crate and Harriet was going to help me put the full outfit on, with the silver latex outfit on her arm, she closed the door behind her, leaving us alone from the outside world. Somehow, I felt more comfortable with the stranger in the room whilst I changed, rather than my old friend.

"Are you okay, dear?" Harriet asked as she got comfortable.

I was turned away from her, staring at the brick wall, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just... give me a minute"

"It's nothing I haven't seen before, hun"

We both chuckled softly, I began talking off my coat and my shirt as my mind raced with thoughts. This felt dirty, like it isn't something I should be doing, but it all seemed so welcoming. Harriet was a warm woman and seemed easy to talk to, she made me feel at ease.

"You know, I think you will get on well with the other girls" The older lady continued, "I think you'll get on well with Lily, you two seem very similar"

"Yeah?" I took off my bra and kicked off my boots.

"Yeah, she and Kathia are excited to meet you. Kathia is happy with anyone who can cuddle, Lily loves conversation. She is happy just to hear you talk, she can do it for hours. Trust me, I have spilled my guts to her numerous times"

In one quick move, I pulled off my pants and flicked them off my legs. Even though I was still standing with my back to her, this was my first time naked in front of a woman, in a somewhat sexual sense.

"Has she put it on yet?" Chloe asked from outside.

Me and Harriet laughed, unaware she was waiting just outside the stable, probably getting impatient with how long we were taking.

"Whilst we get the outfit on, why don't you see if Lily and Kathia are okay?" Harriet turned towards the door.

"Okay, will do" We heard her walk away.

"Are you ready?" She asked, walking up behind me with the suit open.

I sighed out one final time, "I'm ready"

Keeping my back to her, she lifted up one of my legs and I felt the opening of the suit brush against my bare foot, I held the wall for balance. I pushed my foot through the opening of the suit, through the leg and out of the bottom and we did the same with my other leg. The suit sat at my ankles, Harriet grabbed both sides and in a swift move, she lifted the suit up to my hips, the latex pulled and tightened around my legs, showing off my figure.

"Oh, crap," I moaned softly to myself.

"I know, it feels amazing, doesn't it?" She helped my hand into the arm opening.

It felt just as good as the latex glided over my skin, crawling up my arm to my shoulder. I wasn't in control of my body, I could hear my moans as my other hand followed and my entire body was encased in the silver suit.

"Wow, you really like it" Harriet walked around and zipped up the suit, tightening the material around my entire body, the zip ran from my private area to my neck.

"Yeah, it feels amazing" I tried to get in control of myself.

I looked down, apart from my head, my hands and feet were the only parts of the body that were exposed, however, I still felt naked... yet dressed at the same time, like a second layer of skin that hid my intimate details but also showed off sexual aspects of other parts of my body.

"Ummm, Harriet?" Chloe came back, "Kathia and Lily got out and they are refusing to go back into their stables until they meet the new girl. They just barged out as soon as I opened the doors."

Harriet sighed loudly and tutted to herself, "Can you wait here while I sort the other two girls out? Chloe struggles to say no"

"That's okay" I stretched my body, feeling the latex pulling against every inch of my skin.

Harriet walked out of the stable, slamming the door behind herself. Only then, did I feel comfortable to turn around. The latex moved, stretched and pulled against every part of my body with every step I took. It was a struggle to contain my arousal with the second skin shimmering between my legs, with each step being heavenly agony.

"I'm not sure how I'm going to do this," I whimpered softly.

I heard some commotion outside, it was tough to hear what was being said but it sounded like Harriet was scolding the other two ponygirls. It didn't sound like she was too angry, more playfully telling the girls off due to their impatience.The world outside went quiet before Harriet came back into the stable, her arms were full of items to add to my person. She huffed to herself as she placed them on the floor.

"How does it feel?" She asked, looking at me stretching my body, "It feels amazing, doesn't it?"

"It's amazing," I struggled to hide what the suit was doing to me.

"Well, that's just the first part, we still have to add so much more to you to make you a full ponygirl. Come here and get your shoes on. Imagine they are high heels and it would make things a lot easier"

Harriet knelt down and placed two convincing horse hooves in front of her, the hooves themselves were black with black fur travelling upwards for the rest of the boot. I gently took a few steps forward, trying not to stretch the outfit more than I had to and gingerly dipped my toes into the shoe. Harriet helped guide my foot in and I felt the sponge-like sole welcome me, this is when I found out why she compared it to a high heel, because my ankle was pushed upwards and I was walking on my tip-toes. Despite hating wearing heels, I loved the feeling of this boot, it was so comfortable.As soon as my foot was snuggled in, we did the same for the other foot and in the end I was standing slightly taller than I was before. I couldn't help but smile, the black fur was a contrast to the silver latex.

"Go on, give them a proper go," the older woman commanded, standing back to give me more room.

I dreaded it, but decided to give it a go. The first thing I noticed was the weight difference, as soon as I placed my foot upwards, it came down and slammed onto the rubber matting. Despite the slow removal of freedom, somehow... I felt powerful. My other foot slammed against the floor as I took a second step, the latex was already stretching once more and my vagina was screaming from the sensation.

I held my breath as I braved a few more steps, the heavy *KA-PLOMP* of my shoes hitting the floor was surprisingly satisfying. Harriet stopped me after a few steps, probably noticing my red cheeks. She presented me with two similar hooves, however, these were for my hands, they too were black with black fur. She placed them on one at a time, easily slipping my digits through the latex underlining. Within seconds, both my hands were pulled through and my arms matched my feet.

They also had weight to them, causing my hands to fall downwards slightly. The most comfortable position I found was to have my upper arms at my sides but my lower arms out forwards. With this new addition to my body, I continued strutting around the stable, taking a moment to get used to my new, helpless limbs.

"Right, we are nearly there" Harriet fumbled with the last object, "I get that this looks like a corset, but it's a harness that will help with activities"

She held up what looked like a long, heavy piece of leather. The stable-owner was correct, it looked like an unfastened corset, but a quick glance showed me the metal links that were placed strategically around the leather to lock other objects into. She placed it around my waist and locked it on with a nice *click* sound, meaning I was stuck inside. Whilst I could feel it around my waist, it wasn't tight at all, just a reassuring hug to make me aware it was there. The item started just below my breasts and ended at the top of my hips, showing off my bust with the contrasting silver and black colours.

"Awwww, you look so adorable," Harriet threw her hands together, "Chloe was correct in getting you here, I would say you are in your element."

I smiled back, unsure of what to say. I felt awkward more than anything, still, the latex outfit underneath was fighting against my body and I was still struggling with the urges. However, what Harriet said wasn't far off, I felt so natural this way, as if I was supposed to be here, in this stable, in this outfit. It was like living a dream I had, not de ja vu, but living a moment I had felt in the unrealism that only a dream could provide.

"Okay, are you ready for the final part?" she asked.

More? I couldn't contain myself for what I was already wearing, it was a weird mixture of feeling free, yet contained at the same time. Trading my physical movement for liberties elsewhere.I couldn't do anything but nod, already I was so far in, why not take a few more steps to see the entire picture.

Once again, Harriet ran out of the stable and returned seconds later with a harness of sorts. She looked so happy as her fingers gently teased the leather. It looked like a typical harness you would use on a regular horse, but this one had leather ears built into the straps. To me, it looked flimsy, too flimsy to be used on a regular basis, but Harriet showed me that it was tougher than it initially looked.

She walked up to me and got very close, she placed the object behind my head and began fiddling with the notches and locks, two pieces of the harness wrapped around my neck and locked together, I only then realised the collar that was built into the straps, above that was a strap that went around the back of my neck and at the front was a gag. I gave Harriet a strange look as I wasn't looking at a typical bit gag, this one had a hole in one side and what I thought was a small vent on the other side.

"W-What's that?" I stuttered as I tried to move my head backward to get a better look.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you about this" Harriet pretended to smack her forehead, "This is a unique invention, you know the ball inside a whistle?"

I nodded once again.

"Well, this is very similar. It has several, slightly heavier balls so when someone breathes through it, it sounds like a horse snorting."

The stable-owner must have seen my expression, a look of disbelief.

She tutted, "Well, you'll see in a minute, now... open wide."

I opened my mouth as she shoved in the device she was just talking about, I made a habit of breathing completely through my nose as she tightened the strap around the back of my neck, she then tightened another notch that lead to a headband, the same headband that held the realistic looking ears.

"You know, when Chloe started, the suits were different. Instead of this harness sitting on the head on its own, the girls wore a latex hood underneath. Then Chloe mentioned removing the hood to show more of the ponygirl's face and it was a huge hit with the clients, it was like humanising the girls, but still allowed them to act like ponies. You see, wearing this outfit is like a mask, you can hide yourself away but also become confident in other ways. Underneath the latex, you are Heather the nervous human, but outside is someone different, the fun part is figuring out who that person is."

Harriet stopped adjusting the head piece for a moment, as if she was lost in thought, "You know, I fought against Chloe, I expected the girls and the clients were more happy with the latex hoods on. I thought the girls would lose all confidence with most of their head being shown, but the girls were happy. I thought the client's would think the girls were too human and wouldn't be comfortable interacting with them in the same way, but I was wrong... the client's loved it and they were saying how beautiful the girls all looked. Some days, I feel Chloe knows this place better than I do"

She continued to focus on my head harness, tightening the headband so it was a snug fit but not tight enough to cause a headache after hours of use.

"That's not all I was wrong with," she continued, "the outfits used to have a realistic horsetail attached, I used to love them and thought they were one of the best parts of the outfits, but one time one of the girls accidentally got her tail stuck in the stable door and couldn't free herself. Chloe convinced me that it was a good idea to remove all the tails to prevent the same thing happening again. As you can imagine, I fought against her but went through with it for a trial run and the girls seemed happier. I think they enjoyed showing off their butts more without the tail obscuring it, but we haven't had an incident since with stuck ponygirls."

She tightened one last strap, one that went from the head band, across the top of my head, securing the whole harness in place. She linked the metal in and secured the strap, after giving it a few tugs and feeling sure it was tight enough, she took a step back to appreciate her masterpiece.

"Well, that is a sight" She smiled as she looked me up and down.

I turned my head left to right, there was some restriction but it felt easy enough to look around. I felt locked in and stuck, I felt naked but concealed, it was an interesting feeling.

Harriet looked at me, as if she was waiting for me to do something. I looked back at her with a face that told her I had no idea what she was talking about.

"The gag?" She laughed, "Blow through your mouth and give it a go. Trust me, it sounds realistic"

I tried to look down at the object currently lodged in my mouth. It did its job well at being a gag, I felt like I would be unable to talk, but at the same time I didn't want to accidentally breath any air through the vent and ruin the surprise. I inhaled through my nose and breathed out through my mouth, causing the balls inside the gag to move around and vibrate against each other. What came out was a horse snort so realistic, I wanted to look around to see if a real horse managed to sneak into the stable with us.

My cheeks immediately went red, it was much louder than I anticipated, but Harriet's grin was enough to make me forget about my nervousness.

She screamed in delight, "There you go!"

With my confidence boosted, I went and did it again, the gag vibrated in my mouth as I imagined all the balls jumping up and moving around the hollow tube. This one piece of equipment was enough to make me believe I was an actual horse. I wanted to jump with joy but I was still unsure on what I could do in these boots.

"There we go," Harriet said as I heard a click.

I slowly calmed myself down and glanced over at the older lady. In her hands was her phone, she was looking down her glasses at the screen as if she was struggling to see what was being displayed in front of her. She took a photo of me!

I didn't enjoy having pictures taken of me in my human form, let alone dressed up like this in a very sensitive moment. Harriet walked up next to me and all that disappeared as she showed me the photo she took. I looked so happy.

In front of me was a very content ponygirl, my red hair showed brightly in comparison to the black harness that surrounded my head. This was contrasted once again against the silver outfit that sat underneath. The stable-owner only took a picture of my top half, but even under the latex, I could barely make out my breasts were just as excited as the rest of my body.

I looked happy and excited, more happy and excited than I have been in years. In a way, I felt guilty, as if I shouldn't be here and someone else should be in this amazing position. I didn't deserve this, but I decided to enjoy it whilst the moment lasted.

"Right!" Harriet stopped my thoughts as she put her phone back in her pocket, "That's us done in here, why don't we introduce you to the other ponygirls and give you that tour?"

I only had a second to think to myself before the stable-owner opened the door, letting in the natural, bright morning light. She walked out, leaving me alone within the stone walls. My immediate reaction was to follow her but my body was preparing itself for a long walk, with each second being in agonising pleasure due to the latex exploring my body.

I breathed out one last time before making my move, the balls in the gag rattled softly before falling back to silence. I reached forward with my right leg and the heavy hoof landed on the soft rubber matting. My second layer of skin reacted to this one step and was already lighting up my privates like the star on a christmas tree.

My thoughts were interrupted by two young women stampeding into the stall. What initially were dark shadows against the morning sun, soon became two ponygirls, locked in similar outfits to my own.I didn't have enough time to process what was going on before the two came up really close to me, looking me up and down as if I was the new animal to the clan.

Behind them, Harriet walked in with her arms crossed, looking incredibly disappointed in the two girls.

In front of me was a plump young woman, wearing a purple latex outfit, but otherwise wearing the same restraints I am. She blew through her gag making a powerful horse snorting sound, but at the same time shaking her head, making it look like very believable horse movements. Her black wavy hair sat freely behind her head, moving a moment afterwards her skull did. Instantly, I wanted to run my hands through it, that is if I still had access to my fingers.

Her dark piercing eyes were not hindered slightly by the restraints around her head. Easily, I saw past the bondage equipment that was attached to this young woman's body and was introduced to the sensual and beautiful woman underneath. Despite being a larger woman, the suit did nothing but highlight her sexuality, her large chest was pushing up against the latex, looking as if it could split at any moment and every curve was being illuminated by the shiny, purple material.

The pony's face softened as her owner walked up beside her.

"Here she is" The older lady pointed towards me but still kept her arms crossed, "Are you happy now? You could have waited another few seconds and you would have seen her outside"

Despite being scolded by Harriet, the young woman ignored her words and clapped her hooves together as if she was clapping her hands, instantly the plump girl went to hug her owner, who scoffed playfully but returned the hug. It was short-lived, however, as the purple pony stopped the hug quickly and soon ran up to me. I heard her feet *klomp* against the matting as she took large strides to me and caught me in her arms with her hoofed hands clicking together behind my back.

She sighed and giggled happily as she literally welcomed me with open arms. The softer side of me wanted to return the hug, but she had them pinned to my sides.This is when I had the time to notice the other ponygirl who had entered my stable.

Behind Harriet was a slim, twenty-something young woman, a flash of emerald green coated her body and highlighted the black, bondage equipment that was attached to her. Her hooved hands were up, covering her petite breasts and confirming to me that she isn't as social as the purple cuddle monster, mentally, the hooves were her guarding herself from a stranger.

Even from across the stable, I could see the green pony's eyes were much more gentle in comparison and her brown hair was kept back in a tight ponytail. It was clear that these two girls had completely different personalities, but what took me a moment to realise was Chloe was too in the stable, the green skinned creature distracted me to the point that I didn't notice my friend behind her in her civilian clothes, with her hand on the bound girl's back.

"Well, looks like an introduction is in order" Harriet huffed again, "Heather, the girl wrapped around you is Kathia.... told you she loves her cuddles and the girl keeping her distance is Lily. Kathia, Lily, this is Heather, she might be joining our little group, so make her welcome... not that Kathia has done that already"

Once again, I heard the plump girl sigh happily as she rested her head on my shoulders.


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