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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 11

It was the most beautiful place i had ever been in, Jade really knew how to pick her restaurants. It was the end of a very long day, the sun had already been down for many hours but the nightlife of the city was only just getting started. Even though the city was just waking up, the destination that Jade decided on was a lovely, quiet little restaurant, hidden away down a small alley.

This choice gave the place a very specific atmosphere, it wasn't too busy and gave every one of their customers a chance to talk in peace without having to raise their voice over everyone else. The warm glow of the building made it feel so welcoming and comfortable compared to the darkness of the outside world past the window.
However, the outside wasn't completely unwelcoming, the restaurant sat on the other side of the canal from the rest of the city, allowing us the view of multiple buildings all with bright lights with reflections that danced delicately over the water between us.

I was almost surprised that Jade had picked such a beautiful spot, it was just the right place to be in awe of the scenery, but also did not stop conversation between us. It was nice to get away from the town, I don't think I had left the area since I had arrived. Although, I do wish she had told me we were going to such a nice restaurant, I would have cleaned myself up more and worn more formal attire. However, Jade was also wearing her usual clothing, she did not take off her black hoodie the entire time we were sat at the table.

"This is nice," I smiled at her.

She returned the smile as she scanned her eyes over the receipt for the meal, she then opened the purse and placed a couple of notes on the table.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked, beginning to reach for my purse too.

"Don't worry about it, I asked you out tonight; I'll pay," she stated, placing a few coins down too before placing her purse back in her pocket, "Well, the night is still young, where would you like to go now?"

I thought for a moment, returning my gaze back to the window as the lights dazzled and enticed me, although… I did not have the urge to explore the city further, what I wanted at that moment was to go somewhere quiet with my date.

"Shall we go back to mine?" I threw the idea out there, "I think Lily and Chloe are home, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind us joining them?"

"Oh… uh, yeah." She stuttered on her words, "Sure, we can do"

"I'm sorry, did you want to go anywhere else? I am more than happy to stay out for a while longer"

The last thing I wanted to do was to upset her, the evening with her had been so nice and I did not want to do anything that disturbed that.

"No, it's not that. I am more than happy to go somewhere… quieter." She had a slight smirk on her face as she said the next part, "But I was hoping you might agree to come back to mine"

"Oh! Of course, don't you live with your brother though?" I didn't mind this idea, but I imagined if anything would have happened tonight, Lily and Chloe were much more open, I would have assumed things would have been awkward with her and her brother if she had 'company'. I asked, "Will James mind?"

"Nah, he won't. I've brought back guys to our place before, we have an understanding when it comes to this type of thing."

"Okay, let's go then!"

"Perfect, thank you!" Jade's smirk from earlier grew into a larger smile, but I noticed she was not in the process of standing up to leave, she stayed sat in her seat.

She actually began to go a little shy, the confidence of the girl I knew wavered for a moment, she could not even look me in the eye as her eyes focused on the table in front of us.

"Heather… I just want to say," she started to say.


"I… just want to say that you look very beautiful today."

Oh god she was cute! My cheeks went red as I accepted the compliment, "Thank you, I just look the same as I do everyday"

"I know… you always look beautiful"

It warmed my heart to see her open up, even though she was struggling to look at me directly, I could tell that she was placing her heart on show, she was being completely honest with me and she let drop the tough act she always had on.

"Thank you so much, Jade." I began to get nervous too, "You are very beautiful too, it means alot to me that you think the same thing"

She continued to smile, trying her hardest to bring her eyes towards me.

I continued, "Do you mind if I try something?"

"W-what's that?"

My heart skipped a beat as anxiety filled the entirety of my body, if I did not have the guts to do it now… when will I? I pulled my body across the table, towards the dark haired girl in front of me, for the briefest of moments she had a look of shock on her face before her eyes began to close, she turned her head to the right as I did the same.
Our lips touched .

She tasted amazing, I could taste a hint of the food she just ate, but her pink lips had the hint of strawberry on them, I assumed that was due to chapstick she might have used. Regardless of the actual taste, the sensation of her lips of mine sent chills up and down my body, my legs tingled to the point that they started to lose all strength in them and my brain began glowing with all the ideas that this interaction would create for the future. This was the start of something beautiful.

I noticed that she was very stiff, she held the same stance since I started the kiss, giving me the idea that I should end this interaction sooner rather than later. I knew she wasn't hating the fact that I did it, but it could be too much for her too soon. The moment I started to tell my body to move away, something happened that gave me a second burst of energy. A soft, quiet moan escaped her lips. She was enjoying it.

Our lips did leave each other but immediately she went back for more, her hands travelled up my back and held onto the bottom of my shoulders, she went further in and opened her mouth wider, which allowed our tongues to begin massaging each other.

Yes, I knew that we were making out in a public restaurant, but I did not care. It felt as if this was a long time coming, the connection I was having with her at that moment was developing since that first day I spent time with her, when I was locked in the pony outfit and following her as she did her job.
It was the first time I expressed love publicly, it was the first time I had made out with another woman, but I was loving every second and from the sound of it; she was the same.

*Bang* *Bang*

It was little taps that came from the window next to us, it was the only thing that could have stopped us at that moment. I immediately left her lips and stared outside into the cold night, staring back at us was a group of young men, they didn't even stop walking as they watched us make out from the outside.

"Oi Oi!" One of the lads yelled, seemingly receiving some form of visual stimulation from us kissing.

I fell back into my seat as they continued to walk and eventually walked out of sight from me and my date, I felt humiliated and disgusted, as our intimate moment was completely destroyed by the group of guys. The only lucky thing was that they weren't overstaying their welcome, they moved on pretty quickly.

"Well… that's disgusting," I scoffed, crossing my arms at the rude interruption.

"Yeah… that wasn't nice," my date contributed, she returned to her awkward self just moments later.

I looked up at her, I knew this was virgin territory for the both of us, neither of us had romances with women before and despite our eagerness to jump into it, it was clear that there was still some reservation to this idea, on both ends. I continued to stare at Jade, she made sure the guys were completely gone before getting herself comfortable again. I knew we had to jump into this with both feet, we should not have cared what a group of guys who were unknown to us think.

"So… you were saying something about your place?" I asked, trying my best to smile.

Her eyes finally returned to mine, "You still want to go?"

"Of course I do, I want nothing more"

Finally, she returned the smile, "Sure, let's go"

Jade drove me to the other side of town that I had not seen before. When I initially left to live in the city, this side of town was nothing but woods and abandoned buildings, now it was a lively section of the area with nearly a hundred new houses. It felt odd being somewhere that was left to rot and now families had begun living there.

She parked her car outside an oddly shaped house, there was a white door in front of us and a staircase that went upwards towards another door. It was clear from the moment I inspected it that it was two apartments built into the same house, Jade led me towards the white door on the ground floor.
It was a pleasant building, the brickwork was still a bright shade of red, which told me how young this property actually was. She placed her key within the lock and opened the door, leading me into a short corridor that had different shades of cream over the walls and carpet.

It was clear that Jade did not decorate the house to her standards, I did not see her as the type who would choose these colours to live in, but despite this, the place was warm and felt very welcoming.

"Just go on ahead, my bedroom is the door on the right, right next to the kitchen," my date stated as she closed the door and began to lock it behind us.

I followed her instructions, walking down the short corridor as it turned left. Immediately after the corner, I was met with another corridor, this one had several doors on both sides and the kitchen she mentioned was completely open with a wide archway instead of a door. Within the kitchen was James, sitting at the table whilst working on a laptop, his eyes widened as he saw me walk around the corner.

"Hey, hi Heather!" He stood up, "How are you?"

He seemed shocked by my arrival but he still had his manners. Despite not seeing him for a while, I was reminded exactly of how comforting his presence was, he was always so warm and welcoming; he always seemed like he was listening to me despite always being locked in the pony outfit when we met.

"I'm great, thank you. How are you?" I asked, I was a little worried about his behaviour, I assumed Jade had told him we were on a date together.

"I'm good, thank you," he responded, before going silent again.

"Okay… okay!" Jade came up from behind me, "Enough with the niceties, Heather is staying the night, so…"

"Headphones in at max volume, don't knock on your door unless it is an emergency," he finished her sentence with zero energy in his voice, it was clear this was a regular occurrence at this household.

He picked up his laptop and walked down the hall, entering what I imagined to be his bedroom.

"Umm… is everything alright with him?" I asked, whispering as quietly as I could in case he could still hear us.

"Yeah, he's the same idiot as always. Why do you ask?"

"He just seems a little awkward, I thought we got on quite well? Does he have an issue with us seeing each other?"

Jade laughed quietly, clearly enjoying my awkwardness to the situation, "No, he's fine, he doesn't have a problem with it. When was the last time you saw him?"

"Umm… " I had to think, felt like it had been ages, "It's been a while I guess, I think the last time we saw each other was when you two saw me at the stables"

"Whilst… you… were…?" She said every word as slowly as possible, rotating her hand like she was trying to make my brain work harder.

I struggled to think, it was that one day where I took Chloe's place. I walked out of the storage room and bumped into the two… whilst… I WAS COMPLETELY NAKED!

"Oh!" I quietly yelped.

"Yeah" Jade laughed again, "Don't take it personally, he's just an awkward guy sometimes, that's all."

She nudged me towards her room, it sat on the opposite side of the corridor to his room, hopefully that was a good thing as he was more out of earshot than if the two rooms were right next to each other.
Unsurprisingly, the room was the same shade as the rest of the house, cream walls and floors. Her room was nearly empty, aside from a bed in the corner, some places for storage and posters on the walls of artists, tv shows and movies that she enjoyed, it was not a shock that her taste wasn't hard to guess, she enjoyed rock bands and horror media.

She closed the door behind us, my first instinct was to walk towards the bed. I tried my best to step over the clothes on the floor, she wasn't a messy person; but it was clear she was in a rush to leave earlier and the clothes she was wearing the day before rested on the floor. That's when I noticed her bed, it wasn't unusual by any means, but it was the one thing that stuck out compared to the rest of the room, the black, metal frame was a complete contrast to the bright colours that surrounded it, it had much more of a gothic vibe with the headboard being a collection of metal squares that ended in two spikes at the top on either end, like spires on top of an old cathedral. At the bottom of the bed was the same thing, but about a foot lower than the top side.

"What do you think, do you like it?" Jade's voice came from behind me as she placed her hands on both of my arms.

"It's… something," I struggled to compliment it, I wouldn't have called it ugly, but it gave off the vibe that the bed was really only used for one thing.

The dark haired girl walked around me and knelt down beside the bed, she felt underneath the frame for a few seconds before pulling out a wide cardboard box. My eyes widened the moment she pulled it out completely, the box was filled to the top of bondage items. Gags, crops, handcuffs, blindfolds, nipple clamps, whips, paddles, butt plugs, dildos and a whole lot of different items came into view, each one of them being different shades of black with a few pinks and blues mixed in.

"Oh, wow!" I didn't know what else to say, I was just shocked at what I was seeing.

"I've been collecting them for years, this is usually the part when the person runs away… either that or the first time they experience pain," Jade stated as she looked down at her large collection, even going as far as picking up a paddle and smacking it into her hand.

I wasn't going to lie to myself, I did have the urge to walk away. It wasn't that I was scared of what Jade could do to me, it was how overwhelmed my brain was. Never before had I been with someone who was so open about what toys they have and what they wanted out of this relationship. What made me stay was the curiosity I had for what was to come, it was the amount I cared for the person who was opening her world up to me.

I knelt down next to the woman, I placed my hand on her cheek and leant in for another kiss, letting her know that I was not going to go anywhere, I was going to go on this adventure with her and hold her hand the whole way.

Jade pulled off my hoodie and my t-shirt underneath in one swift move, the bra did not last much longer and that too was on the floor with the rest of my clothes. She planted a selection of kisses down my chest, down my stomach until she reached the top of the leggings I was wearing, with the same amount of determination; she pulled them down as well as my underwear in a swift move and they too ended up on the floor.

To say I was comfortable naked in front of someone now was an understatement, I think everyone who worked at the stables have now seen me in various states of undress, but this was different, I was now naked in front of someone who wanted me sexually, who wanted my body. My nipples showed off my excitement, rising to attention the moment I was fully nude in front of Jade, it was the first thing the dark haired girl noticed as soon as she stood back up. She shot me a sneaky grin as if she already knew what she had planned for my delicate body.

She made a point of staying clothed for as long as possible, it gave me the sense that I was beneath her with my body being entirely on show whilst hers was still as clothed as when we left the restaurant, it worked… I truly felt submissive and entirely not in control. As she placed both her hands on my cheeks, she pulled me in for another kiss, this one was not as passionate as before but was still as sexual, it was another statement of her dominance, how in control she was of the situation and how I was the submissive.
Not one of the toys had left the box yet, but it was completely clear what my role was in this relationship.

She whispered quietly in my ear, it was only a small command but I executed it immediately without question. Whilst she stood in front of me, I went downwards onto my knees, resting them against the soft carpet, my hands went behind my back as if a set of imaginary handcuffs held them in place and I lowered my head, staring down at the bottom half of her body.

Now, I truly felt like her slave.

"Holy shit, Heather," I heard her say in a quiet tone, as if she was shocked by how submissive I was to her words, but she did not want to ruin the connection we were having.

Instead of saying anything further, she placed her hand under my chin, rubbing my skin gently whilst enjoying the sight in front of her. This did not last long though, as she left me for a short moment to dive into her box of toys. I stayed still the entire time, even going as far as to close my eyes to not peek at what she had in store for me. Surprisingly, she was one step ahead as the first thing she placed on me was a blindfold, it was made of a thick material that completely cut off all access to the outside world, placing me in darkness the moment it was put on.

"Comfortable?" She asked, as quietly as her voice was before.

"Yes, very much so… Mistress." I tried to hide my giggle as I said that last part, I knew it would have made her happy to hear me call her that.

The next part to be attached to me was a collar, it was a heavy, leather one but she left it loose enough to not be too tight against my skin, even when she locked it on, I could feel it being pulled forward every now and then, telling me that a chain was attached to the front like a leash.

I did not know why but that thought was the first thing that turned me on, I quietly exhaled all the air in my lungs as I felt that familiar feeling of being aroused, with the urge to touch myself down there slowly becoming apparent. It was unclear if Jade knew this was happening to me, honestly I think she was just excited to finally be able to fulfil her fantasies with someone.

After a little more shuffling coming from the box, she lifted up my right hand and began to attach a wrist restraint on it. I knew it was that straight away once the feeling of the faux fur hit my skin and within a few seconds the other hand was locked in a similar restraint. As she let that arm go, I rested both hands on my bare legs, waiting for her next command to come through.

"Looking very beautiful," she complimented me, I heard her voice travel behind me, "I don't know why we didn't do this sooner.'

The tone in her voice was different than before, it had a more strict feel to it, like it was louder and she was speaking more clearly. She was getting into her dominant role.

"I'm sorry for making you wait so long, Mistress." It was still so hard not to laugh, it was all new to me being this submissive, "I'm sure we can make up for lost time."

"You don't have to tell me, I know we have to. Now, stop talking." She came up close behind me, I felt something push against my bare butt, it was cold and I think it was made out of leather, "Go forwards, rest on your hands."

She used the item behind me to help manoeuvre my body forwards, getting me into a crawling position.

"Now put your head down on the floor, rest your chin on your hands," she continued to command me.

I did exactly what she wanted, resting my hands together before placing my head on them.

"Legs apart."

I opened my legs as wide as I possibly could.

"Now, arch your back." I felt her rub her hand down my spine.

I immediately followed her command, being helped by her touch. I arched my back to lift my butt higher in the air, giving her full access to that as well as my sex, she wasted no time placing the object over my clit, I wanted to shudder from the cold sensation touching my most sensitive body part.

"What I have in my hand is a paddle," she calmly stated, "I'm going to hit you ten times with it, I want you to count out loudly each time I hit you and when you get to ten, I want you to thank you. If it gets too much, say 'red' and I'll completely stop."

I felt my body begin to tremble in anticipation, I had never been hit before and was unsure on how it would feel. My fingers, hands and arms were all shaking slightly and I was sure she could see it too.

"Do you understand what I want you to do, Slave?" she asked.

"Yes… Mistress."

She did not let up on the crop being on my sex, she firmly held it in place. "What do I want you to do?"

I could begin to hear the shakiness in my voice, "Count to ten each time you hit me and then thank you once we hit ten."

"Good, good girl," she growled as she finally stood up, "Oh wow, you are excited, aren't you?"

I groaned quietly, too quiet for her to hear me. I imagined in my head her looking at the crop in her hands, seeing the sticky liquid that came out of me just by her words alone. I was truly under her spell now.

Then, it stopped. All movement in the room ceased, I couldn't hear her move… heck, I couldn't even hear her breath. I remained exactly in the same position, but I really wanted to take the blindfold off and look around and see if she was still behind me. She couldn't have-


"HOLY SHIT!" I screeched, trying to bury my mouth in my hand to deafen my voice.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" she asked, her tone was exactly the same but she sounded slightly out of breath, she couldn't have been tired so it must have been a sudden rush of arousal coming from the action she just did.

"O-one," I stammered.

"Good girl."

I wanted to keep swearing, it did not feel as if she held back at all. The first sensation I felt was a sharp sting that hit the very bottom of my butt, just missing my sex. The sting travelled through my body, changing constantly as my nerves reacted to it, however, what started off as pain soon transformed into pleasure, it was like static electricity waking stimulating every part down there, the first sensation was pain but it soon faded into a more pleasant feeling.

Jade breathed out loudly. It seemed that she was getting a different sensation to me but also pleasurable for her. She was right, she was a sadist, getting off on the punishment she was giving me.


This time she gave no warning, hitting exactly the same spot with the same amount of force. My body jolted but I managed to keep the stance without moving too much.

"Two," I said through clenched teeth.

This time it was more raw, hitting exactly the same part of skin that was screaming from the first hit. It did not overwhelm the pleasure though, the sparks continued to travel through my body, all ending up at my clit, engorging it with blood to the point that it was needing attention.





The pain began to get much more bearable, with the skin getting numb to the hits, but the aftermath of the attacks remained the same, stimulating a certain part of my body.

She breathed out again, this time much louder than she was before, "Holy shit, Heather. This feels great. How are you holding up?"

"Fine, Mis-" *WHACK*

My sentence was cut short from the fifth stroke, it took me completely by surprise.

"Heather?" she asked.

"Five," I groaned, trying to keep compliant with all the feelings travelling over my body.

Then she finally moved the paddle downwards, once again returning it over my clit, making soft, slow circles over my sensitive sex which began to drive me crazy.


"Oh… Oh…" I scrambled to reply.

It was a far more gentler hit, but it was directly on my sex, bringing all the attention to that one spot.

"Heather?" Jade asked, keeping the strict tone that told me she wanted me to say which number that was.

"Uh… S-six."

*Whack* Still directly on my clit.



"Oh… god, eight"



Then she stopped, returning to the completely silent way she was before striking my body. With the gentlest of touches, she tenderly rubbed her hand over my butt, moving her hands in slight circles to help with the feeling, although it did not hurt; I understood the need for aftercare… even though we still did not reach ten.

She made sure to gingerly touch my wanting clit as she continued the butt massage before bringing her hands up my body, she rubbed my soft skin all the way up until she reached my head, placing her hands around my cheeks once more.

"Are you okay?" She questioned, this time the tone of her voice was more soft and nurturing, "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

I smiled, "No, no you didn't"

It was nice to see that she was still as caring as ever, the strikes weren't as bad as I thought they would be, but I doubted that she would have gone too far on our first time. It was exciting, like dipping my toe in a world that I had never travelled to before.

She kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tight, making sure to rub my body the entire time she was doing so.

"The bed is in front of you, can you crawl to it?" she asked whilst whispering in my ear.

"Yeah, I can"

"Okay, get to bed. It's right behind me"

She stood up and ceased all contact. I was still blindfolded so I had to feel my way around, she told me it was right behind her so I crawled on my knees and my left hand, using my right hand to find the edge of the bed. Eventually, I felt the soft sheet and the metal bars that sat underneath. I used both hands to pull my body onto it, expecting Jade to follow me any second. The moment I lifted both legs onto the bed, she made herself known.


She smacked my butt with the paddle with the same strength as the first few hits, catching me completely off guard. I yelped, falling onto the soft cover whilst instinctively reaching behind to cover my behind from any more strikes.

"What number is that?" She quizzed me, the strict tone returned with a hint of humour within.

"Ten," I moaned into the soft sheet of the mattress.

The design of the bed became apparent very quickly to me, without any issues Jade attached one of the wrist restraints onto the metal frame in a quick snap, doing the same with the other hand the moment I knew anything was happening. In less than a few seconds, I was completely helpless in front of her.

I heard a short giggle shoot out of her, her warm hands began to caress my body, starting at the sides of my stomach before travelling downwards towards my thighs, making sure to dig her nails in ever so slightly to add to the sensation. I let out a long, drawn out groan as she reached my legs, once she was done, she crawled back upwards, grabbing the end of the lead before pulling it up, lifting my head off the pillow.

I continued moaning softly, it was all in anticipation of what was to come, my sex was still craving as much attention as before, desperately wanting her to use her hands for my pleasure, but I knew this was going to be drawn out, this was her game and I was her toy to do whatever she wanted with. She continued lifting my head, to the point where I felt my lips touch hers once more.

After a while she finally let go of me and returned my head to the soft cushion underneath me. Now, she was straddling my body with both legs on either side of me. I felt her move but couldn't figure out what she was doing. I did everything to peek through the blindfold, looking at the very edges of my peripheral vision to try and find a gap, anything that would let me see the outside world, but no gap existed, I was completely blind until she decided otherwise.

"What are you trying to do?" she queried.

"I… I want to see you, I want to see what you are doing… Mistress" I added the last part as I imagined trying to look at her might have ended in punishment for me, luckily she saw the other side and laughed.

"I wouldn't worry about that, I'm just getting naked"

She made a point to brush her clothes against my arm, making me feel her jacket, shirt and bra as they passed me and landed onto the floor. Whilst she was still dressed on her bottom half, it was exhilarating to think she was now bare chested, her breasts were entirely on show and I could not see them.
I pulled against my restraints, trying so hard to feel the soft skin of the beautiful woman in front of me, an action she clearly saw and was amused by.

"Oh, does my darling little slave want to touch me?" Her words were stimulating enough on their own, I know she was putting on an act, but it worked, it made me desire her even more.

"Yes… Yes mistress," I begged, my mouth started to feel dry in desperate need.

"Okay, as you have been good, I'll grant you this one request"

I opened the palms of my hand, imagining her placing one of her breasts within them. She had seen my naked body numerous times, yet I had never seen her entirely nude before. The pony suit she wore the other day showed off her curves, but not anything underneath it. It felt like forever as I waited for her touch, I could feel my fingers were still trembling, I'm not sure if it was from the spankings from before or the desperate need to feel her boobs in my hands.

"Open," she commanded.

Open? My mouth? Why… Oh?

She did not go for either hand, instead placing her breast over my then open mouth, I moaned loudly as the urge to lick her already aroused nipple became too much to bear. The moment my tongue touched it was absolute bliss for me, being almost as pleasurable as being touched myself.

"Oh, god… Heather," she whispered in my ear.

Hearing her get that amount of pleasure was enough to urge me to keep going. I ran circles around her nipple before sucking it into my mouth, from there I rotated between the two actions. I had no plan on how to bring pleasure to the dark haired girl, I was running on pure urge and sexual desires.

She finally brought it out of my mouth and replaced it with her other breast, which I happily continued pleasuring that the same way I did the other, all the time trying to ignore my own desires, with my clit begging to be touched in a similar way.

A quiet tune began playing within the room, it was a melody without any lyrics, it took me a moment before I realised it was a ringtone from Jade's phone, alerting her from her jacket pocket. I felt her pull up, taking her breast away from my mouth.

"Do you think you should get that?" I asked, breathlessly.

"No… it's fine, I doubt it is anyone important," she responded, beginning the process of putting her breast back into my mouth.

"You sure?"

I felt her nipple touch the tip of my lip, I wanted to suck on it once more, but it was clear the ringing was distracting her, whoever would ring this late surely meant for the phone call to happen.

She scoffed as she jumped off me, "I should get that."

Still completely blind, I was forced to listen to her as she scrambled around on the floor, trying to take the phone out of the pocket before the call ended.

"It's Beth," she said, throwing the jacket onto the ground as she answered, "Hi Beth, is everything okay?"

She joined me again on the bed, resting on top of me, this time her breasts were pushed up against mine as we laid with our heads together, she wanted to still be intimate but not sexual, she wanted to focus her attention on the phone call before coming back to my helpless body.

"Yeah? Yeah, I don't think that would be a problem, no"

However, I was still feeling playful, as we were so close to each other, I leant my head forward until my lips touched her neck, she tried holding my head in place but it was too late, I began kissing at the point where her neck reached her head, travelling as high as I could go behind her ear. Immediately, I heard the change in tone.

"Yeah… Y-yeah I can talk to Heather, I'll give her a call right now… I-I know she is awake" It was adorable, her voice kept breaking with every other sentence as my lips did their thing.

However, the urge to go further came very quickly, not only did I want to tease her, I wanted to punish her in response to her punishing me earlier, as there was little I could do in my bound state, I only knew one thing to do at that moment.

"Oh, shit!" she yelped, trying to keep her voice as quiet as possible so Beth could not hear her on the other side of the phone.

I lightly bit down on her neck, sucking in the skin through my teeth. I felt that me and her were a little too old for giving each other hickeys but I could do little else at the time, but it seemed that my actions weren't displeasing for my mistress, as she softly moaned the entire time I was doing it. It seemed as if she enjoyed receiving pain as much as giving it.

"Okay, yeah… I'll see you tomorrow," she couldn't hide it anymore, each word that came out of her mouth was as breathless as the last, "Goodnight."

She dropped the phone to the floor and used that hand to help lift herself off me. I continued to suck as hard as I could until she managed to drag her body completely away from mine.

"Oh… I'm going to get you for that," she snarled, "You are a mean girl, aren't you"

I smiled in return, showing my eagerness to be punished for my 'actions'.

She jumped off the bed, "Just give me a quick second."

I heard her walk all the way across the room, the light tapping of her feet was cushioned by the carpet. Once she got to the other side, she opened the door by a few inches and started to yell into the hallway.

"Hey, dickhead!" She screeched, waiting for a reply before calling the name once more, "DICKHEAD!"

James' voice finally appeared from his room, "What is it?"

"When you get up tomorrow, can you wake me and Heather up? We have to get to get to work early tomorrow"

"Sure thing!"

With that short interaction done, she closed the door and almost sprinted towards me, jumping onto the bed with her entire body covering me. She hovered over me for a while, I started to have the urge to ask if she was okay. Being blindfolded meant that I could only imagine what was going on in the room, she could have been doing anything.

"Oh, bitch!" she laughed, "You got me good!"

"What's happening tomorrow?" I almost felt silly asking such a normal question whilst in this state.

Jade returned to her dominant self, "That can wait until tomorrow! Right now, you… are… mine"

Before I had a moment to let that sink in, she started with a flurry of kisses that began at the neck and began travelling downwards very slowly, eventually going past my chest and down my stomach, travelling down to the area that wanted attention the most.

I started giggling as the light touches tickled my skin, "Jade… go easy on me… it's my first time with a girl… please… just… be… Jade, Jade, JADE!"

My eyelids were extremely heavy, it took a lot of effort to open them and take in my surroundings, with the room I had spent the night in coming into focus very slowly. The first thing I wanted to do was to close them again and return to sleep, I kept them open as I looked around the room; trying to find something that was showing the correct time, I didn't even know where my phone was as it was hidden under the layer of clothes removed from mine and Jade's body.

A light beam from the sun travelled underneath her blinds that covered the window, telling me that it was still very early. What added to this was that no noise from the outside world could be heard, so many people must have been still asleep.

I gently lifted my head up, realising that I slept the entire night on Jade's chest. The dark haired girl was still fast asleep with her breast heaving up and down with every deep breath. This was the first time I could actually see her naked as I was forced to wear the blindfold for the entirety of our sexual encounter, only allowed to take it off when we were done, at that point the room was already pitch black.

Her breasts looked appetising, feeling them in my mouth whilst bound was one of the most amazing feelings I had ever felt. It was almost an addiction, the desire to taste them again becoming increasingly difficult, but I could not have done that to her, waking her up this early would easily have been a bad idea.

However, I still wanted to see more. I lifted the blanket that covered us even more, letting light in on both of our bare bodies, I could see the beginning of Jade's toned stomach, I lifted it higher and higher until I started to see the very top of her sex… A little further and…

Just then, I remembered I did not wake up naturally, something forced me up. It was a soft knocking coming from the door, very light taps that obviously didn't wake the dark haired girl up, but my ears managed to pick it up.

I let myself out of the bed, trying my hardest to be as silent and as light footed as I possibly can, although it was clear that Jade was a deep sleeper. I hopped across the clothes that covered the floor before making it to the door. As lightly as I could, I lifted the door handle and peeked my head through the door, hiding my entirely naked body behind it. James stood on the other side, giving me a short wave once he saw that the door had opened.

"Hi," he said in a very quiet whisper, "How are you feeling? I guess Jade is still asleep?"

I responded in a similar way, "She's completely out of it, but I will wake her shortly"

"Yeah, she asked me last night to wake you guys up when I'm up. I'm just about to leave, I've made you two breakfast, it's on the table in the kitchen"

"Awww, that's sweet. You didn't have to do that."

James let out a quiet laugh, "Trust me, Jade never makes breakfast in the mornings, didn't want you to go hungry"

"Thank you so much. I'll get her up now"

"Good luck with that." He turned to walk away but immediately stepped back towards the door, "Before I forget, you have something on the top of your head"

"Oh? Do I?" I reached upwards, immediately feeling the blindfold I had on all night resting above my forehead, needless to say, my cheeks started burning from embarrassment.

"I'll see you shortly," he whispered again.

I slowly closed the door, taking the blindfold off the top of my head, it was only then when I realised I still had the wrist restraints on too, Jade's brother probably also saw them too.

A heavenly smell hit the air as I made my way to the kitchen. Waking up Jade was not as bad as I thought, it took quite a few shakes to finally get her up, a few grumbles and also some empty threats, but I managed to pull her out of her deep sleep. I put on my underwear and my shirt, just enough to cover myself up for the morning, I was far too hungry to think about dressing myself completely.

James stood inside the kitchen, placing items into a bag as he was getting ready to leave. He spotted me the moment I pulled myself into the small room, watching me as I walked over to the table and sat down, being pulled directly to the food.

"That smells amazing," I hummed, practically sniffing the air like a cartoon character.

"I made you bacon, scrambled eggs and toast, nothing much but should get you ready for the day. There is some orange juice too." He zipped his bag up, "She wasn't too hard on you, was she? I know she can be mean in the mornings"

"Nah, she's fine. Thank you so much for the food! You heading off already?"

"Yeah." He swung his bag across his shoulders.

"Are you going to be at the stables anytime soon? Feels like ages since we last saw you"

He finally stopped moving, resting his arms on the air nearest to him as he went into deep thought, "Umm, I believe Harriet wants me over next weekend for a small project, nothing too big… yeah, it's been a while"

"That sounds great, the girls really miss you, I can tell." I smiled as I reached over to the orange juice.

He had a goofy smile on his face as he thought of the girls at the stable, "Well tell them I miss them too. Has anyone heard from Nicole? She's seemed to have disappeared completely"

"Oh, didn't you hear? She's back, she is now a pet… It's really cute actually"

"A pet?" He gave me a look as if he didn't believe me, either that or he was confused as to what I was saying.

"She is! She wears a new outfit and crawls around on her hands and knees. The visitors really love her!"

"Well, I'll definitely pop round and say hi when I get the chance." He nodded, before looking behind me, "Oh, morning sleepyhead!"

I turned around to see Jade enter the room. She was definitely not a morning person, looking more like a zombie as she approached the table. She managed to put on a t-shirt and some pyjama bottoms, but it was clear she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"Didn't think you were going to get up," James continued with his taunts.

She didn't respond verbally, instead placing her middle finger up at her brother, going as far as to wave it in his face as she walked past him, before sitting down at the table.

"Well… on that note, I'll leave you two be," he said, seemingly unshocked by her attitude, "I hope you have a wonderful day, Heather"

As soon as he finished the sentence he walked out of the room, within seconds he was down the hall and the sound of the front door opening and closing boomed through the building. Once my attention was taken away from the fleeing brother, I focused entirely on the young woman in front of me and the large bruise that covered the left hand side of her neck.

"He's a complete ass, but he's actually a pretty good cook," Jade said wearily as she grabbed a selection of food and stuffed it onto her plate.

I scoffed, "Why are you so horrible to him?"

"What?" Her eyes widened as if she finally woke up before looking directly into my eyes, it wasn't like she didn't hear me and it didn't sound as if she was angry at me for asking the question, the 'what?' that came out of her mouth was a genuine way to ask me to clarify what I had asked her.

"Your brother is super nice, he helps around the stables, he made sure to wake us up this morning and he cooked us breakfast. You've been nothing but mean to him since we got here"

She placed some egg in her mouth as she digested what I was saying, leaving the room in complete silence as she filled up a glass with orange juice.

"I'm not horrible to him," she stated, getting comfortable on the seat.

I was confused, "You're not?"

"It's just the way we are… it's the way we always have been. If you want me to admit it, I will. My brother is a really nice guy and I'm lucky to be his sister, he's helped me out of more scrapes than I can remember. I would even say he is my best friend." She took a sip from her glass before continuing, "If you weren't here, he would probably be calling me the same things. It's just our way of communicating to each other, I don't mean anything rude by it. If me and my bro were nice to each other, then that is when we know something was wrong"

"Oh… okay." I was actually shocked that people acted this way, "I… honestly can't say anything, I never had siblings, so I've never had that kind of relationship before"

"I didn't realise you were an only child"

"Yeah, just me and… my mother"

Jade went a little awkward, I guess it was the way I phrased the sentence that took all the energy out of the air. She reached up and hovered her hand over the bruise she recently received from me, "Damn, you really got me good"

"Oh, that reminds me, why are we up so early today, you were a little busy with me last night to say anything"

She smirked as I said that, "Beth called, you have a visitor early this morning, someone who booked in before the stables open"

Again? I've lost track of times this had happened to me, I struggled to understand why Harriet and Beth allowed people to do it in the first place.

"Why did she call you? Why didn't she call me?" I was genuinely confused.

"Apparently Beth tried your phone, but it said you were busy" The smirk grew, "But listen to this, the person who is booked in to see you this morning is an old friend of Harriet's who used to work at the Pony Trails. Harriet called in a favour for her to look over your work so far and see if there is any improvements to be made, maybe teach you some techniques that the judges will be looking for"

"Oh… wow," I struggled to think of what to say, a nervous energy started forming at the bottom of my stomach.

"This is good, Heather," Jade said in a tone that sounded reassuring. I imagined she noticed my sudden nervousness, "You are doing well and she'll be able to push us further than that. We will surely get into the trials with her help"

I looked up, it was nice to see her genuinely happy for something. She was smiling, not the devious, sexual smirk from earlier, but an actual smile that told me she was excited for what to come.

She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

Even after last night, my heart beat was so fast as Jade placed her hands on my cheeks, pulling me in for another kiss. The hot water from the shower came down, covering our bodies in their entirety, but getting clean was the last thing on our minds as we wrapped our arms around each other.

Jade mentioned that it was a good idea if we had a shower before we left, but I did not think she meant together, however, I was not against the idea.
I was mentally and physically drained, I don't think the dark haired girl finished playing with me until the early hours of the morning, but even after that, I wanted more of her… I needed more of her. My brain was on fire from everything that we could do together and I was more than happy to be her slave to make it all happen.

I needed Jade more than anything else in the world.

A gasp escaped my mouth as our lips finally parted each other, I was not aware of how long I was holding my breath for. Jade was the complete opposite, even grinning at my situation before coming back in, but this time not going for my lips once more. She started with little bites and kissed just below my neck, not latching onto my skin with her teeth but instead playfully nibbling downwards, as if toying with me that she might bite me somewhere as she travelled lower and lower.

I had to brace my body, placing both hands on either side of the tiled walls of the shower. She took her actions at the same pace as she did last night, making sure to make me endure the sensation for as long as possible before feeding me that pleasure. As she reached my stomach, she placed both of her hands on either side of my body, making sure her fingertips travelled down my skin at the same rate as she was pecking lower and lower.

It made the sensation even more intense, her delicious kisses mixed with the general ticking feeling my body got from that area. Somehow the two feelings were interchangeable with each other, not being two different actions the girl did to me, instead combining to create something even greater.
She really knew how to get my body going.

I stopped breathing normally again, instead taking in small amounts of air as I was preparing for even greater pleasure to come at any moment. Lower and lower she travelled until she got to the exact spot I needed her to be in.

…Then she stopped.

I looked down at her, taking this short break to finally breathe once again. She was looking directly up at me, as still as a statue as I was anything but still. It was like she knew exactly what to do at that moment, she had me where she wanted me and I would have done anything to feel her lips on my wanting sex.
She did not break eye contact as she completely knelt down, forcing her hands further down my body, towards the bottom of my legs.
I felt like the world's most complex puppet, all she needed to use was a little tension in her hands and my body moved for her, without me even having to think about it. With my right foot firmly on the floor, she placed both hands on my left calf, lifting it up slowly toward her shoulder and around her back.

I was trying to understand what she was doing, at that moment there was no logic to that action. I was just standing there with both hands against the wall, one foot on the floor of the ceramic bath and the other resting on her back.

She was grinning from ear to ear, acting as if she had me set in her trap, like a fox cornering a chicken. I could not understand what she was doing, if my brain wasn't fueled completely by desire then I might have been able to guess, but it was all too late, Jade initiated her plan whilst I was in the middle of my confusion.

As tender as she had been this entire time, she placed both of her hands on the back of my legs, she continued with the kisses, not bites, not nibbles, but pure and passionate kisses up the inside of the leg that was cemented to the floor, she started just above the knee and begun travelling upwards, lifting her body up slowly as she did so and as she moved, my leg began to move with her.

That was her plan, the further up she moved, the more my legs opened up, by the time she got to my sex; it would be completely accessible for her to torment with her lips. I was in too much of a spiral to think at that moment, I was completely aware of what was happening and how she executed her plan, but caring about it was the last thing on my mind.

The small pecks continued as they travelled further and further up, my breathing once again became short and staggered. She… was… so…close.

"J-Jade?" I whispered as my teeth were clenched together.

She was right there, practically staring directly at my sex. I could even feel her breath on my exposed clit over the heat of the shower. My fingers were once again trembling, holding onto the steam-soaked tiles as hard as I possibly can in order to not fall.

"P-please?" I begged again.

It was slow, it was deliberate. It was a deep, powerful, meaningful kiss that landed directly on my clit. My mouth opened as a long, drawn out moan exited me. All I needed was something down there and she finally made it happen. Once the moan left me, I wanted to giggle, it felt exactly as if she was making out with my vagina, the same way she was doing it with me moments before. It felt good, it was pleasurable without being too much, teasing me in many ways.

Her arms reached up behind me, grabbing my butt with each hand, squeezing them tightly as she pulled herself deeper into me, allowing her tongue to travel inside, grazing the entrance to my sex with slow, deliberate strokes, causing my legs to flinch each time she did it. As hard as I could have tensed my leg up, she was in the exact spot she wanted to be and I could do nothing to shift her. Whilst it was satisfying to finally feel her tongue against my sex, the fact she did not go any deeper was still a tease, making my clit scream for attention.

A light moan escaped her lips as she continued down below.

"Oh, fuck!" I said out loud, somehow hearing that noise come out of her was such a turn on, the fact that she did it whilst tasting me made it worse.

I couldn't hold on any longer, I needed her deeper. I leant against my left arm, using it to hold me upright as I freed my right arm from the wall, with it I placed it on the back of Jade's head, trying to encourage her to explore deeper into me.

She laughed as she continued at her own pace, making sure to keep the same distance away from where I needed her, no matter how much force I put against her head.

Just when I thought she was going to keep being stubborn and stay exactly where she was, she moved her hands, gripping the back of me even tighter, placing her face deeper into me and finally connecting her tongue to my wanting, desperate clit.

"Oh… fuck," I repeated myself, this time more breathless as I was before.

Now she was acting as if we did not have much time left, rubbing her tongue up and down my clit in fast but even speed and movement. I went from begging for a touch down there to holding on as an orgasm was fast approaching. It was almost too fast but I knew there was nothing I could do to slow her down, everything she did was deliberate, as if she was giving me exactly what I wanted but in a way that I didn't want it to be done.

"Jade… oh shit," I wanted to ask her to slow down, but I could not get my words out, "Jade… Jade…"

It felt as if it was being forced out of me, being pulled up from the depths of my body, being pulled out at a fast, mighty speed. Within seconds it overwhelmed me, exploding and numbing my senses at the same time, my arm finally came off the wall and joined my other hand at the back of Jade's head, using her body to balance mine.

"Shit!!!" I screeched, it hit me harder than any orgasm I ever had before, harder than any orgasm I had within the suit.

My eyes continually rolled to the back of my head every time an orgasmic wave crashed against my body. It might have approached me at a supersonic speed, but it stayed for what felt like forever, hovering around my body like a warm glow.

My hands finally stopped gripping her head as the moment passed, I was still dealing with the effects of the pleasure, but it had become more manageable as the feeling went on. However, despite letting my body relax, Jade kept me in place and held me as tight as she was before. As I looked down, I realised she hadn't moved, she hadn't stopped and she was still licking me down there.


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