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Part-Time Equine

by ForeverAltered

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Continues from

Part 5

I closed the locker behind me as I walked across the changing room and made my way down the hall. It had been years since I last found myself in a gym but it occurred to me how physically fit I had to be to be a pony. Several times I have found myself exhausted just by walking around in the outfit and Beth's training regiment added to that idea, I only managed to run around the school a few times before I found myself falling to the ground.

It wasn't just that, seeing the power of the two tall women from yesterday made me realise how weak I was in comparison, the events from yesterday haunted my thoughts, the image of the black and red ponies screaming at each other whilst being held back by two people each. I could sense the power that radiated between the two. Saffron's body was the symbol of athleticism, her arms and legs toned with thick muscles, veins straining as she pulled against her captors. Whilst Abigail was smaller and thinner, the idea of both James and Chloe holding her back made it clear she was a match for the pony in black.

Chloe was quiet on the drive home, but finally broke the silence as soon as we entered her home. Saffron wasn't a usual pony, I wasn't aware of how big the ponygirl business had grown, whilst Harriet preferred the sociable side, Chloe let me know that some ponygirls and their owners enter competitions with others; a ponygirl olympics of sorts.

That was what Saffron was, an olympic ponygirl. She had spent the last few weeks recovering from an ankle injury, that's why I haven't met her until now.

I passed a large swimming pool as I walked down the hallway to the gym equipment, I placed my headphones in, allowing the calm but steady beat to enter my ears and get me in the mood for running. The idea that there was more to having a ponygirl than just companionship was strange, people held events for what essentially was a fetish, what was stranger was that they were completely serious about it.

However, if one of the girls were to compete in olympic-style events, Saffron would easily be first in line.

I quickly caught a glimpse of the few other people who were in the large room, rows of gym equipment sat on the padded floor, treadmills, weights, training bench, rowing machines and many others sat on the floor as they waited to be used.

I stretched my body out before jumping onto one of the empty treadmills, a large window stood in front of me showing the outside world. I felt self-conscious as the rest of the people in the gym wore tight fitting outfits, items of clothing that seemed fit for working out and I was beginning to run in Chloe's clothes. A pair of leggings which were a size too big for me and a grey shirt with 'I heart NY' plastered on the front.

It was clear I didn't belong here, but I knew I needed to get myself into better shape.

My eyes glanced over the controls of the machine, several buttons stood out in front of me as well as a basic screen. I numbly pressed a few buttons until the belt started moving, starting off at a pace less than the speed of walking. I jabbed the button a few times more to get a more jogging pace. I stared out of the large window, watching the outside world go by, people walking down the road with the occasional car passing by. I remembered I used to love people-watching whilst I lived in the city, I spent some mornings in my favourite cafe, watching for hours as hundreds of people and vehicles went by, living their own life. This town had far less people living inside it but it still had the same effect.

I assumed that was why I made a decent pony, I was always curious about other people's lives and loved listening to their stories. It is like having a sneak peek into their world, the people-watching was an extension of that. However, as I found out yesterday, I didn't just have to listen, I managed to have a conversation with James without saying anything and he understood me.

James… out of all the events that happened yesterday, spending time with him was at the top of the list. I was looking forward to seeing him again, I hope Harriet gives him a few more jobs to do around the stable.

My cheeks burned red, realising I had a crush on the young man… I was way too old to be having crushes but it was the only way I could explain the way I felt with him around. Maybe… I was just the same as the other girls, swooning over the man.

It was also worrying how often I had become embarrassed at my new job, I'm sure my cheeks would become permanently red with how often they changed colour.

Two women also jumped onto the treadmills, leaving just one empty between us. I tried to be polite and not listen in on their conversation but I couldn't help but catch snippets. They seemed very competitive with each other, with one woman saying how she will run for longer than the other and the other dared to run at an elevated rate.

I smiled, recalling the similarities between these two women and the two ponygirls from yesterday. Chloe made it clear how much they fight, always trying to best each other. The brief time I spent with Abigail, I noticed how confident and proud of a woman she was and I assumed Saffron was the same, meaning the two fought for superiority.

I focused on my feet as I pushed myself further, trying my best to run more on my toes to simulate how my foot sat inside the hooved boot. When I first placed my foot inside it, it felt like wearing high heels with the front of my foot and my toes on the floor and the heel elevating the back of my foot. I wasn't a girl who wore heels which meant it would take me a while longer to get used to walking in the hooves.

Running in this position was more strenuous on my legs and in return caused me to get tired more quickly. I planned on reaching at least ten minutes running at this pace so I slowed myself down.

The two women continued their conversation and I couldn't help but listen; the quiet sound of the music in my ears did nothing to stop the noise of the outside world.

They began to talk about their work, becoming obvious that they were employed at the same job.

"So, anything happen since I've been off?" The woman furthest from me asked.

"No, nothing much," the other responded, "I've been putting in a few more hours as I've had more free time."

"Well, why not? More money in the bank, I know you aren't the one to be spending your days alone at home."

"That's true… want to grab lunch after?"

"That would be perfect! Anything else? I've been gone a while, I thought more would have happened."

"The new girl started, she's nice."

I continued to smirk, it sounded like two ponygirls talking about me as I'm the new girl. I wanted to tell the two how similar their conversation was to my job, but that would mean explaining to two normal people that I spend my days trapped in latex for a living, something I'm sure not everyone shared the fascination for.

"Oh, yeah? What is she like?" The one furthest from me asked.

"She's really nice, getting used to it very quickly."

"Looking forward to meeting her… anything else? I'm really shocked more hadn't happened in that time."

"Umm, we had James round yesterday to do some fixing, but I'm sure you saw him?"

What? That's odd, this was way too similar to be a coincidence. What they were saying was the exact same as what my day was like yesterday. Before I had a chance to think, I looked towards the two women and took in their features.

The one closest to me was a tall and pale woman with thick brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. Her body was toned but thin, I watched the woman as her frame ran in place.

She shared similarities to Abigail but I couldn't be sure.

I continued to run, my head locked into place as I looked the woman up and down, trying to figure out if she was the same lady I worked with.

My staring caught her attention as her head turned towards me, our eyes locked… her pupils were dark… but, I couldn't tell. I felt awkward as we continued to stare at each other, the woman too had a quizzical look on her face.

"What's the matter?" The lady behind her asked.

She looked over the pale lady's shoulder. This woman had beautiful ebony skin that was toned throughout her body, most noticeably on her thick arms and legs. Her similarly dark eyes also stared right at me and her short and black hair bobbed on her head with every step, hair that was shaved on the sides.

My heart fully stopped, I was looking at the human forms of Abigail and Saffron, I was completely sure now.

"HEATHER!" The red pony yelled as she suddenly realised who I was.

Both of my feet tumbled over each other as I fell in shock on the moving machine, I placed my hands forwards to cushion my fall and landed ungracefully on the speeding belt, which wasted no time pushing me off the treadmill and my small body shot off the machine, landing on the rubber matting that covered the floor.

I jumped back up, stumbling awkwardly onto my two feet.

"Sorry!" I yelled at the two women, who began slowing down their machines.

I turned away from the two with a uncomfortable feeling crept over my skin as I didn't know how to handle the situation, I wasn't ready to talk to two ponies outside of the stable and outside of their outfits, I don't think I would ever be ready for that, it made it more awkward as I noticed the rest of the gym goers who had stopped their routine and paid attention to my disastrous fall.

"Sorry!" I just yelled again as I began walking away.

"Heather, wait!" one of them said.

"Sorry," I said again in a similar manner as I walked out of the door.


I huffed, attacking myself verbally as I threw all my belongings into my bag and slammed the locker shut.

"Of all the things to say!" I continued yelling at myself, talking to the air as if I was standing in front of me, "Sorry… bloody SORRY! You could have asked them questions… like, Hello Abigail, How do I become a better Ponygirl? or… Saffron, What got you interested in the more sporty side of ponyplay? Why don't you two like each other, but hang out as normal people?"

I soon started to calm down, I still felt the embarrassment but hearing my voice echo as I yelled at an empty room seemed to help.

I sat down on a bench and continued asking hypothetical questions to the women who weren't here, "Why doesn't Harriet let Chloe see Lily without her outfit on? Why is everyone so attracted to James? …Why am I attracted to James? …Why am I such a crappy friend to Chloe?"

I slumped in my own defeat, my brain wore me down and stoked my fire. My first thought was to go to Saffron and Abigail and apologise properly and have a talk with them, but I didn't want to go back into that room… Drat, I even left the treadmill going.

I sighed out, letting my body deflate.

"That's a lot of questions, do you mind if we run through them again? I think I've forgotten half of them already," a voice came from the door.

My eyes shot up, the red pony, Abigail, stood in the door. She had a mixture of a concerned look and whimsy on her face.

I just stared, I still didn't feel comfortable talking to a pony outside her suit as it felt like my human life and pony life were colliding and I couldn't process it.

"Are you okay?" She walked up to me.

I shook my head, "Yeah, I'll be alright, sorry."

"I think we knew you are sorry," Amused with herself, she sat next to me on the bench and we stayed there quietly for a brief moment before the tall woman continued speaking, "Me and Saffron don't hate each other, quite the opposite actually, I would even go as far as saying she is my best friend."

"Then why the terrifying act from yesterday? Even Chloe seemed convinced about your rivalry," I looked at her, taking in her human form.

It was then when I suddenly realised Abigail was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in real life. All of her features were attractive and easy on the eye, her thick, shoulder length hair bobbed with every small movement, her petite nose turned up as it sat just above her full, heart-shaped lips. Her small features made her dark eyes stand out even more, with her large lashes allowing them more attention. As she was thinking, a small smile rose from her lips, showing the top row of her teeth and highlighting the collection of faded freckles sat on her cheeks.,

"Oh, the rivalry is there, but we see it more of a friendly one. Me and Saffron enjoy pushing ourselves when we get into that ponygirl mindset. When I first started at Harriet's, me and Saffron quickly began butting heads, we drove each other crazy with how much the other one tried to be the better at everything."

She stopped for a moment to chuckling, her eyes looking into the distance, as if reliving cherished memories.

"Then we bumped into each other in public and actually got talking, we both realised how much we enjoyed the conflict and became best friends from that, no one from the stable knows that we are friends outside of work and it's fun to see their reactions when we get riled up."

"Well, you two sure fooled me," I sniggered, "I've seen some horror films in my life but you guys scared me more than them all combined."

We both laughed and continued the conversation. I was shocked to find out that Saffron was one of the first ponygirls to be introduced to Harriet's, with Abigail following closely behind. She went through all the girls as they started. Lily was very shy at first but soon fell into a very mothering role once Nicole came into the scene, the short blonde girl always had energy and loved every minute of being a pony. Kathia was the last girl to come to the stables, just like Lily she was very shy but as a human she loved hugs and soon that carried into her horse form and Harriet's clients loved every moment of being with her.

The conversation continued between me and the red, human pony. A few customers of the gym came and went as we kept our voices to a minimum. We spoke for ages as we not only discussed life at the stables but our personal lives as well, I told her about my decision to move to the city when I was younger and moved back due to my financial struggles, my relationship with Chloe and how she got me the job.

In return, she told me about her life, how she used to be a waitress at a pub in a nearby town, where Harriet and Beth used to frequent, Abigail and the two women got close over time and they offered her the job once the pub had to close.

"It was weird," She stated, still looking away as if she was living the memory, "Two women who I knew very well telling me about this secret life they had. I never knew about any fetishes like that before… It was all new to me, but I fell in love with being a ponygirl."

"It is a completely unique experience," I shook my head, agreeing with the woman.

"Yeah, so don't worry about me or Saffron, we aren't scary by any means… oh, talking about Saffron, I should really get back to her, don't want to give her too big of a head start, otherwise she'll never let me live it down."

We both stood up, I placed my hand out with the intention for a hand shake, "Well, It was nice to meet you in person."

Abigail looked down at my hands and instead leant down and hugged me, holding me tight in her arms, "It was lovely to meet you Heather. See you at work."

"You're late," Harriet looked down her glasses as me and Chloe ran into my stable. Chloe had parked the car in her usual spot, she usually was much better than me at waking up in the mornings, but today her alarm clock didn't wake her up. She inelegantly pulled me out from underneath my covers, told me to get dressed and we were running out of the door minutes later. No time for breakfast or a drink.

Chloe practically pushed me into my stable and told me to undress as she prepared my outfit. I pulled off my jacket, shirt and bra, I stood topless within the wooden walls, standing away from the door as Harriet casually walked over and began talking to me.

"I think this is the first time Chloe's been late," She laughed lightly, "What happened?"

I pulled down my leggings and underwear, standing completely naked with my back to the older woman, "She said her alarm clock didn't wake her. I don't know if it's faulty or if she slept through it, we were in a bit of a rush for me to ask questions."

"It's okay, I'll let you two off."

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Chloe ran in, holding the entire outfit within her arms.

"Don't worry about it," Harriet still loomed at us through the door.

Chloe pulled me into the outfit, sealing my skin underneath the layer of latex, she pulled on the boots and the gloves before placing the stomach and head harness. As my friend was in a rush, the whole process took less time than before.

"There we go!" my friend exclaimed as she finished her masterpiece.

"Amazing," Harriet complimented her, "Just in time for her client."

Chloe had picked up my clothes in a ball in her hands as she turned around to her boss with a puzzled look on her face, "Client?"

"Yeah, I've already had someone request time with Heather, first thing this morning."

Chloe followed Harriet out of the stable, leaving me bound in my form with several questions running through my mind. The room quickly went quiet, I strutted around the rubber flooring for a moment, getting back into the pony mindset. Once I got used to the form once more, I walked to the stable door and leaned out. Shockingly, all of the other ponies were out of their stables. Kathia, Saffron and Abigail were free from their boxes. Lily had taken her usual spot on the water fountain, Nicole was nowhere to be seen but her stable was empty too.

Kathia swished her butt backwards and forwards and Abigail swaggered up to my friend and stable owner. The two humans were just about in earshot as I heard my friend yell in a startled tone, Harriet responded in her usual cheeky manner, it took a moment before I realised they were talking about the tails that were attached to the girl's butts. I remember when Harriet first dressed me up, she told me that Chloe requested the tails to be removed as one of the ponies accidentally got trapped because of it. Beth was the one who attached the tail onto me and Chloe never said anything about it, I'm not sure if that is due to her not noticing or just not bothering to mention it.

My friend wasn't the confrontational type and was a rather laid back person, the fact that she argued with her boss about this subject was very out of character for her.

"I promise, if anything happens again I'll remove them," Harriet put her hands up as if she was being interrogated by the younger woman, "C'mon, the girls love them. It completes the outfit."

My friend's shoulders sagged, "Okay…okay."

Harriet placed her arm around her, "It will be okay, I promise I'll keep a closer eye on the girls to make sure they don't get stuck."

I noticed Lily's head pop up and look between the two women as they came to an agreement. However, her focus was dragged away as well as everyone else's as the first customer of the day walked into the square. I was shocked to see the familiar smiling face of Beth walking towards Harriet, she took a moment to wave in my direction before she reached the stable owner.

"Did we need another training day?" Harriet asked, quickly glancing in my direction, "Unfortunately, Heather is book in for the morning, so she's busy for the next few hours."

"Yes, that's me," The trainer looked pleased with herself, "I had a free day and decided to get some time in with my recent project, see how well she is holding up."

The older woman's arms fell to her sides, "Beth, you are not supposed to book in time with the girls, you know that."

I watched the drama unfold from my stable door, a part of me was saddened by the arrival of my trainer, the idea of a random person wanting to spend time with me was interesting and got me excited but I must admit it was a relief to see her again, the situation with the stranger the other made me a little nervous to meet with new people.

"I know, but it's your quiet day and I thought I could steal her away for a few hours," Beth walked towards me, grabbing my head harness with one hand and petting my red hair with the other, "Awww, doesn't she look adorable."

It felt amazing being fussed over by the older lady, I let out a long sigh which came out as the familiar, realistic horse snort.

"Fine, you've paid for it, I guess," The stable owner finally gave up fighting her friend.

"Oh my god, is that Saffron?!" Beth gasped as the large, ebony woman caught her attention, "I didn't think she would be back so soon!"

"Yeah, her leg is all healed up," Chloe contributed to the conversation.

Saffron barrelled down the square, galloping up to the trainer. Beth let go of me and hugged the large pony. I watched Saffron's demeanour change from the scary, powerful pony to one that was addicted to the affection the older lady gave her, similar to how I just was with her. It was odd seeing her being so happy and bubbly. Even seeing her in her human form wasn't much to comfort me.

"I've missed you so much, did you miss me?" Beth continued.

Saffron exhaled happily, her gag making a far louder sound than mine ever could. As Beth's head pats calmed the large pony, she began resting her head on the smaller lady's shoulder, giving into her pony desires.

The older lady continued fussing over the young woman for half a minute more before coming back to me. It really did look like two friends reuniting, or in this case a pet uniting with its owner. From what I heard, it hadn't even been that long since the two last met.

Still with one hand over Saffron, Beth soon had her other hand over my head harness, loving playing with my head in the same way. I gave in, pushing my head further into her palm and sighing happily, all my human needs and desires turned off when I was in this suit and it was easy to think like an animal.

"Oh, please let me take them both," Beth begged her friend, "I know I've only booked in with Heather but it's been so long since I had any personal time with Saffy."

"Saffy?" I thought to myself, that powerhouse had a nickname like that? I imagined the horse standing up and kicking the trainer for giving her a name like that, but the horse just continued lapping up the attention.

"Fine, go!" Harriet gave in.


Beth unbolted my door and grabbed my head collar. She didn't use the lead rope this time but took me and Saffron by the hook on our harnesses and pulled us away from the square. The lady looked triumphant as she pulled us two away from the others with just a finger latched in the metal hoop. Seeing Saffron so tame was unusual, but welcoming.

Along with the clicking of Beth's heels, the clip-clop of our hooves echoed through the area.

"Here we are!" Beth shouted as she threw open the doors.

Between the entrance to the square and the large gate that kept people out, was a small building built into the wall of the square with two wooden doors keeping whatever inside hidden. I didn't think much of it, I believed it was a garage that Hilary kept her car in, or something similar. However, what was inside was completely different to what I was expecting.

Once the doors were fully opened, two carts stood within the small room. However, I wasn't too far off, it looked like the building used to be a garage at one point, with a table at the side and places to put tools, but it was the two wooden vehicles in the middle that took my attention. Saffron looked already familiar with them as she stuck by Beth's side and paid attention to my first reaction.

The two carts were different sizes, the larger one seemed more old fashioned, seeming like an old western wagon. It had a large base with four wheels, two seats at the front for the driver and passenger and an empty space at the back for either storage or more people to sit. At the front of the vehicle was the tongue, the long, moveable piece of wood that would separate the two horses but move with them to avoid damage. Whilst it looked like the old fashioned design, it was clearly recently built, with the idea of being pulled by human ponies instead of real ones.

The second, smaller one was clearly designed for one rider and one pony, looking like a human pulled rickshaw that you would find in Asian countries. Both had chains that attached the pony securely to the vehicle. I was in awe of what I saw, I knew there was more to being a ponygirl than just being cute, cuddle and a sociable creature, but I never imagined it would go this far.

"What do you think?" Beth asked, "James built these for us a few years back. How about we get you attached and go for a ride?"

I nodded but a sense of worry washed over me as Beth walked over to the larger of the two vehicles with the large pony following close behind her. As me and Saffron would both be pulling this wagon along, I would have to keep up with her and seeing how strong she was made my stomach turn.

Beth turned around to me, seeing my initial apprehension of the situation, she simply walked up to me and once again took me by the harness.

"Don't worry, Saffron won't go too fast, I'll make sure to reel her in if she gets too much for you," Her voice hummed as she manoeuvred my body into the vehicle.

She turned me around and placed me on the right hand side of the wagon and attached the small chain from the wooden frame to the back of my stomach harness. Saffron already took her place on my left, which allowed the trainer to easily attach her to the cart just like me.

With her two ponies in place, she reached into the back of the cart, grabbing two pieces of a long leather material, they were long enough for the rider to control her ponies and ended in two parts with hooks at the end to attach to the head harnesses on both sides by the gag, these were quickly connected and acted like a reins to control us both.

"Heather, try your best to keep up with Saffron," Beth told me as she got into the seat, "It's easy to learn, so just follow her lead. If I pull on the rein it means stop, if you feel the leather slap your back, it means go forward… don't worry, it isn't painful at all."

I nodded.

She continued, "If you feel the slap again when you are already walking, it means begin jogging and then the same with running. If I pull to your left, go right and right, left… easy as that, ready?"

I nodded again, Saffron nodded too, eager to set off.

"Saffy, go gentle on her, okay… let's go!"

With that, she slapped at the reins and immediately I felt the cart moving forward, Saffron had already begun her stride by the time I was still processing what happened. Beth was correct, the feeling of the leather hitting my back didn't hurt at all and felt as if someone patted my back with a little more force than usual. It gave the older woman complete control over us and where we went.

I pushed ahead, trying to keep up with Saffron's pace, as we were only hit the once, we stayed at a steady, walking pace, making our way out of the small building and back outside once more.

I felt the trainer pull the reins left, which pulled my head harness to the right, telling me which direction to go and to follow the small path that travelled down past the fields. On the right was the training school and on the left was the paddocks, the place where ponies and clients could have alone time. As Saffron took a steady pace, I took a moment to reflect on the events on the other day, where I was left alone with the strange lady. I struggled to comprehend what happened to me, if I were in my human form, I would have told that lady where to go, I would have yelled at her and probably even got physical, it's what the old city Heather would have done.

However, as a pony, my mind had changed. Everything was so much more simpler, everything was black and white, you felt vulnerable, you felt passionate, affectionate and even sexual. Even though my mind was screaming at me to run away from that woman, my body wouldn't have minded staying with her a moment longer.

If I thought that then, when does it stop?

Another slap at my back took my mind off the encounter, Saffron began speeding up, working herself into a jogging motion and I tried to keep up. We got further down the field, further than I've been before. The soft path had begun to harden as the dirt became coarse and stones littered the way.

My breathing became heavy, however the ebony pony stayed silent and stoic.

We headed past the trees which I considered the boundary of Harriet's land and down a small slope, a small stream welcomed us, a thin layer of water that pushed its way through the rocks and ended on the other side. Normally, this would be a place I would like to stay, enjoy the scenery and the silence, but I had to push through the rocks and get to the other side.

Beth hummed to herself whilst the cart vibrated from the rough ground, even taking a moment to giggle at what was happening.

For me and Saffron, our minds were elsewhere. Beth's commands were to keep going forward at this same pace and before it was easy, but the downwards path soon changed and became a hill, a steep, stony hill.

Saffron gritted her teeth into the gag and pushed forwards, I was already using up more energy than her and had to continue doing so just to keep up, my brain didn't comprehend the hill as I was already fighting the urge to stop.

That's when my situation became worse. That tiny little spark inside me caught my attention, the far off burning sensation of yearning that grew below. My mind wasn't focused on my body and the pulling of the latex under me never even entered my thoughts, but now it was the only thing on my mind. With the setup with the cart, the latex was being pulled even harder with every movement, forcing the material to tighten harder without remorse. At this rate, I'll have an orgasm before we reach the top of the hill and it will be more powerful than the one from the other day.

I audibly gulped, unsure on how to prepare my body for what was about to happen, it wasn't a case of if it happens, only when.

A slap on the back told us to go faster and harder. I took a moment to look at the ground, making sure I wasn't stepping on any rocks that could damage the shoes or hurt my feet. The other pony managed to do this quickly and continue forward. We made it through the stream and back onto the soft grass, but the path began to climb upward, our hooves dug further into the dirt as we steadied ourselves on the new terrain, at the same time feeling the weight of the cart on our backs.

I took a quick glance at Saffron, the determination in her eyes made me realise that this was a contest to her, not one of strength or speed but endurance. At the exact same time as me, Saffron's body betrayed her and that little spark deep down began to grow. The large pony powered through, the harness and chain pulling against her body harder and harder with each passing second, pulling the latex against her sex. I blew out of my gag and tried to calm my breathing, the steady incline of the hill did not help my already tiring body. The wagon clattered away with every small bump, the driver humming away to herself, clueless of the tournament that was happening between the cart pullers.

The hill wasn't large at all, but with the weight of the wagon and trainer attached to us, every step was a little more effort than before. I breathed out heavily, pushing my body further and further, my hooves hitting through the dirt heavier and the yearning feeling below burning brighter with every inch of movement. The grunts that came from Saffron terrified me, she was a complete powerhouse with her bare legs tightening with every step, I swear I could see her veins bulging as every movement thrusted her forwards, the look of determination on her face was absolute. The chain that attached me to the cart slacked as hers tightening, telling me she was getting ahead with most of the weight of the vehicle on her back.

I breathed in again, pushing my legs further and faster, the breath out echoed through the gag, loudly snorting to my rival. The harness tightened as I took the lead with my aching body screaming at me to stop, the fire down below growing upwards and travelling through me.

I wasn't going to last much longer.

Saffron snorted too, pushing herself harder and ignoring the attacks below, the harness pulling tighter than ever against the lower half of her body, her sex was screaming but she had the endurance to ignore it.

We focused so much on what our bodies were doing that we didn't notice the incline of the hill soften, the flatter hill allowed us to travel faster forward rather than upward and finally, the rider noticed how much we were pushing each other.

A pull on the reins told us to slow down, but Saffron didn't yield and neither could I.

"Girls! Stop!" Beth yelled at us both, pulling harder against our head harnesses.

Saffron grunted, screaming through the gag and I did the same in return. This was no longer a simple ride, but a non-verbal fight between her two horses.

The world blurred, a mixture of the exhaustion of my body and the intense orgasm that was approaching caused my senses to falter. The sun seemed brighter, the neighbouring fields looked more distant and the sounds of the world began to nullify with only the grunting from Saffron echoing through my ears.

It was no use, I had to give in. The burning below had concentrated into one spot, within seconds I was going to lose this battle and succumb to my needs. I just needed to… focus, I just needed to… I… just…

I couldn't do it, my knees weakened and my body shook, a few more steps and I would lose all control. My movement slowed down, I gave into my fate, I was going to lose, I was going to c-

Saffron's scream took me by surprise. The cart came to a complete stop as the large ponygirl fell to her knees, her hooved bound hands clutching between her legs. Beth jumped off the wagon and ran to her old friend's side.

"What's gotten into you two?" She begged, looking between us both.

The ebony woman's body trembled as layers of pleasure washed over her. Her bound hands grabbing achingly between her legs and her gag screeching over and over. Her body arching downwards as the waves continued to hit her, causing her to orgasm violently.

Whilst my body continued to yearn to reach its climax, the feeling down below started to fade away slowly as I watched the pulsing creature, a few seconds later I would have been in the exact same situation.

It felt like forever until Saffron lifted her head back up, I lost count from the amount of times she shuddered from the pleasure. Initially I thought her face would be angry, looking at me with daggers in her eyes, but her mood was soft and relieved, looking somewhat exhausted from the events before and after her fall.

"You okay?" Beth asked, her hands still around the tall woman.

Saffron nodded in return, using the older lady to get herself back onto her feet, her legs trembling at every movement but she seemed steady enough on them.

"Fine, are you done with your little race?" The trainer's finger pointed to us both, we both nodded, "Great, now we are going to have to turn around, we are off the property and on a public path."

Beth sat back into the seat as my eyes shot open for two different reasons. The first being the continued walking with the cart, yes… I did win the duration test but the need to orgasm didn't just go away, in only a few steps I would be in exactly the same pose as the larger horse. I was going to orgasm, there was no denying that, the property was too far just to hold it in. The other reason was the realisation we were out in public and away from the safety of Harriet's Stables, a simple dog walker could easily see two women in latex outfits attached to the cart in chains… not exactly something that was easily explained to a normal person.

Beth used a larger part of the road to turn the cart around. A slap of the reins commanded us to run at a faster rate. Saffron was pleasantly happy, the trauma of the orgasm was well behind her, even having a skip in her steps. I, however, puffed out my red cheeks trying to hold in the feeling for as long as I could.

Saffron made sure to look several times in my direction, her face had a peaceful but concerned look, the complete opposite of what she had before. I breathed in through my nose and out of my mouth as my body struggled, I felt the reins pulling to the left as both me and Saffron adjusted our jog to continue down the path.

My body began to falter once more, my senses dimming as my legs stumbled over the even ground. There was no challenge this time and my weakened form struggled to fight the need down below. I focused on the path and pushing my legs forwards, anything but the yearning to give in. This lasted a few seconds longer, as my feet fell underneath me and my knees planted into the ground. The orgasm struggled out of me, a slow burn to the one I had the other day, it started off small, a numbing sting that refused me the power of my legs, the small feeling didn't stay that way for long, burning outwards before transforming into a large explosion.

I heard Beth's feet hit the ground once more and also noticed Saffron's bound hands wrapped around me, holding my body up before the extreme feeling hit me.

The orgasm came quickly, washing up my body in a higher and higher intensity. Beth managed to get to me before my body began shaking uncontrollably, I screamed out which came through the gag as a loud horse snort. What started off so small turned into probably the most intense orgasm I ever had, I understood why Saffron came so many times before, even though we were on the ground, the chain provided no slack and continued to pull against the suit, attacking our most sensitive area as our bodies pulsated from the pleasure.

"Awww, baby!" Beth wrapped her arms around me.

My cheeks burned red as the two women held me close as the orgasms continued to pulse over me. The other day was embarrassing enough with the rest of the women watching me as I came from this suit, but they were close, it was more intimate.

I screamed out a final time, as the last, painful orgasm hit me the hardest as it shook my already aching body. After that, my head fell down, too tired to keep it up.

"Both my ponies are losing it," Beth laughed, holding me tighter.

With the maximum effort, I lifted my head back up and looked at the larger pony, our eyes locked as I noticed her continued expression of worry and calmness as she inspected me. At first I struggled to understand why she went from the angry, competitive Saffron to showing this caring side. Once our eyes locked, I knew why… I've always heard the term but never knew the feeling behind it, I had gained her respect. I beat the larger horse in a battle of endurance and in return I had gained her approval. She was a tall, impressive and muscular being with a gigantic amount of strength and energy behind her, but I managed to defeat her in this small tournament of ours.

The scariest pony at the stable saw me as her equal. I breathed out a large sigh of relief and fell onto her shoulder, I was still exhausted and the feeling hadn't returned back to my legs yet, but Beth allowed us to sit there for a moment longer.

"C'mon, I'll unclip you from the wagon," The trainer said after a moment of silence, "There is something I want to show you and it's not too far."

Beth quickly removed the chain from our backs and walked side-by-side with her two ponies, not pulling our head harnesses this time. We followed the older lady off the path and over a short field, we had to climb a small hill and despite my struggling, I managed to keep up with the two women.

At the top of the hill was a single tree, a large, tired tree that had no leaves, despite it being blossoming season. With her hands placed behind me and Saffron's back, she gently pushed us towards the tree. As we approached it, Beth ran a few steps ahead and sat down with her back against the trunk, she smiled as she ushered us with open arms to join her.

Saffron ran the last few steps and cuddled up to her left side, giving me the room on her right side to cuddle, the strength hadn't fully returned to my body and Beth allowed me to lie over her legs.

She sighed happily with her two ponygirls in her arms, a view of multiple large fields came to view, fields that sat below Harriet's property. From here, we could see the square and the paddocks at the bottom. One of the ponies were in one of the paddocks with a client and another pony and client were in the school.

Saffron cuddled up to the trainer, placing her arms around her torso, in return, Beth placed her arm on me as well, resting her hand on the latex just below the stomach harness, intimately close to my private area.

Beth laughed, "You are so warm, Heather."

I sighed happily with the gag whistling quietly in return, I was tired and her legs were surprisingly comfortable to lie on.

"Do you two want to know a secret?" Beth looked between us both before continuing, "I've just bought these fields. Anything after Harriet's place, to just behind this tree, belongs to me now. It's a present to Harriet as she's always wanted to expand and this area just became available. Don't tell anyone as I want to surprise her."

Saffron breathed out of her gag, agreeing quietly whilst taking in the beautiful view, I stayed silent… for the first time since moving I was content, my body hummed in the post-orgasm glow.

It was an amazing gift the trainer got her friend, I thought it was amazing but didn't have the strength to move.

Beth understood this and held us both a little more tighter.

"Let's just stay here, for a while longer," Beth smiled to herself, happily cushioned between her two favourite animals.

"Where have you been?!" Harriet yelled at her friend as we entered the square.

Beth had her hand through my harness, pulling me along by her side, Saffron was free to walk beside her, I didn't question why the trainer decided this as it looked like she was about to have a battle on her hands. Harriet stormed up to her with her tablet in hand, steam almost coming out of her ears.

"I'm sorry, I took them out longer than I had planned," Beth smiled, grinning against Harriet's red face.

"Longer than you planned! You've had them out for the whole day! It's nearly time for the girls to go home!"

"I'm sorry, if it makes things better, I think the two girls are getting on well."

"Oh, that's great. So it doesn't matter that customers who had to wait for a pony to become free? It doesn't matter that the girls had to do multiple shifts? Abigail, Kathia and Lily are exhausted, doing Heather's and Saffron's work!"

"I'm sorry, I really am. I won't do it again. I'm happy to pay more for the time I used today."

"I don't need your money, I need my girls! They must be starving, they probably haven't been fed since breakfast."

"I've fed my girls, you don't think I know how to look after them?"

Harriet huffed again, the tablet in her hand lit up with a jingle telling her about a notification.

"Heather has been booked in for a morning session?" She questioned as she read what was on her screen, she looked back up to her friend with an exhausted look on her face, "Beth! Did you book her in again?!"

"No, it wasn't me," the trainer defended herself.

"Oh, you are booked in for an early session tomorrow, Heather."

I cocked my head to my left, looking at the stable owner in a questioning manner, someone wanted to spend time with me? This morning, I was shocked to know someone wanted to spend time with me, but with Beth coming up and telling everyone it was her, I calmed me but I didn't know how I felt now that it was a complete stranger wh booked in with me.

What if it was that woman from the other day?

"So that is two bookings for first thing in the morning," Harriet continued looking down at her tablet.

Chloe shortly made her way over once all the other ponygirls took their places in their stalls. My friend looked happy to see me, probably slightly worried that I had spent the entire day with the older woman with the powerful horse.

"Two bookings?" she asked her boss.

"Yeah, Heather and Lily are both booked."


"Beth, can you take Saffron back to her stable?" Harriet continued looking through the tablet, not looking once at her friend's face.

"I'm a client today, they do not put the horses back, do they?" Beth defended herself.

"Clients also bring the girls back on time, put her back in her stable… now!"

Beth sighed, placing her hand on my shoulder in an affectionate way before taking the reins of her 'Saffy' and walking her back to the stable with its door open.

"Chloe, you are off tomorrow, aren't you?" Harriet asked.

Chloe's eyes widened, "Oh crap, yeah I am."

"Heather? Would you like to spend the night here? When our girls have an early client, they usually spend the night in their stables. Lily is staying here tonight, would you like to join her?"

I quickly checked Chloe's face, which was surprisingly absent, but nodded towards the stable owner.

"Good, that's great," Harriet smiled, "As it is your first time, you can spend the night in Lily's stable too!"

"I…I don't mind bringing Heather in early tomorrow," Chloe stuttered.

"Don't be silly, it's your day off and you deserve the rest."

"Lily has been rather quiet recently, maybe putting them both together isn't a good idea, it might irritate her."

"Chloe, Heather's and Lily's stables are on opposite sides of the square, it isn't fair for Heather to spend the night alone. Stop fretting, I'll bring Heather back home tomorrow, get Kathia and Abigail ready to leave."

Chloe stuttered, she tried keeping her ground for a few seconds longer. For some reason she hated the idea of us two spending the night in the same stables, usually I would join Chloe's side in an argument, but I had no issue against the emerald pony.

Chloe stomped her feet and began walking towards Kathia's stable, with the plump horse resting happily on the door.

"Don't worry about her," Harriet quietly said to me, I'll have a talk with her tomorrow."

The stable owner told me to follow her, my hooves clacked across the ground once again as I followed the older woman across the square, passed the fountain that sat in the middle, towards the closed stable that housed the emerald pony.

Harriet opened the door and allowed me to trot inside it. Unsurprisingly, her stable was the same size as mine.

Lily made her way to the other side of the room, keeping the entire area empty between us. She glanced up at me with an awkward look and body position. The pony that made Chloe want to work here, the sociable creature my friend told me about was now a quiet creature that was keeping her distance.

"I'll get you two ready for the night in a moment," Harriet closed the bottom part of the door, "I just need to get the rest of the girls out and I'll be back.

I once again looked in the direction of Lily, who kept her back against the wall away from me. How was she the least sociable pony out of all of them?

I didn't pay it much attention and rested against the wall, watching the beautiful sky as the sun was setting on the horizon. The minutes flew by quickly as the sun began to disappear. I watched as the stable doors opened, Saffron's silhouette left and walked towards the entrance, all evidence of her pony self was gone as the athletic woman walked to her car.

The bodies of Kathia and Abigail also left shortly afterward, I recognised the way Abigail moved from earlier. I knew all these ponies were women under the latex, the exact same as me, but Kathia was one of the girls who I could only perceive as a ponygirl, the way she was so relaxed in her latex skin and cuddly made it difficult for me to see the human inside her.

I watched the plump woman's frame leave her stable, I watched her flick her hair back almost in slow motion, her torso covered with a leather jacket, the buckles of the coat swinging down by her thighs. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she entered her car, the parking area now looking more empty.

Chloe and Harriet entered the square, talking close with each other as the stable owner walked my friend to her car. As she got into the driver's seat, Chloe took one last look towards me, I gave her a short wave with my hooved hand, she didn't react and closed the door, soon after her car was leaving the premises.

After a moment of silence, Harriet came back into the stable.

Harriet hummed to herself as she walked around me, with a small amount of pulling at my back, my stomach harness became loose and was taken off swiftly.

"Is the gag comfortable?" she asked as she walked around me again, "Are you happy to wear it through the night?"

I nodded.

Harriet walked towards the green pony and did the same for her, "Are you sure? We remove the stomach harness as it can get uncomfortable lying on it, but I'm more than happy to take off anything else if it makes you happier?"

I shook my head, I watched Lily spin around as the stomach harness quickly came off her.

Harriet placed her hand on her shoulder and asked her the same question, she didn't seem comfortable asking it, as if it wasn't something the stable owner asked the green girl often, just like me, she shook her head.

I took in the full view of Lily without her stomach harness, I had just gotten used to seeing other girls in the same pony outfits as me as it was odd seeing what laid under the leather. The latex laid tight against her stomach, showing off her belly button and lower ribs. She looked delicate, warm, and sensual.

"Okay, I'll leave you both be," Harriet began walking out of the door, "Oh, Heather? The floor is cushioned and really comfortable. Sleep anywhere."

With that, she closed and locked both the upper and lower part of the stable door, plunging me and the emerald green girl into darkness. A second later, the room lit up with a quiet yellow glow, the light above us buzzed as it came to life, giving off heat and keeping the stable room warm.

We still stood at opposite ends of the room, the large gap between us feeling wider than ever before and now that the doors were closed, I had no place to look away. It was an awkward nightmare.

I did the only thing I could think of, I treated my fellow pony as a client. My hooves dug into the cushioned material underneath me as I made my way over to her. She awkwardly looked around, trying to figure out how to defend herself against the approaching ponygirl, but before she had time to think, I wrapped my hands around her shoulders and placed my head against hers. If we weren't wearing the head harnesses, we would be cheek to cheek.

God, she smelled good.

I felt the girl hesitate, something was holding her back and she struggled to give into her pony needs. I squeezed her a little tighter but she wasn't giving in. I pulled myself away from her, giving myself a moment to take in her face, with all the leather and latex covering the girls; sometimes it was a struggle to see what they really looked like.

She was beautiful, it was insane how perfect the girl was.

I groaned, defeated by the defence of the girl. I couldn't just talk with her due to the gag, even if I had mine taken off, Lily's stayed in so she couldn't reply. My body fell to the floor as I accepted that I might not ever crack the wall between us. My bound frame hit the soft ground with an audible thud.

I closed my eyes, Harriet was right, the floor was extremely comfortable.

I was surprised to feel movement next to me, I looked to my side to see Lily on the floor, crawling up to me. I instinctively lifted up my arm and welcomed her as she placed her head on my chest and her arm over my stomach, in return I placed my arm on her back holding her close, with my head resting on hers.

We knew nothing about each other personally, apart from what Chloe had told me, Lily was a complete stranger to me.

However, at this moment, in this stable, we were more than that.


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