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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 12

"Shit, shit shit!" Jade kept yelling to herself as she sped down the country roads.

The day had only just begun and already I was exhausted. Staying awake nearly the whole night with Jade and then spending the morning being teased with her tongue burned out pretty much all my energy before we even got to the stables. Although, I did not mind too much as it showed how much the dark haired girl craved my body, she took alot of pleasure in drawing out my torture, making me wait for any pleasure she can give me, either that or make the experience almost unbearable as she heightened all my senses with her tease and denial techniques.

Our session earlier lasted much longer than we both had anticipated. We moved from the shower to the bedroom, where we somehow lost about an hour of the morning; it wasn't until we were both completely done when Jade finally checked the time and saw how late we both were at that point.

She only slowed down when turning off onto the road that took us to the gate to Harriet's, the dark haired girl got the wireless key to the gate ready before it even came into view.

I looked over at the young woman, it was painful to see her this way. Last night and this morning were perfect, I enjoyed every moment of having her company and to see it transform into this final dash to work was somewhat painful.

"I'm sorry," I said, placing my hand on her knee.

She didn't acknowledge what I said at first, instead she focused on pressing the key the moment the large gate came into view, as soon as it did, she pressed the button and returned the key back to where it sat before in her car.

"What are you apologising for?" she asked, though she kept her teeth together as if she was still in a foul mood, as if she was beating herself up too because of this morning.

"Well, it's my fault that we are late, I should have kept a better eye on the time."

The moment she made it past the entrance, she finally let out a huge sigh, as if a weight over her had been lifted.

"Don't apologise, it's not your fault," she stated in a calm voice, relaxing her foot on the accelerator, allowing the car to quietly move towards the square.

I never took my eyes off her the entire time, her demeanour completely changed the moment we were in the property, it did not change the fact that we were both late to what was an important day for us both. I took the moment of quiet to lean towards her, placing a gentle, loving kiss on her cheek.

She scoffed, but wasn't able to hide her smile, "What was that for? Weirdo."

"I just wanted to thank you for last night."

"What for?"

"For the lovely dinner… and everything that came afterwards."

Her lips turned into a full grin, "Don't mention it, I enjoyed it too."

It was a small thing but it changed her attitude completely and I wasn't lying. I enjoyed every moment from last night and this morning, just being in her presence was enough to make my day better. Just being honest was enough to make her smile and feel better, I would happily spend the rest of my life doing it for her.

As we turned the corner, we were met with the sight of Beth talking to a woman in the middle of the square. I assumed that it was the woman who wanted to see me, the woman who used to work for the Pony Trials. As the car made its way through the entrance of the square, both women immediately looked in our direction, with Beth looking a little pissed off with her hands on her waist.

"Oh, crap!" Jade yelled quietly.

Her car travelled painfully slowly across the square, knowing that we were both in deep trouble with Beth. The sense of dread that came from the dark haired girl was overwhelming, a stark contrast to the dominant woman who took control of me last night and this morning. The sound of stones being moved underneath the tyres came to a halt the moment the car parked up away from where the two women were standing.

"Okay… how about this?" Jade broke the silence, "We had a flat tyre… no… you had diarrhoea…"

"NO!" Ewww! I'm not going to lie to them." I unfastened my seatbelt, getting ready to open the door.

"You ate a dodgy takeout last night?"


"You overslept?"

"No! Let's go! They are waiting!"

Despite clearly being annoyed at the dark haired girl's request, I must admit that there was a part of me that wanted to laugh, not because of the situation but by how she was handling being late today. Jade used to be someone who didn't care what others thought of her, she was regularly late or seemingly seemed to disappear when someone wanted her. It was today that she seemed really annoyed with herself for coming into the stables later than planned. I knew it was most likely because she didn't want the woman to be waiting for us, but I was hoping a part of it was because of her softening heart, being with me was making the young woman more caring… though, this was most likely not the case.

Before she could let out another outrageous idea for our tardiness, I opened the door and stood out of the car as quickly as I could, closing the door behind me before walking towards the two women in the square. This caused Jade to react, doing almost the same thing to seem in control of the situation, staying in the car would have made her seem more scared of the situation than I was and she could not have that.

The new woman was younger than Beth by a few years, she had pure blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail, she had a large, white smile from the moment I went to greet her, immediately accepting my hand in hers, shaking it with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.

"Hi! I'm Annalie." She continued the grin as she was anticipating my introduction.

Beth shot to her side, interrupting what I was about to say, "Annalie, this is Heather. She has been with us for a few months now but she is accelerating at dressage and this is her trainer, Jade."

Annalie's entire attention was transported to the dark haired girl who stood next to me, pulling the reluctant girl's hand into her own and shaking it with as much enthusiasm as she did mine. The blonde woman seemed really happy to see us, it wasn't a show or put on in any way, but a genuine interest to get to know me and her. She had a bit of weight to her body, I would not have ever said she was overweight, but she was carrying more weight than any of the ponygirls, probably being even bigger than Kathia. However, it was clear the woman was full of energy from just our introductions alone.

"Heather… Jade, it is absolutely lovely to meet you both." Her grin somehow widened, "Beth has already told me all about you two and I'm excited to see how far you both have come since starting."

"It's lovely to meet you, Annalie." I returned her smile, "Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to meet with us."

The place went silent, I looked over at Jade who was stiff as a board, still shaking the woman's hand with an almost terrified look on her face. I jabbed the young woman in the ribs as subtly as I could to awaken her to the conversation.

"Oh!" She yelped loudly, "Thank you for coming to see us today, it means a lot."

Finally, the hand shaking stopped and the two women let their hands fall back to their sides. Annalie's attention returned back to me, this time she wasn't staring at my eyes but at my hairline, making me feel somewhat self-conscious.

"Wow… I have to say I love your hair colour." She stayed back admiring it for a moment, but almost instantly felt the need to come up close to me, running her fingers through it, "This is absolutely gorgeous, is this your natural colour?"

"Yeah… Yeah, it is." I was now blushing for a whole different reason than I'm used to, it's not often I get compliments from people.

"Absolutely beautiful!" she continued to stare, "Does your mother or father have the same hair colour?"

"Umm… no, my mother has dark hair."

"…and your dad?"

"Oh… Umm, I don't-"

"Would you like me to get Heather ready for you?" Jade changed the conversation, physically getting in between me and the new woman, "Give us five minutes and she will be ready to go."

"I hope you don't mind if I get her ready," Annalie stopped Jade in her tracks, "I prefer to get my hands dirty and dress the pony myself."

Jade shot her glance at Beth, who nodded slightly in approval.

"Oh, yeah sure. That's no problem at all. I'll get the school ready, just come down when you are done."

Jade continued to linger for a little longer, as if expecting someone to change their mind or add to the conversation, but nothing happened.

"Let's get you dressed," Annalie stated whilst taking my hand, "It's the little storage room on the side, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is. Heather will show you which outfit is hers!" Beth yelled as we were already making our way across the square to the small room.

As I was being dragged away from the two women, I continued looking behind myself to see Beth place her hands on Jade's shoulders, with the dark haired girl looking almost lost that I was being taken away from her. I felt bad that there was nothing I could do, I wanted to give Jade a hug and let her know that I was going to be back soon, in full horse gear. However, at that moment, I had to focus on the lady who was going to teach me how to impress the judges.

The door creaked as Annalie slowly opened the entrance to the storage room, bringing the early morning light to illuminate the small area.

"Now… which one are you?" The lady asked, squinting over the many boxes that stood on the wooden shelves.

I pointed to a box that was higher up than the rest, "That one there."

As I said it, the woman's posture changed, her shoulders slumped slightly as she realised the storage box was further away than she thought it would be. Annalie wasn't a short person by any means, but I was taller than her by a few inches. I think the only person here that was shorter than her would have been Nicole.

She turned slowly, staring at me with a look of disappointment in herself and helplessness, "Would you mind, dear?"

"No, no problem at all." I came in close to her, even I had to stand on my toes to reach the box, but it was in my hands within seconds. I placed the box on the floor and opened it up. I stepped back to allow the woman to take in the outfit I wore nearly everyday.

"Oh… wow." She placed her hand over her mouth, "It's stunning… It's beautiful", she took out the ribbons that connected my head harness to my stomach harness, "This is a full dressage outfit!"

"Yeah, Beth added them to me when me and Jade told her and Harriet my interest in the sport."

"It's so perfect, right… let's get this on you then!"

I had lost count of the amount of times I had stripped naked in front of someone since starting this job. Jade, Beth, Harriet, Chloe had all dressed me at one point and all the ponygirls had seen my bare body too. It was almost as if working here had filtered out that part of my brain, it didn't even occur to me that I was stripping in front of a complete stranger. I still had a sense of shame outside of the stables, I covered myself when James knocked on the door this morning and I was very conscious of how little I was wearing when we all had that film night together. It was just this place, being within these walls almost transforms your brain into thinking that being naked is nothing. I understood that my body was sexual, that only my significant other would see my body bare in a normal world. I called it 'Pony Brain', the idea that our bodies were used as a form of joy to our clients, we weren't stupid, as we knew what people came here to see and despite being bound in latex, our pony outfits were still very sexual. However, being completely naked was only temporary, as we are fully encased in the outfit and the bondage within minutes of stripping off our civilian clothes.

I was just hoping that I wasn't going to become too desensitised to being naked, I still wanted to feel the rush of being completely bare in front of Jade for many years to come, but that was sadly something I had no control over.

Whilst I was in deep thought, Annalie managed to get my silver outfit out of the box and was immediately pulling my leg through it. It had become second nature to balance myself completely whilst in this process, sometimes I used the wall to keep myself steady, but this wasn't often. Despite how often this happened, I still felt the hairs on my air stand up as soon as the latex touched my skin.

With my second leg in, she pulled the suit up towards the top of my body. The first moment I could, I grabbed the sleeves and made sure body hands went through before she pulled the zip at the back and the material tightened around my body. Afterwards came the bondage, the stomach harness, boots and gloves all went on very quickly, showing me how skilled Annalie was at dressing a pony. The head harness was the last piece of bondage to be locked on, covering the entirety of my head in thicker latex and silencing me with the bit gag. Once all these were placed on, she made sure the additions to my suit were placed on correctly, the newly added parts of the suit that showed I was a dressage pony.

I was done. Within minutes I transformed from Heather the human, to Heather the ponygirl. Annalie took a step back, eyeing me up and down as she took in the full image of the now bound girl in front of her. I felt like she was an artist, taking in a moment to soak in the art she just made and as she smiled; I knew she was satisfied with what she was looking at.

"Absolutely perfect," she said under her breath.

I felt rather awkward as she stared at me for a few more moments, taking in the sight of the ponygirl she just helped set up. I felt the burning need to say or do something to alleviate the heavy silence of the room, but before I had the chance to do anything; the woman opened the door to the outside world.

Annalie watched from the other side of the gate as my partner and I showed her dressage techniques we had been practising this entire time. Whilst the woman was very vocal before regarding what was on her mind, this time she was silent throughout the entire performance. I could tell that Jade was as uncomfortable and nervous as I was, despite Annalie just watching us to give feedback, it was clear that the company of this woman had an effect on Jade.

I tried my hardest to remember everything, every tiny detail that made my movement flow as natural as an actual horse. I kept my head straight, I lifted my legs as high as they possibly could go, my hands never left their position at my side and I tried my hardest to bounce as smoothly as possible when trotting along.

In the end, it was most possibly my greatest performance. I was proud the moment it ended and Jade took a bow to the largely imaginary audience. Grabbing my reins with one hand whilst placing the other on her stomach as she curtsied Annalie. Just like before, there was an awkward silence the moment we were finished. I'm sure Jade was imagining a large audience clapping for what we just achieved, but real life was different. The older woman stared at us from the fence, as if processing what she just saw.

Jade continued to keep her head down, but even I could tell that she was not sure what to do next, I could feel her fingers trembling through the reins that she held onto so tightly.

"Well done, girls!" Annalie finally said, clapping slowly but loudly.

It was like a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders, a singular clap was worth the sound of hundreds of people applauding us. My partner finally had the courage to lift her head back up and began thanking the visitor for her praise.

Annalie opened the gate and made her way across the school towards us.

"It was a great performance, Heather came off very natural and it was clear that it was possible under your clear guidance," Annalie stated as she approached the dark haired woman next to me, "It's clear that you two have been working together very hard on this and it has paid off big time. Were you thinking of adding in anything else in?"

The question clearly came as a shock to Jade, "Umm, I don't think so. Me and Heather were very proud of what we've achieved."

Annalie shook her head, "I'm sorry if that came off as rude. Heather moves very well and that alone could get her into the pony trials, you should be very proud of what you've done. It's just that… it's very by the books."

"What do you mean?"

"It's the standard moves that every ponygirl would know. If you and Heather want to impress the judges, it would be best to add in some moves that they haven't seen before. You would want them to remember your audition and the best way to do that would be to show them something that might not have seen before."

That made sense. Jade and I had spent our entire time learning the correct dressage movements and techniques that we had not touched upon anything that was unique to us, something that would make us stand out to all the other ponies that the judges saw. It was a hard pill to swallow, but what she said wasn't negative. We had worked hard and that was paying off.

"I mean, you could get through with what I just saw, but the judges are looking for acts that are unique" The woman continued, being as honest as possible, "Do you think you can learn something new before the auditions start?"

I trotted closer to Jade, placing my bound hands around her, as if to comfort her. She wasn't said by any means, but it was clear that what the lady was saying was a shock to her. I had to remind myself that this was the first time Jade had trained a ponygirl for this specific event, and I was the first pony from this stable to try for dressage. No one who we saw everyday could have prepared us for what the judges were looking for.

"I'm sure we can think of something, do you have any techniques we can use?" Jade asked after a moment of thinking.

The short woman shook her head, looking disappointed as she did so, "Unfortunately not, what I've seen is what the judges have seen. What you need is something new, something that they would not have seen before, make it personal to you."

It wasn't the answer we were looking for, but we were still grateful for her help.

"Please, don't take anything bad from this. It is clear you two have trained hard and Heather's movements are on point, you two should be very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time. I'm sure you two can think of something."

"We will, thank you so much for your time, it means a lot"

It was odd seeing Jade be so sweet to the woman in front of us. I did not think she was capable of being that nice, but she spoke for both of us. Despite being down after what she said, I was still happy that she got to see our routine and the fact that she really enjoyed it meant alot to us. I guess it was the set back that we both felt so ready for this audition, as if the hardest parts were over and we could just show what we have done so far, but it looked like it was back to practising, and it had to be something that impressed the judges.

Jade shook the ladies hand. I wanted to do the same but was constantly reminded that my hands were bound within the hooves. Instead, Annalie came over and began stroking the back of my neck, something that ticked initially but began to feel amazing after a short amount of time; like an unknown itch that needed to be scratched.

"I'm sure you two will do just fine," the older woman said with a smile.

We laid in the school in complete silence. Annalie had left us a while ago, but it was still too early for the other girls to begin arriving at the stables. Admittedly, the rubber flooring of the school was extremely comfortable to lie down on, but what made me even more relaxed was Jade's warm body against mine. She rested her head on my stomach as the rest of her body laid lightly on my legs, her arms were placed against the sides of my torso; hugging me softly as her mind was elsewhere. The urge to run my fingers through her was great, but I constantly had to remind myself about my current bound state.

Jade had been silent the moment the older woman left us alone. With how quiet the stables were, we could easily hear her approach Beth and say her goodbyes, before she jumped back into her car and left Harriet's behind her. It was clear that the dark haired girl didn't want to leave the school, she didn't want to do anything that took her mind off the current situation, she was happy to stand perfectly still until the technique that would impress the judges sprung to mind.

However, I wasn't in the same state she was. I was perfectly happy to leave and find somewhere to rest, the performance in front of Annalie was enough to make me feel exhausted, with my feet begging me to sit down. I couldn't leave her side though, this was something that me and her had to sort out together. So instead of leaving her, I decided to lie down on my back and watch the morning sky crawl past. Luckily for me, Jade decided to use my body as a pillow.

I rubbed the back of her head with my left latex wrist, it was probably the softest part of the outfit I could use with the movements of my hands. I tried my best not to accidentally hit her with the heavy hoof, just using the thick latex around my wrist to make small, relaxing motions, going up and down at a slow rate to calm her mind. With my right hand, I did the exact same but at the top of her back, hopefully allowing both limbs to work together to bring her some form of comfort.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," she said so quietly.

It was a moment that I wanted to last forever, but I wished the entire time that I was out of that suit, so I could hold her with both my human hands, I could kiss the top of her head and even talk to her. My fingers would run through each individual strand of hair, my thumbs would gently be rubbed over her pursed lips. I could even move her head to look me directly in the eyes and once they were locked in together, she could lean in forwards for a kiss.

As I daydreamed about that, a sound caught my attention. A soft, deep breath in that came from the woman on top of me. Jade had fallen asleep!

I couldn't believe it, I moved my head to look at her face and it was clear that she was fast asleep on me. But… we were only talking a few seconds ago!

I guess it was the charm of being a ponygirl, we were comfortable and comforting creatures. Also did not help that me and the dark haired girl were up all night keeping each other company.

Well… I guess a few minutes rest wouldn't hurt.

The square was loud and buzzing, full of activity the moment Jade and I managed to get back. Unfortunately, after I closed my eyes, we both managed to fall asleep, long enough for Beth to get worried about us and come down to check that we were both okay. By the time we woke up and got back to the square, the gates were opened and all the ponygirls were in their outfits, along with a huge collection of clients that decided to pay a visit. Whilst some of them had pre-booked, a lot of them decided to show up without booking in hopes to get time with a pony.

I was stunned, it wasn't often to see the place busy at all, but this was almost out of hand. I could see there were about seven or eight people around the square already with a handful of people coming in through the entrance. I also noticed a few of them walk out due to the size of the crowd. It was understandable, as the whole idea was to have one-on-one time with a pony, to indulge in their kinks and love of latex and pet play, it wasn't something you would want a lot of people seeing.

They weren't the only people in the square, every single pony that worked for Harriet was also here. Lily, Kathia, Abigail and Saffron were all around the square, already receiving attention from a collection of clients. Nicole joined them too, receiving multiple 'awwws' and pets from the visitors. Despite this, there were clearly more clients than ponies.

"There you are! Where have you been?!" An already exhausted Harriet came up to us, one hand was still in a sling whilst the other carried a clipboard, "It's all going to hell, we've had a few bookings but it looks like everyone has had the same idea today."

"How many people do we have?" Beth asked, looking around at all the faces.

"Well two people have booked and seven people have showed up" Harriet said between tired breaths, "So that is nine people altogether, but there is one couple so we might be able to have one pony between them, but that is still eight people with only five ponies and one pet."

"So we need two more" Beth said as she went into thinking mode, "Jade?"

Both the older women turned towards the woman who was holding my reins. Jade immediately froze up, knowing exactly what was going to be asked of her. It was going to be the exact same thing as the other day, to be a pony and spend time with a client. Jade hated every moment of being in that suit and she wasn't sociable enough to enjoy spending time with people she did not know. I knew she was going to shut the two women down, to tell them that she was unable to do it, I would not blame her as it is still an intimidating task. I had been here a while and I was still struggling to look at the visitors who were waiting for their moment with a latex bound pony.

"I'll do it," she said, with not a single quiver in her voice.

I was stunned, as were the two older ladies. Jade had answered their question before it was fully asked, and her response was one that was so sincere and confident. A part of me was proud of her for doing what was needed at that moment, but mostly I was just stunned.

"Oh… great, that's perfect!" Beth's mouth struggled to close in complete awe.

"We can ask Chloe if she would join the ponies today," Harriet added, "That would make eight."

"Let's hope she does, who is taller? Her or Jade?"

Jade jumped in, "I'm slightly taller and have got broader shoulders."

"Perfect," Beth nodded, "We'll stick Chloe in Nicole's old outfit and Jade can wear the same one she wore last time."

"I'll get the outfits ready and take them to Harriet's stable, would make sense as she is the closest to the storage room." Jade was already heading towards the room.

"And I'll ask Chloe if she'll join the ponies for the day, let's hope she is a fast learner," Beth stated, walking away from us.

It was just me and Harriet, standing shoulder to shoulder as we looked around the square. Lily was in her usual spot, lying on the fountain as a man was preoccupied giving her attention. Nicole had made herself comfortable laying beside the couple, Saffron had the attention of two people, happily showing off her toned muscles. Abigail was the opposite to the others, having a young man's head on her lap as she paid attention to him as he spoke, giving into her maternal instincts. Kathia was deep in a hug with an awkward woman, clearly loving the attention the plump girl was giving her.

Now, it was my turn to join someone. Two people weren't being seen to, and it was my choice to get the attention of one of them.

"I'm going to make myself a coffee, crisis averted," Harriet laughed to herself as she disappeared into the large house.

I watched as Beth ran across the square with Chloe's hand in her's, meeting Jade in front of my stable before all three women disappeared inside. As I followed their movements, my eyes set on the two people awkwardly waiting without a pony. One was an older gentleman, probably nearly fifty years old, much older than all the other visitors and the other was a young woman, her eyes were hidden behind a large pair of glasses and a brown bob, the sight of her dress blowing in the wind caught my attention as I realised she was looking right at me; with a smile growing on her face.

It took a moment until I realised who I was looking at. It was someone who had my company before, what now felt like a long time ago. I didn't know how to take her presence, but a feeling of horror jolted through my system.

It was Donna.

The woman who came to see me once, and certainly left an impression on me. She made me feel uneasy and aware that there were people out there who cared for the ponies here in other ways than just wanting their company. My entire body felt frozen, every single part of me was unable to move as she slowly glided over to me. If I did not have the gag in, she would have seen that I had my mouth wide open.

It had been so long that I began to forget about our encounter, how she made me feel when she was here last time. My time with her was the only time I truly felt uncomfortable being a ponygirl, the one stain on a perfectly clean journey I was taking.

"Hi!" She jumped towards me the moment she got within distance, "I hope you remember me?"

I nodded, keeping my eyes wide and my mouth open. She kept her hands behind her back the entire time she was here, as if coming off as more nervous than she actually was. I could tell by her body motions that she was already comfortable around me, swinging her hips lightly side-to-side as she conversed with her favourite pony.

"I thought I would come over again and see you," she continued, "It feels like it's been ages since I last was here, I was really starting to miss you… but you know how real life comes first."

I nodded again, it wasn't like I could actually speak to her.

"Do you mind if we go somewhere more private?" She asked, already taking my reins before she finished her question, "I would like to speak with you in a place that is quieter."

My eyes jumped around, trying to catch the attention of the other ponygirls, hoping one of them would see and understand the situation I was in. Lily was too distracted with her visitor, Kathia was almost asleep whilst hugging hers, Abigail was in too deep of a conversation with the guy she was looking after, Nicole was rolling on the floor; having her belly patted by the couple and neither Chloe or Jade had come out of my stable yet.

For a second, I thought I was done for. I was being pulled out of the square and not a single person could see me. Anything could happen between me and the weird girl and not a single one of my 'colleagues' would have noticed.

Everyone except for Saffron. For the briefest of moments, I caught the eye of the tall, ebony-skinned pony and she responded with a knowing look. She was too busy with her small crowd, two men patted and admired her muscular limbs, but even though she was busy with her clients; I knew she was watching me being taken away and that I would be safe.

It was rather annoying going back down the path that I just took. Not long before did Jade and I wake up in the school and return to the square. However, this time it wasn't the school we ended up in, it wasn't even the paddocks Donna and I were in last time; she took me further and further down the field, as if purposefully trying to get me as far away from the others as possible.

"I did not know there were going to be so many people," the girl laughed as she continued to pull me, "Just a little bit of time with you would be nice, no one around to see what we are doing."

This time I was in a full blown panic, thrashing my head side-to-side to try my best to get her to loosen the grip on the reins, but it was all for nothing as she held on like her life depended on it. I dug my feet into the ground and pulled away from the woman as hard as I could, understanding that I probably looked like a disobedient horse, but I had no other choice. I knew the path we were taking was out of bounds for the visitors, not only that but one of the paths connected to the outside world, meaning that anyone could have seen me in my latex outfit.

I did not like a single thing about this.

'Stop!' I screamed mentally, 'Please stop all of this! This isn't right!'

The more I thrashed, the more the tight grip of her hands loosened, until I felt no resistance on my reins at all. Finally! I was free from her, now all I needed to do was run back to the square and back into the full view of all my friends. All I had to do was outrun her, which should be easy enough.

It soon became clear to me that the young woman did not lose her grip on me, but instead just fully let go of the restraints. Donna was not angry with what I did, instead the young woman was standing still with her hand still in the air from holding my reins, tears forming in her eyes with one falling down her cheek within seconds of it happening.

"I'm sorry," she spluttered out, "I thought you enjoyed our time together."

I wanted to tell her that I was scared and that I was uncomfortable with what was happening. The problem with being a ponygirl was that these options were taken away from me.

She began wiping her eyes, "I'll go… I'm sorry for ruining your day."

With that said, she began sprinting back up the path, towards the main gate of the property. I began running after her but struggled to keep up, the young woman was surprisingly fast for her short stature. Despite wearing hooved boots and spending all this time training for dressage, It was difficult to catch up with the girl. I wanted to apologise for my actions, despite being scared of what the young woman wanted from me, I wanted to set the record straight with what we both wanted. The last thing I needed was for Donna to run out of the property without getting some form of closure.

It was no use, she was already about to pass the entrance to the square and I was just passing the school. By the time I got to where she was, she would already have passed the main gate and onto the public road, a place I was forbidden to go to whilst in uniform.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Beth yelled, running out of the square and placing her arms around the young woman, trying her hardest to soothe her down.

"Please let me go! I should not have come here, I'm sorry… I didn't mean to do anything bad. Please just let me go!" Donna screeched in a loud tone, but not loud enough to disturb the rest of the visitors.

"Donna… it is Donna, isn't it? You are free to go, but wouldn't you prefer to hear Heather's side of the story too? I'm not sure what happened, but clearly there is some form of miscommunication between you both."

By the time I managed to catch up to both the women, Donna had ceased her struggling. Still wrapped within the arms of the older woman. Both of their eyes were fixed on me as I approached them, with Beth looking more confused than anything and Donna staring at me like I was about to hit her.

"We aren't going to keep you, if you want to go; you can go. I'm just asking you to please come inside and have a talk with Heather, as a person."

The room was painfully quiet. Despite all the commotion that was happening outside between the ponies and their clients, not a single sound breached the walls of Harriet's home. Three sets of cups were placed on the table between us all, each one held a full cup of cocoa. In a bizarre twist, Beth decided to allow Donna to sit on the sofa with her, whilst I sat on my own on the other side. Only the gag was removed from my outfit to allow me to speak, apart from that, I was wearing the full horse attire, making me feel rather self-conscious compared to the two, normally clothed women.

Donna's mood had completely changed from the sparkling personality I met earlier. It was clear how I reacted to her request had damaged her view on me and the stables. The way Harriet stopped Donna's progression with me was much more delicate than how I handled it on my own. I felt bad for ruining how this girl saw me, she clearly enjoyed my company and was looking forward to seeing me again, but the way she interacted with me somehow triggered my fight or flight response.

"Donna, that's a lovely name," Beth said to break the ice, taking a small sip of her drink.

Donna nodded lightly, almost falling into the sofa with her arms folded together. I guess I would be in the same situation if I didn't know Beth, I would have assumed I was brought into the house to be punished.

"How old are you, Donna?" the older woman continued to speak.

"I'm nineteen," I could barely hear her voice, the poor girl just wanted to disappear into the ground.

"Nineteen? You look young for nineteen."

"…In December… I'm nineteen in December."

"So, you are only eighteen?"

The young woman nodded again.

"Wow, that is young. So what brought you to the stables? I understand this is the second time you came?"

She didn't respond, as well as having her arms folded together, she turned her head away from Beth too, clearly stating that she didn't want a conversation. But… Beth said she was free to go, it wasn't mandatory that she came into the house, surely she wanted some result by coming in.

Despite not having an answer, Beth continued, "What is it that you like about the ponygirls? Is it the costumes?"

The young woman nodded very lightly.

"Could it be the restraints on their bodies? Look at Heather's outfit, you have the head harness, the hoof hands and feet… you also have the stomach harness too."

Donna's eyes flickered over my body, at this point I didn't mind her looking at me, in fact, I tried my best to show off what was attached to my body.

"Have you noticed anything different since you were here last? Heather is wearing a full dressage kit. She's going to be representing us at the pony trials, how cool is that?" Beth went as far as to place her hand on the young woman's knee. Luckily, the young woman's eyes lit up the moment the pony trials were mentioned.

"That's great… I mean, that's good, I guess." It was a brief moment of glee, but she forced herself to return to how she was before, quiet and unapproachable.

"Donna, please can you tell me one thing and then you are free to go," the older woman leant closer to the younger one, "Just one thing, I promise we are not mad, we just want to know something."

Another small nod came from the girl.

Beth took a breath before asking the question, "Where were you trying to go with Heather?"

Donna looked extremely uncomfortable, as if she was going to expose a secret that she kept locked up in her head for a very long time. At this moment, it was genuine curiosity. I was no longer scared of the young woman, the fear of what happened had left my system the moment Beth stepped in, but I needed to know what Donna wanted from me, from the stables. It had been something that was on my mind before and something that plagued my mind now. She did not act like one of the normal clients at all.

Donna groaned lightly as she shuffled in her seat, trying her hardest to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

"Donna… please, let us in"

"I… enjoy ponygirls," she said through gritted teeth.

"Well, that's understandable. They are cute, sexy and easy to talk to…"

"I've enjoyed the idea of seeing one in person for a while, " Surprisingly, the younger woman managed to continue what she was saying, "Then I had the opportunity to come here and…"

Then she went quiet, falling back into the exact same position she was before.

Beth placed her arm around the young woman, "What happened?"

"Last time I came here, I think I went too far."

Beth finally took her attention away and looked towards me, "What happened?"

"Last time Donna came over, we were in one of the paddocks and she started to… explore my body from the outside of the suit" I finally contributed to the conversation, "We were lying down on the grass and she started bringing her hand up my leg, she stopped as Harriet came to check up on us."

"Oh… okay."

"I'm sorry, I got carried away. I didn't mean to go that far, I'm not sure I even like girls, it was just so tempting." Donna finally changed position, yelling at me from across the room about her misdeeds, "I'm really sorry! I didn't want to come back as I knew what I did was wrong."

"Wait… did Heather tell you to stop? Or showed any signs of not wanting you to touch her?"

"No… but…"

"Heather? Did you want Donna to stop?" Beth returned her eyes to mine, alongside Donna's as she tried her hardest to wipe her tears from her face.

I froze once more. Why did she have to ask me that question? If it was recent, I would have been more than happy to say I didn't want it as I had Jade, I now had a very fulfilling sex life and I was comfortable in my horse attire. However, that day when Donna came over first, I did not know what I wanted. The suit moved and teased my body with every step, making me feel so horny and desperate for a touch down there, despite Donna being a complete stranger, she was the first one willing to touch me when I needed it most, I was just so freaked out at a random stranger with social issues being the one who was doing it.

"I… I…" I stuttered, I didn't know what to say. I did not want to lie and paint her in a bad light, but I also didn't want to let them know that I wanted it as I was so unsure at the time, my brain was so fogged up that I did not know what I wanted in any way.

"Anyway, that's in the past. You two can talk about that later." Beth returned her attention to the young woman, "Donna, why did you try to drag Heather away?"

"Umm… I-I needed to talk to her." The young woman began to hide herself away again, "I needed to talk to her about something, why I came here."

"Talk to her about what?"

Donna's eyes fell, "Oh, it doesn't matter now… I guess."

"There is nothing to be ashamed of, we all come here for different reasons." Beth returned her hand to the her knee, "Please don't ever be ashamed of what you enjoy, just enjoy it."

Whilst Beth was happy with Donna's response, it was clear to me that the young woman was hinting at something different, as if it wasn't her kink that led her to this place. In a way, I wanted to know more about her, as it felt as if she was still holding some information, but I wasn't sure if that information was necessary. The young woman was confused, the same way I was when I first came to the stables, with a brain fogged up and filled with ideas and kinks you are only getting the hang of, it is easy to be confused about what you truly enjoy and what was a passing fancy. I was still a bit nervous about Donna, but it was nice to be let in for a moment and see how her brain worked.

"Hey, would you like a cuddle with Heather? If she is up to it?" Beth asked in a quiet tone, almost as if she was talking to a toddler.

At first, I felt like I was against the idea. However, I saw no threat from the girl anymore, she was just trying to understand where she stands with latex, restraints and forms of pet play, something that would become perfectly clear to her as soon as she experienced it herself.

I smiled, holding my hands out for a hug, that is if the young woman wanted it. She wasted no time to run across the room and nearly jump into my open arms. I was so confused as to what the girl actually wanted. It was confusing before how she reacted when we were alone and today was just as strange. What was it she wanted to tell me? It seemed that Beth only saw her as a child who was still coming to grips with who she was, what her kink was and what she wanted from this place.

Still, it was nice just to have a cuddle with the young woman. It made it feel as if we got over some of our differences and understood each other on some level. Hugging someone whilst in a pony outfit was kind of a spiritual experience, as if you are communicating with who you are holding without the use of words. I might not fully understand the girl, but I was happy in that one moment.

Donna said her goodbyes with a happy smile, waving constantly as she left the entrance to the square and made her way back to the outside world. By this time, the crowd in the square had dispersed slightly. Kathia was nowhere to be seen, along with the person she was hugging, Saffron was more than likely taking a few people out for a ride and the pony version of Jade wasn't around.

Lily did not move an inch and still had someone petting her, that girl loved her spot on the fountain and did not need to move at all to appease the human who was fawning over her. Nicole was still crawling around the square, this time with a young woman walking her around on a cheap dog leash, honestly it was a sexy thing to witness.

However, the one thing that caught my eyes more than anything was the vision of the new pony in the square. It was Chloe, wearing the blue suit that once belonged to Nicole. My jaw was wide open as I took in the sight of her bound body moving around. I have seen Chloe with very little on before, but the suit highlighted her thin waist and her breasts, along with her curvy butt. In a way, I was proud of my roommate for looking so sexy. She was walking around the square looking as awkward as I imagined she would, getting used to the heavy boots, the restricted harnesses and the skin-tight latex suit that moved as her body did. Actually, the look on her face was one that I had seen a few times before, it was one that I had as well as Jade when she was first in the outfit. The suit was moving over her most sensitive areas with every single step and she was trying her hardest not to get overwhelmed by the sensations it was giving her.

It was an extreme feeling, that despite feeling amazing, it wasn't something that was truly enjoyable in front of strangers or a group. I remembered being pushed in the school one of the first times I wore the outfit and all the ponygirls watching as I fell to the ground as an orgasm took over my body. Even veteran ponies like Saffron succumbed to the pleasure when we had that race. It was an experience that Chloe would have in the suit, but I decided to spare her the embarrassment of having it in front of a stranger.

I ran over to my roommate and the person who was with her. They were intrigued by how the restraints moved with the body and were too absorbed in her movements to see that I had cantered across the square towards them. I got in between the client and Chloe, placing my head close to theirs and indicating that I wanted some head pats. They seemed shocked that I came in so suddenly, but were absorbed by my attention that they immediately began rubbing their hands against my head harness and back of the neck.

Behind me, I tried pushing Chloe away from the group and towards one of the empty stables. It was clear the girl was holding off an orgasm, but only for so long. If she managed to escape to one of the stables, she could have it in peace and not in front of watching eyes. Luckily, Chloe immediately knew what I was suggesting and even Beth came in to lend a helping hand.

The older woman took both of Chloe's hand hooves and pulled her towards the stable I was pushing her into. The visitor was deeply sucked into my affection for them that they did not notice the blue pony they were just with being pulled away. With her gone and within the darkness and solitude of the stable, I went in closer, placing my arms around the person and rubbing my head against theirs, trying my hardest to take their attention away from the sound that was coming from the empty room.

A sound of the realistic horse snort mixed with moaning from orgasmic pleasure.


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